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Preview: Ky Bluegrass Knitter

Ky Bluegrass Knitter

Just someplace to record my thoughts about knitting, reading, and life in general

Updated: 2016-09-08T00:28:52.102-04:00


Been busy!


(image) And finally...look what came in the mail!



I have not posted since January! I have been busy with work, crafts, grandson. I hope to be back regularly. I have not been knitting much. Only sporadically. I hope I get out of this slump and get back to knitting. I'm so behind on my list!

This is why I've been away...


my grandson who is now 10 months old.
Hopefully I will be back.

It's been another month...


and I have been busy knitting reading, loafing, trying to keep up with housework. All have been successful except the last. I must confess, I'm lazy. I absolutely hate housework. All I can actually keep up with is the laundry, and maybe the dirty dishes, although right now they are overflowing the sink.

Below you see a picture of two cuties. The big one on the right is our dog, Ranger. The one on the right we puppy-sat for two nights. His name is Cooper, he's 3 months old, I think. And as you can see they wore each other out. I couldn't resist taking the pic.

(image) The following three pictures are items I made and entered in our local county fair. The socks received a 2nd place red ribbon(obviously the judges didn't realize the stitching and work that goes into these small items from looking at the other entries last night) but I will take it.
(image) This received a 3rd place white ribbon, and that's ok since it is not my best crochet work. It is a simple ripple crochet baby blanket. There were better entries than this one. I was not completely happy with this anyway, but it will make a nice baby gift someday.
(image) This won a 1st place blue ribbon. It was the only knitted baby afghan entered in that category. Ha ha! That's the way to get first place!
(image) I thought I did pretty well anyway.

Also my step grandson is growing fast! I will leave you with a cute photo of him taken last month.
(image) And the girl in the photo is my youngest daughter, Sarah.

School's Out!


Finally. I still have 3 more days to put in, but then I am free til the end of July.

No pictures today. I will try to get back to speed.

Have a great weekend!

Wouldn't it be nice...


if I were the sort of blogger who posted once or twice a week? Maybe. We are required to post weekly to our school blogs. Mine is really boring...just stuff about what is going on in my library at school, etc., etc. I really doubt anyone reads it, but the powers that be. So I post every week. Since this is my personal blog, I take too many liberties and forget to post for weeks at a time. This weekend is Mother's Day, so I hope any mothers out there reading this have a terrific day and feel appreciated. We'll see how mine goes.
I will get to see my newest grandchild, but I don't know if I will bet to hold hold him. I have had bronchitis and it is still hanging on in the form of a nasty annoying cough.
So let's see if I have any new pictures to show you.

(image) This is my husband about a month ago holding Collin. Collin was a month old then. And he will be two months old tomorrow.
(image) This past weekend (May 1 & 2) we had tremendous rainfall. amounts. This is my backyard before most of the rain fell.
(image) This is to the right in the next door neighbor's backyard.
(image) And this is in the front off to the right of my house. There is a spring that gets up and runs off by my house and then out into the back.
So that's all I have for now. More baby pics to come after Sunday!

Bad blogger...


is what I am. It has been 2 1/2 months since I posted last. I have been knitting and reading. I have not updated my lists and I'm not sure I can adequately update them since I've been reading lots but not noting down what the books were. I guess I will just have to do the best I can.Since I last posted the following was added to our stepdaughter had her baby, Collin. Isn't he just the cutest thing you have ever seen!?!I finished this blanket for him...It is the Mystery Stitch Blanket pattern again using Lion Brand Vanna's Choice Baby in the Sweet Pea color.I am working on these socks...Slip Jig from the Socks That Rock 2010 Sock Club. The yarn is the mediumweight in the My Wild Irishgirlie colorway. I love the colors and the pattern is great!I also started another Mystery Stitch blanket in Yarn Bee Melody Bulky Wool Blend, Enchanting colorway.I finished these socks, Knetted from 2009 Socks That Rock Sock Club. They are being inspected as you can see.And last, but not least...I got these last Saturday! They were delivered on Monday and I did an entire week's worth of laundry in one day! They are amazing![...]

