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Shoe Girl's Emporium

A transplanted Iowan formerly living in Oklahoma who just moved to North Carolina and loves shoes, music, books, Project Runway and crafts (especially crochet, knitting and embroidery) in no particular order.

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Seriously? It's almost Thanksgiving already? It's been forever since I updated this poor blog but I've been really busy with life and work is a zoo and will continue that way until probably March of 2010. Thanksgiving weekend will be spent with the parents & dogs in Charlotte. My sister isn't coming out for Thanksgiving this year, so I will have to get up at the crack of dawn to hit the Thanksgiving sales by myself this year. I'll probably do what I did last year and just hit up Target and Books A Million because they're right in the neighborhood. I have not even thought much about Christmas presents yet. I have a dear friend who is practically done Christmas shopping and wrapping the presents and she's started decorating their new house for the holidays already. Lol. I'm not even sure if i want to bother putting up my tree this year since I'll be spending Christmas vacation in Charlotte. Luckily, my sister will be home for Christmas. I will probably drag her to IKEA with me. I have this small book-buying problem and I desperately need to buy another bookcase!
On the yarn front, I'm trying to de-stash some of my orphan skeins of yarn by making scarfs for the Knit Your Bit campaign at the National WW II Museum in New Orleans. I also completed a red scarf for the red scarf project. I have three vet's scraves finished and one that is 1/4 finished. I was even crocheting at G's birthday party last night while we were waiting for everyone to get to her house from Outback.

Nothin' But a Good Time


Last night my friend the librarian and I went to see Def Leppard, Poison and Cheap Trick. I'm not that much of a Cheap Trick fan, but they put on a nice opener. I was really there for Poison and Def Leppard. My sister and I are shameless Poison and Rock of Love fans and so it was pure joy to see Bret Michaels jumping in the air and Big John, the bouncer from Rock of Love even came on stage a couple of times. They were really awesome and they played all of my favorite Poison songs. Then it was time for Def Leppard to come on stage and they stole the show. Be still my heart, I have loved Def Leppard since i was 13 going on 14 years old and they played Two Steps Behind acoustically and I was in some sort of Rock N Roll HEAVEN! There is nothing like hearing Pour Some Sugar On Me live in concert and the energy was great. We had lawn tickets and it was a lot of fun minus the lewd and drunk people behind us. But things like that are expected at rock concerts. I bought my sister and I matching Poison keychains. I didn't buy any Def Leppard stuff because I still have my Def Leppard Retro Active shirt that I bought when I was 13 going on 14 and I can still wear it!
This morning I woke up and I have lost most of my voice and I'm all stiff from jumping up and down and headbanging. I feel old! It was a really great time and it was a nice way to end a sh*t week at work.

This week will be a little crazy. I have Accounting Dept Bowling Night, a going away party for the cute intern and I leave for Kansas on Thursday to be in M's wedding. Plus I have a huge stack of books from the library to read.

By the way, Sunshine if you're reading this I miss you and I hope band camp is going well.

Hello, Blog.


I’m still here. I just really haven’t felt like blogging lately because there’s a lot of changes going on at work that weren’t public knowledge to begin with and even still there’s a lot of things I choose not to blog about and work specific stuff is probably the main one. It’s also weird now that I’m working at a different facility about 30 minutes away from the old office and my apartment. I don’t get to see my work friends every day and that makes it hard because your work friends are the people that really understand all the drama going on at work and stuff. I love my job and still mostly love the company I work for but change is always really hard and the next year is going to be rough with added workload and a longer commute. My new commute is still shorter than my commute from OK to KS but the roads are more congested and there are so many things that could stretch my commute to 40 plus minutes. Anyways, enough complaining about work.Other than the occasional going to the pub with my office mates, I’vc been doing a metric ton of reading and watching random movies. The weekend before this weekend, I saw the documentary Food, Inc. at the local independent movie theater that’s across the street from the local mall. I really enjoyed this movie, however I do not recommend it as a date night movie and I also would not go out to eat afterwards. There are some semi-graphic scenes. One of the perks of living in my area is the ability to see independent films and not have to drive an hour or two, so I’m trying to take advantage of it while I can. I went to KIP at the mall and was able to finish another prayer shawl for my mom’s group at church. Other than that shawl, I don’t having any projects in the works. I am really excited because I finally won a pool on Ravelry. I participated in The Fashion Show pool and you are randomly assigned a designer and if your designer wins, everyone in your group has to send you yarn. How awesome is that? I’m curious to see what will arrive but it will nice to get something else in the mail other than junk mail, bills, and Netflix movies.Recent Netflix movies:1. Pedro – the MTV movie about Pedro Zamora, AIDS activist and Real World: San Francisco star (My favorite RW season of all time). It was really good and they have three actual RW: SF episodes in the Special Features section of the DVD2. Girls Rock! – Documentary about the rock n roll camp for girls in Portland, OR. Where in the hell was this camp when I was growing up? 3. Grey Gardens – this is the Drew Barrymore version but I have the original documentary in my queue. It was really good but I am paranoid about becoming crazy cat lady in the Hamptons. I was really excited when “Jackie O” came to visit because she had the cutest hobo bag ever! Yes, I am a bagwh*re!4. Coco Chanel – this is the Shirley MacLaine version. I also enjoyed this movie and yet again, I fell in love with the classic Chanel purse. From my personal library:1. Food, Inc. – this is a companion book of essays that basically expand on the themes presented in the movie.2. Fast Food Nation – Eric Scholosser & Don’t Eat this Ook by Morgan Spurlock - after watching Super Size Me with Sunshine while he was visiting and then seeing the Food, Inc. documentary, I was compelled to read these books as well. It is a wonder that I can even eat food! 3. The Ramen King and I – Andy Raskin – I’m not even sure how to describe this book, I would google it. I enjoyed it more than I expected to and I learned a lot about ramen noodles and their various preparations beyond the ramen I knew from college.4. The House of Night Series – P.C and Kristin Cast – this is a series of books written by a mother & daughter team about students at a vampire finishing school. My sister is responsible for getting me hooked on this series. I enjoy the fact that they are Oklahoma authors and that the series takes place in Tulsa, OK and makes multiple references to things and places found in Tul[...]

