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life is BANANAS.

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prepare for total domination


if you’ve had the pleasure of visiting the farley house (otherwise known as my little home) and sharing a bottle of wine with dave and me, then you’ve no doubt been exposed to our intense love of reggae rock/pop music. that's because whenever we have guests over, we not only liquor them up with fine bottles of wine, we let pandora serenade them with the sweet sounds of our favorite musicians and bands. a look back at the last few concerts we’ve been to would reveal those bands to be sublime, pepper, rebelution, iration, and the expendables. over the weekend, we added one more concert to the list by attending the domination tour featuring cisco adler, iration and the expendables. all three put on a kick ass show but the highlight of my night came towards the end when i got to meet cisco adler and micah pueshel of iration. yee!!! i may or may not be slightly obsessed with cisco adler after his performance. he somewhat resembles telly from kids and has a reputation for having big balls (literally!), but the man's got talent and that in itself is swoonworthy. in any case, if you enjoy listening to feel good music then i suggest you check these guys out. or better yet, go see them live. you will not be dissappointed. {wall of concert posters at the fillmore in san francisco}{what a bunch of groupies}{cisco adler winning me over with his banana beats}{iration makes me feel so irie}{the expendables wanna pack this bowl for considerate}{let's get together and feel all right...all three bands on stage to end the show}{we met at a concert, you were wearing converse, i'm not used to playing it cool...micah, lead singer for iration, and me}{she was buzzin all over me like she knew who i adler and me}  [...]

you smell like pine needles and have a face like sunshine


{at the beginning or our hike}{all i can say is thank god the light is hiding my cheese 'cause it's there, believe me, it's there}{i always feel like somebody's watching me}{i imagine this is my mom and brother's way of smiling down on me}{deep into the woods dave goes}{peace, love and happy trails}{view of lake chabot from the top of the most brutal hill}when it comes to working out, it’s next to impossible to convince dave to work out with me. i know this because every time i go for a run, i will ask him to join me knowing full well his answer is hell to the fucking no. so imagine my surprise last sunday when dave agreed to go on a mid-morning hike instead of planting his ass on the couch to watch football as he had planned. and then imagine my excitement when that mid-morning hike turned into a three hour excursion around lake chabot regional park. now if you think neither one of us checked our phones constantly to keep track of our fantasy football league, then you’re dead wrong. you'd be surprised how many hot spots you can find while hiking 8-9 miles through isolated trails, deep woods and brutal hills. of course this meant i had to listen to dave brag about his fantasy football team, which is way better than mine, for three hours straight. yawn. [...]

as long as i’m living my fur baby you’ll be


i’ve always said i prefer animals over people and i think that’s evident in the love i have for my nuggets. what’s not to love, really? animals are cuter, more accepting and willing to love unconditionally. therefore when it comes to animals suffering, i am a blubbering mess of emotions. take the movie braveheart for example. i didn’t cry when william wallace was beheaded. oh but when the horses were killed during the war scenes, i cried like a little bitch! marley & me was even worse. at one point, i was heaving from the tears. same with that damn sarah mclachlan commercial. given that this is my usual reaction, you can imagine how i felt when bodie wobbled into the house and collapsed on wednesday night. one very expensive trip to the vet later, it turns out bodie has osteoarthritis and slight inflammation in the spine. poor thing will need to stay rested and medicated for the next two weeks. if bodie is anything like the wire character he was named after,  then i'm hopeful that he'll soldier up and recover quickly. even so, all prayers and positive thoughts are welcomed.


have i told you lately


lately i've come to realization that......major league baseball is coming to an end soon and that makes me sad. fortunately,  football is right around the corner, and now that i'm part of a fantasy football league, i think this season will be a lot more interesting and hopefully a lot more lucrative. {there were definitely angels in the outfield because the angels}...i'm easily annoyed by bloggers and their obsession with fall. don't get me wrong, i love fall too. i do!!! but you don't need to pull out the oversized sweaters and pumpkin lattes just yet. we still have over two weeks left of summer ladies so let's chill with that fall hard on of yours and savor the last of these summer nights. mkay!{left: new tasty discovery = coconut milk. um yea where have i been?! right: new motto c/o zgallerie} bulldog bodie may be an attention whore but the love of his mama is all he needs. oh the love of his dad too.{that look melts my heart}{bodie does santana row where he's basically a celebrity} boyfriend has quickly become my hero. and i’m not saying that in an obnoxious girlfriend kinda way. i’m saying that from the bottom of my heart. when dave puts his mind to something, whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, he conquers and he conquers with the utmost integrity. he is the essence of hard work and dedication topped off with humbleness. he inspires me to be a better person. to work hard and play hard. to achieve and succeed. to stay true to yourself. and to always give thanks when thanks is due. so thank you david for making me one proud girlfriend. now go serve and protect you sexy ass sergeant. rawr!!!{yes he's a cop and a damn fine one at that} [...]

