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Patti Austin


Buscando: PATTI AUSTIN ... ...en 80SLISTENER2.blogspot.comPatti Austin - It's gonna be special 1984::CD album (80slistener2)Patti Austin - Gettin' away with murder 1985::LP album (80slistener2)...en FUNKCLASSICMASTER.blogspot.comPatti Austin - I Can't Stop; from the LP Body Language (1980) (funkclassicmaster)Patti Austin - The Heat Of Heat (Latin Heat Mix); from the LP Gettin' Away With Murder (1985) (funkclassicmaster)Patti Austin - Only A Breath Away (1985) (funkclassicmaster)Patti Austin - Rhythm Of The Street (Jellybean Remix) (1984) (funkclassicmaster)Patti Austin - Fine Fine Fella (Got To Have You) (1984) (funkclassicmaster)Patti Austin (1984) Full LP (funkclassicmaster)Patti Austin - Honey For The Bees; from the LP Gettin' Away With Murder (1985) (funkclassicmaster)...en TOFFEESOUL.blogspot.comPatti Austin - The Complete Coral recordings 1965-1967 (toffeesoul)...en WILLFORALL.blogspot.comPatti Austin - The Real Me (1988) (willforall)Resultados del motor de búsqueda BLOGBOT v2.0 ( 29/08/09 )( Indexados 22433 Blogs - 661615 Posts )[...]

Count Basie


Buscando: COUNT BASIE ... ...en COUNT-BASIE.blogspot.comCount Basie meets the Master Horns - 1936-1953 (count-basie)Welcome to the Count Basie Corner (count-basie)...en HOOKSGEMS.blogspot.comCount Basie Live - 1958 (hooksgems)The Count Basie Trio - For The First Time (hooksgems)...en KELLYSLOUNGESOUNDZ.blogspot.comMel Torme: The Duke Ellington & Count Basie Songbooks (1961) (kellysloungesoundz)Count Basie: Chairman Of The Board (1958) (kellysloungesoundz)Count Basie: Back With Basie (1961/62) (kellysloungesoundz)George Benson & Count Basie Band: Big Boss Band (kellysloungesoundz)Count Basie: Basie's In The Bag (1967) (kellysloungesoundz)...en NABULABULA.blogspot.comCount Basie - BASIE IS BACK (2005) (nabulabula)Count Basie - APRIL IN PARIS (2005 (nabulabula)...en JAZZ-A-GOGO.blogspot.comCount Basie & Joe Williams - Compact Jazz (320 kbps) (jazz-a-gogo)Count Basie Orchestra - Live at El Morocco (320 kbps) (jazz-a-gogo)...en K-KAO-SHIMA.blogspot.comCOUNT BASIE / 1940 - 41 / Kansas City Classic (k-kao-shima)RAY CHARLES + COUNT BASIE ORCHESTRA / 2006 / Ray Sings Basie Swings=Genius2 (k-kao-shima)COUNT BASIE / 1957 / At Newport (k-kao-shima)THE COUNT BASIE COMBO with HELEN HUMES & LESTER YOUNG / Video (k-kao-shima)COUNT BASIE / 2000 / Swinging the Blues (k-kao-shima)LESTER YOUNG / 1999 / Lester Dreams (Legendary Recordings with Count Basie Combos. 1936 - 1946) (k-kao-shima)...en 7OREGONS2TOMATES.blogspot.com508. Count Basie - Kansas City 5 (1977) (7oregons2tomates)85. Count Basie Orchestra - April in Paris (1956) (7oregons2tomates)51. Count Basie Orchestra - The Complete Atomic Basie (1957) (7oregons2tomates)Resultados del motor de búsqueda BLOGBOT v2.0 ( 20/08/09 )( Indexados 22543 Blogs - 653351 Posts )[...]

Nestor Torres


Buscando: NESTOR TORRES ...

Nestor Torres - Burning Whispers (1994) (buenamusica-blog)

Nestor Torres - Morning Ride (1989) (buenamusica-blog)

Nestor Torres - Mi Alma Latina (2002) (buenamusica-blog)

Nestor Torres - Mis Canciones Primeras (1980) (buenamusica-blog)

Nestor Torres - Dance of the Phoenix (1991) (buenamusica-blog)

Nestor Torres - Treasures of the Heart (1999) (buenamusica-blog)

Nestor Torres - This Side of Paradise (2001) (buenamusica-blog)

Nestor Torres - Sin Palabras (2004) (buenamusica-blog)

Nestor Torres - Talk to Me (1996) (buenamusica-blog)

Nestor Torres - Dances, Prayers and Meditations for Peace (2006) (buenamusica-blog)

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Flora Purim


Buscando: FLORA PURIM ... ...en MUSIC-SHARE.blogspot.comflora purim - perpetual emotion (2001) (music-share)flora purim - butterfly dreams (1974) (music-share)...en NECESSARIOEUNIVERSAL.blogspot.comFlora Purim - Stories to Tell (necessarioeuniversal)Flora Purim - Butterfly Dreams (necessarioeuniversal)Flora Purim - Open Your Eyes (necessarioeuniversal)Flora Purim - The Sun is Out (necessarioeuniversal)Flora Purim - 500 miles high, at Montreux (necessarioeuniversal)...en THEBOSSABLOG.blogspot.comFlora Purim - Flora Purim Sings Milton Nascimento (2001) (thebossablog)Flora Purim - 500 Miles High At Montreaux (1974) (thebossablog)Flora Purim - Nothing Will Be Like it Was (1977) (thebossablog)Resultados del motor de búsqueda BLOGBOT v2.0 ( 16/08/09 )( Indexados 22543 Blogs - 653318 Posts )[...]

Evan Parker


Buscando: EVAN PARKER ...

evan parker - six of one (bigfatsatanist)

evan parker - process and reality (bigfatsatanist)


Evan Parker - Some SOLO LPS (nonotfunnotno)


john stevens, paul rutherford, evan parker, barry guy, roger smith, nigel coombes: 1979 and 1992. (spurensicherung)

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Barney Kessel


Buscando: BARNEY KESSEL ... ...en AUDIODESIGNSTUDIO.blogspot.comBarney Kessel - Some Like It Hot (1959) (audiodesignstudio)Barney Kessel - Jazz Classics (audiodesignstudio)...en KELLYSLOUNGESOUNDZ.blogspot.comBarney Kessel: Kessel Plays Standards (1954) (kellysloungesoundz)Barney Kessel: To Swing Or Not To Swing (1955) (kellysloungesoundz)Barney Kessel: Swinging Easy! (1968) (kellysloungesoundz)Charlie Byrd ~ Barney Kessel ~ Herb Ellis: Great Guitars At Charlie's (1983) (kellysloungesoundz)Charlie Byrd ~ Barney Kessel ~ Herb Ellis: Great Guitars Live(1980) (kellysloungesoundz)...en 7OREGONS2TOMATES.blogspot.com501. Barney Kessel - Just Friends (1973) (7oregons2tomates)509. Barney Kessel & Red Mitchell - Two Way Conversation (1973) (7oregons2tomates)504. Stephane Grappelli & Barney Kessel - Limehouse Blues (1969) (7oregons2tomates)503. Stephane Grappelli Meets Barney Kessel (1969) (7oregons2tomates)490. Barney Kessel - Kessel Plays Standards (1954) (7oregons2tomates)174. Barney Kessel - To Swing Or Not To Swing 1955 (7oregons2tomates)Resultados del motor de búsqueda BLOGBOT v2.0 ( 12/08/09 )( Indexados 22543 Blogs - 653301 Posts )[...]

