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Preview: Le Fresne's Castle with Rowan DeVoe

Rowan DeVoe Arts

Multimedia Art and Photography by Merle Pace

Updated: 2017-12-20T07:06:03.586-08:00


Inspired by Frida


I recently took new self portrait photographs inspired by Frida Kahlo's look.  I made a floral headpiece especially for the photos inspired by the Frida Painting on my mousepad.  I am thinking of the amazing inspiration Frida gives all the time!

I was also inspired by Sacred Heart, Madeleine Earrings that Jen Parrish currently has in her Etsy Shop as I was lucky enough to get a pair!  They can be found here-Parrish Relics Etsy Shop.  I am wearing them with my Creatures Pendant which has a photograph of my 4 Little Black cats and a turquoise Sacred Heart Pendant.  I am wearing my turquoise "Pacem" bracelet with them that she made as well.  Love the Relics!

You can just see some of my Art dolls behind me.  Hopefully, I will be creating new ones this Spring and Summer. More photos to come from this series.  I hope all is well with all of you here in Blogland! Take care!

New Photos Wearing Sihaya Designs Jewelry Faerie Wing Pieces


Recently I took new self-portrait photographs wearing Faerie Wing Earrings and Pendant Necklace made by Christina Allen Page of  Sihaya Designs Jewelry .  Check out her shop for these whimsical and gorgeous pieces!

My Etsy Shop  has new photographs so Check it out!
Thanks and Take care!

My 4 Black Cats and Little Red Boots!


It was time for a few new photos of my 4 little black cats that I share my home with.  As many of you know, I found each cat as a feral kitten and at different times.  They are the biggest sweethearts ever!  All four asleep on the bedI used to work at a Museum in the Collection Department with the Textiles.  If there were pieces that were too damaged to save, we tried to use them to conserve other pieces.  If they were just too cute, like this little red baby boot, I occasionally got to take them home!That little boot led to this next photo~my little cat Tobias wearing it on his left foot!  I am holding him on my lap and did my best to take a photo.  Oh, so funny!  Puss n Boots!EEK!  A close up of his little foot!  I will get a better photo!Hehe~this is Glastonbury Mister aka "Mr. Baby".  He is the baby of the family.  He likes to sleep in the bed with his head on the pillow and the covers up to his neck.  This makes me laugh all the time!Finally, here it Tobias! He was wearing the boots!  What a face!  While he is a black cat, you can see that he really is more a chocolate brown.  Love these kittens!  I guess I should try to get back to work!xo!merle[...]

The Holly and The Ivy~Extremely Late!


Before the end of 2012, I took photographs with the theme of "The Holly and The Ivy" based on an Old English Song now sung by the talented group of female singers, The Medieval Baebes.  I was inspired by the lyrics to this song referring to the Holly Berry and the Ivy Leaf which both bloom in the cold and white of Winter.   I was so lucky to find a forest green silk velvet gown that was handmade as a Wedding gown by a woman in the 1930s.  I also added a gorgeous necklace and pair of earrings made by the talented Christina Allen Page of Sihaya Designs Jewelry

The last photograph is available still in my
Hopefully, I will be adding new Spring themed photographs!
I hope all is well with you folks in Blogland!

New Art by DJ Berger


"Not Lost, Just Secret" by DJ Berger
A new painting DJ's Etsy ShopI am in love with all of his work.  Please check out his other pieces!

New Holiday Photos in My Etsy Shop


I have added new photographs to my Etsy Shopthat have themes for the Winter Holidays with Gift-Giving in mind so go and check them out!  The first is very much for Winter.  Welcome my self-portrait version of Hans Christian Anderson's The Snow Queen .  A gift for the lover of Fairy Tales as well as just some fantastic Snow and Ice!As with all of my photographs except the square format ones, she is offered at both 8x10 inches and 11x14 inches and is printed on a beautiful, satin finish archival photo paper in my friend John's Studio with his amazing Digital Ink-Jet Printer.  I can be there to make sure all the colours turn out just as I want.  Thanks John!Next, is another self-portrait~my version of Queen Elizabeth The First titled My Elizabeth.She is a colourful photograph with a lot of Holiday Reds to go with her Pale Green Eyes and Snowy, White Skin. Give someone the gift of Elizabethan Goodness.  Finally(for now) is The Portrait.~ My offering of a Renaissance Style Painting.  This photograph is the perfect gift for the lover of classic art with the twist of my photographic interpretation.  The photograph is done with warm colours with a bit of an icy, blue veil~a combination that I ended up liking.  Warm and Icy~very much "Winter Holidays" to me!*I do have more photographs to come!  I am very excited by two gorgeous, vintage gowns I have just found and can't wait to wear.  The characters who will be wearing these gowns and their stories are floating in my head.  I never know quite how the photographs will turn out which is like opening a gift~ a great surprise.  I have my ideas how I want my photographs to be, but I make sure to leave room for "the art" to do its own thing.  Being flexible like this is a sure way that I am never disappointed with my finished pieces.  It isn't all up to me which is a huge relief!*I hope all is well with with the folks of Blogland!Wishing you all my best!merle[...]

