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March 2008


Monday, March 31, 2008 The Crystal Mansion - The Crystal Mansion There is always a little story behind every record posted here, so bear with me!I bought this album in 1998 at Leeds. I found it in a small shop that had opened very close to my house. The shop was at Brudenell Road, Hyde Park and it used to sell every kind of second hand stuff such as flares and retro gadgets in general, as part of the sixties/seventies revival that had taken over England as a trend in those days. The owners were very polite but they hadn't a clue about rare records!!! The price of this album was 2 quid (we are talking about original pressing gatefold vinyl with lyrics included)!!! I grabbed it immediately (I had been looking for it for a while) and I also bought a couple of other original vinyls at ridiculous prices (Golden Earring's "Moontan" and Amon Duul II's "Dance Of The Lemmings" were among them).The Crystal Mansion were a band signed to Rare Earth Records (a subsidiary of Motown) and they were one of the numerous "white soul-funk" bands of the label. Their music is kinda anodyne and, to be honest with you, I was a little bit disappointed by the album, since I expected it to be funkier. Nevertheless, it contained some nice tracks such as the real funky "Somebody (Outta Turn Your Head Around)" and "Let Me Get Straight Again". The latter was a funky anti-drug confession of a fucked-up pothead. I used to play that track every day, for quite a while. It was somehow connected to my life and thoughts at the time.Unfortunately, most tracks are rather prosaic and they lack energy (...mind you, my tastes are a bit eclectic) but I am sure that some of you will consider it an interesting album. It is fairly rare to find (especially on vinyl) but if you dig, you should go and buy the CD reissue.The Crystal Mansion Posted by Nada at 3/31/2008 01:24:00 PM 0 comments Links to this post Labels: C, Nada Saturday, March 29, 2008Gay & Terry Woods - The Time Is Right [1976, Vinyl] & Renowned [1976, Vinyl] The husband-and-wife duo of Gay and Terry Woods got their beginning in 1969, when Terry Woods was still a member of Sweeney's Men. At that point, negotiations were underway for Sweeney's Men plus Gay Woods to join Fairport Convention bassist Ashley Hutchings in a new band, to be called Steeleye Span. When Sweeney's Men members Irvine and Moynihan decided it wasn't what they wanted, another duo, England's Tim Hart and Maddy Prior, went in with Woods and Hutchings. The Woods lasted for just one album before striking out on their own as the Woods Band, releasing an eponymous debut in 1971, where they mixed traditional and original material. After touring extensively throughout Europe, the band fell apart and Gay and Terry returned to Ireland. Settled again, they signed with Polydor, for whom they recorded Backwoods in 1975. Composed mostly of original material just as their subsequent releases would be, they became more experimental on their two 1976 records, The Time Is Right and Renowned. Given their small niche, that proved to be the end of their major-label association and their final album together, Tenderhooks, appeared on the tiny Mulligan label out of Dublin, an Irish folky roots rock swansong (selections from their final two years can be found on Gay and Terry Woods in Concert). At that point, Gay joined prog band Auto Da Fe and Terry Woods briefly revived the Woods Band before abandoning music for a few years. He resurfaced in 1986 as a member of the Pogues, whose music was a direct descendent of his work with Sweeney's Men. Though Gay Woods, too, retired from music, she did emerge into the spotlight again in the late '90s, rejoining Steeleye Span and becoming their sole vocalist after the departure of Maddy Prior. []The Time Is Right [1976, Vinyl]Track list;01 - Song For The Gypsies. 3:1202 - Brown Girl. 5:0403 - Northwinds. 2:5604 - When The Time Is Right. 3:4305 - Back To You. 5:1806 - Redlake Piper. 3:0107 - Empty Rooms. 4:1108 - Under The Yew Tree. 3:2509 - Stealer Of Dreams. 4:2210 - Country Girlie. 2[...]

February 2008


Thursday, February 28, 2008Dennis Linde - 1970 - Linde Manor Dennis Linde(b. March 18, 1943, Abilene, Texas - d. December 22, 2006, Nashville, Tennessee) was an American songwriter.Although he is best known for writing the 1972 Elvis Presley hit, "Burning Love", Dennis Linde has written numerous hit songs for mainlycountry music singers, beginning with hits for Roger Miller and Roy Drusky in 1970. In 1990, Sara Hickman covered his song "Hello, I Am Your Heart" for the compilation album Rubáiyát. In 2000, his song for the Dixie Chicks, "Goodbye Earl", stirred some controversy for its apparently humorous take on spousal abuse. Linde has also written tunes recorded by Tanya Tucker, Gary Morris, Don Williams, the Judds and Garth Brooks.He was known as one of the more reclusive figures on the Nashville scene, rarely attending industry events. Nashville manager Scott Siman described him as a "mystery man," explaining, "If you ever saw Dennis Linde it was amazing, because you didn't get that opportunity very often.In 2001, Linde was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame.Linde died of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis at Vanderbilt University Medical Center on December 22, 2006. He was 63.His daughter, Lisa Linde, is married to actor James Marsden.Solo Albums1970 - Linde Manor 1971 - Surface Noise (unreleased) 1973 - Dennis Linde 1974 - Trapped in the Suburbs 1977 - Under the EyeLINKEnjoy!Posted by Arcadium at 2/28/2008 03:44:00 PM 13 comments Links to this post Labels: Arcadium, D, L Mushroom - 1999 - Leni Riefenstahl Mushroom - 1999 - Leni Riefenstahl(Aether Records 1999, AE LLP-007, LP-only limited to 450)Tracks :A1. Leni RiefenstahlA2. A Violin Bow In Curved AirB1. A Tribute To Eddie Harrisa) Swiss Movement (The Ticking Of A Clock)b) Some Jive Ass Wasting My TimeB2. Dig My MoodLineup:Michale Holt - Mellotron / Rhodes piano / voice (track 1)Erik Pearson - flute / saxophone / violin (tracks 1, 2, 3)Patrick O'Hearn - drums / tape manipulation (tracks 1 - 4)Dan Olmstead - drone guitar / guitar (tracks 1, 2, 3)Alec Palao - bass (track 1)Graham Connah - analog keyboard sounds (track 1)Kurt Statham - bass / invisible bass (tracks 2, 3, 4)Alison Faith Levy - keyboards /overdriven keyboards (tracks 2, 3, 4)Continuing their worldwide tour of record labels, Mushroom's sixth studio album has now appeared on the Aether label out of Indianapolis (run by the folks who perform as Many Bright Things) as a limited edition vinyl-only release. The album is a collection of four (more like five, really) very different instrumental works, totalling (well, pretty obvious really) about 40 minutes. Just like the old days! Again, some lineup shuffling of the ever-evolving group has led to different sounds and styles emerging.The opening track, "Leni Riefenstahl" (named for a German actress/film maker), is a long, winding mesmerizing affair. Set to a relatively leisurely pace, the steady bassline and drumming are countered by streams of (what I imagine is) heavily-f/X'ed guitar, that comes across like a squadron of aircraft successively strafing your position. The tune reaches its full fruition at about the 8-minute mark when the power chords from Dan Olmstead's guitar stream through, followed then by bits of soloing against a peculiar curtain of rising and falling runs on both flute and synths. Eventually, the tune winds down and morphs directly into "A Violin Bow in Curved Air," initially an experimental piece of kling-klanginess mixed with Erik Pearson's screamin' violin. Somewhere in the middle of the piece, the unsettling sounds resolve into a more pleasant mix of atmospheric sounds... an effective device.Side B opens with "A Tribute to Eddie Harris," a two-part journey that is more similar to the Mushroom of Analog Hi-Fi Surprise. "Swiss Movement" ebbs and flows over seven minutes, full of individual statements mainly from Olmstead's strangely-tuned and buzzing guitar and Pearson's sax. The combo soldiers on into a downright bluesy affair for the second phase, "Some Jive Ass Wasting My Time," a lazy strol[...]

January 2008


Monday, January 28, 2008We Are Back !!! First of all my apologies for no replies to your mails for invitation to our "private" blog(s)...But I couldn't reply to all this mails and explain why we "close" this page(s) for a couple of days."A private blog it's not a solution, so Don't send me requests for invitations. You will not have access for some days...that's all."We had to back-up all the info and covers for all 4 Lost-In-Tyme pages.That give us the possibility to open a New Lost-In-Tyme if blogger take "actions" against my account."Please note that repeated violations to our Terms of Service may result in further remedial action taken against your Blogger account."Let's focus to the problem.There is someone out there (mr. Shawn Gordon & P.A.P.) is trying to stop the illegal downloads...from thieves like us who offering,and thieves like you who steal the mp3's. (This is his opinion about music blogs)As you know 90% of the albums posted in this blog(s) are oop or unavailable for purchase, and the main purpose of this blogit's to introduce the artists/bands to you.We never said no to someone who request from us to remove the link or a post.(Actually we ask for them also to give us a link for a place that you can buy the album directly from the artist --If this isn't promotion then what is ?--)Let's see what albums have been deleted recently (among others)from mr. Shawn Gordon & his gangs :The Chemistry Set – Sounds Like Painting (Unreleased LP)Offered from the ArtistRoger Humphreys - 1996 - Beyond the Wall of SleepOffered from the ArtistThe Sun Blindness - 2007 - Like Pearly CloudsShared with PermissionVarious Artists - Maidens In The Moor Lay Vol. IIIHomemade compilation - mostly oop tracksVarious Artists - 1988 - The October CountryLP Only compilation (oop)Various Artists - BouldersLP Only compilation (oop)...the list it's huge..."Look bloggers, its very simple, copyright holder entails that they have certain rights - akin to rights of privacy that you all value highly - that will trump any of the anarchist thought swirling around. There maybe bloggers that actually work w/ the labels and remove stuff when notified but when you see links deleted that get reupped only because folks missed before they received complaints, then you lose the high ground in any event."So you trying to tell me that this files should not be re-upped ?I can't know if a link reported from someone who had the right to do it...or from someone who haven't have something better to do in his life (Like you mr. president).You can ask from me to delete the files and not from rapidshare.(If you have time for only one mail...otherwise you can contact me And rapidshare)And i will delete/remove the link(s).It's that simple. Don't try to close Lost-In-Tyme by sending DMCA complaints.This will bring a negative result from that you're trying to do.If you're trying to stop me...I'll try to do the same.A war you give, a war you'll get.Read more about those good people here : Tomorrow.Posted by Lost-In-Tyme at 1/28/2008 07:40:00 PM 134 comments Links to this post The Sun Blindness - 2007 - Like Pearly Clouds (repost) POSTED WITH SUPPORT OF THE ARTISTQuality: 4.5 out of 5Trip-O-Meter: 5 out of 5Usually when I hear a locally based band, I have trouble taking it completely seriously. I start thinking "Well I could do it better," or "Wow, that sounds like a poor man's (insert name of famous band)." Not so here. After hearing the Sun Blindness' album I instantly became a drooling fanboy. I'm up at almost 3:30 in the morning compelled to write about this duo. This completely obscure release from Australia qui[...]

