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Preview: Peacock Park Design Bloggatorium

Gina Galvin's Design Bloggatorium for Peacock Park

Follow me on my travels and quests for new experiences, and treasure across the globe that gives me the inspiration for the home decor line PEACOCK PARK DESIGN

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I cannot believe it has been so long since I have posted a blog.   Time has literally gotten away from me, and I have been down with a bad back and thought ,"hmmmmmm, I wonder when the last time I blogged was". Well.... sheeesh this is a bit rediculous !!!!          I have been getting the showrooms ready for market next week and truly just overdid it!!!  So now I am on here trying to remember how the heck I do this !         Getting ready for market is always a rush to get everything ready, The samples seem to always arrive later then expected,  and they all need to be photographed to go onto the website, so buyers can see what the heck they are going to buy.    I love to use the Antique barns on the property, the stalls and lofts usually make a dark worn background, even though most of it never really shows. ! This is just an example of some of the lighting for 2017 along with some fun new products. Then its off to the Showrooms to stage them with all the new products for the season, and this time it is over 600.   Whew, that is a lot of items.........I started in Dallas, and there was an odd room in the center of the showroom that just bugged me.  So finally I decided I couldn't take it any more, and we tore it out, but I seem to forget how much dust drywall can create!!!!  Holy Cow did I make some serious dust !!!   Deb ( The showroom manager) needed a riding vacuum to help with clean up...... It was pretty dusty, but we seemed to get it all cleaned up. There is always so many issues along the way, This poor deer needed some plastic surgery  before he was put out on display ! Poor Dear !!!!!! or Poor Deer ! :-0   Sometimes I honestly doubt if I will get I will ever get Humpty Dumpty back together again.  But it always seems to work out. I buy a lot of Antiques in Roundtop Texas, in fact I ended up buying some property down there   ( )  and put cabins and pavillions, for dealers to sell, and customers to stay twice a year for the Antique Week that is out of this world. Last time I purchased an incredible steel grain bin, and have used its curved walls in two showrooms, Atlanta and Dallas, while placing the roof in Dallas. It fits perfectly to complete the look of "The Rendezvous Collection" in Peacock Park design.  I just adore these whimsical butterfly headbands and wreaths.....such celebration sensations!Add caption It always seems crazy when I just finished Christmas at home, I am decorating the showrooms for the Holidays all over again, just days after.  It makes me feel a bit like scrooge, I have to admit, I am not as jolly in January!!!! Well, now that I remember how to post a blog, my New Years resolution will be to try to post a bit more often.....okay, a lot more often.  Please accept my sincere apologies , and please come visit me in the showrooms if you are a retailer, and in Round top Texas if you are not.  Happy New Year, lets hope this a very good year![...]



You can still get a copy if you contact Hoffman Media directly Last Fall we had a Barn Sale and a Barn Party, at Peacock Park and  The Cottage Journal Magazine came and Shot the Events for the Fall Issue That Came out This Fall.   I am so Grateful and Thankful for all the Wonderful Articles That They Have Published at Hoffman Media.  I Have so Much fun When They come out to Photograph, and Can't Wait till the Next Venture we Collaborate  on Together. Gathering Fall Leaves for the Party The color of these Maple leaves is so magical !Michigan Fall WOW !I Have a Couple 150 Year Old Barns on the Property, and I Love to Entertain in them.  So Last Fall we Started with an Empty Huge Shell.We Started By Running Bales of Hay Down the Center of the Loft. Then I put Sheets of Plywood Across, to Make the Tabletop.  I used our Peacock Park design Burlap Net as a Runner and Tableskirt Over the top of our Natural Packing Paper From the Warehouse.   For Place Settings I Used Clear Glass Plates, with a Collage of Fall Leaves Pressed Between the Two Plates for Each Place Setting.The photographer getting just the right shot! I Used Vintage Glass Ball Canning Jars as a pop of Color on the Table for Glasses. ( Nothing I love more than that  Vintage Vibe of old glass). My Peacock Park design Wallpaper Panels made a Perfect Backdrop to add Interest to a Food Station.I also Love the Gothic Edge Table This made for a great gathering and conversation area.  And I loved using our Damask Linen Drapery Panels along the walls to break up the wood.  You can see How the Straw Bales Worked for Seating, and I lined the Table with Rows of our Metal Candle Lanterns, as Well as Using the Tall Woven Baskets as Centerpieces. This was the entrance for the Barn Sale, earlier in the day!This is how the Barn Sale Showed in the Magazine. This is the finished project as it appears in the magazine.  Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.....Thank You so so so sooooo Much for all Your Love and Support and for Helping me Continue to do What I Love...... I am so Grateful. So from myself and everyone at Peacock Park Design THANK YOU and Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving.[...]



