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Creativity With Corinna

Updated: 2017-07-01T03:37:34.280-07:00


Bibs for Thadeus!


It's been a whole month and a half since I've seen these people. :o(


But soon, very soon I'll be seeing them again.


And of course I can't come without gifts. What kind of auntie would I be? :oP

(image) So I made some bibs.

(image) Thadeus drools....alot! (See the picture of him with the monkey)
So I'm sure these cute bibs will come in handy.
See you soon Thadeus!

I had to move some of these photos around because they didn't upload in the right order. I apologize if you can't enlarge them.

Don't worry kiddos, spring's coming...eventually!



I just had to show this picture I took in early February. SB and GH are looking longingly in the side of the summer toy bin. They haven't played with those toys since Oct/Nov.

Sadly there's just as much snow on the bin now as there was in Feb. *sigh* I know spring is coming any day now but it sure is taking its time! I guess there's not too much I can do about it is there?

Oh well!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

My Knitting donations


I've finally taken pictures of all my knitting so that I can show everyone! I stumbled across a blog that was taking donations of knitted items to give to orphans in Botswana. Apparently it gets a little chilly there in the winter. Who knew!

I managed to get six hats, one scarf, and two pairs of booties finished. I didn't realize how long it would take to get them to the collection place in the states though and now I'm not sure they'll get there in time to go with the rest of the items to Botswana. I'm sure they'll be put to go use somewhere though.

(image) These three are chunky beanies. The white one is new born size.

(image) This scarf and hat set are teenager/adult size. I did it scarf with my own made up pattern. About 12 rows of garter stitch and then 3 and a half inches of seed stitch. It's four feet long.

(image) This is a pixie hat with booties. About 4-6 mths size although the hat nearly fit my 22 mth old daycare girl.

(image) And lastly another hat and bootie set. The pom pom turned out a bit bigger than I would have liked. lol
So next I'd like to knit a couple hats for myself. I just have to order the yarn and then wait for it to come.....I'm still waiting for my double pointed needles that I ordered nearly two weeks ago. Can't wait until they come!

The sewing machine got turned on!


I finished Thadeus' bumper pads in time to take them with me on my visit to the Big City a few weeks ago. They'll fit better once the mattress is lowered I think. Over all I was pretty pleased with my first attempt at bumper pads. :o)
(image) Yesterday I whipped these up at nap time. My cousin Charlene, her husband, and their two children were coming through town for a quick visit. I'd never met their youngest, who's one and a half, and I kinda missed the boat on a baby gift for her when she was born.

So using some seersucker fabric I got for a dollar or two at a garage sale I made a sundress and a pair of shorts. I dressed up a shirt to go with the set and Voila! a couple lovely summer outfits.
I've had those buttons for years and finally found the perfect use for them!




Then I decided to make something for their oldest. I had this extra shirt left over from the daycare Christmas gifts so I made him a tie shirt. Nice and simple. :o) Too bad the picture is so bad. The tie is made out of a dark green plaid.

To top it all off I threw a couple books in the bag to keep them busy on the long drive back home. I love being able to throw together a gift like that from things I have around the house. I didn't have to go out and buy a single thing - not even the books because I have a whole rubbermaid container of books to give away as gifts. :o)

Nope, Nope, Nope...


I haven't forgotten about this blog. :o) I just haven't been up to too much on the creativity front that's all.

I've been knitting and have 4 hats made and half a scarf but no pictures of them yet.
So instead here's a four generation picture of my family taken at Christmas.

(image) Dad, Grandpa holding Thadeus, and my brother.

How to dress for a Canadian winter


(image) This is how we dress for the outdoors here. You need a winter jacket, ski pants and winter boots. Mittens, wristwarmers, two scarves, a toque, and a "neck warmer" (which I had to put on her head because her toque didn't cover her forehead lol)
As a result of all that you get a one year old who has a blast outside even in the -15C weather (that's pretty warm for us) and she did NOT want to quit when her mom came to pick her up. :o)
Today it got above freezing even! Very warm! I could get used to that but I'm sure it'll be back to -40 again at least once before spring.

