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Ben always starts the Peter Board every party, so that we can keep track incase anyone forgets who petered first!(image) Dale making sure the Moonshine is buring blue in stead of red you are dead color.
(image) Bless his heart, he is usually the last one standing, but he made it up first. Atleast he is a happy drunk and a good sport when you mess with him. When everyone finally left, I went up, he was no longer on the bathroom floor, so I went to the bedroom, in which the door was locked, I could not see him, payday was raising cain wanting to get out. I could not find a key, so I pried the door open with a butter knife (impervise) let pay out and still no Mark. Then I found him on the couch passed out. Got him to the bed and all tucked in. He was doing a lot of mumbling, something about hating everyone! But he did not remember a whole lot about the party. There seems to be one of those every party we have, Lydia hint hint.....



Now Dennis had to give it a try, booty bumpin with Tammy(image) Do you see how he is grasping the pole. That's because he could barly walk... Can you say MOONSHINE

(image) OOOOh gettin low with Lydia and Janice. He's still holding on.

(image) And of course he's got to show some leg.



Lydia doing some moves on the pole, she said she did not like that it turns now, but she will when she get's used to it.(image) She was dancing to some booty music, she does not need a pole to dance with, the girl went to Jefferson High, so she got the booty moves....

(image) Janice, well what can I say, she was sooo sexy in her outfit (cop) and did a great job dancing on the pole. I TOUCHED MYSELF.......

(image) Go girl! She did a great job on the pole, and did not even get hurt or have to go to the hospital or anything. We were all hurting the next day, I could hardly walk myself.



(image) Dale and Dale.....
(image) My disco light fell out of the blue, I had this one, (it actually goes in a pool) to replace it. I am always impervising for one thing or another....
(image) Brian picked up the pieces of the globe to my disco light, gonna try and glue it back together.

(image) Gena and Lydia doing a twosome on the pole.



I was a pirate again, Mark had told me I could not wear a black wig, he never said I could not wear a wig at all, so I found this blonde one. I reckon he liked it, he did not get to see it for long, cause someone brought THE SHINE and ya know what that means....(image) Ben and James shootin pool.
(image) Someone must have been pole dancing, with the smiles on their faces.

(image) All the girls waiting for the right song to come on so that we could dance somemore....



See what I mean, about the costumes changing hands, Our priest, decided to become Joe Dirt Priest.(image) Carla! WOW!! I don't think I have seen such a sexy biker chick EVER! She and Steve are such good people. Glad we got to know them.
(image) Tammy the devilish cat woman...

(image) All (well most) of us girls posing for a pic at the pole..



As the nite goes on costumes seem to change hands. Brian wore the Joe Dirt wig for a while after Glen took it off.(image) Jodie the School teacher and April the Pirate Wench.
(image) Charlotte the wickedly sexy witch and her pool shark boyfriend. I think they were definetly ready to drink, they were loaded for bear...

(image) Jack and Gena! Hey Gena, you can arrest me anytime....



Glen and April, I was sooo glad they came this year and truly injoyed them being there. (except for Glen hollering at Mark (aka Dennis) when I was trying to get him up the stairs.(image) Daniel and Hillary aka the priest and the catholic school girl. We really had great costumes this year.
(image) Ben the fisherman and Lydia the Mermaid and how she wore those HIGH HEELS all nite, of course she did fall a couple of times. hehe



We bought this campfire grill and it worked just great grilling. We had all been practicing NOT to throw trash in the fire to burn so that it would not make our food taste bad. Mark did an excellent job grilling.(image) Janice had taken some sausage in for Sarah, she said it was burnt, so she ate the insides. I like it burnt, causes it takes a lot of the greese out. Sarah is such a pickie eater, wonder where she gets it from DALE!

(image) Just the burnt side.....



We went riding on the Aucilla River area and was walking the banks when Duck found this Hornets nest, and yes there were Hornets in it. We definetly kept our distance.(image) It was such a pretty bank to walk, we love looking for adventures.
(image) Duck decided to trek across Jones Mill Creek where it dumps into the Aucilla and as always I was camera ready just incase he had a mishap.

(image) Janice! Well what can I say about my redneck friend. She always has the latest fashion, I think she invents it sometimes.



(image) Redneck cook light! Duck Tape was the product of the weekend (along with super glue).
(image) Janice the Fryer cook was skinning potatos with her potato peeler. You can see all the peels on the ground, but that's ok, cause there is a little chicken down at goose and he comes around every morning to clean up any food we may have dropped.

(image) We stayed out a little later than planned riding and I forgot to bring Mark a jacked, so I had a spare that he wore, it was a little small.

(image) He always fusses at me when I wear his jackets, cause I always button the sleeves (only to help keep them up). He slid mine on and forgot to check to see if they were un-buttoned, they were'nt.



With the cooler weather, we decided to camp at goose. Dale & Janice came along and as you can see Sarah found a new play spot in the camper (storage area). Most of their storage compartments are packed with Sarah's toys.(image) Janice and Sarah decided to play the fake rope trick on Me and Mark. You pretend you are pulling a rope in front of a passing vehicle and of course it will slow travelers down. Not like we need a reason to stop and gab, we tend to do that about every 100 yards or so. We found out just how much we move and how much we stop, by Janice's GPS, I think it was like 8 hours stopped and 1 1/2 moving.
(image) One of our stops, Mark decided to give Sarah some Duck Tape in which she handed it off to Mama. Ruby was holding Dale while Janice tried to do a tummy wax on his belly. We had earlier gave Dale some super glue to glue his rear view mirror back on, due to Sarah had a mishap with it, she hollered for Mark to come to her rescue to fix it before Daddy found out she broke it.