   This summer my oldest childhood freind passed away from Cancer. She was the kindest , warmest woman you could ever know.   I think of her everyday, and miss her constantly.  However......She had 3 fabulous children, and one of them a girl. Not just any girl but .....EMMA!   Emma has been a literal rock of strength and has held me up at times even though that should be my job.        Two months before Teresa died, she and I talked about Emmas wedding, and I sketched out some ideas on a piece of paper, and she said to me.....I just want you to know that " I know you'll make magic happen."   I wasnt quite sure what I was going to do, but with everything my inspiration starts when I get there.   I filled my trailer with dent and ding products that were left over from the warehouse sale the week before, and cut down a ton of weeping willow branches, put them in buckets of water, and took my favorite pair of urns.....Off I go heading to Iowa.  The wedding is in one week.  After I unload my trailer in the garage, it looks like a garage sale, and I ask Emma......Ok, How big is the tent??????   she says......50 x 100 !!!!!!  WHAT?!?!?!?????@@   are you kidding me?????THAT is is football field. How on earth am i going to make a circus tent look intimate, classy, and elegant?????  Okay ....breathe, breathe, breathe....  When is it coming???? oh, not till wednsday.  Okay....Now I have just a few days to do this.....yikes.    So , I look up a local wholesale nursery and head there first....loading up with any possible basket or flower I can find....anything to take up space right??????? I brought with me a couple hundred of these little tiny flower buckets thinking we could plant and give away, and it just so happened I found two flats under a table at the greenhouse with lavender plugs.  (Whew!)The next step was to realize that we needed some architectural elements because we had NO walls!!!  NO walls!!!!!  how the heck do you hang anything??? do anything????   breathe breathe.....A two hour drive to a friends architectural slavage place in missouri was my emergency stop...remember, 8 ft. is all I have in this trailer.   Well.......I find these screen panels, that were once rose trellises but they happen to be 11 ft.  John says, NO WAY  you can't fold them they are iron....Ya know, when there is a will there is a way....I repacked, and put the bend to the back, and hung out the wire, tied my bright orange tie downs, and VIOLA it was perfect with warning flags and all......Remember THIS is what I have to fill up to look like a princess wedding.  I promised Teresa it would be beyond fabulous. And what I had in mind flew out the window because the side wall height was only 7 feet, so my thought of building an arbor was a NO GO !!!   Breathe Breathe Breathe    All the tree trimmings went to good use, they were the first thing I placed to get some height and fullness going.  I think we have enough for a bonfire to see from Chicago. This is the outside of the tent.....we are talking HUGE PEOPLE!!!!! This was the sunset as I wondered what to do next....I KNEW it was Teresa giving me the sweet sign to just pull it off!!The ceremony was to take place outside, I brought a cross from europe with me, and the pink doors were from Amy's store...The Nest in Sperry Iowa...( by the way...Amy. I could not have done this without) She was my angel.... we raided her store on more than one occassion. The green doors I found in Missouri, and the grapevine I harvested at a local woodland.The Archetectural pieces that are corners from an alter I also found in Missouri...How perfect!!! I HAD to get them.The floral arrangements were made by adding oasis with wire to various items, and I covered it in soaked moss to keep it from not drying out in the sun before the ceremony. And of course the[...]

Where Women Create Business book signing


Yes, Jo Packam and all the Where Women Create publications will be at Zapp Hall

I will be in Round Top Texas at  
THE RENDEZVOUS during Antique week.
I will be at Zapp Hall on Sat. March 29th 
from 2-4 pm. for a book signing along with alot of other wonderful talented women who are featured in , create, cook, and business
all in the WWC portfolio of publications

Also Ki Nausser will be there with her publication 
Flea Market Style
How cool is that.......Try to make it, stop by and say hi.....  



For years I have been dusting off my boots and heading down to a tiny town in Texas called Roundtop. This is a tiny town of only 90 people, that swells to tens of thousands two times a year.Well on the last trip down my friend Carrie Hurley aka: (Jeeves) and I were driving by and spied the sweetest slice of heaven, and long story short it is now a venue that we have combined our passions in and hope to make a home away from home for many who make the bi-annual trek to Round Top looking for Inspiration, Treasure, Trinkets or just a great getaway!!! Our slice of Heaven is 8 acres right on Hwy237 smack dab between Round top and Warrenton. These acres will eventually be full of tents with exclusive Unique dealers with a varied array of treasure.Dual Porch swings are waiting for anyone who wants to come and take a load off, have a cool drink, do some shopping or just relax.This is just a sample of some of our inaugural offerings Oh yes!!! this face says it all...... Everyone knows it is so hard to get food during Antique Week.....Well.... Get  a load of this....Eat your Heart out!Yes, she was voted best in the area and now she will be in Round Top.....Her famous home made Ding dongs..and oh, so much more, bout a sneak peek at the menu???????The Bake Shop and Cafe will be there in all her majestic splendor.If there isnt something here that doesn't hit the spot.... Come see us everyday for her ever changing ever creative menu!!!!You haven't lived until you have tried these ever popular home made ding dongs.WOW WOW WOWWe are so happy to announce that the uber talented family affair called "The Dove Cote" will be selling out of our venue this year.  We have been big fans of theirs for years, and the super talented family remixes old architectural pieces and bits and baubles to create pieces for every decor along with their wonderful selection of Antique and Vintage wares. Be sure to see what they have to offer this market. We are also super excited to have Shiver Shaved Ice.....This is the REAL DEAL.  Not a snow cone, but true Hawaiian shaved ice with amazing creative real flavors. Come in and try one of these creative concoctions. The signature surprise "The Rendezvous" will be sure to be on our repeat list.Okay is this just the cutest couple EVER!!!   This super duper talented duo will also be showing their wares in our field of dreams.  I am a huge fan of this wonderful team, they exude talent and creativity. Be sure to stop by and say hi, and see what they are up to this season...... She has been a customer of Peacock Park design for years, and I am a customer of hers. It is certainly mutual respect here......You need to see what they are up to, trust me you will not walk away empty handed! This is another wonderful Amazing customer of Peacock Park Design.  She has a booming business in Fredricksburg Texas but is going to join us in our Little Field of Dreams this market as well. She is super talented, and has a knack for display that is magical. We love her eye for the unusual and terrific Antique and Vintage finds at terrific prices.  She carries Chalk Paint and is quick to suggest tips and techniques for ways to create treasure from trash. She is a super fun gal and we can't wait to spend the time together. Jeeves and I took this picture of our crazy hats in the shadows last trip in Round Top....little did we know that it would all lead to this wonderful amazing crazy fun venture.  Our plans to evolve are basically endless, but we will have some terrific to be announced whirlwind events, and the addition of whimsical cabins to rent are coming soon.  We hope you come by, say hi, take a load off, grab a cool one, and most of all......linger with us, and enjoy this little slice of heaven we have lovingly called " The Rendezvous".Pretty Please with sugar ontop "like" us on Facebook  www.faceboo[...]

