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Music to Our Ears

The life of the Horst Family

Updated: 2017-09-07T06:09:53.854-07:00


Happy Slump Day Elder Horst!


Sean has been serving the people of Brazil for 18 months. 
Traditionally, I made him an album of all the family happenings of the last 6 months.
The book is really long because all of his siblings has families of their own now, which create lots and lots of happenings!
I hope you enjoy it :)

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Shutterfly offers exclusive layouts and designs so you can make your book just the way you want.


Happy Bump Day Elder Horst!


I made a book for Sean of all the happenings in our family for the past six months.
Bump Day is a fun way of celebrating the first six months of your mission.  

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Photo books are the perfect gift for any occasion.


Farewell, Elder Horst


Most of our children came to hear Sean's talk in Sacrament meeting and be at his setting apart as a missionary.  Ricky spoke with Sean in Sacrament.  He mentioned that his sons served in Texas and South Africa and his son in laws served in Spain, Baltimore and Italy.  We had a great time together over the weekend.  We ate good food, played lots of games, and laughed and joked endlessly...President Murphy is our Stake President, he set Sean apart as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Sunday morning. Addison, Jordan, Ricky, and Jeremy all stood in the circle as President Murphy set Sean apart as a missionary.Sean asked me to put his nametag on his pocket.We are very proud of our Elder Horst.Bridger and Kennedy were Sean's companions while they reserved seats for us in the chapel. Jeremy, Lindsay, Bridger, Kennedy, Charlotte and Elder Horst.Jordan, Kimalee, Reagan and Elder HorstAddison, Mabulane, Neo and Elder HorstRebecca, Maisie and Elder Horst.  Unfortunately, Dave wasn't able to come.All of us, Vanessa and Mike weren't able to come either.We had a big meal Sunday evening.  Grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, corn on the cob, potato salad, Brazilian cheese rolls and Brazilian lemonade.  We had red velvet cake for dessert, mississippi mud the day before.  I was making all of Sean's favorites before he left.Some cuddle time with Bridger :)Dave Pettey was Sean's Sunday School teacher and Missionary Preparation Institute instructor.  They have become really close friends.  Dave came over to give Sean one last hug before his departure.  Dave has something waiting for Sean at the Brazil MTC.Ricky and I took Elder Horst to the Sacramento airport.At the ticket counter checking in his luggage.Just before we said goodbye......It's hard to let go....Farewell Elder Horst, we will see you in person again, in two years.[...]

Kobob Arch at Zion National Park


Jordan and Sean went on an overnight backpacking trip to Zion National Park to see Kolob Arch.  Here are some of the photos of their adventures.



Our trip to Utah


Ricky, Sean and I arrived home from Florida.  We unpacked and did our laundry the next day.  The day after that, Sean and I left for a road trip to Utah.  Sean drove the entire way, and we had a great time   rocking to the music :)Addison is now a code enforcement officer for South Salt Lake. He will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice in June.We found out that Maisie is going to be a "big sister"!!!  Rebecca is due around Hallowe'en.  Our seventh grandchild :)Reagan looks so much like her father, they have the same smile :)I love that smile!!!Addison missed Mabulane and Neo so much!  They have been in Lesotho visiting Mabulane's family for 5 weeks and were due back the next day.  Addison was kissing and hugging every niece and nephew that would let him :)  Sorry Addison :)Charlotte loved the princess dress I made for her second birthday.Poor little Maisie didn't like being thrown here and there in the bounce house!Reagan adores baby dolls.She is a little mother.Jeremy did an incredible job on the fence around his house.Reagan also looks like her mom :)Charlotte is the oldest of the four grandaughters born within seven months of each other.  Reagan is the youngest.  Charlotte thinks Reagan is a baby :)Charlotte is 2 years old now!Maisie will be 2 on July 7th.Neo is back from Africa!  Neo will be 2 on October 14.Reagan will be 2 on November 17.[...]