a new york city moment like this


as expected, i am missing new york city like crazy. four days and three nights is not nearly enough time to take in everything that glorious, jay-z inhabiting city has to offer. for that reason, i am keeping an eye out for any super cheap flight deals i can find. that way i go back to new york -- solo if i have to -- for another quickie trip to get my fix. but until then i shall relish these new york city moments and memories.{we are all sheep in the meadow....baaaa}{better yet, go to times square, take a picture of me with a kodak}{the facial expressions say it all}{you are what you eataly and i eataly a lot}{bubbles in madision square park}{my last name is italian so i like to pretend i belong here. now bring on the antipasti, birra and etna rosso}{dear shake shack, of all the foodie places in new york...i think i miss you most}{sparkling and aging in greenwich}{creepiest guy ever and no one seems to notice}happy holiday weekend!!! [...]

three trends that are on the verge of getting on my last nerve


make that two since the last one has been getting on my nerves for years.

bubble bauble madness.
once upon a time, jcrew invented the bubble necklace. it was cute. it had charisma. it was also extremely easy to knockoff thus making it affordable for all who love bubbles/baubles. now every woman with a neck (and a blog, for that matter) can have a bubble necklace. this would be great if it wasn't so damn obnoxious. i can't tell you how many "style" blogs have posted pics of this whored out necklace. makes me wonder, is it really that stylish when everyone else is wearing it too?


sock it to me baby.
actually i haven't quite decided how i feel about the whole sock bun trend. at first i reallyreally liked it. but then sock buns started popping up on every head, every blog, every youtube tutorial, etc. and not only that, it seems as though sock buns are getting progressively larger with each sighting. i mean, they're practically bigger than the head itself...i kid you not!!! now whenever i see a sock bun, i don't know whether to appreciate it or punch it in the sock hole. also i feel a little messiness adds character to the sock bun. when it's too perfect or too round or way too motherfucking large and you can tell a dirty sock resides inside...then it just looks ridiculous. on the other hand, i could possibly work with the sock bun below...well, maybe...or not.

 insta-bang for your insta-bucks.
i'm sorry but people really need to get over their starbucks obsession because i'm pretty sure it's NOT necessary to instagram your starbucks coffee every single day of your life. no wait, make that 3-4 times a day. it's like so what if your name is handwritten on the cup or that you ordered a triple iced venti white mocha latte caramel macchiato with whip. and speaking of drink preferences, i wouldn't go on bragging about having 4 pumps of liquid sugar added to your drink. if that doesn't scream "i drink crap coffee!" then i don't know what does.

having said all that, i wonder how many bloggers have already posted a picture of themselves rocking the sock bun and bubble necklace with a starbucks in hand.

oh bloggers...we truly are predictable people. 

jump in a cab and go to tiffany's


{cakes, sweets, treats and more}{first stop...magnolia bakery. second's}{cake for breakfast? sure why not}{birthday gift part one...birthday gift part two}{erika's cheesecake with blueberries reminded me of the berries from the hunger games. yes i'm a dork}on erika's 30th birthday, i did what any best friend would do...i spoiled the heck out of her!!! a friendship of eighteen years deserves no less no doubt, so a day of spoiling the bestie was definitely in order. i had planned my birthday gift a while ago knowing full well mike d. would still be sleeping which made it easy for me to steal his girlfriend away for a morning rendezvous. our first stop was magnolia bakery where we picked up breakfast treats. while i'm not a big cake or cupcake person, which magnolia bakery is known for, this day was not about me. it was about erika and she was happy as a clam to pick out a freshly made cheesecake topped with blueberries. i went with a raisin bran muffin and i don't care how boring or health conscious that may sound, that ish was goooood!!! afterwards we walked up 5th avenue with our treats and iced lattes in hand. quick turn to the right and we were in front of tiffany & co. for part one of erika's birthday gift...breakfast at tiffany's (don't be too impressed, i totally stole that idea from glee). of course any trip to tiffany's is never complete without a little blue box so inside we went for part two of erika's birthday gift...a sweet home alabama moment (minus the diamonds and proposal and patrick demsey in a tuxedo) where we picked out an infinity necklace to symbolize our friendship. now tell me that's not the best bestie gift ever...i dare you.   [...]

