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Preview: Questionable Knitting

Questionable Knitting

A Gluten-Free Knitter Wonders: "Is hay made from wheat? And if sheep eat it, is my yarn full of gluten? So then, if I knit with wool, am I really gluten-free?"

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Easter Come and Gone - Finally It's Spring


(image) Spring has really been slow in coming to New York this year. We've had very little nice weather. It's been colder than usual, and when the Hell is the rain going to stop?

Maybe Spring hasn't been much fun yet, but at least Easter brings a little fun. And what's more fun than coloring Easter Eggs? Just ask my sweet little granddaughter Mary - I don't think her little hands will stop being pink very soon! This was her first egg coloring, since she's just turning 2. And I hear she claimed all the stuffed bunnies, even the ones I sent for her big sisters!

All the fun Easter candy will be disappearing from the supermarket, and I say not a minute too soon. There's no way I can stick to a Weight Watchers way of life while all the sweet stuff's around. I really need some resolve, and I don't mean the kind you clean your carpet with.

Some Knitting Content

I finished knitting a blanket for my good friend who just had a baby. It's really pretty, and I'm kind of proud of it. This friend actually helped to re-write the pattern, but at the time the blanket was supposed to be for someone else. I liked the blanket so much I re-purposed it for her.

All I have to do is sew in some ends, and then give it a wash so it will be nice an fresh for her new little bundle of joy. Oh, and take pictures of course. I've been very lazy about that. Coming soon.

Social Networking Has Ruined My Blogging


Yes, it must have been just about a year ago that I first logged onto the biggest social networking site in the world. It was very exciting to find people I knew, people I had forgotten, and some people that I really didn't want to know any more found me! And all the great games I could play for free! I've been growing crops, existing on a desert island, building towns, and clearing the frontier. And I'm still doing it.

But all this playing has ruined my blogging. I couldn't believe when I looked at my blog today that it's been over a year since I posted anything. And let's face it, life still goes on while you're farming.

I need to make a conscious effort to rip myself away from the frontier long enough to keep this old blog going. I mean, I know nobody reads it, but in the end it's supposed to be something I'm doing for myself, isn't it?



I've been very, very lazy when it comes to my blog. Just look at how long it's been since I've been here. I guess I ran out of things to say for a while. I wondered if it was even worth bothering with, if I should just shut it down permanently. But I'm a packrat, I find it hard to get rid of things. So I thought I'd give it one more try. We'll see how it goes.

I haven't been very busy knitting either. Maybe it's a seasonal slump, but most days I don't feel like picking up any of my projects. I keep a small project at work, so I can work on it at my lunch break. Otherwise, at home I haven't felt inspired, even though I have plenty of projects OTN.

Here's one small thing I finished a couple of weeks ago. Little Miss Muffet Hat, found on Ravelry. It was a quick, easy knit and it looks so adorable on my little 9 month old granddaughter, Mary.

Such a cute hat, and isn't Mary the sweetest?

Wasn't Wednesday Anything Can Happen Day? (click here)


Actual Knitting PicturesI finally remembered to get pictures of the shawl/stole I've started. This is the Arctic Diamonds Stole, designed by Donna Druchunas, and offered in the Winter 2006 issue of Interweave Knits.This is not even half of one repeat. Each repeat is 73 rows! I have no idea why these pictures downloaded sideways, nor can I figure out how to re-orient them in Blogger. Oh well, you can still see the basic design. In the picture on the right you can just barely see that I've added beads to the edge. These pics don't do them justice, they're a real sparkly crystal bead with just a slight shimmer of pink. I wish I could get a better close-up, but my camera doesn't do close-ups well.The yarn I'm using is Knitpicks Shadow lace weight, color Pink Posy. I think these pictures are almost true to color.This stole is for my DIL, and needs to be finished for Christmas. I think I started it on July 21. I had to re-cast on a couple of times until I got the gauge I wanted and got the beads just right. It's going a bit smoother now that I'm into the pattern.And, usually, I would knit lace only at home, to prevent distractions. But this one I'm carrying back & forth, since I really need to get a move on.Beautiful BabiesAnd now for two of the most beautiful babies in the world, my two youngest grands.This beautiful little boy on the left is Michael, who was 1 year old on May 1st. This picture is him on his Christening Day in early July. He's a sweet little boy.And this precious little darling on the right is Mary Elizabeth, who was 6 weeks old when this picture was taken. She looks like an angel, and I'm sure she'll be sweet too, once she's old enough to have a personality!Michael is my oldest son's 6th (and last!) child, but 3rd with his 2nd wife; and Mary is my youngest son's 2nd child, but 1st child with his 2nd wife, (her 3rd) and last for both of them. Confusing enough? I'd hate to see what would happen if anyone got married for a 3rd time!Exercise?I still am thinking about just how I'm going to get myself to exercise. I've started re-reading YNYfw to see if there's something I've missed, some hint given about just how people who are not wealthy are supposed to start in with this program. You have to admit they have a humorous style. One of my favorite subtitles is "You Do Have to Age, but You Don't Have to Rot."[...]