Rani Collar Piece Photographs for Sihaya Design Jewelry


I have finished my Self-Portrait Photographs modeling jewelry for Sihaya Designs Jewelry.  It has been wonderful working with Christina Allen Page, the designer and artist behind Sihaya Designs.  Her work is not only gorgeous and so unique, but it is also so well made and comfortable to wear.  I can easily wear her pieces all day, all week long.  She is a photographers dream as well.  Her instructions for this set of photographs were a "White Witch/Jadis from Narnia/Pale and a bit Spooky" look in my own style.  How cool is that?  Christina, I look forward to working with you again!  Many Thanks!The Rani Collar Piece features a gorgeous, teardrop shaped Cobalt Labradorite stone, silver scroll work, and a silver chain with labradorite beads.We did some Sepia photographs too to capture the scroll work of the necklace.Wishing you all the Best!merle[...]

Underwater Photographs


I love the mysterious and magical look of photographs taken underwater.  To me, I am creating the mermaids and water nymphs I have loved since I was a little girl reading Fairy Tales.   A few years back, I did a series of photographs with film underwater.  I took them in a gorgeous, clear pool of water by a waterfall in Vermont.  I took rolls and rolls of film only to have a few photographs turn out, but that is the way of photography for me-it is a long and patient process-and when I am finally getting the best photographs, the sun is setting, the water or weather has become either extremely cold or hot and my costumes or sets are falling apart.  Here is one of the photographs from the series that I have scanned and plan to scan more.  I  hope to get out my film cameras again!
Hope all is well with all of you!

My Little Cats on a Sunday


A view into my bedroom yesterday.  How sweet my four little black cats are.  They each have such strong personalities-so different each other, but they love each other so much and I always find them hanging out together.  Pascal and Tobias are on the window ledge.  Bijou and Glas are on my bed.  Love these amazing creatures, my dear little folks.
Wishing you all a wonderful week!

New Photos for Sihaya Design Jewelry


I have been working on new photographs for the gorgeous one of a kind Jewelry of Sihaya Design Jewelry created by the talented Christina Allen Page.  I have had the pleasure to watch her Jewelry Line grow from a hobby to a successful business so this collaboration was very special for me.  Christina sent a few pieces from her Autumn 2012 Collection so that I could take self-portraits wearing the pieces in my own style.  Here are a few of the finished photos.  I am wearing the "Silk Roads" Necklace-a beautiful piece celebrating the colours of Fall and the turning of the foliage.  It includes fresh water pearls, worked copper set with glowing crystals and finished with a unique patina, and delicate vintage glass leaf beads that have been wire-wrapped in copper.I like to tell a story with each piece of jewelry rather than have my photographs be a straight product shot.  For this piece, I went back in time and took inspiration from the Renaissance, Old Masters Paintings, the Pre-Raphaelites Art and the colours of Autumn. I have more pieces to photograph so watch this spot.  Please visit Christina's Etsy Shop Sihaya Designs Jewelry to see her many other Autumn designs as well as other unique pieces.  They are divine!*Wishing you all the Best!Merle[...]