friendship, surprises and misadventures in new york city


so this is probably old news by now, particularly to those on instagram, but i'll reiterate anyway. yes i went to new york city. yes it was amazing. and no i didn't want to leave. now where did i last leave off? oh yes, figuring out how to finagle my way into my best friend erika's suitcase. well obviously that wasn't necessary because, as you're already aware, i ended up finagling my way into erika's birthday trip without her knowledge and with the help of mike d., erika's ever so generous boyfriend who let me crash in their hotel room. can i just stress how freaking hard it was to keep this from her. to hide the fact that i was going to my favorite city in the whole wide world to celebrate my favorite female in the whole wide world and then not reveal this bit of news to all of you?! it was hard, i tell ya...HARD. also didn't help that i'm terrible at surprises...comes with my inability to lie successfully...but someway somehow i managed to pull it off. and by the time erika arrived in new york city, she had absolutely no idea i would be waiting there for her.  {1. waiting patiently at JFK in my toms and on 2.5 hours of airplane sleep which equates to 30 minutes of real sleep which equates to delirium 2. resting my eyes and feet in sheep meadow at central park 3. tomorrow is a latter day and i am here for of mormon, so much better than the real book of mormon 4. pre-birthday cocktails in the theatre district 5. times square madness...or as the locals call it 7th and broadway 6. i was seriously tempted to start a one woman flashmob in the middle of grand central terminal 7. and 8. i'm obsessed with new york churches. they're just so grand and fancy huh 9. new york city streets 10. forget morgan freeman, i want to move to NYC so jay-z can narrate my life 11. having a felicity moment at dean & deluca in soho 12. it was hardest saying goodbye to shake shack}  here's how it all played out... about a year ago, erika decided she was going to celebrate her 30th birthday in new york city. this was after i sold her on the idea in which i told her that new york city makes dreams come true. i immediately jumped on board. of course i'd go to new york city for her birthday, duh!  but then my brother got engaged and scheduled his destination wedding in july, a month before erika's birthday. this was great for me since i was going to mexico but not so great for erika. two major vacations in a month? uh uh not gonna happen so i backed out of new york to erika's dismay. then about two months ago, i had second thoughts. if mike d. was willing to let me crash in their hotel room and if i could find a deal on a flight, then it was on like donkey kong. fortunately everything went my way and mission surprise bestie in new york city was a major success.   [...]

birthday wishes and new york city dreams


{the most awkward birthday serenade ever but erika didn't mind}{thursday night at buffalo bill's calls for tasmanian devils and hayward hefs}{well, well, well, we meet again}{yes that would be bodie's "i approve of your outfit and shoes" face}{beside every good woman is another good woman...she's called her best friend}it's been a fun and exciting past few days celebrating my other better half (the female version) and best friend erika. her big three oh is coming up this thursday and to celebrate she's heading off to new york city to have the time of her life. jealous much? fuck yea i am! since erika plans to be on the other side of the country when she turns thirty, she decided to have a pre-birthday/pre-NYC dinner at à côté followed by tropical cocktails at kona club on saturday night. although the night was cut short due to erika falling asleep at the bar (mind you this is not uncommon), we had to give it up to the birthday girl for lasting as long as she did. poor thing’s been working OT like a champ in preparation for new york. 60+ hours last week alone! i don't know about you but i can't even fathom working that many hours. lord knows erika needs this NYC vacation badly. now if only i could finagle my way into her suitcase so i could go her...   [...]

a walk down memory lane in 102 degrees


on my way to sacramento over the weekend, i decided to make a quick stop and visit my old alma mater uc davis. the last time i stepped foot on campus was probably 6 or 7 years ago. at the time i remember feeling overly emotional which was weird considering i couldn’t wait to graduate from college and get the hell out of cow town. funny how you appreciate things after the fact. in any case, that same feeling was present this time around as i strolled through the empty campus taking pictures of the infamous eggheads. even in the ball sweating heat i couldn’t help but reminisce over college times. you know, back when it was perfectly acceptable to wear dingy pj pants to class. or hang out at the poor excuse for a nightclub called the graduate on tuesday nights. or overdose on nodoz ‘cause you could buy that shit at the bookstore and charge it to your “account.” or swoon over the kid on campus who looked exactly like stifler from american pie. or roll your eyes at the sorority girls who were quite possibly the dumbest bitches in town. wait maybe that was just me. anyway yea those were the days. {oh everyone has the cute bikes now. when i was in college, i used to have a hand-me-down bike that was like doing a hardcore cardio workout every time i rode it to class. the gears were all messed! but damn if i didn't have the best calves on campus}{yea didn't do much of that in least not the first two years}{party at the moon tower}{but definitely did a lot of that...last minute cramming, get it?} [...]