Ya mean you're supposed to update a blog? :oP Sorry it's been so long!


Well I haven't been up to too much the last 10 days it seems.
I did make some bean bags for a friends 3 yr old son's birthday though.
(image) These are so cute! I've had a few people ask if I'd sell them. I'm not sure if I want to get into that or not.

This time I made a bag for him to hold them in.
(image) Last saturday (Jan 31) I got together with the quilting club ladies to make quilts for our local Crisis Centre. The Crisis Centre is a temporary home for women and their children who are escaping abusive situations. They often come with nothing but the clothes on their backs so a nice cosy comfort quilt brings a little happiness to the children.
We've done this for three years in a row now. This year we're using fabric that I found at a garage sale. A lady was selling 4 boxes (BIG boxes!) of flannel squares. It was nearing the end of her sale so as I was paying for the other stuff I'd bought I mentioned that if she wanted to get rid of the squares she could donate them to the quilting club and we'd use them to make comfort quilts. The nice lady thought that was a great idea and let me have the boxes on the spot! Very generous!
Here's all the squares all layed out on the tables.

No pictures of the finished quilts yet. We'll get together in a couple weeks and take a picture or two I'm sure. We still have a whole box left so we're talking about doing another saturday in March. Should be fun!
Other than all that, I've been knitting. I've moved on from dishclothes to hats! Imagine that - progress! lol No pictures of them yet but I do have to say they're pretty darn cute. :o)

A knittin' fool!


I thought I'd show everyone the knitting I've been doing. Just dishcloths but I think they're pretty nice. :o)
This nice purple woven looking one is for mom.

(image) The following pictures are the ones I made for mom's co-worker. When she heard I was knitting dishcloths she offered to pay me to make her some.
This one's huge. 10"x10"
And a sun! Just what we need to see on these cold winter days. :o)
(image) what should I knit????

Update on the sewing or lack thereof


Okay so since I started knitting my sewing/quilting time hasn't been happening.

I have finished a couple projects in the last couple weeks though.

A friend gave me a bunch of fabric that her boss was giving away. It's mostly garment fabric but there was a large piece of quilted material. So I used that to make a carrying bag for my cutting board and rulers to take to quilting club nights. It's not the prettiest thing but it'll do the job!

There was some left so I made a pillow for the cats to lay on.
PJ's giving me a dirty look for disturbing her while she's on her new favorite sleeping spot. lol

To stuff it I used all the bits and scraps that were too small to do anything else with. Most of it fit in the pillow.
And that's all folks! Nothing too exciting. I really need to get Thadeus' bumper pads done. I hope I find my sewing mojo soon!

Whirl Into Winter Giveaway Winners!


The winners have been picked and they are:
1.) Janice
2.) Peggy

Congratulations ladies! I'm sorry that not everyone could win but I don't think I'm up to making 120 crayon rolls! lol
I wonder if Debi has a giveaway for the spring up her sleeve? hmmmm

This is for you Myra!


Myra was showing pictures of her in ringlets as a child. She was wondering if anyone else ever had ringlets.

Yeah, I had ringlets. Ringlets that facinated the other girls. They all wondered how it was done.

Here I am at about 3 or 4....probably 3. Yep, sportin' the ringlets.

(image) Here I am in Kindergarten. Ringlets are getting longer. I was sick this day so mom took me in to school to get my picture taken and then we went back home. Hence the green tinge and the lack of smile. Oh and mom made that dress for me. Probably while she was pregnant with #3.
(image) And here I am in grade two. Look at those ringlets!!! Wow are they ever long. lol I think this might have been the last year I let mom do the ringlets for picture day.

Ahh the memories...of going to bed with the hair up in the foam rollers and trying to sleep with a lumpy head. And then mom taking them out the next morning, trying not to pull my hair. Good times, good times. :o)

Oh and the other 364 days a year? I wore braids, braids and more braids. I didn't start wearing my hair down until grade 6 or 7.