December 2007 pt.2


Sunday, December 30, 2007 V.A. - Love Is The Song We Sing: San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970 Love Is The Song We Sing: San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970Released in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love, the four-CD San Francisco Nuggets set gives an unprecedented look at the music scene that changed America. Featuring legends such as Jefferson Airplane, Sly Stone, and Santana alongside local hits from the fertile garage-rock underground, it's an ideal reminder for those who were there and a proper introduction to those who wish they were.It wasn't all peace, love, and drugs that made San Francisco the fulcrum of the burgeoning hippie scene in the mid '60s. According to this sprawling 77-track, four-disc set — the third in Rhino's ongoing Nuggets series — it was the music that nurtured and helped create Haight-Ashbury. This expansive package succeeds in presenting the disparate acts involved in that cultural revolution through a detailed aural exploration. Sure, the usual suspects like the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver Messenger Service, and Janis Joplin are here, but it's the obscurities and oddities — some never previously available and many more extremely difficult to find — that provide intimate glimpses into the crevices, building blocks, and influences of what was later dubbed the "San Francisco Sound." The platters are broken down into rough category/chronological groupings, with disc three focusing on 1967, the Summer of Love whose 40th anniversary this box's release celebrates. Even there, acts such as the Ace of Cups, the Mystery Trend, and the Loading Zone fly way below the radar. There's lots to absorb, even for genre enthusiasts, but compiler Alex Palao's extensive, track-specific liner notes provide concise yet vital contextual background to guide the listener through a wildly diverse landscape that runs from the British Invasion-styled pop of the Beau Brummels and the soft folk of the Youngbloods to the furious garage psychedelia of the Count Five and the eardrum-bursting, proto-metal power rock of Blue Cheer. — Hal HorowitzDisc 1: Seismic Rumbles1. Dino Valenti - "Let's Get Together"2. Country Joe & The Fish - "I Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die" (EP Version)3. We Five - "You Were On My Mind"4. The Charlatans - "Number One"5. The Warlocks - "Can't Come Down"6. The Beau Brummels - "Don't Talk To Strangers"7. The Vejtables - "Anything"8. Jefferson Airplane - "It's No Secret"9. The Mystery Trend - "Johnny Was A Good Boy"10. The Great! Society - "Free Advice"11. The Grass Roots - "Mr Jones (A Ballad Of A Thin Man)"12. Blackburn & Snow - "Stranger In A Strange Land"13. Quicksilver Messenger Service - "Who Do You Love" (Demo Version)14. The Mojo Men - "She's My Baby"15. The Wildflower - "Coffee Cup"16. The Family Tree - "Live Your Own Life"17. The Sons Of Champlin - "Fat City"18. The Frantics - "Human Monkey"19. The Tikis - "Bye Bye Bye" (Warner Bros. Single Version)20. Country Joe & The Fish - "Section 43"21. The Sopwith "Camel" - "Hello Hello@320 part 1 - part 2Disc 2: Suburbia1. Count Five - "Psychotic Reaction"2. The Front Line - "Got Love"3. The Mourning Reign - "Satisfaction Guaranteed"4. The Oxford Circle - "Foolish Woman"5. The Stained Glass - "My Buddy Sin"6. The Otherside - "Streetcar"7. Teddy & His Patches - "Suzy Creamcheese"8. The Immediate Family - "Rubiyat"9. Syndicate Of Sound - "Rumors"10. The Harbinger Complex - "Sometimes I Wonder"11. The New Breed - "Want Ad Reader"12. The Generation - "I'm A Good Woman"13. The Chocolate Watchband - "No Way Out"14. Butch Engle & The Styx - "Hey I'm Lost"15. People - "I Love You"16. Public Nuisance - "America"17. Country Weather - "Fly To New York"18. The Savage Resurrection - "Thing In 'E'"19. Frumious Bandersnatch - "Hearts To Cry"@320 Part 1 - Part 2Disc 3: Summer Of Love1. The Charlatans - "Alabama Bound"2. The Mystery Trend - "Carl Street"3. The Great![...]

December 2007 pt.1


Saturday, December 15, 2007 V.A. - Autumn Records_Someone To Love V.A. - Nuggets from the Golden State_Someone To Love[The Birth of the San Francisco Sound]Tracks :1 The Mojo Men - She's My Baby (San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.)2 The Mojo Men - Fire In My Heart (San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.)3 The Mojo Men - Why Can't You Stay (San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.) *4 The Mojo Men - Girl Won't You Go (San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.) *5 The Great Society - Girl (San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.) *6 The Great Society - Father Bruce (San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.) *7 The Great Society - You Can't Cry (San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.) *8 The Great Society - Born To Be Burned (San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.) *9 The Great Society - Daydream Nightmare Love (San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.) *10 The Great Society - Heads Up (San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.) *11 The Great Society - Double Triptamine Superautomatic Everlove' Man (San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.) *12 Charity Shayne - Ain't It Babe (San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.)13 The Vejtables - The Last Thing On My Mind (San Mateo, CA, U.S.A.)14 The Vejtables - Mansion Of Tears (San Mateo, CA, U.S.A.)15 Dino Valenti - Let's Get Together (San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.)16 The Great Society - That's How It Is (San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.) */**17 The Great Society - Right To Me (San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.) */**18 The Great Society - Where (San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.) */**19 Jan Ashton - Cold Dreary Morning (San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.)20 Butch Engle & The Styx - I'm A Fool (Mill Valley, CA, U.S.A.) *21 Butch Engle & The Styx - Smile Smile Smile (Mill Valley, CA, U.S.A.) *22 The Great Society - Somebody To Love (San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.)23 The Great Society - Free Advice (San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.)24 The Tikis - Bye Bye Bye (Santa Cruz, CA, U.S.A.)25 The Tikis - Lost My Love Today (Santa Cruz, CA, U.S.A.)26 The Tikis - More & More & More (Santa Cruz, CA, U.S.A.) *27 The Tikis - True Love Is Hard To Find (Santa Cruz, CA, U.S.A.) *28 The Tikis - Happy With You (Santa Cruz, CA, U.S.A.) *29 The Tikis - Mad (Santa Cruz, CA, U.S.A.) *30 Jan Ashton - About My Tears (San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.) ** indicates that the track only appears on this compilation Note :/** indicates that those 3 tracks are tagged as Dino Valenti on the mp3 filesPart 1RapidShare : : 2RapidShare : : !!! Posted by Lost In Tyme at 12/15/2007 03:40:00 PM 5 comments Links to this post Labels: Lost In Tyme, Various Artists Thursday, December 13, 2007 Lollipop Shoppe - Just Colour [1968, Vinyl] Led by singer Fred Cole, who had formerly been in the Northwest punk band the Weeds, the Lollipop Shoppe's sole album (from 1968) ranks as one of the better psych-punk LPs, and also as one of the better one-shot rock records of the late '60s. Featuring Cole's choked, bitter phrasing, the group staked out the middle ground between the Seeds (who shared the same manager) and Love, with a bit of fellow L.A. psych-punkers the Music Machine thrown in. If comparisons must be made, they were definitely closer in tone to Love than the Seeds, with a mixture of raunch and reflection in the spirit of Arthur Lee. Cole was one of the few psychedelic performers to make a contribution during the punk era, surfacing in the Portland punk band the Rats in the late '70s. []The Lollipop Shoppe were a 1960s psychedelic garage rock band.They were originally known as The Weeds and featured Fred Cole, now of Dead Moon. After The Weeds signed to UNI Records (a now-defunct subsidiary of MCA), their new manager, "Lord" Tim Hudson, insisted they change their name to The Lollipop Shoppe to fit in with the current trend of bubblegum music. The band's actual recordings, including the 1968 LP Just Colour, are hardly bubblegum, but instead[...]

November 2007 pt.2


Friday, November 30, 2007 Amen Corner - The National Welsh Coast Live Explosion Company [1969] The band was named after a 1954 play by James Baldwin.Their first singles and album appeared on Decca's subsidiary label Deram, but they left at the end of 1968 to join Immediate, where they were instantly rewarded with a No. 1, "(If Paradise Is) Half as Nice" (originally a song by Italian songwriter Lucio Battisti) in early 1969, followed by another top five entry with the Roy Wood composition "Hello Susie".After recording a live album, Farewell To The Real Magnificent Seven, and a final single, a rather premature cover version of The Beatles' "Get Back", they disbanded at the end of 1969.While sax players Alan Jones and Mike Smith went on to form Judas Jump, guitarist and vocalist Andy Fairweather-Low led Dennis Byron (drums), Blue Weaver (organ), Clive Taylor (bass) and Neil Jones (guitar) into a new band, Fair Weather. The band scored a UK No.6 hit with "Natural Sinner" in 1970 and recorded one album before disbanding a year later.Fairweather-Low went on to a successful solo career in the 1970s, notably with the top ten hit "Wide Eyed and Legless" (1975); he became a regular player with Eric Clapton, George Harrison and Roger Waters. He also worked with Strawbs and the Bee Gees. Blue Weaver also played keyboards for the Bee Gees from the mid-Seventies through to the Nineties [Wikipedia]Track list;01-Introduction; Macarthur Park02-Baby Do The Philly Dog03-You're My Girl (I Don't Want To Discuss It)04-Shake A Tail Feather05-So Fine06-(Our Love) Is In The Pocket07-Penny Lane08-High In The Sky09-Gin House10-Bend Me Shape Me11-(If Paradise Is) Half As Nice[192k2] Psychedelic Pop Posted by Frisian at 11/30/2007 11:45:00 AM 2 comments Links to this post Labels: A, Frisian Thursday, November 29, 2007 V.A. - Mayhem & Psychosis vols 1 & 2 Vol. 1 1 The Jelly Bean Bandits - Generation (Newburgh, NY, U.S.A.)2 Holocaust - Savage Affection (Chicago, IL, U.S.A.)3 The Galaxies IV - Don't Lose Your Mind (Trenton, NJ, U.S.A.)4 The Magic Mushroom - I'm Gone (San Diego, CA, U.S.A.)5 The Monocles - The Spider & The Fly (Greeley, CO, U.S.A.)6 The Magic Plants - I'm A Nothing (New York, NY, U.S.A.)7 The Hysterics - Everything's There (San Bernardino, CA, U.S.A.)8 The Bruthers - Bad Way To Go (Pearl River, NY, U.S.A.)9 The Liverpool Set - Seventeen Tears To The End (Canada)10 The Leather Boy - I'm A Leather Boy (Manhattan, NY, U.S.A.)11 The Front Line - Got Love (San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.)12 The All Night Workers - Why Don't You Smile (Syracuse, NY, U.S.A.)13 The Cave Men - It's Trash (Key West, FL, U.S.A.)14 The Beatin' Path - Original Nothing People (Reading, PA, U.S.A.)15 The Dirty Wurds - Why (Chicago, IL, U.S.A.)16 The Bluethings - The Orange Rooftop Of Your Mind (Hayes, KS, U.S.A.)17 The Chob - We're Pretty Quick (Albuquerque, NM, U.S.A.)18 The Id - Boil The Kettle, Mother (San Diego, CA, U.S.A.)19 The Chocolate Moose - The Chocolate Moose Theme (Dallas, TX, U.S.A.)20 The Little Boy Blues - The Great Train Robbery (Chicago, IL, U.S.A.)21 The Bare Facts - Bad Part Of Town (Portsmouth, OH, U.S.A.)22 The Spades - You're Gonna Miss Me (Austin, TX, U.S.A.)23 Ravin' Blue - Love (Nashville, TN, U.S.A.)24 The Ruins - The End (Lincoln Park, MI, U.S.A.)25 Nobody's Children - Colours And Shapes (U.S.A.)26 The Third Stone - True Justice (Salem, OR, U.S.A.)27 The Changing Tymes - Go Your Way (Gate City, VA, U.S.A.)28 The Barons - Now You're Mine (Washington, DC, U.S.A.)29 The Young Men - Go! (U.S.A.)30 Riders Of The Mark - The Electronic Insides And Metal Complexion That Make Up Herr Dr. Krieg (U.S.A.)Vol. 21 The Sparkles - Hipsville 29 B.C. (I Need Help) (Lubbock, TX, U.S.A.)2 The Burning Bush - Evil Eye (U.S.A.)3 The Trespassers - Living Memories (U.S.A.)4 The Purple Underground - Count Back (Winter Haven, FL, U.S.A.)5 Rain - [...]