(image) Wondering why we are all standing up on our vehicles? We had just seen a bear cross the road and was trying to catch up to get pics of him.



Dale, Janice, Sarah, Mark and myself went to goose camping this weekend. Friday, we decided to do some off roading in the Jeeps, while we were waiting on Duck and Ruby to arrive. We got to a tree down and the off road started.(image) As you can barely see the Jeep. Dale had walked through to try and find away around the tree, he did, I had to move into the middle, trying not to get slapped by the limbs.

(image) You can see Sarah's head, she knows the safe spot.



(image) Our grandkids from Minnisota came to visit. We took the boys to our favorite place, the Wacissa river Saturday evening to fish and they had a great time. This is Cole the middle child, he is so sweet. He fell in love with Janice,
(image) Here, papa is riding Cole and Conner on Dale's 6 wheel thingy, they had so much fun.
(image) Conner had got this small bass on his line, and let Cole reel it in. He is such a good big brother.

(image) Conner was a pro at casting his rod, I was amazed. I figured I would be getting him out of the trees and roots the whole time, but he did great. He did tell me that our worms were better than their Minnisota worms, cause he caught more fish that he usually did at home.



Duck getting some hug time with Lydia down at the catfish hole.(image) Sarah snoozing away by the fire. Bless her heart, she is one tuff cookie to hang with all us BIGGER KIDS.
(image) Catfish nite at the catfish hole..

(image) Diesel, he's as bad as Sarah about sleeping anywhere....



(image) This is a big catfish I cought fishing on the Aucilla River with one of my die hard friends Ruby.
(image) This is my other die hard friend, when she ain't kicked to the curb. We were fishing on the Aucilla River one nite and decided to bring the grills and cook. Janice is an awsome cook. She found this little $2.00 grill and it cooked just great.
(image) Me and Janice trying to get a catfish off the hook.

(image) Yikes! Came across this rattle snake on goose road.



(image) This is Log Spring, it was beautiful this summer. This spring is just before you turn into Big Blue and is up a long winding creek to get to it, but it is well worth the obstacle's to see it.



(image) Dale Brumbly had just bought this six wheel thingy and Paul offered to take Ruby, Tammy and myself riding one nite. It will go very fast on land. If Paul tells you to hang on, HANG ON, cause he is fixing to turn and sling the dickens out of ya. After he rode us on land, he takes off to the river. Headed down the airboat path to the river, where it is very snakie. We hit the water, it was pretty cool, until Paul notices that we are sitting a little too low in the water. So he starts to turn and head for land. Of course there is nothing but trees where he is headed, so as he is climbing a tree. Come to find out, he had pulled the plug out to let it drain from his previous adventure and forgot to put it back in, sooooo we were sinking! At this point, I took the opportunity to BAIL OUT!
(image) Then Ruby bails.............
(image) Then Tammy bails, Duck finally came to help rescue us girls. He said he figured somthing was up when he seen the head lights shooting up the tree.

(image) Just another well ended adventure.



(image) Payday found a new place to ride on our Sunday afternoon rides. The dash board of the truck..
(image) Yeah, it looks like Dale is just sitting there all nonshlaunt, but he is actually stuck. Janice and Sarah got on our boat so he could take off....
(image) This shot was taken on goose pasture road at one of our road parties. Just too pretty to not get a pic of.

(image) Little Miss Perky.......



This was a dirt dobler pulling a spider. ukk.(image) Mark decided to open our already failing unbrella, which turned out to be a goat roping. It just fell apart, so Duck, Ruby and myself starting to try and just close it back up.

(image) We worked and worked trying to get it to close back up.

(image) finally we did get it to close. Not exactly like it should have, but close enough. Of course Mark just stood back laughing and taking pictures.



Sarah and her airboat friends taking a dip. I think she was trying to keep her belly button dry.(image) Mark and me were riding up the log spring creek and came upon this Alligator Turtle, he had a lot of green algae on him.
(image) Sitting at the anchor hole, one of our swimming spots. Last year this was full of grass. We named it anchor hole, cause Ruby found an anchor here.

(image) Took this shot of an Alligator Turtle swimming across the spring in front of Dale's dock.



(image) My mama fishing at Dale's dock, she was the cricket baiter for Daddy, I don't do cricket's, I barly do worms.....
(image) As most of you know, my daddy past away this past August. When we found out that he did not have long to live, due to having cancer. I asked him what he most wanted to do. His answer was to go fishing, so fishing it was. Dale was kind enough to let us fish at his dock. All daddy had to do was sit, I or mama would bait his hook and I would take the fish off. I will treasure those last two fishing trips with my daddy forever.
(image) This was taken on daddy's first fishing trip, my older sister came along with us.

(image) Mark had been sitting in his hottub one morning watching several humming birds comming down to feed on this bottle brush bush. I decided to try and get a pic. It took several tries, cause they are quick little boogers, but finally.



(image) My mama came for a ride, she had never rode on a airboat.
(image) We had idled down to the dam in the back creeks and met up with Paul, Kim and Dale test driving their new boat.
(image) Mama really enjoyed her ride on the boat, I hope she will go again.

(image) She was a trooper, cause she did not have to wear ear plugs.



(image) Paul waving good bye.
(image) We (me) were pigging out.
(image) Thanks to Ben we got all these pics at the party, he is usually real good with those self portorit pics, this ones a little fuzzy.

(image) I think Paul was trying to show Kim some of his disco moves....



Paul and Duck doing the pose.(image) Jason and Marsha, she's sooo cute.
(image) You can always tell the nite is winding down by the numbers on the couch. Joe, Lydia, Janice and Tammy resting and watching.

(image) Dale and Marc taking a rest, well Marc is anyways.