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Preview: Angela plays with string!

Angela plays with string!

The knitting adventures of a girl as she attempts to knit her way through life!

Updated: 2014-10-01T22:58:08.708-07:00


School's out for the summer!


Today was my last day of work for the summer. This is only my second year to have summers off and I have to say that I'm a fan.  The problem is I have all these plans for things I'm going to accomplish, and most of them never see daylight. Today I also said goodbye to my husband that has gone away for work for a month.  While I will miss him I am hopeful that I will be super productive. 

There are several things on my needles that I need to finish. I have a scarf, 2 shawls, socks, a sweater, send who knows what else hiding in my coffee table trunk.  I did finish my red wrap and I love it!  I need to take some pictures of it. The weather is supposed to be nice all weekend so maybe it will get done. 

I recently finished my moderne log cabin baby blanket I was calling soon. As I was nearing the end of the project I realized that it was never meant to be a baby blanket.  Recently my neighbor and good friend was diagnosed with Fallopian tube cancer. She is currently receiving chemo and I realized that the blanket was meant to be hers. I have knitted lots of love and hope into it for her. It is a wonderful weight and size to be the perfect warm lap blanket. The yarn ended up so soft that you can't help but feel cozy with it wrapped around you.

My fingers are starting to itch; I think it's time to start summer vacation with some yarn!

I'm starting to feel more like myself.


It has been an interesting month to say the least. This new adventure began February 24th on a Morale snowboarding trip. My husband had asked me to go with him on the CG Morale trip to Mount Bachelor's. It was less than a week before our annual trip to Lake Tahoe and we both thought it would be a great warm-up session for us. We loaded onto the charter bus at about 3:30 am for the 4 plus hour trip to the resort. When we arrived the sun was shining and it was warm (considering we were on a mountain covered in snow). As we all got dressed in our gear the excitement built. Once we were off the lift at the top of the mountain we realized how icy the conditions were. It was pure ice, not a flake of snow in sight. I strapped onto my board and away we went.If I do say so myself I was doing pretty good for me. I was carving and having a great time. A little more than halfway down the run, I caught edge and, as my husband tells it, went flying backwards through the air. Once I landed I realized I couldn't lift my left arm off the ice...damn! After meeting several members of the Snow Patrol and a sled ride down the mountain I found myself in urgent care being informed that I had a left radial head fracture (broken elbow). It was 11am when I was released and the bus wasn't leaving until 4:30. I found the bar. My left arm was in a sling and essentially useless. I had hours of uninterrupted knitting time (and yes I had knitting with me), but couldn't knit. I found myself with A LOT of down time, but unable to knit. I have decided I would prefer to break my leg next least then I could knit. Once in Lake Tahoe I attempted to knit after purchasing yarn for 2 patterns and new long straight needles. I think in the 6 days we were there I knit 4 rows. It was very frustrating. The thing about the broken elbow was severe pain in my forearm, the inability to grip anything, and severe pain when the wrist is twisted in anyway. Not to mention my arm was "immobilized" at an angle in a sling.A little over a week ago I gain the ability to 'assist' my right hand with my left. That led to all kinds of new and exciting pains. It has only been in the last few days that the pain is better and I have much better mobility in my hand/arm. This translates to me finally being able to knit! I have modified the way I knit completely in order to hold the needles and feel the comfort of knitting. I now (temporarily) hold my yarn in my right hand. I usually prop my left arm up on 2 pillows and put the end of the left needle in between the pillows. This way I only guide the needle/yarn with my left hand, but do not have to hold the weight of the garment in my hand. It has worked out well. I have been able to make tons of progress on my Wrapped in Red. I currently have over 17 inches knit. I love the ease of this pattern. I chose to use the yarn called for in the pattern and in the same deep red. I can't wait to finish and wear it! I have also been obsessed with my stash and planning new projects. I have several new projects that I bought on a trip to Bend, OR that we took the weekend before I broke my arm. One that I am really excited to start is the Jane Bennet's Flowered Headband, but that will have to wait until my arm is a little better. I also bought the yarn for the Lace Back Top by Vicki Square. I bought this wonderful shade of blue yarn for it. I go back for more x-rays April 5th. I'm hoping for good news, but I'm still having bone pain in my elbow. Maybe I'm doing to much, but I feel whole again now that I can knit. My husband made the comment yesterday that it is nice to have knitting in progress out again, and I couldn't agree more. Knitting has become part of who I am, and I am lost in some ways without it. I am so happy and thankful to be knitting again. [...]

