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Preview: The Hunt Locations

The Hunt Locations

Locations of items in SL Gridwide Hunts. Please IM me with any questions.

Updated: 2014-10-05T06:05:25.534+01:00


Don't worry


I am indeed alive and well and loving my Real Life.

Take care one and all

Happy Hollydays Hunt


I'm baaaaaack baby... well almost


Well hunters, I am almost back to normal. Training is almost done and I am soon on a normal regular rota. This should help and allow me to hunt and blog again. Monday next week my rota kicks in, so expect more from me from that point onwards.

Mally xx

All Egypt Hunt


(image) All Egypt Hunt, has been done in 3 times during this year, this time we are working already on the 4th one, this specific Hunt tries to spread over multiple themed Sims on the Egypt, Arabian, Roman, etc styles, bringing people to know and explore the sim, making traffic and potential clients.

This Hunt will be on November 1st to 7th

(image) Your starting point:

1. Moda di Roma ( look up for 2 gifts) : Good luck everyone and happy hunt!!!
2. Lost Eden *Adult *Romantic the Friendliest lifestyle island ( 1 gift)
3. Habibi-- The Middle Eastern Oasis ( at least 1 gift for sure, but go around the shops maybe some of them already added themself)
4. Angel's cry - Little egypt (1 Gift)
5. The Hittite Empire ( if the gift in not placed around please IM to JadeReal Balazic to ask for a hint)
6. Affinity Boutique, Taliesins Tails & Ravens Wear ( 2 gift)
8. Cleo Mall and Horus Mall ( 13 gifts, hint: look all around the sim, there are 3 buildings on the ground, and use th eteleporter system to find some in the Luxuries Villa there are 12, some have gifts, not all)
9. EGYPT ( look around the several shops, not sure the number of them what are participating, but the pyramids are easy to find out )
10. --The Nubian Empire-- ( 2 gifts)

Apologies again...


Hopefully in a few weeks when my "training" is officially done RL I can get into routine of my shift pattern and get blogging.

I am barely on these days, 4am starts don't bode well for me hunting when i get online at 5pm or later :(

I haven't disappeared lol, just having to concentrate RL.

Miss you all,
Mally xx



I just want to write a message to apoligise for not blogging as much as i should.

I am currently training for a new job which is full time and my time has been sparce online, if at all.

I hope once my training is done and I get into my job with my set hours I can get into blogging hunts for you again.

Please let me know if theres a hunt your in need of me doing. If i know its urgent I can focus on the needed ones 1st.

Mally xx

Stalker Adult Hunt


Starts : Oct 1st
ENds : Oct 31st


Fortune Teller Hunt


Starts : Oct 1st
Ends : Oct 31st


Dipped in Chocolate Hunt


Starts : Oct 1st
Ends : Oct 31st


Hunt of the Living Dead


Starts : Oct 1st
Ends : Oct 31st


Blame it on the POP! Hunt


Starts : Oct 1st
Ends : Oct 31st


Grimm Halloween Hunt


Starts : Oct 1st
Ends : Oct 31st


The Hallow's Eve Hunt


Starts : Oct 1st
Finishes : Nov 1st


Falcon Nest Freebie Hunt


Welcome to Falcon Nest.

This month is a fun hunt for our favorite sl freebies.

There are 50 pumpkins sitting out around the sim.

There are no clues. If you take a walk around you will find the majority of them.

There are no pumpkins inside the castles.

If you want, ride your horse or get a temporary horse by the blacksmith's and go for a ride picking up some fun items as you go.

Have a good time.

If you have an issue, please contact the organisers.