Our Trip to Florida


Ricky, Sean and I spent four days in Destin, Florida.The sand is like sugar and the water is emerald green.Here are some photos of our hotel room.We rented a pontoon boat and rode around for most of the day.  It was so relaxing to just lie back and soak in the sun.  Here's the Captain.We did a lot of snorkeling.  We saw one stingray and a lot of fish.  Luckily I was in the boat when we saw the stingray!!!Let me introduce you to the Skipper.  He drove most of the time.There aren't any pics of me, but this is what I did the whole time!I loved it!!!The sand dunes are so gorgeous.The Skipper pulled us ashore for a picnic.While we were cruising, we ran across a pirate ship.Sean rented a scooter for two hours and had a blast!!The main purpose of our trip to Florida, was to visit Grandpa and Glenda.  Sean and I paddled around the whole lake in Grandpa's backyard.  It was a beautiful day, sunny with a little breeze and no humidity :)Lois, Doug and Cheyenne came to visit us.  It was so wonderful to see them and meet their daughter Cheyenne.  Cheyenne is a little nervous of Spanky.  She soon realized that Spanky is really sweet.Cheyenne loved Grandpa!!! Don't you love this photo?Here we all are together.[...]

Sean's Birthday


Sean turned 19 on March 15.  I made him the Best Ever Chocolate cake.  It is really good and chocolaty!!!

Hope all your wishes come true!


Look what Sean got for his birthday....his visa to Brazil has been authorized.

We won't be sharing Sean's birthday with him for two years!


Tea Party


We had a tea party one morning.  We invited Shauna, Kennedy's other grandmother and Lee, Kennedy's great grandfather.  Lee had never been to a tea party before, it was his first one!  He was very excited :)
We had a fruit plate, a vegetable plate, crackers and cheese, and bread and jam.  We drank fruit punch with fancy straws.  The kids helped me make Scotch Shortbread cookies with icing.  It was fun icing them!!  Unfortunately I didn't think to take any photos of the food. 
All the girls wore fancy aprons.  After lunch, we played Bingo.
I tried to take a photo of the four of us.
Kennedy, Charlotte and both of their grandmothers.

Great Grandpa, Kennedy and Charlotte

Our tea party was an activity I will always remember :)


Looking after three of my grandchildren


At the end of February, I looked after Bridger, Kennedy and Charlotte for a week while their parents went on a cruise.  I was so excited to spend time with them although it was pretty exhausting.  Go, go, go!!!  Even though I had six of my own, I was like Lindsay back then.  Doing everything.  I am out of practice now.Here are some of the things we did......but only some of them :)I was too busy to get my camera, most of the time!Charlotte loved wearing my jewelery.I took Kennedy and Charlotte to their dance classes.Do you know why Kennedy's face is so lit up?  It's because.....Charlotte is coming is coming towards her...............for a great big hug from her favorite sister :)The dance teacher invited Charlotte to do the "princess walk" with her sister.  Charlotte was thrilled!Now it's Charlotte's dance class.Charlotte can make a "sandwich" with her feet. allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />Dave came over one day with his police car and ran the siren and flashed the lights!  Rebecca made dinner for us that night :)Neo, Bridger and KennedyBridger loved his monster shake before he went to school...........and they ate their eggs in the hole all up!  Kennedy looks like a sleepy head :)Snack time, Crazy time!One evening when I checked on the children before I went to bed, i found Little Miss Sleeping Beauty.  Can you believe it?  ha ha ha!!It had been two weeks since I had seen Ricky and Sean.  When I cam home, Sean had a welcome sign for me on the chalkboard.I was able to do what I wanted, whenever I wanted when I got home.  The best of both worlds.  Don't worry young moms, I have put in my time.  To everything there is a time and a season.....[...]

Sean's 19th birthday


We celebrated Sean's birthday today by having corned beef and the trimmings for St. Patty's Day and homemade mac and cheese, Sean's favorite.  