i like a man in stripes...preferably three


yesterday marked the 15th anniversary of my mother's passing and while i originally planned to post something heartfelt and memorable, for some reason i just couldn't find the words. i guess that happens sometimes…you know, when my openness and willingness to talk about loss takes a backburner and my overly sensitive self comes out of hiding. it didn’t help that yesterday was also the day i received a nastygram from a client and found out i had made it on one of those blogger bashing forums (which btw is pretty freaking hilarious. i guess i’ve made it big in the blog world when i become the topic of irrational hatred). but as the optimist says, "in darkness there is a light" and that light definitely shined brightly yesterday when dave received a well earned promotion. after years of hard work and dedication, my honey boo boo is climbing the ranks! i couldn’t be more proud.
{let us eat cake...preferably ice cream cake}
{all smiles in my BB dakota leopard print dress}

{chevron is the theme these days}

{summer meals are best served frozen...and yes froyo is a meal when temps are high and your thighs can't help but rub together}


i'll take my eggs with pancakes and light on the mortgage payment please


{vegan whole wheat pancakes and fruit topped with maple syrup and stevia and a cup of raw carrot and fruit juice}{i like my pancakes extra small...they're cuter that way}after all the bitching and moaning i did on monday, this work week actually went by smoothly and (dare i say it?) quickly! i'm thinking the weekend gods were on my side. they must be. i make the best breakfasts during the weekends and, lucky for them, i'm prone to sharing. last saturday i woke dave up to the above waiting for him. if that doesn't put the "domestic" in "domestic partnership" then i don't know what does. and speaking of domestic partnership, dave and i have been doing a lot of thinking (well more like stressing) about our domestic living situation. we currently own an adorable yet teeny tiny home in the east bay which unfortunately has become quite the burden. my shoes alone have grown out of it! however, it's not the size that bothers us as much, it's our extremely high mortgage payment. basically what we pay for a 940 square foot home is what people these days pay for a 2000+ square foot home. and don't get me started on our ridiculously high interest rate. we were the dumb asses who bought right before home values dropped to record lows and now we're paying for it big time. long story short, we've tried everything to lower our payments (refinancing, modifying, HARP, etc.) with no such luck. so now we're doing what millions of homeowners have already done...we're debating whether or not to walk away. see why we're stressing? :(but enough with the serious grown up talk. it's muthafuckin' friday and i'm ready to enjoy my only two days of carefree living...with a side of pancakes and eggs of course. ;)cheers to the weekend!!! [...]

your one and only source into the wantworthy life of bananas


today, readers, you should feel extra special and not just because it's hump day and everyone likes a good hump {wink, wink}...but because today i'm giving you VIP access to my exclusive list of wants, cravings and desires. otherwise known as my wantworthy list. when i was first approached by wantworthy, i was somewhat hesitant. i don't mind posting a few wishlist items here and there on the blog but generally i'm not one to post everything i long for, especially when it comes to things i reallyreallyREALLY want and don't want you to have (what?). but all selfishness aside, i've made my neverending wishlist available for all to see and all to snag. that's right, not only will you have access to my coveted wishlist, you will have the opportunity to purchase anything and everything i want. you're welcome!

what i love about this site is that it makes it super easy to save your wishlist items all in one place. no more hasseling with open tabs or added favorites. just click and it's instantly added to your wantworthy list. i'm telling you it's pretty freaking awesome. i've literally spent the last forty-eight hours adding adorable shit to my list. so yea check it out! just click on the {wantworthy button} on your right and buy yourself something pretty. oh and if you're feeling extra generous, go on and buy me something too!