MiaAlana Destiny
Falcon Nest Manor


Pumpkin Prints Hunt 2


Starts : 1st OctEnds : 31st Oct1. When I look down, I miss all the good stuff. When I look up, I just trip over things.2. On the first floor only.3. Under here out of the way.4. Check the store hint giver.5.6.7. Head to the grass and look for the dock8. watch out that i dont strike you9. A Cascades cake anyone? which flavor is it?10.11. "For Christmas, a star sits atop a tree. For Halloween, I suppose it's me!"12. "Mmm, roast pumpkin!"13.14. Dark gothic jewels are pretty on halloween15. These pumpkins make great holiday decorations for our living room!16. How would you like to react?17. A sense of balance and accord. Pleasing to the ears in melody18. 19. - See the World, Go International20.21.22. Get some lucky charms23. Have a seat,relax.....maybe make some new friends24. Will move daily25. I am getting hungry! I think I will COOK UP something to eat!26. This pretty pumpkin is hiding on a shelf next to some rare, ancient pottery...27. I am upstairs waiting to have my photo taken with you :-)28. Do the hippy hippy shake29.30. in the midst of the newest skinline31.32. FIND ME IN THE GAY STORE, AMONGST THE FRUITS33.34. Hint giver at store35. Ohhh, it's new.36.37.38. On the info desk between the group gifts39. Tinka wants to carve her pumpkin but has to find a spot she can sit in.40. Search the Pumpkin Patch41.42. Hint giver at store43. "What a GLAMOROUS little pumpkin this one is44. Ask the guy at the counter45. Smashing Pumkins is soo naughty...I prefer my Pumpkins in a Pie...I smell Pumpkin pie coming from the Kitchen..HURRY!46. It's polite to leave your mark.47. Pleaaaaaseee nooo!!! Im no rotten yet!!48. aren't you tempted to find this gorgeous gown, in a single row down, orange, black, green and the middle is the price!49. ATTICS are spooky for Halloween.And for storing SHOES and in between.50. Hint giver at store.51. To make your home as pretty as you, visit this area52.53.54. I love sitting on high ledges, the view is better.55. Hint giver in store56. Have a feast of love57. Hint giver at store SKIPS TO 5958. SKIPPED59.60. Have A Seat61. Costumes are the perfect way to play dress up!62.63. Hint giver at store64. Looking at stars65.66.67. I Would Like to have a Sound Made please....68.69. I am a newborn baby70. Such a nice view!71. i guess the pumpkin missed the entrance to the haunted house just a tad and landed itself in quite a pickle....72. It's a SWEET SURRENDER this Halloween73.74. Floating to the pumpkin!75. Hint giver at store76. Oldie but Goodie!77. I like hanging out with fellow pumpkins78.79. find me down handloom80. Im pink and round with pretty colors all over81. Hint giver at store82. 83. Where do pumpkins normally hide84. keep the frost off the pumpkin... Pumpkins like to hang together to keep warm.85. Are you feeling somewhat Lucky today ?86. Om nom nom87. Around The Fountain we will go...88. Hint giver at store89. This hint may be a little cryptic but beside that you might hear me coughin90. You Had Better BOOK it over Here if you want to get to the next stop.91.92. SURFS UP!93. I know what a colab kit is....but I bet you don` go look...i`m hiding right behind it...hehe94.95. I wish i may, I wish i might, I wish tonight.96. I love Tim Burton97.98. Are you looking for a bargain?99. beware of flying pianos100. "we are just goofing around:)"101. Black Pumpkins and Black Mushrooms are good for you102. Use hint giver at the store103.104.105. from little acorns small oak trees grow106. Never Step in front of the Queen!107. BWAK!! BWAK!! Polly wanna gift? Polly wanna gift??108.109. Help!! im trapped under a dune buggy & cant get out :(110. look to the North then to the south,final[...]

BOO Hunt


Starts : Sept 25th
Ends : Oct 31st

You are looking for a ghost (i think)

Hints can be found HERE

STart Location can be found HERE

SLD Witches Brew Hunt 2


Starts : 21st Sept
Ends : Oct 31st


If you need me to do further work on this please contact me.

{East Bend Shoppe} is the start..



Start : Sept 10th
End : Oct 1st

You are looking for a smaller version of the hunt sign


.:::The Red Seal Hunt:::.. (SIM WIDE HUNT)


September 16th to October 4th, 2010

>> Your Hunting For: A white envelope sealed with red wax.

Start HERE

Hints HERE

Make Him Over Hunt 4


Start : Sept 20th
End : Oct 20th


It doesnt have slurls on it at the moment, please contact me if you need me to work on this one.

