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Knits and Giggles

It's what I do.

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In Which Silence is Golden


Can I Get A Witness?


My friends, have you heard the good news?The blog carnival is coming to town.It's time for Yarnival! The time has come to sing the praises of the knit and fiber blog.In these last days, I'm calling on all my fellow fiberists to look back over this past year and bear witness to the light, laughter and love of fiber that is shared throughout the year on our knit blogs. In the new year, on January

Am I blue?


My friend Max was telling me that he had taken to bribing his mom, who's a costume maker for a children's theater by trade, to finish his doublet so he could wear it the coming weekend to the Renaissance festival. Having the doublet would bring Max one step closer to completing his entire period piece costume that he has slowly been putting together over the last couple of years.I made a show of

The C word


In which "C" stands for Charity, but of course, I am sure that that was exactly what you were thinking. (Right? *cough*Lisa*cough* Right?)This Friday July 18th, my daughters and I will be participating for the third year walking in the Relay for Life with the Cure-Rageous Knitters to raise money for the American Cancer Society.We walk in celebration of our friends that have survived cancer, in

With Love From Me to You.


All Things Anne


In which we will collectively ignore the fact that I am inexcusably truant in my blogging obligations as I blithely blog along as if nothing were amiss.For me A has always been for Anne. Years ago when I was a young school girl I read the book, "Cheaper by the Dozen" by Frank B. Gilbreth, Jr and Earnestine Gilbreth Carey. The book is a memoir of their life, recounting tales of growing up in a

The Thing Is.


The thing is I don't really have a recipe box. If I look really hard I may be able to find a plain metal box, but the box I'm afraid would be empty.Because the thing is, cooking is my least favorite thing to do. I, do it, of course, out of necessity, we do not have the money to employ a full time chef, so it's mostly up to me that the cooking falls to. So I do the cooking, but believe you me, if

Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot?


...and never brought to mind ?Should old acquaintance be forgot? and auld lang syne ?In the interest of fairness, before we move onto the new and all the newness of the new year, I felt that perhaps it would be a good time to look back and update the progress of the projects that I have been working on in this past year that remain incomplete for one reason or another.So here we go, just in case

Pencils Down.


WARNING: The following post contains mathematical calculations and numerical rhetoric that may cause dizziness or profuse sweating to the arithmaphobic among us and you may want to be seated before proceeding.The Dr. who scarf has been completed.(Actually, it was finished by Thanksgiving and true to form I am only now blogging about it a month later. But no matter, it has been completed and

The Occasional Flake


Kelle can knit by ones or knit by twos. She can knit forwards and she can knit backwards.She can zip zippers and button buttons. She could even finish knitting a ten foot long scarf by Thanksgiving, but Kelle cannot make a blog entry everyday in the month of November.And that was a problem because she said she would. She told all her friends she would. Kelle had failed.November winds proved much

Stellar Performance


You know, this blogging every day for a month is not as easy as one might think.I'm like all, "this is hard".Guinifer at Half Way Down the Stairs went in a different direction she is doing NaKniSweMo - National Knit a Sweater Month. Had I been up on my blog reading and read about this sooner, I think that perhaps I would have had chosen this route and have had an easier time of it.Then again....

Full Tilt


Yesterday at our weekly knitting meet up some news of interest was shared, but as it isn't my news to to tell, I will say no more and wait for the information to be revealed in due time.What I can talk about however, is that among our little group there was a lot of interest in knitting, Norah Gaughan's Tilted Duster from the Fall 2007, Interweave Knits Magazine.So we have decided to have a

Tears for Tiers


It seems I have lost my way on my Forest Path Stole and I need a little help.The Forest Path Stole is knit in tiers or rows of small rectangles. The completed stole has twenty three tiers but depending on how long you want the stole you have the option of knitting nineteen tiers of twenty one or any number over twenty three ending on an odd row. The last row is a row of triangles to square off

You Can All Stop Looking Now


I found it.Where his is. Where mine was I must have looked here a half of a dozen times.Can you see how I missed it?How about now? All is right with the world again.