Peacock Park on Ice.............


We had a huge ice storm here in Michigan. It was the most destructive storm for power outages in more than 100 years.Mother Nature put on a holiday display when the storm stopped and I had to get some pictures.Absolutely EVERYTHING is coated in a layer of crystal clear ice.It is hard to see in the photos, but it looks like glitter has been scattered magical. The enamel stove in the conservatory kept the room warm with an amazing view of the winter wonderland outside.The ice is so thick, but it still shows all the details of what it is encasing.Happy Holidays everyone, thank you so much for all the love and support with Peacock Park design products in 2013. I promise 2014 is loaded with all new introductions, and products. I also have some BIG news to reveal later this year.[...]

A Weekend in PARIS


I know I said that come this year, I would be a better blogger.  Okay, I lied!! It just seems that time goes by so fast. Then I think.......Oh, I need to touch up, lighten, adjust those pictures first, then I have to  put them in order, etc, goes the fun part.....I am going to start trying to do a bit more posting, without worrying about the text, the pics, etc....I will just load pics, and give you my usual verbal ramble..... So at least there is SOMETHING up to look at because if I wait until it is just perfect, It will NEVER happen.....EVER!!!So here goes.... I just spent the last weekend in Paris. It was a quick long weekend with my husband, just us, and we hit the Flea's ( which fortunately he loves as much as I do). We strolled parks, ate food, and just enjoyed the city.This happens to be my FAVORITE macaroon shop.  Macaroons are a French merangue cookie. Not the coconut marshmallow thing we call macaroons.Only in Paris can you rent a Ferrari or Lamborghini by the 20min. segments. woo hooThis is my favorite shot of all !!!   look closely.......... The dog on the right is walking a dog too.The view from the balcony in my room. Joan of Arc. May is the anniversary of her death almost 600 years ago. They still leave flowers in her honor.  Imagine !!!   600 yearsMore homemade macaroons at a street fair. These are especially dark in colors....Just one of many cathedrals in Paris. All built before America was even discovered. I am always in Awe of the artisians of yesteryear.flower shopsA view from a windowEver wonder how they get those hedges so dang straight???  Well look at what a little string and a stick  can do.A typical bisto lunchmore flower shopsLook at the shape of the strawberries. They are long and oval.A cheese shop....Can you imagine a shop with just cheese...and look how narrow it is, this is a typical size shop in Paris.This is a FRENCH bulldog. I wanted to take him home. This is Ralph Lauren's new store. He purchased this mansion and completely renovated it for his store and restaurant.chic mannequins in the windowsThe attic of the mansion is my favorite section. So rustic.There is a section of Paris that we always go to on Thursdays, It is for dealers only and opens at 6am, and is locked up by noon. It is full of wonderful antique dealers. You can find huge bigger than life statues, complete rooms or tiny treasures. I have purchased so much here in the past. This is a paneled room with massive wooden ceiling piecesI love this man, off with his bouquetsso heavy, he had to rearrangeoh, a girl can dream.......I want this to be MY front doorOkay , I stood in the middle of traffic, trying to get this shot just right, the arch in focus and the cars around me blurring by. As my husband is sitting in a café on the corner trying to pretend he doesn't know the crazy amateur photographer about to get hit at any moment. I didn't care, the shot was worth it...Then I had to wait for the lights to come on....and a gasp of AHHhhhhhhh when they finally do!This is a picture of what was over a wall into a building. I said to my husband..." I feel like charlies angels, spying over the wall". He said , "More like a peeping tom". Lets go!.Okay now the fleas begin.....oh the is a treasure hunt. Sometimes good , sometimes bad. But in France its ALWAYS good.We stopped to eat, at a corner bistro....mussels are a common dish in Paris. Mussels and Frites..(That's French Fries to us americans"This is where I get all my furniture polish, and paste. It is only available in France. I use it on my wood furniture, and it smells like the Fleas of France to me.  I want to actually make a candle scent in this scent as well. After the fleas we just went walking around ParisOh, yes please !! A CHOCOLATE Eiffel...about 45 dollars so a pricey piece of candy!Even the carousels here a[...]