hello world!


I have not actually fallen off the face of the earth. Work is insane right now and it's probably going to stay that way for the next year. I also had a visitor for the last two weeks. I left to go chill at the library this morning and it was already 82 degrees according to the Subaru. YUCK! Hot weather is gross adn this is the time of the year where I always wish I could check into the ice hotel and hibernate until about November. The one thing I do love about summer is summer reading though. I'm constantly reading year round, but for some reason, I always read more in the summer. Maybe that's a side effect of all the summer reading programs I participated in growing up. Right now I'm on a mystery/fantasy kick. I recently discovered the Wine Lover's Mysteries by Michele Scott and Maggie Sefton just released a new knitting mystery called Dropped Dead Stitch. Of course, there is always crochet. The Doctor Who scarf is stalled out until I can find more yarn. I'm not even going to get into the drama surrounding that. I finished another prayer shawl for my mom's group Thursday night, so I'm finding myself sans project. I might have to dig into the yarn stash and see what I can come up with.
Anyways, it was wonderful having Sunshine out here for two weeks. I really wish we lived in the same time zone. The Whole Foods produce aisle isn't the same without him. Myrtle Beach was a blast. I didn't get sunburnt, Sunshine found some huge shells, i actually got along with my dad and my sister, and I adopted a new hot pink Coach purse. I also had some amazing coffee at the KISS Coffeehouse (if you go there, make sure to check out the bathroom).
There was a lot of wine tasting while Sunshine was out here. His first day out here, I took him out to the Chatham Hill Winery, which is a local urban winery. We went on the winemaker's tour which was amazing. I love the smell of cork and oak barrels. I think watching the demo of the corking machine was my favorite part.
June has been a crazy month in general. There was also roller derby, game night and the most awesome No Doubt/Paramore concert.

Sloth Sunday


So yesterday, with the help of my Mom, I finally finished the Slouchy Purse. this was my oldest WIP, and the pattern is in the Spring 2007 issue of Interweave Crochet magazine. I also finished the prayer shawl that I started on Friday with some Homespun from my mom's stash. I started a second one last night with some Homespun in Delft blue.
I might have to take pictures with my iphone since my camera is out of commission. I had the dumb idea of taking the memory card out of my camera and sticking it into my printer to print pictures. The card still works but now when i try to stick it back into my camera I get some weird error (not the card reading error) and so it won't take pictures with the memory card in. I need to find the manual so I can decode the error message but so far I've just found the manual for my previous digital camera.
Unfortunately, the Hurricanes lost last night, which is not good. We basically have to win all of the remaining four games to stay in the playoffs.
I don't really have anything planned for today. I've spent the whole weekend at my parent's house just hanging out. I am really not looking forward to the traffic on the roads tomorrow. The troopers will be out in full force and there is a big NASCAR race at Lowe's Motor Speedway tonight which means there will be lots of traffic around Concord and on I-85. I bought a mystery book called Southern Fried by Cathy Pickens. It takes place in a small town in South Carolina and she is a local author. This is the fourth book in the series. I have put the other books on the hold list at my library. There is a couple of books on my requested list that I am like 120th or so in line. I'm not sure that I will be able to read those this year. It doesn't seem as bad until I realized that there is only 52 weeks in a year.

Holiday Weekend


For some bizarre reason I woke up at 6am this morning which is way too early to wake up on a vacation day from work, but since I had to drive 3 hours down to my parents house, it worked to my advantage because I missed the majority of the traffic. I didn't really hit traffic until I got to Concord (which is home of Lowe's Motor Speedway). It's a race weekend and they have the world's largest grill set up on the track today.
This week has been a busy week. Two hockey losses (damn Penguins!!), two trips to the bar and one Flight of the Conchords viewing party last night. I've been so busy this week and tired that I forgot to bring all the graduation programs down with me and I forgot to burn a picture cd for my mom. That was a huge oops moment.
My iphone arrived on Tuesday and it was love at first sight. Thanks to Sunshine, i figured out how to do ringtones and now I have two ringtones on my phone. I also downloaded more free apps today. It's really fun to Shazam songs at the bar and to take goofy pics with your friends too. It doesn't have a flash, but it takes WAY better pics then my old piece of crap phone.
I didn't bring the Doctor Who scarf with me this weekend. It is all one piece and it's just too big to port around really and I'm getting low on yarn too. I need like a mini project to work on but i have no idea what that would be.