Terence Blanchard



Terence BLANCHARD - Simply stated (1992) (jazzconcreto)


Terence Blanchard - Let´s get lost (rumbarte-kadid)

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Diana Krall


Buscando: DIANA KRALL ... ...en ELBLOGDENEWMAN.blogspot.comDiana Krall - 2001 - The Look Of Love (Re Subido)@ 320 (elblogdenewman)Diana Krall - Quiet Nights (2009) (elblogdenewman)Diana Krall - Collaborations (2002) (elblogdenewman)Diana Krall - From This Moment On (elblogdenewman)...en MPBJAZZWORLD.blogspot.comDiana Krall - Quiet Nights! (mpbjazzworld)Diana Krall - Quiet Nights (mpbjazzworld)...en MUSICBOXMP3.blogspot.comDiana Krall Discography (1993 - 2009) (musicboxmp3)Diana Krall - Live at the Montreal Jazz Festival (2004) DVDRip (musicboxmp3)Diana Krall - From This Moment Home (2006) (musicboxmp3)...en ROMANTICWARRIOR-JAZZ.blogspot.comDiana Krall WHEN I LOOK INTO YOUR EYES (romanticwarrior-jazz)Diana Krall LOVE SCENES (romanticwarrior-jazz)...en SONICS2519.blogspot.comDiana Krall - For You (A Dedication to Nat King Cole Trio) (sonics2519)Diana Krall - Stepping Out (sonics2519)Diana Krall - From This Moment On (sonics2519)Diana Krall - When I Look In Your Eyes (sonics2519)Diana Krall - Christmas Songs (sonics2519)...en K-KAO-SHIMA.blogspot.comDIANA KRALL / 1997 / Love Scenes (k-kao-shima)DIANA KRALL / 1996 / All for You. A Dedication to The Nat King Cole Trio (k-kao-shima)DIANA KRALL / Videos (k-kao-shima)DIANA KRALL / 2001 / The Look of Love (k-kao-shima)DIANA KRALL / 2004 / The Girl in the Other Room (k-kao-shima)...en BORBOLETASDEJADE.blogspot.comNovo cd de Diana Krall sairá em Março (borboletasdejade)Diana Krall à flor da pele (borboletasdejade)Resultados del motor de búsqueda BLOGBOT v2.0 ( 05/08/09 )( Indexados 15405 Blogs - 586369 Posts )[...]

Arturo Sandoval


Buscando: ARTURO SANDOVAL ... ...en BERMUDEZYEZIDMUSICAYMAS.blogspot.comArturo Sandoval mi pasion por el piano (bermudezyezidmusicaymas)...en CYRANOUNICO.blogspot.comArturo Sandoval & Friends - Jam Miami - A Celebration Of Latin Jazz (cyranounico)...en KELLYSLOUNGESOUNDZ.blogspot.comArturo Sandoval & George Shearing: Two Rare Concert Performances (1994) (kellysloungesoundz)...en LATINJAZZOTECA.blogspot.comArturo Sandoval - L.A.Meetings (2001) (latinjazzoteca)Arturo Sandoval & The Latin Jazz Orchestra (2007) (latinjazzoteca)Arturo Sandoval - Live at The Hotel Nacional (1986) (latinjazzoteca)Arturo Sandoval – Rumba Palace (2007) (latinjazzoteca)Arturo Sandoval - Tumbaito (latinjazzoteca)Arturo Sandoval - My Passion For The Piano (2002) (latinjazzoteca)Juan Pablo Torres - Chucho Valdés - Arturo Sandoval - Together again (2002) (latinjazzoteca)...en RITMOSYESTILOS.blogspot.comFor Love or Country: The Arturo Sandoval Story (ritmosyestilos)Arturo Sandoval & The Latin Jazz Orchestra (ritmosyestilos)Resultados del motor de búsqueda BLOGBOT v2.0 ( 09/08/09 )( Indexados 22543 Blogs - 653293 Posts )[...]

Randy Brecker


Buscando: RANDY BRECKER ...

randy brecker - in the idiom (1987) (music-share)


Marc Copland & Randy Brecker with Ed Howard and Victor Lewis (musicaquecuelga)


Randy Brecker - 34th and Lex 2003 (tcorrector)

Randy Brecker - Into the Sun 1995 (tcorrector)


Randy Brecker Band live in Bonn 2003 (bogardjazz)

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Cassandra Wilson


Buscando: CASSANDRA WILSON ... ...en BIENVENIDOSALAMONGA.blogspot.comCassandra Wilson, "Belly of the Sun" (2002). (bienvenidosalamonga)...en DER-LIKEDEELER.blogspot.comCassandra Wilson - New Moon Daughter (der-likedeeler)...en DJUILSON.blogspot.comCassandra Wilson - 'Glamoured'- 2003 (djuilson)Cassandra Wilson - Loverly (djuilson)...en MUSIC-ON-THE-ROCKS.blogspot.comCassandra Wilson - Blue Light 'Til Dawn (1993) (music-on-the-rocks)...en MUSICACION.blogspot.comCassandra Wilson, "Blue Light 'Til Dawn" (1993). (musicacion)...en ROMANTICWARRIOR-JAZZ.blogspot.comCassandra Wilson TRAVELING MILES (romanticwarrior-jazz)Cassandra Wilson LOVERLY (romanticwarrior-jazz)...en SOLIDOWN.blogspot.comCassandra Wilson - Thunderbird (2006) (solidown)...en YOJIK-CLAN.blogspot.comCassandra Wilson "Loverly" (yojik-clan)Cassandra Wilson "Blue Light 'Til Dawn" (yojik-clan)Cassandra Wilson "Belly Of The Sun" (yojik-clan)Cassandra Wilson "New Moon Daughter" (yojik-clan)Resultados del motor de búsqueda BLOGBOT v2.0 ( 05/08/09 )( Indexados 15405 Blogs - 586336 Posts )[...]

09/07/09 Summary


100 DAYS, 100 NIGHTS / SHARON JONES & THE DAP KINGS (2007) ( saquesudisco )1 100 Days, 100 Nights2 Nobody's Baby3 Tell Me4 Be Easy5 When The Other Foot Drops, Uncle6 Let Them Knock7 Something's Changed8 Humble Me9 Keep On Looking10 Answer Me ... (Leer Más) 1953 - ENSEMBLE - CHET BAKER ( borboletasdejade )“Na primavera de 1959, meu caso de Nova York veio à tona e peguei seis meses de prisão na ilha de Rikers. Passei 10 dias na enfermaria, antes de ser integrado à “população”. Recebi a tarefa de instrutor no departamente de música. Havia lá uns outros 12 músicos. Ficávamos o dia todo no ginásio – ensaiando ou jogando basquete. De noite, na ala das celas, jogávamos ... (Leer Más) 1970 - LIVE AT THE FILLMORE EAST - MILES DAVIS ( borboletasdejade )“Entre 1969 e 1970, acrescentei um percussionista brasileiro do Brooklyn chamado Airto Moreira. Airto estava nos Estados Unidos há alguns anos e tocara no conjunto de Cannonball Adderley com Joe Zawinul. Acho que foi Cannonball ou Joe que o indicaram (esqueci como encontrei Steve). Era um grande percussionista e passei a ter percussionistas no conjunto desde então. Ele me mostrou o que seu... (Leer Más) 438. STAN GETZ - WEST COAST JAZZ (1955) ( 7oregons2tomates )Conte Candoli trumpetStan Getz tenor saxophoneLou Levy pianoLeroy Vinnegar bassShelly Manne drums01 East Of The Sun (And West Of The Moon)02 Four03 Suddenly It's Spring04 Night In Tunisia05 Summertime06 S-h-i-n-e07 Split Kick08 Of Thee I Sing09 A Handful Of Stars10 Love Is Here To Stay11 Serenade In Blue12 Of Thee I Sing13 Love Is Here To StayToma :: vai buscar(Go) Get It !!!part 1 . : . part 2... (Leer Más) 439. MILES DAVIS / STAN GETZ - TUNEUP (1956/1961) ( 7oregons2tomates )Miles DavisStan GetzJohn LewisMilt JacksonScott LaFaro and special guest Lester YoungTracks 1- 4 recorded 12 November 1956 in West GermanyTracks 5 - 7 recorded Sunday 2 July 1961 at the Newport [Rhode Island] Jazz Festival.01 How High the Moon02 Lester Leaps In03 Tune-Up04 What's New?05 Baubles, Bangles and Beads06 Where Do You Go?07 Airegin Toma :: vai buscar(Go) Get It !!!Link to download:http:/... (Leer Más) 440. DIZZY GILLESPIE - SWEET SOUL [LIVE] (1969) ( 7oregons2tomates )Slew FootSoul MamaAzure BlueSweet StuffDirty DudeParty ManGet to ThatSoul TimeGetting DownRutabaga PieLabel: Spotlite Records 1969Toma :: vai buscar (Go) Get It !!!mp3 @ 320 kbps ... (Leer Más) 441. BIG JOHN PATTON - LET 'EM ROLL (1965) ( 7oregons2tomates )John Patton (organ)Grant Green (guitar)Bobby Hutcherson (vibraphone)Otis "Candy" Finch (drums)1. Let 'Em Roll2. Latona3. The Shadow of Your Smile4. The Turnaround5. Jakey6. One Step AheadAll songs written by John Pattonexcept "The Shadow Of Your Smile" (Mandel/Webster)and "The Turnaround (Hank Mobley).Originally released on Blue Note (BST 84239)Blue Note 1965Toma :: vai buscar (Go) Get It !!!5756... (Leer Más) 442. STAN GETZ - AWARD WINNER (1957) ( 7oregons2tomates )Stan Getz tenor saxophoneLou Levy pianoLeroy Vinnegar bassStan Levey drums01 Where Or When02 Woodyn' You 703 Smiles 4:4804 Three Little Words05 Time After Time06 This Can't Be Love07 All God's Chillun Got Rhythm08 But Beautiful09 Woodyn' You10 Time After Time11 All God's Chillun Got Rhythm12 Time After Time13 Woodyn' YouToma :: vai buscar(Go) Get It !!! Link to download: (Leer Más) 443. OSCAR PETERSON WITH RESPECT TO NAT (1965) ( 7oregons2tomates )01-When My Sugar Walks Down the Street02-It's Only A Paper Moon03-Walkin' My Baby Back Home04-Sweet Lorraine05-Unforgettable06-Little Girl07-Gee, Baby, Ain't I Goog to You08-Orange Colored Sky09-Straighten Up And Fly Right10-Calyp[...]