Can We Say Procrastination?


Wow, I can't believe it's so long since I've been here. Last I posted, there were actually regular season shows on TV that I was watching. And the Betty Crocker cake mixes I was looking forward to? Still not in the stores. Ah well, I'm getting too fat anyway.

Right now I'm thinking about trying to get back in shape (if I ever had one!) and getting healthier. I've made an appointment with a nutritionist (RD) to try to learn how to eat more nutritionally, with taking my gluten-free diet into account. I've had my blood tests, will have a lung x-ray, and next I'm going to make an appointment with my Gastroenterologist to see how the Celiac is progressing (or not).

And I've finally finished reading Younger Next Year for Women, by Chris Crowley & Dr. Henry Lodge. It's a pretty good book, and Dr. Lodge explains very clearly how and why the body ages and they both explain what we can do to age better.

I'd like to try to follow their program, but I'm not sure how I'll begin. They suggest extreme aerobic exercise 4 days a week and weight training 2 days a week, the kind you get by hiring a trainer, working out at a gym, or riding a bike. I don't have a bike, and really can't afford a trainer or most gyms. That's the one drawback to their program: they didn't write it for people who don't have money. They seemed to have focused on wealthy people. Well, of course - Chris is a retired lawyer and Harry is a doctor.

But I know this is something I have to do. I know I'm going to be older next year, but if I can take care of myself I may be able to be older in a younger way.

Life Goes On

In the meantime, life has been happening. My 20th grandchild was born(image) on June 5th, little Mary Elizabeth. I just saw her again last weekend, and she's a real cutie. This picture was taken the day she was born. She's much bigger and cuter now.

This is the baby I made the Noah's Ark Blanket for. Mom & Dad really love it. I don't remember if I posted a picture of it, but maybe I will soon.

And the rest of my knitting is coming along slowly. Right now I've started work on a shawl for my DIL for Christimas. I'd like to promise pictures, but I know how I forget to do these things.

That's all folks!

(edited 7/27 to add picture link to Noah's Ark Blanket)

Thursday TV Won't Be the Same


(image) Can you believe what happened on Gray's Anatomy last night? I was ready for Izzie to leave, after all it's been publicized so much. And they gave her a nasty brain tumor, so it would have been a surprise if she didn't die. But George? They didn't even prepare us. OMG, what's to become of Gray's? (Didn't George look cute in his uniform?)

I'm eagerly awaiting June 1st, when Betty Crocker is making Gluten-Free cake mixes available. They look really good, but of course the proof will be in the baking. I can't imagine the price they'll put on them. I really hope my local supermarket plans to sell them.

(image) I'm still way behind on getting pictures of anything to put on the blog, after all the family stuff that's been going on. So it's still boring around my blog. I need to get my act together. Maybe this weekend I can get organized.

Have a great weekend!

Cheers for the Biggest Loser!


I was rooting for Helen all along to win the Biggest Loser. But after seeing last night how much work they all put into it, I now think that Mike should have won it. He really looked the best of all three of them.

An how about that Jerry? It's inspiring to see an older person work so hard and lose so much weight! It also makes me wonder why I'm not doing it. I really only have 15 pounds to lose, but just can't seem to stick to any weight loss plan.

Today I have to go for my semi-annual checkup with my cardiologist, and I'll have to lie to him. Because he keeps telling me he wants me out walking. I do it once or twice and feel really great about doing it. But then I stop again. And, believe me, I have lots of excuses not to go out walking - some of them are even valid. But when I look at someone like Jerry on Biggest Loser, I wonder why I can't seem to do it.