Finish and start


I finished up the blue baby blanket I've been knitting on for too long. It is called a Mystery Stitch Blanket. The mystery is knit a stitch and then slip a stitch. This is reversible and looks the same on both sides because of that stitch pattern. I like it.
(image) Then I immediately cast on the pink for this Textured Plaid Blanket. Trying to finish this one up faster so I will have a choice when the baby comes.
(image) Oh, btw...did I mention my step daughter is expecting...within the next six weeks. Excited to find out what it is! My daughter is throwing a baby shower for her this coming Saturday. We went together and bought the baby swing she was registered for. Hope it is exactly what she wants.
That's all for now!

First finsh of 2010


Mock Cable socks from Socks From the Tow Up by Wendy Johnson
Dye Dreams Comfy Sox Charcoal
Addi Turbo Lace circular US 0, 2.0mm

Dear Blog,


I have been doing more reading of books than knitting of things. Therefore I have not finished one item in 2010. Also I have not started any new projects either. It's about time to change that. Hopefully, I will have something to report soon. ;-)

As they always say...


Out with the old and in with the new. What I finished in 2009...Feather and Fan baby Blanket5.0 mm circular needlesLion Brand Pound of Love yarnLog Cabin dishclothUS 5 / 3.75 mmLily Sugar'n Cream Solid Christmas Tree dishclothUS 5 / 3.75 mmPeaches & Cream SolidAngel dishclothUS 5 / 3.75 mmLily Sugar'n Cream SolidWrapper dishclothUS 5 / 3.75 mmPeaches & Creme Ombresanother Feather & Fan dishclothdon't remember needle size and yarn specsMonkey socks2.0 mm circular needlesnot sure of the yarn ... it was a giftVegas Fountains dishclothUS 5 / 3.75 mmLion Brand Kitchen Cotton Holiday colorAs you can see I didn't finish much except dishcloths. Hopefully I can finish lots more in 2010.[...]

Dear Blog,


Sorry I haven't visited you for over two months. I promise I will catch you up on all that has happened.

Now is a good time...


to record the latest of projects. This is a Feather and Fan dishcloth I finally finished up the other day. I always keep some cotton yarn and circular needles in the car so if I am waiting somewhere and don't have anything else to pass the time, I have a simple project to work on.These are the Trilobite socks from the book Socks From the Toe Up by Wendy Johnson aka WendyKnits). I finished these up Thursday.I got this package in the mail on Monday. It is the September installment of the Blue Moon Fibers STR sock club. It looks like a great pattern and yarn, as always.Also on the same day, I received this box from The Loopy Ewe. It contained a clear project bag and these yarns--from left to right:Claudia Hand Painted Yarns Chocolate CherryFannie's Fingering Weight Old RosesTempted Handpainted Yarns Luxe Grrl MoondanceThis is the MonthlyDishcloths mid-September KAL--Rhomboid ClothI decided to use this skein of Tempted Luxe Grrl for the next sock pattern from Socks From the Toe Up, Mock Cable Socks. I'm not sure how soon I will get it cast on as I just cast on the next picture the same day I finished the last pair of socks from Socks From the Toe Up.This is the In Season sock which just happens to be the July STR sock club pattern. I am falling behind as usual with these, but I only have one outstanding pattern from previous years. Maybe I will eventually get caught up!This is the first three days worth of the October KAL from MonthlyDishcloths. It looks like the bottom half of a dancing monkey?That's all I am working on for right now, except I do have a pink Feather and Fan baby blanket on the needles that I pick up and knit a few rows on occasionally. I need to finish it up and start one in blue, just in case!As always all pertinent info is on my Ravelry projects page.[...]

Long overdue...


to post to the blog. School started and what more can I say...I've been busy. And I have still been knitting. Lots got finished to my utter surprise. I just finished up these Salish Sea socks from the 2007 (yikes!) Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock sock club. I like the color and the fit was pretty good too. 2.0mm circular needle and of course STR in Bella Coola.(image) This is the latest MonthlyDishcloth kal. It's called A B C. Big surprise. Sugar n Cream red, 3.75mm needles.
(image) These are the Diamond Gansey socks from Socks From the Toe Up by Wendy Johnson (aka WendyKnits) I have no idea why the picture posted sideways and I am not savvy enough to rotate it. It wasn't sideways in my files. Used 2.0mm circular needles and Monkeypal Hand-Dyed Yarns in Cuppa Joe.
(image) This one is sideways also, still don't know why. But, it's a simple Feather and Fan Baby blanket. I just sort of decided on the size I wanted, cast on, and started. It's based on the Feather and Fan dishcloth pattern. I'm using Lion Brand Pound of Love in Pastel Pink on 5.0mm needles.(image) Shadow Triangle Baby Blanket from an old pattern booklet that I had, Reversible, Very Easy to Knit Baby Blankets. I used Caron Simply Soft yarn in Baby Bright Ombre.
(image) I think I'm updated for now. Hopefully next time won't be so long coming. Later gaters!