November 2007 pt.1


Thursday, November 15, 2007 The Fredric - 1968 - Phases and Faces LP Front Cover Storming US '60s psych pop rarity on CD at last with bonus tracks and a band history. Alongside The Baroques, David and C.A. Quintet this is one of the US '60s psych / pop Holy Grails. Beautiful songs and a totally unique psychy pop style (melodic harmonies and swirling keyboards) add up to one hell of an album that is highly recommended to fans of both US '60s psych and harmony pop !(The Freak Emporium) LP Back CoverPhases and Faces (West Michigan Psychedelia 1967 - 1969 The Complete Recordings) by the Fredric - a collection that includes the complete contents of the original album as well as a single and some outtakes that were recorded for an unreleased second album.Track Listing:Tracks 13 - 16 are the extra, non-album tracks.1. Federal Reserve Bank Blues2. The Girl I Love3. All About Judi4. Henry Adams5. Morning Sunshine6. Taggin'7. Cousin Mary Knows8. My Yellow Tree9. Red Pier10. Old Fashioned Guy11. Born in Fire12. Saturday Morning with Rain13. Five O'Clock Traffic14. Postmarks15. Bob's Songs16. Lori Lee Loveland CD Back CoverFrom Grand Rapids, Michigan, the Fredric issued a rare, limited-run album in the late '60s, Phases and Faces, that's highly valued in some collector quarters. It is soft psychedelia; it's too clean-cut and poppy, with conscientious harmonies, guitar-organ interplay, and light lovelorn lyrics. They were a very young group, and it shows in the callow songwriting, despite the well-executed arrangements. The single "Red Pier" made some modest local noise, and by 1970 they were signed to Capitol, who changed their name to the Rock Garden. They disbanded shortly after beginning their relationship with Capitol; drummer-vocalist David Idema eventually had a hit as David Geddes, "Run Joey Run."Get it hereThe_Fredric__1968_-_phases_and_faces.rar Posted by nikos1109 at 11/15/2007 10:47:00 PM 5 comments Links to this post Labels: F, nikos1109 Hillow Hammet - 1969 - Hammer Hillow Hammet - Hammer (1969) Tracks :1 - Slip Away2 - Trouble3 - Fever4 - Home5 - Brown-Eyed Woman6 - Nobody but You7 - Come with Me8 - We want to be Free9 - Oh, Happy Day!Excellent hard guitar rock produced by Lelan Rogers of IA/Elevators fame. Recorded at Sounds of Memphis Studio in Memphis, Tennessee. Stock mono pressings may not exist; it also appears that many or all 'mono' promos actually play stereo. The band name incorrectly listed as 'Hillow Hammet' the House Of Fox version. The 1978 release corrects the spelling, while the cover is different and has incorrect song listings. One track has been replaced. The sound has been reported as inferior to the 1969 pressing. Thanks bilbo1742 !!! Posted by Roxanne at 11/15/2007 07:31:00 PM 2 comments Links to this post Labels: by Friends and Visitors of this Blog, H, Roxanne Wednesday, November 14, 2007 Nightshadow - 1968 - The Square Root of Two "Square Root Of Two" 1968 (Spectrum 2001) [bonus 45; poster; 1000p] "Square Root Of Two" 1979 (Hottrax 1414) [remixed; altered sleeve; 200p]"Square Root Of Two" 199 (no label, Europe) [blue vinyl; +2 tracks]"Square Root Of Two" 199 (CD Cosmic Mind, Italy) [+2 tracks]"Vol 3: The Psychedelic Years 1967-69" 2003 (CD Hottrax 60012) [LP +9 bonus tracks]And here's another longtime legend, reissued as early as 1979.The band was usually known as Little Phil & the Nightshadows and had roots in the pre-Beatles era, but changed their name due to legal complications at the time. Unlike the Litter LPs I think this really is as great as people would have you believe, particularly side 1 which is like listening to a comp of killer fuzz acidpunk 45s. Beyond Phil's showmanship and the blatantly druggy lyrics and sound fx the fact remains that the superb songwriting puts most "Nuggets" classics to shame, and the band is c[...]

October 2007 pt.2


Tuesday, October 30, 2007 Phil Ochs - Pleasures Of The Harbor [1967] Going into the studio after Dylan's move into rock accompaniment and Sgt. Pepper's vast expansion of pop music, Ochs wanted to make a record that reflected all these trends, and he hired producer Larry Marks, arranger Ian Freebairn-Smith, and pianist Lincoln Mayorga — all of whom had classical backgrounds — to help him realize his vision. The result was Pleasures of the Harbor, his most musically varied and ambitious album, one routinely cited as his greatest accomplishment. Though the lyrics were usually not directly political, they continued to reflect his established points of view. His social criticisms here were complex, and they went largely unnoticed on a long album full of long songs, many of which did not support the literal interpretations they nevertheless received. The album was consistently imbued with images of mortality, and it all came together on the abstract, electronic-tinged final track, "The Crucifixion." Usually taken to be about John F. Kennedy, it concerns the emergence of a hero in a corrupt world and his inevitable downfall through betrayal. Ochs offers no satisfying resolution; the goals cannot be compromised, and they will not be fulfilled. It was anything but easy listening, but it was an effective conclusion to a brilliant album that anticipated the devastating and tragic turn of the late '60s, as well as its maker's own eventual decline and demise []Track list;01 - Cross My Heart02 - Flower Lady03 - Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends04 - I've Had Her05 - Miranda06 - The Party07 - Pleasures Of The Harbor08 - The Crucifixion--Style; Folk Posted by Frisian at 10/30/2007 08:57:00 PM 15 comments Links to this post Labels: as Requested, Frisian, O, P Monday, October 29, 2007 Kousokuya - Live Gyakuryu Kokuu 逆 流 虚 空 1991.12.30 For those who enjoy the absurdist guitar holocaust blasts and astral projections of Fushitsusha, Les Rallizes Denudes, and High Rise, here's a live album by Kousokuya, the fourth member of that amazing league (oh yeah, and there's also those 3/3 guys). This album (track 1 much more so than track 2) suffers from stereotypical "live" sound--- not the wonderful lo-fi ness of the PSF/Squealer High Rise "Live" album, but rather just frustratingly nonoptimal mixing and EQing. But what are you going to do? It's still quality electric mayhem, punctuated by passionate, baffling, anarchic invocations.Get it HERE.(...and get their first studio album HERE.) Posted by fuzztunnel at 10/29/2007 07:32:00 PM 3 comments Links to this post Labels: fuzztunnel, K  Fapardokly - 1966 - Fapardokly A legendary LP, both for its (supposed) rarity and the appearance of future Mu-wizard Merrell Fankhauser. This is mid-60s pop/folkrock rather than the psych dealers might it hype it for; the hazy "Gone To Pot" excluded. Pretty classy stuff with traces of the Byrds and Beatles but also obvious remnants of an earlier, pre-Invasion pop era of Buddy Holly and the Everly Brothers. Merrell's talent is on clear display even at this early stage, with each track being a finely tuned and completely realized pop song. Fave tracks include the dreamy opener "Lila" and the inspiredly weird "Mr Clock". Quite enjoyable all through as long as you don't expect Lemurian hippie psych magic. A retrospective Merrell & the Exiles LP titled "The Early Years 1964-67" exists on the American Sound label with the same lineup as the Fapardokly LP and collects earlier tracks.Tracks 1 Lila2 The Music Scene3 Sorry For Yourself4 Glass Chandelier5 Tomorrow's Girl6 Suzie Cryin'7 Mr Clock8 Gone To Pot9 No Retreat10 Too Many Heartbreaks11 When I Get Home12 Super Marketbonus cd tracks13 The War14 Yes, I Love You15 Run Baby Run Fapardokly were Merrell Fankhauser gui[...]

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Monday, October 15, 2007 Dogbowl - 1991 - Cyclops Nuclear Submarine Captain Tracklist01 you hit me over my head02 cyclops nuclear submarine captain03 south american eye04 swan05 ferris wheel06 toilet!07 silkworm exploding08 window fall down09 float10 love bomb11 revolution of the homeless12 flying saucer over mongolia13 beautiful trailor park14 apple mary15 flower garden bed16 carnival in the swamp17 so painful18 cyclops N.S.C. (reprise)19 shopping mall Steven Tunney started his career in the late '80s as the original lead guitarist of King Missile who were then known as King Missile (Dog Fly Religion). He recorded two albums with King Missile and then, after finding the group's erratic, somewhat sarcastic musical direction unsatisfying, left to pursue his own erratic, left-wing endeavors. And Dogbowl was born !Got released several albums but this one, at my humble opinion, is far away his best.Cyclops Nuclear Submarine Captain is an album of bizarre love songs. Strange lyrics play over a backdrop of clarinet solos and melody. Dogbowl spares no one in making music that is incredible challenging and very likable at the same time. The core of the songs are pop love songs, but he approaches them with such strange imagery that the music comes alive more than any straightforward ballad could ever. It is really pop music that has mutated into a similar but different entity. The melodies are sweet, but the lyrics and sound are so far removed from anything the average music fan is familiar with.Dogbowl writes good songs outside any kind of standard convention. Actually I am not the appropriate person to judge this one, cause is one of my fav's ever !But hey, grab this one, you definitely won't regret it.Download LinkDogbowl - Cyclops Nuclear Submarine Captain (1991).rar Posted by WeBuilTArks at 10/15/2007 11:37:00 PM 9 comments Links to this post Labels: D, WeBuilTArks  Sunday, October 14, 2007 The Eyes - Blink's a solid album for fans of the British Invasion genre, with an infectious raw and garagy sentiment that makes it such an endearing listen. Posted by Lanchester at 10/14/2007 08:51:00 PM 8 comments Links to this post Labels: E, Lanchester  Blackwell - 1970 - Blackwell This is a real gem of Psychedelic Rock. Killer tracks like "Wonderful" and Outside".I discovered it recently but can not find much information or review.I hope you'll enjoy it as much as i do.Tracks 1 - Fake 2 - Dirty Story 3 - Heaven Or Worse 4 - Something Real 5 - Please Mr Jupiter 6 - Almost gifted 7- Outside 8 - Sleepy Weekend 9- Wonderful 10 - Long Long AgoThe Texas rock outfit Blackwell released four singles in two years on the interstellar Astro label, but the band's star never got much beyond regional gazing. John "Rabbit" Bundrick, a keyboard noodler, is the one member of the band to mingle with international rock stardom as a member of Free and part of the Who's outer circle of musical accomplices. Vocalist Glenn Gibson, not to be confused with a well-worn songwriting pseudonym of the '50s, had an extremely appealing voice, one of the main reasons the group's first single, "Wonderful," got heavy airplay in Texas and other numbers such as the 1969 "Outside" have gotten small transfusions from later compilations with far-out titles such as Acid Visions: The Complete Collection, Vol. 1 and '69 Love-InGrab it cause it is very difficult to be found. Get it here Blackwell_-_1969_-__Blackwell__us_.rar Posted by nikos1109 at 10/14/2007 01:36:00 AM 6 comments Links to this post Labels: B, nikos1109 Saturday, October 13, 2007 Leonard Cohen - 1985 - Berklee Performing Center, 4 May 1985 [Bootleg, 192k] Leonard Norman Cohen, CC (born September 21, 1934 in Westmount, Montreal, Quebec) is a Can[...]