Do you use AdSense? Is there a good reason to use AdSense? I almost signed up, but I got to wondering if I'll get spam calls and emails once I'm signed up.

Up to My Ears


Yes, I've been up to my ears in family stuff. Not to mention Mothers Day. But I think I have a breather for a couple of weeks. Time to wash the windows, put away the heavy winter clothes, shampoo the carpet. Hey - that doesn't sound like time off, does it?

My DIL's baby shower was last Saturday. I had to drive 3 hours to my daughter's house, pick up her and the two youngest kids, drive another 45 minutes to the church in my DIL's neighborhood, and attend a shower that lasted an hour and a half. But I had to go, and I'm glad I did, because there were only about 10 adults there, and a few kids. She was happy, as a new mother should be.

So I finally got to give her my Noah's Ark Blanket. She was truly amazed, but my camera ran out of charge right in the middle of her opening the gifts. What a bummer, since I wanted to get more pics of the blanket. I guess when I go there for the baby's birth I'll be able to take more shots. Baby Mary Elizabeth will be born on June 5th, by appointment. It's great - it's a Friday, so I won't have to take too much time off work.

Now I'm working on a very pretty shawl, of which I will try to take some pictures once I have time and a charged camera.

P.S. BTW, I did not drive home the same day. I stayed overnight at my daughter's house. I don't do night driving on highways, and also it gave me time to spend with her little (and big) ones.


Back to Blog Another Day


Well, we all know what Road is paved with Good Intentions. I have excuses.....blah, blah, blah. But nobody is really interested. Anyway, I'm here today.

I went to my first Gluten-Free Vendor Fair last Sunday. It was pretty crowded, and there were many vendors. I tasted some pretty good stuff, and I'm sure I must have gained at least a pound. But it was worth it, and I hope to find some of the brands in stores soon. My favorite was a baked manicotti by Ceasar's that should be coming out in December. With all this good stuff to look forward to, I'll never lose any weight!


Well, it's not really knitting, but crocheting. I have finally finished my crocheted Noah's Ark Blanket. And just in the nick of time - the baby shower for my DIL is next week. Here's a shot:

The first picture is the whole finished blanket. And the next picture is the pig I added, because there wasn't one in the pattern, and it's just not right that Noah's Ark wouldn't have a pig. What you can't see from the picture of the blanket is that I stuffed the heads of the animals with fiberfill. It's just so cute I can't stand it. My DIL and my son will love it.

Now I can finally get back to some other knitting. I started a shawl for myself, but that's going to have to take a back seat to another shawl I have to start for another DIL. It's for Christmas, so I should just have time to get it done (I'm a slow knitter).

So another weekend. I think it's supposed to rain most of the time, but my 1 year-old grandson is having a birthday party tomorrow, so rain or shine I'll be there. I made him a cute sweater that I have to photograph before I give it to him, and maybe even after I give it to him. I also got him one of those ride-on cars he can push with his feet - that is if he's started walking yet!

Have a great weekend, despite the weather, whatever you do.

Day 8?


I can't keep track any more, I just know today is April 8th, so I guess this should be day 8. It's cold and dreary still here in NYC, not Spring weather at all. But I noticed this morning that the trees have buds on them, they just don't look green yet. I think all we need is some warmer weather - at least in the 50's - and the next time it rains everything should start blooming nicely.

Last night I finally snapped soome pics of the Noah's Ark Baby Blanket I'm making.(image) Here's a shot of the plain background of the blanket. I think the color in these pics is pretty true to what it really is. I've left the yarn attached at the top end just in case I feel it needs to be a little longer after I sew on the boat and animals.(image)
And there it is with the boat - it's not sewn on yet, just laying there to show how it will look. After seeing the picture, I think don't like the door being brown. It doesn't look very happy. I'm going to find another color to make the door. But I love how the portholes came out. This is a cool design, I think once it's finished I'll be pretty happy with it. So will my DIL.

Day 6


Well, it would be day 6 if I had been posting all along. But I'm not beating myself up over it, so please be patient - I'm doing the best I can.

With Easter Sunday coming up, I've been looking around for some gluten-free recipe I can make for Easter dinner. I'll be going to my son's house in New Jersey, and it's always my job to bring the dessert. They have a favorite cheese cake that I get from a certain bakery, but it's not gluten-free, so I want to bring something I can eat too.

