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Preview: Heathen Family Revival

Heathen Family Revival

Massaging the minutia of everyday life into something worth reading.

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Yoo Hoo, Over Here!


I've moved!

Heathen Family Revival

Goodbye...Maybe...I Don't Know...


I'm gonna be real honest with you folks. As my loyal readers I believe you deserve to know the truth.

I'm finding it pretty difficult to care about blogging right now.  It's not writer's block or a deficit of time that's been keeping me from this space.  It's not you, it's me. When I embarked on this journey, the internet filled a very obvious void in my life. I was reaching out to find like minded people, parents who got what I was going through and shared my values.  I needed to feel like I belonged to something.  Blogging helped me to look deeper into myself, which ultimately led me to look outside of myself with a more open mind.  By making friends in the virtual world, I have learned how to make better friends in the real world.

It's mostly those three dimensional friends you can blame for my absence. The void I felt 2.5 years ago has been filled.  That empty space was what motivated me to write and now I find myself without inspiration.  Now, before you get sad or mad or hungry, I would like to say that facebook shares some of the blame for my blog apathy.  I have friended most of my favorite blog writers and readers and keep up to date with their lives that way.  It's instant gratification. 

Soooo, I am going to take a pretty good break from blogging.  Maybe forever, maybe not.  Anyone who wants to find me on facebook, is welcome to do just that.  If you're here for the photos, I am active on flickr. I am also on twitter, but that account has withered, so I wouldn't bother. I am not gifted in the 140 character milieu. 

Thank for everything and adieu.

Passing the Torch


The summer is over, at least according to the Labor Day rule, and so for my final Wardrobe Wednesday I give you the final swim of the season.

It was an uncommonly beautiful day and I took some lovely photos of Violet and her friends splashing in the water in their rapidly shrinking bathing suits. 

But, enough about me.

Drum roll please....

The new home for Wardrobe Wednesday will be Feet Off the Table.  The lovely and talented Aliceson will be your host for as long as she can stand it! Go give her some love and share some fashion disasters.

Later dudes.

Violet Has Mail!


This post is woefully overdue, but here it is.

A few weeks ago, a comment exchange with Holly of Cold Spaghetti  resulted in an offer of silly bandz. I gave my consent and address and soon a letter arrived in the mail for Violet.  As much as I love e-mail, there is no substituting the joy of an actual paper letter with your name written on the, a letter that contains Silly Bandz and NOT a bill, that is.

Holly is clearly the Mama of a little girl, because she KNEW even the packaging would be a source of ecstatic joy!

I've Got a Lot of the air


This week we started kindergarten and it is way harder than I thought it was going to be, so I may have to start drinking in the evening.  Violet is enrolled in a virtual charter school.  I know some homeschoolers will say I have sold out to the man, but when the man provides ALL the books AND a computer AND an internet stipend, he's pretty hard to resist.  I LOVE free shit! Anywho, I am still working out how to make this curriculum bend to my will, so I may be a bit of a ghost.

I got myself a few photo gigs and I have been juggling school work and photoshop work and housework and that has left me very little time to read blogs or write blogs or even fantasize about posts in my head.  I have set a goal of writing one post a week and I am going to pare down my blog reader to the bare bones.  Don't worry. If you are reading this, I will probably continue to read your blog.

I started going to a belly dancing class with my friend E and that has been fun and challenging, without making me want to kill the instructor.  I highly recommend it. It is a subtle art form, so there is ZERO workout culture, pep-talking. I hate that crap.

We are now official members of a large learning co-op, as well as a preK co-op......soooooo, I find myself busier than I have been in a looong time.  Remember, I don't multi-task well.

Here's where I drop the bomb.

I am going to discontinue Wardrobe Wednesday.  It has run its course for me and it's time to move on.  If anyone would like to take it over, let me know and I will link to your blog and send participants your way.


Wardrobe Wednesday


I am phoning it in again this week.  This is a wardrobe related page from the scrapbook I'm working on right now.

Incidentally, my blog has been enormously helpful with this marathon scrapbooking.  I just cut and paste this text directly from an old post and voila!

Wardrobe Wednesday


Due to an awesome sale at Winkflash this month, I have a major scrapbooking deadline.  I don't write about my scrapping often, because I don't think it's a very interesting topic, but right now I have pixels on the brain as I try to scrap 12 months of photos in the next 2 weeks.  @$%#!

I was recently trolling the internet for ideas and came across a digital paper pack made to look like chalkboards. I was contemplating a purchase when I realized that I could totally make the paper myself.

I also made the masking tape frame, using my new scanner. How did I ever live without a scanner before?

So, I am totally going to give you these files to download for your own manic scrapbooking.

Chalkboard with Talk Bubble

Masking Tape Frame
*Both files are in photoshop format.

Do me a favor.  If you use my stuff, upload a copy of your work to my Linky.  I would love to steal see what you come up with!

Baby Mine


I was at a birthday party this weekend and caught a little infection from my friend's baby. Baby Fever, to be exact. It is highly contagious, especially for people who have mouthy, independent, soon-to-be school aged kids. I Heart Faces is also running a baby theme this week, so I found myself wistfully flipping through the archives of The Heathen Family iPhoto albums.

I would have posted a photo of the infectious newborn in question, but I was too busy trying not to weep in public to think about training my camera on his little face.

Go check out the rest of the baby photos, but don't blame me if your uterus starts quivering.