Sunday is for catching up


I finished this cute little dishcloth. It's called a Wishy Washy Fishy Tawashi. Mid-July kal with Monthly Dishcloths yahoo group.On-Hold socks by Wendy Johnson of WendyKnits from her book Socks from the Toe Up. I used Dream in Color Smooshy Midnight Derby from The Loopy EweI got this little box in the mail the other day.This is what was inside--3rd anniversary sock kit from The Loopy Ewe. It comes with a mug, a sock pattern, yarn to knit the pattern and a clip on tape measure.Also the same day Interweave Knits magazine!I started this dishcloth today. It's the August KAL from MonthlyDishcloths yahoo group. I'm using Sugar 'n Cream in Hot Green. Won't know what it's called until the end of the kal.OK, caught up![...]

Some things...


I've been finishing...This is a Beach Umbrella dishcloth from the MonthlyDishcloths July KAL. You can look at Ravelry for all the stats...I also finished up this little red sock (Chibi for size). This is the Loopy's Red Sock Kit. Finished it in a day, of course. It came as an extra with an order from the Loopy Ewe.Lacy Pillars Socks...the pattern came as a gift with my Loopy Groupy gift. I had just ordered the yarn that was used in this particular pattern so I used it for these socks.This dark picture is the On Hold socks from WendyKnits sock book, Socks From the Toe Up. I'm using Midnight Derby Dream in Color Smooshy sock yarn. Much further along than this now, working the gusset.I started a baby blanket called Shadow Triangle from this booklet, Reversible, Very Easy to Knit Baby Blankets. I needed some in my gift giving stash, because every time I turn around I need to give something at a baby shower. I'm using Caron Simply Soft Baby Bright Ombre. I plan to knit up at least a couple more and then maybe crochet a few also.I also started these - Salish Sea socks from the STR sock club 2007. No, I'm not behind, why do you ask?And, I got this lovely package in the mail yesterday. It's the latest STR sock club installment...I'm not starting it until the Salish Sea socks are finished.And finally a sweet picture of the baby, Ranger.That's all I got![...]

Just a couple


of finishes since the last time I posted. This is the MonthlyDishcloths mid-June KAL called the JoAnne DishclothThese are the Lacy Ribs socks from Socks From the Toe up by WendyKnits Johnson. There is a kal for all the socks in the book. Check it out here.I got this lovely package in the mail a few days ago.This is what was so lovingly wrapped in that package. It is a small sock knitting project bag. It's reversible too!This is the Orkney Pi I started in March 2008. You can't tell but I've added 12 rows since last week.And this is how I spent yesterday afternoon. It too Sarah and I over 2 hours to get this all put together and ready for water. 30 minutes after the fire department left (they filled the pool quicker and less expensively) she was in the water despite the cooler temperatures.I'm sure she will be back in it again today.[...]

Down at Fraggle Rock...


My daughter Megan and I watched that show all the time when she was younger. I kind of miss it now. Anyway, I finished up the toes of the Fraggle Squiggle socks tonight. They are ready to wear!(image)

A week


has gone by and I started another pair of socks. These are the Lacy Rib socks from Socks From the Toe Up by Wendy Johnson of WendyKnits.(image) I finished kitchernering the toes of these socks today. They are Spring in Your Step socks by Kerry Crone. I used Enchanted Knoll Farm Hand-dyed Fingering Sock Yarn in the
Esmaralda colorway. I used KnitPicks 2.0mm circular needles and knitted using the Magic Loop method with both ends of the yarn to knit both socks at once.

(image) I am still working on the Fraggle Squiggle socks and then the Lacy Ribs. I also pulled my Orkney Shawl out of hibernation to work on again.