Day of the Dead Photos in My Shop


I have added new photographs to my Etsy Shop  from a new series about the "Day of the Dead"(Dia de Los Muertos).  This Latin American Celebration takes places at the beginning  of November.
from left clockwise, "My Dear Santos", "Skeleton with Heart Milagro", and "Dia de Los Muertos"
 The"Day of the Dead"(Dia de Los Muertos) is a Latin American Celebration takes places at the beginning of November. It is a celebration of remembrance for our deceased loves and not meant to be at all scary. Instead, it is a day and night to honour them with gifts of food, flowers and candle light vigils to the cemetery involving the whole family. This is the one night of the year when their spirits are thought to walk among us so it is really just a big party for everyone. Skulls and Skeletons are common themes in this Holiday, but they are seen as fun decorations and teach us that death is something not to be feared. In the U.S., we celebrate Halloween at the end of October with some of these same themes(spirits, skeletons, skulls), but the focus can get lost on creepy, gory, scary things now. There are many fun and beautiful decorations, costumes and food that are also used to celebrate Halloween so it isn't all horror with a chainsaws(I can't stand that stuff!). I hope you enjoy my little collection. I brought many of the pieces in the photographs back from Mexico and New Mexico and have them displayed in a China Cabinet all year long. They are beautiful treasures to me!
Wishing all of you a beautiful and blessed Fall!



I am not sure what it is about this character, but I have been taking photographs of my friends and self-portrait of myself as "Ophelia" from Shakespeare's famous play "Hamlet" for many years now.  I never have thought that she is dead though.  Since I grew up the daughter of life guard parents who taught me how to swim before I could remember, I never really understood how she could drown from her heavy gowns.  I was always thinking, "Just stand up in that water!  Why didn't anyone teach you how to swim?!  Run away! That is one messed up situation!  Smack your brother out of it and run away together!".  Or, I thought that she was playing "dead" by floating in the water so she could sneak away like Juliet in "Romeo and Juliet", well we all know how that turned out.  Again, I was equally frustrated. The new "Ophelias" in and coming soon to my Etsy Shop Merle Pace Arts, from top left clockwise, Ophelia and the Roses, Ashore, At Waters Edge, Suspicions*I suppose I am not a romantic.  Maybe once, but I would hope that now I am a girl who knows that when things start to get creepy and the years have taught me a few thing. I still have huge blind spots.  I have most definitely tried to understand a love in my life when things were going horribly down hill.  I have been stuck trying to understand and lost myself wanting the situation to work, wanting to find my "person" as he used to be-help him/save him when it just couldn't be done and I was being treated horribly.  So, there is that sadness and woe which I do understand.   *If you are a Romantic, love Shakespeare's Plays, or choose to make up your scenarios, I hope these images make you feel something that moves you.   I must add that each time I go into the water for photographs, it is with great trouble and the water is always cold regardless of season or if I am inside or out.  And, on second thought,  I remember that these gowns were rather heavy and troublesome to move about the water in.  Swimmer or not, I think they could have pulled me down if I wasn't so stubborn to get my photographs!*p.s. I think being used to throwing myself all over the place for photographs, doing a bit of yoga and have a little strength doesn't hurt either~*I hope all is well with my Fellow Blogger Folks!With loving kindness, merle[...]

Autumn and Haunting Photographs in my Etsy Shop


I have been adding new photographs to my Etsy Shop Merle Pace Arts almost daily.  I am choosing ones that have themes of Autumn and that are a bit Haunting and Dark just for the season so check them out!  Here are a few more self-portrait photographs that I put in my shop in the last few days.
from the left clockwise,  Heartless Home, Autumn Fauna, and Unwanted Dark
These new photographs are being added to the ones already in my shop so those favourites aren't leaving just yet.
I am editing more photographs and have plans on taking more as the leaves are starting to change colour, the temperature is a bit cooler and the days are shorter with brilliant orange hued sunsets.  My little nephew Skyler's 7th Birthday is coming up on 2 October so our family must get our costumes ready for the Pirate themed Party he wants to have.  It is time for me to take another set of photographs of him and his older brother Zach as they love to dress up for the camera.  They have a specific theme in mind, but it is top secret! Here is a hint, Black Feathers!
Hope all is well with you folks in Blogland!
With loving kindness,

"Roots" A New Photo in my Etsy Shop


I am adding new photographs to my Etsy Shop which have a more of an Autmn feel.  For me, that means that they are a bit darker, or have warmer colours, and maybe are haunting but not in a creepy kind of way. 
I took this photograph in the creek and woods where I grew up just as the leaves were beginning to turn.  I have always found this tree's tangled web of roots to especially magical.  I love this creek, Fishback Creek.  We spent all summer swimming and hiking in it and all Winter skating on it.  These woods are still so mysterious-mythical, mystical.  I love the dark contrasts in this photograph.  For me, it is perfect for Fall.
I am adding new photographs so keep an eye out.  Hope all is well with you folks.
With loving kindness,

