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Updated: 2018-03-06T10:39:28.868-08:00


PC Case Mod Essentials Guide


Case modding is for those who are sick and tired of seeing their plain vanilla computer cases. It involves adding special components and making some arrangements inside that PC case so as to enhance is visual appearance and make it look awesome. Some guys take it as a hobby while others do it to make their cases the ultimate head turning machines. It doesn’t improve the performance of your save

Embed subtitles in movies in 4 easy steps


In order to watch a movie with subtitles, you have to have a separate subtitles file for it. You can download the subtitles file easily by just googling the movie name. A subtitles file usually has a .srt extension. Now, the problem is that if you are moving the movie file to some other location say your portable media player or your cell phone, you will have to move the subtitles file too. But

Remove TV commercials or unwanted scenes from recorded videos


I was looking for a neat way of removing unwanted scenes from some of the movies in my collection. After a lot of research, I found the cure. You may want to do away with those annoying advertisements in between your favorite recorded TV shows or explicit scenes in a movie not suitable for family viewing. There is a way of getting rid of them easily without hampering the audio or video quality.

Change the size and quality of thumbnails in Windows XP


While navigating through different folders in Windows Explorer, sometimes it feels that the default thumbnail size of images should be a bit bigger. Or some may insist on having the thumbnail  smaller than its preset size, especially if it is taxing on their system. Here is a registry tweak you can do to change the thumbnail size as well as its image quality in Windows Explorer. Here is how to do

Find out how long your system has been running


Do you want to know how long has your system been running? This is a very simple method to find out the system uptime along with other important information such as product id, system model, system type, pagefile location etc.Just follow these steps:1.Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt2.In the command prompt window, type systeminfo3.A list of valuable information about your

How to hide your hard disk partitions


I have always wished that I could hide my hard disk's partitions. This can be a good way of protecting your important files from the people around you who never miss any opportunity to sneak into your PC. Or it can be a really funny and maybe a cruel prank for someone who is still a novice to computers! But someone smart enough to disable this registry tweak or simply by using a little bit of

How to end tasks automatically in Windows XP


Sometimes it happens that a certain application hangs and prevents the PC to shutdown properly and it also consumes a considerable chunk of Page file memory. As a result, your system runs at a lower speed than its original potential. To disable these applications automatically after a particular time you will have to do some registry tweaking. Just follow these steps:But before that, do not

Apple Safari - Is it the fastest browser?


I don't know if its too late, but let me say this, “Apple Safari 4 is cool”. I recently downloaded it when I discovered my recent love for everything and anything from Apple. But since I am in no condition of buying any Apple product, I thought of why not to get your hands on something which is free and at the same time Apple (rare combination!)Apple Safari has a very distinct feel compared to

How to disable programs on startup in Windows XP


A lot of programs like download managers, DVD burners, P2P clients etc associate themselves to run at startup every time Windows XP starts. Actually, this is a good feature, otherwise you would have to start the anti virus manually whenever you boot your PC which would have been a very tiring job. But this run-at-startup feature is also one of the most common reasons for a sluggish startup. When

Write Protect Your Pen Drive/USB Drive


Write protection was one of the most useful feature in floppies. It allowed prevented any data to be written on the disk's surface, just by sliding a small slider. USB drives have now replaced floppies but still write protection is not a standard feature in all USB drives. Sure, some pen drives do come with this nifty feature but most of them lack it.Write protection allows the user to read from

Show adminstrator account at Windows XP logon screen


When you install Windows XP on your PC, a default administrator account named ‘Administrator’ is created. This account is visible on the login screen when you boot Windows XP. But when you create any other account having administrator rights, the default ‘Administrator’ account is not shown on the login screen. If you want it to show on the login screen, follow these steps: Open the registry

Enable network adaptor’s onboard processor


If you have a network card and it has got its own onboard processor, you can take off the load of network processing from your CPU. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters and create a new DWORD by right clicking on the right hand side pane of the registry editor and selecting new>DWORD. Name it as “DisableTaskOffload”. Set its value to 0 to enable

Disable Shutdown in Windows XP


It’s maddening when someone is working on your PC and shuts down and shuts it down mistakenly or mischievously (whatever may be the case!) even after telling him/her a hundred times not to do so. Imagine if you can disable the shut down itself! (Off course, you can pull out the power plug though!) But if you really want to disable your shutdown in your PC, follow these steps:  Navigate to