I wanted something that doesn't require me to buy all different kinds of exotic flours that I don't have and can't find. I think I've come up with something that will be pretty simple: Valentines Pudding, recipe found at Pig in the Kitchen. I pretty much have all the ingredients already in my pantry. I'm not a chocolate lover (except candy), but I'm going to give it a try.

I haven't been knitting much over the last few days. I've been doing a lot of cleaning, and once I sit down I'm too tired to think about picking up my knitting. But I have to get busy, the baby shower is coming up in just 4 weeks and the blanket isn't nearly done. I still have animals to crochet!

(image) This is a picture of one I found on the internet. My colors are totally different, but I just wanted to show what it is I'm making. I've seen lots of different ones people have crocheted, and it's pretty cool how people have their own vision on how it should look. I really have to get busy.

OK, I just found a much better picture (below) of the blankie, and it looks(image) much more like what I'm making. The sea and sky are almost the same colors as mine, but my boat is brown. I have a green fishie, but haven't made the other animals yet.

Nablopomo Bust


(image) I hang my head in shame. Yesterday was only the 2nd day, and I didn't post. But I do have an excuse. I basically do my blogging at work, and yesterday I was awfully busy. But I did think about it, so maybe that counts?

Today is another dreary, rainy day in NYC. It's the kind of day that makes you glad you're at work. The only thing better would be being at home taking a nap. I can't do that on a Friday, so I guess being inside a nice comfortable office is the next best thing.

I've been trying to get up-to-date with my Easter Bunnies. I've got a lot of grandkids to send them to, and it's getting really close. My only problem with buying Bunnies is that I buy candy for myself at the same time. Easter candy is so delicious!

Knitting Stuff

I recently bought some beautiful Malabrigo lace yarn in a burgundy colorway, and even though I'm not finished with any of my other projects, I just have that startitis itch. In my 'archives' I found I have a Rectangular Square Cover Shawl pattern from Knit Picks. I think it will be perfect, so of course I cast on.

Then I didn't like my cast-on. So my good friend V is going to re-cast on for me, make it pretty. And then I'll have another to add to my list of UFOs.

No, I haven't finished the crocheted Noah's Ark Blanket. I keep getting stuck on yarn choices for the little fishies, elephant, giraffe, etc. I have to make. Every time I think I have the right yarn, I start making one and find out I don't like it. I'm getting to the point where I'm almost fed up with the blanket. If I had more time, I might start over on something else. But I want it to be ready for my DIL's baby shower on May 9th, so I have to get busy and finish what I started.

Reading Stuff

I'm now reading the 4th novel in Bernard Cornwell's Saxon series. I'm thinking these books would probably appeal more to men than women because they're all about fighting and capturing and pillaging. But I'm loving them. I noticed that there's a fifth book in the series that was published in January. So I think it will be a while before I get to read it, since my preference is the trade paperback size. It's much more convenient to carry on the train. I highly recommend Bernard Cornwell's novels.

Excuse me while I get back to my Easter candy.

April Fool!


Nablopomo Day 1

Ok, at least I'm starting Nablo on time - April 1st. April Fools Day in New York is gloomy, damp and cold. It will be raining later, and with a little luck it will start bringing the little green buds to the trees. Then maybe I'll believe it's Spring.

Last night I actually had gluten-free pizza for the first time! My lovely friend Sammy always looks for GF stuff for me in the Passover section of her supermarket. I, of course, never knew these things existed, since I'm not Jewish and I've only been diagnosed with Celiac 2 years. Sammy is so good, she even calls me when she finds something in her 99¢ store that I can eat. A real pizza lover probably wouldn't like this pizza much, but to me it was great! If you do without something for a couple of years, it doesn't take too much to make you happy!

I still didn't take any knitting pictures, but here's a picture I like better anyway.
See you on April 2nd!

Ready for April?


(image) I'm ready for April, though I can't believe it's two days away! I'm totally done with winter, and I wish the weather was too.

I'm going to give Nablopomo another shot for April, and see how it goes. I've been very lazy about blogging, since November (I can't even believe it's been that long!). I'm still trying to figure out how to get the Nablo badge in my sidebar - that's what happens when you stay away from blogging for too long. But I think I'll figure it out.