Late night


So it’s early Saturday morning and I am up for awhile because I’m 28 and still have ear problems. Flying last weekend screwed up my ears again and I broke down and bought some Claritin D after work in hopes of it helping and I took it too close to bedtime and now I’m wired. Of course it doesn’t help that all this stuff has been going on all week and so my mind is racing at a million miles an hour.Last weekend I flew home to “home #2” to watch my baby sister graduate with her master’s degree in Educational Psychology with an option in gifted education. I’m really proud of her because I don’t have the motivation to get my master’s degree and she managed to get hers while teaching full time and working part time at Kumon. I also got to spend time with Sunshine and that was great because I hadn’t seen him since he came out here to visit right before Christmas. The weekend flew by so fast, I felt like I was hardly there and I really hate leaving them behind. I am also eating a big piece of crow pie. I’ve said for months now that I was going to switch cell phone providers just to get an iphone but I found out last Friday that US Cellular will not renew my cell phone contract because I am no longer in a local calling area anymore, and since I will be moving a lot in my career, I made the switch today to AT&T and I bought a refurbed 16gb iphone. I was able to get a nice discount through work on the monthly rate, and AT &T had the best coverage, I get the work discount and getting to play with Sunshine’s iphone last weekend sealed the deal. With the iphone I get the app store, the synergy with my Mac and I already have compatible accessories. I will admit I did a pro-con spreadsheet on this and the iphone won. My iphone shipped today and hopefully I have it around Tuesday. Once it’s working, then I’m going to cancel my other phone. I also got tickets to see Aerosmith in July and Def Leppard with Poison in August. Watching Aerosmith live has been on my bucket list for years and I’ve worshipped Steven Tyler officially since 1994. I also love Def Leppard and I have the sick joy of getting to see Bret Michaels and his hair extensions. I love hair bands! I am not ashamed to admit this. I have a weakness for 80s hair bands and 90s grunge bands because that’s what I listened to in middle school & high school. I am so stoked the new Green Day album came out this week. I did not bring any crochet projects with me last weekend because I knew it would take up my precious carry on space and I didn’t think I would have time to work on anything, which was true. I came back and put in some serious time on the Doctor Who scarf this weekend. It is 114 inches long right now and as G likes to point out, she is only 62 inches tall. I totally want to hang it off my balcony to see how close it is to touching the ground. Did I mention that I am only a fourth of the way through section 2 of 4 sections? It is my magnum opus project. I can’t wait to take this to knitting group next weekend. After I went to Target this evening, I stopped off at BN to get the rest of A-dolly’s birthday present. I can’t believe that my little god daughter is going to be FIVE! I also ended up buying Pygmy, the new Chuck Palahniuk book at 40% off. I love reading his books because they challenge my thinking and he is always pushing the envelope. When you read as many books as I do, you really appreciate those qualities in an author. Before I left, I finished Dead and Gone, which is the latest book in the Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood series by Charlaine Harris which was awesome. I love all of her books. Tonight the girls and I will be going to see the Carolina Rollergirls play. I am really stoked because I have been wanting to go to a roller derby match ever since I moved out here but the timing was always bad. I think it will be lots of fun and full of girl power. I also fail[...]

Leaving on a Jet Plane


It's Sunday morning and I actually managed to sleep in until like 8ish which is good because Saturday morning I woke up at 6:30 am CT time. I feel a little bit like a time traveler. All I am coming back with luggage-wise is my half pipe Lesportsac carry-on bag and the shiny chrome colored reusable shopping bag from Eskimo Joe's. I probably wouldn't need to use the EJ bag but yesterday at Wal-Mart, I found the Baby Alive diaper bag set for my godchild whose birthday is in a couple of weeks and she is currently obsessed with the Baby Alive empire even though I think it is the world's ugliest baby doll. It comes in this big rectangular box, so that got shoved in the EJ bag. I really don't want to leave. I"ve had so much fun with my sister and Sunshine and I had the most amazing #1 Sonic burger and cherry limeade yesterday (not easily found in NC).

Adventures Included:
1. My sister's graduation from OSU with her master's degree and Hideaway/Eskimo Joe's/The Barn
2. the US Cellular incident (let's just saying I'm switching to AT &T and getting an iphone)
3. The storms and the shingle party
4. Applebee's
5. the massive clean-a-thon
6. Summerside Winery (i heart their blackberry wine)
7. Re-inacting The Boat Song

I will fill in this post more later, I just needed a little outline.

