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Shirt Apron Tutorial... Part One!


Are you ready for the "Shirt Apron Tutorial" that I promised you? Well... grab your shirt, a sharp pair of scissors and some pins! Today I will be teaching you the blue shirt apron on the left... the one with the collar. I must warn you though... This is the first or second tutorial that I have ever done in my life... so please bare with me and be forgiving of my mistakes! :)You will also need is a simple "Butcher's Apron" pattern similar to the one above.  As you can see by the sticker, this one cost me only 50 cents at the thrift store.Remember... The larger the shirt, the more room you will have in your finished apron. The one I will be working with today is a men's X-large with a 34-35" length sleeve, which will allow me to make longer ties.I am working with a shirt that has flat felled seams which makes for less work. First off... open your shirt and cut on the back side of the side seam as close as you can without cutting into the front piece of the felled seam.By following close you will have a perfect finished side seam with no need for turning. For those of you using a shirt with regular seams, you will simply cut down the middle of the side seams. You then will need to turn under 1/4" twice to form a narrow side seam.Otherwise the side seams of you apron will look all finished like this. Talk about easy peasy! Continue cutting the same way until you have gone up over the shoulder and back down, cutting your sleeves completely away from the shirt.You will then open up your shirt and lay it flat. Pin the apron pattern piece on the shirt placing the armhole edge even with the armhole of the shirt at one point as shown (white pin). Most likely it will extend beyond the side seam. That is okay! Now this is crucial... Pin the top piece of the pattern so it extends above the top shoulder seam by one inch, and 1/2" this side of the neck seam, just under the collar. The placement of your pattern should look similar to the picture above.Here is a close up of how it should look at the top edge by the collar. Now cut along the pattern stopping just above the red pin at the point of the pattern piece. Do not cut toward the collar in the direction the pin is going.Once cut... your shirt should look something like this along the side...and similar to this at the neck.Next... continue to cut around the neck leaving a 1/2" seam allowance, stopping one inch before the shoulder seam on the other side so you can tapper it like this. You may need to cut a little more off the side to remove the felled seam from the sleeve area. Be sure and tapper it toward the top, being careful not to cut too close to the pocket. My shirt had a larger than normal upper pocket for some reason.To cut the other side the same as the first, you will simply fold the shirt in half matching side seams and pin...carefully matching the shoulder seams and collar edge at the neck (red pin). The shirt now becomes your pattern guide for cutting the other side. Now we are ready to sew!First... finish the curved armhole area by simply running a small zig zag stitched along the edge. Turn under 1/4 inch and top-stitch.You will do this starting from one side to the other, turning under the seam allowance at the collar as you go. Along the collar area, I stitched right on the same stitch line that was already there. Now the fun part... The pocket! Take the sleeve and lay it down as if you were going to iron it. I wanted to have a deep pocket so I placed the pocket pattern piece so it extended 1" above the cuff seam line, lining the first placement line up with the cuff seam across the top. In order to get the pocket so it would be straight on the apron and not higher on one side than the other... I lined the straight of the grain arrow up with the button and placket underneath. Then I cut straight across. It worked great!I then marked the center top of the cuff on the back with a pin...also doing the same to the bottom.This gave me my cutting line for my pocket as you can see at the top of the picture above. Now cut it fro[...]