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Sunday, September 30, 2007 [Mama] Cass Elliot - 1972 - Cass Elliot [192k] Cass Elliot's departure from ABC Dunhill Records and their bubblegum marketing of her was probably the greatest career move that this awesome vocalist ever made. RCA obviously has better things for her in mind, treating her with the same sort of care that they bestowed on Harry Nilsson. The company let this pair of world class vocalists choose their own material and brought them together with great musicians and arrangers. The end result with Elliot was possibly her finest solo album. She was certainly more comfortable with the material. One of the best performances is Judy Sill's "Jesus Was a Crossmaker," which is vaguely reminiscent of Laura Nyro's fine work of the period. Elliot's version of Randy Newman's "I'll Be Home" is also a standout. Elliot's sister, Leah Kunkel emerges as a sensitive songwriter on this record, and Elliot's reading of "When It Doesn't Work Out" is absolutely graceful. Arranger/conductor Benny Golson's work perfectly frames one of the voices of a generation. [Matthew Greenwald,]Track list;01-I'll be home02-Baby I'm yours03-Jesus was a cross maker04-That song05-When it doesn't work out06-I'll be there07-Disney girls08-I think it's going to rain today09-Cherries jubilee10-It's all in the gameLinkStyle; Folk-Rock Posted by Frisian at 9/30/2007 11:35:00 AM 5 comments Links to this post Labels: as Requested, C, E, Frisian, M Saturday, September 29, 2007 The Oxfords - 1969 - Flying Up Through the Sky The Oxfords - 1969 - Flying Up Through the Sky Tracks :1. My World2. Lighter Than Air3. Sung At Harvest Time4. Two Poems5. Flying Up Through The Sky6. Always Something There7. Come On 'Round8. Young Girl's Lament9. Trix Rabbit10. Good Night11. Time And Place12. Sun Flower Sun13. Come On Back To Beer14. Say It Your Own Way15. The City16. Flute Thing17. Cuttin' You Loose18. Sweet Lover Man19. Those Winds20. Tornado BabyReview (by Stanton Swihart, All Music Guide)This compilation is a lovely surprise. The fourth installment in Gear Fab's Louisville music series is the absolute last word on the Oxfords. Starting off with all but one cut from the sole 1970 LP and filling out the story with the two pre-Jill DeMarco 45s, the band's one post-album single, and five previously unreleased cuts from its final incarnation, Flying Up Through the Sky constitutes the Oxfords' entire recorded legacy.The material from the original LP tends toward the lighter side of the '60s pop spectrum. The melodies are largely Technicolor bright and the sentiments have a paisley-eyed optimism that seems endemic to the late '60s alone. The harmonies of leader Jay Petach and DeMarco approach the sort of oxygenated buoyancy of the 5th Dimension or the Free Design, but with an earthier charm along the lines of Spanky & Our Gang.The music may strike some as a tad naïve, but it fits the insouciant mood of the period perfectly and 30 years after the fact still sounds fresh. At times ("Come on 'Round," the wah-wah laced "Young Girl's Lament") the band flashes more substantive hints, sounding something like the Jefferson Airplane's tough but yet deflowered younger sister, unsettled but still unspoiled. The rearrangement of the Quechua Indian song, "Sung at Harvest Time," is beautifully, eerily psychedelic, and the avant-orchestral experiment of "Two Poems by e.e. cummings," while not really successful as a pure listening experience, is bizarrely appealing. The tracks from the initial unit are much more derivative (specifically of the Beatles, Kinks, and Monkees) but they are a great window into Petach's developing sense of songcraft, especially the Bandstand-thumbed "Sun Flower Sun," which sounds terribly quaint but is still infectious. It is the l[...]

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Saturday, September 15, 2007 Mama Cass Elliot - 1969 - Bubble Gum, Lemonade & Something For Mama [192k] After the breakup of The Mamas & the Papas, Elliot went on to have a successful solo singing career. Her most successful recording during this period was 1968's Dream a Little Dream of Me from her solo album of the same name, released by Dunhill Records though it had originally been recorded for and released on the album The Papas & the Mamas Presented By The Mamas and the Papas earlier that year. She headlined briefly in Las Vegas at Caesar's Palace for the unusually lucrative pay of $ 40,000 per week, although her performances were not well reviewed.She was a regular on TV talk shows and variety shows in the 1970s, including The Julie Andrews Hour, The Mike Douglas Show, The Andy Williams Show, Hollywood Squares, and The Carol Burnett Show. She guest-hosted for Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show and appeared on that show 13 other times. Elliot also was a guest panelist for a week in late 1973 on the hit game show Match Game '73. She appeared in the 1973 Saga of Sonora, a TV music-comedy-Western special with stars of the day such as Jill St. John, Vince Edwards, Zero Mostel, and Lesley Ann Warren.Throughout the early 1970s, Elliot continued her acting career as well. She had a featured role in the 1970 movie Pufnstuf and made guest-star acting appearances on TV's The New Scooby-Doo Movies, Young Dr. Kildare, Love, American Style, and The Red Skelton Show, among others [Wikipedia]Because of her weight and the rumors concerning the cause of her death, Mama Cass Elliot endures as little more than a punch line, which is a real shame; not only was her voice the linchpin of the Mamas & the Papas' most memorable hits, but her solo records were engaging and unique, capturing the unlikely confluence of bubblegum and the blues. Bubble Gum, Lemonade & Something for Mama, Cass' second solo effort, showcases her brassy, exuberant voice couched in a variety of settings, from the girl groupish "It's Getting Better" to "Blow Me a Kiss," an ersatz Tin Pan Alley pop number in the mold of her hit "Dream a Little Dream of Me." The highlight is the closing "Make Your Own Kind of Music," later covered by Paul Westerberg [Allmusic]Track list;01 It's getting better02 Blow me a kiss03 Sour grapes04 Easy come easy go05 I can dream can't I06 Welcome to the world07 Lady love08 He's a runner09 Move in a little closer baby10 When I just wear my smile11 Who's to blame12 Make your own kind of musicLinkStyle; Folk-Rock Posted by Frisian at 9/15/2007 11:33:00 PM 9 comments Links to this post Labels: C, E, Frisian, M  The Mandrake Memorial - 1968 - The Mandrake Memorial Attending the University of Pennsylvania, guitarist Craig Anderton found time to play in an outfit called The Flowers of Evil. Keyboardist Michael Kac started out as a folkie playing Philadelphia coffee houses, before hooking up with Cat's Cradle. Drummer J. Kevin Lally and singer/bassist Randy Monaco cut their professional teeth in the New York City based The Novae Police. The four came together through Philadelphia promoter Larry Schriver, who was looking for a group to serve as the house band for Manny Rubin's Philadelphia-based The Trauma Club. With help from Rubin, the quartet started touring through the Northeast, eventually catching the attention of the MGM affiliated Poppy Records. Signed to the label, the band's cleverly-titled "The Mandrake Memorial" debut teamed them with producers Anthony Bongiovi and Tony Camillo. Musically their debut's quite entertaining with tracks like 'Bird Journey' and 'Rainy May' showcasing their unique line up of Anderton's angular guitar and Kac's electric harpsichord. Propelled by Monaco's l[...]

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Thursday, August 30, 2007 El Tarro de Mostaza - El Tarro de Mostaza (1970) The only album by this Mexican group, whose name translates as "The Jar of Mustard." Side one is a sometimes groovy, sometimes annoying, amateurish psych jam played on what sound like real bargain-basement instruments. The organ comping is particularly ham-fisted. Somehow, the track hangs together, but it's not going to get anyone particularly hot and bothered.It's Side 2 which is why you're here. Four picture-perfect pop-psych songs. Nice, simple, catchy melodies that don't overstay their welcome. "En Caso De Que Mi Reloj Se Pare" is a lovely, wistful ballad with a nice cheap organ outro. "El Ruido Del Silencio," which appeared on the Mexican volume of the Love, Peace, and Poetry series, is a miniature masterpiece: a fun little twee rocker that sounds like the little sister of the Outsiders' "Daddy Died on Saturday." Fantastic keyboard and guitar breaks. "Amor Por Telefono" keeps the happy-groove going strong, and then "Brillo De Luz" returns to the balladry of "En Caso..." to end the album.A strange little record to be sure. Always fun to pop on side 2 as a good come-down after a Dug Dug's excursion.Get it HERE. Posted by fuzztunnel at 8/30/2007 06:06:00 PM 5 comments Links to this post Labels: E, fuzztunnel  Monday, August 27, 2007 Dick Dale - 1994 - Unknown Territory [320k] Let me introduce you to a style of music I really like; Surf InstrosDick Dale is well known so many people will have heard of him, and I see him as the father of Surf Instrumentals, did I say father…. More the grandfather, Dick is 70+ and still rockingI love the way Dick Dale plays Ghost Riders in the Sky, so that’s my favourite song of this album.When you really like this kind of music than take a look at;EekTheCatTwilightzoneTrustar VibrationsEndless SummerMiracle of Genuine PyrexBoppeslag2 downloads needed for this album, second link is to Sharebee..Track list;01 Scalped02 Mexico03 F Groove04 Terra Dicktyl05 Take It Or Leave It06 Ghostriders In The Sky07 Fish Taco08 California Sun09 Maria Elena10 Hava Negila11 The Beast12 Unknown Territory13 Ring Of FireLink part1Link part2Label; Rock & RollStyle; Surf Instros Posted by Frisian at 8/27/2007 12:08:00 AM 7 comments Links to this post Labels: D, Frisian Friday, August 24, 2007 B.F. Trike - 1971 - B.F.Trike A very first Rockadelic album, Based in Indiana, B. F. Trike recorded this album in 1971, but it was rejected and never released by RCA. Rockadelic got the rights and issued it on LP in 1988. First few tracks are exceptional, flying psych somewhere in betweeen the Texan and SF standards. Taken from the original master tapes recorded at RCA Studios in Nashville, TN. It s been compared to Cream and Steppenwolf, but the Trike churned out a midwest sound of their own. No need to hype it any further as it s a legend in its own time. Tracks 1.Times & Changes 2. For Sale Or Leave 3. Wait & See 4. Lovely Lady 5. Sunshine 6. Bench Of Wood 7. Three Piece Music 8. Six "O" Clock Sleeper 9. Magic Makin Music Man 10. Be Free B.F. TRIKE 1971 HEAVY GARAGE FUZZ PSYCH LP ROCKADELICBig Fuckin' Trike: same 1989, USA/Rockadelic. Only 300 were made of this one, which was recorded for RCA Victor in 1971 but never issued at the time. Excellent garagy hard rock LP with lots of fuzzed-out guitar and catchy hooks, this record is sought-after for a reason! Band was from Indiana and were also responsible for the collectable Hickory Wind LP on the Gigantic label. "The BF Trike album is the exact same trio doing essentially the same musical thing but with a rockier edge. They even do a re-recording of Time & Changes from the Hickory Wind album. I highly[...]

