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Filigree Moon

Updated: 2016-09-07T23:25:09.978-05:00


~ Happy Mother's Day ~


Happy Mother's Day!

I have a smile on my face as I reflect on the sweet, sweet
memories of times shared with Mom, Dad and my siblings in days of old.
I am grateful for times shared with my own family
(thank you for the roses and wonderful home cooked meal today!)
as well as those shared with my father and siblings as we visit Mom
and reminisce and share good times.

My mother is one of a kind.
A superior cook.
A kind and compassionate woman.
A wonderful singer ~ such an angelic voice.
An excellent caretaker.
Housekeeper extraordinaire.
Loyal, loving, doting and devoted wife.
Best mom in every aspect.
A true friend.

Alzheimer's has taken its toll on Mom.
But her sweet, genteel spirit is still present.
I so miss being able to share a laugh
or tender moment with her as we used to on a daily basis.
Now, as we visit, those laughs are few and far between.
But when they do occur, they are so very special.

Have a beautiful week and share a smile or two!

~ Petticoats on the Prairie ~


Petticoats on the Prairie was such a great show!The Rodeo Queens rustled up some great vendors for the event. ."Under the Big Top" was the theme, andI jumped at the opportunity to create a zany hatfor the top hat contest.It was great to reconnect with old friends and finally meet friends from blogland ~Karla, Beth, Deb and Cat Daddy, Troy,to name a few.So glad y'all made the trip!Karla and Beth taught classes at the mixed media art retreat,Paper Cowgirl, which took place the same weekendin Waxahachie, Texas.Friday night was preview night.Ladies from Paper Cowgirl,showed up to gatherearlybird treasures.The show continued all day Saturday.Waxahachie's historic Chautauqua auditoriumprovided the finest venue.It was great to "get back out there" andshare a fun weekend with my eldest daughter, friends old and new,~ and cheerful crowds ~out and about for a fun-filled shopping adventure![...]

~ Realllly Big Show! ~


Gearing up for a really big vintage and crafts show and sale in Waxahachie, Texas.

 A little less than two years ago I closed two antiques business to help care for Mom.
  Her Alzheimer's disease has progressed to the point of private caretaking in a facility equipped to fully handle her care.  I've been slowly creating, crafting and regaining my mojo.  What better opportunity than this to jump right in!

mixed media artist extravaganza of classes and fun
and has coordinated with the Rodeo Queens to present
this vintage and juried crafters show.

You can sign up for gorgeous classes at the Paper Cowgirl website
Check it out!

Ya don't want to miss it! 
I'll be posting photos soon of a sampling of my
creations and vintage wares, and I am going to be in
good company of other creative vendors! 

 It will be a beautiful and grand time!

~ Back in the Saddle Again ~


Save these dates in March!I am so excited to be a part of the Cowgirls and Petticoats roundupMarch 14-17!I will be a vendor at thePETTICOATS ON THE PRAIRIESHOPPING EXTRAVAGANZAonSaturday, March 17,inWAXAHACHIE, TEXAS,at the historic circa 1902 octagonalChautauqua building.The shopping extravaganza is a part of the wholePAPER COWGIRLexperience.Paper Cowgirl is a creative mixed media art event, witha variety of classes being taught during that March weekend.Check out the website and sign up for a class or two and then saddle up for a grand shopping experience!I will post more details as they become available.This event is sure to be a great one!See you there![...]

~ Merry Christmas! ~


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

~ Happy Thanksgiving! ~


Wishing a happy Thanksgiving to all!


~ Summertime ~


This summer has been extraordinarily hot and oppressive.Much time spent indoors, practicing digital artistry.There have been many distractions.Take this pup, for instance.Really, very sweet.Always happy.And smiling.  Such a great buddy.Special thanks to Auntie Christina for the beautifulphotos of our Penny!  ;-).Oddly enough, even with the scorching heat,beauty prevails.  These photos were taken a coupleof weeks ago.  The temps were in excessof 100 degrees,  yet crepe myrtles, periwinkles, and even wisteria vine presented with abundant blooms.With Mom's continuing downward spiral withAlzheimer's, it is at times difficult to focus on the beautythat each day has to offer.These unseasonable, momentous views of thriving beauty, quietly provide pleasantry.A reminder to look above, see the beauty,and appreciate perseverance ineven the most daunting circumstances.With every visit with Mom,her beauty shines forth,and her fleeting smilesfeed the soul.May you find peace in the beauty that is to behold.[...]

~ Zippity Do Da! ~


 Whatcha been doin'?Much of this and more of that?Summer is in full swing.And super hot!Makes ya just wanna dance....only in the shade.Y'all dancin' around much lately?I so enjoy dancing about learningnew PhotoShop steps.Been involved in extracurricularactivities which have precludedblogging and art projects inpractically any form.Checking in, though, toshare a littledance step or twowith each of you.Put a little jazz in your step![...]