Shirt Aprons & To Pin or Not to Pin


Back in September... while on a retreat... my friend Lori Holt talked me into getting onto "Pinterest". (Dangerous!) For those of you that are not familiar with it... it is a place where you can organize and share all the beautiful things that you find on the web by pinning them onto boards that you create. It's also a place where you can browse pinboards created by others. So FUN!!!Well... for some of you that would be no problem... but for me it has become quite an addiction! The question today is... " To Pin" or "Not to Pin". One part of me says... "I love it because I am so inspired by all that I see! I find so many wonderful quilting ideas, DIY's, recipes and so much more!" On the other hand... The other part of me says... "If I am pinning I am not getting anything done. It is keeping me from my quilting, blogging, crocheting, genealogy and such!" It actually causes me to loose track of time!My feelings about it all are that it really isn't a bad thing! In fact... there is good that can come of it. I just need a little self control... LOL! Let me explain!The first week that I was pinning, I found a site from Japan that had the cutest shirt aprons re-purposed from used shirts. Well if you know me very well... then you have to know about my obsession with aprons. I immediately got my friend Susann and off we ran to the thrift store to buy used shirts. My... did I ever hit a gold mine! I found soooo many darling shirts for so cheap and bought everyone of them for under $5.00 a piece. I came right home and began dreaming of how I would remake those shirts into cute aprons. Well... Here are the results of two!I will show you the after... then the before. Oh... BTW... I will also be sharing a tutorial for them in the next two posts... so be ready!This is my blue shirt apron made from the shirt below. I simply added trim to the upper existing pocket.For the lower pocket I used the cuff and part of one sleeve adding trim on the edge of the cuff. If you look close enough you will see the under seam of the sleeve in the pocket.There was a label in the front on the lower part of the button placket that I left to give it a little more character... along with the black lettering on the side that said "Wonderwall". I found that to be quite charming so this will now be known as my Wonderwall apron! :)The shirt was an XL in mens. It had feld seams which made it so easy and quick to make. I can't wait to show you!~This second apron... which was actually the first shirt apron I made... was made using the women's XL shirt below.The minute I saw it... I fell in love with it! Mainly because of the red eyelet trim around the bottom of the shirt and sleeves. I also adored the tucks and red buttons down the front. My tutorial will show you how I used the sleeves to make the bottom ruffle. It was extremely fun to make!The pocket was actually cut from the back. You can see on the right that it still has part of the dart left in it. I think that just gives the apron a little personality.Now back to the original question... " To Pin" or "Not to Pin"... that is the question! If you would like to have a look at my Pinterest boards... You can find me by clicking on the "Follow me on Pinterest" button on the right side of my blog. But I MUST warn you... You will be there a while... Tee he hee!Any ideas? Maybe I should give it up for a week to show myself what all I can get done if I am not pinning! Tell me what you think!!![...]

A Little Road Trip... Quilt Shops


A little road trip never hurts anyone and can be exactly what you need after a stressful time. Christmastime is a very wonderful, but busy one for me. As some of you may already know, I have a foundation called ShadowLight Foundation. During the Christmas season we help families that would not be having Christmas by providing gifts for all their family members. This year it was our privilege to help 113 families, almost 500 people. Even though it was so fun and rewarding, it left me very exhausted! That is why I decided to hit the road! I needed a little R & R.Well... what can be more relaxing than taking a long drive.... stopping at some of your favorite quilt shops along the way... spending hours looking around inside and being inspired by all the beautiful quilts and things you see? Nothing if you ask me!!! For us quilters it can be a dream come true! Now that I am back, I would love to share with all of you some of the fabulous things I saw. So... sit back and relax and maybe this will do some good for you too!My first stop was in Brigham City to a little shop called Village Dry Goods. I simply adore this shop. Here are some reasons why! This is the cutest pincushion ever designed by ! I had to have this pattern of course!!! I really loved this one. It is now on my "To Do" list. Great display of darling quilts! Make sure you look at this block up close to see all the pretty stitching around the Grandma's Flower Garden block. So cute!!!Look close at this one too! I love the darling stitches all around the houses. Adorable! I loved this but will never sit still long enough to do that much stitching. I so wanted to bring this one home with me! I love the red on the white. My all time favorite! I love anything by Jo Morton. I so have to make this so I purchased her book... Love it!Isn't this one gorgeous?!Here is a little close up for you on this one. Great colors!!!Next stop was to my dear friend Kris Thurgood's shop, My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe in Logan, Utah. She is one of those darling girls (sisters) at the DIY Dish. Her shop is one of those ADORABLE shops that just scream... "LOOK how CUTE I am!!!" Kris' adorable personality is all over this shop and as you can see by all her creations... she never sleeps at night. One of those over the top, talented gals! Just in side the entrance is a sofa for you to sit and look at a book or two, or ponder all that you have seen. It might even be a place where your friend sits and waits on you (me) when you are having too much fun buying stuff in the other room... LOL! This is one of Kris' darling creations... "My Girlfriend's Apron"... with an attachable towel and flower. Under this fabric tree is a playroom for the kids that come into the shop with their moms.One quilt that we adored was Lori Holt's cute "Home Sweet Home" out of her Daisy Cottage line. We also loved her crocheted pillow cases. Speaking of cute... Check this darling quilt out! I love the simplicity of it... and the cute way that they have attached the free flowing die-cut flowers. This is another of Lori's cute quilts... Daisy Chain... also made from her Daisy Cottage line. But Lori's "How to Make a Valentine" quilt has always been one of my favorites! Cute fireplace and mantel in one room makes you feel like you are at home. Fun ideas everywhere you look! This one is now on my list!!! This was the cutest room ever! I told you Kris has made this so stinkin CUTE! I loved this darling tablerunner...Well... hope you enjoyed the road trip! I will be back soon to show you what else I have been up to. Until then... have a nice weekend![...]