Queen of Tired


I’ve been slacking off on the blog for awhile. I think any type of writer goes through a phase where they just don’t have anything profound to say. There has been a lot going on lately. The Kathy Griffin show was postponed until October due to severe strep throat. Last weekend we had KIP at the mall. I brought my Doctor Who scarf but I had issues with the yarn knotting so I didn’t make loads of progress on it.
Last night was the Kings of Leon concert, which was awesome. There was a lot of good people watching and secondhand highs going on. KOL was awesome live, they totally rocked the Booth and I think they sound just as good as their records. I came home and then I stayed up late talking to my sister and Sunshine on the phone. I can’t believe that I am only a week away from seeing them! I haven’t seen my sister since March and I haven’t seen Sunshine since Christmas. I haven’t been back home to Oklahoma since I moved out here so I’m curious to see what has changed in the last year. I seriously can’t believe that April is over. I’m not even sure what happened to this day. It seemed like the day flew by. I made a morning run to Barnes & Noble. Then I met the girls for brunch at Courtney’s and then I hung out with some of them at Barnes & Noble. I finally made it back to my apartment around 4:30pm and I’ve just been a vegetable since then. It was very strange taking a vacation day in the middle of the day. I felt like I was playing hooky from school or something like that. I’m really glad I did though because I woke up this morning and I had the sore throat from rocking out at the concert and I was tired and congested and I needed a little break from all the office drama.
I think I’m going to go to the fancy mall this weekend. I need something to occupy me since I have my trip coming up and so I don’t want to sit at home and fidget. Plus, they just opened an Anthropologie store there. YAY!!!!

And the Countdown begins. . .


I get to see Kathy Griffin on Thursday! How awesome will that be? Like Seriously! I'm still kind of tired from yesterday, so I will just list what I did yesterday.

1. Weekly trip to Whole Foods
2. went to Journeys and bought new Converses (black lo-tops)
3. went to yarn store of evil with G
4. had dinner at the Ale House with T and H
5. Went to the movie Adventureland with T & H and ended up with a major sugar high

Did I mention it was in the low 80s yesterday! EEEEWWWW! I like sun, I like warmth but 80 in April just reminds me of last summer's 3 months of 100 degree-ish weather. Gross.



So it's Easter weekend. Friday morning I got up early and drove down to Charlotte. The drive down wasn't too bad this time but I really driving on the interstates with all the crazies and the potholes. I did make a quick pit stop at IKEA. This time I got the infamous big blue bag and it is so huge that I can stick all of my clean laundry in it. Who knows if I will actually be able to carry it out to the car.
Mom and I ran out of the yarn while assembling the Slouchy Purse, but through some freak twist of fate, G happens to have the same color I need. Mom gave me more homespun to make prayer shawls with. I started one up using the Coral Gables colorway (reddish color) and tied on skein 2 this afternoon. Mom is on a Hallmark Channel watching kick so I have watched all the Sarah, Plain & Tall movies and most of the Love Comes Softly series. They are good movies, but I think I have surpassed my sappy movie quota for this month. My dad has planted 6 pine trees in the backyard to create a little more privacy.
I promise to have more exciting posts soon. I have had a very long week full of sleep deprivation. I am looking forward to seeing Kathy Griffin perform at the DPAC and the Kings of Leon concert and there's KIP and roller derby bouts in May.
Waves hello to Sunshine!

March Madness


As of right now, I have completed 60 squares for the afghan of awesomeness and I have 12 left to go which I am hoping that I can finish either later tonight or Sunday. It is sunny here this weekend, but the temperature is in the low 50s/upper 40s so it’s like you have to turn the heat on part of the time, which sucks because I have been spoiled living here.
Friday I took the afternoon off. I mainly ran errands and picked up additional colors of Red Heart Eco-Ways so I could start my next afghan. I was able to get Torchwood Season One at my local Borders this week for 40% off which is a huge deal because it is a BBC show, and it retails for like $80 full price. Friday night I went to G’s house for game night. We ate Mexican food (which was good but really didn’t agree with me for some reason) and then we played Scattergories which hilarious. We also went shoe shopping which was initiated by the guys. We went to DSW and I was looking through the clearance racks to see if I could find a pair of work shoes that were comfortable and would last longer than three months. I found a pair of Mary Janes made by Naturalizer that were black and were 50% off of $59 so that was a good deal and they are black and comfy and I can’t wait to wear them to work this week.
This morning, my stupid internal time clock woke me up at 8:30 am even though I didn’t go to bed until 1:30 am and so I decided to drive over to Target and get Twilight on DVD since I didn’t attend any of the release parties Friday night. Note: Robert Pattinson is on the cover of the new GQ (US edition) looking vampy hot with the skinny tie! After Target, I hopped over to Starbucks for a white mocha and the caffeine seemed to help heal the sleep deprivation. Afterwards, I went over to Tiny Library and put in a bunch of holds on books I want to read and I checked out a Michael Pollan book and Haunted Heart: The Life and Times of Stephen King by Lisa Rogan.
So I’ve mostly spent today crocheting squares for the afghan of awesomeness. G and H2 helped me figure out what color order to put the squares in. I have also been reading a lot too. I finally finished reading Flannery by Brad Gooch (Flannery O’Connor biography) and Stardust by Neil Gaiman. I am also in the process of reading several other books currently but if I list them all in my blog, my loyal readers might fall asleep and then I would also have to confess how much time I spend with a book in my lap and a crochet hook in my hand simultaneously. I am also sad that Flight of the Conchords season 2 is almost over. I really really really really hope that there will be a season 3.

