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Preview: Time Is A String Of Pearls

Time Is A String Of Pearls

"I dig music."- Russell Hammond

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Paris Fashion Week: Alexander McQueen Autumn Winter 2010-2011


Alexander McQueen's untimely death has reignited everyone's love for McQueen's work which is a shame since he was always a genius that created works of art that walk down the runway rather than just clothes that hang off a model. I found his work fascinating, something that bridges the gap between what can be actually considered fashion. He is definitely more about the style. Who can forget last season's wayBut lets talk about his final collection at Paris Fashion Week which was revealed in private showings in respect to the great man and his work. He seemed to be inspired by everything regal and art with intricate usage of gold and beautiful rich materials. It seemed his clothes had just popped out of a painting from the 16th century. It was stunning and reflected his belief in craftsmanship and detail to every piece he creates.Every piece that was shown had something I thought was beautiful so it was very difficult to narrow it down to my favourite 5 favourite looks; therefore there are 6. Images are all credited to Vogue Australia.UNBELIEVABLE.P.S. I'm off to the La Roux gig on Friday so expect a full review of the show sometime over the next few days.Bye...for now[...]

Off the topic of good ole' rock and roll


This as a good a time to introduce the latest aspect of my blog. STYLE. I love music and style. Now I'm not just talking about fashion and the trends for the season. I mean individual style that shows your personality and makes you feel comfy. I'm all for experimentation that sometimes doesn't pay off and fun in the stuff you have to wear everyday of your life practically. Although, I'm a believer in the classics like white shirts, tailored pants and amazing accessories (number 1 really). In reality this actually links with music easily since artists today relate their music often to a particular style. We all think Lady Gaga's outfits are a bit out there but I think it shows the type of artist she wants to be; edgy whether this is actually true will depend on whether you like her music.This is why from now on I think this blog should be about the 2 things I like most that aren't my family and friends. I will show you all that I am inspired by in this world whether it be through my love of music which really did come first and effortless style. By the way, I will not necessarily post outfits of what I wear because there are a zillion blogs that do this and do it well. Mainly you will get an insight into what I think is interesting and will reinterpret for myself.So to start off, an exciting package came my way today from the awesome store ASOS and it included a few things including a 21st bday pressie for my cousin which I will not post here but I did geta few bargains shipped here including brogues, motorcycle boots and a cardy for the boy...woohooo! All things that I will wear forever. Did I tell you I rarely get rid of clothes unless they're worn to death...Everything here is easy for me to wear.See you all soon and it will be a lot sooner then I've been around recently. Loz[...]

2010 Album Releases: GOLDFRAPP - HEAD FIRST


One of my fave electronic bands Goldfrapp release their fifth album Head First on March 22nd 2010. This record will continue their trend with synth-based pop and will differentiate itself from their last release Seventh Tree which was much more folk with sythesizers in there as well. I love Alison's vocals I think she can really bring it and if any of you love Lady Gaga and La Roux it is compulsory listening that you get Goldfrapp's Supernature. Love it, love it!!!

The first single is 'Rocket' and will be officially released on March 8th and apparently you can buy it on Itunes already and it has been leaked on Youtube but I can't seem to find it anywhere. If anyone has it please post the link in the comments, I would be forever grateful.

1. Rocket
2. Believer
3. Alive
4. Dreaming
5. Head First
6. Hunt
7. Shiny and Warm
8. I Wanna Life
9. Voicething

This is the first album for 2010 that has me super excited. Also, just a little note that I forgot to add Bat For Lashes 'Two Suns' on my Albums of 2009. An unfortunate error that I really should rectify because it deserves to be there!