I made him the "best ever chocolate cake", and it was huge for just the three of us :)  We went to see the movie, "The Lorax".  It was so good!!!
Did you know that Brazil is the most difficult country to get a visa for?  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints has made an agreement with Brazil so their missionaries can teach the gospel of Jesus Christ there.  All missionaries must be Seminary graduates,  and their time at the Missionary Training Center counts towards their being able to get a visa there also.  Most of the missionaries don't get their visas by the time they are scheduled to leave for their missions, so they have to bide their time in the U.S. until their visa arrives.  Sean is scheduled to leave for Brazil from the Sacramento airport on April 24.  
We came home from the movie theater and saw this!

The visa isn't in hand yet, but we are sure it will be!  Yeah!!!!!


Sean's Endowments


On February 18, we went to the Jordan River temple for a very special day.

There is nothing more wonderful than being in the temple with your children and their spouses.

Afterwards, we went to Rebecca and Dave's home and had a feast!  Homemade hamburger buns with pulled pork, salad and veggies.  Lindsay made some delicious homemade oreos.

Sorry, no photos of the grandkids.  I was enjoying myself too much to take the time ♥


Sean's Mission Call


We were pretty sure that it would take Sean's mission call about 10 to 14 days to arrive.  Sean took the mailbox key and put it on his key chain, and checked the mail daily.  Little did he know that I had an extra one :) I checked the mail a few times to see if the large white envelope was in the box.  When it wasn't, I just left the mail there for Sean to find.  One day Sean was late getting home from work.  I checked the mailbox and imagine my excitement when I spotted a large white envelope titled "Elder Sean Christian Horst" in the box.......I thought about leaving it there for him to find but what if he didn't come straight home?  It would just sit there.....what to do, what to do? There was only one choice.......grab the envelope, and run jumping and screaming to the house to tell Ricky the news!!!!  That's right, I skipped and jumped back to the house, singing and singing and singing.  I didn't care who saw me.  That is my story, our last missionary, a ton of excitement!
Please excuse my silly gasps and oohs and aahs as I film Sean opening his call.  Enjoy!

allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />

We had a guessing game within our family, and our police chief who really wanted to be included.  Everyone guessed where Sean would be called.  Seven people guessed Brazil, including the police chief!  I promised a little prize to all those who guessed the right country.  Here is what I came up with..
A gift bag with the Brazilian flag, filled with.....
A box of white chocolate covered oreo cookies, some Brazil nuts, a bottle of acai water, and a page of interesting facts about Brazil.
Only Ricky and I were there when Sean opened his call, but he called his grandparents and brothers and sisters afterwards.


Our Family


Ricky and I were married in  1980.  We had 6 children, there were 8 of us.  One by one, our children were married.  Now, there are 19 of us!  We have received countless blessings over the years, with a few trials thrown in.... Life wouldn't be life without some trials, they help refine us and hopefully develop us into better, more wise and insightful and thoughtful people.  Lindsay's friend, Jennifer Gray, took our family photo, the day before Thanksgiving.  I absolutely love them!  Here they are in order..Ricky and IOur children, (left to right)  Addison, Vanessa, Jordan, Rebecca, Sean, LindsayRebecca, David and MaisieLindsay, Jeremy, Bridger, Kennedy and CharlotteJordan, Kimalee and ReaganAddison, Mabulane and NeoVanessa and MikeSean with us.  Sean has been called to serve in the Brazil Porto Allegre south mission for 2 years.  He will be leaving April 24, and he will be speaking Portugese.All 19 of us!Ricky and I with our six wonderful and adorable and sweet grandchildren ♥Now let me introduce you to them...Bridger is 6 l/2 years old, and is in Grade one.  He is in the Chinese immersion program at school.  In the morning he learns math and spelling from his English teacher and in the afternoon he learns everything else in Chinese.  Since the first day of school, Bridger's Chinese teacher has never spoken English, only Chinese.  It is incredible how fast Bridger is learning, he is like a sponge.  Bridger is a Lego enthusiast and constructor, and he takes private gymnastics classes.  He is so flexible, and can arch his back so that when he lies on his stomach, his feet go way past his head! Kennedy is 4 l/2 years old and will be starting Kindergarten in July. She goes to preschool and takes dance class.  She had her first recital in December, and her second one will be in June.  Kennedy is a silent observer and knows a lot of reading and spelling words just from watching Bridger do his homework.  Kennedy loves dressup and tea partie, playing with dolls, and everything homemaking.  Her most favorite thing in the world is her baby sister, Charlotte.Charlotte will be 2 in April.  Charlotte has the "Horst brute strength", and has loads of confidence.  She loves soft things, sleeping and sucking her thumb (which she only does in her crib).  Charlotte is a leader, all the other babies want to do what Charlotte does.  She adores babies, and plays the mother role really well.Maisie is 19 months old and full of emotion!!! In one minute she can go from laughing to crying to laughing again.  She is so animated, she talks non stop, although we aren't quite sure what she is saying most of the time.  Maisie loves to clap and clap and clap and she loves talking on the phone.  She has called me quite a few times, and we have a great chat together.  Neo is 16 months old.  She was born 8 weeks early at 3 pounds.  She has caught up, and was walking by her first birthday.  Neo is shy, but will warm up to you when she gets to know you.  When Neo is around people, she will just stare and observe.  She is very curious about what people do and say.  She may even stand like a statue, just watching....Neo has started talking a lot, although no one is really sure what she is saying.  Neo is really ticklish and loves other children.Reagan is 15 months old.  Her whole face lights up when she smiles.  Reagan loves to carry a baby doll around with her, especially naked ones.  She loves undressing them. Reagan is easy going, and not shy at all.  She seems very mature for her age, and she can do cute little tricks.  Her tw[...]

