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Updated: 2018-01-15T16:34:39.155-07:00


I will win!


Day 6 of the Cold-Flu that has consumed me.Yesterday, I felt a little betterand needed to run some errands.I made it to the library(very overdue DVD's)I made it to my LQS(2nd Saturday BOM pickup)I made it to the Bank andI made it to the store formore medicine.Then I came home andcollapsed on the couch forthe rest of the day.Sewing this week? NopeKnitting? about 2 inches of a hatHand stitching? NadaI will beat this flu...I will overcome it!Today, I am going to attempt to cut the 2" squares for the final row on my Trip Around the World top.Hopefully I can hand stitchsome squares today. I haveplans to hand quilt the topthis Winter.What are you Slow Sunday Stitching?[...]

Quilters unite to help...


The Ventura Modern Quilt Guild
is collecting this quilt block (below)
to make comfort quilts for
victims of the Thomas Fire
in California.

Hope you can help.

Pattern and info is at



First Slow Stitch Sunday of 2018


New year...
New goals....
New ideas....

I am going to try some of the
one week challenge goals

The first theme: Hometown Proud

My first thought was a landscape
quilt of the beach town I lived in...


 or Lifeguard Tower

But then, I haven't lived there in
years, so maybe something closer
to my current Home Town....

Mountains...Antelope Island...

I'll have to think quickly and get
working on it, since I have to
have it completely finished 
within one week.

I will start knitting another
red baby hat for the 
February Heart disease awareness.

What are you working on?

January Finish goal


My project to finish during
the month of January is my
Welcome Wall Hanging.

I need to finish machine quilting
it, then add the binding.

I will be keeping this quilt for me.

2018 UFO List


I have made my UFO list for 2018...multiple times.Some projects on the list are so closeto being finished.Some projects, I am still debatingif I want to finish or just donate the list is...1.Preprinted pinwheel(no photo)Quilt and Bind2. K & H StarsLocal quilt shop BOM Last pattern will be issued August Piece blocks and put top together3. Pinwheel StarsSew blocks-Finish into top4. Pine Tree QuiltAdd borders-Quilt-Bind5. Pieceville VillageFinish making the blocksSew top-quilt-bind6. Paper pieced ButterflyMake one more blockSew top-quilt-bind7. Scrap 5" bowtie37 blocks made-finish top8. Purple pinwheel(no photo)Quilt and bind9. Black n White with a zingPut top together-quilt-bind10. Welcome HangingFinish quilting and bind11. 30's SamplerSew more blocks12.Twenty-four VillageMake at least 9 more blocksThere it black and whiteHere's to a year of Finishes![...]

Last post for 2017


2017 is coming to an endin just a few hours.It's been a year of Good,Bad and downright Ugly.2018...what does it hold for me?I hope more time with the family,more time to create and more time to learn.This is my final quilt for 2017.It's my first (and only) jellyrollquilt. It was made for myson-in-law's birthday.The front is cotton...the backand binding is flannel. It will bewarm, but using flannel binding was a bugger. I willnot do that again.In 2018, I plan to do a different Service-Charity-Comfortproject each month. ForJanuary, I am starting offwith knitting hats for localhospitals for the FebruaryLittle Hats-Big Hearts projectI have also joined in the Dresden House block SALat Persimon dreams  I am ready for a challenge toget me out of my comfort zone.For today's Slow Sunday Stitching.I am going to put some morestitches in my Christmas Nativity (that I did not finish)What plans do you have for 2018?[...]

Christmas Eve 2017


Merry Christmas, Blog World.I hope you are having a happy and safeHoliday, wherever you are celebrating.I finished the binding on the twoquilts I am giving for Christmas.First my daughterYears ago, she asked for a Fall themedquilt. "No problem" I said....Then I made one for my daughter-in-law,who has a Fall time birthday.Then I made one for another daughter.Then I started this one for my daughter,but it sat and sat....unfinished.I think she will be surprised.....Next up, my Husband....The pattern is Town Square fromthe The Midnight Quilt ShowThe original pattern had the backgrounddone in white, but I did not haveenough white, so black was used instead.I love a crazy pieced backing,that also uses up scraps, so thisis the solid backing of his quilt.I cleaned out my box ofsolid cottons. I can even put thelid back on the box!For todays Slow Sunday StitchingI will be finishing one lastquilt binding for a birthdaygift quilt. Pictures to follownext time.....As the New Year is quicklyapproaching, I am ready to beginsome new chapter-adventure in Life.I want to learn something new...get out of my comfort zone....maybe make a fool of myself...What are you going to do in 2018?[...]

In the home stretch for Christmas sewing....


I am down to the last few days of
Christmas sewing time.
The pressure is on....