~ Happy Mother's Day! ~


Happy Mother's Day!

And have a beautiful week.
I love you, Mom!



It's raining again.  And that's okay.We need it.We are thankful for it.But the days needn't be all gray.Infuse color into your days.Literally.And figuratively.It isn't always black and have to add color.A lot.Or a little.And some sunshine and ice cream too.Have a beautiful week![...]

~ Roses Redux ~


Just happened to find time forPhotoshop play this week.Subject - roses and iris -from MIL's garden.This collage culminated from the original image,as seen below, and adding variouslayers and opacities of other images.Soft, foggy, scripted overlay.Addition of cooling turquoise filter, affectingboth image color and background.Bump up the intensity of the filterups the hue and saturation.A background for other collagescreated with overlays and an uncharted pressing of keysuntil I "happened upon" this final product.These roses and irises have such a divine aroma, and their beauty is unsurpassed.Thank you for sharing this journeyin digital design.Trial and error is the method of learningthat has proven most effective.  Though timeconsuming, it is by doingthat learning takes place.Classes?  Perhaps soThere is so much to learn.[...]

~ Aubergine Dreams ~


Photoshop painting...Layer upon layer...Frolicking fish...Filigree frames.Chasing bees in the house, boat ride on the lake with fishing Mr.,visits with Mom, lunch with Dad,band concert.Variety.[...]

~Fifi and Fiona~


Anne Lorys,
at Fiona and Twig,
 has a lovely peek of the latest issue of
 "Romantic County" magazine
and her photographic contribution therein.

Plus, a fabo giveaway!
Click the image above to
join the giveaway contest for
your chance to win
a copy of "Romantic Prairie Style",
autographed by Fifi O'Neill,
in addition to the latest issue of
 "Romantic Country" magazine.

Kudos to both ladies
for such beautiful work!



It's been a while since posting.  Still trying to find the "ZaNy"
day by day.  For Mom's best interest and in order to
meet her every need, we have moved her to a
private care facility, with loving, attentive caregivers
and lovely gardens and a miniature pony.
I have had a hard time adjusting to the transition of
the mother/daughter dynamics as affected by this change.

She is still the most wonderful lady in the world without a doubt.
We still love, laugh and share sweet and zany moments.
Just on a smaller scale.  And different.
Though our love grows stronger every day.

The image above is my first attempt to delve
back into art with the usual sunny disposition,
 which has been absent here and there.
Images from Itkupilli are fabulous!
I have begun to dabble in PhotoShop a tad.
Self instruction is slow, but doable.
Testy, but fun!

Trying digital collage will be just the activity to
get back into the swing of things.
With the added bonus of no glue goo!

Have a beautiful week!

~ FLy mE To ThE MoOn ~


Fly me to the Moon.And let me create to my content.Let me wear a hat.Or maybe something else like that...Using collage sheets fromInka, at Altered Artifacts,I was challenged to createwith a steampunk style.It was fun to find an artsy moment.My caretaking responsibilities have grownas my mother moves further intolate stage Alzheimer's.The profound sadness of slowly losing ourangelic matriarch is overwhelming,and yet we continue to share blissful momentsof sweetness mixed with manyhappy memories of times past.I have struggled with reawakening my creative muse as well as whether or notto reopen my Etsy shoppe.I have decided to give both a slow goas I continue to primarily focus on my own familyand my parents' needs.I am working in bits of creative timeand still enjoy reading your blogs aswell as exploring new artistic avenues.Pat Winters has published a new magazine,"Crazy Quilt Gatherings",which is gorgeous and filledwith beautiful handiwork,tutorials, shopping opportunities,free images and much more!A fabulous read indeed!You can preview and order it here.Check it out and refresh your creative muse!Have a great week![...]

~ Variety Show ~


Fancy a parasol, do you?Maybe some pearls too.Perhaps a bit o' sunshine?A pansy or two?A pixie amid posies.A handcrafted purse by Pat.Pat Winters, that is.A lilliputian pitcherA sunny, bright pansyto gladden your day.The orange hued crazy quilt piecewas crafted by moifrom a kit I ordered from Pat Winters,who has the most enchanting crazy quilted creations,hand dyed silk ribbons,crazy quilt kits and fabric imagesat Etsy and ArtFire and her blog.The purple purse was crafted by Pat and offered as agrand prize for a giveaway on her blog.I am grateful and delighted to havewon this treasure of detailed stitching, silk ribbon embroidery, beading, and crazy quilted fabrics.Thank you Pat!As for the pixie and ribbon pansies and orange crazy quilted practice,they are all bits of crafting I attempted during thelast few months, which have been a bit challengingwith caretaking responsibilities,and surgical recovery.Blogging and creative ventureshave taken a back seat to caretaking responsibilities lately,which are gladly taken on and at the top of my to do list.Though, I must add that I do enjoy visiting you, blogfriends, and the beautiful inspiration you all offer,and I even aspire to comment here and there.Thank you for sharing your creative ventures![...]

