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Wembley England


Good Morning from London!

I arrived safely and soundly, actually a really nice flight over but as usual didn't sleep much on the plane.

My first day was spent getting to the hotel, checking in unpacking, a really short nap and then dinner and bed.

Sunday the second day was spent walking. I went to the Sunday Market at Wembley stadium and took a wrong turn coming out. Needless to say I walked all the way around the stadium and was farther from the hotel than I needed to be. But the weather was good and a nice walk never hurts. In the afternoon I took a bus to Brent Cross to buy a few supplies shampoo etc...

Watched American football with a British Commenator, it was an interesting game, the terminology was different than we use and it was not the Vikings! it was the Jets and the Oilers!

Today off to the Air France office to work. More later this week....

Off to London


At the suggestion of my niece I am going to try to blog while I am in London. After I finally finished school it only took 30 + years, and came through the largest airline merger in the world, I might finally have time for this again.

I am travelling to London for my job at Delta Airlines. I will be working as a support person in the Air France office for a month. No promises about how much I will post but I will try to at least every few days.

Watch for an update this weekend from Jolly old England !

Still knitting and almost finished with school


I am guessing that anyone who reads this thought I had quit blogging...well I have sort of. I am still just too busy with school. I walked at graduation but still have a few classes left. The actual finish date for classes is in July. But they let you go through ceremonies if you are close to graduation and I was really close.

I will post more after graduation, maybe if the time permits

Switzerland and School


So this is the big hill behind where we stayed in Switzerland and you know what is on the other side France. I don't ski but Bob and my brother in law Richard who do ski have been planning this once in a life time trip to ski. So on Feb 1 we headed off to Switzerland to Portes du Soleil, or the doors to the sun for skiing. I had plenty of homework to do for school so I was busy. Did I forget to mention one of the joys of online classes they are portable and go anywhere with you. I also got a lot of knitting time in too but no pictures of what I worked on yet. We flew into Geneva and drove to Portes Du Soleil, on the way we dropped off my sister and spouse in Champoussin and continued on to Les Crosets. Les Crosets is literally at the end of the road you can go no further and the road is narrow and twisty and curvy and you are literally hanging on the side of the mountain. We spent a week there and unfortunately, Champoussin although only 4 miles away as the crow flies is hard to get to if you don't ski, so I did not see much of my sister that week, and then to top it off the bus that runs between the resorts had a reduced schedule due to school break. However the two skiers saw each other everyday as it was really easy to ski between the two resorts. Did we find yarn in Switzerland now that is a silly question of course we did, on the way out of the mountains we stopped in Geneva at two yarn stores both in the Carrouge Area of Geneva. One was called Tricolaine and they had some Swiss handspun, I resisted temptation and did not purchase any. The next shop was not far away and I believe it was called Le Rouet or something like that. There I purchased some yarn that is similar to Koigu for socks. Did I forget to mention where I went everyday to do homework? I went to the bar Le Grange, it was the only place in Les Crosets where they had wireless that worked with my computer. I learned there are many levels of Coca Cola. One day I ordered a Coke and was asked which level, Coke original, coke light, coke zero, coke cerise ou coke limon. Yes they only spoke French, so at times it was interesting but I could at least for the most part order meals and find the rest room. I loved Switzerland and hope to go back some day.Since we have been back I have finished two classes College Writing and Group Dynamics. College Writing was okay, I did get a good grade an "A" but I think the content could be directed more toward APA style which is what Concordia requires for every paper. Group Dynamics just finished last week and I am not sure how I did, I had one really bad week and it may have cost me the grade I wanted.I also went on the semi annual convent knitting retreat and sorry to disappoint you no Chippendales showed up again this year. One of the spouse is sure we go to have a wild weekend of Chippendale dancers and who knows what else...In actuality we sit around in jammies and knit all week end. Since then it has been pretty quiet just work and school and work and school.....Let me leave you with one more shot of Portes du Soleil, the church in Les Crosets. It is about the size of my 8 X 8 kitchen.[...]