UFO's... an attempt to finish!


Last night I actually worked on my Green Waves Shawl (pattern: Shoalwater Shawl).
Every time I pick it up I have to search to figure out where I am and then figure out where my mistake was that caused me to put it down. I think in the end I had to fudge the stitches twice (why when I was on a role knitting I don't know) for an extra stitch appearing. I made the design decision to add a K2Tog instead of ripping out hundreds of stitches to find a mistake I couldn't find after several tries. I am re-enthused by the shawl. I hope this enthusiasm carries me through a couple of more long repeats so that I can wrap myself in it's alpaca goodness and be proud of my first ever attempt at a lace shawl (and yes I know I picked a big one to start with).

....Maybe I should work on the Falling Leaves Shawl I have started as well.....

Lots of Interesting Changes....


I know it's been over a year since I last posted (not that anyone is really watching). I have gone through a lot of changes and have some new exciting prospects ahead. My husband and I have been living in Coos Bay, Oregon for a year now. We LOVE it here. It is green and cool and just feels like home. I can honestly say while I miss the choices that living in the city brings, I much prefer the pace of small-town life. It has allowed us to slow down and focus on us.In May a huge adventure began, we decided to attempt to start a family. It is a work in progress, but we are hopeful and excited about the prospect. This journey has not been an easy one, and now it is a monthly cycle of waiting. I have so many knitting projects I want to start for our baby, but know better than to jinx anything. So for now I will continue to queue on and dream of knitting projects to come.Last night I finished a collection of 8 washcloths for a friend of mine. She and her husband will be adopting a newborn that is due to come very shortly. I liked the idea of the washcloths because they are infinitely useful. They get softer with every use and you never grow out of them. I will try to get pics posted soon. They are currently drying so I can get them in the mail soon.(The Cow and Owl are supposed to be bright blue and the Monkey and Lion are bright yellow)I need to finish Noah's Bama hat. It is hard to knit something for a team you are rivals with. Noah turned 1 this month and I know his daddy is excited about the hat. It has 4 different colors in it. One side of the hat says "Roll Tide" and the other has Big Al (an elephant). I found the chart patterns on Ravelry, but no explanation on how to translate to a hat. I tried knitting it in the round, but that hasn't worked out so well. It actually ended in a lot of not nice words and yarn flying across the room. My next attempt (after the extreme pleasure of ripping it all out) will be to knit it flat with yarn bobbins for each color yarn and then seam the hat up. I'm hoping this works. I my end up lining the inside of the hat if it doesn't look nice.In the midst of all the Bama hat drama I decided to start a pair of socks for myself. I had been knitting for everyone else and wanted something easy for me. I'm using the Lifestyle Toe Up Sock pattern and just doing a simply 2x2 rib. They have just flown on the needles. I use them as my mindless knitting when I go somewhere. I don't know why I have waited so long to knit another pair of socks. I am doing them 2 at a time on 1 circular needle. I'm pretty sure I will keep a pair of socks going always now.I have lots of other patterns to finish and hopefully will get to some of those while I'm on summer vacation. Speaking of vacation it is time to start thinking of what projects I will bring with me on my Colorado trip.Now that I've been talking about knitting, my fingers are itching for some needles....[...]

Just keep knitting, just keep knitting...


Our move is approaching quickly. I still have no hope for a job and we have no idea where we will live, but I have yarn. I can control my stitches (accept when I knit the wrong row on my shawl and don't notice for 2 rows).

I find myself drawn to easier projects right now. I think it's cause they are mindless (and I don't have to rip out like 400 sts when I make a mistake). I am currently feverishly working on my first real sweater which is a simply straight forward raglan pattern. I can't seem to put it down. The cable rib pattern is mindless and yet comforting. Today I also finally turned the second heel of my LSU socks! Unfortunately I am thinking of unpicking the bind off of sock #1 and adding a garter band at the top. I don't think that I like the way the top of the sock looks ending in a rib.