Happy Thanksgiving!


Today is Thanksgiving and I have so many reasons to be Thankful! I have a loving husband that is my best friend, a wonderful family, tons of the best friends ever, a roof over my head, a warm bed at night, a dog that loves me like no other, food enough to feed my family, and a car to take me where I need to go. I live in a free country and I can worship as I please. These are tremendous blessings that I am very grateful for! It is God that I need to thank for them all. I am thankful that I know Him and his Son... Jesus Christ and have them in my life.

AND one more thing... I am grateful for YOU! I love having all of you wonderful blogging friends in my life to share it all with!

Remember... Gratitude is EVERYTHING! 

Gratitude. . . can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend." - Melody Beattie

Have a "Blessed Thanksgiving" and may you have all the turkey, dressing and pie that you can hold!

Love to you all...

Friday's Feature... A New Apron


I can't believe it has taken me this long to post again. I decided I needed to fix that so I am going to share my new apron with you and call it "Friday's Feature"... however Friday is soon to be over... LOL! Well... I quess better late than never as they say! Right?

This pattern is "Sweet Pickins" by Darlene Zimmerman. It was our project #5
 from Clothesline Club.

Every year at our annual "Dog Kennel" quilt show we wear an apron. Hmmm... That is another thing I need to blog about. Next week for sure! I actually have a quilt that I designed that I will be showing you. It is my first ever applique'... Believe it or not!

That is why I chose this cute little dog print to make the apron from. Now... don't laugh too hard at my dripping wet hair! It was hot and I was in the sun under that little tent displaying Lori Holt's patterns and quilts. That is just what happens to us girlers that have thin hair! :p

Gotta run... it's been fun! See you again soon! So MUCH too blog about... can't wait!!!


Went to a "Garden Party"...


Went to a "Garden Party" (sung to "Garden Party" by Rick Nelson)I went to a garden partyI reminisced with my quilt friendsA chance to share a few new quilts and see some old againWhen I got to the garden party, quilters here they cameSome there recognized me,being our love’s the sameCHORUSBut it's all right now,I learned my lesson well.You see, ya can please everyone,great quilts even please yourselfQuilter’s came from miles around,everyone was thereAmy brought her mother, sitting in the backyard chair'n' over every fence post,much to my surprisebeautiful quilts did hang there in view of all our eyesCHORUSlott-in-dah-dah-dah, lot-in-dah-dah-dah A "Special Thanks" goes to Amy McClellan and all the girls at American Quilting  for making this a "Garden Party" to remember!I sure had a great time and I hope all you did as well![...]

Clothesline Club Highlights


I want to share with you all the" Highlights of Clothesline Club" from last week. As usual there were many wonderful quilts... old and new... that were shared with us by our great group of ladies. Please forgive me if you will...  but this will be a post with few words. I am rather short of time as I am trying to finish quite a few quilts that I have been working on to have them ready for the upcoming annual "Dog Kennel Quilt Day Extravaganza" which will be held the 9th of September. A few of the quilts I have even designed myself. Can't wait to share them with you later! Last month's Clothesline Club project. I love the ties and that flower that she added.Sandra's vintage quilt... so pretty! Rosanna's quilt made from our CC BOM. Gorgeous!Lori Holt's latest project... this "sweet" applique. Beautiful stitching on the back of the quilt above! Robyn's latest creation!Susann found these darling vintage aprons on one of her latest trip. Helen shared her vintage Mc Call paperdolls.  Fabulous vintage crazy quilt. Becky showing us her adorable apron that she made.Kathleen found this vintage quilt on a trip. Michelle's baby quilts... love the minky in them! Below are the darling quilts that Quilts Etc. had hanging in the room.Enjoyed having you stop by! Gotta run... got lots to do![...]