Top 10 Albums of 2009


So it’s that time again...the time for Best Ofs and Top 10 lists. This blog is no exception as there are many things that excited me about 2009 that other years haven’t. 2009 was the year of the synthesizer, art infused pop and the return of strong ladies in pop and rock. There were many disappointments...Britney you can stand up for this part but overall the music was awesome.Before I start my list I’d just like to say that I have read a few articles lately that have talked about music and the last decade. Yes, music has changed especially in the way we get it. I no longer browse and buy from a CD shop but I can do it from the comfort of my home on Itunes. There, I browse hundreds of bands and artists and then buy their stuff. I am also recommended bands because I bought something similar. It’s FANTASTIC! But other than that I beg to differ that music is getting worse or going downhill, many of the same type of songs appeared in previous decades as they did in the naughties. There will always be cheesy pop songs every decade has them, I mean c’mon the YMCA isn’t brilliant song writing and neither are any of Jessica Simpson’s songs. Even I must admit that the idea of the songwriter in the studio writing for the artist was very prevalent during the 00s and probably will continue well into the future. However; teen pop will exist as long as teenagers roam the earth and rock, hip hop and electro have continued to push the boundaries. This is nothing new from the past.2010 has now begun, what will this decade bring us?1. It’s Blitz! – Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The return of NYCs finest. As soon as I heard it I knew it would be in my top 5. This record is a complete change to their previous work but is right on the money. Led by the charismatic and just plain awesome, Karen O they continue to reach massive success with amazing live shows (for the record I have yet to go to a YYYs show) and an incredible sense of style. Key Track: Heads Will Roll2. The Resistance – Muse. I have not put up my full review of this album but in short it’s a musical odyssey...a space opera. These guys continue to be innovative with music and lyrics. They are willing to experiment in many styles that include classical, rock and electronic and use non-English lyrics but above all of this I love the musicianship that goes into all their work. Key Track: I Belong to You (+ Mon Cœur S'ouvre à ta Voix)3. La Roux – La Roux. Electro-pop at its best. I’m seeing her in March super excited! I am in love with the subtle seriousness of the record. On the surface it seems like pop for the sake of pop but there are some serious issues dealt with on this record particularly in regards to relationships. Key Track: Colourless Colour.4. In This Light and On This Evening – Editors. The darkness of the previous two albums is still there but this one shows a marked change from straight guitars and drums to the use of the synthesizers. I believe this has a lot to do with producer, Flood. I feel his influence greatly on this album. Also, there is a more Joy Division feel than the previous two which I adore and Tom Smith’s voice is hypnotic just like Ian Curtis’ was. Key Track: The Boxer.5. No Line on the Horizon – U2. Their finest work of the decade. It’s definitely not a chart topping album which can be seen to be either good or bad but their U2 so they can do whatever they want. A return to experimentation and more subtle sounds but there 1 or 2 U2ish tunes which have kept the casual listeners happy. We can only hope that they continue to maintain the creative control they have and write amazing songs that give the listener the credit they deserve. Key Track: Moment of Surrender.6. It’s Not Me It’s You – Lily Allen. I adore here. I love the sarcasm in the songs as well as the cheekiness. There is nothing wrong with good ole’ fashioned pop. Hopefully Lily does stay in the music business because there is no one like here. She makes good ole’ fashioned p[...]

Just a quick update


Hello all again...

Sorry about the massive amount of time between posts but I'd been sick for a few weeks and then pulled an insane amount of hrs for this project at work. I've been coming home from work and going straight to bed haven't even had time to catch up on emails. Anyways, I have loads to tell you all including my albums of the year and a few album reviews that I've already written out. So be prepared for a mass onslaught of posts. By the way, I hope you all had a wonderful Xmas and a Happy New Year....

2010 Album Releases: VAMPIRE WEEKEND - CONTRA


Everybodys favourite indie rockers Vampire Weekend are releasing their sophomore album, Contra on January 11th 2010. They have been described as Ivy League rock since the members of the band met while studying at Columbia University. These must be some reasonably smart guys or they are really good at faking it. Anyways, I loved their self-titled first album particularly 'Oxford Comma' which is just infectious pop/rock.

Contra seems to be more of the same which isn't necessarily a bad thing but can lead to bands being described as boring and non evolving. I believe most bands should evolve and take risks even if it doesn't necessarily pay off but at least they made an effort to do something that will go down in music history as unexpected. Back to Vampire Weekend, I've only heard the first single, 'Horchata' but who knows what the album will be like and I am certainly willing to be proven wrong.