Weekend of Slothdom


Well, my mini-vacation is coming to an end. I drive back home this afternoon, and even though I did actually get a lot of stuff done, the rain-a-thon kind of made me feel sloth-like.
I completed 13 squares for the afghan of awesomeness. It doesn't look like I've barely made a dent in the yarn. I had to put it in my large weekender lesportsac bag to carry it down to my parent's house. I did finish the sushi wallet, although I am not pleased with the way the yarn included in the kit felted. The sweet pea afghan and the Easter Egg blankie are complete as well. I have pictures but I left my camera cord at home so I will have to upload pictures to my Ravelry site later.
I did buy a 250 gb WD Passport hard drive this weekend and a little carrying case. Then I proceeded to spend about $20 downloading shows on itunes to watch when I get home since I was able to move my old episodes on to the hard drive. As much as I would love to have one of the shiny new Macs, my PowerBook is still in great shape and all I have to do now is order a new battery from Apple & it will be brand new again.
I was bad this weekend and ordered some Flight of the Conchords merch from and a couple of things from MaryJane's Farm. I really like MaryJane's latest issue which is the "glamour camping" issue. If you can't camp at the Hilton, then I honestly think that "glamour camping" is the way to go.
Right now I am in the midst of reading a ton of books. The Watchmen, Prince of Stories, Stardust and probably a couple of other books that I am forgetting to metnion.

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head


Of course it only rains on road trip weekends. I took a half day and dropped a co-worker off at the airport on my way to the Queen City. It rained almost the whole way but at least traffic wasn't too bad. Then I made another stop off at the new IKEA. WOW. Talk about sensory overload! It is so big it makes a super wal-mart look like one of those little gas stations on the corner. The whole entire parking lot was practically full, so it was quite the hike up to the store. My only complaint is that I wish people would not stand in the middle in the aisle to gawk. I only spent an hour there because it was just so crowded and I'm not used to that and honestly, that was probably better for my wallet. I think it would help to take a friend with you to navigate the store. I did buy a new bathroom rug, bedroom curtains, an end table, and some misc kitchen stuff. I don't think I have seen so many types of pots and kitchen utensils in one store before. I am proud to say that I only spent $78!! the cool part is that if you use your debit card you get three percent back.
I didn't really do much else once I got to my parent's house. I made three squares in the magenta yarn and discovered the Planet Green channel on my parent's new digital box downstairs. I wish Emeril would come to my Whole Foods.
I think today will probably involve crochet, a Panera Run and a stop at Books A Million.

Sparkly Sun


Holy cow. It is sick to have 80 degree weather today considering last Sunday it was pouring rain and turning into snow overnight.
I have been a hermit most of the weekend other than running my usual errands. this has translated into a lot of squares for the afghan of awesomeness. I can't seem to find a magenta color in Red Heart and it has to be Red Heart super saver otherwise the afghan won't have the same texture.
I joined after a co-worker had told me about it. I started listing books this morning and I have already had two of my books requested, so yay for that. I thought the idea was pretty cool and it's a low cost weigh of getting rid of books and then getting new books while being earth-friendly at the same time.

Stupid Weather


Why is that when I take a Friday afternoon off work, the weather goes to crap? I started my time off with a trip to have my car’s oil change and the only thing I can say about that really is that they had wi-fi in the lounge area so I was able to surf Ravelry while I waited. Then I headed over to AC Moore to buy the yarn for the Afghan of Awesomeness. I have ten colors plus black for the edging. I am kind of waiting until I make a few more blocks & have a better idea of size before I add in any additional yarn. I have three blocks worked up now and I really like it so far.
After AC Moore, I went over to Target and I ended up buying the handheld pink Dyson vacuum. This little vacuum is beyond amazing. It has all the suction power of the full size Dyson with the size of a regular handheld and it has the coolest attachments. This makes cleaning a lot easier and it will be easier to vacuum out my car now.
Friday night, I ended over to G’s for dinner and game night. They are hardcore Monopoly players and I hadn’t played Monopoly in ages, so I basically had my ass handed to me a plate but it was a lot of fun.
Saturday I woke up really tired, so I decided to head to Starbucks to recharge and it was raining which continued throughout the day and it cooled off more, which sucks. I WANT MY NICE WEATHER BACK!!!!!!! H came by and we headed off to Chapel Hill where I spent a whole lot of money on yarn, Addi hooks and pattern booklets. $108.00 and that is fine by me, because even though I am using my tax refund for grown-up things, I had saved a little chunk of it to splurge. I also ended up getting some things for the Top Chef Ravelry Pool winner in my group so now I just need to go back to Target and get a little box because all I have are these giant boxes. We ended up going to Whole Foods and Trader Joes. I ended up buying a bottle of wine at Trader Joe’s so hopefully it tastes good. Then we headed across the way to Durham where we ate at Chili’s and went to AC Moore. H and I had a lot of fun, I just wished it wouldn’t have been raining the whole time because we wanted to get popsicles but it wasn’t a really good day for that when we were out in the rain.
Saturday evening basically slipped away from me. I ran out of the silver blue yarn on the last row of my big granny square afghan that I was making out of Vanna’s choice so I ended up driving in the cold, pouring rain to Jo-Ann’s and bought the skein I needed and a leaflet at 40% called Cuddles to Crochet for Pets. I was suckered into buying this leaflet because the front cover has these newborn puppies in a basket with a little pink crochet blankie. It has blankie and toy patterns for puppies and kitties. I stopped at Borders on my way home and they were having a 30% off sale on DVDs and CDs. I ended up getting Secret Diary of a call girl season one (love billie piper) and No Reservations Season 3 (love Anthony Bourdain and this has the Russia & South Carolina episodes).
I’m not really sure what my small project should be while I’m working on the Afghan of Awesomeness because hauling around 11+ skeins of RH SuperSaver is not very portable at all. I had this idea where I thought I would be able to take the divider out of my wine box and then just stand them up inside and because they are still full skeins they don’t all fit and had to lay two of them on top but at least they are not just piled on the floor anymore.