Knitting and School


So in my last post I told you I was going back to school, well this is week 3 and I am still hanging in there. I am taking College Writing Online, and it is a challenge. The class meets once a week in a chat room and talks and then I have assignments to complete as well. The class is accelerated which means 12 weeks squished into 6. I forgot how hard school is, the good part I go to school at Panera and then get to knit afterwards with my Weds Nite Knit Friends.

Today I got my syllabus for my co hort, it made it seem so much more real. It lays out all the classes and says I should be finished by July 2009. I will keep you posted.

Okay for knitting news, it is Preemie Hat Month I knit 11 and did not take any pictures. But I do have two finished objects. First a Christmas Present for my brother in law's wife, in primary colors. She teaches Kindergarten so appropriate colors for her. The pattern was from the Sock Journal and is called Cobblestone Socks.
The picture on the left is a close up of the stitch pattern

(image) (image)

I also finished a pair of socks for me out of the new Berocco Sox and I don't remember the colorway I think it is Liverpool.


I will keep you all posted about school and what little knitting I might get done.

School Days


Just a quick update....I decided last fall to return to school and applied to and was accepted in Concordia University's Degree Completion Program in Organizational Management and Leadership. But I still needed to finish up some general ed requirements either because I missed them the first time around or because the credits I had did not meet Concordia's requirements.

So tonight was my first class "College Writing", I think the class went okay. All my classes will be online and the class meets in a chat room and discusses the weeks reading assignment. The amount of homework I imagine is no less than going to regular class but with my schedule that just did not work for me.

I will keep you posted...I think I am the oldest student in the class and kind of worried about it.

Knitting content coming soon I promise as soon as Megan gets my camera back to me.



(image) Now where did Boo and Baby go just when it is picture time they disappear....I guess it is okay because after all I am the cutest one of the three...Ducky

Happy Holidays!

The knitting pictures will be posted after the gifts are opened!

C'est Fini


I finished the endless baby blanket. The pattern is Kay's Argosy Blanket
It is for my new great niece Caitlyn and I think it is beautiful and purple is not even my color.

To go with it I made this


A Faux Fair Isle Sweater and Hat, she will be the best dressed baby around.

I had this week off of work and did not do what I planned but got some projects done.



So here is what I have been knitting
* Mittens for the Mitten Fairy at the Yarnery
* Felted Clogs for the teen age nieces
* Socks for my son
* A sweater for my daughter
* A lace scarf for Grandma
I only have pictures of two of the above


Mitten Fairy Mittens, I am using up all my leftover bulky acrylic and acrylic and wool blends. No set size just cast on a multiple of four, knit 2 inches of ribbing and keep going. I still have 2 pairs on the needles.


Socks for Nick, of course the knitting inspector is checking them out.

So pictures to come soon of the rest and remember


(image) My work here is done time for a bath and a nap

Happy Birthday


Yesterday was Baby and Ducky's 2nd Birthday!!!!!

They were born in Wisconsin on a farm. Megan's friend Caitlin had a purebred Siamese who got out one day and then came Baby and Ducky. They are half siamese and half barn cat. They act more Siamese, they talk to you. I have never had a cat who talks, if you are in the bathroom longer than they think you should be they sit outside the door and let you know it. But we love them anyway, just in case you are wondering Ducky is the darker one and has a really sweet dispostion, Baby is the lighter and somewhat of a prima donna. Baby does not really like Boo so this picture may be the only one I ever get of all three together.



"They are turning out okay Mom especially since they moved in with us" according to Boo

A little knitting content....

I finished some felted clogs and a pair of half mitts. The clogs were from Stash Yarn and the mitts I started last year and finally put the thumbs on them, as soon as I can get the mitts back from Megan I will post a picture.