  1. Horchata
  2. White Sky
  3. Holiday
  4. California English
  5. Taxi Cab
  6. Run
  7. Cousins
  8. Giving Up the Gun
  9. Diplomat's Son
  10. I Think Ur A Contra
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Looking forward to it.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Live in Oz


If you missed out on Falls Festival or Sunset Sounds tickets Yeah Yeah Yeahs are doing 2 side shows, one in Melbourne and the other in Sydney and they are all ages gigs except I don't think Under 18s get access to General Admin which is crap in my opinion.

The shows take place...

December 29th 2009 - Melbourne, Festival Hall
December 30th 2009 - Falls Festival, Lorne
December 31st 2009 - Falls Festival, Tassy
January 7th 2010 - Sunset Sounds Festival, Brisbane
January 8th 2010 - Sydney - Hordern Pavillion
January 10th 2010 - Southbound Festival, Busselton WA

Tickets are on sale via Ticketmaster and are on sale to the general public Tuesday, November 17th 2009.

Hope to see you all there!!!

Essentials for Spring and Summer


Well it certainly is hot in Melbourne and it's not even officially Summer yet!!! But I still love the long days and pretty floral dresses that come out of the closet. So I just wanted to share with you all my Spring/Summer essentials for the months ahead.First and probably most importantly is good 5 KILLER tracks to party to or chill with friends at a BBQ.LDN - Lily Allen. Oh the joy...Lily at her best, full of cheekiness and sass.Playground Love - Air. This is from the Virgin Suicides soundtrack and if you haven't seen it do because AIR do the whole film score and in my opinion it's a masterpiece.Heart of Glass - Blondie. For by the pool whilst sipping long island iced tea. I adore this band for the fact they are considered true nu-wave artists with a sound grounded in punk highlighted with electronica and dance elements.Space Oddity - David Bowie. I feel a sense of peace when I hear this song. This song is for those days when it is just too hot to do anything so you lie down and put a record on and lie as still as possible just taking in the sounds of your favourites. Bowie is perfect for this!Walk Idiot Walk - The Hives. What a way to get a party started. I love these guys they just know how to write the perfect song. They also have an amazing sense of style which you know can make or break some bands. Walk Idiot Walk has a great, love the crossword thingy.Style Guide Spring/Summer1. Sunnies.Aside from keeing out the sun and all those UV rays they have become a fashion statement. Now the type you get is solely down to personal choice. However, some styles do look better on certain faces than others. In my case aviators do not look good on me because I have a round face. Therefore, I opt for more squarish styles. I particularly like the Wayfarer style but I am lemming the Wayfarer square in blue or purple. If someone can tell me where I can get them in blue I would be most grateful.2. SunscreenI think in Australia this is pretty much a given as we all know to SLIP SLOP SLAP. Even those with darker skin tones must do this as I have had the unfortunate experience as to not realise that my skin was peeling until after I returned from a weekend away at the beach. Let me tell you not cool.3. FloralsI say this in reference to clothing. Florals are great as they usually come in bright colors that are often more cooling than standard black. It feels fresh and fun. I, for one am going to go bright this summer with wacky floral skirts. See the 1990s for inspiration.4. High waisted shortsI love this look and think that it brings much more class to the whole idea of shorts. In the last 3 days I've seen far too many girls/adults wearing too short denim shorts. It's ok but I've seen enough to last a lifetime, people there are other styles out there that more often than not look better than the denims.5. Statement JewelleryI say the bigger the better. Also, you only ever have to wear the one piece as it stands on its own because overdoing it can look a bit craptastic. I wear something similar to the necklace below all the time and I get asked about it quite a lot.Catch you all down at the beach![...]

Summer Festivals: Good Vibrations 2010 Lineup


So the weather is better and that means it's that time of year, the release of 2010 Summer Festival dates and lineups. The BDO has already had its first and I decided not to go because there aren't enough bands I wanted to see to warrant the high price of tickets. However, Good Vibrations is looking like a better option for me. I've always assumed that Good Vibrations is a more dance festival and I think it still is mainly but considering the lineup for 2010 I am seriously considering.

Now on to the all important dates:

Sat February 13th - Sydney, Centennial Park
Sun February 14th - Perth, Claremont Showgrounds
Sat February 20th - Gold Coast, Parklands Showgrounds
Sun February 21st - Melbourne, The Nursery Flemington Racecourse

Tickets are on sale now and are $139 for General admin and $199 for a VIP tix. By the way, I have no idea what a VIP ticket includes. Please note there are booking fees when booking online. I'm not sure if you can buy them at a licenced outlet.