In Knitting Knews, I've actually been crocheting a blanket. I've got another grandkid coming in June, and it's been my tradition to make something for each new baby. I didn't feel like knitting a sweater, and a blanket takes very long to knit, so I'm crocheting!

I wish I had taken some pictures, but I didn't, so I'll try to explain. It's a Noah's Ark blankie, with a boat & some animals and I think it's turning out really cute. Baby will be a girl, and there's a lot of blue on the blanket, but I think it will be OK. I'm going to make a bright pink elephant, and of course a lighter pink pig - it's got to have a pig.

There will be a giraffe, but I don't know yet what color. If I can get my act together, I'll try to post a progress picture. This blankie has to be finished by June, so I think I'm alright as far as time.

I know I haven't written anything about my gluten-free journey. There's just so much about it, I don't know where to begin. For now, I guess I can say I've been pretty successful figuring out how to eat gluten-free, since there's so much help on-line. And places to order things I need. I'd be much happier though, if I could find a nutritionist who understands Celiac and the gluten-free diet. I just need to find out if I'm eating the right things nutritionally speaking.

A Week of No Posts


Yes, I know I signed up for NaBloPoMo. And yes, I did intend to keep up with Project 365. But these Shingles have knocked the crap out of me. I don't feel like writing, I don't feel like knitting, and my house is complaining it wants to be cleaned.

Right now I'm lucky I even come to work, because even clothes hurt. But my sick days have run out, and I certainly ain't retiring right now.

Anway, I thought I'd just post the last pictures I took.

(image) Here's the end of Halloween - my poor ghostie waiting to be tucked away in the cellar for another year.
Funny, we take so long to decorate, and before you know it, it's over .

And I sewed buttons onto a sweater I finished last year. I don't know what took me so long to get the buttons.
Don't ask me why this picture is sideways, it's just the way it uploaded, and I'm tired of trying to figure out why Blogger does what it does. If you really care to see what it looks like, just bend your head!
This is made of Rowan Calmer, really nice and soft to knit with.

365 Day 17


This is pretty much what I did on Day 17, since I'm still hanging around the house with the Shingles. I knit this scarf a couple of years ago, and just took it out of winter storage, so of course it had to be washed. But the lousy thing about lace is that every time you wash it you have to block it. So that's what was going on Day 17. I blocked out a few things, so my house is like an obstacle course with things to step over every place you go.

365 Day 16


I finally finished the blanket I was test-knitting for my friend Sammy. All ends sewn in and everything. It's always a good feeling once something is totally done. I don't know why I don't finish more things.

This is a very pretty design. I just wish I could get the pictures better. This is not the true color, just the closest I could get. It's really a dark teal. Here's a shot of the rosettes:

(image) Again, the color is off. But the design is really pretty. Check out Sammy over at Ravelry.

I have a vest that's almost complete, except for blocking and a button band. I should work on that next. I'm also swatching for another sweater for myself. And I have a couple of babies on the way that have to be knitted for.

365 Day 15


Today I don't just have shingles, I'm suffering from Shingles. But this too will pass.

Here's what I'm hanging on my front door for Trick or Treating:

(image) It fits on my fron door nicely. But it really is more scary looking in real life. Here's what he looks like up close:


I"m afraid my camera doesn't seem to be taking very good up-close pictures. Well, maybe if I read the damn book!

365 - Day 14


As I attached my camera this morning to the computer to upload new pictures, I found the battery had died. I couldn't get any new pictures off the darn thing. So I have to fall back on a picture I had on file.

(image) This is a small part of my collection of little china pigs. Many years ago I came across a magazine ad for the "Pig of the Month" club. I couldn't believe there actually was such a thing. So of course I had to join it. I got a pig a month, and ended up with about 15 of them. I have the cuties you see here, I have some glass ones, a couple of heavy metal (no, not as in the rock group kind, just metal that is heavy!), even a couple of cloisonne. My friends at work laughed at my obsession, but they also waited expectantly to see what I got this month.

It was great fun collecting them. Each one cost about $30, so it wasn't what you'd call a cheap hobby. I finished the collection, and they gave me the shelf for the pigs. Call me nuts, but they make me happy.

I also have other little pig statuettes that make me smile. They make my husband shake his head. I should have taken a picture of them with something to compare their size. Always good for another photo.