Market Madness !!!!!!!!


Thank you to all our Wonderful Customers.......The Market Season has ended. It is like the Super Bowl for us.    This is what we all work so hard for all year long.  It is a mad dash to get all the showrooms ready for the Buyers, all the samples ready, tagged,displayed etc.....It is always such a nervous time for me....Will they like my new designs?????  Will they order them??? Will my samples arrive on time????  What if ? What if ?? What IF ??????Yes, I am always a ball of nerves. But it always works out...   I Kelly and I work into the wee hours of the morning....then by the time it is "showtime" we already have blisters from walking back and forth so many times in the showroom.It is always so good to see all our freinds and customers. Many who we only get to see once a year. We moved the showroom in Dallas to a new location , and it was a good move. We had people who came in asking " Where have YOU been?"Thats a good sign.   This is the garden area in DallasMore DallasMy favorite FrameSo many of these frogs have been sold.....Of course always my signature crowns.....The new sling bag, it was a great hit...I have my favorite!This corner is in AtlantaThis is a corner in Atlata, the truck door is from a delivery truck in Paris...Yes, it weighs a TON. I had that hauled home, crated and shipped here......oh I love this crazy door. I think it would be a terrific headboard for a guest room, or mirror the window for a vanity extroidinaire..These trucks were originally going to be for Christmas only, but with all the requests to get them early they are now going to be part of the spring line up.Another fantastic truck door...I have a "thing" for all these old doors. I want to one day possibly have a collage of them on the wall. So I keep collecting.  Let me know if you have any laying around, I'm your gal if your looking to sell !This is christmas in the Atlanta Showroom. A bit cramped I know.  I just started Christmas last year, but I have had so much fun adding a Christmas line, that it keeps growing and grow-i-n-g......I have a problem with knowing when enough is enough. This is a view of   " All that Jazz" my daughters line.  It has done so well, however, we have had many many issues getting it completed. So thank you to all who are patient and waiting. She is donating proceeds to animal welfare.  So the clock ticks and we are STILL waiting. know what they say, good things are worth waiting for.This is our first home...ATLANTAThis is mom....aka: Diva Dee. She is on hand to greet the customers and give advise..."shes good at that" Customers LOVE her, and so do we.  The cute one with her, is camera shy Jazz.Canvas leather trimmed totes....REAL leather, NOT pleather, NOT vinyl....but leather...Yes, I am such a persnickety one about that. We were thrilled to have the infamous, loved and adored Ms. JO Packham on hand to sign her new book and magazine for our customers.  Her infectious laugh, high energy and all around great attitude make her one of my favorite people, and I am lucky to call her my friend.....Thank you Thank you Thank you JO, XOXOXOXO She is a star!!  We sell all the props at Market, and get new for the next show...sometimes there are pieces that I am just too attached to, and hate to see go....I must say THIS is one of them.... It sold right away.....okay WHAAAAAAAAAaaaaa   I am still in mourning.This is JO with some of her adoring fans This is the front counter...the heart of the showroom, and notice the sign: Your hostess: DIVA DEE.  Oh yes, she takes that title VERY seriously......Thank you again for all your support and orders, each and every one, no matter how big or how small are trul[...]

The Abonimal Snowwoman.........BRrrrrrrrrrr.


 I woke up this morning to freezing, sub zero, arctic air.  Aaahhhhhh.I dont get it, the stores are filling up with spring magazines, giving me spring fever, and THIS happens?Okay, I see the beauty, but really????    I am so much happier with bare feet.It was ZERO this morning, and the ponies were given extra rations to keep em warm, although as you can see they are not short on insulation.  My vet keeps telling me to put them on a diet, but I just can see doing that until spring. I walked around Peacock Park and just shot a few pics.  These are without touchups, enhancements, or any tweaking, but I have learned, If i am going to do that, then you would see these pictures in July.  I have all good intentions of getting it done, but time slips through my fingers like sand. Its crazy !!!!!anyway, It is so beautiful, but I cant help but think about the less fortunate humans and animals alike that dont have the luxury of a warm shelter if they want it.  I am truly thankful and blessed.  [...]