Chapel Hill Road Trip


I’ve been a bad blogger but I tend to be one of those people that has like a routine and so it doesn’t make for interesting news though. However, I did go to Chapel Hill yesterday to meet a famous knitter/blogger/author named Franklin Habit. His blog was one of the first blogs that I started reading when I started blogging back in the day. Anyways, like a few weeks ago he mentioned he was interested in coming out to the area to do a signing/class and one of the yarn stores in Chapel Hill made arrangements to host a lecture/book signing and then their sister store in Raleigh is hosting his photography & knitting class today.
So, on Thursday, H & I decided to go and we both love Franklin’s work and thought it would a big adventure to go to Chapel Hill because neither one of us has ever been there before.
Basically, on Friday night I basically worked on the Lap Blanket from the Vanna’s Choice afghan book. It’s two shades of blue and one shade of linen that is a big granny square with a shell stitch border and I finished round 18 out of 30 yesterday and I’m almost out of one of the colors of blue so I need to get more after I go to KIP today.
Then Saturday morning, I made my usual trips to Whole Foods & the library and then I met a representative from Project Linus to drop off the baby afghans I had finished and the yarn donations. It is kind of freeing to be rid of all that old stash yarn. Then I came back to the apartment and worked on the afghan while I waited for H to get off work at the library.
So H made it to the apartment and we left straight for Chapel Hill because we kind of wanted to explore a little before the reading. I think after our trip, we are kicking ourselves for not having more time to spend in Chapel Hill & for not going to Chapel Hill before. It was seriously so easy to get to and we didn’t even get lost trying to get to the yarn store, which is next to this HUGE Whole Foods which is like super wal-mart sized and way larger than the one in Cary or Raleigh. They had King cakes for sale and I am regretting not purchasing one because they looked like a slice of heaven. In the same shopping center we also went to an organic living store called Twig, a PTA thrift shop and there is a Popsicle store (that sells little popsicles in all kinds of flavors).
Then it was finally time for the reading and the yarn store was packed. Franklin read essays from his book and did a Q&A and he showed us the red lace shawl that he had just recently finished and it is so beautiful! After he was finished speaking, then everyone lined up to have their books signed and H & I waited until the line got smaller. H & I both had our books signed and posed for pictures with Franklin. He is so nice and he has the most gorgeous penmanship. After the reading, H & I were starving, so we drove around until we found a place to eat that didn’t have like a super long wait and ended up eating at Red Robin and then we made it back home.
I was so wired when we got back from Chapel Hill that I ended up staying up late reading The Women by T.C. Boyle and Coraline by Neil Gaiman.

Hearts, Yarn and Taxes


Happy V-day or Single Awareness Day, whichever you celebrate.
Yesterday, hell froze over and I took a half-day of vacation to drive down to the Queen City to see my parents. I needed help from my mom to assemble the Linus blankies and I needed daddy to do my taxes. yes, I am an accountant and no I do not do my my own taxes. I have THREE STATE RETURNS and one federal this year and my dad has many years of experience in filing multiple state returns. Allegedly, I am getting a federal return. Hopefully, i don't have to pay in too much to the states.
So far, Mom and I have assembled two afghans and we are almost done with two more. The sweet pea one is going to take longer because of all the little squares, so it probably won't be finished this weekend. We made a lot of progress while watching Nights in Rodanthe on DVD. Mom had bought it earlier in the week which was cool because that movie hadn't come up in my queue yet on Netflix. I love the soundtrack and the book and now I am fighting the urge to buy it on DVD. I might have to break down and buy it tomorrow.
I am really excited because I found a couple of lesportsac cosmetic bags for 5.99 each at TJ Maxx and normally they are like $18 a piece!
Mostly this has been a lounge weekend, but that fits my work hard, play hard lifestyle.