Sad News at Clothesline Club


Yesterday was our Clothesline Club at Quilts Etc. in Sandy. The very first thing that Sandra (our cute little leader) said was... "I have some very sad news! One of our members passed away last week unexpectedly." We soon learned it was our sweet friend... Patsy Griffith. She is the darling blonde in this picture below sitting beside her dear friend Ashley. She was just 51!This is Patsy's last quilt that she had just finished since our last month's meeting.Patsy was a beautiful quilter and her work always showed that. She was a very sweet, talented person. She will certainly be missed by us all and all those that knew and loved her. Our hearts and prayers go out to her family and friends at this time. To all of you out there who might be reading this right now...Please go "HUG" those that are near and dear to you. Be sure to tell them that you "LOVE" them. Take time to be with them and make those special memories that will last forever. You may not remember down the road how they looked or what they said... but you will always remember how you felt. We never know how long we have! A special thanks to you all for being my special friends!Hugs and loves ~Rae Ann[...]

"Floralicious" Apron


Saturday's project... My "Floralicious Apron"!A week and a half ago I was at my cabin for a few days... Yes... another retreat! (Very needed!!!) Anyhoo... I went down to the local hardware store and of course found myself in the fabric department. (Does this even surprise you?!) I know... you gotta love it... a quilt shop in a hardware store?!? Very sweet!Well... there it was... this bolt of fabric that popped right off the shelf and straight into my waiting arms. It so happend to be "FLORALICIOUS" by Michele D'Amore... for Benartex. Can I just say... The name fit this fabric so well! It truely is a "delicious" floral fabric. (Thanks Michele for such a fun fabric!)The minute I laid eyes on it I knew exactly what I would do with it... make an apron which I will wear to serve the ladies at the Clothesline Club on Tuesday. It is my turn to be on the lunch committee... Fun! One thing I loved about this fabric was that the border print on one end was the perfect width for the waistband. The other end was just perfect for the hemline. I adored the name so much that I even kept the selvege on and simply turned it up along that line for the hem. Now in generations to come... they will be able to see the name of the fabric... along with the designer and maker. So cool!  Thanks Michele for such a fun fabric!Here is a "sneak peak" of what I worked on at the cabin... and... if I dare say... FINISHED! No joke! I actually finished not one quilt but two! Woo Hoo! Can't wait to show you and all the other things the gals were working on. Until then... Smile on... Sew ON!Rae Ann[...]

~ A Little Summertime Fun ~


Summer fun is having lunch with your dear friends...being graced with little homemade gifts like this sweet apple cozy made for me by Lori... this darling fabric covered tin full of adorable fat eighths and trims... from Nanette... a pinwheel pincushion with homemade pins... from me to them...and a pile of vintage aprons to share from our cute friend... Barbara from Texas...Summertime is also a perfect time forice cream... and stopping off at your favorite antique store...where you find treasures like this picnic basketthat reminds you of the one that your grandmother used on those special picnics you had with her growing up.I even found a thermos or two that was like the one that my dadcarried to work with him each day.I totally love the old tins...and vintage magazines...not to mention... linen towels with beautiful stitchery...which ended up going home with me!How about the newly painted vintage furniture...  that just happens to be that perfecr color of blue...It was hard for me not to take this home with me!!!  Then... there is the birdcage that beckons you to "take me home"...or... the sweet  little rocker that tries to tie itself to your heartstrings.These are the items that made their way into Lori's heart and then her car. Sweet!No day would be complete without stopping off at one of our favorite quilt shops..."Material Girls"...where I spied all of these "Darling" pillows!Nadine always has the place decorated so cute with projects galore!Hope you have enjoyed being with me for "A Little Summertime Fun"!Until next time ~ [...]

A Little of This and a Little of That!