Oh my goodness. Where oh where have I been?? I am a BAD BLOGGER.I should be kicked off. I can tell you this. I do fully intend on making my social networking skills as my top new years resolution.I am going to make this up to you by showing some amazing eye candy from the fields of Texas. Yes I saw so many amazing treasures and booths that gave me sheer joy and inspiration.So I am going to cut the cluckin and give you some inspiring stuff to look at.Enjoy. And hopefully this will have been worth the wait.As you can see I just love this sweet girl.....yes, it is robin from Magnolia Pearl.She is as sweet as she is talented.the barn at the rachels addition for functions.....ooh loveThis ray of sunshine waving is Marie from Tobacco Road primitives.....I just love her Oh, yes, the blogger queen Teresa Cano.....she was new to set up in Marburger.......She had her own little buidling on the grounds.....even had air.  It was her usual "fabulousness"Oh, and look who else I ran in too.......Jo Packham and the uber talented Sandra Evertson. She is featured in jo;s magazine this month "where women create".  Sweet pea's booth was again ah-maize-ingJudy hill.....the master of display.I shot this pic at Rachels the light,    A trio of talent......oh, yes, your not seeing is the one the only.....Khaaaaat Daaaaady, and his two kittens  Their booth looked uber cool..rachel had a where women create was so beautiful on the ranch....quite, serene, aaaah  I love robins new vibe.....European love love.....they are so happy, and deserve EVERY stitch of sucess they have gotten. The radiate happiness.Okay, miss Teresa.....dont shoot me, but your eyes were closed in both, and I cant put out a post without the two "t's"   Teresa's booth "time worn interiors" is always a huge draw, and sold down to the walls.....she and her husband are also such sweet people......I am always so happy to see what they create.  I will have more on the booths of all these Marburger dealers on the blog in the next week or so...I promise.One big happy hen party....Oh, look...two of my favorites....marie and judi  Mr Sweet pea.....They are the cutest couple ever !Mrs. Sweet pea....and her new Magnolia Pearl attire......All these pictures were put up unfortunately on a mobile post.....I didnt know they load in whatever random order it feels like !!!  Dang it, I dont want to redo the whole darn it is a jostled mess of no rhyme or reason, but the beauty remains the same.....It is about as scrambled as my life is right now, so actually it is completely appropo.......xo  GINA[...]



WE ARE LOADED ....  We have some of everything.   Inventory...overstock...reworked. Christmas, ribbon, trims, mats, mantels, decor and more..................
If you are close then come by for some super dee duper deals..... The sale is open the first day for current WHOLESALE customers only.
       But then the next two days are for anyone who wishes to come.  Its a great time to find some treasure for yourself, your store, or your friends.
  Hope to see ya there....

Halloween give a way


(image) .
Before you know it Halloween will be here.
leave a comment and/or like us on Facebook to
double you chances to win. 
We will have a drawing for this 2x3 bamboo printed mat . It is made of bamboo and has a non skid mat. You can not hurt this mat, it wears like iron.
drawing monday night..... good luck. and happy haunting! 

Grocery store Love.....


Today as I was racing through the grocery store, right by the check out is a refriderator with beautiful flowers.  There was a bunch of roses in the most wonderful muted, faded, pastel color, I had to swipe em up.I have a cupboard that holds all kinds of vases and I particularly love these little glass vases that are held in fine ormolu trimmed brackets.  You can find them actually quite often if you hunt through shelves of antique malls. They are not costly , but have such a romantic French appeal to them.  One was purchased in France and the other two were locally discovered.  The old design advise that everything looks better in odd numbers is true. I also think that 3 smaller arrangements arranged together are more of an impact than all of the blooms in one bouquet.Oh yeah !!!   4.49 such a deal. How can they grow them for that??? All the finest tools for me. oh yeah...child proof scissors stolen from my daughters backpack. Yarrow is running rampant in the ditches and fields here in michigan right now. grabbed a handful of it from the back field. It is so pretty, and the best part is FREE.3 pretty arrangementsHave a happy Week. [...]

We made it....


I am sooooooooooo excited  we made it through another summer show season..........this is a very rare occurance  to have pussy willows in bloom in august. Today I just took time to smell the rosesThis is an earlier shot of the gate, it is so covered now, that when you drive throught it is just like a car wash with all the streamers of ivy hanging down.  I will cut it all off after it turns bright red, and all that is left is the woody vine.  It coveres the entire gate every single summer.I love this gnome. He was a dump find literally by my dear friend Teresa's husband in Iowa. Who would throw him in the dump?  I am so glad he was rescued.The water is getting low under the bridges here in peacock parkI have ALOT of weeding to do.  This is way down by the pond, outa sight outa mind I say......I will get to it sooner or later.I just cant stand red flowers, I had to cut these out. They just drive me nuts.a mossy maiden in the gardenThis was before I left out. I cant believe how much everything grew.  Thank goodness my family was all on water detail. It has been very hot and dry.My favorite sculpture in the garden. The crowned toad. His crown is removable, but of course he is never without it.Thank you again each and everyone of you who either buys Peacock Park Design products from me wholesale or if you buy it from your favorite store. I cannot begin to tell you how  much we appreciate your business.              I will now be chained to my computer getting out all the new designs so they are ready for the Jan shows that will be here before we know it.  I just cant stand the thought of my kids going back to school, or of the weather turning cold, or SNOW........oh, I dread it beyond words.[...]

OPEN says Me............