The result of last weeks goals:

I finished
binding on V's quilt
knitting W's hat

This week's goals:
18-24 December

Finish binding on W's quilt-DONE
Tie B's fleece blanket
Knit M a hat

We will be delivering the kids-Grandkids
Christmas gifts over the weekend.

My daughter already gave me my
Christmas...she knew I would 
purchase it by New Years, so she
wanted to get it to me early.

It's a new (to me) style of planner
called Commit 30.
You plan a goal for each 
30 day-month time.

I am looking forward to a year
of challenging myself in my
Art and Landscape quilts.

Do you have any creating goals?

Sabbath dinner with the Family


Once a month, we get all ourchildren and their childrentogether for a family dinner.I LOVE IT!I grew up far away from myGrandparents, so I only saw themonce a year. I love having thekids just a car ride away.Tonight, they are all going toexchange Christmas giftsand eat dinner and talk.It is going to loud and crazy andI LOVE IT!I finished the binding on somequilts this week. I can not posta full photo of either quilt,because the quilt has not beengifted yet.This is a little bit of my HusbandsChristmas gift. It is called the Town Square Quilt The link isAngela Walters Midnight Quilt ShowAngela made it with a white background,but I did not have enough white fabric,so I used black. I do not do much traditional blockpiecing anymore, so this wasa fun quick project to use up scraps.Today, I hope to get in some morebinding stitching on one lastgift quilt, but I still need to finish up decorating the house for the party.I also need to make my UFO Challenge list for 2018.So many projects to choose from...SO MANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What are you working on?[...]

Back to what worked in the Past


For a few years, I use to post a
weekly to-do/goal list here at
my blog of what I wanted to sew

Somewhere, somehow, I stopped
making that list and created by
deadlines...usually at the last minute.

Back to a Monday posted list for me!

This week: 11-17 December

Finish the binding on V's quilt-DONE
Finish the binding on J's quilt
Finish the binding on W's quilt
Finish tying B's camper quilt
Finish knitting W's hat-DONE

Yup....I better get busy!'s a comin'.....


Normally, I set goals in the Fallwhen my Husband goes back toSchool and the weather turns cool.I have never been a New YearsResolution kind of girl, but...This year, I am feeling theneed to major changes andreorganization in my Life.I have already decided toparticipate in the 2018 UFO challengeat Patchworktimes.comYou make a list of 12 UFO projectsyou would like to work on...can be acombo of different arts...knitting...quilting...sewing...whatever...I am thinking of also doing thescrappy quilt challenge atPersimon DreamsI have my Trip around the Worldhand sewn quilt top thatis almost at the quilting stage.I could have it done by December 2018!I also want to find some Art QuiltChallenges to enter during the year.Do you have any blogs or websitesI could visit for challenges?Another change is my Health.Without going into too much detail,I need to get healthier...especiallymy Liver...lose some weight wouldbe nice too. I have started witha program at a local Hospital, butneed to keep progressing forward! 10 year anniversaryis coming up as blogger.I want to do something to celebrate,but am at a loss to know what o do...Any suggestions?For todays Slow Sunday StitchingI am still doing binding on Christmas gift quilts. I am getting another quilt on Tuesday from myquilter, so it just keeps going on and on(and on..........)What are you working on?[...]

Plans for 2018


I am ready to start making plans for 2018

What do I want to create?
Where do I want to go and explore?
How do I envision the next year?

I definitely need to finish some WIP,
both in quilting and knitting. 

I am going to join Judy at
with her 12 month-12 project list.
You can list any 12 projects...knitting,
quilting, sewing, whatever.
Each month Judy will choose a number
1-12, and you do that number off your list.

I am also planning a big trip in the Summer
to see family and attend a wedding. I am
also going to see two I have
not seen in years!

My Weigh to Health program is still 
on-going thru July of 2018. I have stalled
out on weight loss, but I am recommitting
to getting healthy again.

What are you looking forward to for 2018?

Art quilt Challenges for 2018-2019


I am challenging myself to enter one
or two art competitions in the next 
year. Of course, it would be nice to
win, but more important, to challenge
and push myself.

I want to share some of the contest
info I have found for 2018-2019. If you
have a quilt challenge that is open
to residents of the USA, being
held during 2018, please let me know

American Icon Art Competition:

Sacred Threads:

Sewing and Quilt Fest of New Jersey: 
New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania 

New Quilts from an Old Favorite:
2019 Theme-Oak Leaf & Reel

International Quilt Fest 2019:
Blue and White Quilts

Tis the Season to create...and sew...