The thing I love most about a Shop Hop is not only seeing all of the beautiful quilts... but being able to buy some of what you see. Every year I find myself a few treasures and end up buying a little of this and a little if that. Perhaps I should have said... A little of this and a whole lot of that! That would probably be a little closer to the truth! It's time to see my Shop Hop treasures!  I couldn't resist this fun little bundle I found at Broadbents. I even picked up one of the new Frixion Fine Point Heat Erase Pens that are great for marking embroidery. Can't wait to give it a try... or to get started on making this lovely piece of fabric that I found there... into a skirt for myself. I already have the perfect shirt and jacket to go with it!Remember this block that I showed you? I bought the kit at Just make this simple quilt for a wall hanging in my kitchen.Now... here is where I get into a bit of trouble... LOL! You know my love of Civil War fabrics... well...I guess I was feeling very patriotic and thought perhaps these little pieces would go well in my next Americana or Civil War quilt. When I got to Quilts, Etc. ... I fell in love with some other pieces there that would go well with what I had just purchased. The next thing I knew I was designing a quilt in my head. I knew then that I was in deep trouble!  And... If you know me well... you know I can't pass up those darling 30's either... so I had to snag a few of those too! ;) I think that Marilyn at Elaines Quilt Shop knew I would be coming so she put out these great Civil War statues so that when I saw them... she would have me hook... line... and sink(Her)er!Well... it worked!!! I went into her Civil War fabric room... no lie... a room overflowing with the greatest selection of Civil War fabrics... and went crazy!First... I got myself a wonderful layer cake... "Clermont Farms" by Minick and Simpson for Moda. (I actually have already started a little project out of this.)Next I found myself picking up more pieces to help build that Civil War quilt that I had started to design. Then... to top it all off... I found the MOST incredible book that I just couldn't live without... "Stars"! It is a study of 19th century star quilts... need I say more! This "Star of England" quilt by Cindy Vermillion Hamilton is incredible and the first on my list from the book to make!Another favorite! I would dare to say... this is a book that you don't want to be without... A must have!Last but least... I found these little beauties at American Quilting. They were screaming for me to take them home... how could I resist?!All in all... I was very pleased with all of my wonderful finds along the way. Needless to say... I am now GROUNDED!!!Happy quilting![...]

My New Look


Have you noticed... I have a new look! Sew who did my new header...

made me a Cutie Pinwheel button...

and so kindly gave me this new look? It was none other than my sweet, sweet friend....

Madame Samm!

Thank you... you dear girl... from the bottom of my


 I love it!

Now my question to you Samm is...
What is it that you can't do? You are so over the top amazing... full of incredible talent and always willing to go out of your way to brighten some ones day.
You are definitely a "Bright Spot" in my life!

Oh... and I can't forget the most important... The fabulous job that you have done with "Stash Manicure"... SO AMAZING!!!

You are the greatest!


Another Shop Hop Winner


A BIG THANKS to all of you wonderful quilting buddy blogging friends of mine out there in blog land for coming along with me on my fun Shop Hop event. I so loved reading all of your comments. It surprised me to see that so many of you loved the same quilt!And yes... We do have another winner! Since Mr. Prince Charming was so busy... I decided to ask one of my junior Prince Charmings to pick a number between 1 and 41. He spoke right up and said... #22. So the owner of comment #22 is our winner! Before I tell you who it is though... let me show you one of the patterns she liked most.  Pattern by Paula Devey-MckinlayNot only will she be receiving the pattern but along with that... four fat quarters to help her get started on her new quilt.Our winner this time is...Kim!Now the funny thing about this is...Kim is the one that got me into quilting and blogging. I have her to blame for all of this! And... for those of you that don't know... Kim just happens to be my neighbor.I know... you are thinking... this was fixed... NOT!!!In all honesty I was just as surprised as you are.So Kim... Congratulations my friend! I will be seeing you soon with your little prize! ;)I can't wait to share with you what I brought home from Shop Hop!Until then... Toodles![...]