The Killers
Basement Jaxx
Friendly Fires
Art vs Science
Armand Van Helden
Busta Rhymes
Gym Class Heroes
+ a whole host of others

See here to buy tickets if you are convinced.

This is looking pretty good right now and I have to go to at least one music festival this year...its an Aussie tradition so what's it going to be?? Any advice fellow music lovers...

Will update when further acts are announced.



(image) In the past I remembered writing about Echo & the Bunnymen's 11th studio album, The Fountain. I have not actually listened to it yet but I have heard mix reviews about it. I hate reading the reviews before I have had a chance to listen so I think my perspective on it has already been somewhat tarnished. Oh well...let's hope I don't take MOJO's pespective as they have described it as an album of "...middle aged pop-rock".

It also did not shoot up the charts as many expected it to but have a listen to their first single 'Think I Need It Too' below and make your own judgement because I actually like quite like it.

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The official tracklisting is pretty close to what I was given and posted in July.
  1. Think I Need It Too
  2. Forgotten Fields
  3. Do You Know Who I Am?
  4. Shroud of Turin
  5. Life Of a Thousand Crimes
  6. The Fountain
  7. Everlasting Neverendless
  8. Proxy
  9. Drivetime
  10. The Idolness of Gods

Did you catch U2 Live from the Rose Bowl on YouTube?


(image) again
I hope you all enjoyed the once in a lifetime live streaming of U2 live from the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on Sunday L.A. time but Monday arvo Melbourne time. Unfortunately I was not able to catch the live feed but I did catch the first rebroadcast as I sprinted home from work, well as fast as the train could go, to see it. The only problem with the streaming was you couldn't rewind or fast forward but YouTube have been nice enough to put it up as 2+ hr concert that you can pause and restart any time you want. Plus, they also have the individual songs up so you can skip the ones you are not so keen on. See below!

I have to say this was a very inventive thing to do but it also seems like a pretty obvious thing for a band to do. U2 were not only mad enough to be the first to do so but are a big enough band to pull it off with an even larger stage show to make it exciting not only for the 90,000 fans there but for all of us watching on our computers. The concert itself was unbelievable but I have seen enough YT vision to know the band still sound good and roughly what is on their set lists. However, this felt like a concert DVD with professional camera shots but that is not to say that the amateur vision was not bloody brilliant, so fans keep posting your videos please it's just this has a budget and directors etc...
Well watch it and enjoy the U2 extravaganza...
U2 Concert here - No embedding unfortunately.
Have a good rest of the weekend.



Third album by British band Editors, In This Light and On this Evening is out now and it sounds good!!!! I've always loved their Joy Division-esque sound. I mean I'm a huge fan of the dark and depressing sound and lyrics of The Smiths, obviously Morrissey, Echo & the Bunnymen and Depeche Mode so it goes without saying these guys are high on my list. Their first album The Back Room had success but I think it was An End Has A Start that really exploded in Aus. It seems everyone was talking about 'Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors' at the time. This new one was produced by Flood who has worked with everyone from U2 to Nine Inch Nails and Sigur Ros. I think this definitely rates as a great record but I am a bit disappointed with the lack of guitars as there are more synthesizers this time around. It has taken the No. 1 spot in the UK charts already so hopefully we'll hear about the band coming here for a tour!!!. Also, in case you were wondering I'm voting them for cover art of the year, forget what I said about YYY. It's so simplistic but extremely effective.

CD # 1
1. In This Light and On This Evening
2. Bricks and Mortar
3. Papillon
4. You Don't Know Love
5. The Big Exit
6. The Boxer
7. Little Treasure
8. Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool
9. Walk the Fleet Road
CD#2 - Deluxe Edition
1. This House is Full of Noise
2. I Want a Forest
3. A Life As a Ghost
4. Human
5. For the Money

Look out for this one it's out NOW!!!