My Precious


I can'ts finds it. Where is it? My precious.My wedding ring has gone missing.It isn't lost, really, just misplaced.I took it off a few months ago,there is no meaning behind doing that other than it was irritating my finger.I have been dealing with the occasional outbreak of eczema.Eczema is a relatively new problem I have, it only started popping up in different places in the past couple of years

Another Hole in My Head


It all starts with this, then you add some of these, which then become these. Then you find yourself staring down a pile of these.and it dawns on you that there is no hope for it, you have already made your first steps on a new path, a new hobby, and there's no denying it and no turning back, the only thing to do is to see where this new obsession will lead.It's not like I don't have anything



I'm not feeling particularly inspired today, I'm sure that you'll understand when I show you today's Saturday Skies Picture.Ready? Here you go.Here's what has become of the golden tree in the front yard.What a difference a week makes.Today my family is all scattered about, Kate's will be off to a friend's birthday party, Adam is ... I don't know where, Kurt works at the library, Buck is working

Star(more) in her eyes.


It's Friday food but I must confess, I am not much of a cook. I can cook, and I do cook, but I get no pleasure from it and therefore only cook out of necessity. Food to me is a necessary evil. It's not that I don't enjoy food, I do. I like it very much, I just don't like to be the one to prepare it. So I will leave the Friday food posts to those who have better talents like Miss T, Amy and

Death by Chocolate


Before you get too far into reading this post I should warn you that there may be some disturbing imagery and verbiage about death. It is all in fun but if you are feeling sensitive about such issues right now, I suggest you skip this post. I do not intend to offend.Sock Wars II - It's a game we are playing. We all sign up to be assassins. When the game begins we are each given a target and sock

Kabul or Bust.


Thank you for all your nice comments about the vest. I really enjoyed knitting it and I was happy that the pattern turned out as well as it did, it's nice when just once, something turns out like you hoped it would without having to rip it back a zillion times. Truly, I believe it was more luck than anything else.The designer of the vest pattern that I used as my guidelines has set up a donation

Sometimes I get lucky.


Having completed the socks so quickly, remember here, that I was knitting a pair of socks to fit a child about 8 to 10 years of age, with sport weight yarn on size 1 needles, knitting straight stockinette stitch, they are striped but as I carried the unused color in the back and didn't break the yarns for the stripes, it didn't slow me down much, which is why I was able to finish them so quickly.

An Odd Couple


It's been an odd couple of days, there seems to be a dark cloud hanging over the team of people I work with, another one of my work mates had an unexpected loss of a parent. That's two in four days, we're starting to feel just a little paranoid, wondering who will be the next one to fall. I'm just hoping that the worst that will befall me is the tumble I took in the parking lot and that this dark

Legendary Fall


Seeing as today was a rather spectacularly beautiful blue sky November day I felt inspired to capture some of the spectacular coloring of the maple tree growing outside our front door. This tree is a relatively young tree and as of yet hasn't matured to the red leaves that it will eventually come to have, as of now only the top leaves are becoming a orangish red, but as for now we're enjoying

Still Winging It


Okay, so it's more like free falling, but still you catch my drift.It would seem that I have broken my own knitting rules. I am not as you may have already deduced, a one at a time project knitter. I usually have two, three, four or ten different projects going in differing stages at any one time. This is perfectly reasonable to me because rarely does one project meet all my needs for the time

"She Blinded Them With Science"


Boo!When last we left our intrepid knitter she was endeavoring to get back to basics and had agreed to knit a very long Dr. Who scarf as a birthday gift for a friend. Now, the knitting of a Dr. Who scarf in and of itself is a geeky move, to be sure, and all would have been well had she left it at that. But alas, my friends, that was not to be for the well meaning knit blogger took a wrong turn