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July 2007Tuesday, July 31, 2007 A Band Called "O" 4 Albums A Band Called "O"A Band Called "O" appeared on The Man Band website that I was looking at to confirm the status of the Keystone album and I just had to follow up on them. I saw them live once, and they were possibly supporting the Man Band (as I saw them live Many Many times). This band made an appearance on Radio for John Peel's obituary something I would really like to hear.You would not believe how difficult it is to find any information on this band and just as difficulty to get hold of their music. It looks as if I could get a copy of The Knife (On CD) for as little as £5 plus postage (which I will look into in a couple of weeks). The third album is also available on CD. Perhaps I will try what I did with Tim Blake - 1978 - Blake's New Jerusalem and that is whenever I went to a different town I made an enquiry under different names at many HMV shops and then suddenly I was told it was coming out soon. Perhaps there was a SUDDEN demand all over the country. (hee hee!)1974 - A Band Called O Tracks: 01 Red Light Mama Red Hot02 Angelica03 Helping Hand04 Lady Beatrice05 Ride Ride Ride06 Rock Roll Clown07 All I Need08 Get Funky09 Captain Cellophane/Sidewalk Ship Personnel: John 'Pix' Pickford (Guitars, vocals)Craig Anders (Guitars)Pete Filleul (Keyboards, vocals)Mark Anders (Bass)Derek Ballard (Drums, percussion, vocals) Produced by Chris White and Ben Sidran1975 - OasisNow I definately remember seeing this in record shops - It is laughable that when I search for info on this on the web I get Oasis "A Band Called O" and not A Band Called O "Oasis". Dunno much about Oasis but I dont think they were around back then. Oasis presents a confident and accomplished performance, and it's hard to find anything not to like about the O Band's second album. Several tracks, notably Some People, Amovin' and Fine White Wine, are approaching perfection. Recorded in December 1974 at Morgan Studios in London, and released during 1975. Tracks: 01 Amovin'02 Foolin' Round03 Sleeping04 Morrocan Roll05 Fine White Wine06 Take Your Time07 Bird Of Paradise08 Ice09 That's Up10 Some PeoplePersonnel:John 'Pix' Pickford (Guitars, lead vocals)Craig Anders (Guitars)Pete Filleul (Keyboards, vocals)Mark Anders (Bass, vocals)Derek Ballard (Drums, percussion, vocals)Produced by Nicky Graham1976 - Within Reach Recorded at Olympic Studios in Barnes, from March to May in 1976 and released later that year. The album sleeve was designed by Joe Petagno, who also provided the faintly erotic full sized poster that was included with the original UK editions. The Repertoire CD release from 1994 includes as bonus tracks the 7" single version of A Smile Is Diamond, the B Side Coasting, and Love Ain't A Keeper, which backed Almost Saturday Night from the subsequent album The Knife. Which are included here. Tracks: 01 A Smile Is Diamond02 Feel Alright03 Lucia Loser04 Don'tcha Wanna05 Money Talk06 Still Burning07 Paradise Blue08 Long, Long Way09 Within Reach10 Smile Is Diamond - Single Version11 Coasting Single B-Side12 Love Ain't A Keeper - Single B-Side Personnel: John 'Pix' Pickford (Guitars, lead vocals)Craig Anders (Guitars, vocals)Jeff Bannister (Keyboards, vocals)Mark Anders (Bass, vocals)Derek Ballard (Drums, percussion, vocals)Produced by Doug Bennett and OExecutive producer : Andrew Lauder1977 - The KnifeFebruary 1977 saw the O Band in Scorpio Studios and Marquee Studios in London, recording what would prove to be the last of the band's four albums. "Almost Saturday Night" is a CCR cover and I saw it said somewhere that "Look To The Left - Look To The Right" was a Spirit song although I cannot find any refernce to this and I look[...]

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Sunday, July 15, 2007 Astral Navigations - 1971 - Astral Navigations 1. Fourth Coming2. Path Of Stone3. a.Windows Of Limited Timeb. The Astral Navigator4. Yesterday5. Today6. Tomorrow7. Someday8. Country Lines9. Boogie Music10. Rock Me Baby11. Come On HomeA superb album from this era featuring this mysterious band which unfortunately produced only this album. British folk andpsychedelia with some epic songs. A jewel to any collection.Brian Wilson from Beach Boys on bass.This is a review from Styng' Yorkshire's Underground newspaper, 1971(This review was printed in the Astral booklet which accompanied the album) Turn up the volume on the beginning of the first song and listen to the"how to use" instructions.You can download it from here:! Posted by manic at 7/15/2007 10:11:00 PM 7 comments Links to this post Labels: A, manic  Bill Nelson - 1968-1972 - Electrotype Bill Nelson - Electrotype The Holyground Recordings 1968-1972Tracks :Bill with Global Village01 Dear Mr. Fantasy (4:40)02 Long Grey Mare (2:13)03 You Don't Love Me (2:35)04 598 Rundown (0:57)05 Babe (4:53)06 Stanley Blues Tail (2:23)07 Keep Your Feathers Fine 1 (3:46)08 Country Season (3:45)09 Keep Your Fethers Fine 2 (3:56)10 Young Eyes (2:05)11 Batch #70172 (2:00)12 Summer Woman (3:59)Bill with Be-Bop-De-Luxe13 Riders Of My Love (2:53)14 Jet Silver And The Dolls Of Venus (4:18)15 Be-Bop-Bac (3:33)16 If Stars Should Fall (2:23)17 After The Stars (1:28)18 So Insane And So In Love (2:21)19 Night Creatures (4:29)Bill with Chris Coombs20 Yesterday (2:38) (from the album Astral Navigations)21 Cold Tired And Hungary (2:03) (from the album Gagalactyca)track 21 includes a "hidden track"All the Holyground recordings made by Bill Nelson from 1968 to 1972,(excepting Northern Dream - separately available, and Teenage Archangel).The CD has 21 tracks, and covers the period from the startof Global Village up to the early Be Bop De Luxe.68 minutes from Bill's first ever recording to the days just before signing to EMIto make Axe Victim - all the Global Village and Be Bop De Luxe recordings still in existence-More info here : it here :Bill Nelson - 1968-1972 - Electrotype (fuzzy psych-holyground).rar Posted by Verybadboy at 7/15/2007 01:55:00 PM 6 comments Links to this post Labels: B, N, Verybadboy Saturday, July 14, 2007 The Zoo - 1968 - Presents Chocolate Mouse Chocolate MooseWritten on the WindI've Been Waiting Too LongSoul Drippin'sGet Some BeadsAin't NobodyHave You Been Sleepin'Try MeLove MachineFrom a Camels HumpAlthough California-based Zoo managed to produce only a single album during their short career, it is surprising how fresh and relevant this record still is, some 36 years on.Formed in 1968 by Murphy ‘Chocolate Moose’ Carfagna, the band also featured Mike Flicker on drums and Howard Leese on lead guitar both of whom went on to join Heart, Leese as guitarist and Flicker as the band’s producer.Chocolate Moose was released in 1968 on Ed Cobb’s Sunburst label (Sunburst 7500) and is far more than just a rock album. Its strong punk and psychedelic tendencies, coupled with a smattering of R’n’B, propel the album with an energetic vitality that is underpinned by Leese’s searing guitar.The album, rare at the time, has now become a major collectors item. Give it a listen and it’s easy to understand why.source : It Here : Posted by innoce[...]

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Saturday, June 30, 2007 The Poets - Scotland's No.1 Group Although they only released half a dozen singles, these were enough to firmly establish the Poets' status as the best Scottish rock group of the mid-'60s. It's true that this is akin to being a big fish in a small pond -- not many Scottish bands recorded in the 1960s, and not many of them were at all notable. But that shouldn't detract from the genuinely high quality of their records, which still remain known only to a relatively small band of collectors. The Glasgow group differed from most other Scottish combos of the time in that they concentrated almost exclusively on original material, which alternated between mournful, almost fey ballads and storming mod rockers. Critics have compared the melodic, minor feel of much of their work to the Zombies, a comparison that holds water to a certain point, although the Poets were far more guitar-based. A minor hit single right out of the gate and a management deal with Rolling Stones manager Andrew Oldham seemed to spell probable success. But the Poets fell victim both to subpar promotion and numerous personnel changes, which had gutted the core of the band by the late '60s.Oldham came across the band by chance on a trip to Scotland in 1964, quickly signing them and arranging a recording deal with Decca. Their first single, a characteristically moody original called "Now We're Thru," made number 30 in the U.K. Yet that was to be their only taste of commercial success, despite a flurry of fine singles over the next couple of years. The two-bass throb of the hard-rocking "That's the Way It's Got to Be," the exquisite acoustic ballad "I'll Cry with the Moon," a fiery cover of Marvin Gaye's "Baby Don't You Do It" -- all are worth hearing by British Invasion fans. Although some may find their slow numbers a bit on the maudlin side, the group had a knack for fine melodies, harmonies, and dense guitar arrangements that lifted these above the ordinary.took the group with him to his independent Immediate label in late 1965 for a couple of singles, but ultimately the But the Poets were never given full opportunity to develop their unquestioned skills. OldhamOldham association may have worked against them, as he was naturally inclined to focus most of his energies upon the Rolling Stones. The Poets were getting lost in the shuffle and discouraged, and by 1967 not one original member remained from the lineup that had first recorded. They did marshal the energy for a superb 1967 single, the blue-eyed soul/psychedelic "Wooden Spoon," which indicated that the band was still progressing and maturing, even though their continuity with previous lineups was tenuous to say the least. The Poets straggled on until 1971, barely recording again; Poets alumni turned up in Scottish bands like Trash (who were briefly signed to Apple Records), Marmalade, and one of Alex Harvey's outfits.Download It Here :'s_no.1.rar Posted by innocent76 at 6/30/2007 06:28:00 PM 4 comments Links to this post Labels: innocent76, P Friday, June 29, 2007 Buffy Sainte Marie Changing Woman (1975 MCA Records) Need no comments...simply one of my favorite Artists... people...pale person salutes you!!! Song Titles: EAGLE MAN / CHANGING WOMAN (Buffy Sainte-Marie) CAN’T YOU SEE THE WAY I LOVE YOU (Buffy Sainte-Marie) LOVE’S GOT TO BREATHE AND FLY (Buffy Sainte-Marie) YOU TAKE ME AWAY (Buffy Sainte-Marie) TIL I SEE YOU AGAIN (Buffy Sainte-Marie) MONGREL PUP (Buffy Sainte-Marie) THE BEAUTY WAY (Buffy Sainte-Marie) NOBODY WILL EVER KNOW IT’S REAL BUT YOU (Norbert Putnam & Buff[...]