Shop Hop Part 2


Warning!!! I am not responsible for any temporary insanity, excessive drooling or coveting that this post may cause. Contents may also cause great inspiration and desire to quilt your life away. Continue at your own risk!!! Oh... and grab your favorite morning beverage and get comfortable because this may just be the longest post in history!Well... here it is... finally... Shop Hop Part 2.Our first stop on our list today is the ever so famous..."Quilt Etc." ... where we find Susann and Denise already heading in the door.Next we see Miss Sandra Sherlock Holmes herself... ready to solve any quilt mystery you may have and to introduce you to their book and theme... "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes". Isn't she the best! I just love that girl!The quilt they designed not only has all of the different shop hop blocks but... holds all the clues to help you solve their mystery. Very clever!Now your mystery is... to again see what quilt it is that you like best.  Keep in mind... there are even more quilts this time to choose from than last. Without saying anymore... Have fun and I will see you along the way!Now on to the next shop..."Elaines"... where they featured the classic book "Treasure Island".They even had a map quilt ready to help you find the treasure. And of course... it had all of the different shop's blocks. Wonderful quilt... great idea!This is the spooky quilt that greeted us as we went in...and the friendly pirate inside that was ready to help us with all the treasures we found!This was my first treasure...and... well... I will say no more!Another... LOL! Lots of treasures... I know! Sew cute! Marilyn the owner's treasure... a vintage wedding ring quilt that she has had in the store from day one. Are you still with me? Don't take off yet... lots more eye candy ahead and just two more shops to go.  "Quilting Cottage" was another shop that was part of the "Scenic Byway Hop". They always have such adorable quilts. Here is my sweet friend Paula... ready to help us with what ever we needed. This beautiful quilt and the next one are her own designs.  They both are now on my to do list. I love that she made this the back. Gorgeous!Cuteness! Very sweet... another I loved!Off again... this time... "American Quilting"! "Anne of Green Gables" was their book choice and this was one of the darling quilts they made using that theme. Here is the second one. It was made using all of the shop hop blocks. This is Amy's (owner) "Saturday Sampler" quilt that she designed for this last year. I so adore her creations! Her patterns are "Under the Garden Moon". I love how they used the green in this quilt! How cute is this journal cover!?! Another creation by Amy! Sew totally wonderful! This is the quilt that Amy designed for last year's AQ quilt retreat that she sponsers every year.What Amy does with wool... has got to be the cutest ever! Love.... love... love this Halloween wreath! That girl is incredible! Hope you were well feed and found a favorite quilt or two along the way. Remember... Just like last time... leave me a comment telling me which quilt it is that you love and I will see if I can find my Prince Charming again and have him draw another lucky winning number!Thanks for dropping by! It's been real sweet... now go recover![...]

My Little Surprise!


Thanks to all of you for your comments in my last post. It was fun to read them and see what quilt you liked best from the Shop Hop.Believe it or not... the baskest quilt at Pine Needles was an overall favorite by far!Now... if you remember... I mentioned that I had a little something up my sleeve... so... here is my little SURPRISE!I had my "Prince Charming" here... pick a number between 1 and 36... the number of comments left. He chose number 21...which comment belonged to...Becky! Yes my friend... you are the winner!!! I am sending you this FUN pattern..."Scrappy Basket Quilt" by Amy Bradley Designs. Oh... and the bonus is...The pattern actually features two quilts... the other being... "Have a Happy Scrappy Day"... and a cute pillow. I will also be sending you 4 FQ's of Lori Holt's fabric line... "Sew Cherry" to help you get started!Becky... Please notify me with your address and I will get this off to you!Thanks everyone! Hope to see you for Part 2! [...]

Last Week's Shop Hop Fun!


Last week was the "Wasatch Front Hop Shop" and "Scenic Byway Hop"where all of the Utah quilter's stop what they are doing to head out for 4 days of wonderful FUN!Of course... I couldn't stand the thought of missing it so I grabbed a couple of my friends and away we went!However... time only allowed us to see a few shops.This year's theme for the Wasatch Front Shop Hop was "The Greatest Quilt I Ever Read".Each shop that participated in it, had a block to share and created a quilt using all of the blocks from the participating shops. Our first stop was "Broadbents" in Lehi... where their book was "The Great Gatsby".   This was their incredible quilt they designed using all of the blocks from the different shops.My cute friends there all dressed the part and were ready to help us with all of our needs.These and the next three beautiful quiltswere just a few that we saw while at Broadbents.  Then off to "Just Sew" which was a part of "Scenic Byway" Shop Hop . Here are some of their wonderful quilts.Next shop... " Material Girls" which was also a part of "Scenic Byway".Nadine always has great quilts adorning the walls of her shop.Recognize these? Yes... Lori Holt's designs using her very own fabric line... "Sew Cherry".Then off we went to...Their book was... "Saving CeeCee Honeycutt"... focusing in on the scene of the book, a southern tea party.  My sweet friends that work there were dressed up...and ready for the tea party. Susann and Judi sat right down... hoping to be served... while I went around enjoying all of the eye candy. I have never before... seen so many yummy pieces in one quilt shop. See if you agree! Oh... so adorable!!! See what I mean by eye candy!?!They designed a cute basket quilt using Lori's fabric line. So stinkin cute!!! This was the quilt that Pine Needles designed using all of the shop hop blocks.Hope your not full yet... still more!Sweet... Sweet... Sweet!Well... I could go on... there is still SO much more to show but that will have to be in my next post... part 2! If you have made it this far... Please leave me a comment telling me what your favorite quilt was that you saw in this post. I have a little surprise up my sleeve and will tell you all about it in my next post!Hugs![...]