~ A Happy New Year to You ~


Image courtesy of Valerie @ The Sum of All Crafts.

Wishing you all the sweetest new year.

Hope to be back up and running soon.

I am reinstalling programs and photos,
and it is quite a tedious process.

Have a beautiful week!

~ Back to Blogland ~


Simply a quick hello.
Great to see you!

Not quite equipped to share new photos,
however very happy to share a
fabulous book to look forward to
in the new year.

Debuts Spring 2011.
By Fifi.

Looking forward to sharing even more.
Especially a lovely winning from
a recent giveaway.

Glad tidings, friends!

~ TAG....You're It! ~


A brief intermission from hibernation to mention a fun game of
Crazy Quilt Tag at

Pat generously shares a multitude of
crazy quilting inspiration,
and just pure beauty on her blog.
You could, and I do, spend hours perusing her blog.
Beautiful photos and creations abound!
Pat also has an ArtFire shop and an
Etsy shop, where she sells
beautiful kits and hand dyed silk ribbons.
The kits are perfect for trying your hand
at crazy quilting....very affordable too!

So...TAG!  You're IT!
Take a moment,
 run to visit Pat,
and join in for
a game of
Crazy Quilt Tag!

~ Hibernation ~


This old bear is wearing too many hats.

Time for hibernation.
Still reading, just not writing.

And taking care of business.
Back later!

~ Autumn ~


Fabulous Fall days are not far away.Wine colored spider mums in deep red Mason's Vista.Twinkling metallic pumpkins and gourds.Mum's the word around here...and, though the first day of Fall is Wednesday,outdoors, temperatures soar into the 90s.Hints of Fall indoors...beg Autumn's cool breezes outdoors...and seasonally colorful foliage and flora.Texas is ready for Fall!Are you?[...]

~ This and That ~


After a couple of days with "cooler", 90 degree weather,I spent a quick bit of time assembling more ofmy treasures to stock the shelves ofmy Etsy shoppe.This sweet cherub on dolphin sits atop a marble base and carries a pressed glass bowl for calling cards, keys, buttons, soap,or any variety of smaller collections.My hand painted and glitter swirled pumpkins.In rich shades of Autumn.Cinnamon colored glitter on copper.Olive glitter swirls on olive metallic.A sweet vintage Hummel style Japan collectible.A rusty, very vintage, porcelain knob door latch.A Victorian etched gold and mother of pearldipping pen with traces of ink on the nib.Such formality!Vintage milk glass crab cake dish.Art nouveau style vase, marked Japan.Vintage bird spring clip.And vintage Betty Boop appliqued pin cushion.All making their way to my Etsy shoppe.Special sale prices on select items too!Have a great week![...]

~ Precariously Placed Pearls ~


Today ~  I gathered a few goodies from mytrove of treasures,along with my lil bisque modeland had a little photo shoot for Etsy.Starring ~ beautiful silk satin flapper era garters.Stunning, gigantic vintage carved shell buttons.Pretty blue-green, gilt Spode transferware,in miniature ~ the cup is just over 2"......a few of my own creations...earrings of pearlescent purple freshwater pearls,Czech glass leaves in cranberry glass with white core,and wee Czech plum crystals,harlequin-shaped freshwater pearls, awash in purple, gold, and copper.And co-starring...Victorian quadruple silverplate sugar and creamer,with gorgeous etching and raised details, And brought to you by...brightly hued pottery?Ummmm...I think the 116 degree heat index is getting to me.Gotta go.Bye!Oh, do go visit Fabulous Fifi's blog forrefreshing photos and a chance to winher uber "cool" giveaway!'kay?[...]

~ Refresh ~


Summer.  Pause.  Refresh.Thankfully, create a respite...from the wrath of Summer.Dappled light and shade,a breeze of billowing lace.Fluffy, cotton clouds.Diversions to invigorate our creative muse.A little "Parisian" levity.Perhaps dreams of beach waves.Or lakeside splendor.Channeling gardens adrift in a sea of color.Summoning the cool, crisp breezes of Autumn.A dash of Fall color and festivity.Soon, Summer will give way to Fall.New listings added to Etsy today.More additions to follow.Have a splendid week![...]

~ Oh, You Beautiful Dolls! ~


It's Friday!I have been loading some new treasures into my Etsy shop.I have quite a collection of doll elements to sell,as my creative muse has been on haitus lately.Perhaps an amazing artist can make use of these beauties.These are just a few that have been listed.Sweet Bye Lo babies!Just waiting for that magic touch!And a few Victorian treasures are being added as well.This Victorian pin dish is amazing!I adore the hand painted dark pink floralsand gilded festoons and trim!As well as its beautiful shape.Perhaps you have a place for these beauties?Pretties from the past, sure to pleasethe artist or collector.Thanks for looking!Have a great weekend![...]