09/07/06 Summary


336. CHARLES MINGUS – THE JAZZ EXPERIMENTS OF CHARLES MINGUS (1954) ( 7oregons2tomates ) Charles Mingus – bass, pianoJohn LaPorta – clarinet, saxTeo Macero – saxThad Jones – trJackson Wiley – celloClem De Rosa – dr1 . What Is This Thing Called Love? (Cole Porter) (8:14)2 . Minor Intrusion (Charles Mingus) (10:23)3 . Stormy Weather (Harold Arlen, Ted Koehler) (3:21)4 . Four Hands (Charles Mingus, John LaPorta) (8:59)5 . Thrice Upon a T... (Leer Más) 429. STAN GETZ QUINTET WITH JIMMY RANEY - THE BIRDLAND SESSIONS (1952) ( 7oregons2tomates )The Birdland Sessions (1952) with Jimmy RaneyJimmy Raney, Horace Silver, Charlie Mingus, Connie Kay,Duke Jordan, Gene Ramey, Phil Brown01 Woody'n You02 Yesterdays03 The Song is You04 I Only Have Eyes For You05 Move06 Long Island Sound07 'Round Anout Midnight08 Spotlite09 Yesterdays10 Potter's Luck11 I Can't Get Started12 Parker 5113 My Old Flame14 MoveToma :: vai buscar(Go) Get It !!!Link to downl... (Leer Más) 430. DIZZY GILLESPIE - SWING LOW, SWEET CADILLAC (1967) ( 7oregons2tomates )Recorded live at Memory Lane, Los Angeles, California on May 25 & 26, 1967Dizzy Gillespie (trumpet)James Moody (alto & tenor saxophones, flute)Mike Longo (piano)Frank Schifano (electric bass)Candy Finch (drums)1. Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac2. Mas Que Nada (Pow, Pow, Pow)3. Bye4. Something In Your Smile5. KushOriginally released on Impulse! (9149)Toma :: vai buscar(Go) Get It !!!mp3 @ 320 kbp... (Leer Más) 431. JIM HALL - LIVE (1976) ( 7oregons2tomates )Jim HallLive !1 Angel Eyes (Brent, Dennis) 11:072 Round Midnight (Hanighen, Monk, Williams) 7:593 Scrapple from the Apple (Parker) 7:334 The Way You Look Tonight (Fields, Kern) 6:105 I Hear a Rhapsody (Baker, Fragos, Gasparre) 8:40Jim Hall - guitarDon Thompson - bassTerry Clarke - drumsRec. June, 1975 at Bourbon Street, Toronto, Canada.A&M SP-705Toma :: vai buscar(Go) Get It !!!downloadhttp://... (Leer Más) 432. CHET BAKER & STAN GETZ - WEST COAST LIVE (1953) ( 7oregons2tomates )Chet Baker & Stan Getz - West Coast Live (1954) - 2CDsRecorded live at the Haig on June 12, 1953 and The Tiffany Club, August 17, 1954, Los Angeles, California.CD 101 My Funny Valentine02 Strike Up The Band03 The Way You Look Tonight04 Yardbird Suite05 Yesterdays06 Winter Wonderland07 Come Out Wherever You Are08 Move09 What's New?10 Half Nelson11 Little Willie Leaps12 Soft Shoe13 whisperingCD ... (Leer Más) 433. OSCAR PETERSON CHRISTMAS (1995) ( 7oregons2tomates )01-God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen02-What Child Is This03-Let It Snow04-White Christmas05-Jingle Bells06-I'll Be Home For Christmas07-Santa Claus Is Coming To Town08-O Little Town Of Bethlehem09-Christmas Waltz10-Have Yourself A Merty Little C11-Silent Night12-Winter Wonderland13-Away In A ManagerRecording at Manta/Eastern Studio A, Toronto, Canadabetween January 15 and July 30, 1995Oscar Peterson (p... (Leer Más) 434. DIZZY GILLESPIE - BIRD SONGS (1997) ( 7oregons2tomates )Charlie Parker SongsRecorded Shortly Before His DeathRecorded live at The Blue Note, New York, from January 23-25, 1992Dizzy Gillespie (trumpet)Bobby McFerrin (vocals)Jackie McLean, Paquito D'Rivera, Antonio Hart (alto saxophone)Clifford Jordan, Benny Golson, David Sanchez (tenor saxophone)Danilo Perez (piano)George Mraz (bass)Lewis Nash, Kenny Washington (drums)OrnithologyCon AlmaConfirmationA Ni... (Leer Más) 435. DIZZY GILLESPIE AND STAN GETZ - DIZ AND GETZ (1953) ( 7oregons2tomates )Dizzy Gillespie :: trumpetStan Getz :: tenor saxOscar Peterson :: pianoHerb Ellis :: guitarRay Brown :: bassMax Roach :: drumsRadio Recorders, Hollywood, CA, December 9, 195301 It Don't Mean A Thing (If You Ain't Got That Swing)02 I Let A Song Go Out [...]



( borboletasdejade )

Compositor, arranjador, pianista Duke Ellington tocando uma de suas composições "Don't Get Around Much'' durante uma jam session com alguns dos mais empolgantes jazzmen na cidade, no estúdio do fotógrafo Gjon Mili, New York, NY.Data: 10 de outubro de 1943Fotógrafo: Gjon Mili. ... (Leer Más)

( borboletasdejade )

Billie Holiday cantando "Fine & Mellow" acompanhado por James P. Johnson - piano e outros músicos durante a jam session no estúdio do programa LIFE - 1943.Fotografado por: Gjon Mili. ... (Leer Más)

( bienvenidosalamonga )

Tok Tok Tok es un grupo musical alemán de estilo soul-acústico, con grandes influencias de jazz. El grupo, radicado en Friburgo, Alemania, comenzó como trío en la Academia de Música de Hannover en 1998 (voz, saxo tenor, contrabajo), evolucionó luego a quinteto con la adición de teclados, bajo y percusión; y actualmente es un cuarteto. Siempre ha estado encabezado por la pareja Tokunbo Akin... (Leer Más)

