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Preview: I'm Gonna Knit You, Sucka!

I'm Gonna Knit You, Sucka!

Knit with curiosity & courage (the wool can smell your fear!)

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Friday LOL


see more Lolcats and funny pictures(image)

Added to Facebook!


Just testing, at first, obviously.(image)

New Project!


New project, GASP, OOOOOOH, AHHHHHHHH......(see pattern here), finish the gloves first? Dang it~!!  I do admit this is fairly SWEET! But only half done. One more to go.    (image)

Progress for the sake of...well, progress?


These are just fun to knit. I switched from magic loop to dpn's and I'm preferring it! On other yarn the addi turbos were great, but this stuff is too slippery and I was dropping stitches left and right. I came back from T-day dinner and while a bit loopy I watched Eraserhead and knit a bunch. What a weird movie! After it was done I looked it up just to see what the hell was so popular about it. (image)

I blog like I drink, only less.


Drink of the evening: Newcastle Brown AleMood: Wide-eyed and kind of irritated for no good reasonWhat I'm doing: Relaxing after a hard day at workMy knit project: My stripey socks. Oh shit - I was at the pharmacy today and yanked out tons of stitches. I will have to find a verrrrrrrrrry small crochet hook and fix that, tootsweet.Ok so I know I'm not the only one who's done this. Tell me if I'm (image)

Made Some! :)



Japanese "Herbstlied" sweater with Oak Leaves


I had to make this sweater when I saw the oak leaves on the sweater featured on the cover of the book "New Style of Heirloom Knitting" by Shimada Toshiyuki. The oak leaf should be in my family crest if we had one. My grandfather worked them into his mosaic inside the entrance to the Univ. of Wisc Memorial Library. I used to rake those same leaves in his backyard before he died. Now my father is a(image)

I just have to laugh!


Seriously. I went to a site to check out some crochet techniques, and one site had about 4 paragraphs dedicated to making sure nobody stole patterns to sell, and specified what is okay and what is not okay for use of her site and it's content. The woman spent an entire PAGE on it. So then I went to see these "fabulous" patterns that she was so intent upon others not stealing. What tripe!!!! They (image)

doing the dirty deed


So I did it. I knit a freaking FUN FUR scarf for charity. Bleccccchhhhh.I used fun fur plus a silvery grey chenille underneath to give it some heaviness. It appears to be very warm. I hope they spend a lot of money towards the Perinatal Foundation Auction.(image)

Knitted Spiral Counterpane Blanket


Inspired by the book Knitted Counterpanes by Mary Walker Phillips which is out of print and insanely expensive if you find a copy. I used the library. The patterns in it are gorgeous but the instructions are the worst ever. It's like reading COBOL code trying to figure out what's what. Spiral circles and squares are knit from center on 4 DPNs then pieced together.I crocheted the edge to make sure(image)

Wish I had...


A camera! I crocheted an entire poncho yesterday, and part of another. I ran out of yarn, even. D'oh! I will need to add another skein to the green one I made, just so I can do some decorative edging. Woo Hoo! And who thought I'd ever crochet for real? The only bummer about it is that it takes three times as much yarn!UPDATE: Poncho modeled by Domonique at Come Back In Sat. AM.(image)

Russ + Podcasting


I was signing the "Censure the President" petition at my Senator Russ Feingold's website and saw this hilarious ad. Cracked me up. They should animate it with Russ doing some pop lockin' hoochikoo.I've just got my iPod working and have figured out how to get "Cast-On" loaded. It turns out to be the #41 most popular podcast in the world according to it's about KNITTING! Can you(image)

EZ's Fishtrap Aran Sweater


I finally finished this sweater up after some serious doubts about whether I'd have enough yarn, whether it would fit, if I had any idea what I was doing. I must have been in some kind of mood when I decided to jump on board Franklin's "Almanac-along" blog, knitting patterns from Elizabeth Zimmerman's "Knitter's Almanac" book. I had a copy and thought, "Why not?" This wasn't a pattern I would (image)

Cashmerino Cables R.I.P.


