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Run and Not Grow Weary

Walking through life trying to keep on keeping on!

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When camping and hiking with a five year old they tend to notice the small things. I think Audrey spotted every mushroom and fungus along the trail! 

It was a great reminder to slow down and let go of the big picture every now and then. I would have missed some beautiful and interesting sites if I hadn't followed her lead. 

This Moment


{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.


With Soule Mama

Isaac's Storm - a review


Reading has always been one of my passions. I love books and the journeys that I take while I am reading.  Mostly I read fiction, specifically science fiction and fantasy.  Once I had Audrey I didn’t have the time or energy to read like I had before she was born and I missed it  When Amazon came out with the Kindle app for the iPhone I was so excited that I could have a book with me at all times that I immediately downloaded it and started buying electronic books.  Well, that quickly became expensive and I had already bought most of the books that I wanted to keep.  Plus I had no interest in buying books that I would only read once.  When I started researching what electronic books the library had available I was very pleased to find out they had both quite a selection available and they also had an iPhone app.  Sometimes a book I want to read is on a wait list so I end up reading books I wouldn’t normally read.  In an attempt to work on my writing skills I thought I would do a book report on some of these books.  Ok, I’m not in elementary school anymore so I probably should call this a book review instead! ;)Isaac’s StormBy Eric LarsonWhen I was a teenager I used to go down to Galveston, TX on a regular basis so I knew the basics about the September 1900 Galveston hurricane, that there was massive loss of life and property and it was the reason why the seawall had been constructed.  So when I came across this book I thought it might be interesting to read more detail about the situation.  Isaac Cline was the meteorologist at Galveston during the hurricane and the story switched between his life, the days leading up to the hurricane and how the U.S. Weather Bureau had been formed.  It was interesting to read how the study of meteorology was started and how some people saw it as nothing better than fortune telling.  Meteorology a very political topic and I was surprised how the political factors played into how much advance warning Galveston residents received about the hurricane.  What was particularly intriguing was the rivalry between the United States meteorologists and the Cuban meteorologists.  The story had more tension than I expected from a non fiction book because I knew that something horrible was going to happen, but I didn’t know exactly how or when.  Switching between the different story lines helped make the dryer parts of the story easier to read and more interesting.  I skimmed some of the technical information about how the hurricane was formed, but someone else might find it interesting.  What were heartbreaking were the stories about the families that had to endure the hurricane itself with little or no preparation.  As a mother what affected me the most were the children that were literally ripped from their parent’s arms by the water, or the orphans that were drowned because the nuns had tied them together in an effort to not lose the children in the flood waters.  Overall I would give Isaac’s Storm four stars out of five. Only four stars because some parts were very dry and because I wouldn't want to read this book again.  Overall I was surprised how much I enjoyed this non fiction book and decided to read more of this author’s books.  Maybe I’ll end up reviewing those as well.  [...]

Look, knitting!


I have actually been knitting lately! I made a scarf for the Christmas gift exchange at my grandparent's place. I used 100% silk laceweight yarn doubled on a 10.5 needle to make a basic garter stitch scarf.


I think it turned out beautiful and my sister must have thought so too cause she "stole" the gift from the person who originally opened it!


I ended up using only 250 yards of a 1400 yard skein, so I have plenty more to either make one for myself or make something else out of this gorgeous yarn. I think the picture below better shows the colors. I had to take the above pictures the night before the exchange.


It is kind of silly, but I have to give myself permission to knit or not knit as the mood strikes me. There is no knitting police that will put me in jail if I don't finish a project within a certain amount of time. Here is to being easier on myself!



Audrey had a stomach virus last week and she was fascinated when I called it a stomach bug. She wanted to know how the bug got in there and after she threw up for what seemed like the hundredth time she weakly asked if the bug was out yet. I am so glad that she is back to her normal talkative energetic self.

I'm going to preface what I say next by saying I hate it when my kid is sick and I feel so bad for her when she is sick. But while she is sick, and as long as there is no reason to worry about it being something serious, it is nice that for a while her needs are so simple. All she wants is to sleep, drink something cold and cuddle.