Sew Cherry Winner!


 is...Congratulations... you have won the following!Lori Holt's "One Yard Apron" pattern...A cherry bucket containing 3 "Sew Cherry" fat quaters... some Riley Blake trim... a bundle of  "Sew Cherry" fabric...that will make this!Hope you enjoy!A special thanks to everyone for following along and making it so much fun! Deserae... Please be sure and e-mail me your address so that I can get this Sew Cherry of a Gift off to you ASAP![...]

Who are the Brave


Who are the Brave?Those that serve mankind...A son of my 4th great grandfather.My grandfather.My father.Regular men... trying hard to do what was asked of them... to defend their country!These... are the BRAVE!Happy Memorial Day![...]

Have You Seen "Sew Cherry"?


Have you seen Lori Holt's "Sew Cherry" fabric? This was her debut line at Quilt Market. I just have to tell you... It is all THAT and A BAG of CHIPS! Killer CUTE and it is already in its second printing.I had the fun experience of photographing all of the aprons for her new pattern... "One Yard Aprons" ... that is just being released. She had aprons made from her entire line, using some of the fabulous trims that match from Riley Blake. Thought this might be fun to share with you today So... sit back and enjoy!Now...Let's make this even MORE sew cherry...I am having a GIVEAWAY!I bet you can't guess what will be in it!!!Leave me a comment for 1 point. If you become a follower or already are... 5 more points... just let me know!If you blog about it... ( which I think you should... LOL! )10 more points for a possible total of 16 chances to win. Please tell me you did! ;o)Don't miss out! You'll LOVE what I will be sending you!Giveaway Ends ... midnight May 31st!Oh... BTW... if you already haven't... you may want to visit Lori's blog to see one of her greatest new patterns..."Cherry Cheesecake" made with "Sew Cherry!Need help finding this great fabric?Kimberly will fix you up! Just click on the Fat Quarter Shop link below.CHERRIO![...]

Highlights from Quilt Market


Geepers... It is about time I did a post! It has been way too long and I am missing all of you wonderful blogging buddies out there. Well... life has its way of getting in the way at times... it's all good... I will explain later. Anyhoo... it is good to be back!I attended the Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City last week and thought it would be fun to share with you all some of the highlights from there. So get comfy and let's have a peek! Lots to show!!!My first stop was straight over to see my dear friend Lori Holt's new, first line of fabric..."Sew Cherry".Sew adorable!!! Love... love all of her great designs and patterns that she has created using it.Especially this wonderful hexy, daisy pillow...which I can't wait to make!She is simply AMAZING... that girl!While there with Lori... my friend Susann (next to me) and I met up with Amy and Sherri...real cream of the crop women!Lori designs fabric for Riley Blake ... whose booth took first place in the multiple booth category.Can you totally see why?!?Check out this fabric tree...complete with leaves... a bird's nest... and bird...all made out of fabric.Very clever Jina!Some great new lines at Riley Blake!Totally LOVE the Sugar and Spice line by Amanda Herring!Auga and red... my favorite!"All Dolled Up" quilts adorned the booth. Cindy Cloward (owner of Riley Blake)and Jina had each designer create a block.Can you spy Lori's block... second down from the top on the left.Sew Sweet!Across from the Riley Blake was Amanda Herring of The Quilted Fish in her darling Mad Hatter themed booth.Those gals seemed to be having a great time!Sherri took us to see some of the incredible quilts that she had sewn... designed of course by that darling...Camille Roskelley of Thimble Blossoms.So loved this quilt that Sherri sewed for...Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree Quilts... a very talented... sweet lady!She also made the adorable one with the dolls!This one she sewed was my favorite! Sherri's work is perfection! Then we were off to see that ever so talented... cute... Amber from A Little Bit Biased... who I simply have adopted as my own! She has her own pattern company... Gigi's Thimble!Love her designs!!!My friend Jill Finley... Jillily Studio in her adorable ice cream shop booth. A major highlight for me was... meeting Jo Morton...(Love all of her gorgeous fabric and designs) Marianne Fons of Fons and Porter...(felt like I was meeting up with my sister)and that incredibly talented Heather Bailey.She is the candy of the quilt world!Loved... loved... loved meeting Holly Holderman at Lakehouse Fabrics.(adore that down to earth... sweet gal!)Fun sitting here with the gals looking at Pam Kitty Morning's debut fabric line...which is over the top incredible!Penny Sturges is the designer of this cute bag.Here she is showing us her latest design. She is a real sweetheart!Love the large flower... just tops it off!What a treat to see my dear friend Janet Platt demonstrating her Ouick Points Ruler...She is something else... that smart girl!Even ran into some of my hometown buddies ...Suzanne and Kelly from The Quilting Cottage. So Fun!Hope you enjoyed coming along with me!!![...]