09/06/30 Summary

09/06/29 Summary


1964 - FOUR FOR TRANE - ARCHIE SHEPP ( borboletasdejade )Saxofonista tenor estadunidense de jazz, do subgênero hard bop, free jazz e avant-garde, nasceu em Fort Lauderdale - Flórida, em 24 de Maio de 1937. De um talento nato e de uma vergadura de fazer escola, Shepp tem trazido ao longo dos sopros uma variedade de intocaveis maravilhas como compositor ou Sideman. Dono de uma discografia invejavel, gravou com com grandes nomes do jazz entre eles: Ceci... (Leer Más) ALAN SKIDMORE AND THIRD EYE - LIVE COLOGNE 1978 ( 17greenbuicks )Thelonious Monk (p) Charlie Rouse (ts)Butch Warren (b) Frankie Dunlop (ds)1963/05/21cd 1buickcd2buick ... (Leer Más) AS 101 MELHORES CANçõES DO SéC. XX | ALMIR CHEDIAK ( rafael6strings )download ... (Leer Más) AS 101 MELHORES CANçõES DO SéC. XX | ALMIR CHEDIAK ( troward )download ... (Leer Más) MAX WEBSTER / 1995 / DIAMONDS DIAMONDS ( k-kao-shima )>>> Diamonds Diamonds. (1995) ... (Leer Más) MAX WEBSTER / VIDEOS ( k-kao-shima )MICHAEL JACKSON | BEAT IT ( rafael6strings )MICHAEL JACKSON | BEAT IT ( troward )MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON *28/08/59-25/06/2009+ ( borboletasdejade )Passa o icone e fica o mito. ... (Leer Más) NEAL CASAL / 2004 / RETURN IN KIND ( k-kao-shima )>>> Return in Kind. (2004) ... (Leer Más) THELONIOUS MONK - MONK IN TOKYO ( 17greenbuicks )original music from the film score - 1966Oliver Nelson (conductor, arranger, tenor saxophone)Recorded at the Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey on January 26, 1966. Originally released on Impulse (AS-9111)Apparently this is not the actual music heard in the film.That was recorded in 1965 by Sonny Rollins with a British group which included Ronnie Scott.This album was recorded a year l... (Leer Más) VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR / 1970-72-75 / THE LIVE BROADCASTS (DVDRIP-AVI) ( k-kao-shima )09/06/29 Summary [...]



ELMORE JAMES- BLUES AFTER HOURS (1960) ( boldasblog3 ) Genero - Blues Estilo - Slide Guitar Blues, Electric Chicago Blues Duración - 53:00 Calidad - mp3@256 kbps Tamaño - 45 mb 'Blues After Hours' editado por primera vez en lp en 1960 (posteriormente lo fue en 2005 con 10 bonus tracks) fue el segundo trabajo de Elmore James. Compuesto por singles editados en los sellos 'Meteor Records' y 'Flair Records', para muchos supuso la pri... (Leer Más) GRAND FUNK RAILROAD / 1969 / ON TIME ( k-kao-shima )>>> On Time. (1969) ... (Leer Más) GRAND FUNK RAILROAD / 1971 / E PLURIBUS FUNK ( k-kao-shima )>>> E Pluribus Funk. (1971) ... (Leer Más) GRAND FUNK RAILROAD / 1971 / SURVIVAL ( k-kao-shima )>>> Survival. (1971) ... (Leer Más) GRAND FUNK RAILROAD / 1972 / PHOENIX ( k-kao-shima )>>> Phoenix. (1972) ... (Leer Más) INTERLúDIO: MAKING OF KIND OF BLUE 50TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTORS EDITION ( borboletasdejade )Freddie Freeloader(Primeira parte)"Era a primeira vez que Miles gravava um albúm práticamente de composições suas. Na véspera da sessão, pela manhã fui ao apartamento dele e rabisque "Blue in Green" que era um tema meu e rascunhei a melodia e a harmonia para passar para o pessoal. "Flamenco Sketches" fizemos juntos - eu e Miles". BillEvans. 02 de Março de 1959 às 14:30 Vamos lá: CO 62... (Leer Más) JACQUES LOUSSIER - PLAY BACH 3 (1959) ( boldasblog3 ) Genero - Jazz Estilo - Classical Jazz Duración - 32:29 Calidad - mp3@320 kbps Tamaño - 79 mb Dicen que no hay dos sin tres, después de la celebrada aparición del disco 'Play Bach 1', y de su continuación con el 'Play Bach 2', aquí tenemos la tercera entrega de esta macedonia de música barroca, jazz y swing. La serie de discos de Play Bach aguantó bien hasta este tercer ... (Leer Más) NNENNA FREELON, "BETTER THAN ANYTHING" (COMP. 2007). ( bienvenidosalamonga )La extraordinaria cantante Nnenna Freelon es sin duda una de las cantantes de jazz contemporáneas más importantes. Su música tiene una calidad extraordinaria, y la popularidad que ha conseguido fuera de los ámbitos exclusivamente jazzísticos, no la han desviado del camino del swing. 3 veces nominada para los premios Grammy, sintió desde muy temprana edad la llamada de la música, si bien ant... (Leer Más) PREGUNTA ( nebuland )¿Hay algún ritual para deshacerse de un espejo sin romperlo (porque son siete años de mala suerte) ni dejarlo abandonado en un baldío (porque vaya uno a saber), ni regalarlo o venderlo en un cambalache? Sé que las fotos no se deben romper (y mucho menos tirar a la basura o al inodoro), las fotos se queman. Pero... ¿y los espejos? Acá hay uno que me inquieta, no lo quiero cerca. Es u... (Leer Más) 09/06/26 Summary [...]

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1988 - LIVE IN GERMANY - MILES DAVIS ( borboletasdejade )“Trane era o saxofonista mais ruidoso e mais rápido que eu já ouvi. Tocava rápido e alto, ao mesmo tempo, o que é difícil de fazer. Porque quando a maioria dos músicos toca alto, se trava. Já vi muitos saxofonistas se enrolarem tentando tocar assim. Mas Trane fazia isso e era fenomenal. Era como se estivesse possuído, quando levava aquele instrumento à boca. Era muito apaixonado ... (Leer Más) 422. AHMAD JAMAL - AT THE BLACKHAWK (1962) ( 7oregons2tomates )Ahmad Jamal - at the Blackhawk1. I'll Take Romance / My Funny Valentine 
2. Like Someone In Love 
3. Falling In Love With Love 
4. The Best thing For you 
5. April In Paris 
6. The Second Time Around 
7. We Live In Two Different Worlds 
8. Night Mist Blues
LP RECORDCadet 1962Toma :: vai buscar(Go) Get It !!! --- (Leer Más) 423. ELLA FITZGERALD AND JOE PASS - SOPHISTICATED LADY (1975) ( 7oregons2tomates )192 kbps ~ 65.3 mbElla Fitzgerald (vocals) ~ Joe Pass (electric guitar)1. Ella Introduction Of Joe2. I'm Beginning To See The Light3. I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good) / Sophisticated Lady4. One Note Samba5. Georgia On My Mind6. Gone With The Wind7. Bluesette8. Old Folks9. Wave10. Cherokee11. Take Love Easy12. Mood Indigo13. Satin DollLive Recording in Hamburg, Germany and Tokyo, Japan in 1975 ... (Leer Más) 424. CASSANDRA WILSON - LOVERLY (2008) ( 7oregons2tomates )01 - Lover Come Back To Me02 - Black Orpheus03 - Wouldn't It Be Loverly04 - Gone With The Wind05 - Caravan06 - 'Til There Was You07 - Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most08 - Arere09 - St. James Infirmary10 - Dust My Broom11 - The Very Thought Of You12 - A Sleepin' BeeCassandra Wilson vocalsMarvin Sewell on guitarJason Moran on pianoHerlin Riley on drumsLekan Babalola on percussionLonnie Plaxico... (Leer Más) 425. CHARLIE CHRISTIAN - LIVE AT MINTON'S PLAYHOUSE NEW YORK (1941) ( 7oregons2tomates )Recorded live at Minton's Playhouse and Clark Monroe's Uptown House, New York in May 1941Charlie Christian (guitar)Dizzy Gillespie (trumpet)Rudy Williams (alto saxophone)Don Byas, Kermit Scott (tenor saxophone)Joe Guy, Hot Lips Page, Victor Coulson (trumpet)Thelonious Monk, Al Tinney, Ken Kersey (piano)Nick Fenton, Ed Paul (bass)Kenny Clarke, Tom Miller (drums)1 Swing to Bop 8:55 (Christian)2 ... (Leer Más) 426. CHARLIE CHRISTIAN - SEVEN COME ELEVEN (1939) ( 7oregons2tomates )Recorded: New York, November 22, 1939Charlie Christian (guitar)Benny Goodman (clarinet)Lionel Hampton (vibes)Fletcher Henderson (piano)Artie Bernstein (bass)Nick Fatool (drums)Toma :: vai buscar(Go) Get It !!!Link ... (Leer Más) 427. EMILY REMLER - EAST TO WES (1988) ( 7oregons2tomates )1. Daahoud2. Snowfall3. Hot House4. Sweet Georgie Fame5. Blues For Herb6. Softly As In A Morning Sunrise7. East To WesRecord Label: Concord Jazz 1988Emily RemlerHank JonesBuster WilliamsMarvin Smitty SmithToma :: vai buscar(Go) Get It !!!Link ... (Leer Más) 428. NINA SIMONE DISCOGRAPHY ( 7oregons2tomates )Bethlehem period (1957-1959, 3 albums)01. Little Girl Blue [1957]02. Jazz As Played In An Exclusive Side Street Club [1958]03. Nina Simone And Her Friends [1959]Colpix period (1959-1964, 10 albums)01. The Amazing Nina Simone + Bonus [1959]02. The Amazing Nina Simone - Nina Simone at Town Hall [1959]03. Nina At Newport [1960]04. Forbidden Fruit [1961]05. Nina Simone Live At The Village Gate [1961]0... (Leer Más) CA[...]