So Damn Lucky


Today I came home from work and my friend A & her daughter L had sent me a $20 Starbucks gift card Christmas. I almost did the million dollar dance at the mail hut. Anything Starbucks is always greatly appreciated by me.
I did finish the blocks for the Sweet Pea afghan while I was hanging out at BN with H & T. I have over 50% of the ends woven in on the blocks. I’ve been weaving in ends while watching episodes of Flight of the Conchords (I am the Supafan!) or watching my Netflix dvds. I should be receiving Round three of Netflix DVDs starting tomorrow.
I had a really exciting weekend. I kicked it off Friday night with game night at G’s apartment. She has a cute puppy and HBO and we all had so much fun hanging out and playing games, I don’t think I have laughed so hard in a long time.
Saturday, I spent the majority of the day working on the Sweet Pea afghan and I watched more Doctor Who episodes and a documentary on the life of Harvey Milk.
Sunday, I hung out at BN with T & H. We ended up going out to eat at On the Border and seeing the movie Coraline which I really liked even though I have not read the Neil Gaiman book yet (on my to read list). I might have gasped when a knitting scene or a piece of knitwear would appear.
It has been in the upper 60s and low 70s all weekend/week and I am loving the fact that I can turn the heat off and not wear a jacket to work.

FIx You


Friday Update

Reading all these books by chefs must have paid off because I came home from work today and decided that I would bake tonight since I got all this bakeware for Christmas. I made the cupcakes tonight. Tomorrow I am baking chocolate chip cookies. The problem is that I have a tiny ass apartment kitchen with like no countertop space and I have a limited amount of cookware, so it’s bake one thing, wash everything and repeat process. For the cupcakes, I used the cupcake recipe from MaryJane’s Farm that was featured in the special baking issue. The ingredients are semi-organic. The vegetable oil and the frosting were the only non-organic ingredients. The cupcake liners have pictures of V-day conversation hearts on them.
I finished the blocks for the rainbow Linus blankie #3 and I have 2 out of 56 blocks completed for the Sweet Pea afghan (free Lion Brand leaflet) that uses more Vanna’s Choice Baby. I am still procrastinating on weaving in all the ends. I did a lot of reading this week, so I didn’t make a whole ton of progress on my crochet projects.
I have been listening to the Flight of the Conchords cd and Luke Reynolds’ cd – Pictures and Sounds. Both are very excellent, although certain songs from the Flight of the Conchords cd are not good songs to have stuck in your head while sitting in your cubicle at work. My favorite song on that cd is Bowie and the Bowie episode is one of my favorite shows from Season 1. The Luke Reynolds is a good, mellow cd and I can actually listen to the whole cd without skipping tracks, so that is a miracle. I discovered his cd at Whole Foods the other day and it was totally worth it.

Saturday Update

I now have 4 ½ blocks done on the Sweet Pea Afghan. I was able to weave in all the ends on the rainbow Linus blankie, so one down, two to go. I am going to try to finish weaving ends on the other two tonight. It’s a slow process, but it goes better if you have Chibi needles and a Jonas Brothers cd. My mom has agreed to help me with the actual assembly process. I might have sweeted the deal by tracking down the 7 inch zippers she needs to finish the doll clothes for baby K's birthday.
So what did I do today? I went to the library to pick up all the Anthony Bourdain books I put on hold so I’ve been reading those this afternoon. I also went to Barnes and Noble and bought the new issue of BUST. Not only does it feature Amber Tamblyn on the front cover, but there is a little half page interview with my favorite vamp author Charlaine Harris. It also has a couple of crafty projects in it that I want to try. This is a really awesome issue so I know I will be keeping it for a long long time.
The neighbors below my apartment have moved out so hopefully some quiet soul will move in. I am not too in love with apartment living but it will be at least two years before I can even think about living in a place long enough to buy a house.

Gloomy Doom Doom


I command the sun to come out (well, I would if I good). Not only has the weather been dreary this week, but there's been more crappy news about the economy this week. Plus, this rainy weather is messing up my allergies and really makes me want to just crawl under my big ass pile of denim quilts. BTW, I can't believe that they have actually sold like 4 million of those crazy Snuggie blankets that were on the infomericals over Christmas. Apparently, these people are afghan deprived.
I would like to say that I have done a lot of exciting things this week but I really haven't. I have 9 out of 12 squares completed now on Linus Blankie #3. I think when this one is finished I will take a little break to weave in the ends on all three and assemble the little blocks into the blankies. They look so cute though, I'm pretty impressed with myself for actually following a pattern and straying away from my half-double crochet comfort zone.
I'm still adjusting to the feel of the new glasses on my face so progress is a little slow combined with the fact that I have been reading a lot of chef books this week and watching Doctor Who.
I will try to have a sunshiny post sometime this weekend.

And Then There was Wine . . .


