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A little Busy

Updated: 2013-04-28T18:38:28.758-07:00


i did it...


Ava and I stopped in to Sherwin Williams on Saturday to pick up paint for my room. I brought a sample of the paint I mixed at home to see if there was a close match. I found it in SW Great Falls 6495. It's a dark tealy-blue. I decided to go with matte/flat as there are some imperfections in the wall. I rolled the first coat on and freaked out. It was dark. It was blue. What was I thinking? Then(image)

lamps done


Last night I tackled recovering the lamps. I shouldn't say tackled because the whole process is really easy. Before: Yawn.... I mixed up some colors from my paint supply and came up with one I love. It's the one on the left. I decided to stitch the trim to give it some contrast and a homemade vibe. Which it is. Now I just need to paint the walls, build the headboard, redo(image)

little kids room storage


As I previously mentioned, I sold the Pottery Barn system we had in the little kids room because it wasn't working. Their room was constantly a mess. I moved all of their books out to the hallway shelves but hope to get something like this back in their room but smaller to fit under the window.

my sweet love...


My sweet 6 year old son reading a 1960's Spiderman comic on the iPad first thing in the morning. He didn't want me to teach him to read but he's glad I did now. *note: my helpful daughter posted in the comments that Grae is in fact 7 now. Oops. I guess I don't want him to grow up.(image)

my bedroom makeover


I recently shared that we made over the girls rooms upstairs and they look great. There are still things I need to do (like curtains) but I need to make a trip to Ikea for that. I also recently sold all of the Pottery Barn storage bookshelf/bins stuff out of the little kids rooms and all of their toys are being held in little plastic containers on the floor. Nice. A trip to Ikea will make that (image)

some progress...


Why is it that the little touch up painting after a major project is the hardest to get done? I always want to move on to something new. Remember this door and Ellie's carpeted bed? It now looks like this: I only have one coat of chalkboard paint on the door but I can tell I'm going to like it. Please don't mind the primer all over the wall in blotches. I'm starting to touch up stuff. (image)

the ugliest dresser in the world


Can this be the ugliest dresser in the world? Ava and I found it at Goodwill Outlet for $25.00. We figured it would be great under their window. Not only would it add storage but we could make it into a comfy window seat as well. I decided to keep the drawer pulls because I didn't want to spend a lot money on the makeover and I thought they were interesting. I soaked them in vinegar to (image)

sneak peek


A sneek at the makeover of the ugliest dresser in the world.... and the girls working hard on the mirror. (glad I don't have to do it). (image)

looking good...


The base, window and chair rail moulding is up and looking good. I still have to fill in nail holes and caulk seems but you can't tell that in pictures. We recently bought the ugliest dresser in the world to go where the bench is. It will of course be getting a thorough makeover. Here it is: I think it was handmade and weighs like 100lbs. We'll be painting it purple and (image)

floor down, painting done


The floor is in (except the closet) and the painting is done. Next up is the window moulding and the chair rail moulding. Then we get to decorate.  Ava is exhausted from watching the floor being put in all day.  Graedon unceremoniously being pushed off the bed. Molly not caring. Real life, people, real life. (image)

maddie and ava's room


The girls and I started painting Maddie and Ava's room while we wait for the rest of the floor to go down in Lauren and Ellie's room. The new wood floor hasn't been put down in Maddie and Ava's room yet so it was the perfect time to paint. Ava had her heart set on Seafarer from Valspar and I was worried it would be too bright and annoying. It is bright but makes the room feel like a fun girls (image)



The wood wall went up: The girls and I worked almost all day on Saturday priming and painting Lauren's room. It looks so nice. When I first put the coat of gray on the ceiling (it's one chip down from the Pale Oak color downstairs, BM Seapearl OC-19) I panicked. It was much browner/pinker than I thought but there was no way I was going to repaint. So we continued. I figured since it was (image)



When we pulled up the flooring upstairs we were hoping to find something from the past (besides dirt and other disgusting under the carpet stuff). Something like an old newspaper or a letter. But we found nothing. So my daughter took it upon herself to leave something for the future homeowners. A letter. Here is what it said. Disclaimer: I know my kids are weird. Not sure where they get it (image)



I know what I would like to do upstairs (at least in Lauren and Ellie's room). It has taken me 5 years to figure it out but now that I have, I'm so excited. I started a board at Pinterest to reign in my ideas and to let everyone here know what I'm talking about. How did we survive before Pinterest? They have a room similar to this so I'm going to add moulding around the half wall and paint the(image)



I put a 20 minute project off for 6 months. Why? I don't know. Maybe because I knew it would be incredibly boring. All I wanted to do was to add a thick black ribbon to my white linen living room curtains. See these: So I finally buckled down and did it. I'm so glad I did and even happier that I like the result. Side note: I really don't like my coffee table now that I look at it in the (image)

more new project


The girls and I ripped the carpet out, removed 1.1 million tacks and tack strips, swept and then collapsed. But no carpet remains and the first of the flooring has gone in. I NEVER want carpet in any house. I can't believe how much disgusting stuff is under there. We tore off the front of that box to see if we could build some drawers. Graedon was convinced there was a dead body hiding (image)

new project


Remember when I used to do home improvement projects? Well after a looooong break it's back to the grindstone. First project is to rip out the disgusting carpeting that covers the upstairs. It is the last carpet in the whole house. We'll replace it with the same pine floors in the hallway and new upstairs bathroom. Then on to the fun part of redecorating/building/remodeling. We haven't touched(image)

just pictures


Just a bunch of pictures I've taken lately. Straight out of the camera with no editing (only cropping). And then the spring flower pictures. Flowers are so easy to take pictures of. They don't move. And finally my favorite cloud picture taken while gazing at the end of runway 02 at the Hillsboro Airport. (image)

cover up


Behold the disaster... After finding a bedskirt in the attic and shoving everything under the bed. Of course the bedskirt doesn't work very well as there is no boxspring so it's a temporary fix until something better turns up. At least I don't have to look at the mess anymore.(image)



These are all straight out of the camera without any editing. I've been working again on manual photography and challenging myself to get the right settings. (image)

gallery wall...


Ever since I repainted the school room, I had a blank stairway wall. I knew I wanted to do a gallery of some sort but didn't quite know where to start. So this weekend when a pile of frames fell on my feet, I had the idea to just do it. I didn't feel like going shopping so I worked with the frames/pictures I already had. Which turns out is a lot. My first attempt I didn't get any pictures (image)

kids room


I finally got around to painting the Grae and Molly's room. I did like the color but when we got rid of the toddler beds and bought a bunk bed, the green was too dark for the room. I didn't want to spend any money on paint so I used what I had in the garage (I could probably open my own paint store). So the room went Benjamin Moore's Pale Oak. Same color in my school room, dining room, hallway (image)

taking pictures...


Grae and I went for a walk at the library park and he told me what to take pictures of. So here they are. (image)

in which Ava and I take a walk...


Ava is way too awesome to just walk, so she skated. We saw this thing peeking over the fence at us. Creepy. Yep. The fall colors were so beautiful. These people had a tennis court in their backyard. I think we need to get to know these people. We totally spied on the neighbors. I think they were playing the Wii. This sweet little guy was following us. I kept hearing an airplane and (image)

hey look...


I made the curtains for the, not really. I just threw the washed fabric up there to see if I like it. I think I do but I'll really know after spending an hour making them and then declaring that I hate them. 'Cause that's how I roll. (image)