Temple Square


Lindsay plays her flute in the South Jordan community orchestra. We all went to the Assembly Hall on temple square to watch her perform.  The Christmas music filled us with the Christmas spirit.You don't notice the cold too much, maybe because you are surrounded by the warmth of millions of lights.  Ricky took our photo.The Salt Lake temple is so beautiful, all of our children were married there.Ricky and BridgerMaisie and SeanMaisie and Rebecca, Dave was on duty.We walked two block to Olive Garden, and it was COLD!!![...]

Thanksgiving Day


This is the first Thanksgiving that we have spent together since before Addison went on his mission.  We had a great day.Bridger, Kennedy and Vanessa made pilgrim hats that were good enough to eat!  A lot of concentration going on....While we were making last minute touches on the dinner, decorations and having fun with the children, the men were outside keeping watch over the turkey.  Jordan brought over his deep fryer, and expertly seasoned the turkey.  He does have a specific method!  Sean was with them, I don't know where he is at the moment.We had dinner at Lindsay's house and the tablesettings looked like a magazine spread. She transformed a paper grocery bag into a turkey filled with popcorn.  Bridger loved eating the insides of the paper turkey.The dinner was delicious!  We always have pretty much the same foods, our Thanksgiving favorites.  Doesn't that turkey look delicious?  Good job Jordan :)  The skin is crispy and the inside is so moist.  Lindsay made homemade rolls, homemade cranberry sauce, and stuffing.  I made mushroom turnovers and green beans with toasted almonds.  Vanessa made sweet potato mallow, and Mabulane made mashed potatoes.Rebecca made 2 vegetable dishes, mashed parsnips and I forget what the other one was.....We have a Thanksgiving tradition that everyone says what they are most thankful for, I almost enjoy that more than the food.  Our family is growing!We were all so stuffed, just like the turkey!! We played Thanksgiving Bingo.  I made too many pictures on the Bingo card, making  the game  quite lengthy.  After that, the men played football to burn off some of the calories.  Dave was on duty after dinner so he didn't get to play.  The girls looked after the babies, and watched the football game.Maisie is in the stroller behind Charlotte and Kennedy.There she is!  I think Kim must have been changing Reagan.Bridger took our picture so we could all be in the group together.Ha ha ha!!! He cut off our heads, I told him to try again.  Good thing Lindsay bent over!!!After that fun outing, it was time to eat dessert.  Jordan made a pecan pie in a tart shell with crushed pecans.  The filling was really good too, there was a hint of cumin.  He also made a sweet potato pie with meringue.  Lindsay made a pumpkin pie with whipped cream.  The crust was really different.  She rolled it up and cut slices like cinnamon rolls and then layered the pie plate with the rolls.  Vanessa made her first pie ever, Harvest Fruit and Nut pie. She made the crust from scratch and put a little heart on top.The guys played Risk and Lindsay, Mabulane, Vanessa and I played Ticket to Ride.  I'm pretty sure that Mabulane won, and Addison won Risk.  Do you notice a camera hog?Neo was so exhausted, she fell asleep in Sean's arms, oblivious to the hoots and hollers from the Risk game.Good night :)[...]