I love Christmas!I enjoy the Celebration ofChristmas with family andfriends and food with it allwrapped up in Happiness and Love!Here is a photo of the completedThree Wise Men Dolls I postedabout back on 12 November. Allstuffed and sewn up.I will be displaying them at our localCreche Festival this weekend. Ilove seeing all the Nativities fromall over the World together.My friend, Nicole, lived in Englandfor a few years and shares herexperiences with her friends.This weekend, we went to herhome to make Door Greeters orPine Swags. She provided the fresh cut Pinebranches and we brought itemsto decorate. I added Pinecones(from Nicole), bows and a Christmas Ornament...itsays "A Savior is Born".Beyond fabric and thread, othercreating endeavors are usuallyout of my comfort zone, but thisone was fun (and a little pokey on the hands)Today, for mySlow Sunday StitchingI will be finishing miles andmiles of binding on quilts. Ido not have any photos, becausethe future quilt owners may readmy blog. What are you Stitching?[...]

Getting ready for Christmas


I love Christmas!

I love celebrating Christmas!

I love decorating for Christmas.

I have three decorating themes
that I change up each year for
Christmas....The Nativity,
The Ocean and Trees and Birds.

I usually decorate every other year
with The Nativity, and the other
years with either the Ocean or Nature.

This year, it is the Nativity.

Years ago, I purchased some
preprinted panels of three
Wise Men  dolls. I added 
embroidery, then sewed and stuff
a set for two out of three of my
children's families. 

I have another set ready to stuff
and hand sew for my daughters
family. Hopefully I will also
finish a last set for me too.

I am going to continue working on
the cross-stitch Nativity banner
(I have posted about the last month)
but it may not be finished this year.

What are you Slow Sunday Stitching?

I am in the creating zone!


I am attempting to plan and finish
my projects on a deadline for the
Holidays this year. In the past, I
was a last minute kind of creator,
but I am trying to change that habit.

Here is my Slow Sunday Stitch 
project from three weeks ago.

And here it is today...

I still have some wording, leaves 
and a few flowers to cross-stitch.

I think I started this kit about
15 years ago. Amazing, the
things you find when you clean
out-downsize your sewing room!

What are you creating today?

Fall has arrived!


Fall weather is in full swing here in Utah.Cold nights with warmish days.Switched out my flip flops for boots andt-shirts for sweaters and scarves.I always begin my Christmas plansin October. I make a list of sewing-knitting-quilting projects I want to accomplish for the Season.I cleaned out my Christmas projectbox this weekend. I have a huge pileof Christmas themed fabric to donate.I also found a bunch of ornaments Istarted sometime....I don't know why or for whomI began to sew them for...They are finished now and will bedonated to the Evergreen fundraiser.Evergreen raises funds for the localWomen and Family Shelter.For my Sunday Slow Stitching, I amgoing to work on this cross-stitchsampler, also found in the Christmasproject box.Another project I do not rememberstarting. It needs a good ironing,doesn't it! I have a lamb tocomplete, plus the wording andall the outlining. I think I willkeep this one for me.What are you working on?[...]

Creating in a crazy World


I do not watch TV, but lately, ourmedia viewing has tripled with allthe crazy weather going on.Our daughter's family went throughan evacuation when their towncaught on fire this last week.Thank goodness there was no lossof life. The fire was stoppedabout 6 houses away from her home.After watching your family go through such an experience, itmakes you appreciate that timewith family is always more important than "things".I am continuing my knitting of hatsfor the November fund raiser forour local family shelter.I am using leftover yarn from mystash, as well as, yarn gifted to me.For my Slow Sunday StitchinglI will be un-stitching a quilt top.I made this quilt for my Husband many moons ago. A friend suggestedI tie it, instead of quilting it. I tied it, and have disliked it eversince I gifted it to him. The tiesdid not hold and the batting hasshifted, causing thin spots.I am going to un-sew it, repairsome ripped seams (from theties) and remake the backing.What are you stitching today?(BTW....the cat in the photo is Poppy.She is a rescue kitty someonedumped at my daughters home2 years ago. She has adopted thequilt as her own)[...]

School has started, but it is still so hot!


The new school year is in full swing,but the weather thinks it is hot...high 90's! We have a Women's-family Shelterin our county called Safe Harbor.Each year, in November, they havea craft sale, a Christmas Tree auctionand a yummy Dinner to raise a large portion of their operation costsfor the upcoming year.This year, my donations are children's hats.I learned how to knit I-cord for this pattern. They knit up quicklyand I am using all those little yarnballs left over from other projects.I received first place ribbons on thetwo quilts I entered into my county fair.This first quilt is from a pattern called"Be My Neighbor". I made it fromsome very bright fabrics that were a gift. I like how it turned out, butthe colors are not really my style, soit is going to be gifted.The second quilt is a Red and White samplerI made, with my Husband's help, for our35th wedding anniversary. He helped pickout blocks that represented our life together. There is a block for our 4 kids,our 8 grandkids and places we have lived. I love Red! Today, for Slow Stitch Sunday, I amgoing to cut and continue hand sewinga set of Nativity pieces for giftingthis upcoming Holiday Season.What are you creating?[...]