Parenting can be so complicated sometimes that having a time when it is easy to meet her needs can be refreshing. Since I don't have anyone else to take care of, other than the dog, I spent two days in bed with Audrey making sure her fever stayed down, bringing her cold things to drink and doing lots of cuddling. While I hope that Audrey stays healthy for a long time, it was nice to set the real world aside and be able to focus only on her.

Does anyone else feel like this or should I just feel guilty? ;)

Brown Thumb



I've been playing around with Instagram and thought this picture of Audrey's plant turned out cool. We now have four of these tiny pots sitting on the kitchen windowsill. We picked them up at Target in the dollar section. This one is forget-me-nots and the others are pansies, sunflowers and daisies. So far the tiny plant at the back has died. I've got a brown thumb so hopefully they don't all die! Audrey was so excited when we planted them and asked every day if they were all grown up yet.

Road trip


Audrey and I took two massive road trips in January. Both were to Holly Springs, MS. We met her dad there so that she could have some time with him. Since he only gave me five days notice before the first trip I didn't have much time to plan any side trips. We did find a good park just off Interstate 40 east of Little Rock, but had to bypass some national historical sites because of lack of time. My biggest disappointment on the first trip was that we crossed the Mississippi in the dark so Audrey couldn't see it. I did tell her that we were crossing it and she said "The Mississippi River is the best river in the world!" I think she was a bit punchy after being on the road for 12 hours! Lol

So when I picked her up two weeks later I was determined to spend some time along the Mississippi River. We found a small park just south of downtown Memphis and even though the day was foggy I think we all enjoyed the side trip. Mom came with me on this trip and it was great to have so much time to chat. While we were in the park Audrey insisted that she wanted to take some pictures. I think she did pretty well for a four year old!
A view of the river


The monument at the park. Those houses were massive!


Mom and me. So nice to be in the pictures for a change!


I think she was trying for an artistic self portrait!


When the weather warms up I'd love to take Audrey back to Memphis and explore some of the sights.



Audrey and I went camping this past weekend. Not exactly the smartest thing to do when it is supposed to be 105 degrees and we just have a tent. I had been thinking about taking a quick camping trip just to see I could handle it with just Audrey and I. The last three trips I took were with a friend of mine and we collaborated on the stuff to bring and chores around the campsite. What finally made me decide to go is that out of the blue Audrey asked to go camping.

I learned a few lessons and Audrey had a great time. That is what was most important to me. With it being so hot we spent a lot of time at the swimming area and I was treated to a spa mud scrub by the cutest masseuse.

We burnt roasted hotdogs over the fire and the marshmallows were so soft from the heat that they barely needed to be toasted before they were perfect for smores. I'll probably wait until it cools off before I take another camping trip, but now I know that I can manage by myself!

Some Days


Some days I hold my head up high.  I know who I am and what I am supposed to do.  I walk confidently through my life secure in the knowledge that I am an amazing woman who may not be perfect, but is doing the best she can.

Other days I crawl. I have no idea where I fit in or what steps to take next. I duck my head, shoulders hunched, hoping others just ignore me as I get by with the bare minimum.

I've been having a string of "other" days lately.  You know what, pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps doesn't work.  It doesn't matter how much or how hard I pull, I still feel like I am sinking into the mud.  I tell myself that it has been a year and a half since the divorce was final and I should be past this! I read books, talk to friends, search the internet and I still can't pinpoint why I get stuck in these "other" days. 

From experience I know if I just hold on and live life as best I can then the "some" days will show up again. And that the times between my "other" days are growing longer and longer.  But when I am stuck in the middle of the mud pit it really doesn't feel that way.