Registry keys - a quick guide


For those who wondering about what those different HKEY commands are and what do they hold in them, here is a short guide:HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT: All file types and their associationsHKEY_CURRENT_USER: Currently logged on User Account settingsHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE: Computer’s configuration information – both hardware and softwareHKEY_USERS: All User Account settings

How to install Windows XP automatically


Do you hate to enter the details like serial number, user name, password, your screen resolution and other nitty gritties every time you install Windows XP on your machine? Do you wish you could stay back or may be take a small nap while your operating system installs all by itself, without any need of your intervention? That’s very much possible. All you have to do is create an answer file for

Enable dropshadow behind icons


In Windows xp and its successive operating systems, the icon labels blend with the wallpaper on the desktop don’t see any background color behind the icon text but a drop shadow behind the text. This blending effect or drop shadow effect gives a pleasant visual appearance. But sometimes, after changing the background color of desktop, your icon labels show a background color behind them

Prevent Firefox from saving url in history


Firefox places a list of your visited urls in the history menu by default. You can prevent Firefox from saving your visited websites' names in the history drop down box by following these steps: Go to the partition where Firefox is installed (e.g. Local Disk C or Local Disk D). Browse to Document and Settings \ !user name! \ Application Data \ Mozilla \ Firefox \ Profiles \ 0e0oiola.default.

Reduce size or Word Documents


Working with large files is a problem especially if you have to transfer them frequently over the internet using a slow internet connection. In MS Word XP, document files sometimes become too large in size. There is a simple and quick way to prevent this from happening. But first, let us try to understand why does this happen. Whenever you save a file in MS Word XP by pressing Ctrl+S, the program

When Windows is unable to identify your hardware


Windows xp has a very sophisticated hardware driver management system. Whenever you plug in any new hardware device, it automatically detects it and proceeds with the driver installation. But sometimes, it fails to identify some devices. In such a case, you have to manually install the drivers for that particular hardware device. Go to Start > Control Panel > Add Hardware, to start the add

Get rid of dialup modem noise


If you use an external dialup modem to connect to internet, you would have probably experienced a noise coming out of the modem while it tries to connect to internet. This noise can be very annoying at times. Usually, the default volume of this sound is set to maximum. If you want to disable or reduce the sound, follow these steps. Go to ‘start’ and open ‘control panel’. Click on ‘network and

Make taskbar display day and date


By default, the clock residing in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen in windows shows only time. But if you want it to show date and day as well, follow these steps: 1. Right click on the taskbar and uncheck the ‘lock the taskbar’ option. This will enable you to extend the taskbar vertically. 2. Keep the cursor at the upper edge of the taskbar and drag it vertically upwards so that it

Use headphone jack in optical drive


Almost all of the optical drives come with a 3.5mm headphone jack. It is used to get analog audio output. What we get from the audio card is digital output. Windows xp sets digital music playback as default playback option, that is why you do not get the audio output when you insert the headphone cable in the optical drive jack as it is meant for analog output only. If you want to hear the analog

Extend the cable length of headphones and speakers


Headphones or Speakers usually come with a cable length of about 1m to 1.5m depending upon the brand. But for a lot of people, this length is not enough. It gets stretched whenever it is connected to pc. This ultimately leads to breaking of the cable and you have to buy a new one. You can prevent this by using a stereo audio extension cable. This cable has a 3.5mm stereo pin at one end and a

Disable Scandisk when Windows starts


When Windows xp does not shut down correctly due to sudden power failure or forceful shutdown by the user, it performs a check to make sure your hard disk is alright. This can be a bit annoying at times. Fortunately, there is a way to disable this autocheck.1.Go to start and click run. Type 'regedit' and hit enter.2.Go to 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SYSTEM>CurrentControlSet>Control>SessionManager'3.

Using iPod as a hard disk


For those who were unaware of this, you can use your iPod as an external hard disk. In disk mode, you can transfer your data and use your iPod as a portable hard disk! By pressing a special combination of buttons you can activate disk mode without using iTunes. To do this,1. First of all, reset your ipod.2. When you see the apple logo, press back and forward(for first to third generation) until