Summer , summer, summer.......oh my gosh do I LOVE the summer.  I have been right in the midst of show season, and on my usual crazed agenda, however, I just finished Atlanta, and then a quick trip to "fluff" at the Los Angeles Showroom, then home again.......When I pull up, my gates are even MORE covered than when I left.  I strip all this ivy off in the spring, and this grows back it seems right before my eyes. In the fall it turns bright red and orange, but I cant bear the thought of that right now........    I took the early 5.40 am flight out of Los Angeles and the sun was just starting to rise.........   You can see catalina island off in the distance....If you have never is fantastic. Once owned by the Wrigley family...(as in gum), it is as pristine as when they had it as their private retreat. It was the scene for many westerns and buffalo still roam as a result. I used to live in California, so to me this is like going home for a bit.  I took a drive to see the sun set over santa monica blvd.  In santa monica no less !!!   Yes, I was humming  the song the whole  time...I can be quite a dork. I think Cheryl Crow would have been mortified but Hey....who cares right ?But to get to that beautiful sunset look what you must endure.....URGH.....the dreaded gridlock of LA.  Oh, it is just part of the vibe there, from 3-7 it is that is the price you pay to live in paradise. Notice the hills in the background. I don't mind the traffic, because I love the scenery. I toured some local stores in LA and I must say, the displays were fantastic....this is Big Daddys Store. Of course I like that there are real birds in the store...that has ALWAYS been true for any store I had....I would have birds of all kinds....They bring such life to a commercial space, as long as the cage is sufficent size, and his were!!! This made me want to buy every single one of these bikes and do a display....I can image these on an exterior wall and put baskets on the front and back, and fill with flowers and moss.......Aaaahhhh. When I got home, I had to go to a function near one of our Customers here in Michigan called.....Detroit Garden Works......Oh, do I love this store...It is such a fabulous display of garden ornament, antiques, gifts and goodies, you can't help but to stand and wonder if you haven't walked into a shop somewhere in Europe.... They carry the unique items for the garden and this tall basket weave fence panel....I LOVE this....Privacy with Panache' I spied this fabulous distressed mirror cabinet amongst some terrific terra cotta, and stone.... There it pretty. Yep....It is a Peacock Park Design Product....It is funny, it is like you see your kids when I walk into a store and my products are on the shelves. It is so nice when they are displayed so well too.....It's like they went to a good home.  Yes, I have to say....this one made Momma proud  :) Believe it or not this birch wood table is CONCRETE.....Yes...I kid you not!!!   It is Faux Bois ( pronounced  FO BWAH)  It means false wood in French. And they make this by hand here at Detroit Garden Works.  It is some of the best I have seen, and believe me I have seen ALOT over the years. Our tin cubbies, fit right in the mix with their wonderful array of antique tin and zinc garden goodies. Look how good our wall bird cages look against this amazing greenery covered wall.I hope you enjoyed the shopping tour....... I know I did, and slowly I am trying to get better at all this cyber s[...]

Something about Lavender......


 What is it about lavender that is so appealing?    It has the most wonderful fresh scent. It reminds me of France. The color is an unmistakable shade of dusty deep light purple. I dont claim to have a great green thumb, but ....... Not to toot my own horn but (TOOT TOOT).  My lavender has been looking pretty fabulous these days. Okay, okay.....I will fess up.  Actually Lavender is THEE most easy plant to grow on the planet. The only way to really hurt it is to fuss with them too much.  They like sandy soil or any soil that drains well. They dont like wet roots. They LOVE heat and dry conditions. So it is the dream plant for anyone who isnt much for spending too much time in the garden.  Seriously....the more you ignore it, the better it gets. These plants were tiny little bits only two seasons they are busting over the walk. You can harvest the lavender right before the buds all open, tie it in bundles, and hang upside down. Then hang it in your closets for a terrific lavender scent that lasts for a very long time. Lavender is also edible, If you make some simple sugar cookies, and add some blooms into the mix, they not only look fantastic, but they taste great too.....and of course it looks like you are quite the pastry chef as well. There are many types of lavender, make sure its a hardy variety, and trust me you wont be dissappointed.  If you dont have a garden, then pop them in an urn or pot for a repeat performance every year. I like to add Ivy to the perimeter of the urn, so it cascades down the sides with a fountain of purple spires on top....and it will come back year after year.............[...]

A Bad Influence !!!!


Well I returned from another round of shows.   Atlanta was a super special show this year. My mom "Diva Dee" was in the house for the first time ever !!!!!!She has had numerous knee surgeries, so beings the mart is so huge I rented a scooter for her to use for the week.  Well................. The whole Peacock Flock got in on the action and we decorated her diva mobile.  It was hilarious. Mom is such a good sport and played it up to the hilt. Waiving all the way to the elevator.  Only from the wrist of course. Everyone fell in love with Dee, and I hope she can become a regular in the Showroom for the future. She does recommend that I move the checkout to the middle of the showroom, so that she can be more in the midst of it all....HAHAH.....we just may have to re-arrange for the next market.My daughter Jazz  was also there to debut her line. (Thank you all who ordered from her.) it was a great success and she is already thinking of 2013 introductions to "All that Jazz". Anyway, we do get slap happy during these shows, and I must tell you this is COMPLETELY sober.  Yes, I am not a drinker, but if I was I think we would be really in trouble.   We stayed in the westin, which is in a round tower, and so I thought, oh, lets have a race and see who can go the fastest.....and let me tell you, those things FLY if you push the button on "RABBIT". Anyway................ one thing led to another, and before you know it, Kelly, Jeeves, and my daughter Jazz....(all decked out in their matching pajamas I might add). That is another story....but I made such fun of those, that they planned it so they ALL had them, and presented me with my own set.  WOO HOO.....But then Zsa Zsa called and wanted them back, so I shipped mine off....LOL.So here is a little video of what we do at midnight in the hotels with 11 year olds. Yes, I think this is something you should not try at home, they are definately highly skilled and trained professionals as you can see..........Trained Monkeys in the circus that is.   Enjoy .............  allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />[...]