Hanging on to the last threads of Summer....


For my Husband, a teacher, hisSummer breaks ends very soon.As usual, this Summer has passedmuch too quickly.I am beginning to get the itch tobe back on some kind of schedule.Do a few of the same things eachday and week.I am attempting to sew a littleeach and every day. It doesn'talways work out, but I am goingto keep trying to get in the Studio.This week, I began a newcomfort quilt to donate (throughmy Quilt Group) to the Women'sand Family Shelter in our CountyI have made two blocks using 2.5inch scrappy squares. The patternis called Star Value and is the January block for Nancy Ziemans2017 quiltalong. My local quilt store is hosting a freestar block of the month. They provide the pattern and yellow fabricand you sew it with your choice ofbackground.I am doing it scrappy with abrown background.I decided to keep on sewing and made the same Ohio Starblock in Red and white todonate to my quilt group.The group is putting togethera auction basket for the UtahQuilt Guild State Fest inSeptember. Today, for mySlow Sunday Stitching, Ithink I will prep (and hopefullystart) a new felt Nativity set.This next week is our localelections and while I work atmy election post, thereis likely to be some sitting timewhere I can sew (or knit).What are you creating?[...]

Another week...more sewing


I am on a roll with using up scraps
for the comfort (donation) quilts

I finished up this quilt top this week.

I created the center from 1.5 inch scraps. All the
scrappy blocks around it, I found in my stash, but
I don't think they are of my sewing....

The quilt top measures 56 inch square.

I started a new comfort top in 2.5 scraps.
The block is called  
the link, it will take you to the 
designers Blog.

I am making the block in white-
off white and print scraps,
with solid scraps in the corners.

As I posted last week, I started a
weight loss program at my
local Hospital. The Orientation
meeting was good...a little overwhelming...
I have started writing down everything
I eat and my exercise time.

For my Slow Stitch Sunday, I 
will working my felt Nativity set...
hand embroidery.

What are you working on?



Today I took my first baby stepstowards being healthier.I signed up and attended the Weigh to Health weight lossprogram at my local Hospital.It runs for one year and includesclasses twice a month on varioussubjects like diet, exercise, sleep and mental health.The first six month goal is to loseat least 7% of your body weight.The second six months is to maintainthat loss and possibly lose more weight.We will keep a food  and exercise diary,which gets turned in at each class.We also have the goal to build up toat least 150 minutes of aerobicexercise each week (by the fourth month)I am equally excited and a little terrifiedabout this new adventure I am attempting.I know I need to lose weight...I will behealthier...have more energy...possibly extend my life time (more family andsewing time is always a bonus)I meet with an dietician next week tostart setting some goals. I can do this...yes I can...hopefully![...]

We are cruisin' now.....


Yesterday I posted a photo of various scrappy
quilt blocks. I took a closer look at them and
realized I did not sew many of them. Not sure
why they were in my scraps bag.

I decided to spend a while sewing today and...

...finished another comfort quilt donation.

I made the center log cabin blocks from
1.5 inch scraps. The two borders
around it are all the scrappy blocks.

It was great to use them all up!

Onto the next project....

I am ready for some changes...


I am married to a school teacherand I use to substitute teach for years.Many folks set New Years goals inJanuary, but in our household, new plans and goals start with the new school year.(which is mid August)I am ready for some changes.I am excited to create and sew and knitI need to make some health changes too.So.....I am enrolled in a weight loss-get healthyprogram starting in August through alocal hospital. It is not surgery, but classesto learn how to eat healthy and exercise.I am setting some sewing-creating goals too.To start off, using up bags and bags (and bags)of scraps. I was saving them for a friend, butshe changed her mind and I already had themcut in usable sizes, soI started sewing blocks to be used incharity-comfort quilts for our localFamily shelter and Police department.It is almost an addiction, once you get started.I began with the 1.5 inch strips and haveworked my way through the bags.I have many, many more to sew.....My local quilt group has a yearly bingoparty. Everyone donates quilt-sewing itemsfor the prizes. This year, I won a quilt frame.I will be setting it up for some Fall andWinter hand quilting...when the weathercools down.This weeks goals:Sew on binding on Be My Neighbor quiltFinish binding by hand sewing itSew more comfort blocks.Today, for my Sunday Slow Stitching,I am going to work on one of myunfinished needlepoint projects.What are you creating?[...]