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My Blog Kitty

Telling and Sharing information about the commonest interests among netizens.

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Office 2010: Help business run well

Thu, 17 May 2012 01:37:00 +0000

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Google Calendar, Presentation, and Spreadsheet for blogs publicizing

Tue, 01 Feb 2011 12:04:00 +0000

Email this • Post to Google Buzz • Technorati Links • Subscribe to this feed • Sphere: Related Content •Save to • Add to • Digg This! • Share on Facebook • geotag this story• Discuss on Newsvine • Stumble It! • Add to Mixx! • Email the author-------------------------------------------------------------------FOREWORDSWe heard about Feedburner helps site feed to be publicized by using its provided services for Headline Animator, BuzzBoost, Email Subscriptions, PingShot, FeedCount, Socialize (currently with Twitter, only), Chicklet Chooser, Awareness API, Creative Commons, Password Protecter, and NoIndex. Not just that, Feedburner also helps site feed to be optimized by using its provided services for Browser Friendly, SmartCast, SmartFeed, FeedFlare, LinkSplicer, Photo Splicer, Geotag Your Feed, Feed Image Burner, Title/Description Burner, Convert Format Burner, and Summary Burner.About publicizing blogger blog posts, the Blogger Team helps much publicizing a post (at least) using Gadget for Popular Posts and also for an extra mileage Page Views gadget can be added. Although both gadgets cannot be transferred to other site(s), but the objective of publicizing both gadgets is to help the site contents able to be viewed by a visitor. I mean, the wide exposure of Popular Posts gadget, making a visitor has many options to enjoy continual reading to an another and/or other published post(s). Google Calendar, Presentation, and SpreadsheetIntroIn this post I am very glad to tell and share about the benefits of publicizing blog list or may be blog posts list on internet using Google Calendar, Presentation, and Spreadsheet. These applications seemed "Have Wings Can Fly". Google Calendar operating on separate site to Google Docs, where the applications for Presentation, and Spreadsheet running in the Google Docs.The Useful BenefitsThe main and significant benefit is the respective application can be shared to any type of Content Management System (CMS) which is applicable because each application provides EMBED CODE. Meaning that, site owner can "fly" the composed content to various sites.Secondly, each application comes with customizable dimension (Width X Height) which is editable, where both values can be edited to match any selected site's surface area in making the output (player) more presentable and highly legible for viewers to enjoy reading the input (content).Thirdly, any data amendment; edit or change or updating done in the main composition board, the changed will take effect immediately after pressing a specific button provided. This is very exciting because a site owner no needs to visit each site to the location where the players embedded (if more than one location). Proof And Method of StatementMany more amazing benefits using Google Calendar, Presentation, and Spreadsheet in publicizing site contents; but it would be much better for you to experience it yourself, never try will never know! Talking alone without any proof justly like telling what is red to a blind person by birth. So, as telling and sharing the right things and result speaks itself through seeing is believing, below I embedded players for Google Calendar, Presentation, and Spreadsheet.I manually changed the values for width and height to each player to 551px and 451px, respectively.In the Google Calendar player panel, you can click on the displaying "My Blog Combo" listed under the day/month/date title to view the composed details. frameborder="0" height="451" scrolling="no" src="" style="border-width: 0;" width="555">You can click on the blog name displaying in the Presentation player panel, just for a test and see how it work[...]

Button Form - How To Compose Code And Publish

Sat, 29 Jan 2011 06:28:00 +0000

This is My Blog Kitty's 78th. number of post, so to celebrate and also to commemorate the achievement in early 2011 (January, 28); I would like to share something which is I never had done before. I mean, testing to reach the maximum number of words/characters can be used in filling up the button code VALUE by text completely with the inserted "URL link".The above image of 'MS Word Count" data shown that the above button VALUE consists of; Words - 130; Character (no spaces) - 596: Character (with spaces) - 721; Paragraphs - 7; Lines - 16; and seems it can still be filled up with text. But, whether its linking activation working or not once pressed, just put try to press "The Largest Button Form In The World 2011." Please do not blame me for this declaration/claim as it is just my own expression, I never have seen like this large button published on internet, so far.Image: Edit HTML box  frameborder="0" height="559" src="" width="700">f3f54ef236834fb59d02b77c9e918e48 [...]