R.I.P Stephen Gately

I must admit I was a fan of Boyzone back in the day and I do sometimes go back to their old albums and it does hold up well. I have to say I would rather them and other 90s pop acts over half the crappy R&B Hip Hop stuff with autotune masking the fact they cannot sing for s***!!! So I did feel very sad when I heard the news that he did pass away. It is very unfortunate to lose a guy who seems really down to earth.


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Family Outing to IKEA


I know this is supposed to be a music blog but I decided to expand because I do have other interests hmmm....weird how that one works.I must say this weekend has been relaxing unlike others where I've been too busy to just sit at home and listen to albums. That's my fave type of weekend where I can lose myself in an album or two. Anyways, today the whole family and I headed to IKEA to surprisingly not look at home wares and furniture but to eat in their restaurant. Personally I have come to hate the idea of restaurants attached to massive retail conglomerates due to many bad experiences in the States. However, IKEA has done the impossible made a cafeteria restaurant type thing not only a place with really good food but a good atmosphere as well.We love Swedish food as my family and I have a personal connection with the country as we all, minus my brother lived there for a year and my Dad even longer. We have many Swedish friends so we have learnt what is good and what is mediocre and thus I am able to report that the Swedish meatballs are AMAZING! Obviously they will not be as good as the ones you can get in a local place in Sweden but here, there aren't any Swedish restaurants as far as I know (if there are any please recommend away).Back to the topic at hand IKEA have a policy that encourages families to have a good time mixed with Swedish efficiency. Note, the fact that once you finish your meal you take your try with all your plates and cutlery to a rack so employees can do more important jobs than clean up mine and your mess. This is actually followed too. You get refillable drinks and eat in a way that suggests the Swedes have got it right. Are you interested yet??I'm obviously sounding like some sort of advertisement for IKEA and freaky person but more importantly it's about family. Every week we do something together whether it be eat out or take a walk in the park but we bond over food, that's just what my family is like. We catch up on the goss, laugh with, and at each other and plan things all over a meal. It is a time for talk and laughter and IKEA just happened to be the vehicle to let this happen.So if any of you out there have some time take your friends/family to IKEA for a meal instead of just shopping you won't be disappointed.[...]

2009 DVD Releases: The Killers Live from The Royal Albert Hall DVD1202


How cool does this can't wait!!!! I know this is no substitute for actually being there but if you miss out on tix or just want to relive the experience then this is for you. I'm a huge fan of concert DVDs but I'm very particular about which ones I get. The band has to not only be good live but have a show that attacks your senses, I'm talking lights, video screens...dancers and other things to make you think beyond the singer/band on stage. The above trailer shows a band in their prime and they seem to have the audience eating out of their hands and I've seen them live and they have all of the above to keep you interested.I'm a huge fan of these guys as you can probably guess and believe if they keep changing their sound up then music lovers of all types will only benefit. Music journalists love to give them crap but I think they're ambition and sometimes perceived cockiness is good as U2 do it all the time and get away with it and they are definitely not as bad as those Oasis lads. So check this out when Live from The Royal Albert Hall is released on November 10th 2009.The tracklisting...HumanThis Is Your Life Somebody Told MeFor Reasons Unknown The World We Live In JoyrideI Can’t StayBling (Confessions Of A King) ShadowplaySmile Like You Mean ItLosing TouchSpaceman A Dustland Fairytale Sam’s Town (Acoustic) Read My MindMr. BrightsideAll These Things That I’ve DoneSweet TalkThis River Is WildBonesJenny Was A Friend Of MineWhen You Were Young Bonus Features are included too...woooohooo!!!! Behind the Scenes Doco Alternate AnglesMore stuff... Tranquilize (Live from Oxegen Festival 2009) Human (Live from Hyde Park 2009) Mr Brightside (Live from Hyde Park 2009) Smile Like You Mean It (Live from V Festival 2009) When You Were Young (Live from V Festival 2009) It's all looking really good and guys what did you all think of Muse's The Resistance. Personally, it overwhelmed my senses and I'm still trying to figure it out. But you'll hear more about this in my review.Edit: The band also have a new track for the New Moon soundtrack, yes do I know its part of the Twilight franchise but more importantly its a new Killers song!!! The new track is called a White Demon Love Song...hmmm. Anyways, you can hear it in a few weeks so you know YouTube that one.[...]