Last night was the crafty party. Pre-party, I met H & G at Borders and I ended up with a phone number and giving an impromptu granny square demonstration. Then we drove over to T's apartment. Her real name starts with A (of course!) so she gets to be T after her cat. Anyways, T has this apartment in a modern apartment complex and it's all decorated and she has real furniture and she had wine and cheese and margaritas so it was all awesome. After some of the other party people left, we ended up ordering Papa John's pizza and telling stories about all our crazy relatives. I don't think there was much crafting that went on, but we had fun, so who cares.
After I came home I ended up watching the Doctor Who episode The Unicorn & the Wasp which is the episode with Agatha Christie. I really liked this episode a lot because I used to read a lot of Agatha Christie novels when I was younger.
I woke up way way early for a Sunday morning so I read a little bit of Julie and Julia by Julie Powell which I bought at Mr. Mike's Used Books in hardcover for 3.99 and now I have decided that the next time Sunshine and I get together we need to make something from Mastering the Art of French Cooking. We will just dismiss the fact that I can't even American cook. If we can make Top Chef food we can do it Julia style.
I have four blocks completed of the rainbow Linus blankie #3. My zuma bag was so full yesterday, that I had to stuff yarn in my coach purse to take the blankie project to the crafty project because I have this crazy fear that I will be some place and I will run out of yarn.

Things that Happened this Week


1. We got like at least 6 inches of snow on Tuesday and the office closed at noon
2. Wednesday we had a two-hour delay
3. I finished the blocks for Linus blankie #2 - I am rocking the granny square!
4. This morning I started the first block for Linus blankie #3 which is rainbow brite inspired.
5. My glasses aren't in yet. Sniff sniff.
6. I have watched a ton of Flight of the Conchords Season one and Doctor Who season 4 episodes due to all my time off.
7. I discovered the Optimism lotion from Bath & Body Works. It's the new scent in their aromatherapy collection.
8. yay for the new President!
9. I have started reading Street Gang by Michael Davis, which is the history Sesame Street, and has a lot of history of children's telly and preschool education as well.

Live from the Remote Office


This is my very first year of working in an office or job that gives MLK day off as a holiday and so I am grateful for it but it is very strange not being in the office since I took this past Friday off as a vacation day. So hence, I'm at my remote office, otherwise known as the local Starbucks. There is nothing like a nice latte to get you in party mode.
The Linus blankie is coming right along. I am hoping to finish the squares today. I started square 10 this morning before I left for Starbucks. I am still not sure about joining the squares together. I might try it but if it's too much of a pain then I will just take them down to my mom's house and get some help from her.
Last night I ended up staying up late and reading I'm Proud of You by Tim Madigan. It's the story of his friendship with Mister Rogers and it is so good and even melts my cold heart. I would highly recommend it for when you are having a crappy day or just need motivation in life.

Wake Up Call


I woke up at 6:34 AM ET this morning and I was ready to party. I was wide awake and there was no chance of going back to sleep, so I decided to work on my blog update. The excitement of the week really started off with the Betsy Greer signing at the Barnes and Noble this past Tuesday. A good crowd showed up and we were all sitting and listening to her speak and knitting (or crocheting like me). G (her name really starts with an A but I know too many A people so she gets to be G taken from her avatar) and I got our books signed as well as a copy for H who was working that night. I really like Betsy’s book Knitting for Good and I forgot that she had an essay in Handmade Nation otherwise I would have brought my copy of that book to sign as well. The coolest thing about the evening was meeting a rep from the local Project Linus chapter. I’m a blanketeer now! A and I have gone through our stashes for donations and I have two of those Ziploc XXL (Like the size that goes up to your waist) full of yarn leftovers or stuff I realize I will never use in my lifetime. Then I was thinking, well, yarn is great, but I really felt the call to make a blanket for them. I decided to go to Jo-Ann’s and I was looking at the Vanna’s Choice Baby yarn because it is soft, machine-washable and it comes in a lot of bright colors. I was looking at the display and then I saw a copy of Vanna’s new book, Giggles & Grins, which is 12 crochet patterns to crochet for baby. I was flipping through it to see if their was a pattern I could make that didn’t require me to buy a ton of yarn and I found the granny square blankie. It’s a crib size and only requires 6 skeins but I think there will be a couple of colors where I will have leftovers. I started square 6 last night before I went to bed (out of 12) and I can’t believe how easy it is!!!! Prior to this, I had only made two tiny granny squares and that was when I first learned how to crochet and I had no clue what I was doing. I am also going to re-attempt to make the big sushi for my felted sushi wallet. My first attempt turned into a little sushi hat.Friday, I took a day of vacation and I went to the eye doctor for the first time in 5 years. This was a combination of not having good insurance until now and having good eyesight. I think the doctor was amazed my glasses held out this long. I can still wear them but the finish is wearing off all over the frames, and the eye pieces are gross. I ended up getting a pair of Kate Spade “Elisabeth” glasses in black. I tried on the emerald green ones and they looked pretty on me but I just could not buy green glasses, so I ordered them in black from one of their other locations so cross your fingers because my greatest fear is that I will get them and they will be total puke on me. I feel like I have great expectations because I have had my current pair forever. After the eye doctor, I ended up coming home and starting the blankie while watching Flight of the Concords Season 1. This show is AWESOME!!!! I am kicking myself for not going out and buying the cd at the same time. I also discovered that it is really hard to crochet and laugh at the same time. I also bought a new aluminum water bottle at Whole Foods. It’s a Sigg and it has Hello Kitty and hearts and it’s pink and red and it’s like a huge valentine to the environment. I made the dumb mistake of telling my sister about it and now she wa[...]