no use crying over spilled wine


but it's okay to cry over the band...i know my ears sure did. over the weekend, dave and i were treated to yet another raffle prize. this time it was our buddy, aaron, who had won a free wine tasting for six at mcgrail vineyards and winery in livermore. the gang of six included myself, dave, aaron, aaron's wife regina, my bestie erika and her boyfriend mike. while the prize itself was nothing to hoot and hollar about (free wine tasting and a tour of the winery which altogether lasted 15-20 minutes tops), we definitely made it last by spending the afternoon sipping '05 and '07 cab reserves, munching on cheese and crackers, and lounging in our lawn chairs while watching the live sunset concert. the band was terrible and i was a having horrible picture day but overall we had a nice, relaxing, wine-induced good time. it's true what they say, you know...great memories are made with good wine and friends. {no sex in the barrel room}{can you say wine wasted?}{i heard it through the grapevine}{i look irritated, regina looks fabulous and erika looks like a giant}{left: oh you know just getting our magic mayra on. right: is this guy okay? he's been laying there for over an hour}{the band was called "spill the wine" but i'd rather call them "need more wine" because that's what i needed in order to listen to them. my ears are still bleeding}{soleil wood fired pizza is definitely catering my next special event...their mushroom and truffle oil pizza was to die for}{no really, is this guy okay?}[...]

a post full of shoes to kill the monday blues


(image) (image) (image)
 six months into this job role of mine and i officially loathe mondays. i mean obviously i've never liked mondays, who does? but now i dread mondays to point of ruining my sunday afternoons. no bueno. oddly enough it's not the job i dread lately, it's the company and its recent "departmental changes." makes me wonder, will i ever have a job that makes mondays seem do-able. time will tell. until then, i shall swoon over this delicious array of shoes and dream of the day when my shoe collection will become so massive it will make mondays dissappear forever.
{photos via the coveteur}

why go to the gym when you can get mussels here?


that is by far my best line yet. get it? gym...mussels...muscles...ANYWAY! last night dave and i celebrated his dad doug's birthday in true family style stuffing our faces with mussels in pernod and carbo loading on french bread 'cause ya know there's no pernod left undevoured. if you've been around these parts long enough, you know this is not the first time i've swooned over these delicious bad boys. the mussels from à côté have to be one of the best dishes in the bay. i can never get enough. also making an appearance last night, besides my stellar pooch and doug's new senior citizen status, were the crispy squash blossoms and prosciutto and nectarine flatbread. yummers. happy birthday doug and happy weekend everyone!!!

come on, that's right, cheerio


(image) (image) (image) (image)
{1. one lap around the park and this bulldog is spent 2. i couldn't buy one and not the other, right? 3. san francisco will always and forever have my heart 4. when the boyfriend's away, me and christian grey will play 5. i guess my breakfast is happy to see me too 6. when in doubt, make a cucumber, tomato and avo open faced sammie and you will not be dissappointed 7. wearing my favorite joie blouse to help brighten my bitter betty mood 8. i don't care that this shirt has been purchased by every other zara whore, it's mine now and i love it!}
it’s been pretty hectic in the life of bananas. i feel like i’ve been on the go, go, go for the last couple weeks with this past weekend being my first real weekend at home since before mexico. even though i spent most of saturday in san francisco, i tried, for the most part, to keep the rest of my weekend pretty lax. i did so by spending time with the nuggets (mainly bodie because he’s the social one), enjoying the great outdoors, shopping online (hellooo blinged out camo!), catching up on naughty literature, staying in for movie night and munching on delectable treats. one thing is for sure, i can definitely use another lax weekend pronto. this whole monday to friday/nine to five deal is seriously killing my buzz.

today is the first day of the rest of your life


dave had an important interview yesterday morning that required three days worth of advanced preparation. thanks to the long hours per day he spent studying, practicing his verbal responses and setting up mock interviews with stuffed animals (seriously the cutest thing i’ve ever seen!), dave came out of his interview feeling confident with his answers. i, of course, couldn’t have been more supportive, which is exactly why i left the premises on saturday so he could do his thing without any distraction. this in turn allowed me to do my thing so off to san francisco i went to explore the city all by my lonesome. although my day primarily consisted of a lot of walking, i was finally able to check some things off my SF to do list: a deliciously sweet breakfast at craftsmans and wolves...check! reading and people watching at dolores park...check! check! boutique shopping on hayes street...check! typical tourist photo of the tanner family residence while singing the full house theme song and reminiscing about TGIFridays...check! check! check! by the end of the day i had walked over six miles through six different neighborhood districts before retiring my hideous TOMS for the day. {people watching at dolores park was much more entertaining than my magazines} {eating cherries whilst popping my dolores park cherry} {i saw the sign and it opened up my eyes, i saw the sign...i'm guessing this is a halfway house}{whatever happened  to predictability? the milk man, the paper boy, evening TV} [...]