Cats and Knitting


Tonite I went to see Crazy Aunt Purl at the MOA Barnes and Noble. I ran into some old friends I had not seen in awhile Cathy and Marcia and Nora I used to knit with them at Clickity Sticks in Minneapolis and sometimes on Saturday Mornings at Como Park in St Paul, but we are all busy and don't see each other much. So back to Crazy Aunt Purl she wrote "Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair" I hadn't read her blog much but the title of the book caught my eye because I am always covered in Cat Hair. She was funny and had a delightful southern accent, it was a good time.

Speaking of knitting and cats


Ducky has a new job CHIEF KNITTING INSPECTOR she likes to sniff and check out my knitted items while I am trying to take pictures. I really thinks she wants her picture taken

Then there is her sister Baby who has discovered a new cat bed


She thinks my sweater drying in the sun in the porch is the perfect place for a nap oh well more cat hair....


But Grandma it is so comfy just like a hammock

I joined Ravelry and love it...It is so much fun to see what everyone is knitting and to see who is knitting what you are and what yarn they are using....My ravlery name is Louisecat25 just in case you want to see what I have been up to

I also found out tonite that I may be traveling for work again to Singapore...I should find out next week if and when it would be...stay tuned

State Fair Socks Update


****note I actually wrote this post from my laptop and even though I said publish post it did not and so I was able to recover them and post now****

The two pairs of socks in the previous posts took 4th place at the Minnesota state fair. The blue in the plain or ribbed category and the red in the textured category. Jeanne took first in the plain or ribbed category.

Warning Long Post


Let's start off with my trip for work to Chisholm Minnesota:Yes, it is Bob Dylan drive located in Hibbing, MNand it is in front of the house where he grew up. The family that lives there has a real sense of humor checkout the garageNext up is a short trip to California to see my sister and her familyWe went to San Francisco to see the Wave Organ Colin really liked trying to hear the waves through the pipesThen a walk on the beach and back to Minnesota.On to finished objects. While I was in Singapore I made a baby bib for one of the reservation agents who was expectingNext two pairs of finished socksThe blue is Lucy Neatby's Celestial Merino and the red is Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Ruby River.Final finished object a cute baby hat modeling by Malena with the the help of a friend.So tomorrow is the Minnesota State Fair and I can't wait to see who won in the knitting categories.One last picture if you have a cat you need one of these:Although you want one without the scratcher having been destroyed by Boo and the girls. Hours of fun for the cats and for only $8[...]

Happy Birthday Mom


In honor of what would have been My mom's 90th birthday yesterday, I am posting a picture of the house where she was born and lived all of her life. We sold the house in April and the weekend before closing in May I took this picture.


How many of us can say we stayed in one place that long?

Finished Objects coming soon as Megan gets back with my camera.

Bob's Birthday


I am posting this from Las Vegas. Bob for his Birthday wanted to go to Carmel, California and especially to the
Big Sur Roadhouse for dinner....well...the airline in Minneapolis who I work for had other an employee we fly standby and could not get on a flight to San Jose or San Francisco so....we went to Los Angeles and then caught a flight on Southwest to Vegas....not quite the same ambiance but we got here now How We will get home remains to be seen....

Temperature in Las Vegas today 90 with an expected high of 106....While it is hot it is not as hot as Singapore and no humidity to speak of....Also no yarn stores within walking distance of the Strip. More to come and when I get back a post with some FO's

Finally Pictures of Singapore


I am still waiting for my friend to send me some pictures, but I was able to recover these few from my camera.

The MerLion from Sentosa Island


Bob on Sentosa with the Singapore skyline in the background


A temple in Little India


Final Picture my favorite dinner Kashmiri Rice and a chicken curry made with coconut and mangoes.


I have some finished objects but I have to wait until I can get a camera to use.