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Friday, June 15, 2007 Houston Fearless (1969) One and only album by this Houston, USA outfit. Some excellent hard rocking stuff here with some beautiful psychedelic touches. Originally released on Imperial records in 1969.(Anyone have any more info on this band?)1) Not Foolin' Me2) His Eye Is On The Sparrow3) Only For You4) Blue Bones And Ashes5) Race With The Devil6) Mr. Soul7) What Are Those Things8) Knock Knock9) Joshua10) Love Has A Habit11) Hold MeMany thanks to Chris41!DOWNLOAD Posted by Crotchbat at 6/15/2007 08:06:00 PM 0 comments Links to this post Labels: Crotchbat, H The Electric Flag - The Trip [soundtrack] 01 Peter's Trip (2:38)02 Psyche Soap (:55)03 M-23 (1:14)04 Synesthesia (1:46)05 Hobbit (1:46)06 Fewghh (1:02)07 Green and Gold (2:50)08 Flash, Bam, Pow (1:31)09 Home Room (:53)10 Practice Music (1:27)11 Fine Jung Thing (7:25)12 Senior Citizen (2:57)Musicians Paul Beaver - synthesizer Michael Bloomfield - guitar Harvey Brooks - bass Marcus Doubleday - trumpet, flugelhorn Barry Goldberg - organ, piano, harpsichord Nick Gravenites - guitar, vocals Bobby Notkoff - violin Buddy Miles - percussion Peter Strazza - saxophone One of the greatest exploitation movies of all time, The Trip was the "vision" of Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson (who wrote the original script). The finished film didn't turn out exactly the way Jack and Peter wanted it to, but it certainly had it's moments...all in Psychedelic Color. This, the soundtrack, was pretty cool, too. It contains the first studio recordings of the Electric Flag, Michael Bloomfield's swaggering soul/jazz/rock ensemble. Writing and performing trippy music was a bit removed from this fine ensemble's area (they were, in fact, a serious and funky band), but they succeeded admirably. Considering that it came out on Mike Curb's Sidewalk Records (a Capitol subsidiary) and it was an American International film, one wonders if the Flag saw any dough from this? No matter, as some of the music is excellent. "Fine Jug Thing" and "Peter Gets Off" are wild, jazzy rockers, which perfectly score Fonda's Sunset Strip/trip adventures. The album's closer, "Gettin' Hard," is a variation on "Hoochie Coochie Man" and closes the album out in funky style. Also, there are a few early efforts from synthesizer pioneer Paul Beaver, such as "Synesthesia," which is quite similar to David Bowie's work on the Man Who Fell to Earth/Low projects -- eight years later.~ Matthew Greenwald, All Music Guide1967_-_the_electric_flag_-_the_trip.rarmissingtrip.rarThanks audiodrome for the vinyl tracks(not on the CD version) Posted by mafalda at 6/15/2007 06:32:00 PM 11 comments Links to this post Labels: as Requested, by Friends and Visitors of this Blog, E, mafalda Thursday, June 14, 2007 Takashi Nishioka - 1973 -Manin No Ki Former member of Japanese folk band Itsutsu No Akai Fuusen (5 Red Balloons), this was Takashi Nishioka's first solo album from 1973, some lovely tunes with psychedelic touches and a couple of minimal home recordings.Review from Nishioka's Manin No Ki is surely one of the finest psych-folk singer-songwriter albums I've heard; if it weren't for the fact that it's sung in Japanese it'd probably already be in your collection. Nishioka has had a long and artistically successful and varied career of enough stature that he's been afforded a five-CD box set in Japan. He first came to public attention in the '60s as a member of Five Red Balloons, a group whose music was indebted in great part to the folk revival taking place in America at the time. Where his career really [...]

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Thursday, May 31, 2007 Alan Hull - First 2 albums James Alan Hull (February 20, 1945 — November 17, 1995) was a British singer-songwriter and founding member of the Tyneside folk-rock band Lindisfarne. Albums Pipedream (1973) Squire (1975) Phantoms (1979) On The Other Side (1983) Another Little Adventure (1988) Back to Basics (1994) Statues & Liberties (1996) When War is Over (1998) We Can Swing Together - Anthology (2005) The cover artwork is of La Lampe Philosophique by Rene Magritte. 1. Breakfast 2. Justanothersadsong 3. Money Game 4. Std 0632 5. United States Of Mind 6. Country Gentleman's Wife 7. Numbers (Travelling Band) 8. For The Bairns 9. Drug Song 10. Song For A Windmill 11. Blue Murder 12. I Hate To See You Cry there is also a reissue with +6 tracks @224 alan_hull___73___pipedream__uk_folk-rock_.rar Info and reviews 1. Squire2. Dan the Plan3. Picture (A Little Girl)4. Nothin' Shakin' (But the Leaves on the Trees)5. One More Bottle of Wine6. Golden Oldies7. I'm Dorry Squire8. Waiting9. Bad Side of Town10. Mr. Inbetween11. End12. Crazy woman13. Carousel @192squire__1975____2__fc.rar Info and reviews Enjoy Posted by JANISFARM at 5/31/2007 08:07:00 PM 5 comments Links to this post Labels: A, H, JANISFARM The Millennium - 1968 - Begin Quality: 5 out of 5 Trip-O-Meter: 4 out of 5The Millennium was a short lived project headed by sunshine pop producer extrodinaire, Curt Boettcher. Although the Begin album is Boettcher's baby, it is also very much the work of a functioning band. In fact, the members make up a sort of an obscuro 60's supergroup. Ron Edgar and Doug Rhodes joined in from the Music Machine ("Talk Talk"), and Sandy Salisbury was a holdover from the Ballroom project.Begin is truly a lost classic that has not yet recieved it's due. The basic sound of the disc harkens back to Beach Boy Brian Wilson's 1966-1968 productions. In fact, many moments of Begin stand up well to Pet Sounds and surpass the sunshine pop of later Beach Boys albums. Like Wilson's productions, Boettcher, along with co-producer Keith Olsen, created difficult to pick out instrumental combination, and use potential dissonance to create a wall of sound. The band also uses many other sounds, such as raga singing, steel drums, and sound effects, to create amazing atmospherics.The opening medley of "Prelude" and "To Claudia On Thursday" (the latter of which makes me think of 90's psych poppers The Olivia Tremor Control) reveal production that was state-of-the-art for its time, including compressed drums and full use of stereo range. The tripped out folk sound is similar to The Byrds The Notorious Byrd Brothers (produced by Usher), but to my ears surpass even that enviable achievement. "I Just Want To Be Your Friend," "5 A.M.," and "It's You" all stand out as should-have-been singles, but the full impact of The Millenium can be found in the tracks "The Island" and "Karmic Dream Sequence #1." Both of these songs have stellar hooks, but are far too weird even for singles. "The Island" creates a tropical lysergic sound. The songs seems as much a threat as an invitation. The band pulls out all of the stops for "Karmic Dream Sequence #1." Starting off as a hazy ballad similar to Crosby's songs for The Byrds and Jefferson Airplane, things start to collapse into a wild sound collage, even sampling "Prelude" from the start of the album.Unlike most sunshine pop concoctions, the lyrical content of Begin holds up [...]

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007 The Maze - 1968 - Armageddon Rare acid psych killer by obscure San Francisco band from the late '60s.Their all-original material emphasized heavy organ, long drawn-out fuzzy guitar solos, despondent stoned vocals, and minor-key melodies. Then as a bonus you get to hear what the band sounded like a year or two earlier on a few tracks- the two or three old songs are more folky with a femal vocalist. Tracks 1. Armageddon2. I'm So Sad3. Happiness4. Whispering Shadows5. Kissy Face6. Dejected Soul7. As For Now8. Right Time - (previously unreleased)9. Rumours - (previously unreleased)10. Whispering Shadows - (previously unreleased, alternate take)11. Dejected Soul - (previously unreleased, TRUE instrumental)12. As For Now - (previously unreleased, alternate take)13. Kissy Face - (previously unreleased, TRUE instrumental) The Reviews1An obscure San Francisco-area group that cut one extremely rare album in 1968, Armageddon (recorded at Leo Kulka's Golden State Recorders, and issued on MTA), which is highly valued in some collector circles. Actually, they don't rank as a very impressive find, in fact epitomizing some of the period's least enduring excesses. They originally recorded under the name Stonehenge, with a female vocalist, before assuming their more familiar name, and left behind a good deal more than an album's worth of tracks, some of which turned up on the 1995 Sundazed CD reissue of Armageddon. Their all-original material emphasized heavy organ, long drawn-out fuzzy guitar solos, despondent stoned vocals, and minor-key melodies, somewhat in the mold of Iron Butterfly, though not as bombastic. An alternate take of "Whispering Shadows," written by Wayne Gardner-who composed all but two of the 10 songs on Armageddon, fellow members Jensen, Boyd, and Eitrreim dividing two songs between the three of them-was included on Gear Fab's 1997 Psychedelic Crown Jewels Vol. 1.2The Maze seek a sense of drama, with long songs, prominent organ, eerie harmonies, heavy lyrics and a singer who becomes unhinged here and there. If you're in the right mood for it, it's pretty enjoyable, especially since there are some crazed fuzz guitar breaks. One truly terrible semi-novelty song, "Kissy Face", destroys the mood, which makes the rest a little harder to take seriously. The overall effect is similar to the album by The Phantom, though the best songs here, especially "I'm So Sad", are more worthy of semi-serious respect than anything on that album. The short songs take a poppier approach, and they're reasonably good, with the one above-mentioned exception. Pretty cool, though not distinctive enough to really stand out in the genre.Download Link : (@224 + Art Work)Maze_-_1968.rar Posted by nikos1109 at 5/15/2007 03:30:00 PM 4 comments Links to this post Labels: M, nikos1109 Paul Roland - 1988 - Happy Families Happy Families.rarGothic-psych-baroque-rocker waxing demented in a way only an Englishman can...impeccable." (Goldmine magazine, USA)."Sublime, fabbo and very, very in. Don't get left behind." (Melody Maker, UK)"Enigmatic gothic/baroque troubador with the psychedelic fringe" (Ptolemaic Terrascope,UK)"For some 15 years the enigmatic Paul Roland has carved out a niche in peculiarly ornate British pop music." (Record Collector, UK)"He must be ranked with the most creative and unique songwriters of his generation...the work of an exceptional talent." (Bucketful Of Brains, UK)"The male Kate Bush" (Robyn Hitchcock)"If pop music had existed in the 19th century Roland would have been a star[...]