Google Docs - Spreadsheet: How To Get Start And Publish

Fri, 28 Jan 2011 06:27:00 +0000

This Post's Table of Content;1. Intro2. Brief3. Features4. How To Make Entry To Spreadsheet?5. How To Publish Your Completed Spreadsheet?6. The True & Live Example: OutputEXTRA: Image - Sharing Settings Pop Up1. IntroSpreadsheet is an imperative tool or application for those publishers who want to altruistically sharing data providing on internet among network members, community, specific announcement or statement, and also general purpose; whether for publishing it in the form of single/solo webpage or whether to embed it on the existing site(s) page or whether for both.2. BriefFor those users who are already get used or familiarized with MS Excel Program (fondly known as Excel), working with data entry shouldn't be a problem because Spreadsheet works similarly to Excel. Spreadsheet special features are very obvious arrayed at the provided main file menu for; File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, Form, Tools, and Help.3. FeaturesFile: New (Documents, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Form, Drawing, From Template), Open, Import, See revision history, Spreadsheet settings, Rename, Make a copy, Download as [CSV (current sheet), HTML(current sheet, Text (current sheet, Excel, OpenOffice, PDF] Save, and Print.     Edit:Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Paste format only, Paste values only, Delete row, Delete column, Clear selection, Named ranges (Manage ranges, and Define new range), Search the Web, and 'Find and replace'. View:Normal view, List view, Show formula bar, Show all formulas, Compact controls, and Hide controls.Insert::Row above, Row below, Column left, Column right, Comment, Function (SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, Min, Max, and More), Gadget, Chart, Image, Drawing, and Script.Format:Font (Normal, Normal/Sherif, Courier New, Georgia, Trebuchet MS, and Verdana), Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, Change colors with rule, and Clear formatting.Form:Create form, Send form, Go to live form, Email (n) recipient(s), Embed form in a webpage, Show summary of responses, Accepting responses, and Delete form.Tools:Sort sheet by column, A → Z; Sort sheet by column, Z → A; Sort; Freeze rows (No frozen rows, Freeze 1 row, Freeze 2 row, .....); Freeze column (No frozen column, Freeze 1 column, Freeze 2 columns, .....); Check spelling, Protect sheet, Scripts (Manage, Insert, and Script editor); Notification rules; Data validation; Solve; and Enable Autocomplete.Help:Google Docs Help Center, Learn from other Google users, Watch a video introduction, New features, Formula builder, and Keyboard shorcuts (Ctrl+/). 4. How To Make Entry To Spreadsheet?Sign in into your Google Docs account , once-in look at the top-left part in the Google Docs page and there is a drop down list button named Create new; click and select Spreadsheet. Now you can start working in it. Remember to give New Sheet Name to your completed Sheet by replacing the existing standardized name which is ready-named as Sheet 1. 5. How To Publish Your Completed Spreadsheet?Look at the top-right part in the page, click on the provided drop down list Share icon button. Select Publish as a web.The pop up Publish to the web appears, and at this time you've to select the provided options before publishing. The image below is the true example of mine, where I selected the Sheet Name for MSO - Monthly Special Offer as a Sheet to publish.Under options for Get a link to the published data, at the first place I selected Webpage and this is the output of it  Secondly, I selected HTML to embed in a page, I copied and pasted the given code and embedded it in here below this image. I manually replaced the customized values for width (500) and height (300) to new values to make it proportionate to this page's width (optimize to 800) and for height value I just guess for the suitable value for 800 to be looked as a boxy shape/type of Spreadsheet.    6. The True & Live Example: OutputSPREADSHEET 800 (W) X 800 (H) alt="Google[...]

Go to to submit your question now

Fri, 21 Jan 2011 19:57:00 +0000

You can click on this post title to go straight away to the site as I've added enclosure link to the "Ask Obama' at YouTube site. A few suggestions before submitting your questions outlined at the Official Google Blog posted on 1/21/2011 10:46:00 AM; Your questions, your State of the UnionThe final deadline is Wednesday January 25 at midnight ET.Copied and Pasted from Your questions, your State of the Union For Your Quick Reading;          A few suggestions before submitting your questions:          Video questions are highly preferred (though we also accept text). Videos should be about 20 seconds long and be sure to ask the question directly. Speak clearly and try to film in a place with minimal background noise. Keep the camera as still as possible. Feel free to be creative (use props, charts, etc.) to help your question stand out. If you have time, find an interesting backdrop that may help reinforce your message. Submit your question early. The final deadline is Wednesday January 25 at midnight ET.I've submitted my question just now up to the given/allowed characters limit;Mr President,Kindly cut down some more on international warfare and spend it more on social obligation expenditure, especially, to reduce unemployment issue. Focus on building up internal/domestic economy development. I love my country, the USA.______________________________________________________          via Twitter          just include the hashtag #askobama in your tweet______________________________________________________What Is Blogger Post "Enclosure Link"? Enclosure Link is a related URL as an inserted hyperlink to the post title. When a visitor clicked on the post title, the browser will redirect and open the inserted URL's landing page. The true example is this blog post TITLE. If you clicked on it, you'll be redirected to the inserted URL link's landing page for to setting "Show Link Fields"? (to add enclosure link)This application can be set up by visiting your blog Dashboard, and clicks the following;> Settings> Formatting> Show Link fields - set the value to "Yes"> Save SettingsHow To Setting Show Link Fields To Add Enclosure Link For Blog Post Title allowfullscreen="" class="youtube-player" frameborder="0" height="510" src="" title="YouTube video player" type="text/html" width="640">f3f54ef236834fb59d02b77c9e918e48 [...]

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