I'm not dead....Summer Festivals: BDO 2010 Lineup 1


Hello fellow fans of music

A few days ago the initial BDO lineup was released and OMG (I've been watching far too much Gossip Girl for some reason) MUSE are headlining. This could be the one for me this year as I've only ever been to one BDO since in previous yrs I've only ever wanted to see 1 or 2 bands but there are a few bands that are making the trip so the $140 price tag might be worth it. I was also a bit bummed that the David Bowie rumour didn't eventuate but it is still good. Although, do I want to wait and see if Muse do any side shows and just spend the $$$ on that, what do you all think? Ok, moving on....

The lineup so far is:
  1. MUSE
  2. Lily Allen
  3. The Mars Volta
  4. Ladyhawke
  5. Peaches
  6. Kasabian
  7. The Decemberists
  8. Powderfinger
  9. Eskimo Joe
  10. Groove Armada
+ many more already listed and to come.
The Big Day Out '10 is in:
  • Auckland on Fri January 15th
  • GC on Sun January 17th
  • Sydney on Fri January 22nd
  • Melbourne on Tues January 26th
  • Adelaide on Fri January 29th
  • Perth on Sun January 31st
Tickets go on sale:
Wed October 7th in Sydney
Thurs October 8th in GC
Fri October 9th in Melbourne, Auckland, Perth and Adelaide
Check out the official BDO website for more details.
Some videos below of Muse supporting U2 to get you all excited
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U2 The Unforgettable Fire Remastered


(image) U2 are remastering The Unforgettable Fire for its 25th anniversary which I think is their most underrated album especially since the Joshua Tree is really the companion to it and we all know the Joshua Tree is good but not as good as the critics say. Anyways, what is so special about this reissue?? Well...their will be 4 different versions that include B-sides from TUF sessions, live recordings and other goodies.

The 4 versions include:
1. Vinyl album version
2. Standard remastered CD version
3. Deluxe double CD with 36 page book
4. Limited edition deluxe box set which includes the double CD version , 56 page book, 5 prints and a DVD with a making of doco. In case you were wondering I will be buying this one!!!

Rumour has it that this is the tracklisting:

Main Album - I presume this will be all retouched like their other anniversary reissues
1. A Sort of Homecoming
2. Pride (In the Name of Love)
3. Wire
4. The Unforgettable Fire
5. Promenade
6. 4th of July
7. Bad
8. Indian Summer Sky
9. Elvis Presley & America
10. MLK

2nd CD
1. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock (Unreleased)
2. Bass Trap
3. Boomerang I
4. Boomerang II
5. Love Comes Tumbling
6. 60 Seconds In Kingdom Comes
7. The Three Sunrises
8. Sunday Bloody Sunday (Live from Live Aid)
9. Bad (Live from Live Aid)
10. Walk On the Wild Side
11. Ruby Tuesday
12. Satellite of Love
13. Disappearing Act (Unreleased)
14. Yoshino Blossom (Unreleased)

The most interesting thing here is the inclusion of Disappearing Act which was originally started in 1983 with Eno and Lanois and called 'White City' at the time but was revisited again this year. I love how the lads revisit songs that didn't make old albums how fantastic. They played a snippet of it in an interview with BBC radio and you can hear it below. By the way, it's not the greatest quality but it will do.

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Are you as excited as I am for The Unforgettable Fire reissue which will be released on October 27th.

Muse at the 2009 VMAs


I absolutely hate the VMA's mainly because the channel that created them continues to pull cheap stunts to get people interested and forget that the M in 'MTV' stands for Music. However, Muse were there and the only thing worth watching really. They put in an amazing performance with 'Uprising' but they were not on the main stage at Radio City Music Hall. There is also an unaired performance of 'The Resistance' which is pretty damn awesome!!!

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Enjoy guys!!

Where the Wild Things Are


I don't know how many of you know but the much loved book, Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak is being transformed into a movie. The trailer has been out for a while and it looks AMAZING. I hope you all get as excited as I did when I saw it and there is also the bonus of director Spike Jonze making great use of Arcade Fire's Wake Up. Check it out below...

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Have you heard about The Killers new cover album?