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Sunday, April 29, 2007 Bear - 1968 - Greetings, Children of Paradis Bear - 1968 - Greetings, Children of Paradis 01 Greetings (2:30)02 So Loose and So Slow (2:17)03 Like Cats (3:37)04 Happy Days (2:12)05 What Difference? (6:24)06 It's Getting Very Cold Outside (3:08)07 I Won't Be Hangin' Round (3:00)08 Don't Say a Word (2:32)09 Don't You Ever Want to Think About Them? (3:24)10 Hungry Dogs of New Mexico (3:56)Artie Traum - Acoustic GuitarEric Kaz - Keyboards, Vocals on track 7, 9Steve Soles - Vocals on track on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8John Herald - Vocal on track 10Skip Boone - BassDarius Davenport - DrumsThough a formidable lineup of talent came together for Bear's sole album, it had neither a consistent style nor compelling material. Another one-shot late-'60s psychedelic band, Autosalvage, might serve as a point of comparison, as two members of that group (Skip Boone and Darius Davenport) play on Greetings, Children of Paradise. Bear's record, though, is even more diffuse than Autosalvage's in its dodges between various circa-1968 underground rock styles, made even more erratic by some aspects which seem to aim for a bit of pop appeal. There's a little of the Lovin' Spoonful's good-time rock from time to time, but more often it's an uneasy mesh of free-floating American hippie rock with some Beatlesque harmonies and melodies. Sometimes there are jazzy beats and arrangements; at other times there are moderately heavy psychedelic guitar solos; at others, their basic folk-blues roots poke through (as on "Hungry Dogs of New Mexico"). The songs are kind of shapeless and the melodies on the undistinguished side, however. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music GuideBio :Although the members of Bear had some roots in the 1960s folk scene, their late-1960s album was actually an average psychedelic outing, and not an especially folk-rock-inclined one. Artie Traum and Eric Kaz had played in the rock band Children of Paradise, who recorded for Columbia. On the sole Bear album, titled (probably in a nod to the name of their prior group) Greetings, Children of Paradise, they were joined by Steve Soles, with Skip Boone (brother of the Lovin' Spoonful's Steve Boone) and Darius Davenport of the band Autosalvage contributing. The record is a mish-mash of period styles, from good-time rock and Beatlesque meanderings to songs with psychedelic guitar solos and loose, jazzy feels. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide Posted by Opa-Loka at 4/29/2007 02:12:00 PM 4 comments Links to this post Labels: as Requested, B, Opa-Loka Saturday, April 28, 2007 The GoreHounds - Halloween Everywhere LP Hi:I am Gorehound whose real name is Jordan Kratz and I am the founder/writer/singer of the band The GoreHounds. I put this band together at the end of 1985 and it was all over with by 1989. The band had a 1960's garage and psych sound with some 1970's punk thrown in. We also had a jug player like 13TH Floor Elevators.The main people involved in the project were : Mark Mayhem:Bass GuitarBob Cellars:Rhythym Guitar and "Jug"John Chalmers:Lead GuitarNed Crabbe:DrumsCindy Williams:Rythym GuitarI am going to direct you to my webpage which has the whole LP, our 7", and a few live "poem" freeforms that we always opened up our sets with. There are a few videos of us and some pictures as well. I also threw in some unreleased outakes from the 7" recording session.A while back this blog had posted my Necrosis/Voodoo Priest (7") and I wrote a comment there.Now I was thinking it might be a good idea to give you all my music from m[...]

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Sunday, April 15, 2007 Herrera & the Handouts - A Handout From A Cheepskate (1989) This is a very special post: it's from David John Herrera, the original guitarist of the legendary Cheepskates. After the Cheepskates post, David sent to this blog his only solo LP, released back in 1989, along with some really informative notes about it.A Handout From A Cheepskate LPA few notes from the man himself:I produced the album and it was recorded between Febuary of 1987 and December of 1988 at Dubway Studios in Manhattan. Al Houghton was the engineer.Since I was the original guitarist of the Cheepskates, the album was titled: A Handout From A Cheepskate.Orin Portnoy played bass in the Outta’ Place, and the Optic Nerve. Bob Baker was a drummer I met at Dubway studios. Elan Portnoy played guitar in the Fuzztones, the Headless Horsemen, and the Lords of the New Surf. Jon Weiss was the lead singer of the Vipers. Dino Sorbello was the guitarist of the Mad Violets, and the Blacklight Chameleons. Tony Matura played guitar and sang in the Optic Nerve. Bobby Belfiore also played guitar and sang in the Optic Nerve. Christian was a Swedish fellow I met in the summer of 1988. I never did get his last name, but he played a mean blues guitar. Mike Miraconda was the guitarist for the Raunch Hands. Michael Chandler was the singer for the Outta’ Place, and the Raunch Hands. Grec Pekorsky was the guitarist for a garage/psych band from Pittsburgh named Uncle Sydney. Shane Faubert was the singer/organist of the Cheepskates. Steve Marshall was the owner of Libra Studios where the Cheepskates first rehearsed. Sandy Vogel was a blues singer and my girlfriend at the time.I wrote all of the tunes except the following:“Mayfair” is an Optic Nerve tune that was written by Tony Matura. It was always my favorite tune of theirs (still is), and once in a while I would drum for their band.“Credit Card” and “Yesterday’s Night” were written by Jackson Weir III.“I Don’t Want You To Go” is a Horrible Flowers tune that was written by Jackson Weir III and Paul (Cliff Hanger) Wilkerson. The Horrible Flowers was a band that I was in (as a bass player) before the Cheepskates. We were a post punk psychedelic band out of Hollywood and briefly toured the Midwest in the summer of 1982 before I left the band. Jackson Weir III (the guitarist) played with 391, Seizure, and Rik L Rik. Cliff Hanger was one of the first drummers of the Germs. Both he and Jackson are now deceased and the album is dedicated to the memory of the two of them.David John Herrera Tracklist1- One story high2- Another lie3- Some folks4- Frog booth5- Your chance6- Party7- Hard to find8- Out that door9- Credit card10- The fall11- Mayfair12- I don't want you to go13- Yesterday nightThis is the only review (in english) I could find on this LP - it's on : An anomaly on New York's garage-rock scene: when most of their peers were scouring exurbia for vintage paisleys and vinyl, this low-key quartet was creating some of the most carefully crafted pure pop to escape from those Seed-y halls!I can't resist to add some notes myself:This LP came out in 1989 on Midnight Records, and contains 9 originals written by D.Herrera and 4 tunes written by his friends. As you may noticed if you read the names in David's notes, the musicians in this record are the cream of the NYC garage scene: members of the Optic Nerve, the Fuzztones, the Headless Horsemen, the Mad Violets, the Blacklight Chameleons and others. More on t[...]

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Saturday, March 31, 2007 V.A. - Havoc From Holland (Cryptovision, 1989) Side 11 The Outsiders - Do You Feel Alright 2 The Mokum Beat Five - Apologize 3 The Humbugs - Go On Home, Little Girl 4 The Nicols - Lord, I've Been Thinking 5 Penny Wise - Silver Girl 6 The Fallouts - I've Been Waiting Side 2 1 The Rob Hoeke Rhythm & Blues Group - Margio 2 The Scorpions - Hey Honey 3 The Sandy Coast - Subject Of My Thoughts 4 The Motions - I've Waited So Long 5 Weetjewel - Lila Lovin' Lola 6 Les Baroques - Girls Enough 7 The Dukes - Try To Understand 8 De Maskers - Three's A Crowd 9 The Clungels - Dat Had Ik Nog Nooit Gedaan *Sorry, no front-back coverDownload! Posted by caveman78 at 3/31/2007 05:32:00 PM 3 comments Links to this post Labels: caveman78, Various Artists Clap - Have You Reached Yet? (1972) Info is spotty on these suckers, but the album is believed to be recorded in 1972 by a band from Huntington Beach, CA. This album doesn't sound like 1972, though... What we're looking at (and what hopefully you will be downloading and listening to soon) is spectacular garage psych, with killer rockin' melodies and inspired, tight playing. All of which is hidden behind a bank-vault-door-sized wall of looooooow fidelity. In that sense I suppose the best band tocompare Clap to would be The Bachs, although Clap has more of that shades-of-punk-to-come energy and attitude that one hears in, say, the New York Dolls. The tune "My Imagination" has one of those classic naive untrained ham-fisted sax solos in it. SO GOOD!!!Get it HERE, friends! Posted by fuzztunnel at 3/31/2007 05:05:00 PM 9 comments Links to this post Labels: C, fuzztunnel Fantasy (US) - 1970 - Fantasy Fantasy (US) - 1970 - Fantasy 01 Happy (5:24)02 Come (6:11)03 Wages of Sin (3:37)04 Circus of Invisible Men (5:32)05 Stoned Cowboy (5:55)06 Understand (4:42)07 What's Next (9:24)David Robert Robbins - bassMario Anthony Russo - keyboardsLydia Janene Miller - vocalsVincent James DeMeo - lead guitar/vocalsGregory Scott Kimple - drumsA Californian obscurity from 1970, this eponymous LP by Fantasy held promises. The group offered a brand of psychedelic rock itched by the mood swings of progressive rock -- Jefferson Airplane meets Babe Ruth. Lead singer Lydia Janene Miller is the group's strongest asset. Her voice, still rough-edged and untamed, allies the bluesy rawness of Janis Joplin (striking in "Understand") or Carol Grimes with Grace Slick's acrobatics. The liner notes state she was only 16 at the time, but that is simply too hard to believe! If the vocals are fantastic, the music needed improvement. Psychedelic rock for the thinking man, Fantasy often sounds self-indulgent. "Stoned Cowboy" is a flat instrumental number where Vincent James DeMeo, Jr. delivers an overlong generic solo on fuzz guitar. And what about Mario Anthony Russo's classical quotes (à la John Hawken on Renaissance's first two LPs) in "What's Next"? On the other hand, the alternating verses and choruses in "Happy" work out perfectly, and further developments in "What's Next" (a nine-minute epic) serve up a highlight. If you can overlook the misjudgments of youth and a certain naïveté in the lyrics, seek out this rarity. Miller's soul-piercing voice is something you don't easily forget.~ François Couture, All Music GuideThanks J.P. The 60s Junkie for this one !!! Posted by Lost In Tyme at 3/31/2007 03:33:00 AM 7 comments Links to this post Labels: as Requested, by[...]

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Thursday, March 15, 2007 Creepy John Thomas - 1969 - Creepy John Thomas Creepy_John_Thomas-_Creepy_John_Thomas.rarSome garagy blues-rock from Britain...most of the album is pretty solid, with some really good fuzz licks here and there.Thomas spent about a year in San Francisco following the original release of these solo albums, but by the early '70s had returned to London and a position as guitarist in the Edgar Broughton Band. Two albums with this outfit feature Thomas, the particularly practically entitled Bandages — seeing as the album has cuts on it, that is — combining him with studio mastermind Mike Oldfield. The guitarist also collaborated with Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox prior to the beginning of their Eurythmics success. Posted by Lanchester at 3/15/2007 11:54:00 PM 2 comments Links to this post Labels: C, Lanchester Jade Stone & Luv - 1977 - Mosaics, Pieces of Stone Jade Stone & Luv - 1977 - Mosaics, Pieces of Stone (Jade 4351 US private press)01 Waiting For The Rain02 Come Home With Me03 Working At The Business Of Living04 Backroads Of My Mind05 Man06 Grab Hold07 Take A Look08 So Close09 Cool Breeze10 RealityInterest in this is on the rise and rightly too, cause this is one cool ultra-1970s artefact by a couple decked out in full period regalia including a handlebar moustache (Jade Stone), hot pants (Luv), and a psychedelic VW bus. The music is notoriously hard to describe, but projects scenes of all-night cruising through Edge City in a stolen Cadillac, downing reds with cheap sparkling wine that you refer to as "champagne", with the 8-track blasting "Mosaics" at full volume. Neon sign singles bars, pool halls and re-opened nightclubs flash by while Jade Stone sings like the rock star he hopes soon to be. Not metropolitan hip, but dreams of stardom and glamour from the American underbelly, two renegade souls zooming down the highway between Austin and Nashville. Well-produced, with some fantastic tracks like "Man", featuring great keyboard and fuzz interplay, and soulful-loungey vocals. "Trailer-park music" someone called it. Major personal fave, but hardly for everyone, and the cover shot alone will scare a lot of potential buyers off. The poster (which is great) has only been found in a handful of copies and is worth almost as much as the album itself. Most copies have a promo sticker on the front cover. They also had some non-LP 45 tracks. [PL]~~~Like Darius (to whom his voice has been compared), Jade Stone wanted to be a big star! It was obviously not to be, and the world is left with this unique album, which is a mixture of 60s hippie, 70s country and timeless lounge rock, jacked up by inspired songwriting, Jade's overwhelming personality and tremendous arrangements. The closing "Reality" is packed with killer wah-wah guitar, and that should hook most of you, but the rest of the album, while mellower, is terrific too. Jade really has a flair for the dramatic, and comes off sounding quite important indeed. Songs like "Waiting For The Rain" have an elegant power. Luv doesn't sing lead, but she adds to the album cover's goofball appeal. [AM] Posted by Lost In Tyme at 3/15/2007 04:48:00 PM 2 comments Links to this post Labels: J, L, Lost In Tyme, S Wednesday, March 14, 2007 Meic Stevens - 1970 - Outlander ROWENA (4:41) LOVE OWED (3:21) LEFT OVER TIME (4:35) LYING TO MYSELF (2:46) THE SAILOR AND MADONNA (5:36) OXBLOOD (1:12) YORRIC (8:49) [...]