Neo and Reagan


Grandpa and Grammy with Neo

We dropped by Jordan and Kim's house to visit.  Didn't get any pictures of them, but did of Reagan!  
I think it is so cute how Reagan loves her babies naked, and how she sticks out her lower lip.  Classic Reagan look :)


Charlotte and Reagan's fun together


We went to Utah for Thanksgiving which was great!  I looked after Reagan one day and we all had such a fun time.  Reagan really liked the rocket, but she wasn't able to push herself on it very well because her feet barely touched the floor.  No problem......Charlotte was there to help.  Charlotte used her "brute Horst strength" as we call it, and pushed Reagan back and forth, back and forth.  When they came to the end of the hall, or there was something obstructing their path, Charlotte did her best to move it, or the rocket and Reagan, but sometimes she needed help.  I was laughing so hard, it was hilarious! They were both having a grand time playing over and over again!!!

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allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />


Hallowe'en in Utah


I was fortunate to be able to spend Hallowe'en with my children and grandchildren.  Here are some of our activities.Reagan has such sparkly eyes.  I had the opportunity to spend a whole day with her. She was almost a year old.  Reagan was so good, we had a great time together.  I noticed that she really likes baby dolls, she carted hers around with her all day.While I was taking photos of Reagan, Charlotte took a little "thumb sucking" break.  She only sucks her thumb when she is in, or standing by her crib.  Her thumb is so little, I don't know how she gets it in her mouth. Ha ha!!! Charlotte was 18 months old.Neo dressed as a Gator cheeleader.  She was born at the University of Florida hospital, and her father calls her a "gator" girl.  She was a year old.Rebecca dressed as a witch, Maisie was an ice cream cone, and Dave was Gorilla Warfare.  I was a little scared of him :)She's a strawberry ice cream cone with sprinkles, whipped cream and a cherry on top.  Yes, good enough to eat!!! Maisie was 15 months old.Reagan was a bumble bee, and when she crawled, her skirt flared out to show her little bumble bee bottom. That was all you could see from the back, it was really funny.Bridger, Kennedy and Charlotte were Peter Pan, Wendy and Tinker Bell. They were so cute, Lindsay made all of their costumes.  I don't have pictures of them, so you can go to Lindsay's blog to see how sweet they looked.  Her blog is listed on my list of favorites.I went to Gardner Village with Addison, Mabulane and Neo.  We took some pictures by their pumpkin patch and Neo was a little nervous of the witches.I was able to watch one of Kennedy's dance classes, she is very graceful and definately knows how to pose :)We went to Rebecca's and I took a lot of photos of Maisie. She has a different expression every minute.  I couldn't decide which photo was cuter. Neo and Maisie enjoyed playing together.  Went to church with Lindsay and her family.  Bridger, Kennedy and Charlotte looked so pretty in their Sunday clothes.I'm so glad I got to spend Hallowe'en with my grandchildren.  We had some scary but fun experiences trick or treating, including a live zombie who followed me from house to house for a while.  I was really scared but didn't show it at all.  A man with a chain saw, and a witch that told Kennedy to go home.  That was a really fun Hallowed Eve, we really saw the spooks!![...]

Daisy Cottage


I have some quilts I am so fond and passionate about.  "Comforts of Home" and "Thanksgiving Dinner", and "Paperdolls" is still under construction.My friend Lori Holt, has designed all of these gorgeous quilt patterns, and her second line of fabric is now appearing in quilt shops.  It is called "Daisy Cottage". I just love the beauty and simplicity of this line, with only a few colors.  Pink, yellow, gray and white.  Here are just a few of the patterns she has designed to showcase her fabric. Daisy CottageShabby ShadesDaisy PatchMr. & Mrs.Wouldn't these be adorable over the bed in the master bedroom?I would like to thank Lori for inspiring me to create beautiful quilts and keeping my creativity alive!You can visit Lori's blog and see all of her incredible creations.   beeinmybonnetco.blogspot.comFor those of you who know my family, my daughter Lindsay created Lori's blog under Lori's direction :)[...]