Saturday's score


I endured 100 degree heat and humidity today to get to a local summer flea. With my trusty trailer in tow I scored tons. Car and trailer stuffed I pulled out feeling good that at least it wasn't all for nothing So watch for these treasures coming to a showroom near you!!![...]

Fabulous 4th


Well another fourth of July here in Michigan it was hot and muggy but worth the wait the lake was with lit up with fireworks and boat lights beautifulThis will be another mobile post via my telephone for a huge storm hit last night and I have no Power I'm so concerned about all the desserts I confiscated to consume today from leftover party fair Freedom is an amazing treasureI owe so much to so many who gave their lives for what sometimes I can take for grantedGod bless America[...]



Well it is official..........there is a new kid in town, and she has an eye for design, color and texture. And a soft spot for Animals.   My 11 year old  Daughter Jazz will be at her debut of her own home decor line in Atlanta called                                                                   "All that Jazz"   She has be just itching to be a part of this business, and has decided that she can do something she loves  FOR something she loves........and she LOVES animals.  ANY animal, Fur, Fin or Feathers, and you have a place to stay at our house.      Jazz will be in her own area at the Atlanta Showroom in Bld. 2 floor 10 for a personal showing of her varied line of stuffed animals, bags, totes, and whimsy! This is Mittens Meow of many strays that have walked into her heart. He is never less than 10 steps behind her.She is hoping that stores will like her items, and that her sales are strong.  She is using  her portion of the proceeds to fund animal rescue.   A menagerie of plush ceramic animals with rhinetone collars and hanging crystal peace signs. Oh how chic !In honour of Dinky our beloved Mini Donkey, THIS is Jazz' rendition.  I think this might be my favorite critter of cloth.The velveteen rabbit, with a matching tote of course. This is Keelo, she is one of our rescued dogs.  The city shelters have lined walkways that are labeled Monday thru Friday. The dogs are put in pens and after the week is up if they are not adopted out, then they must be put to sleep.  There are literally over 800 dogs per week that are destroyed in our main city alone each week.      So Jazz is going to use her funds to get dogs from "death row" and feed, house, and neuter or spay as needed until they can be adopted out.   She will then go and get more.     Now, of course you know she had BIG plans to get ALL the dogs, but I told her that isnt possible yet.  But one day hopefully.  We hope to get a website for the dogs to be adopted and she is going to try to work with the Humane Society to also help place some dogs and cats.       The humane society will usually keep a dog as long as they have the kennel space until they are adopted.  It is the City pounds that are only a 7 day life span for these dogs and cats.    I have seen every pure bred imaginable there, Our wish is that everyone will check the pounds before getting a dog. They are only a puppy for a few months, and a pound dog seems to always have a sense of gratitude like they KNOW you saved them.  I dont know how to explain it, but both my dogs are that way.  One is a mutt, and the other a pure Bull Mastiff named Tank.   YES from the POUND.  All 145 pounds of him.  This is Middy (short of course for Mitten meow stripey) and D. (Short for Doctor Dandelion)Yes, BOTH are strays.....they showed up on the property and have never left. They are ALWAYS right in the middle of the action.  Its hard to believe that when she found them, it took months until they would let you even touch them[...]

Fridays junkin


Just a day of junkin... Another mobile post. The pictures are not the greatest beings they are from my phone but you can certainly get the idea. I found some great treasuresMy little trailer was full. I get a lot of ribbing about dragging my trailer wherever I go , but I am always prepared for a roadside roundup ![...]

Barnstormers !!!


Well Kelly and I had to get some pictures for the website on the new Summer line up of goodies. BUT.........The warehouse is popping at the seams with loads of products arriving, and the guys are pressured to get it out the door. Customers have been soooo patient as we go through our growing pains. (Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for that!) Sooooooooo....... I pulled in to the warehouse, with my little trailer in tow, and loaded up with treasure. We werent quite sure where we would shoot the photos, but we knew we would go somewhere in Peacock Park. We made a quick stop at a nursery and grabbed some little plants and flowers to pop into the displays here and there, and we made a mad dash to the barns. We thought that one of the old stalls might make a good backdrop for some of the products. We set up bales of hay for tables, and hung some burlap net over the open windows, so that it would filter what was an exceptionally sunny day. The ideal time is a cloudy day, but alas, we only had the one day. This fist shot was the last of the night and I am posting these pictures RAW right out of the camera, so yes, they will be adjusted to look a bit brighter and lighter when it comes time for their debut onto the website for sale. We decided to simply hang this long niche shelf on the gate, and I used a lavender plant we bought to pop ontop, and Kelly the lush she is was drinking on the job, and I stole her wine and glass for "proppage", then I dug around in a part of the old barn and found a stringless violin, that I am have all good intentions of turning into some amazing christmas display of some kind (yeah, okay so I'll fess up, I think I bought that over 10 years ago) but I still am going to use it......SOME DAY !!!!!This is the tiny trailer that is usually trailing behind me, "just in case" I find something. It was stuffed to the top with treasure.  Yes, and a few folks who could see us from the road would stop and ask if we were having a "barn sale".    I have raised many different animals in these stalls. There have been Llamas. One nice, and one not so nice. Horses, Donkeys, and ponies. Fallow deer were here and its seems really like yesterday, but time is flying so fast, it has been much longer than I think. I had Kayla and African Lion in one stall for only 3 days. She needed more shelter from a local zoo, so they called in the middle of the night and asked if I could move her here. (it's a long story, but I used to rehabilitate large cats). Anyway, Kayla would cry if you left her alone, so I would have friends take shifts with me to keep her company, and supply a radio for the odd moments she would be alone, Well...that lasted 3 days, then Kayla ended up at the house, I just couldnt bear to leave her in the stall alone. That is just since these barns have been in my care, I can only imagine the horsed, cattle, sheep, and carriages and equipment they have had in the old wood walls. There is still about 7 original stalls, a tack room and a grain room with the coolest green painted grain bin that I would LOVE to put into the showrooms, but I dont have the heart to move it from its original home.  So you can see our pile of products, props and plants that we used as the day went on.This is one wing of the Barns. They are over 150 years old, and from the air, it is a "T".  I have been saying for a while now that I want to have a good ol' fashion BARN PARTY !!!! But I have so so so m[...]