Underwater Fae, A New Photograph in My Etsy Shop


I have a new photograph in my Etsy Shop Merle Pace Arts.   I have added another 10 second timer, underwater, self-portrait which is always a challenge, but a good one! Welcome "Underwater Fae". This photograph follows in the traditions of Water Fae Creates such as Undine, a Water Sprite from German Folklore, and various Fairy Tales of Mermaids from all over the world.  This photograph is also full of the vibrant colours which I love so much.
"Underwater Fae"
Hope all is well in Blogland!
With loving kindness,

Many New Photographs in My Etsy Shop


Summer has flown by once more.   I have been trying to simplify all the names that my art and I have become known for and that has been a lot harder than I thought.  So, all you folks who know me as "Rowan DeVoe", I am still Rowan DeVoe! Love to hear and see your letters to me addressed, "Dearest Row, ".  I am also still that girl "Merle" as well.  I have changed my Etsy shop Merle Pace Arts , but I will keep this blog "Rowan DeVoe" because, in true "Merle" fashion, things will always be a bit confusing with me.*I have been adding more and more photographs to my Etsy Shop, so please go and check them out!  I am including many different styles from my very vintage looking portraits in Sepia covered with layers of dust to my Faerie works in vibrant colours. I will always have pieces with a Pre-Raphaelite feel to them.  This collection of photographs is one that I am always adding to.  I will include a few for your viewing pleasure in this post!*"Sabine""Girl of my Beginning"(taken at the gorgeous place where I grew up)*Hopefully I will get going on some new projects this Fall with my paintings, monotypes and new Art Dolls.  My nephews are already back in School!  They are 10 and 6 now and getting bigger all the time.  They had a great summer and for the last several weeks we have been pirates ship-wrecked in their back yard.  So exciting and I'm not kidding! Those boys are awfully clever at creating amazing things from the left over pieces of the ship. I am hoping the beautiful freckles they have across their noses will last a while~fantastic reminders of our Summer fun together(and yes, plenty of sun-block was used!).*Wishing you Bloggers The Best!Withing loving kindness, merle[...]

Photographs for Kendra Roberts Studio Jewellery


Recently, I have taken new photographs for a stunning Collection of Jewelry made by Designer Kendra Roberts.  Her Etsy Shop can be found here Kendra Studio Jewellery, KSJ and she is working to get her new Website up and running.  You can find out how she came to create her unique silver and and semi-precious gemstone jewelry at her Etsy Shop.  She is basically self-taught and worked for many years creating her unique style.  She then went to the Art Institute of Glasgow for further study.  The results are one of a kind and truly stunning!  I also thought for this post, it would be fun to include a few of notes from behind the scenes as far as my clothing finds-bah ha and hehe!Self-Portrait from the "Royal Earth" Series(bodice-purple velvet Ralph Lauren piece found at TJ Maxx-gift from a friend; aqua top-thrift find from Antique store in Woodstock, VT; royal blue silk scarf-my Mom's which she let me borrow to dress up as a Gypsy in Kindergarten for Halloween-I, um, never gave it back and she is still looking for it-no one tell her I still have it-I need it!; greens and aqua wool felted cuff-from an artist friend in Norway)Another from the "Royal Earth Series(teal silk gown with beaded vintage east Indian trim-amazing Birthday Gift from a friend; vintage aqua glass goblet with gold leaf- part of a set and gift from a dear friend; red velvet in blackground-vintage silk velvet sari from exotic import store in Glastonbury, England; Gold Candle Pillar in corner-gift from dear nurses when I was very sick in a hospital; Lady and the Unicorn-ish fabric-left over from curtains, pillows and chair covers I made for my first Apartment in western MA)*In the late Winter of this year, she contacted me from NYC, NY and wanted me to do self-portrait photographs as well as photographs of herself wearing her Jewelry for her new Website.  She had found my photographs online and wanted something different. I was so flattered and nervous!  She flew out to visit me in the Midwest States and and we talked about the vision she wanted to create and made plans when she would fly out to take the photographs.  I was overwhelmed as she has been photographed by the best photographers in NYC and she is a model there as well(Yikers! Pressure!). Kendra photographed for the "Forest Fae" Series-Lots of Greens and Blues, Feathers  plus WHIMSY! Fancy, Stripey, Smiley Forest Fae!(top-shredded dress on super sale at Urban Outfiters for $5.00, skirt-thrift shop find here in my Village of Broad Ripple; stripey stockings-gift from a friend who knows I can't live without them; feathered headpiece-trade from a friend in TX; fabric-tulle, tulle and more tulle-I have it all over my house-who doesn't?)*But, she was up for something very different which is my Do more with less and Just me and my Camera Style.  This means I am a One Girl kind of show.  I am the photographer, I direct the photographs, set up the scene with my own props(antique furniture, textiles, 'doo-dahs' I have found here, there and all over), I do the hair and makeup, I dress and style my folks from my collection of clothing, accessories, shoes, boots, costumes, and more which I have been building since I was a young teenager, and I use only natural light with some smoke and mirrors-literally. Sometimes, the smoke gets out of control though-many things do. I was really excited that she accepted my way of thinking and taking photographs.My! What Green Eyes [...]