The Killers are apparently releasing a covers album as their follow up to Day & Age. This is an interesting idea as these guys seem to do really interesting things with covers. Also, I've added some vids of the covers they have done at live shows and recorded. But one question remains, what covers should be on this album. I vote for 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' and 'Drive' definitely being on the album and maybe a Pink Floyd one too. What do you think??

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Oasis - Are they are aren't they?


(image) Noel Gallagher quit Oasis!! Apparently, but I think it is all but confirmed now that Liam broke Noel's guitar backstage before a festival gig near Paris and thus any further shows have been cancelled with the band no longer in existence. However, given time there maybe news on a replacement but I really don't see how Oasis can go on without the Gallagher brothers together. Noel released an official statement on their website that you can view here. This is all a great shame as they are one of the great rock and roll bands of my time!!!

2009 Album Reviews: LA ROUX


The debut album by La Roux is a winner. It is a triumph of an electro-pop album that is unashamedly full of radio friendly singles. However, underneath the funky beats and coolness is a serious take on relationships that could possibly be reflective of Elly Jackson’s own personal relationships. Songs like ‘Cover My Eyes’, I’m Not Your Toy and ‘Armour Love’ were unexpected on my first listen but are achingly beautiful and ‘Armour Love’ has since become one of my fave songs of the year. Each song is made to be a single and after hearing ‘In For the Kill’, ‘Quicksand’, ‘Bulletproof’ and ‘Fascination’ prior to the album’s release I was pretty sure that those 4 were just the best songs and the rest were going to be duds. I was wrong. There are some great moments on this record and for me the highlight is ‘Colourless Colour‘. I mean c’mon, how can you not like a chorus like,"...Early nineties decorIt was a day forWe wanted to playBut we had nothing left to play forColourless colourOnce in fashionAnd soon to be seen..."I’m glad they are holding out on releasing this as a single (FYI - fourth single is I’m Not Your Toy) because it leaves listeners with room to be surprised when this thumping tune comes on. There are some bizarre moments as evident by ‘Tigerlily’ where there is this odd spoken bit which is very reminiscent of ‘Thriller’. It sounds like they used the same guy as the tone of his voice is practically the same but I doubt it because I think it’s her father. To me, it ruins a perfectly good song. Other cool songs include ‘As If By Magic’ which seems to be an interesting take on a break up song. It’s quite brilliant in that respect and not too depressing. I also must say that I was unaware of the power of Jackson’s voice as every other electro-pop singer (male or female) out there does not have the range she has or the beautiful falsetto. If she was singing in any other style people would be commenting on how great a singer she is but unfortunately the style itself has seen too many with mediocre vocal talent. I am definitely intrigued by her too as she seems to be coming to terms with her sudden rise in popularity as teens want to emulate her style. It is also good to see that a band or duo is able to share equally in the creative direction of the music even though it does seem that La Roux is Jackson.La Roux is here to stay! This record is not just another of the many electro-pop albums released this year but the pop album of the year and it's synthesizer based which just happens to be right on trend. Also, fingers crossed they take out the Mercury Prize which is handed out in early September. Check out these RAD live performance videos if this doesn't get you hooked to La Roux then nothing will.Just a reminder I'm also very aware of my lack of posts but I'm working on it with some new and interesting ideas that might get me posting more regularly!!![...]

2009 Album Releases: MIKA - THE BOY WHO KNEW TOO MUCH


(image) Mika releases his much anticipated 2nd album The Boy Who Knew Too Much on September 21st. The first single is 'We Are Golden' and will be released in early September and looks to be another catchy one with his quirky pop sensibilities stamped all over it. You too can hear it too on his official website Also, here is the official video for We Are Golden. Sorry about the lack of embedding for the video as its been disabled by his record company.

1. We Are Golden
2. Blame It On the Girls
3. Rain
4. Dr. John
5. I See You
6. Blue Eyes
7. Good Gone Girl
8. Touches You
9. By the Time
10. One Foot Boy
11. Toy Boy
12. Pick Up the Off the Floor

Looks to be another poptastic record!!!!



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Hey all....Muse have finally released their album artwork and here it is....
What do you all think...was it worth the wait? Anyways, you can hear full length versions of United States of Eurasia (+Collateral Damage) and Uprising here. I can't wait!!!