It's been a bit crazy around here!!


 Okay, Okay.........relax, breathe, relax , breathe............Well that is what I keep telling myself. I am playing catch up and still have not gotten all the pic's up from the last trip to Texas.....Wow, that was almost a month ago. I just do NOT know where the time all goes.  Well I finally got the photos up on the blog that is dedicated to nothing but MARBURGER FARM show. It was incredible and of course the photos really dont do any justice to them, but grab a chair, and sit a spell, cause there is going to be a bit of time for these babies to down load. (sorry).      So head on over to  MARBURGER (click here)  and enjoy the tour, and I promise sometime in the near future, I will duct tape my self to the chair and get some more pics up from the whole of Texas Trash huntin, and haulin....and wow, let me tell you I did alot if it..... Some for Inspiration, some for Props, and some to keep....[...]

Just a smudge of what is to come


This is just another rough mobile upload. I just can't hardly stand it to get some goodies put up so I can share the fun! I will of course do a better blog with tweaked photos and captions..... But for now. Enjoy the treasure!GINA[...]

Brunch in Paris !


Well, I had a flight home from Asia last week, and it just so happened that I had a 7 hour layover in my favorite city in the world......You guessed it, PARIS... Well, I was not going to sit in the airport for 7 hours....I ran off the plane and caught the train into the city, just in time for the sunrise. It was early I shot a few pictures of the sunrise..........spectacular isnt it.Even the pidgeons are pretty in Paris. I went to the tulerries which is the garden that extends beyond the louvre. The louvre is now a famous museum, however it was the home of Louis before he built versailles. Where he and Marie lived till their unfortunate deaths. The gardens were quiet with noone but a few staff just starting to work, it was so peaceful. You can see the sun is just coming up, and warming things up. It was really cold. 1degree C. This statue is dipicting a famous french defender from the 16th century. The sculpter is representing his hesitation of holding his heart and is sword. I then walked down Rue de Rivoli, and wandered into the famous ANGELINA. This is a wonderful little restaurant that has been in the same location for over 100 years. They would never let us get away with stairs like this in USA. I am sure these are NOT to code. The maitre de' Okay, I have had butter before, but THIS is butter. It was like a pale yellow desert in itself. It was amazing....... I have never tasted anything like it before. Yum, Yum, Yum. I am sure it is a zillion dollars a pound though.Now THIS is what Angelina is famous for......Their hot chocolate. It is like a liquid dessert. It is quite a production. When they present it to you, they recite.......Made especially for you with Passion and Love.....Now, you need to picture this being said with a thick fabulous french accent Then to top of my breakfast was the best eggs benedict ever. I dont know if it was just all the ambiance or it truly did taste better, but I think it may have been a combination of both.They also have a "to go" section, which is loaded with all the pastries, and goodies. French pastries are by far thee best on the planet. These fantastic creations are one of my favorite. They are raspberry macaroons with creme filling , fresh raspberries, sugared violets, and a flake of silver leaf for effect. Yes, it is edible. Now that the leaves are off the trees, it is even more apparent of how manicured the trees are. Can you see the perfect sharp edge of the trees. They are pruned to perfection to make perfect visual vanishing points that the French feel is so important to the landscape.....I agree. It is fantastic. Nothing is left un decorated in Paris, this is the rail down to the Metro.....which is like our subways. This is in the Art Nouveau style. This style was created in Paris. Everything was to have a flowing curve. No sharp edges was the design of the day at the turn of the century.Ah yes, the eiffel tower in the background......Magical. Okay, then off to my favorite sweet shop in all the world, Laudree. This is their shop on the Champs de Elysees.........that is like main street in Paris. Oh, I just love the color combination here. I never ever get tired of looking at this place.Now you can see how the colors came to be on my conservatory eh? okay, it really cant hold a candle to this but I still love it.Detail, detail, detail....... This is what they are famous for. It is called a mac[...]