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It's my turn!!


Yeah - I've got all my gift knitting done (for awhile anyway)! I've knit a baby sweater for a dear friend's daughter - due in June and the first grandchild for my friend. Another baby sweater for my daughter's sister-in-law, also due in June. A Wedding blanket for my daughter Baby bird nests for the local Wildlife rehab organization Dog sweater for a friend's daughter's dog

OMG I'm going to be a Mother-in-law


The Nurse and her Captain are getting married! I am so very ecstatic for them! I've expected this for some time of course, but in all reality how I feel about it is a huge surprise. The Nurse lives far away and I haven't hugged her for over a year. I haven't met The Captain - only heard wonderful things. All I know is hearsay - I haven't seen the twinkle in her eyes or the loving body language. I

What part of ONLY TWO don't you understand!


I made a resolution this year to only have two knitting projects going at once. This is how this works out so far. I have socks for Tuesday night Twisted Stitchers..... And Pendleton for home..... Then I must have this completed ASAP....(Gracie thinks its for her) And now a Anders for a new Grandchild for a dear friend ..... Obviously the socks and Pendleton are back in the

Gracie thinks it's for her....


Of course it's not. She thought it was for National Puppy day. But that was yesterday. So this is not for her. But these pictures are Gracie and Wally. Good puppies!!

You can only handle so much


When it rains it pours I guess. A mother's lament! The Geek and his family have to move out of their house - been there 6 years. Up for sale but out of their price range. Trying to find something else in this market is almost impossible - there just aren't any rentals to be had - especially ones that have  the amenities they've had in the past...big house, great safe neighborhood, adjacent park,



I finished Edin! It was a fast knit for me - usually I get bored with sweaters, but this went fast and I love it. I made it a little longer in length, added a few short rows along the back so it hangs better, but it turns out that the sleeves are a little too long - looks sloppy. So I'm going to take them out, tighten them up, made the ribbing a little longer and shorten the overall length. I

Memory Lane


There seems to be a time in everyone's life when all the pieces fall into place. Today I was reminded of that time. I had brunch with a group of incredible women with whom I worked at The High Desert Museum. There was a special magic at the Museum then - we were all there because we believed in the mission. The Museum was growing to become a showcase of the Great Basin culture and natural history

Redo, Recycle, Reuse


I started Woodbine in December 2013. Ripped it out once because it was way too big, went down a size and it was still too big. Put it away for other projects including the marathon Christmas knitting. Picked it up again and got to the sleeves and finally decided it wasn't going to work for me. Bummer. Out comes my favorite and most appreciated knitting tool - my swift and ball winder. Wound onto

Christmas recap


I started my Christmas Knitting in August last year - decided I was going to do something for all the lady (at least) family and friends. 27 completed objects - all done on time! Wow I won’t try that again.  6 Cowl/scarf/Shawl 3 Fingerless mitts 1 Toy 6 Spa Cloths 5 Felted Bowls 1 Socks 3 Hats 2 Ornaments. Just a few examples: Next year - lots more ornaments -

Backward steps


Well today didn’t turn out as planned - I’m waiting for the plumber! He was here on Tuesday and thought he fixed the drain. Not! So a plumbing step backward. Missing work is also a back step - double back actually, less income due to plumbing expense. So of course I am knitting. I finished this last night. Downtown in Malabrigo Arroyo. Fast, easy and I like it. If I were to do it again - I’d

It's a New Year and I WANT to write more!


As you can see - I haven’t written for a very long time! But have been thinking I’d like to start writing again. As usual I will probably concentrate on my knitting world, but with occasional musing about my awesome family and what I think is my well-lived life.  Since family is always first I’ll start with that. An update on the other three “M’s” (I’m Mom). Today is the Geek’s birthday!

Good Bye 2013


2014 is going to be great year!! I will find financial stability again I will not have any more car trouble I will stay healthy I will walk twice a week I will read more books I will start Christmas Knitting in July I will get out for more than Knitting night and book club I will take a Road Trip These are all very doable goals - nothing unreasonable. I will reclaim my fortunate life!! Happy

Rotten Apples


Sometimes life just tries and tries to get you.... Decided to sell car to generate savings for house payments - working part-time just doesn’t get it.  I sold my Ruby Suby - $500 less than what I expected. Bought a new used car - advertised as having 115,000 miles, told by seller it had 115,000 miles - told to me, my daughter and a friend who called him about car initially.



What was I thinking? Actually I am thinking well. I just deleted about 60 patterns from my Ravelry queue - It was getting much too big - and truly there were (and I suppose are) many things on the list I would never knit. But you never know! Just time to clean up. Feels good. Don't feel as pressured to knit all the things I want!! Winter is here for sure - sorry no photo but there is lots of

Road Trip!!


Ravelry has the greatest new feature called Road Trip - it's under the Yarn tab. If you enter your starting point and destination - it will tell you all the Local Yarn Shops along the way!!! This is totally cool. Many times I have planned a trip and spent time figuing out which Yarn Stores are nearby...just want to browse of course. Finished the Stripes, Checks and Curlicues Vest - finally. The

I Steek.....


Yes I steek - but a little differently. Instead of making a one color stripe up the center steek stitch (you can't do that when your using variegated yarn) I put a purl stitch on either side of the center stitch. This makes and easy visual to follow when you machine sew the lines on either side and then a very easy visual to cut by! Works Great! Pick up the stitches for the ribbing  And

Not very impressed!


I just received the latest issue of Interweave Knits - and didn't find anything I had to knit! But that's not quite true - I did love the ad for KnitScene 2013 Accessories - the perfect gift for someone I know was featured in the ad - so I did order that. I enjoyed the article about the "Knitter's Review." What a great job she invented for herself. I also liked the article on the last page - "

The Beach, The Beach!!


This was Plan "C" -  Went to the Oregon Coast with The Nomad for four days this past weekend. What an adventure!! We got the use of a 5th Wheel RV parked on Netarts Bay. What a great place - quiet, right on the bay, beautiful views, wonderful. We drove up the Coast one day to Cannon Beach - way too crowded, but I did by some sock yarn at Coastal Yarns. We had a pretty drive visiting a

Road trip!!


The Nomad and I are going on a road trip. We will head north east on Friday and travel through John Day, Sumpter, LaGrande, Joseph (where I'm told there is a LYS) and Enterprise, back on Monday. The puppies first camping trip! I am so looking forward to this. We were originally planning to go south along the Umpqua River area - but I think that it is too smokey from numerous big fires. We are

Just in case you forgot - I do knit.


This is what I have accomplished so far this year.

All is well!!