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Convicted of plagiarism in India
The IISH received the news that Kristoffel Lieten has been convicted of plagiarism in India. Lieten was Professor in Child Labour at the Amsterdam University, on behalf of the IISH. (text in Dutch)

New Research Papers
Two new publications in the series IISH Research Papers: The Creation of Modern Prisons in the Russian Empire and An Emancipatory Global Labour Studies is Necessary!.

Socialist International most consulted archive
The top 50 of most consulted archives in the reading room in 2011 is a mixture of international and Dutch archives.

Women on the labour market 1600-1900
24th meeting of the Friends of the IISH on 26 January 2012. The theme of the meeting: Revisiting the male breadwinner economy in the Netherlands, 1600-1900.

IISH on Facebook
Next to Twitter, Flickr and Youtube, the IISH can also be followed on Facebook.

Joy and Pain of Work
Contents and summaries of issue three of the International Review of Social History and the supplement The Joy and Pain of Work: Global Attitudes and Valuations, 1500-1650.

Winner Volkskrant-IISG scriptieprijs
The Volkskrant-IISH prize for the best undergraduate thesis in the field of history has been awarded to Joppe van Driel (Dutch text).

New Institute Style
As of November 2011, the International Institute of Social History has adopted a new style.

Anarchism in Russia, colonists in Ukraine
New acquisitions in 2011: anarchism collection of Aleksandr Ermakov, Van den Muyzenberg Kiessler collection on colonists in Ukraine, papers of Jean Malaquais, typescript of Leopold Grünwald.

December offer Social History Shop
Until 31 December, 10 euro discount on all photographs in the Social History Shop, the IISH webshop.