I also received my KTS3 package from Doborah. It contained so many good things, 2 skeins of Kroy in a denim blue, a skein of varigated in primary colors, some red mohair yarn, bannock bread mix, a bar of locally made soap, a knitted washcloth, bannock bread mix, a candle and tea two kinds of republic of tea, and some local Montana tea. Thanks Doborah

Next week I am off to Chisholm Minnesota for work. I will post some more when I return. been tagged


Adrienne from Singapore tagged me....First time being tagged so here goes

7 random things about me

1) I don't care for 99% of the dogs I meet the two exceptions are Charlie and Sam Bono

2)I have always had a cat or two, when I was little we had around 10 in our backyard but they were not allowed inside the house.

3) I love dark chocolate.

4) My least favorite color is purple. My favorite color is red.

5) I have quit biting my nails with the help of some acrylic ones while some grow out.

6) I live in a 625 square foot house with one child, my husband and 3 cats.

7) I don't play any instruments but used to sing with a gospel group at church

I am tagging

Christie P of Ghostknitter
Chris of Stumbling over Chaos
Kathy in DC

I am waiting for pictures of Singapore from my friend Robin then I will post some more about that.

Boo and the girls


Well while I was in Singapore Megan and Baby (ducky's sister) moved home so I thought I would share a picture of Boo with his girls


Most of the time they fight growling hissing and howling but this one time I caught them in the lie. They really do get along.

Leaving on a jet plane


I am at the changi airport and for the first time since 9/11 I have no knitting to fly with, either it went into the checked bag or lose my addi's. Easy choice into the checked bag it went. They did let me keep my crochet hook though go figure.

still in Singapore


Hello from Singapore!

Yes, I am still here and will be back this weekend to post pictures and some updates.

Work has kept me busy but I have managed to find 2 yarn stores, I wanted to go to a third but am running out of time.

While I was gone Boo gained a roommate Baby, Ducky's sister and also Megan moved home. Bob says the house is covered in cat hair but they are all getting along. Baby has taken over the cat house and growls when Ducky tries to go in with her.

What can I say about Singapore...will I come back. Yes possibly for work in September but also maybe on vacation or holiday as they say here. The city and people are wonderful, safe and clean. The food is exceptional I have had food cooked in Banana Leaves, Curries, Chili Crabs and so much more. Today is multicultural day at work and it is a festival of all the nationalities employed here, so lots of variety of foods to try. yarn stores not many but the Singapore Knitters are a great group and adopted me as a member see Lois' blog for a picture of the group.

See you soon!!!!!!!!!!



Hello from Singapore

It was a long flight and I tried not to sleep to avoid Jet Lag. I arrived on Sunday in the middle of the nite and was met by a car at the airport. Went to the apartment with the most beautiful pool and slept for about 3 hours. Then I got up and started my adventures by meeting with a group of Singapore knitters. Pictures will come when I get home. One of the knitters was from Roseville Mn and teaches at the International School here.....
all of that happened a week ago and all I have been doing in between until this past weekend is working....Saturday my husband came and we spent the day familarizing ourselves with the local MRT system as all I know how to do is get to work, then we went to dinner at an Indonesian Restaurant and Sunday I met again with the Singapore knitting group. They gave me some really beautiful self striping yarn as a gift. Then back to work on Monday while Bob is out having fun....see you all soon

So now it is April


I thought I should post before April goes away.

I have been really busy getting a training manual written, finishing up my training and organizing my life before I go to Singapore.

Yes, I did attend the Yarn Harlot gathering at William Mitchell. Funny thing she remembered me from California. Who would of thought she would remember anyone, after all the knitters she meets. Her talk was just as good here as it was there and while I waited in line to get my book signed I won a door prize. It was...a toe up sock pattern, now how perfect is that? Thank You Yarnery for sponsoring such a fun evening.

I also hosted a rescheduled retreat at the end of March and it was cold and rainy so perfect weather to be inside with your good friends.

Currently I am knitting C3 from Knitty and some socks out of Lucy Neatby's Celestial Merino yarn. I can't wait to see the yarn available in Singapore.