(image) I recently finished an octopus, whose legs were a lesson in patience. I thought I'd make it easier and have a friend crank out a tube on her knitting machine and then make the legs from that. I didn't think about the time it would then take to count rows, divide the tube, cast off one edge, and then close the other end. With a little more help from my friend we finished his legs, and I was able to seam him. I should say that I ended up stuffing his legs with quilt batting because the poly-fil balled up and made for lumpy legs. Once his face was on he took on a playful personality. I just need to mail him to my lucky newest nephew.
I have started a new travel quest in hoping to be able to only need a carry on regardless of where I am traveling (ok at least for trips to visit family and such). In order to bring along lots of knitting and have room to purchase yarn and such I am enlisting the use of compression sacs. I am hopeful with these I will be able to pack more yarn and knitting than I would without them.

Well, my needles are getting lonely.

Really I can do this...


I suppose I should just make this a blog about me and throw some knitting in too. Maybe that way I will actually write here and not annoy my husband so much with nonsense.

Life never goes as we imagine it will, does it? My husband and I are moving to North Bend, Oregon this summer thanks to the Coast Guard. We are super excited to get out of the city, we will get my dog, and have a house with a yard. No, North Bend was not our first choice (or on our list of places we really wanted to go- not to say that we didn't want to go there). The main drawback to moving there is that there is only one hospital remotely close, and they don't really do pediatrics (putting kids on an adult floor doesn't constitute real pediatrics to me). No big deal right; I will just transition to the adult world. I'm kind of getting burnt out anyway. Only problem is the hospital doesn't even want to talk to me till I have an Oregon nursing license; which thanks to California will take like 10 weeks to get. Also I get the feeling that they don't take my 6 1/2 years of pediatric ICU experience as real ICU experience and want 'someone experienced in ICU.' To sum up that rant...I have no job when we move and my bills don't seem to pay themselves. My husband says it will all work out, so I plan to lean on his strength.

As for knitting: I am about an inch shy of being done with my first LSU sock- and it fits! As for other things I am working on my Shoalwater shawl still, a monkey, and a frog. Last month we went to Lake Tahoe for 10 days. It was productive for hat and cowl knitting. I made this very pretty cowl of wool. I was wearing it at the grocery store when the lady checking out our groceries was amazed by it. She wanted it. When we got to the jeep I decided that I could very easily make another and that I would give this one to her (after a quick overnight wash). I informed her and then delivered on my promise the next day. I made her day. It felt so go to do that. I mean on some level isn't that why we knit. We want to make others smile, or at least feel good about things we make. For now I need to put the socks down and finish the monkey.

Hopefully this will become more regular...not that anyone is following me anyway.

The giraffe...yes that one.


He is done and I have to say super cute. I will however have no problems giving him away. I more than likely will attempt a second one at some point. I have other babies to knit for at the moment. My sister-in-law is pregnant with their 4th boy and I have an octopus on the needles for her now. After that, I will start a Monkee for my friend Jen O and her baby boy. I suppose after that I will work on something for my friend Justin and Aimee's baby. It will either be a blanket or a bear. I have yet to decide. For now the octopus seems to be flying off my needles- not to mention that everything else I am knitting is being ignored. I will one day finish the socks and shawl, no really I will. We are heading to Tahoe in less than 1 1/2 weeks which means lots of car knitting, and knitting at night, and at any other given moment. Hmmm, I must start to plan what knitting I will take...

I have made a realization....


I like DPNs...who knew? I switch my LSU sock (one of the 2 I have started) to teeny tiny DPNs and find myself flying on them. I'm sure the total of 7 hours I spent on planes within the last month didn't hurt either, but I'm saying it's the DPNs magic. I also find that I am now more consistent in my stitches. You can definitely tell where I changed needles, but I can live with that. I just want them on my feet.

(image) (this was before I switched over, now I've turned the heel ,and have a little bit of the leg knitted since switching)

I have made a decision...I am completely done attempting to work on the giraffe! I am going to make something else for my friend. I'm currently thinking a blanket, bu we will see. I am planning a baby blanket for another friend and an octopus for my sister-in-law that is pregnant.

My shawl is coming along well. I have finished on pattern repeat. I have no idea if I can manage to do a total of 4 repeats before I loose my mind, but long enough to make it useful is all I need. I love the play of the yellow, green, and grey of the alpaca. (image) This pic was before the repeat was finished, but it's not all that much bigger now.

Well, back to watching the Olympics for me...

Why some projects and not others?