Carving Pumpkins


Sean and I got into the spirit of Hallowe'en by carving our own pumpkins. Sean knew exactly what he wanted to do.  He printed a stencil off the computer, taped and nailed, and then carved. Wow, a masterpiece!  Can you tell what it is?  Wait til we turn out the lights and light the candle...... He really did do a great job, don't you think?  BYU, go Cougars! Now it's my turn.  I wasn't really in the mood for creating a masterpiece like Sean's so I went for a "monogrammed" look."H" is for Horst.  We always have to get a photo with the lights off to get the full effect!Pretty spooky, eh?I don't know if you have heard of pinterest, but I am really addicted.  It is you own personal virtual bulletin board where you can pin things you like from the internet.  For instance, I have bulletin boards for quilts, aprons, happy thoughts, cookies, stuff to make for my grandkids, etc.  The list can go on and on, whatever interests you, you can create a board and pin things to it.I found the idea for my next pumpkin on pinterest.  I went to the craft store to buy chalkboard spray paint.  I was able to nab the last bottle, I was so proud of myself.  I thought it was strange that the lid was green, but it was the last bottle so I was just happy to get it...I started spraying and dumb me, chalkboard spray paint comes in a myriad of colors!  I really wanted a black pumpkin but I have a green one instead.  I wrote "7 days til Hallowe'en".  Since it is chalkboard paint, I can erase the words and write different ones.  The chalk didn't write very well on the paint though.  Maybe it needed another coat of paint.   It's always fun to try new things.  I won't even be here for Hallowe'en, I will be trick or treating with my grandchildren!  I can hardly wait!!![...]

A Doubleheader


July 7 was a special is Jeremy's birthday, he was born on 7.7.77  Pretty neat, eh?This year he shared his birthday with Maisie, she turned one.  Jeremy wanted Mississippi Mud for his birthday.  It looks pretty plain in the picture, but it is filled with chocolaty goodness.Bridger was thrilled to help Dad blow out his candles, which aren't representative of his age. We don't have a fire extinguisher anymore, and I didn't think it would be safe.......(I am holding Maisie's birthday cupcake, and will get back to that shortly). Reagan is wondering what all the fuss is about....(her birthday is November 17)...and Kennedy is patiently waiting for July 19th when she turns 4! Maisie is in her beautiful pink birthday dress, with a little tutu skirt. Rebecca has been so careful about what she feeds Maisie.  She always gets a balance of fruits, vegetables, protein, fiber and a little bit of healthy fat.  Well tonight she got her first taste of sugar.   allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' /> Little Maisie got a sugar overload!!!  We couldn't take our eyes off of her, she was so cute. Maisie got a baby doll for her birthday, and she loved her. [...]

Family Reunion


We have a family reunion with the Horst family, every two years.  This year there were a lot of people absent.  Addison, Mabulane and Neo weren't able to attend, and neither were Vanessa and Mike.  Ricky's sister's name is Kelly, and her husband's name is Scott.  They have two young men serving missions, Skyler in Denmark and Morgan in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Their sister Kenzie wasn't able to come either.We had lots of fun just being together and visiting.  It was difficult to know what activities to plan because we just moved to California.  Sean planned a "Minute to Win It" game and we all had a lot of fun with that although I don't have any photos to prove it....Bridger and Kennedy love to play with the toys when they come to visit with us.  We have a Fisher Price dollhouse, western town, castle and pirate ship, along with lots and lots of Lego. Kennedy and Bridger sure are going to miss Sean when he leaves on his mission, along with the rest of us! Kim and Reagan ♥  One day we went to Folson, to look at the shops and antique stores.The men are waiting for the women to complete their shopping :)Walt, Ricky, Jeremy (and Charlotte), Sean and Kennedy and Bridger ....and Jordan and Reagan.  Rebecca and Dave and Maisie hadn't arrived yet, so it was basically the men and the children.Here is a really pretty picture of Charlotte.  If the children looked flushed, it is because the temperature that day was over a 100!I told Kennedy to pose for me, and she did!Reagan is so cute peeking out from her stroller and I thought it was neat that Bridger and Kennedy were interested in pushing the stroller.It was lunch, so we ate some lunch. Sean loves to drink soda and the waitress was tired of refilling his glass, so she brought him a pitcher.  Needless to say, he was very pleased.   Here's a cute photo of Kelly and Scott. We all had fun and caravaned home. [...]