The Homemaker Hunt


Starts :Sept 10thEnds : Sept 30thYou are looking forTHIS IS COPIED FROM THE OFFICIAL HINT GIVER AT THE START LOCATION. I WILL NOT BE BLOGGING THIS ANY FURTHER UNLESS REQUESTED TOO000 hint :- Come inside, have a seat, look around,.. so close to you.001 hint :- "They say a bad day fishing is better than a good day working. Is this still true if all you catch is an old shoe?'002 hint :- It's niether out nor in.003 hint :- ADILT SIM ....look for the roses004 hint ;- you will find more than treasure here.................................005 hint :- Running upstairs is not a good idea if you aint fastened your boot laces!.006 hint :- Strolling through the garden gate.007 hint :- FInd the stairs in the back of the first floor, come up and find the little boot with sometung more.008 :- Beach Party Bingo009 :- What a hairy situation010:-up the stairs at the main store, one two and threeon the third floor at my desk you will find the boot and gift for thee011 :- Take time to smell the roses012 :-look at the base of the big coconut tree013 :- At this tree so sad and dear, youw ill find your present here014 :- Bartender give me the boot i've had too many beers!015:- It's Pancakes that get stuck up there ...not boots :D016:- come watch and you make find me017:- Careful you don't trip over that chair ;P018:- This boot is being toasted or roasted in the camp fire019:- Lucky Logo?020:- click hunt giver021:- Bella Looks Bootiful (three boots on this sim)022:- Camoflauge Boot?(three boots on this sim)023:- "This boot got swept under the sofa during housework"024:-waits to be fished out025 :-What's the Target?(three boots on this sim)026 :- Look for the sexy black dress027 :- look out for the sharks!028 :- Magic Mushrooms?029 :- The perfect area for a boy to study in.030:- "When the machinery stops wprkong, the first thing to do is check for clogged parts!"031:- Snuggles high up under the pillows032:-Homemakers are sexy in "Luverly" Lingerie - Look Downstairs033 :- This boot just knows where everyone is in this place.034:- How about a trip to San Fransisco?035:- Can't walk ON these flowers but look up and you'll find them. The hide the Boot well!!036:- look for the monkeys037:- I like to sit on top the bar and watch the world go round..or is it ME going round and the world staying still?038:- After a long day I just want to put my feet up.039:-I like ta hide between the barrels040:- After all this hunting, a good soak would be great.041:- This boot is just one fat one for the ladies042:- Candles and roses are the way to a girls heart043:- This one goes right round baby, right round044:-Kickin back having a Picnic!045:- See hint giver046:-Inside a reflection, there is always filled a room with many....047:- Not Santa's Stocking048:- "Look high and LOW - but walk UP to find the Homemaker Hunt Boot"049:-Just hanging out with the sexy chicks![...]

The Witch Hunt


Starts : Sept 18
Ends : Sept 26th

You're looking for a witches hat/ cauldrens/ pentagrams (anything witch related)

01 : No hint needed
02 : Time for a sleep, cause I am really tired
03 : Curtains for you!
04 : What a naughty birdy!
06 : Time to fly away on your broomstick?
07 : Omg who killed him??
08 : Time to make a witches brew with a red dream
10 : Catch the birdy before she flies away
11 : No hint needed
12 : Giraffes protect your prize.
13 : theres 50% off all witch hats?
14 : I wonder whats at the top of the hill
15 : New to the store?
16 : No hint needed
17 : Owch,poor kitty
18 : Fly away on your stick you evil witch
19 : Remember to file away your hat
20 : Take a seat, time for a cup of witches brew?
21 : No hint needed
22 : Take a seat and relax your nearly done
23 : How did the birdy get under there?
24 : Hanging out with all the other witches
25 : You look such a dummy in that hat!
27 : Tweet tweet... its perched up there you see

Nature’s Hunt – Miracles of Autumn


Starts : Sept 15th
Ends : Oct 15th

You are looking for snails


BDSM Fetish Find Hunt


Starts : Sept 15thEnds : Sept 30thYou are looking for small cage01 : Shes been stitched up and she hides it behind her back02 a : Time for a wash?02 b : Pillow Fiiiiiiight03 : Beware the witching hour04 : (not yet hidden - no gift as of 5am SLT)05 : Head on up and relax06 a : A cage within a cage?06 b : Time to do your makeup?07 : head towards the castle, head towards the castle08 : Need a plug in perhaps?09 : Time to call a cab!10 : Nice window view!11 : Who was mean and caged teddy under there?12 : Careful or you will be looking for INFINITY13 : Pose for the camera!14 : Heads up hunters15 : This one leaves you beaming16 : Hit the hint giver17 : Oi guys, hands off!18 : Queens sit on them don't they?19 : Head on up and see what you can find20 : Free cuffs?21 : Mmmm Candy!22 : Hit the hint giver23 : Hit the hint giver24 : COULD NOT FIND25 : What a pillar of society26 : Hit the hint giver27 : Who planted this one here?28 : Who planted this one here?29 : Time for lunch?30 : Hit the hint giver31 : Hay whats going on up there?32 : No hint needed33 : Check out my bust34 : Whats your poison!35 : Who planted this one here?36 : Its coming soon :)37 : Hit the hint giver38 : Accept the hint notice as you rez39 : Running water shows you where your prize is.40 : Bend over for your spanking!41 : COULD NOT FIND42 : Your prize is guarded by a horrible monster43 :44 :45 : Not a real horse46 : Pillars pillars pillars!! I am lost on pillars47 : - I know what your are looking for48 : what a corking prize49 : Hit the hint giver50 : A divine devotee in a dead end alley51 : What a basket case52 : (1/3 ) Paint your wagon (2/3) Free D/S lessons here? (3/3) what are the rules?53 : Hit the hint giver54 : Don't get ROPEd in55 : No hint needed56 : Some say, even Pirates loved cuddles57 : Step on me with those thigh high boots58 : Cam up high[...]

Snow White Hunt


Starts : Sept 15th
Ends : Sept 30th