As promised


the Fraggle Squiggle socks!(image) I am almost finished with the gusset decreases here and will then put these aside to work on the Spring in Your Step socks next.
Later!'s been a while


and I promised to update with pictures...and then life got busy. Yesterday was the last day of school for students. I still have 10 more days til I get a summer vacation. Below you see the latest shipment of the STR Rocking Sock Club -- Fraggle Squiggle Socks by J. C. Briar. I am into the gusset on these right now and will try to post a picture soon.Below is the MonthlyDishcloths mid-May kal -- Cabbage Patch knitted dishclothLenore socks -- pattern by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. These were a STR sock club installment from a previous year. I am slowly getting the past kits knitted up between this year's shipments.Spring in Your Step socks by Kerry Crone. I am using some Enchanted Knoll Farm Hand-dyed Fingering Sock Yarn purchased from The Loopy Ewe. Love this yarn, it's very squooshy and it is well matched with the pattern, I think.In family news, Sarah scored well on her state tests and received recognition and a medal at the 7th grade awards ceremony this past Wednesday.I don't know what is up with this picture. I took the picture correctly, but it refuses to load correctly to the blog. This is the June kal from MonthlyDishcloths -- American Flag dishcloth.That was my last finish and I am still working on the two different socks. I promise I will post a picture at least of the Fraggle Squiggle socks tomorrow!Later![...]

No pics this time


I am at my Daughter & Son-in-law's house, keeping watch over the dog and cat while they are away in Chicago for their 2nd anniversary. I have reached the toes of the Lenore socks and finished up the MonthlyDishcloths kal for mid-May. Pictures when I return home tomorrow evening.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Memorial weekend.

It's about time


to update again. This is day #6 of the MonthlyDishcloths mid-May kal. Hopefully it's over tomorrow. The cloth is getting kinda longish rather than squarish.(image) This is how woefully far I am on the Lenore socks. I finally got all the decreases done today in the gusset so now the foot. And toe. I feel as if I will never finish. I don't know why I am not motivated to keep at this one any more. But I will finish. Because the next installment of the BMFA sock club is on its way to my mailbox.
(image) Now a couple of gratuitous shots of pets. Sorry the dog is blurry. I moved and then he moved.
(image) And one of the cats...SiSi...who thinks she is queen
(image) Tomorrow afternoon My 13 yo dd and I will be driving over to my older dd's house to petsit the dog and cat through Sunday while she and her husband go to Chicago for their 2nd anniversary. Hoping much knitting will be done. That is all.

A rose by any other name...


are the Rogue Roses written by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee for the last Rockin Sock Club installment of 2009. The new shipment is due to be shipped later this month and I am happy this is the second pair this year that I finished before the new one arrived. Yay me! I'm ready!(image)



to write anything and so there are lots of pictures to show. Back at the end of March I placed an order for The Loopy Ewe. These are some of the things that came. In order from the top are Enchanted Knoll Farm Esmaralda, Monkeypal Hand-Dyed Yarns Cuppa Joe, and Dye Dreams Comfy Sox Charcoal. I also orderded Loopy Ewe Sticky Notes and a Stitch Saver which is just a short crochet hook to pull any dropped stitches back up to where they belong.As an added bonus, because with your sixth order you become a Loopy Groupie and get a nice surprise. It is a Loopy bag filled with a lovely sock pattern, a skein of sock yarn(ATH Yarns California Sunset), a calendar and a little baggie with some chocolate kisses. They are really quick to fill and ship out your order and nices surprises to boot!And if you didn't notice the doggie butt in the picture above, here is the complete picture. His favorite spot is curled up on my loveseat. Luckily it's leather and easy to clean.I finished up the Holidazed Socks from the November 2008 installment of the Socks That Rock sock club.Also finished up the April KAL for MonthlyDishcloths yahoo group--Illusion Egg Hunt.Here is Ranger looking intently at something over the baby gate.Sarah needed some low strength reading glasses.I also placed and order from KnitPicks--I have been trying the magic loop method of knitting socks and really liked it so ordered plenty of longer small needles. I always have two or three socks on the needles.I also ordered a Nantucket bag. It's really made for a tool bag, but it has lots of pockets for knitting stuff and as you can see I have already filled it up.We needed a new vacuum so I bought this Dyson. It was on sale and I got an extra discount as well so I got a good deal. And it works great.These are the Show-Off Stranded socks that I have finished up recently. Went pretty quickly and I love how they look.Another dishcloth for MonthlyDishcloths -- the mid-April KAL -- April showersThis is where I am with the latest socks that I am working on -- Cloning Anemone Rib socks from the 2008 Socks That Rock sock club, September installment. These are the last ones from 2008 and then I can work on the latest ones from this year.I think I am caught up for now. Hopefully I won't be as long till the next post.[...]