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358. GARY PEACOCK TRIO - EASTWARD (1970) ( 7oregons2tomates )Gary Peacock TrioGary Peacock - Bass Hiroshi Murakami - DrumsMasabumi Kikuchi - PianoA brilliant trio with a brilliant pianist!1 Lessoning 9:49 2 Nanshi 6:073 Changing 8:284 One Up 5:245 Eastward 13:486 Little Abi 6:187 Moor 9:46Release date: May 21, 1970Label: Sony/BMG JapanToma :: vai buscar :: (Go) Get It !!!Format: ape + cover, LP rip (Leer Más) 401. GEORGE BENSON - THE OTHER SIDE OF ABBEY ROAD (1970) ( 7oregons2tomates )1. Golden Slumbers/You Never Give Me Your money2. Because/Come Together3. Oh! Darling4. Here Comes the Sun/I Want You (She's So Heavy)5. Something/Octopus's Garden/The EndRecorded at Van Gelder Studios, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey in October & November 1969.George Benson (guitar); Sonny Fortune (alto saxophone); Jerome Richardson (tenor saxophone); Don Ashworth (baritone saxophone); Mel Davis... (Leer Más) 421. JOSHUA REDMAN - ELASTIC (2002) ( 7oregons2tomates ) 320@mp3Recorded at Sear Sound Studios, New York, New York in March 2002.Joshua Redman (soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone)Sam Yahel (piano, Wurlitzer piano, Fender Rhodes piano, Clavinet, keyboards)Brian Blade (drums)Bashiri Johnson (bongos, congas, shaker, tambourine)1. Molten Soul 8:082. Jazz Crimes 6:443. The Long Way Home 5:444. Oumou 3:405. Still Pushin' That Rock 8:276. Can A Good Thing Las... (Leer Más) DELETED ( jazzever )Blog removed by Blogger.Blogger borró este blog.Puxa, o Blogger deletó este blog.This blog was NOT deleted by his administrator ((-_-)). It was deleted by, a blog hosting provider property of Google.Este blog NO fue borrado por su administrador ((-_-)). Fue borrado por, proveedor de alojamiento para blogs, propiedad de Google.::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::... (Leer Más) GRAND FUNK RAILROAD / 1970 / CLOSER TO HOME ( k-kao-shima )>>> Closer to Home. (1970) ... (Leer Más) GRAND FUNK RAILROAD / VIDEOS ( k-kao-shima )JOSHUA REDMAN - JAZZ CRIMES ( 7oregons2tomates )jazz crimes solo revised Joshua Redman - Elastic (2002) ... (Leer Más) LEE MORGAN - SEARCH FOR THE NEW LAND (1964) ( boldasblog3 ) Genero - Jazz Estilo - Hard Bop Duración - 42:30 Calidad - mp3@320 kbps Tamaño - 98 mb Uno de los mejores discos de Lee Morgan. El genial trompetista nos obsequia con cinco composiciones propias a mayor lucimiento suyo y de los genios que le acompañan. Un genio de cuya varita mágica nacieron las cinco obras maestras que componen 'Search For The New Land'. Un trabajo que des... (Leer Más) NEAL CASAL / 1999 / ANYTIME TOMORROW ( k-kao-shima )>>> Anytime Tomorrow. (1999) ... (Leer Más) NEAL CASAL / VIDEOS ( k-kao-shima )09/06/18 Summary [...]

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420. PAUL DESMOND - DESMOND BLUE (1962) ( 7oregons2tomates )1. My Funny Valentine2. Desmond Blue3. Then I'll Be Tired of You4. I've Got You Under My Skin5. Late Lament6. I Should Care7. Like Someone in Love8. Ill Wind (You're Blowin' Me No Good)9. Body and Soul10. Autumn Leaves11. Imagination12. Advise and Consent13. Autumn Leaves14. Autumn Leaves15. Imagination16. Advise and ConsentPaul Desmond (alto saxophone); Bob Prince (arranger, conductor); George Ma... (Leer Más) DE Mí ( nebuland )Contar recuerdos es un buen ejercicio para la técnica narrativa: sólo hay que buscar la mejor manera de escribir historias que no es necesario inventar. La fragilidad de mi memoria me juega a favor: puedo olvidar fácilmente t... (Leer Más) JACKIE MCLEAN - STRANGE BLUES ( 17greenbuicks )Jackie McLean SeptetRaymond Williams (tp, flh)Steve Davis (tb)Jackie McLean (as)Rene McLean (ts, fl)Alan Jay Palmer (p)Phil Bowler (b)Eric McPherson (d)NYC, July 13 & 15, 1997Somethin'else (J) TOCJ 5590)trax 1-8buicktrack 9buick ... (Leer Más) JOE MORELLO - MASTER STUDIES ( 7oregons2tomates )(5.8 MB)Toma :: vai buscar(Go) Get It !!!D/L ... (Leer Más) KAL DAVID / 1992 / NEVER A DULL MOMENT ( k-kao-shima )>>> Never a Dull Moment. (1993) ... (Leer Más) KAL DAVID / 1993 / DOUBLE TUFF ( k-kao-shima )>>> Double Tuff. (1993) ... (Leer Más) KAL DAVID WITH JOHN MAYALL & THE BLUES BREAKERS / VIDEO ( k-kao-shima )MISSISSIPPI JOHN HURT - AVALON BLUES (1963) ( boldasblog3 ) Genero - Blues Estilo - Acoustic Blues, Country Blues Duración - 40:39 Calidad - mp3@320 kbps Tamaño - 80 mb Este es el primero de una serie de varios volúmenes grabados bajo el sello 'Piedmont Records' a principios de los años 60. Aqui nos encontramos a John Hurt con su forma de tocar y cantar aún intacta, sin sentir influencias del mundo que nos rodea, un mundo que ha ca... (Leer Más) 09/06/17 Summary [...]