Photos of Magical Creatures in My Shop


I have two new self-portrait photographs in my Etsy Shop depicting magical creatures from much loved Folk and Fairy Tales.  I can always see the character I want to portray in my head.  The hard part for any self-portrait photo is making it all come through the lens.   This is harder for some photographs than others. 
After thinking about it for some time, I finally took a chance and made myself into a "Selkie"-a Creature of Irish and Scottish Myth who is Seal while in the Sea and Woman on land.  This final version is in my Etsy Shop now.
"The Selkie"
We shall never speak of how I took this self-portrait photograph after this post.  It involved me building a "beach" and my own little sea in my house, hours of  crying(me), figuring out lighting(natural), getting all my costumes right, tons of vegtable oil, big storage bins of water, about 4 fans, 10 vintage mirrors and 4 little cats who decided they wanted to be in the photograph which made the 10 sec. timer run a wreck. 
"The Faerie's Treasure Trove"
Whew!  This one was a whole lot easier.  This is just what I look like and where I live so no Big Whoo.  Waving "Hi!" at all of you folks in Blogland from my little Treasure Trove home.
Hope all is well with all of You!
With Loving, Kindness,



New in my Etsy Shop Rowan DeVoe Arts, is a soft and glowing photograph called "Tulle".  I like the glow, the bits of blue and purple and the little cloud that has formed with the ivory tulle fabric.  I am trying to keep a variety of photographs circulating.  I am adding new ones soon!
Hope is well with all of you!
With Loving Kindess,

Sepia In my Shop~New Photos in Etsy


I have some new Sepia toned photographs in my Etsy shop Rowan DeVoe Arts.  They are both Self-Portrait photographs where I have dashed to beat the 10-sec. timer.  One looks like a serene portrait and the other I am actually dashing away.  But, the way I took these photographs and all of my self-portrait photographs is my secret.  No one gets to watch me taking them which is why I just can't have any help or an assistant.  My finished photographs are always a bit mysterious, but mystery has always been a huge part of my art.  Mystery is something I love.
"Albina II"
"Between Shadows and Light"
Besides my own Self-Portrait Photographs, I hope to be able to share a new Photography Project that I have been working on very soon! 
Hope all of you are having a great week!
With Loving Kindness,

My Beloved Black Cat Pascal


Now in my Etsy Shop, Rowan DeVoe Arts ,  I have a new photograph of my Beloved little black cat Pascal Jean Paul Jean Paul(the names of all of my folks are very important and full of meaning! Sometimes that meaning has come from something hilarious too).  His stare in this photograph is haunting to me.  He is so full of mystery and has many secrets which is not telling me.  I love this divine creature so much!  I added a faint William Morris Pattern in the background.  Pascal agreed this was a perfect fit for the whole feel of the photograph.  He is just so talented in so many ways!
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.
With Loving Kindness,