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007 John Kay And The Sparrow John Kay And The Sparrow - Collector's Item (1966-1967)1. Twisted2. Goin' To California3. Baby Please Don't Go4. Down Goes Your Love Life5. Bright Lights Big City6. Can't Make Love By Yourself7. Good Morning Little School Girl8. King Pin9. Square Headed People10. Chasin' Shadows11. Green Bottle Lover12. Isn't It Strange13. Tomorrow's Ship (bonus track)14. Twisted (bonus track)15. Goin' To California (bonus track)16. Hoochie Coochie Man (bonus track)17. Pusher (bonus track)18. Goin' Upstairs (bonus track)19. Tighten Up Your Wig (bonus track)20. Too Late (bonus track)Biography by Greg Prato:Steppenwolf leader/founder John Kay is perhaps the most overlooked early contributor to the musical style that would become heavy metal and hard rock. Kay was the first rocker to use the phrase heavy metal in a song, in one of metal's first great anthems: Steppenwolf's 1968 classic "Born to Be Wild." Born Joachim Fritz Krauledat on April 12, 1944, in the section of Germany that was once known as East Prussia, it was the American rock & roll that he heard on U.S. Armed Forces radio after his family moved to East Germany that fueled his interest in music. After relocating to Toronto, Canada, in 1958, Kay became even more transfixed by rock & roll — leading to Kay picking up the guitar, writing songs, and playing in local bands.In the '60s, Kay founded the Sparrow, a rock outfit who played both Canada and the U.S., but received little attention. The group had fallen apart by 1967, but with a new, harder-edged style of rock beginning to conquer the charts and airwaves (Cream, Jimi Hendrix, and the Yardbirds), Kay decided to pursue this direction with his next band, Steppenwolf (titled after Hermann Hesse's novel of the same name). After moving to Los Angeles, the fledgling band was signed to Dunhill and recorded their self-titled debut, issued in 1968. The album became a sizeable hit, as "Born to Be Wild" was unleashed on an unsuspecting record-buying public, becoming one of rock's most instantly identifiable and enduring hits of all time. After the track was used in the 1969 cult classic movie Easy Rider, it subsequently appeared in countless other movies and TV commercials over the years and was covered by numerous other bands (Blue Oyster Cult, Slade, Crowded House, and the Cult).Steppenwolf continued to crank out hit albums (1968's The Second, 1969's At Your Birthday Party, and 1969's Monster), singles ("Magic Carpet Ride," "Rock Me"), and tours on a regular basis, with Kay being the only constant member among a revolving door of other musicians. By 1972, Kay decided to end the group, issuing his first solo albums around the same time: Forgotten Songs & Unsung Heroes and My Sportin' Life. Steppenwolf's retirement didn't last for long, however, as Kay alternated between the band and his solo career throughout the '70s, '80s, and '90s. He even took a few former members of the band to court when they, too, began touring behind the name Steppenwolf. In 1994, Kay penned an autobiography, Magic Carpet Ride, and four years later, Steppenwolf and Kay were the subject of an interesting Behind the Music episode for VH1.Get It Here !!! (@256)John_Kay_Sparrow.part1.rarJohn_Kay_Sparrow.part2.rar Posted by Lost In Tyme at 2/28/2007 10:59:00 PM 2 comments Links to this post Labels: J, K, Lost In Tyme, S Second Layer - Complete Dis[...]

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007 V.A. - Baltimore's Teen Beat A Go Go-LP (GetHipA.,1997) "16 of Baltimore's best R&B and R&R bands" Side 1 1 The 24 Karat Five - Get You2 The Night Walkers - The Night Walker3 The Beggars - Night Of Pleasure4 The Fabulous Monarchs - Memories (Of The Past)5 The Impacts LTD - This Love So Real6 The Del Prixs - She'll Be Mine7 The Road Runners - She's Gone8 The Executioners - My DianaSide 21 The Amoebas - Look At The Moon2 Bobby J. & The Generations - Lost In Time3 The Week-Enders - Rampage4 The Vendors - My Rose-Ann5 The Rysing Suns - A Third Hour On Forty Eleventh St.6 The Chadwicks - The Only Way To Do It7 The Destinations - Shame - Shame8 Joey Charles Drums - The Rub Posted by caveman78 at 2/20/2007 10:58:00 PM 1 comments Links to this post Labels: caveman78, Various Artists HELLO BROTHERS & SISTERS !Here I am again in this 60's flavor blog, mainly to post the following poster of our 60's party which will take place in a nightclub of my town, Heraklion, Crete, on 25 February 1967 ! Soon I hope I will post some records, like I used to do when I first started out this blog! Feel free to join us at this party !!!See you around, diggers ! Posted by Optical Sound at 2/20/2007 08:55:00 PM 12 comments Links to this post Museo Rosenbach - 1973 - Zarathustra (320@+covers) The masterpiece of Italian Progressive Rock. A easy 5 star album. Totally essential!! This album is a legendary one in the annals of Italian progressive music. Released in 1973, it combines heavy rock and classical music in a progressive style with mellotrons galore, bringing to mind a mixture of Deep Purple and ELP, but with a Pink Floyd influenced feel. The Reviews 1I want to explain carefully why I am ready to put “Zarathustra” in the same pantheon as “In The Court of the Crimson King,” “Piper at the Gates of Dawn,” “Foxtrot,” “Close to the Edge,” “Thick as a Brick,” and “In A Glass House,” among others. Although it is not a “seminal” album like those noted above - and although it has some minor “flaws” (for example, the production is dated) - it nevertheless has a few things in its favor that far outweigh any minor quibbles, and definitely point to a legitimate “masterpiece.” it is portant to consider that “Zarathustra” was MR’s debut album. It took Gentle Giant three albums to get to their first conceptual “quasi-masterpiece” (“Three Friends”), Genesis four albums to get to “Foxtrot” (and “Supper’s Ready”), and Jethro Tull five albums to get to “Thick as a Brick” – and none of the debut albums by any of these bands was anywhere near the masterpiece that “Zarathustra” is. Indeed, of the eight “seminal” progressive groups (Crimson, Floyd, Moody Blues, Genesis, Yes, Gentle Giant, Tull and ELP), only Crimson’s “Court” and Floyd’s “Piper” are equally great debuts (with ELP’s debut coming pretty close). The“Zarathustra” suite itself is one of the most beautifully and “carefully” crafted compositions in the history of progressive rock, and I use the word “carefully” in its literal sense: i.e., that great care was taken. The band neither rushes into things, nor lets things “sit” for too long. Every section – whether soft, smooth, sl[...]

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007 Thin White Rope Thin White Rope - 1990 - Sack Full Of Silver1 Hidden Lands (3:04) 2 Sack Full of Silver (2:13) 3 Yoo Doo Right (6:04) 4 Napkin Song (1:31) 5 Americana/The Ghost (4:34) 6 Whirling Dervish (3:43) 7 Triangle (5:39) 8 Diesel Man (4:42) 9 On the Floe (3:43) 10 On the Floe (4:51)Sack Full of Silver is, in many ways, one of Thin White Rope's most fully realized sets, blending the group's early alt-psychedelic influences and a growing taste for dusty Americana flavors. Having completed a 16-date tour of the Soviet Union, the group collected covers of Marty Robbins, Lee Hazlewood, and others for the Red Sun EP, followed shortly by this batch of originals penned during the trip overseas. Like all Thin White Rope releases, Sack Full of Silver is defined by the voice of Guy Kyser: the aural equivalent of the flat, parched, endless landscape his characters seem to inhabit. Sobering realizations, like dead ends, await them around every corner. In an environment where failure, desperation, and hopelessness are common currency, adding up one's losses and moving on feels like a great victory. It's clearly no easy task. "The Ghost" catches its subject in the moment before that turning point, looking ahead as a life of loss begins to flood in. Emerging out of the final chords of "Americana" and "Desert Rock" it rises from the sound of wind-swept sand to a triumphant anthem in the mold of an old folk song. Revealing that they are working within a wider frame of reference, the group adapt Can's "Yoo Doo Right," distilling the original's 20 minutes into a compact, bursting rock number. Though the gray area in between these two styles produces less memorable results, Thin White Rope's brand of American roots has aged more gracefully than the work of some of their contemporaries. Sack Full of Silver remains as fine an introduction to Kyser's vision as any. ~ Nathan Bush, All Music GuideDownloadThin White Rope - 1985 - Exploring The Axis1. Down In The Desert2. Disney Girl 3. Soundtrack 4. Lithium 5. Dead Grammas On A Train 6. Three Song, The 7. Eleven 8. Atomic Imagery 9. Real West, The 10. Exploring The Axis 11. Macy's Window 12. Rocket USA - (live) 13. Roger's TongueReview by Nathan BushHailing from the northern California town of Davis, Thin White Rope was initially pegged as a proponent of the paisley underground movement. Such labeling, however, tells half the story at best. The list of bands the group went on to cover over the course of their ten-year career is actually more revealing. Songs by Suicide, the Stooges, Lee Hazlewood, Marty Robbins, Bob Dylan, Can, and a James Bond theme have all been rendered by the band in the studio and on-stage. That list goes a long way in explaining the mixture of raw, angular riffs, southern twang, and icy psychedelia that characterizes Exploring the Axis, the group's 1985 debut. What it does not convey, perhaps, is the relative bleakness of Thin White Rope's music. Frontman Guy Kyser, guitarist Roger Kunkel, bassist Stephen Tesluk, and drummer Jozef Becker outline a series of barren landscapes, their instruments kicking up clouds of dust from the parched earth like a rollicking, rickety ghost-train headed south. At times Jeff Eyrich's productions approach the wintry heir of Martin Hannett's work with Joy Division. This climate is ideal for Kyser, who [...]