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I write stories about my daily it is like to live among the Dutch and how I look at their culture and society. It is not the ultimate truth, but a glimpse of what a Filipina migrant perceives as "the truth" ..... Nothing serious. Just an obser

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His last, big 5-0.


He would have been 53. But F. lived a full life. It was short, eventful, but it was full. He had touched lives. A little miracle that will continue spreading.To date, two books are dedicated to his memory. I'm not bragging or edifying him. I'm just saying that he must have done something right .... and good.  I still do not understand the meaning of his premature death but it

Godmother Dada.


Your beautiful, angelic smile Your kind eyes Your warm touch Your gentle voice Christmas days The joys I once knew Were spent with you. Your jokes Your reassuring look Your laughter Your advice Your love I'll always treasure Always remember with fondness For you were someone standing at the alter I'm forever grateful You are my Godmother. For there Aint noone like

Story of Holland. (2012)


It's been more than 12 years and yet every December, I still find myself thinking of Philippine Christmas: the parol (lanterns); the carolers; the misa de gallo (dawn masses); the bibingca (rice cakes); cafe de arroz (rice coffee); puto bumbong (glutinous rice cake); the aguinaldo (when children visit their godparents on Christmas day); the Pastores, a musical re-enactment of the Nativity story;

Why are you still here?


So it's 2013...where did 2012 go? I wonder myself. How do we deal with anxiety attacks? I've been having this nightmarish experience for almost 7 years now. I've always thought I was strong, calm, and can handle everything. I guess, I was wrong. It all started on that ordinary morning back in 2007. I was fast asleep....away from it all. When suddenly came the thudding. I ignored it. My heart

still blogging.


I wonder... Should I write it here? Post it here? Should I blog about my story? Not to make myself look like a victim, but just to tell my story.... When one stands face to face with the wall... suffers in silence.... When one's pain is unbearable... one's hope is dwindling away... There is blogging. So... I wonder. I understand that speculating is not really a very productive way to stay in



Dealing with grief is perhaps one of the most difficult things in life. When Hubby met an accident and passed away on April 1st, my life has been on-hold. It has been like that for the past 6 weeks now. Some days are betters days... but there are those days & moments that had been quite devastating and difficult. In the midst of this emotional turmoil, there are some people who thought they

Garden talk.


So I was sitting outside with some new acquaintances in this beautiful garden west of Edinburgh. The sky all blue, the wind blowing everything away, and I was in deep thought when my attention was suddenly caught by someone speaking with a very distinct, Scottish accent. Lady 1: I was at my GP today. You know what I read on her notice board? An article about angry people being more prone to

Dutch treat.


I posted a status on Facebook about April Fool's Day and how the expression Op een april verloor Alva zijn bril."On April 1, 1572 Dutch rebels captured the town of Den Briel from Spanish troops led by Lord Alva. This military success eventually led to the independence of the Netherlands from Spain. A Dutch rhyme goes: "Op 1 april/ Verloor Alva zijn Bril." This translates to: "On April 1st / Alva

Wil je met mij trouwen? (Will you marry me?)


While waiting for my turn at SPAR Supermarket today, a five-year-old kid was delaying everyone. He can't take his eyes off the 17-year-old cashier. He was about 3-feet tall and had his chin resting on the counter. He was sighing and sighing... and sighing, and was just staring intently at her. Finally, there came a loud and very determined voice. The boy blurted out, "wil je met mij trouwen?" (

Spring 2011.


Some things are better left unsaid .....

April Fool's Day.


Everyday passes away just as quietly as it had come, and we don't even question where it goes. As the famous song goes: Day is done... gone the sun. Meanwhile, we try to do something in between... sort of to fill-in the long hours; the emptiness of our very existence. Ironically, we don't think of day and night as The Beginning and The End of another day. We simply assume that tomorrow morning

A Mother's Love.


Today, I'm happy. I received a very nice card from my mother and I want to share it to the world. HAHAHAHAShe said: Dearest Daughter,Lots of nice surprises are waiting for you; it's not you, waiting for them. You're very, very, very special..... Trust me! Lots of love (oh?)... Hectares of love (huh?).... Archipelago of love (what?).... Continents of love (hmmmmm) ... WORLD OF LOVE (Guess,

Een klein nachtmuziek (A little night music).