Ahh, that's better!



Lookie, lookie! Eyelets all the way around! The nice ladies on the Knit and Chat forum suggested a different pattern with the decreases on the beginning of each row, not at the beginning and end like the other pattern. And the results are much better! This one is about three inches square - for the kids to "wash" their dishes in the playroom. It's already been put to good use. :o) Thanks for the help everyone!

Something's not right here.



See how the holes aren't showing up properly on the bottom and right side of my dishcloth? Yeah, no idea what I'm doing wrong. I'm following the instructions right...I think. Maybe the ladies at the Knit & Chat forum can help me. I hope, I hope!

Oh I could just cry! Whhhaaaaa!!!


In preparing what to put in this post I realized that I'd deleted ALL of my Christmas '08 pictures on New Years Eve. *sob* I hadn't taken many but there was a great one of Grandpa, my brother Jody, and Thadeus. And another one of my sister holding Thadeus. And they're GONE! I thought I'd put them on the computer but I guess I didn't cause they ain't here no more!We needed more room on the camera to take pictures of this.... and this..... I had 9 yr old Logan (former daycare boy) and 8 yr old (current daycare girl) Shaylin over for a New Years party. Ohhh what fun we had! We baked bread, ate large amounts of junk food, watched the new Narnia movie, and exploded pepsi.....alllll over the wall and the ceiling. I didn't realize that semi frozen pepsi turns into a rocket when you try to open it! The kids and I were covered in Pepsi as well. We all had a good laugh over that as we cleaned it up. :o) No harm done except the calender was ruined - good thing it was the last day of the year!Logan's older brother Tyler (12) joined us at a bit before 2 am (he had his own teenager party to go to first) and then we stayed up a little longer before finally falling asleep. I took them back home at noon New Years day. We had alot of fun that night and I'm sure the kids won't forget about the exploding Pepsi for a long time to come!I also want to show some of what I've been up to lately in the crafty department.I got some knitting needles that I'd asked for for Christmas and I started knitting these. I did the pink one first, then the orange and then the blue/green one. It was nice to see progress being made as each one got a bit better. I haven't knitted since the summer I was 13 and I was amazed at how quickly I picked it back up. I still have sooo much to learn yet though. I also finished my matryoshka dolls. I clipped and clipped and clipped those darn seams before I turned them and the edges still look lumpy! But they're cute anyways. I actually made a smaller one that was about two inches high but it seems to be MIA. I'm blaming the cats on that one. It may show up one day. I sure hope so. It was the cutest one. :o)They're just the right size to stick in a little girls pocket. Awwww.Free pattern can be found on this blog HERE.And that's all folks! Maybe I'll get more done this weekend - you never know![...]

Whirl into Winter Giveaway


I think winter whirled in here quite a while ago but now it's time for the Whirl into Winter giveaway hosted by Debi!
My giveaway is going to be a crayon roll...which is yet to be made. It will hold a dozen crayons and will be trimmed with ric rac. I may make two and give them both away - we'll see!
So leave a comment here, telling me what your favorite winter sport is, sometime by the 15th of January and I'll do the drawing sometime that day.
Oh and don't forget to click on the snowflake on the right of the blog to enter in all the other 60+ giveaways!
As soon as I get the prize made I'll be posting pictures. :o)

ETA: They're finished! I even found some cute coloring books to go with them.
1st place winner will get first pick and 2nd place winner will get the other one. Good luck!

And the winners are.....(drumroll).....Janice and Peggy! Congratulations ladies!

Christmas Crafts


While cleaning up from the daycare party I noticed that a few of the kids had left the shirt boxes behind. They had such nice Christmas pictures on them that I couldn't just throw them out. So our Monday morning craft was making puzzles out of the leftover box tops. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

I also started an ornament for mom's stocking Monday night. They have such a colorful tree that this one fits in nicely. I found the free pattern at
(image) And I can't believe it but that was the only handmade gift I gave to any family member this year! I think I spent too much time on the daycare gift to even think of making anything else. Everyone seemed to like their storebought gifts anyways. ;o)
My brothers, sisterinlaw, sister and nephew (who's two months old now!) are here until monday so I plan on getting some more visiting in before they all go back to the big city and things return to normal here. I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Daycare Christmas Party


There has been a whirlwind of activity around here lately but things are starting to calm down now so I finally have time to blog!