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405. CHARLIE MINGUS MINGUS DYNASTY (1959) ( 7oregons2tomates )01 Slop.02 Diane03 Song with Orange04 Gunslinging Bird05 Things Ain't What They Used To Be06 Far Wells, Mill Valley07 New Now Know How.mp308 Mood Indigo09 Put Me In That Dungeon10 StrollinRecorded in New York on November 1 and 13, 1959.Charles Mingus (bass)Booker Ervin, John Handy, Benny Golson (saxophones)Jerome Richardson (saxophone, flute)Donald Ellis, Dick Williams (trumpets)James Knepper (tro... (Leer Más) 406. EDDIE "LOCKJAW" DAVIS - VERY SAXY (1959) ( 7oregons2tomates )01 - Very Saxy02 - Lester Leaps In03 - Fourmost04 - Foot Pattin'05 - Light And LovelyDigitally remastered by Phil De Lancie (1990, Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, California)Recorded at the Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, New Jersey on April 29, 1959. Originally released on Prestige (7167)Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Buddy Tate, Coleman Hawkins, Arnett Cobb (tenor saxophone)Shirley Scott (Hammond organ)George... (Leer Más) 407. BENNY CARTER - FURTHER DEFINITIONS (1961) ( 7oregons2tomates )1. Honeysuckle Rose2. The Midnight Sun Will Never Set3. Crazy Rhythm4. Blue Star5. Cotton Tail6. Body and Soul7. Cherry8. Doozy9. Fantastic, That's You10. Come on Back11. We Were in Love12. If Dreams Come True13. Prohibido14. Doozy - (bonus track)15. Rock Bottom - (bonus track)16. Titmouse - (bonus track)Benny Carter, Phil Woods, Bud Shank (alto saxophone)Coleman Hawkins, Charlie Rouse, Buddy Coll... (Leer Más) 408. DONALD BYRD - MUSTANG! (1966) ( 7oregons2tomates )1. Mustang2. Fly Little Bird Fly3. I Got It Abad and That Ain't Good4. Dixie Lee5. On the Trail6. I'm So Excited by You7. Gingerbread Boy8. I'm So Excited by You (First Version)Recorded at the Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey on November 18, 1964 and June 24, 1966.Originally released on Bluenote (84238)Donald Byrd (trumpet)Sonny Red (alto saxophone)Hank Mobley, Jimmy Heath (tenor sa... (Leer Más) 409. OSCAR PETERSON A ROYAL WEDDING SUITE (1981) ( 7oregons2tomates )01-ANNOUNCEMENT02-LONDON GETS READY03-WHEN SUMMER COMES04-IT'S ON05-HERALDRY06-ROYAL HONEYMOON07-JUBILATION08-LADY DI'S WALTZ09-LET THE WORLD SING10-THE EMPTY CATHEDRALOscar Peterson – piano, electric pianoRecorded April 15, 24, 25, 1981Pablo RecordsToma :: vai buscar(Go) Get It !!!D/Link ... (Leer Más) 410. STAN GETZ ~ THE COMPLETE ROOST RECORDINGS (1950) ( 7oregons2tomates )THE COMPLETE ROOST RECORDINGS (1950)CD 1Recorded in New York City on May 17, 1950 (tracks 1-7). December 10, 1950 (tracks 8-15). March 1, 1951 (tracks 16-21)Bass - Joe Calloway (tracks: 8 to 21) - Tommy Potter (tracks: 1 to 7) Drums - Roy Haynes (tracks: 1 to 7)... (Leer Más) 411. PAT METHENY GROUP - FIRST CIRCLE (1984) ( 7oregons2tomates )1. Forward March (2:49) 
2. Yolanda, You Learn (4:49) 
3. First Circle (9:16) 
4. If I Could (7:01) 
5. Tell It All (7:59) 
6. End of the Game (8:02) 
7. Mas Alla (Beyond) (5:40) 
8. Praise (4:18)Pat Metheny - Synclavier Guitar, Guitar (12 String), Guitar (Electric),Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Classical), Sitar, Sitar (Electric), Slide Guitar
Lyle May... (Leer Más) 412. CHARLES MINGUS – BLUES AND ROOTS (1959) ( 7oregons2tomates )Charles Mingus - Blues & Roots (1959)MP3 ~ 192kbps ~ ~ 98mb1. Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting (5:39)2. Cryin' Blues (4:58)3[...]

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1958 - SETTIN' THE PACE - JOHN COLTRANE ( borboletasdejade )“Trane” – diminuitivo de Coltrane – obteve uma longa maturação evolutiva presente num percurso ideal para os músico da sua geração: pratica sucessivamente a fanfarra, o rhythm’n’blues, o be-bop em big band (na do Apollo e depois na de Gillespie) e toca depois com dois dos maiores virtuosos do saxofone – Hodges e Bostic. Mas é com Miles que Coltrane s... (Leer Más) 1963 - COTE BLUES - MILESA DAVIS ( borboletasdejade )“Me lembro quando fomos tocar na Europa, no fim do verão de 1969, depois de concluírmos Bitches Brew. Topei com Bill Cosby e sua mulher, Camille. Nós tocávamos em Antibes, acho, e Bill estava lá de férias. Ele veio ao espetáculo, e depois fomos todos a uma boate. Bill e Camille dançavam na pista. Betty (Davis, parceira de Miles na época) também dançava com um cara francês, muito ... (Leer Más) 387. CHET BAKER - SEPTEMBER SONG (1983) ( 7oregons2tomates )Chet Baker - September Song (1983)MP3 / 320kbps / 116mb / Covers & ScansChet Baker, trumpet and vocalDuke Jordan, pianoJasper Lundgaard, bassRecorded November 24, 25 & 28, 1983, Paris, France; Lauwe, Belgium & Arnhem, Holland1. September Song (8:08)2. My Fanny Valentine (6:43)3. I Remember You (4:22)4. But Beautiful (4:35)5. Barbados (11:29)6. September Song (7:38)7. Solar (4:05)Time: ... (Leer Más) 388. GEORGE SHEARING ~ YOU'RE HEARING THE GEORGE SHEARING QUINTET (1950) ( 7oregons2tomates )01 - Tenderly02 - Strolling.03 - November Seascape04 - September In the Rain05 - Five O'Clock Whistle06 - I Remember You07 - Summertime08 - Changing With the Times09 - As Long As There's Music10 - East of the Sun11 - I'll Be Around12 - For YouToma :: vai buscar(Go) Get It !!!part 1 .:. part 2DL Link
http://rapids... (Leer Más) 389. LENNIE NIEHAUS - VOL.1. THE QUINTETS (1956) ( 7oregons2tomates )1 I Remember You 2:392 Poinciana 3:533 Whose Blues? 3:244 Prime Ribs 3:135 I Should Care 3:186 Inside Out 2:597 I Can't Believe That You're in Love with Me 3:338 You Stepped out of a Dream 2:439 I'll Take Romance 3:0310 Happy Times 3:3111 Day by Day 3:4012 Bottoms Up 3:14Recording Date: Jul 2, 1954,Jul 9, 1956Lennie Ni... (Leer Más) 390. GERRY MULLIGAN ~ SOMETHING BORROWED, SOMETHING BLUE - 1966 ( 7oregons2tomates )Limelight 8604001 - Davenport Blues02 - Sometime Ago03 - Take Tea and See04 - Spring is Sprung05 - New Orleans06 - DecidedlyToma :: vai buscar(Go) Get It !!!Link ... (Leer Más) 391. ART BLAKEY - MOSAIC (1960) ( 7oregons2tomates )Art Blakey - Mosaic (1960) [RVG Edition]MP3 / 320kbps / Covers + Scans / 129mbArt Blakey (drums)Wayne Shorter (tenor saxophone)Freddie Hubbard (trumpet)Curtis Fuller (trombone)Cedar Walton (piano)Jymie Merritt (bass)1. Mosaic (8:11)2. Down Under (5:26)3. Children Of The Night (8:47)4. Arabia (9:08)5. Crisis (8:33)Time: 39:39Recording information: Van Gelder Studios, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey (1... (Leer Más) 392. THE MODERN JAZZ QUARTET AT THE MUSIC INN 1956 ( 7oregons2tomates )The Modern Jazz Quartet at the Music Inn 1956(guest Jimmy Giuffre)01 - Oh Bess, Oh Where's My Bess02 - A Fugue for Music Inn03 - Two Degrees East, Three Degrees Wes[...]

