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Last Build Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2009 17:23:15 GMT


Why Stop Smoking

Thu, 10 Dec 2009 17:23:15 GMT

Most of you are very well aware why you must stop smoking but for those who are still unaware of harmful effects of smoking you must read this write up. Smoking is a silent killer. It kills person slowly and gifts him slow death. Smoking slowly burns up lungs and snatches the power to breathe clean air. It starts destroying a person’(image) s life from the day that person starts smoking. Smoking has no benefits. It can only create a big list of disadvantages. If you are well aware of the problems you may face, and want some help to quit smoking, try this stop smoking hypnosis session.We are offering this for free while some sites may charge you for the same.

It slowly makes you anemic because you slowly lose the power to work fast because your heart can not pump clean air at the required rate. Your heart becomes weak, your lungs stops functioning perfectly and your body slowly diminishes all its capabilities. Some people starts facing such side effects very early but some face them when they are quite old. The end of a person is disastrous if he smokes because the condition of the smoker becomes pathetic. All those who smoke must have been recommended many a times to stop smoking and might have been advised as well with lots of stop smoking tips.

A person who smokes excessively can never quit smoking on another person’s request. After all its for you to realize before it is too late, to stop smoking.

Easy Tips to Quit Smoking

Thu, 10 Dec 2009 17:22:03 GMT

Smoking is an addiction and we all know that it is very hard to quit smoking once you start it. Its not something which you cant do, many people have stopped smoking with expert guidance. We must appreciate that they wish to quit smoking. For this we will be telling you some simple quit smoking tips. You might have got a lot of stop smoking tips but we hope the ones that are mentioned here will be of great help. It is also obvious that you just cant quit smoking like that, it requires determination and confidence in yourself.

The first step for stop smoking is to finally decide that you want to quit smoking for once and for all. The day you will decide that you want to stop smoking then you will have to courageously fight with yourself so that you can control your desire for another puff. Taking three-four deep breaths can actually work for you. Whenever you feel like smoking you must start taking deep breaths. After trying these breathing techniques the next thing you can do is write down 5 points why you should quit smoking and read them everyday. Avoiding those moments and places when you feel like smoking must be avoided.

Even after doing these, if you still find it hard to control yourself, I presume you are too addicted and you'll need guidance like the stop smoking hypnosis session which I offer for free.Some people may charge for this as this costs something to me, so for a fair deal, I'll have a random survey for you to fill after which you can see the contents.

If you follow these easy tips for quitting smoking then you will surely stop smoking one day. Effort is very important. you must make efforts to quit smoking now!

How to stop smoking?

Thu, 10 Dec 2009 17:19:00 GMT

You can find stop smoking tips anywhere. but the actual techniques that will help you quit smoking can only be found here. Quitting smoking is indeed a difficult task but if some techniques are implemented for quitting smoking then anyone can stop smoking easily. We will tell you some secret techniques here so that you can stop smoking. Before you implement any technique in your life as an attempt for stop smoking the foremost thing is to decide that you really want to stop smoking.
Taking a decision is crucial. The stop smoking tips and techniques are mentioned in the next few lines.

1. Hypnosis: Hypnotism is a very successful technique for those who want to stop smoking. Hypnotic techniques can actually alter the mind set of a person by molding the subconscious mind of a person.

2. Deep breathing technique: whenever you feel like smoking you must start taking deep breaths. This technique is very helpful because in smoking also you inhale air and when you take deep breaths you partially satisfy yourself.

3. Eating chewing gums: Chewing gum is an alternative therapy for stop smoking. It can delay the desire of a person to smoke. This is helpful.

Taking help from rehabilitation centre is also an option for those who are finding it very difficult to stop smoking even after implementing such techniques.