On the 21st, a sunday, we had the daycare Christmas party. I kept it short and sweet this year. First we had a snow ball fight. I saw the idea for the snowballs online and figured out how to make them myself. They'll stay here at daycare for future indoor snowball fights. :o)

After the snow was all cleaned up the kids opened the books I'd given them. Everyone got a different Usborne book. Next year I won't be selling Usborne so I think I'll put the kids in different age/sex groups and buy multiple copies of the same book from Scholastic or Amazon. That might make picking the books out easier on me.

Then we opened the shirts I'd made them. They were a hit!
(image) The buttons are all the same even though it doesn't look like it.

(image) The girls got the snowmen, with the melting snowmen on the back, and the boys got tie shirts. I wanted to get pictures of all the shirts together before I wrapped them but in true Corinna fashion I was sewing the last few buttons on the snowmen when the first family walked in the door! With all the part timers I have I made 4 snowmen shirts and 5 tie shirts. I had one girl who couldn't attend so I left her shirt undone and I'll finish it next week maybe.

There were still a few kids that hadn't arrived yet (an hour late!!) so we did the pinata. I didn't get a picture of it but we had to take it down and rip it apart with our hands before we could get it open. lol I guess I did too many layers of paper mache!

When the last kids arrived we finally got to the kids gift exchange. They give each other toys to make up for the fact that I gave them books and clothes! :oP After playing with the toys and a few group pictures, which didnt' turn out well, everybody went home and Corinna spent the evening recooperating and cleaning up.

Quilt Hanger


Way back in September, in my second post, I mentioned that I had ordered some quilt hangers online. Well they took about a month or so to arrive because they are custom made. And then it took me until last Sunday to put one up! I'm not sure what I was waiting for because it looks great. I'm really pleased with it.
(image) Displayed here is the quilt I made two years ago....I think it was....or maybe it was last year. hmmm Nope pretty sure it was two years ago. Anyways, it was a mystery quilt on and I turned it into an advent calender. Each day the kids take a turn picking out an ornament to hang as we count down to Christmas. This picture was taking on Sunday....really there's only 8 more days until Christmas!!!!!

I've got the boys Christmas gift shirts finished and I'm working on the girls now. I'm also tossing around the idea of making a pinata for the party and kitchen towels for the parents. We'll see if I have time!

Gingerbread House Party!


This morning the daycare kids and I invited two of my friends and their kids over for a gingerbread house making party. And then I had an extra daycare girl here because her school was closed due to buses not running because of the cold. -50F with the windchill or something crazy like that. lol I'm not going outside to see if it's true or not.
Here are the houses we came up with. Our little friends had already taken theirs home so I didn't get pictures of theirs.

(image) We also read the story of the gingerbread man and danced and marched to music while we were waiting for the icing to dry. The kids all had fun ...and the adults did too! lol

Emily's quilt and Sara's wallhanging


Here's the pictures of Emily's quilt. Nice soft colors and a nice soft batting. :o) Quilted with an allover loopy meander.
(image) The back was a nice purple with clouds.(image) And here's the wall haning I made for my sister Sara's small apartment. This will be her first Christmas where she has her own place to decorate. I hope she likes it!
(image) The back with a label sewn right in the backing.

The Weekend's here again!


I was going to post about Emily's quilt on Thursday so that it would be a surprise for her mommy when they got it in the mail (she reads my blog), but then I forgot. And when I went to put the pictures on my computer today the batteries in my camera were dead! So once they're charged by tomorrow I'll post those pictures. :o)
I used cotton/bamboo batting on Em's quilt and it turned out lovely and so soft. That batting has excellent drape for sure and I do believe I'll have to get some more next time I go down to Winnipeg. I have enough left to do the quilt for S, my daycare girl. Her quilt is cut out, maybe I'll actually get at it one of these days!
I will also be posting about a Christmas wallhanging I made for my sister to hang in her little apartment. I wanted to mail it out this week but it just didn't work for me to get to the post office on time. I wish they would stay open until 5:30 or 6 just ONE night of the week! It would make my life alot easier.