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1957 - AT CARNEGIE HALL -THELONIOUS MONK QUARTET WITH JOHN COLTRANE - JOHN COLTRANE & THEL ( borboletasdejade )Coltrane começou sua carreira tocando em várias big bands após o fim da Segunda Guerra Mundial. Tocou com vários gigantes do Jazz como Dizzy Gillespie e Paul Chambers (depois voltaria a tocar com ele no quinteto-sexteto de Miles Davis). De 1955 a 1960 fez parte do histórico quinteto de Miles Davis tendo participado de discos memoráveis como Cookin', Relaxin', Steamin', 'Round About Midnight ... (Leer Más) 341. OSCAR PETERSON AND STEPHANE GRAPELLI SCOL (1979) ( 7oregons2tomates )01-Nuages02-How About You03-Someone To Watch Over Me04-Makin' Whoopee05-That's All06-Skol BluesOscar Peterson (piano)Stephane Grappelli (violin)Joe Pass (guitar)Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen (acoustic bass)Mickey Roker (drums)Recorded live at Tivoli Concert Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark.Originally released on Pablo Live (2308-232).Toma :: vai buscar ... (Leer Más) 342. CHARLIE HADEN - CLOSENESS DUETS - 1993 ( 7oregons2tomates )In 1976, bassist Charlie Haden recorded eight duets with musicians whom he admired; the results were originally released on two Horizon LPs as Closeness. In 1988, A&M reissued all of the music on a pair of CDs, titled "Closeness" Duets. For this release, Haden is teamed with pianist Keith Jarrett, plays a memorable "O.C." with altoist Ornette Coleman, interprets a moody piece with harpist Alic... (Leer Más) 343. ORNETTE COLEMAN – THIS IS OUR MUSIC (1960) ( 7oregons2tomates )1. Blues Connotation2. Beauty Is a Rare Thing3. Kaleidoscope4. Embraceable You5. Poise6. Humpty Dumpty7. Folk TaleRecorded in New York, New York in 1961. Originally released on AtlantiOrnette Coleman QuartetOrnette Coleman (alto saxophone)Don Cherry (pocket trumpet)Charlie Haden (bass)Ed Blackwell (drums)Toma :: vai buscar(Go) Get It !!!... (Leer Más) 344. MARIA JOãO & MáRIO LAGINHA ~ COR (1998) ( 7oregons2tomates )01. Horn Please (3:24)
02. Ha Gente Aqui (5:25)
03. Rafael Ou A Cor de Mocambique (4:59)
04. Nazuk (4:45)
05. Saris e Capulanas (7:27)
06. Preto e Branco (8:11)
07. Charles On A Sunday With Sunday Clothes (4:30)
08. Nhlonge Yamina (2:56)
09. A Forbidden Love Affair (8:31)Maria João - vocals, voice percussion (5)
Mário Laginha - piano
Wo... (Leer Más) 345. CHARLIE HADEN - BILLY HIGGINS - ENRICO PIERANUNZI - FIRST SONG (1990) ( 7oregons2tomates )mp3 | 320 | 75+68 mb:: First Song:: Je Ne Sais Quoi:: Polka Dots and Moonbeams:: Lennie's Pennies:: News Break:: All the Way:: Si Si:: For Turiya:: In the MomentCharlie Haden bassEnrico Pieranunzi pianoBilly Higgins drumsToma :: vai buscar(Go) Get It !!!part 1part 2 ... (Leer Más) 346. JOHN ABERCROMBIE - MARC JOHNSON - PETER ERSKINE - JOHN SURMAN - NOVEMBER 1992 ( 7oregons2tomates )mp3 | 320 | 164mb:: The Cat's Back:: J.S.:: Right Brain Patrol:: Prelude:: November:: Rise And Fall:: John's Waltz:: Ogeda:: Tuesday Afternoon:: To Be:: Come Rain Or Come Shine:: Big MusicJohn Abercrombie guitarMarc Johnson bassPeter Erskine drumsJohn Surman baritone and soprano saxophones, bass clarinetECM 1992Toma :: vai buscar(Go) Get It !!! ... (Leer Más) 347. BEN WEBSTER - STORMY WEATHER (1965) ( 7oregons2tomates )mp3 | 320 | 70+60 mb:: Our Love Is Here To Stay:: My Romance:: Blues For Herluf:: Londonderry Air:: Mack The Knife:: I Can't Get Started:: Theme, The:: Friskin' The Frog:: Stormy Weather::[...]

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"OTIS BLUE"OTIS REDDING SINGS SOUL / OTIS REDDING (1965) ( saquesudisco )01. Ole Man Trouble 02. Respect 03. A Change Is Gonna Come 04. Down In The Valley 05. I´ve Been Loving You Too Long 06. Shake 07. My Girl 08. Wonderful World09. Rock Me Baby 10. (I Can´t Get No) Satisfaction 11. You Don´t Miss Your Water Link en comentarios ... (Leer Más) 1952 - INGLEWOOD JAM - BIRD & CHET BAKER ( borboletasdejade )Em 1951 Chet Baker chega ao cenário jazzístico de Los Angeles depois de idas e vindas do exército americano. Começou participando de jam sessions e se apresentando frequentemente pelos bares da região. Até que um dia, seu empresário disse que o já lendário Charlie Parker estava procurando um trompetista para lhe acompanhar numa turnê que ele faria pela Costa Oeste. Não deu outra: Chet p... (Leer Más) 324. WES MONTGOMERY - THE COMPLETE RIVERSIDE RECORDINGS (12CD) ( 7oregons2tomates )Wes Montgomery - The Complete Riverside Recordings (12CD) (1993) Box Set - 12 CD’s - 158 tracksMP3 ~232 kbps | || | 1.2GB rar 3% for recovery, no password Disc 11. 'Round Midnight - Wes Montgomery2. Satin Doll [Alternate Take - Take 5] - Wes Montgomery3. Satin Doll [Take 7 - Originally Issued] - Wes Montgomery4. Missile Blues [Take 5] - Wes Montgom... (Leer Más) 325. KEITH JARRETT - SURVIVORS SUITE 1976 ( 7oregons2tomates )mp3 | 320 | 60+56M:: Beginning:: ConclusionKeith Jarrett soprano saxophone, bass recorder, piano, keyboards, drumsDewey Redman tenor saxophone, percussionPaul Motian drumsCharlie Haden bassToma :: vai buscarpart 1part 2 ... (Leer Más) 326. RED GARLAND QUINTET - ALL MORNIN' LONG - 1957 ( 7oregons2tomates )mp3 | 320 | 87:: All Mornin' Long:: They Can't Take That Away From Me:: Our DelightRed Garland pianoDonald Byrd trumpetGeorge Joyner bassArt Taylor drumsJohn Coltrane tenor saxophoneToma :: vai buscar ... (Leer Más) 327. CHET BAKER - QUARTET: RUSS FREEMAN, CHET BAKER (1956) ( 7oregons2tomates )Chet Baker - Quartet: Russ Freeman, Chet Baker (1956)mp3 @320kbps / Covers / 81mbDon't confuse this album with Chet Baker Quartet Featuring Russ Freeman. That other album is a compilation of cool jazz tracks from 1952 through 1954. This album is a fast hardbop session from 1956.1. Love Nest (4:19)2. Fan Tan (5:42)3. Summer Sketch (4:37)4. An Afternoon at Home (5:13)5. Say When (5:02)6. Lus... (Leer Más) 328. DONALD BYRD - BYRD IN FLIGHT - 1960 ( 7oregons2tomates )mp3 | 320 | 138M:: Ghana:: Little Boy Blue:: Gate City:: Lex:: Bo:: My Girl Shirl:: Child's Play:: Carol:: Soulful KiddyJackie McLean alto saxHank Mobley tenor saxDonald Byrd trumpetDuke Pearson pianoDoug Watkins, Reggie Workman bassLex Humphries drumsToma :: vai buscar ... (Leer Más) 329. PAUL DESMONT PURE DESMONT ~ 1975 ( 7oregons2tomates )(mp3 320)1. Squeeze Me2. I'm Old Fashioned3. Nuages4. Why Shouldn't I5. Everything I Love6. Warm Valley7. Till The Clouds Roll By8. Mean To Me9. Song From M.A.S.H.10. WaveRecorded at the Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey from September 24-26, 1974.Paul Desmond (alto saxophone)Ed Bickert (guitar)Ron Carter (bass)Connie Kay (drums)Toma :: vai buscarpart 1 part 2 ... (Leer Más) BILL FRISELL - LOOKOUT FOR HOPE - ECM - 1987 ( jazzever )mp3 | 320 | 102Bill Frisell electric and acoustic guitars, banjoHank Roberts cello, voiceKermit Driscoll bassJoey Baron drums:: Lookout For Hope:: Li[...]