I find myself preferentially knitting on some projects more than others. I was so excited when I started my LSU socks, now they just sit in their bag and are barely worked on. I love them and want to finish them. I somehow think it is the magic loop method. I am not a fan of contantly sliding and moving the stitches around. I love the idea and don't find it difficult to do. I recently made a pair of fingerless mitts for myself. I knit them quickly on dpn's. Is it cause I can just keep going and going around and around without re-arranging all the stitches? I am tempted to place one of my socks on dpn's and see if I get more knit quickly.

Don't even get my started on the giraffe. I know why I don't work on that one; I don't like the pattern. I find the directions hard to read and confusing. The reason I can't the toy is the finished product is sooo cute! I just hope it is worth it and I can actually give it away in the end. I am tempted to look for a new pattern, but somehow I know I won't.

Time to get knitting again.



So I must still be on a knitting high! I have bound off another scarf, made another hat, and finished a fingerless mitt. I pretended to start a shawl today, but do to not reading the directions I had to frog the first attempt. The lace pattern looks relatively easy (yes I realize looks can be deceiving).

This Wednesday night my knitting group is going to have a frog party. Surprisingly, I don't have anything to frog, but I am going to take the giraffe toy that has been haunting me in hopes of working on it. Natasha says I'm not allowed to leave unless I have more of the giraffe knit when I leave. I am bringing only that toy with me...I must finish it before my friend's son starts college-I realize he is only a few months old now so I should have plenty of time to reach that goal.

Since I still have one hand that is mitt-less, it's back to knitting for me!

More big changes and lots of knitting!


Again lots have changed in my life since my last pledge to do this more often. I am now back with my husband (yes I was as surprised as anyone) and things are really well. I dare not say easy cause by far they are not, but they are so much better than it was. I am also happy. So lots of knitting. I have finished a wonderful Clapotis made from this stunning blue sea-silk that was actually a gift from David back at the height of our fighting. I was never able to pick up this yarn and knit it until we decided to give us another go. I look at the wrap and I am amazed that something like that came from my hands (I hope to get pics up at some point). I have also managed to crank out 2 scarves and a had recently. The first scarf and hat are thick and chunky and made of wool. I made a joke saying that I was only going to wear it when we venture to Tahoe cause it doesn't get cold enough for it here in Southern California. The very next day David called to tell me that it looks like we are moving to Northbend, Oregon. I have found a use for my scarf (although it won't be till next winter).
I have had the knitting Mojo with me the past few weeks. I just can't seem to put it down or stop thinking about it. It is not unusual that I have knitting with me everywhere I go, but I find myself yearning to pull it out and work on it way more often than I have previously. By no means should you take this as complaining...I love this new Mojo that I have found. I think part of it is getting to start new things that I have been not-so-patiently waiting to start. I am currently working on a pair of fingerless mitts called Susie's Reading Mitts and my LSU socks. My next project after one of these is complete is to start on the Shoalwater Shawl. That will be my first attempt at a big lace pattern. I don't wear shawls and know no one who does, but it will be beautiful. I will find a use for it!

Addicted to yarn...


As with most knitters, I am addicted to yarn. It is hard to decide on a next project when there is so many beautiful yarns to choose from, and I am just talking about the yarns in my stash. I have tried to not buy any new yarns...for the most part it has worked. It takes a lot of restraint to walk into a LYS with my friends and leave with nothing (well almost nothing).

I am starting a new project. I finished Joe's hat and it looks great. I just need to wash/block it and send it on its way. I am still working on the lace stockings and the giraffe. I am proud to say that 3 of 4 legs for the giraffe are done. My new project is using Hand Maiden's Sea Silk. The yarn is fabulous...smooth and soft silk and the most intoxicating varigated blues. The yarn was a gift from David after our horrid Tahoe trip this year. He spent a lot of time in a LYS in Northern California trying to decide what to purchase. He sent me 2 skeins of this decadent yarn. I haven't had much urge to knit with it though. However, we have been talking recently...we have even spent time together...and it has been really nice. I think this summer caused him to grow up a lot and realize a lot of things. We are taking things slow, but it is nice to have him in my life. I don't know where things will go, but it feels like the right time to knit with this yarn...time to make it into something beautiful.

Hello again!


OK, so for real this time lets go. I have just finished a great scarf in this yarn trio from my LYS. It is ocean colors with soft greens and blues. It was a simple garter stitch pattern but I used one #35 and a #11 needle (the #11 came from needing a smaller needle and finding a #11 with a butterfly decoration on the end). It came out nice. It is very soft and scrunchy. I hope to get a pic up soon, but it's currently drying.