Brown Bag Challenge Ends Today!


Hello to all my wonderful blogging friends out there. I am happy to tell you that I am back and with so much to share that I don't even know where to begin! Let me just say that I have really missed ya'll! Five weeks is wayyyy to long to go without blogging. I am going to share with you the quilt that I made for the "Brown Bag Quilt Challenge" as it ends today! I just barely got it back from the quilter in time. If you remember from my earlier post a while back... I was paired up with Lyn over at Blue Bird Quilts and this is the beautiful bundle of fabric that she sent me for the challenge. Thanks Lyn!It has been a real blast designing a quilt with it.Believe it or not... I was able to use over 90% of the fabric that was sent and still incorporate a few pieces of fabric from my own stash into the blocks. I did that by using the rest for the back!Now I am off to bind my quilt so I can get it posted to the "Brown Bag Quilt Challenge" on Flicker. What a wonderful experience this has been. Not only did I get a new quilt but I gained a lifelong friend forever! Lyn you are the BEST... and I have been truly blessed by your sweet friendship![...]

This is...


Lori... on our way to celebrate her "BIG DAY"!This is Lori's new purse (which I am trying not to covet) and her adorable ring.This is "Dear Lizzies"... Lori's favorite place.This is so Lori... Vintage Shabby Chic all the way!These were some of her favorite things that she saw while in Dear Lizzies.These are two silly girlers (our nickname for the gang)just having some photo fun!More fun to see on her blog... Bee In My Bonnet.These are the wonderful cupcakes sold at Dear Lizzies... Yummmm!This is Lori holding her boxed sugar cookie and thinking... "I can't get enough of this fun store!"This is my special birthday gift to Lori.This is what was inside one of the gifts... "I Love Lucy" glasses... each filled with 3 FQs to match.This is a vintage butter cube maker of mine that Lori had been coveting so... I just had to give it to her! Hmmm... does that mean I will end up with her purse? LOL!This is a beautiful silver spoon bracelet given to Lori by our other dearest girler friend... Nanette!This darling gift is to me... a miniature colander with a miniature bundle of vintage FQs... from that ever so sweet Nanette that joined us for lunch. She brings sunshine where ever she goes. Thanks Nanette! ;pThis just happens to be an apology for not taking a picture of Nanette :( I got too excited about that little gift she gave me and the sad thing is...she looked so pretty today. Sorry![...]



I have FINALLY started my quilt for the Brown Bag Quilt Challenge. It is about time... seeing how the deadline is April 1st... LOL!I was so pleased to be partnered with~ Lyn ~  over at Blue Bird Quilts who has become one on my dearest BBBFF !(best blogging buddy friends forever)And... for all of you that know her... she has to be one of the most loving... giving people in the world. She sent me the most gorgeous fabric... along with it came all sorts of goodies that I simply adore! I love the patch and will use it as my quilt label.The bookmarker was full of Australia's lingo... Sweet!The green vintage buttons... do I even need to say... SO MY FAVORITE!And how cute is this darling stitchery?!?Another FAVORITE... this darling lapel pin!I love it all Lyn... Thanks so much!!!Hopefully I can make the quilt something that you will love![...]

~ Sweet ~


 you wonderful quilter friends... 

Make it a "Special" one!

My Prince Charming did for me...
that is why I call him "Sweetheart"!

My Day To Quilt!


It is my day to quilt! Here is what I am working on today!It's a BOM that I am teaching the Kennel Girls (Dog Kennel Quilt Guild). I am having them make two blocks a month of the same block. It can be out of any fabric they choose. As you can see... I have chosen one of my favorites... Civil War! Don't you just love my physicadelic flannel covered corkboard? I found it at Walmart. It is 16" square and perfect for placing block pieces on so you don't get those HST going the wrong way!~This is next month's block and I will be making my one second today!Then... I will be finishing my redwork block that we are doing for the American Quilting BOM.Don't tell anyone... but this is the first time in my life that I have ever embroidered and... I AM LOVING IT!Tell me what you are up to!Have a GREAT DAY!~[...]