get us to the greek


{the adventure continues...}{pepper...bare chested just the way i like 'em}{met up with our friends, tracy and ernie}{pick it, pack it, fire it up...come along and take a hit from the bong with cypress hill} {insane in the membrane...INSANE IN THE BRAIN!!!}{summertime and the livin's easy...rome is on the microphone with ras-MG}because clearly the fun never stops in the life and times of mayra and dave, we decided to finish our weekend jammin' out to pepper, cypress hill and sublime with rome at the greek theatre in berkeley on sunday night. while at first i was only excited to see pepper, having initially thought “cypress hill?! but they’re like old!” and “sublime with rome is so not sublime,” i have to say of all three bands cypress hill was my favorite. who knew the 90’s hip hop group still had it in them? must be all that “herb” they smoke. uh did you see the bong? as for the others, pepper was awesome per usual and sublime with rome was pretty entertaining. although my superficial side thinks lead singer, rome, should probably reconsider wearing skinny jeans in public. with that said… happy weekend everyone!!!  [...]

sitting on the dock of the half moon bay


i think it’s pretty evident, dave and i like to have a good time. we figure we’re young, childless (not counting our fur babies) and always ready for the next adventure. this past weekend, our next adventure was a mini getaway trip to half moon bay. dave had won it in a raffle a couple months ago so it was high time we took advantage of our prize. the trip included a two nights stay at the oceano hotel and spa, a swedish couples massage and a $50 gift card towards the half moon bay brewing company. thanks to that little gift card, we spent most of our time at the half moon bay brewing company drinking big break ales, sitting by the fire pit and making friends with some of the most interesting people in half moon bay.  {perfect day to sail away} {arriving at the oceano hotel and spa}{how stinkin' cute is this hotel? seriously adorable}{totally matched my outfit to my surroundings. i call it "ralph lauren in nantucket meets scuba steve." you can't see but my pleather pants look like scuba gear. dave's rockin' that REBEL8, naturally}{made myself right at home}{oysters rockefeller for dave at sam's chowder house}{seeing black, straps and spots}{after four days of straight juicing, i don't think i could've stomached any  seafood. instead i went with the beet and strawberry salad. it was delicious and a perfect summer meal on this rare sunny day in half moon bay}{dave's parents like to have a good time too}{our main hangout for the weekend...the half moon bay brewing company}{we just can't get enough}{drinking and making new friends, that's what it's all about} [...]

and she has been going out with the man for ten years!!!


i can’t say for sure how long they had been together before they made it official in mexico, but i’m fairly certain my brother, roy, and his long term girlfriend turned wife, stefanie, were hitting double digits soon if not already. by the time they got engaged last year, stefanie was not only my brother’s girlfriend…she was practically family. and now she’s my sister-in-law thus making my brother a married man. whoa…what a trip! as for the wedding, it was a blast! we took tequila shots, danced in the warm rain and made the other wedding party that took place the same day (a much larger wedding party, mind you) look like a complete bore fest. hey that’s what they get for walking through our small reception like they were the royal party or something. we may be a small bunch but my family always wins in the fun department. {today is the day they say "i do"}{future GQ model, marcello, looking dapper in his all white suit}{two families come together. from left to right: tio enrique, tia rhina, papa ica, brother roy, stefanie, stefanie's stepfather chris, me and stefanie's brother sergio}{the happy family of four...yup they're expecting}{marriage looks good on him, right?}{looking like a couple of baby faces in this oldie but goodie}{dressed to the nines and sweating like swines}{a little rain can't stop this parade...congrats to the newlyweds}[...]