One last look at the cable pattern I designed and then RIP RIP RIP!!! I started this months ago and then just lost interest. Knitting projects are like men. Even if they seemed cute in the beginning...if you're just not feeling it, it's probably not going to get any better by waiting around. And some people won't give up on a bad pattern. Love is blind: I decided to (image)

Papier Mache du Toilette?


Can you guess what happened here?This mess was not made by human hands. It is the work of my crafting cat, Lucky Dave, who has taken up papier mache as a decorating technique. He pulls TP into the toilet then flings it around the room. There are even little gobs dried on the wall!!!Here is one of his interactive art installations in the style of Christo made with packing material.He (image)

another scarf? shocker!


I finally finished the scarf I was working on. It was made from some cheapass four dollar yarn I got over at the craft store. Jewel blend. Basically a couple of strands of thin chenille with a couple of strands of thread run through it. It didn't slide too well, and when I wound it together to knit it double, it tangled like crazy. Dory saved the day with her ball unwinder and winder. After we (image)

latest project


My suede poncho is in progress! I did the entire top half of the thing in the lattice pattern. I quite like it, except that I kind of fucked up the bottom when I was doing increases. It made a nice little pointy part in the front, but it looks crappy. I was tempted to pick up a crochet hook and fix it. More. I now need to re-cast onto the bottom and do the rest in a stockinette, per the pattern. (image)

projects coming out of my ears!


So I've finished the scarf for Marissa (I'll get a pic up if I remember), and I am going to make a matching hat with the extra skein of yarn in the same colors. Then I've got scarves in the works for Michiel, Henri, Vonai, and a Hat/Scarf combo for Jacqueline at work. Then I still want to get going on the suede poncho. I found the yarn on sale for $5 so I'm looking forward to it. Then there's the(image)

Bloody fishtraps!


I changed the fishtrap pattern to shape the waist by decreasing a few stitches in the fishtrap diamonds. The top diamonds are actually narrower than the bottom ones but it's not obvious. Hopefully by increasing back to the wider pattern I'll end up with a supersexy, hourglass aran sweater. Covered in something called "fishtraps". OK. Maybe not sexy. John Kovalic called from Cork Ireland where(image)

Bill's Birthday Scarf


Shelley's bi-colored striped scarf, knitted lengthwise in Lion Suede.Very macho and sexy on Birthday Boy Bill.Here's Bill, Shelley, John (who has just learned to knit because he likes to figure things out and make stuff), and Dory sporting the rumpled Ene's Scarf.(image)

I sold scarves!


I sold four scarves today! =) They are the ones I made for the woman at the St. Mary's Hospital parking garage. She really liked them and wants MORE. She's gonna call me when she decides what colors and stuff. I'm just jazzed she likes em. And I made some profit. $12. I know it's not a lot. But STILL.(image)

Yarn renovation & recycling


It all started when knit-blogger (and beloved boytoy of knitters throughout the blogosphere), Franklin, started an Almanac-along to knit patterns from EZ's "Knitter's Almanac". I had to take a peek. I pulled out my copy. January's pattern is an aran sweater. Hey, I've got some yarn that would work. But it's the color of dirt. So I dyed it. Not taking hold. Went out in blizzard for more dye. It is(image)

The Chenille Series


Some of Shelley's scarves. (image)

knittin fool, again ;)


I made yet *another* scarf tonight, and I used a simple garter stitch, purled the end, and slipped on the first stitch of the next row for the pretty ends Dory taught me. However! This scarf is way longer than the last one, and I made them almost exactly the same way. Two similar scarves, same yarn, needles, cast on, everything...but seriously different outcomes. Hm. I bought some circular (image)

The Girl from Auntie


Want to knit a scarf. You could buy a whole book for $25 to explain how -- or just print this PDF from "The Girl from Auntie" blog. Not too tough, eh?Also..."Mastering The Obvious": nifty new knitting book for newbies! I wish I had written this. Wait! I still can! ;-)(image)