This weekends plans include making bread, making gingerbread house parts and working on the daycare kids appliqued shirts for Christmas. Our party is going to be on the 21st so I've got just over a week to finish them (and I haven't even started yet! lol)
This cold weather just makes me want to sleep though. It's gotten to below -30C which is -24F several times this week. Too cold for me! Perhaps I'll put on my slippers and get my fusible stuff out and get at them tonight.

Nearly finished!


Last night I managed to finish everything on my list except Emily's quilt! I even wore my new pjs to bed last night. ;o) I'll post pictures later on...maybe tomorrow.
And now to tackle Emily's quilt!

Another finish and a weekend to do list


Here's our oreo penguins! The kids and I have studied penguins all week and this was our craft/snack today. Aren't they just darling?It only took 40 mins to make the apron for my daycare girl who turns 5 tomorrow! For some reason I thought it would take longer. huh. Anyways she liked the apron and was willing to model it for me. :o) See....a yellow apron - just like she asked for! And I got to use up some yellow that's been in my stash for a while now. It's very nice looking but every time I tried to put it in a quilt there was nothing that would go with it. It must have known it was meant to be an apron all along. I made it a double layer for extra durability.I put ties on the neck as well as the waist so that it's completely adjustable. The neck ties are a bit long. ;o)So...there's another thing to cross off the list! This afternoon I sat down and made a somewhat ambitious weekend to-do list.1.) Mend Denise's pillow Finished it while the kids were sleeping.2.)Finish client's pj pants3.)Finish my pj pants4.)Quilt and bind Emily's quilt5.)Let out Tyler's dress pants (Tyler is a former daycare child. These pants were too long on him in June and now they're way to short. He's 12 yrs old and 5' 10 1/2"!!!!!)6.)Add some fabric to the bottom of one of GH's pj tops to lengthen it. (Not one of the one's I made him)There you have it folks! We'll see how much I actually get done. Oh and I also have to do lovely things like house cleaning as well. bah humbug[...]

One down....


I just finished the bean bags for my daycare boy who's turning three. I'll give them to him tomorrow. I hope he likes them!

And now I'm going to bed!

Operation Christmas Child


I forgot to mention this yesterday. Every year the daycare children and I work on making boxes for Operation Christmas child. This year one of the girl boxes had room in it still after we'd put everything we had in. So I decided we should make a pair of pants to add to it. My nearly 5 yr old daycare girl looked through my fabric and patterns and decided maybe we should make a skirt instead. AE picked out the fabric but she chose some thin polycotton that was too see-thru so I decided to sew a lining in it. Well.... that soon turned into trying to figure out how to make a reversible skirt that would look good worn either way. The result turned out really well. It's a size 4 skirt modeled by a 2 yr old which is why it looks so big on her. I can totally see myself making more of these in the future.This bread the result of today's activities. A few weeks ago I discovered that I could in fact, make my own bread. And it wasn't even that scary. :oP We made bread with mom alot growing up but as teens making bread became Jody's thing (aka Thadeus' daddy). I do declare that I shall never buy bread again. Seriously people, home made bread is a bazillion times better than the store bought stuff! This time I used a recipe I found online here.292 people left reviews and nearly everyone gave it 5 out of 5 stars - and they weren't wrong! It's totally a 5 star bread. :o) I just need to work on my loaf shaping skills. The middle loaf was way smaller than the other ones. And the third one was a little lumpy on one side.One trick that worked well was to brush them with melted butter after they come out of the oven so that the crust doesn't get too hard. That's why they look so glossy in the picture. I can't wait until the kids wake up from their naps to have some.[...]