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1958 - LUSH LIFE - JOHN COLTRANE ( borboletasdejade )Filho de John Robert Coltrane e Alice Blair Coltrane, John William Coltrane nasceu em 23 de setembro de 1926 em Hamlet, Carolina do Norte. Com apenas dois meses de idade se muda com a família para High Point (Carolina do Norte) após a nomeação de seu avô, o Reverendo William Blair para a Igreja Metodista Africana Episcopal de Sião. John cresceu no meio de uma família de músicos: seu pai, q... (Leer Más) 316. MILES DAVIS - COMPLETE BITCHES BREW SESSIONS - 1969-1970 ( 7oregons2tomates )mp3 | 320disc 1:: Pharoah's Dance:: Bitches Brew:: Spanish Key:: John McLaughlindisc 2:: Miles Runs the Voodoo Down:: Sanctuary:: Great Expectations:: Orange Lady:: Yaphet (previously unreleased, bonus track):: Corrado (previously unreleased, bonus track)disc 3:: Trevere (previously unreleased, bonus track):: The Big Green Serpent:: The Little Blue Frog (previously unreleased, alternate take, bonu... (Leer Más) 317. BOBBY MCFERRIN - MEDICINE MUSIC 1991 ( 7oregons2tomates )mp3 | vbr | 71 mb 1. Medicine Man 2. Baby 3. Yes, You 4. Garden, The 5. Common Threads (Theme From) 6. Sweet in the Mornin' - (with Voicestra) 7. Discipline - (Sr & Voicestra, with Robert McFerrin) 8. He Ran All the Way 9. Angry 10. Train, The 11. Soma So de la de Sase 12. 23rd Psalm, TheRecorded at The Skywalker Ranch, Marin County, ... (Leer Más) 318. CHICK COREA - TAP STEP - 1980 ( 7oregons2tomates )mp3 | 320 | 99 mb:: Samba L.A.:: The Embrace:: Tap Step:: Magic Carpet:: The Slide:: Grandpa Blues:: FlamencoChick Corea acoustic & electric pianos, Fender Rhodes piano, Clavinet, Oberheim & Moog synthesizersFlora Purim, Gayle Moran, Shelby Flint, Nani Villa Brunel vocalsJoe Farrell soprano & tenor sxophonesJoe Henderson tenor saxophoneAl Vizzuti trumpet, flugelhornHubert Laws piccolo,... (Leer Más) 319. FREDDIE HUBBARD - RED CLAY (1970) ( 7oregons2tomates )Freddie Hubbard - Red Clay (1970) 320 kbs 1. Red Clay 2. Delphia 3. Suite Sioux 4. Intrepid Fox, The 5. Cold Turkey 6. Red Clay - (previously unreleased, alternate version, bonus track)Recorded at Van Gelder Studios, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey; Southgate Palace, Los Angeles, California between January 27, 1970 and July 19, 1971 CTI RecordsFreddie Hubbard (trum... (Leer Más) 320. KEITH JARRETT - TOKYO '96 ( 7oregons2tomates )mp3 | VBR 192/320 | 65+60 mbKeith Jarrett ~ Jack DeJohnette ~ Gary Peacock1. It Could Happen To You2. Never Let Me Go3. Billie's Bounce4. Summer Night5. I'll Remember April6. Mona Lisa7. Autumn Leaves8. Last Night When We Were Young9. John's Abbey10. My Funny Valentine/SongECM 1998Toma :: vai buscarpart 1part 2 ... (Leer Más) 321. CHET BAKER QUINTET - AT THE FORUM THEATER (1956) ( 7oregons2tomates )Chet Baker Quintet - At The Forum Theater (1956)MP3 / 192kbps VBR / Covers & Scans / 51mb1. Extra Mild (5:17)2. Chippyin' (3:19)3. Tabu (5:34)4. A Night On Bop Mountain (4:15)5. Jumpin Off A Clef (5:51)6. I Can't Get Started (3:06)7. Down (6:08)8. Pawnee Junction (3:59)9. Music To Dance To (4:34)Time: 42:03Recorded at the Forum Theather, Los Angeles July 24th (Tracks 2 & 5), 25th (... (Leer Más) 322. BOBBY MCFERRIN - HUSH 1991 ( 7oregons2tomates )@320 | 111 mb1. Grace (Bobby McFerrin)2. Andante from Concerto in D minor for 2 Mandolins (Antonio Vivaldi)[...]

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1956 - MATING CALL - JOHN COLTRANE & TADD DAMERON ( borboletasdejade )"Não estou certo do que procuro, exceto que é alguma coisa que ainda não foi executada. Mas não sei o que é. Só saberei quando conseguir tocá-la." diria Coltrane ao deixar Miles Davis e entrentar uma carreira solo almeijada a tempos. Inquieto, Coltrane não conseguia parar na busca do som que tanto sonhava. Isso só tornaria realidade 31 de maio de 1957 quando fez a sua primeira gravação ... (Leer Más) 291. KEITH JARRETT - SOLO CONCERTS - BREMEN - LAUSANNE - 1973 ( 7oregons2tomates )mp3 | 320 | 110+110+81 mb:: Bremen, July 12, 1973 Part I (18:10):: Bremen, July 12, 1973 Part II (45:08):: Lausanne, March 20, 1973 (64:53)Keith Jarrett pianoECM 1973Toma :: vai buscarpart 1part 2part 3 ... (Leer Más) 292. GERI ALLEN _ CHARLIE HADEN _ PAUL MOTIAN - SEGMENTS 1989 ( 7oregons2tomates )mp3 | 320 | 115:: Law Years:: You'll Never Know:: Marmduke:: Cabala / Drum Music:: Home:: I'm All Smiles:: Segment:: La Pasionara:: RainCharlie Haden bassPaul Motian drumsGeri Allen pianoToma :: vai buscar ... (Leer Más) 293. PAUL BLEY - THE PAUL BLEY QUARTET -1987 ( 7oregons2tomates )mp3 | 320 | 122:: Interplay:: Heat:: After Dark:: One In Four:: TristePaul Bley pianoJohn Surman soprano saxophone, bass clarinetBill Frisell guitarPaul Motian drumsECM 1987Toma :: vai buscar ... (Leer Más) 294. NIELS-HENNING ØRSTED PEDERSEN AND PHILIP CATHERINE - THE VIKING - 1983 ( 7oregons2tomates )mp3 | 320 | 102 mb:: The Puzzle:: My Funny Valentine:: Marie:: Nuages:: Medley: Air Power / Dancing Girls:: September Start:: Little Train:: Stella By Starlight:: I Fall In Love Too EasilyPhilip Catherine guitarNiels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen bassPablo Records 1983Toma :: vai buscar ... (Leer Más) 295. GARY PEACOCK - RALPH TOWNER - ORACLE - 1993 ( 7oregons2tomates )mp3 | 320 | 115 Mb:: Gaya:: Flutter Step:: Empty Carrousel:: Hat And Cane:: Inside Inside:: St. Helens:: Oracle:: Burly Hello:: TramontoGary Peacock double-bassRalph Towner 12-string and classical guitarsECM 1993Toma :: vai buscar ... (Leer Más) 296. AZIZA MUSTAFA ZADEH - JAZZIZA - 1997 ( 7oregons2tomates )mp3 | 320 | 80+77Mb:: Lover Man:: Sunny Rain:: My Funny Valentine:: Scrapple from the Apple:: Character:: Nature Boy:: You've Changed:: Butterflies:: Black Orphaeus:: How Insensitive:: Take Five:: I Can't SleepAziza Mustafa Zadeh piano, vocalsToots Thielemans harmonicaEduardo Contrera percussionPhilip Catherine guitarToma :: vai buscarpart 1part 2 ... (Leer Más) 297. JACO PASTORIUS - HONESTLY LIVE (SOLO) (1986) ( 7oregons2tomates )Jaco Pastorius - Honestly Live (solo) (1986) FLAC & mp3 (320k/s) Å‚ 192 & 147 MB Å‚ scans Å‚ Jamco (1991) Å‚ 64:471. Part 1 10:00 2. Part 2 3:57 3. Part 3 2:07 4. Part 4 3:26 5. Part 5 7:29 6. Part 6 5:44 7. Part 7 3:23 8. Part 8 10:00 9. Part 9 7:03 10. Part 10 11:33Total time: 64:47All compositions by J. Pastorius Jaco Pastorius bass guitared.: Jimco Records (1991, J... (Leer Más) 298. HORACE PARLAN - US THREE (1960) ( 7oregons2tomates )1. Us Three2. I Want To Be Loved3. Come Rain Or Come Shine4. Wadin'5. Lady Is A Tramp, The6. Walkin'7. Return EngagementHorace Parlan pianoGeorge Tucker bassAl Harewood drums1960, Blue NoteToma :: vai (65.67 MB) ... (Leer Más) 299. NINA SIMONE - RELEASED 200[...]