Single Parenting


Linda over at Indigo Girl got me thinking about what my version of single parenting looks like. Here she was musing about what she would have to give up if she was a single parent and thought it could fall into one or all of four categories. 1. fun stuff with kids2. free time/fun stuff for the parent3. healthy meals/exercise 4. housekeeping/home improvementIn Audrey's almost 4 years of life (four?! how did that happen?!) I have been a single parent who has worked full-time outside the home for almost two years. So honestly I don't have much experience in what it is like to parent in a two parent family. I can only speak to what I feel that I am not fully capable of as a single parent and what sacrifices I might not have to make if I had a partner to help out. Fun Stuff with KidsThis is the area I hope that I do best at. I want Audrey to have a full and wonderful childhood no matter whether I am a single parent or not. There is no guarantee that I will ever remarry and I don't want to put off doing fun stuff just because I don't have a partner to help. I may have to save up for big trips longer than a two income family, but I would have to do that if I was a stay-at-home mom as well. I do think Audrey occasionally loses out on fun stuff when I am at the end of my rope and just can't take on one more thing. But I don't let being a single parent stop me from doing things like go camping or traveling with Audrey.Free Time/Fun Stuff for the ParentYep, while trying to balance everything this is what I usually give up. I have very little free time just for myself and most of the fun stuff I do includes Audrey. If there is something fun that I want to do by myself then I have to get a babysitter so it had better be worth the extra hassle and cost! To try to make sure I get some free time I get a baby sitter once a week. She shows up at 7:30, puts Audrey to bed at 8:30 and then stays until 10:30. That way Audrey and I are only missing out on one hour of together time once a week. Now it is true that during those three hours I am usually running errands, grocery shopping or working out, but I get to do those things all by myself!! And if I really need to just sit and veg then I can chose to do so at Barnes and Noble or a coffee shop. The other thing I do that has really helped my stress level is to get a massage once every other week. I schedule it for 4 pm that way I can work through lunch that day and go get the massage while Audrey is still in daycare. I so look forward to those massages!! Healthy Meals/ExerciseI hope I do an ok job in the healthy meals area. I don't have the variety in the meal planning that I would like to have, but I do make sure we get veggies/fruits, protein and healthy carbs in every day. I limit the snacks and sweet stuff. I would love to have the time and energy to try new meals and foods, but right now I'm doing good just to get the basics done. I fail miserably where my exercise is concerned, but Audrey gets lots of exercise at daycare during the week. On the weekends I make sure that at least once a day we are doing something physical like swimming, walking around the zoo, dancing in the house or stuff like that. I need to make more of an effort to get my exercise in, but I can't justify putting her in the YMCA child care when she has already spent 9 hours in daycare while I am at work. And our weekend time together is so precious that I feel that I can't do it then either. She is in swimming lessons once a week, so I exercise then and then I usually exercise during the once a week babysitter visits. I just need to make more of an effort to put Audrey in the bike trailer or jogging stroller and get some exercise! Housekeeping/Home ImprovementI rent the place I live in so home improvement isn't an issue thank God! I do have quite a few decorat[...]



I had a blog for some musing on divorce and how to survive. I decided since I'm not posting at either blog I might as well merge that one into this blog. Maybe if I have only one blog I will actually post to it! Here's hoping!

So many ideas, not enough time


When I moved from MN to KS I was able to see how much crafting stuff I actually had and for how many different types of crafts.  What follows is not an exclusive list of what I have the supplies for.
  • Knitting
  • Spinning
  • Crochet
  • Quilting
  • Embroidery
  • Beading
  • Paper crafts
  • General crafting
I have the most volume in the supplies for knitting and spinning, with the amount of yarn I have surpassing everything else by a wide margin!  When I organized my yarn stash I found that I had enough yarn to make four different sweaters, and at that time I was waiting on yarn for two more sweaters.  I'll write about that yarn later.  I also found that I had enough sock yarn for over 12 pairs of socks.  I have since gone through my sock yarn stash and matched up yarn with patterns.  I also have odds and ends of yarn for baby hats and misc projects. 

I also have a sewing machine and a stash of fabric.  I finally got my sewing machine out of its box this past week.  It was so dusty!  I thought about it and realized that it had been in its box for a year.  About time I got it out!  I've been wanting to make some pillow covers for my love seat and pew, and some pot holders.  But the first project I will start on will be a sewing machine cover.  I picked up the book Fresh Quilting and will be making the sewing machine cover on the front of the book. 

 Now that I'm finally settled into my new life and Christmas is over I've been feeling the pull of all my crafting supplies and knitting projects that I have already started.  I feel a bit scattered and need to come up with a plan to tackle it all, balancing completing old projects with starting new ones.  Time to dig in!

What to do


I"m not sure what to do with this here blog.  Sorry, had to use some down-home lingo now that I'm back in KS.  I can't delete it because I still get tons of hits for the  Two Color Brioche Stitch Scarf Pattern , at least 200 a month!  Last month the blog got over 1,200 hits and I'm betting that at least 99% were for that pattern.  So, no deleting the blog. 