New Photograph in my Etsy Shop! This time, there is the Apple~


I just added a new photograph to my Etsy Shop Rowan DeVoe Arts.  I am still editing all types of photographs and trying to get them in my shop, but this recent one is back on the "Snow White" theme and I am jumping and running into place to beat the 10 second timer. I think I am going to add a rating, from 1-10, on how hard beating the timer was for each photograph I post. *Everyone seems to like the new movie "Snow White and the Huntsman".  I haven't seen it(I don't really go out to the Cinema), but I have had a few Treasuries using my other Snow White photographs so I thought I should just throw them all in.  I took them at different times and for different reasons.  What would little me think if she saw grown up me getting to wear all these gorgeous gowns and crowns?  She would flip!Here is "Snow White With The Apple"I am afraid that the poisonouss apple has been bitten by poor Snow White.  She is headed down to her deep sleep.  No worries though! All is well in the end-right?A detail of the AppleFace Detail-Pale Face-that's right! I'm wearing a Circlet by Jen Parrish of Parrish Relics.  LOVE my RELICS! Jen is lovely, amazing, incredibly talented and most of all, patient. You have to be to do the fine, detailed work that she does with her Jewelry.*OK, I have admit that I am trying to create a new look for my blog and what I have going on now just looks, well, it is not it!  I will figure it out, but I need to get off the computer.  I have given myself a huge headache from looking at this crazy blog I have created and editing more photographs for Etsy-all great things though!*Please take care!With Loving Kindness,merle[...]

A Different Kind of Photograph in My Etsy Shop


I have a new Photograph in my Etsy Shop Rowan DeVoe Arts
 It isn't a portrait which is something new. "Turquoise Treasure Box" is all about many of my favourite things.

I have always loved the colour Turquoise and all of its variations(from pale Aqua to Robins Egg Blue, Teal, and Blue-Greens) my whole life.  There is something so magical about them. They are the sea and the sky-big breaths of fresh air-windows of freedom and cleansing-flying and swimming at the same time-the feeling of weightlessness and therefore a way to leave all your troubles behind you.  This is why I use these colours so much in my art and in my life. 
 This treasure box is also an antique which is something else I adore.  Antique and Vintage pieces are little clues to the past.  Discovering them is a treasure hunt which makes them more beautiful and rare.  Stories are passed down and created by these items from long lost(and not so long) times.
Hope you are all having a wonderful week!

with loving kindness,

Snow White is Here!


"Snow White" has always been my favourite Fairy Tale.  The Brothers Grimm Version, not the Disney One.  I am excited that the new Movie is out in Theatres now! If it doesn't turn out to be a great movie,  it will hopefully be full of fantastic visuals-the sets and costumes.  *For each of my photographs, I create my own environments, costumes and do my own hair and makeup.  They are all about making a story and character come to life(even if I get myself into some tricky situations sometimes.  I need to change that sentence to *dangerous* situations and *most of the time*.  I tell myself, 'Never again!', but then I forget.).  *I have some new self-portrait photographs in my Etsy Shop Rowan DeVoe Arts that go with this theme of "Snow White". Above is "Snow White Sleep".  I built my own Glass Coffin just for this photograph. Getting in and out of it for the 10 second timer was not an easy thing.  I am really thankful that no one sees what goes on behind my self-portrait photographs.Here is a detail of the photographAnother Version in my Shop, "The Glass Coffin".  I love the Tudor Rose detail at the top of the leaded glass.Above is "Veiled Queen" which is also in my Shop.  Could she perhaps be the Evil Queen?  If you want her to be, then sure!*Hope all is well with you folks in blogland!  Wishing you a wonderful weekend!XOXO,merle[...]

"Somewhat Unfortunate"


I have a new photograph in my Etsy Shop Rowan DeVoe Arts .  This one is titled "Somewhat Unfortunate" and it is a photograph that I took of my gorgeous, younger sister, Fox, and her Beau in the fields where we grew up.  For reasons unknown, his lot in life is challenged in an unusual way.  Folks could say that he is somewhat unfortunate.
He is forced to hold his head in his hands which seems an awfuly tricky thing to do.  But, we all have something to struggle with.  I sure want to take my head off and put it away sometimes.  Likewise, I am sure he would like to have my problems for a bit.
In ancient Greece, there was one day put aside for each person in a village to write down a problem or burden that they carried on a piece of wood or paper and hang it from a common tree.  For that one day, they were all considered free of problems and spent the day celebrating.  It was a dandy of day indeed.  At the end of the day, each person could choose to go to the tree and take on someone else's problem or take back their own. What do you think happened? Well, each person took back their own problem!  Thinking about that helps me get through my days sometimes.
I am continuing to add more photographs to my shop so look out for them.  I am editing many photographs that I have taken already(which is of course taking me longer than I thought!).  If you remember a favourite, let me know and I will make sure I add it!
Remembrance and support for our folks in all areas of the Military here in the U.S.A.