Between watching Bridget Jones and playing online chess, came the loud sound of our doorbell. It was Romke and some friends. I've heard a lot about Romke. Romke this and Romke that. Hubby seems to have deep admiration for Romke. I only knew the man for a couple months, whereas he and hubby go as far back as the early nineties during their university days.Romke is a very animated man. He waves his

Understanding football.


The Oranje lost. We lost. The desire to win and the determination not to be defeated has made a long journey. The Dutch is defeated and made an outcast, while Spain became the Reyes --- the unico hijo.It is true that Oranje fought to dominate, control, lead, and protect its territory. Iniesta, Xavi, and even Puyol were, after all, trained by a former Dutch professional football player (said to be

I love you, Mom.


I was told that hours before my dear friend Amelia passed on to a higher form of existence, she scribbled on a piece of paper `I love you, Mom.´ She was blind, had suffered from myasthenia gravis for more than 2 decades and therefore could barely move... but there was that note. I love you, Mom.I love you, Mom.How often do we have the chance to say that to our mothers? And how often do we refrain



It was the mid-eighties. We were a bunch of silly college students who all hail from the province, and were all passionate about discovering life in the Big City. Then one lazy weekend, Amy invited us to stay overnight at her place in Espana. We bought pizza and junk food, and we talked until the wee hours of the morning.I still remember it vividly. It was almost dawn. The store across their

stuffin' stuff.


"If everybody had the standard of living of the average European or American, we would probably need five new planets. But we've only got this one." These are the wise words of Jane Goodall, an English scientist who spent years observing the chimpanzees in the forest of Tanzania.Five new planets. Imagine that! But she's absolutely right. Western people are fond of acquiring new stuff and

certified Dutch.


My townmate Jesusa posted a blog about a pink hat and cacti. When I saw the innocent picture, all I could think about were pretty phalluses... Oh yeah, you got that right. PHALLUSES. lolThis really bothered me. It made me think... and wonder. I wondered if I've seen too many 0900 evening shows. I wondered if I´ve frequented the De Wallen and the Sex Museum too many times! I wondered if I FINALLY

Third world.


An acquaintance shocked me the other day with his statement. He said, Moroccans are thieves and criminals. He continued and said that, they only cause trouble in this country and that they should be sent back to their third world country.As I have said, I was shocked. So it took me awhile to recover. I really didn´t know what to say.When I finally found the nerve to talk again, I asked him what



We had been blessed with two beautiful weeks now. The temperature is high, and there's beauty anywhere you gaze. Yeah! This is how Spring should be like: refreshing... captivating... ethereal. Just like this song. Truly a joy in your heart.A stick, a stone, it's the end of the roadIt's the rest of a stump, it's a little aloneIt's a sliver of glass, it is life, it's the sunIt is night, it is death



For quite sometime now, I am convinced that the word LENT is of Dutch origin. Maybe it's not. But here's why I think it's Dutch. Lent (lente) means spring in Dutch. Spring means rebirth.In Catholic tradition, Lent begins on Ash Wednesday which is normally sometime in February, and culminates in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is Easter of course, mostly sometime in late March or early

Jungle life.


Aunt sent us (Ma included) an email about this 15-foot Eastern Diamondback rattle snake found just south of Jacksonville. Ma sent Aunt this naughty reply:"In several parts of the Philippines last year, reports were made about large pythons being found on places thickly inhabited by people. This appeared abnormal since these animals are usually found in forests, near creeks, or in areas where

Ik hou van jou.


One of the things that never impressed me about the Dutch is their music. Make that pop music. Reason: I find the language too direct and very unmusical. You see, whenever I listen to a Dutch song, I have the feeling that there is absolutely no feeling in it. The song sounds like a cacophony of words. No heart. No soul. As I've said, no feeling. Sorry for my bluntness but that's how I really felt

More funny Dutch TV ads


I just saw this on TV a few minutes ago... It definitely belongs to the top 5! hahahahaha

Funny Dutch commercials.


Going on a date with a Dutch guy? Here's the most recent Mcdonalds ad. Watch the lady almost choke when her date told her "ik krijg nog geld van je... voor de burger" (you still owe me some money for the hamburger). LOLThis one is about "men hamburger" .... after a trip to McDonalds, the husband puts on that tight jeans and asked wife if his behind is dik (fat). Wife said "not really", which