es la hora, es la la hora de jugar


{can't complain about the view...helloooo playa!!!}{XX marks the spot}{going to the chapel of love}{said he was a buffalo soldier....dreadlock rasta}{remnants of spring break 2012}{kids all playing 'round in the sand...this one happens to be my nephew giovanni}{party rockin' in the pool all day, everybody just have a good time}{one of my favorite dishes during our cena romantica...the aphrodisiac trilogy. avocado, tomato and mango served with a sage goat cheese basket}{"i want to go to the beach...i want to build sand castles...OKAY!" ~ marcello, my four year old nephew}one of the highlights of my trip to playa del carmen this year, besides my brother’s wedding, was visiting the isle of cozumel. as a matter of fact, i think that was the highlight of my trip last year too but that was because it was my berfday. this year the entire family came along and we spent the day touring popular parts of the island…of course not before stopping by the nearest supermarket to stock up on forties. did you know you can drink and drive in cozumel? like full on chug a 40 while speeding down the road. not that we did…i mean, we did but we had sober tour drivers keeping us safe. other highlights of my trip include dinner at playacar’s “oriental” restaurant (can i even say oriental anymore?) which in my opinion had some of the best food (asian fusion and sushi in mexico, whodathunk?!); calle doce, or in gringo terms 12th street, which we kindly referred to as the mexican vegas or mexican bangkok depending on your preference; josue the bartender aka tom cruise (you know from cocktail) who personally delivered my banana monkeys to me while i lay poolside; and finally this september episode one, a european television series that was on late one night that sucked dave and me in. unfortunately we didn’t get around to doing any of the common tours like xcaret or tulum. see when i vacation, i really vacation in that i lay around on my ass all day while frequently stuffing my fat face with greasy food and drinking highly caloric cocktails as my skin wrinkles from the pool water.[...]

vamos a la playa aya...vamos a salir


{i don't always drink beer but when i do i prefer dos equis. stay thirsty, my friends}{in the words of nacho life is good, real good}{blues, what blues? hey i forgot them}{romantic dinner on the beach...feel free to barf on my blog}{playacar mexican home away from home and my main banana monkey supplier}see what i did there? i spanglished the lyrics to nicki minaj’s song starships. pretty inteligente, que no? don't worry if you don't understand…that's what google translate is for. plus i only pretend to speak spanglish after visiting spanish-speaking countries like mexico. so hey hi! i’m back! yes mexico was fun…yes it was hot…yes i ate and drank my way through the mexican heat and am now detoxing as a result…and yes i finished the terribly written yet ever so erotically enticing literature that is fifty shades of grey. in short, christian grey is hot…anastasia is a dumb ass. if i have to read another “holy cow” or “holy fuck” or “my inner goddess just did a triple back spring and jizzed all over herself with excitement” one more time, i just might go loco. okay so that last quotation i made up. in any event, i’m on to book two which means my inner terrible literature lover is pining to know how it all ends. expect more honest feedback once i finish the series. as for mexico, no te preocupes the recaps aren’t over…but my carefree life is as back to work i go.[...]

it’s all about where you going no matter where you’ve been


{dumbing down the literature for this vacation}
pretty sure  the few i times i've let you see my underoos is when they're packed away en route to another country. or in other words, when my ass is getting the hell out of dodge (dodge being california) and traveling to paradise (paradise being playa del carmen, mexico). i know what you regulars are thinking...didn't you just get back from maui, fool? uh negatory. that was like a half a year ago fool, which in mayra terms is like forever ago. and seeing how i've been packed and ready to go for the last 24 hours and still have another 24 hours until my flight leaves, i think it's safe to say this vacation is very much needed. so be a doll, wish me safe travels and look forward to an invasion of spanglish speaking recaps in your future. ay ay ay!!

hasta luego amigos bonitos lindos!!!


born again on the fourth of july


i may not have been born on the fourth of july but this outfit sure was...and whoa so was that big ol' smile of mine. holy bejeez with that cheese!!! someone is way too excited to have a day off. truth be told i'm not a big fan of holidays in the middle of the work week...they somehow mess with my equilibrium and shit...but a day off is day off and when it's in honor of independence day i'm fairly certain that day off calls for patriotic colors + leopard, small town parades, dive bars, day drinking, team america theme songs and illegal firework shows that make me go oh oh oh as they shoot across the sky-y-y. and speaking of days off, after today i will be off for eleven days! yeeeaa buddy!!! as much as i love america and our knack of blowing shit up on fourth of july, i am so ready to cross the border, throw on a sombrero and live the all inclusive mexican resort life for a short while.{right now is where you shine}{small towns do big parades}{best seat in the house ya'll}{they don't make homes the way they used to}{oatmeal stout and orange kush go mighty well together...figuratively speaking}{hot cross buns}{photobombs are free at scobies in alameda}{jcrew shirt, topshop top, old navy jeans, zara heels, target sunglasses, baublebar monogram necklace, nixon watch}[...]