On the other hand, I'm not quite yet comfortable with using to to journal daily life with pictures, stories and projects.  Ever since the divorce I have been very protective of my personal life, specifically not wanting my ex-husband to know a single darn thing about me.  I already resent what he has to know because we have a daughter together.  I do know that he used to search the internet for stuff about/from me and I got some of it thrown back in my face during an argument. 

But being realistic, it has been almost a year since the divorce was final.  The ex has had the same girlfriend for the past year and has moved in with her.  So, the odds of him regularly searching the internet for me are low.  I would bet that as long as I kept pictures of our daughter off of the blog that he wouldn't even care about anything else here. And I would have to make sure to keep anything off of the blog that could come back and bite me in the rear.  That is what my twitter account is for!   

I know I could keep it just to knitting/craft projects, but I'm not sure I couldn't let some personal stuff slip through.  I need to be ok with the occasional personal stuff being out there before I start writing.  And how boring would a blog be if it was just about X project, Y yarn and Z modifications.   I want to write a blog that I would read myself! 

So, all that to say that I think I am going to, cautiously, start posting again.  As I have time of course, and after the whole privacy issue, time is the next biggest issue.  Overall, I think it would be good for me to start blogging again.  I do need to lower my expectations on how I blog and the quality of the pictures that I post. I tend to be too much of a perfectionist! 

Hopefully this space will have lots of new stuff soon!

Stand in the place where you live


So, a lot has happened since we last talked.  I feel like I have been doing a lot of updating people on where I am right now.  Everyone wants to know how I'm doing, what I'm doing, where I am now, and how Audrey is handling it all.  I know this mostly comes from love, even though I have had a few "rubberneckers" drive by my life.  You know, the type of person who doesn't really care, but loves to hear about disaster and mayhem. 

Fortunately most of the disaster and mayhem is behind me, I hope!  If you want the short version, Audrey and I moved to Kansas in July.  We are living in Wichita, which is about one hour away from my parents and my brother lives in town.  I've got an excellent job that so far I am enjoying.  Audrey is doing great and has adjusted so well.  She loves being so close to Grandpa and Grandma.  If you want more details they are below the jump.

The divorce was final in February 2010.  My ex-husband agreed that Audrey and I could move to Kansas, it was just a matter of me finding a job.  I finally found one and moved down in July.  I won't say here exactly where I am working, but it is for one of the local colleges as their Internal Auditor.  It is a big job with lots of challenges, but the people are great!  

Audrey has adjusted well to her new daycare and biggest news of all is wearing big girl undies!  She is so proud of herself, and I am too.  She will be turning three next month and I can't believe how big she has gotten.  She has taken all the changes in stride and has had a blast playing with her cousins and going to the swimming pool.

I haven't made it to the local yarn store yet, but hopefully I will soon.  I really don't need more yarn, right now I have enough to make at least 4 sweaters, but I am hoping to find some friends.  I'm attending church and hoping to find a few friends there too. 

Right now I'm just trying to soak up as much of the summer as I can while settling into my new life.  Audrey continues to be my joy, while God continues to be my strength. 

WIP Wednesday, on Thursday


I'm trying to work through my Works in Progress (WIP) because having all these half finished projects laying around is driving me crazy!

The first are my Lacy Rib Socks. This is the first sock. My goal for the next week is to turn the heel.

Next is my Daybreak. I love this thing, but with each row getting longer as it gets bigger makes it hard to stick with it. Goal for next week is to finish two stripes in each color.

My little helper saw me taking pictures and came to investigate. So she insisted I take pictures with her in them. And it is such a shame to not use cute pictures!

Funny story about the term WIP. When I moved to Kansas (oh, by the way, I moved to Kansas) I packed a box of my WIPs and marked it as such. When I moved into my new place people from mom and dad's church helped unload my stuff. Sure enough, my old youth leader picked up the box and said "Wips?" with a very confused look on her face. I laughed and explained to her what it was. I'm so glad she asked instead of just assuming!

Ten on Tuesday


Ok, if I don't just start blogging then I won't ever start! Eventually I'll get to the big life stuff, but for now, here is my Ten on Tuesday contribution!