I read a novel last year that was based on finding a crystal skull, and all the intrigue and legend that went with it. It sparked my interest, so I found a non-fiction book, "The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls" by Morton & Thomas. There are real crystal skulls, and a real legend. This is what I'm reading right now, and finding it pretty interesting. I don't often read non-fiction, but this one is pretty good.


I'm not knitting a heck of a lot right now. The movement seems to irritate my shingles, and more irritation I don't need. My knitting is definitely suffering from this disease. But my body is suffering more. Half the time I'm itchy, the other half I'm stinging, and then throw in the mysterious pains that shoot across my skin. It's just lovely. And I have a couple of more weeks to look forward to. Grrrrrrrrr.

NaBloPoMo & Proj. 365 Day 13


I've just joined the NaBloPoMo, whose purpose is to post every day for a month in November. Yes, I know, I've fallen down on the job as far as Project 365, haven't I? But I have mitigating circumstances.

I managed to take pictures last week, and planned to blog, but then on Friday I came down with Shingles. I've spent the last several days itching and trying not to scratch. I now have much better sympathy for kids who get chicken pox. It's ugly, and my husband won't even cuddle with me in bed without a blanket between us! But, believe me, I'm not going to show you a picture of this!

(image) Here's a picture of one thing I did last week - I closed up my trailer in Pennsylvania. Normally, I'd just be closing for the winter. But this year I'm selling the property and trailer, so I had to go and make sure there wasn't anything of mine left inside. It was a bittersweet day. I spent a lot of fun years here, but the last few I haven't been using it at all, so I decided to sell.

That's the sweet part, that I finally found a buyer, after 2 years. But I really will miss the old girl. Here's my goodbye shot:
It was nice while it lasted!

So even though I missed 8 days on Project 365, I'm still going to call this Day 13, and just continue from here. (Give a girl a break, OK?)

Project 365 Day 5



This is a picture of the shelf above my sink in my kitchen. As you can see by the picture of the pig above the shelf, I really do collect pigs. And if you look really close at my plant on the left, you can see a little piggie peeking out among the foliage.

I've been collecting these things for many years. Every time I say I'm never buying any more pigs, something cute finds me. My husband has given up complaining about them.

Project 365 Day 4


Day 4 found me working on the blanket I'm test-knitting for Sammy. She's really a gifted designer of baby things. Those bumps that don't show up that well (still not understanding my camera) are rosettes. I'm going to be very happy to finish this.

Actually, this isn't all I did, but it's the only interesting thing I did. At least I dont' find housework interesting!

I'm finding it hard to figure out what to take a picture of for this project. But I think the main idea of the project is to get myself writing something every day. Hopefully over time it will get more interesting.

Project 365 Day 3


Yes, OK, I have to admit it. I'm posting both Day 2 & Day 3 on the same day. I didn't upload my day 2 picture soon enough to get it on the blog yesterday. I used to be a lot more efficient and organized, getting things done in a timely manner. I don't know where all that went.

But at least I'm trying to stay a little ahead on my Halloween decorating. Here's what Day 3 brought - a scary window thingie:

In the past, we haven't gotten too many kids at the door, and I didn't decorate much. But now we have a little boy living upstairs, so I thought I'd better get in the spirit, since the house looks pretty lame. I'd love to get one of those giant spiders that you can drape across the front windows.

Are you getting involved with Project 365? I'm beginning to think I'm a boring person after all, because I can't seem to come up with interesting pictures, like I've seen on other blogs. Especially FabGrandma. She really knows how to spot some interesting stuff.

Project 365 Day 2


(image) This is basically what I was doing Day 2. Watching the debate. I must say, neither candidate said much that changed my mind. This is a very important election, and I'm still just as undecided as I was before I turned the TV on. Neither side is making much sense with their respective health care plans. And I'm sorry, but I'm pretty tired of negative campaigning. And discussing the negative campaigning for as long as they did wasn't helpful. There are a lot more important things to discuss. I wanted to hear what they were going to do for me, not how bad the other guy was.


I really am knitting, folks. I promise I am. I just haven't remembered to take any pictures of said knitting. I hope to take a picture of some of it over the weekend. I just have to say I'm really tired of the blanket I'm knitting. But it needs to be finished, because my friend Sammy wants to put it up for sale. She's a good designer, and is finally starting to sell some of her patterns. Check her out.