There have been a lot of changes in my life recently and I am just trying to get my feel planted back on the ground. My husband and I filed for divorce, I found out he had a girlfriend, and more recently I re-established a friendship with a friend I thought I had lost forever. I am learning to put me first, and for the first time in a very long time I can say that I am happy. Being happy I have noticed I want to knit all the time. I am currently working on a hat, some lace stockings (I have one done and the second is almost halfway done), and a giraffe that I am at war with. The giraffe should be my priority as it is for a friend who should be having her baby any day now, but after having started the thing 6-7 times I needed a break. I have 1 of the 4 legs done and that is it so far. I'm hoping that after I finish the hat I will finish the giraffe.

Well, I really should be in bed as I have to work tomorrow, but I just wanted to say hello again, and we will hopefully talk again soon.

A new beginning!


Hello again. I know it has been a very long time since my last post, but a lot has been going on in my life. My husband and I are currently separated and all the changes that go along with that have been consuming my life. However, now things have settled down and I have started knitting again in every free minute I have.

I am currently attempting to finish several projects that I have on the needles and put aside for one reason or another. On of these projects is a funky-sock monkey for my father. I gave up on the monkey when I didn't have enough yarn to finish the arms according to the pattern. I have been able to modify and only hold one strand of yarn, but I had to put the monkey down for awhile.

Last month I went on a very interesting vacation to Lake Tahoe, and spent way more than expected on yarn. Yarn shopping as a stress relief is only a temporary fix- for any of you that ar thinking of trying it. However I do have some wonderfully beautiful yarn to show for it. I have also received some beautiful "guilt" yarn from my husband. It is blue and grey seasilk yarn. I now have to start the process of deciding what to make with it.

Well, I'm off to attempt to finish my modified anthropolgie made with my camelspin yarn. More fun to come soon.



Recently I have found myself traveling a lot. First for pleasure then for my husband. My husband and I have been going through a rough patch in our relationship, so I was excited about the first trip. I headed to Texas for a week to play with my Katie-bug without my husband. I found by the end of the trip I wanted to be home. Then I was informed that my husband was getting an award and I could tag along to Washington D.C. if I wanted. Never being to D.C. I agreed to go. Preparing for a very very difficult few days I went with a heavy heart. While there I think we both discovered a lot about ourselves and each other. I believe that we are now back on the same road and headed towards the same goal.

This trip was very productive for my marriage not for knitting. The very long flight there was a red-eye flight, so I pretended to sleep. I stole away a few moments here and there to knit. On the flight back I was excited over 5 hours of knitting. Nope. The reading lights of half the flight were out and we were in the center of the plane (besides the sunset made it really dark). It was impossible to knit. It was a VERY, VERY long flight.

Now that I am home I have to get started on presents. I have also started a scarf with my camelspin, but I am having trouble falling in love with it. I don't know if I want to use this yarn I love for a scarf or for something else. Finding the perfect project for my favorite yarn is really really hard!

Knitting on a deadline...


So I had plenty of time to knit a baby kimono for a friend. So what happened- life is the simple answer. Therefore I found myself finishing the sweater 2 hours before the baby shower.

My quest to finish my WIP's continues. I now halfway finished with Sarah's baby blanket. The socks, well lets just not talk about them. I thought I was almost done with the camisole- then I tried it on. I still have several inches to go. Who knew the pattern was right.

My husband is out of town for the week and I am off of work. So I better get the needles moving.

When did my ADD set in?


I don't remember being this ADD when I was a kid (and yes I mean attention defecit disorder). Since I have been knitting I have noticed it has flared up. I don't mean that I can't seem to sit and knit for a long period of time, but that I can't stop from starting new projects. I am currently attempting to get my WIP's under control. I am finally almost finished with the Vixen camisole, the never-ending socks finally have a heel, but not a foot yet. I have been good at only starting one baby project at a time. That is if you don't count the Camo blanket for Sarah. I allowed (yeah right) myself to start on the baby things since there is kind of a deadline. I am on the last Kimono that I have to make right now. Christmas presents will be my next projects. I hope to get the camisole done very soon and the socks will hopefully follow, and then I will start something new. I also have a wrap that I need to finish. I think that is it so I currently have 5 projects going (2 of which get ignored the most). That's no so bad, right?