Who has heard of, or is using pinterest?  I love it!!!  I follow a lot of blogs just for the pleasure of it.  I often see something I like, and now can add it to pinterest.  You can also follow family, friend's, or creative stranger's boards to see what interest other people.Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board where you can "pin" all of your favorite things on whichever bulletin board you want to "pin" it to.   I named one of my boards "Happy Thoughts".  I have a lot of spiritual quotations, and quotes that make me happy, or laugh ♥.This is a good quote because for the most part, it is true......until today......I made something that is on my "Handmade Gifts" board.  It is simple, but I am super excited to have used one of my pins from pinterest.  Hopefully it won't be the last time either.It is someone's birthday today, and my  visiting teaching companion and I are giving her a car air freshener from Bath and Body.  The scent is called "Autumn".   You need to check out  You used to have to receive an invitation.  If you need one, just tell me in a comment.  Even if you don't want an invitation, I really, really love comments!!! Hint, know who you are ♥[...]



We packed a lot of fun into our 5 day trip to Utah.  Again, I feel badly for my lack of pictures, I will do better from now on.  We spent some time at the park across from Lindsay and Jeremy's home.  Charlotte literally looks like a doll, she is so cute! Kennedy rode her bike to the park and was so proud of her flower. That evening, we went to Countryfest, an annual fair in South Jordan.  Kennedy took a pony ride, and loved it!  The sun was bright so Neo had to wear her shades. There's nothing better than spending time with your family.  Jordan and Kim were there too, and here is sweet little Reagan.Lindsay and Kennedy rode the ferris wheel together and loved it!  They were laughing and waving their hands in the air.Jeremy and Bridger rode the ferris wheel together but Bridger wasn't as thrilled with the ride.  Let's just say that he was glad when the ride was over.We watched the fireworks and the children were all asleep by the time we were home. [...]

Vanessa's Wedding


I have wanted to post about this for a long time, but have been waiting for photos.  These are the only ones I have, and some were taken with a cell phone.  Vanessa was married on June 16 and I would like to show you more but this is all I have so far...... Vanessa was a beautiful bride.The theme of her reception was a country fair.  Her colors were orange, red, pink and yellow.  The reception was held in our friends' gorgeous backyard.  It almost rained, but luckily the storm blew over.  There were grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy, jelly beans, fruit salad, cupcakes, and lemonade.  I asked Ricky to take our picture together. I love these photos of Sean and Reagan (7 months), Jordan and Kim. I think I made Reagan's flower a little too big...ooops!!!Here are Mabulane, Neo (8 months), and Addison. Mabulane, you're still pretty with your eyes closed, it's the only photo I have with the 3 of you.This is a photo of my dear friend, Mary. She has known me before Vanessa was born.  She was the first friend to hold Vanessa in the hospital after she was born and we have had lots of fun times together throughout the years.Lindsay and I spent a lot of time together the day of the wedding, setting up for the reception.  Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of Jeremy, Bridger, Kennedy or Charlotte :(Sarah is Mary's daughter and she and Lindsay and Rebecca grew up together in Florida.  Sarah has a beautiful family, she just had her fifth baby.Kelly, Ricky's sister was able to come to the reception and it was nice to have her there.I loved seeing so many of our friends, and was so busy visiting with everyone, that I only managed to have a bite of all the delicious food.  [...]