10 Reasons to Love Bacon
  1. BLT - got to have lots of mayo and homegrown tomatoes
  2. Hot Bacon Dressing - it was a revelation the first time I ate it on a salad
  3. Eggs fried in bacon grease - so yummy
  4. Eggs with Bacon - can't go wrong
  5. Bacon crumbles on a salad - who cares if salad is supposed to be healthy
  6. Bacon wrapped anything - bacon makes everything better
  7. Crispy Bacon - can't have limp bacon
  8. Thick Bacon - so good to sink your teeth into
  9. Bacon on a Hamburger - don't get it very often, but love it when I do
  10. It is bacon! Is there really any other reason?
Hope everyone is having a good week!

Good Riddance to 2009, Hello 2010!


To say that 2009 was a rough year would be a bit of an understatement. I am so happy to see it go and am very hopeful about 2010. There is a lot that is up in the air and there are still rough times ahead, but I pray that the worst is behind me.

I know that God has an awesome plan for me and He's already given me a small peek into what He has planned. Now I just have to have patience and wait on His perfect timing.

Audrey continues to be such a blessing. I wouldn't be doing as well as I am now without her. I pray that I can continue to do what is best for her during this situation.

I've been doing some knitting and some spinning. So hopefully I will be able to share those projects here soon.

I hope that you have an awesome 2010!



I needed to be creative tonight, but didn't have much time or energy. So I pulled out my paper and Fiskars templates and made these.


I have always had a hard time knowing how to tell people how to wash knitted gifts. A card can get separated from the gift and i know I would forget if someone just told me how to wash a gift. Now I can write the washing instructions on the back of these tags and tie the ribbon to the gift.



I am up late, or early depending upon your perspective, with a sick little girl. I had the strangest dream tonight. I dreamed that I had fallen asleep with Audrey on the couch. Alan came home from work and touched my hand. I woke up and he asked how his girls were doing. That is when I woke up. The dream was so real that for a minute I wondered where he was. Then it all came back to me. Luckily Audrey needed me so I didn't have time to break down.

The dream was strange because most of my dreams about Alan are of me crying or trying to talk to him and him being cold and distant. It was kind of nice to have a different kind of dream, but also heartbreaking at the same time. I would never take back the man he is now, but I desperately miss the man he used to be.

Imperfect Solution


I am trying to find a good way to post from my iPhone and like most things in my life right now this is an imperfect solution. My husband and I are getting a divorce. This isn't what I really want, but he has left me no other choice. I have put up with a lot, made many changes and tried as hard as I can, but I am done.

Over all I am doing very well. My daughter is the light of my life. I would not be doing as well as I am without her. Many things are changing, but I am looking forward to the rest of my life.

Even with the imperfections in my life God has been faithful. He has been my rock and refuge. He has blessed me with an amazing daughter and family. I am so very blessed. James 1:2-4

Imperfect solution


I am trying to find a good way to post from my iPhone and like most things in my life right now this is an imperfect solution. My husband and I are getting a divorce. This isn't what I really want, but he has left me no other choice. I have put up with a lot, made many changes and tried as hard as I can, but I am done. I have a blog about all this, but I'm not sure if I will keep writing in it. If you want to read it, comment with your email address or send it to me and I will email you the link.

Over all I am doing very well. My daughter is the light of my life. I would not be doing as well as I am without her. Many things are changing, but I am looking forward to the rest of my life.

I am still knitting and spinning, but not as much as I want too. Right now it is warm in MN so I want to take advantage of that. Audrey and I are spending a ton of time outside and right now we are in KS visiting family. There will be plenty of time over the winter for knitting and spinning. I also have plans to turn the "man cave" into a craft room over the winter.

I have started running again and am really enjoying it. My goal is to run on a regular basis over the summer to justify the purchase of a treadmill for the winter.

Even with the imperfections in my life God has been faithful. He has been my rock and refuge. He has blessed me with an amazing daughter and family. I am so very blessed. James 1:2-4

Sorry for all the tests


I think I figured it out.

Let's try this again


Can you see it now?

With a pic


Now seeing if I can add a picture.



I'm trying to figure out a way to blog more often. This is a test post from my iPhone.