My stash has also sat me down recently to tell me that it is lonely. I haven't been able to really really spend the time needed with some of my favorite yarns. I'm not sure at which point my stash got so large either. I blame it on the yarn fumes from the yarn stores. I keep telling myself that I am not allowed to buy yarn until I can get some control over my stash. Yes I know it will not be total control, but just to start using some of the yarn I have hidden away. I am also planning to de-stash some yarn and tyr to sell or trade it. The stuff I know I will never use I will easily be able to part with (as long as the yarn fumes don't take over).

Well, I should go work on a WIP. Christmas is coming very very soon.

Prayer Shawl


My mom has an autoimmune disease that attacks her muscles. She was very excited several months ago when her doctor told her she was in remission. Lately she has been having more weakness and the doctor did more blood work. Today my mom called crying because the doctor wants to see her in her office tomorrow. This can't be good- this is a doctor that it takes weeks to get an appointment with. I'm sure whatever she has to say won't be good.

I have been thinking about what I can do for mom to help her smile right now. I thought of flowers- but they will die. Then I thought of a plant- but she already has a lot and is moving soon. So on my drive home I thought of it- a prayer shawl.

I have recently made her a different type of shawl that she had seen and loved, but this will be different. This will be something that she can wrap around her shoulders whenever she needs a hug. The other shawl was made from ribbon and rough and not very cuddly. This will be made of a warm soft yarn that begs to wrapped in. This will be something she can wear in the middle of the night when she can't sleep because of the steriods that she will no doubt have to take again.

It is hard to watch the woman who loved and nurtured me hurt so much. She has not had an easy life and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. So I will make her a shawl and fill is with prayers and thoughts of love that she can keep with her always! This will be my gift to her, my never-ending hug.

More toys.


So I have come to the conclusion that my husband is about 3 years old. I recently made him a sea turtle, which he named Leroy. He was from a new toy book that I had received and immediately David fell in love with it. Leroy knitted up pretty quickly, but since all the pieces were knitted flat (a top and bottom for the flippers, head, and tail) there was a considerable amount of seaming to be done. Leroy sat in pieces for a little over a week waiting to be finished. I finally sat down and seamed him together and he turned out great. My husband is so happy and proud. The turtle goes everywhere with him- including camping at the beach. Who knew a little bit of green yarn could make my husband so happy.

I have decided that I will only work on one toy at a time (we shall see how long my resolve lasts). Once I finished Leroy I started to make a purple elephant to give a friend who recently became the proud mommy of a beautiful baby girl. The elephant was knitting up really great until the trunk. I have ripped out and restarted the trunk at least 3 times, but I think I finally got it and it will be finished soon.

I suppose then I will have to start on christmas presents since I have a niece and nephew who have put in their request for what toys they would like made for them. I have cats, bunnies, and a monkey to make. I see lots of learning opportunities in my future.

Fred the horse.



For my neices 8th birthday I decided to knit her a horse. Fred was my first big toy that I had ever knitted. He was a lot of fun to make, but watching Julia carry him around everywhere she went at my sister's was the best thank you I could have gotten.
(image) Since making Fred I had to start on Leroy the turtle for my husband. He didn't want to give Fred away so I had to bribe him with a turtle. Leroy is in desperate need of seams and stuffing and then he will be finished. I think I am attracted to knitting toys cause you are constantly knitting something new and the projects knit up very quickly. Also who can resist a soft cuddly hand knit toy- I know several people who can't. In fact I just received the yarn to make my dad a sock monkey so he will stop stealing the "purple kitty" from my mom.

So it begins...


Here goes my attempt to enter the blogging world. I think this blog will be a mix of my life and my knitting. Yes, I am a knitter and it is a very big part of my life now- I rarely go anywhere without a project just in case I find myself waiting for something. I will attempt to not get overly technical for those that read this that are non-knitters.(image) I currently live in Redondo Beach, CA in a great condo that is on the beach. This is very very different from where I began. I was born in a small town in south Louisiana and lived in Louisiana until 2006. My husband, who is in the Coast G(image) uard, got transferred to L. A. so here we are. I have learned a lot about myself here- including that I am not a big city girl. I also learned that I am stronger than I give myself credit for. I live here with my husband (known by most as Noodles, but his name is David) and my 2 cats that are my (image) babies; Bagheera, and Mowgli. David and I have been married since July of '05. Shortly there after we went through the expreienc of living and working in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina blew into town. Shortly there after is when we moved here.
So this is where it begins...