IS it March already


I have been so busy since the last post that until someone pointed out to me that it had been over 6 weeks I did not realize. So lets get up to speed...On January 29 I started a training for a newly created department at Northwest. It involves about 12 weeks of training, I am just finishing up week 8. I am learning how to price and ticket reservations,in addition to my old job functions and also WorldPerks functions. Besides that I am helping to edit and write training manuals for my previous position and they will be used to train the new agents in our Singapore office. The big news I am in the end of April traveling to Singapore to train the new agents for 2 weeks. I can hardly wait to see a part of the world I have not seen.So on to knitting I finished my son's Garter Stitch Beanie from Never Knit your Man a SweaterI made a flying trip out to see my sister and attend Stitches West the last weekend in February, and I do mean flying out on Friday night to San Jose and home on the red eye on Sunday morning. We took an all day sock class from Lucy Neatby and shopped the market. While at the market I met Lu she was my spoiler for Sockret Pal. Although, I confess I knew who she was before because Full Thread Ahead is one of the stores my sister and I go to when I am in California. Visit the link to see the picture of us together and the wonderful socks she made me.So what did I buy at stitches? No Socks that Rock, the booth was completely out of sock yarn by time we got there, I did pick up some of Cookie's Patterns and someLisa Souza yarn, some Ellen's Half Pint Yarn, a skein of Opal Huntwasser and cashmere and merino blend sock yarn from JoJoLand Yarns of Texas. It was a great buy at $10.00 per skein and oh so soft to touch. Of which I took no pictures sorry...I also delivered this sweater to ColinColin is my great nephew and has decided that hats are sister (his grandma) made him this hat and it reminds me of an old mechanics hat my dad used to wear. Colin is just too cute for words.So since I have been back from California I finished my Sockret Pal's socks I have not really been doing much else, maybe next time I will be posting from Singapore.[...]

Random Cat Generator


The random cat generator has a cold so was moving kind of slow, but at last results.

Ducky who is my cat that loves crumpled paper had her choice of 9 correct answers and chose Julie. The funny thing is Julie was my partner for the first swap I ever did the Knitters Tea Swap I. BUT to prove it was legitmate here are some pictures of Ducky in action.

(image) The names waiting for the cat generator to appear

(image) Ducky and her supervisor Boo checking them out

Finally, she has made her choice you can see it in her paws


So Julie from Maine if you send your Address to me I will send out your prize.

Other news, I have been knitting on sockret pal socks and I have been knitting on mittens and half mittens ...Pictures to follow of the mittens my memory card on my camera seems to be full.

New York


Rebecca and I had a great time in NYC. Rebecca thought I was never going to buy any yarn but I finally managed to buy 5 skeins, and she bought 5 skeins for a grand total of 10, so that means LimeDragon won the Birthday contest. Now here is a second contest guess which picture below is Rebecca's yarn and which is my yarn purchased in NYC and a skein of yarn will be on its way to you. You have until midnite on Friday Feb 1 to guess....Picture #1 to the left Picture #2 to the rightSo we went to 7 or so shops, we started at The Yarn Store on the upper west side, it is on the second floor up a steep flight of stairs. Personally an ok shop we have better here in Minneapolis. Then we went to The Point and Purl, in Greenwich Village and SoHo, both are cute little shops and both carry just a little bit of different stock from the other, The Point also has a coffee bar with soups and sandwiches and treats.The next day we went to Seaport Yarns this one is my favorite. So much yarn that I am sure we missed some. It is at 135 William Street and on the fifth floor, it is one I visit almost everytime I am in NYC. Then we stopped at Habu, Stitches East and School House Products. We also went to the Radical Lace and Subversive Knitting exhibit at MAD (Mueseum of Art and Design) It was not your typical knitting, there are lace sculptures made from porcelain, a dress knitted of shredded dollar bills and some teeny tiny greek gloves. Check out the link above.Next a preemie hat update I am finishing up number 12 and then I will be doneI told you red is my color, thanks Meg for letting me ride in your hood...DAnd for the final one here it is . . . The Bow Tie Hat[...]