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Internet Marketing London - Search engine optimisation vs pay per click

Wed, 03 Feb 2010 17:29:00 GMT2010-02-03T17:29:00Z

Internet Marketing London - Search Engine Optimisation Vs Pay Per Click

Internet Marketing London campagin is all about learning how to make use of the 4 main search options such as local search, natural search, content search and paid search. Natural or Organic Search and Paid Search has been the most favorite way to promote local firms. Nevertheless, many businesses do not truly understand the differences among the two.

Let me to explain these briefly. SEO or search engine optimization is the process where your site is created and optimised for highest exposure on the search engines like google. The idea is to be placed as high as achievable for the most related and commercially feasible key terms. Ideally, the site would be promoted to the number 1 rankings which usually brings up to 40% of almost all the targeted traffic tied in with that key phrase.


PPC on the other hand is the paid search. The procedure is fairly comparable but the site is added to the paid search just like advertising. Your listing seems as an ad on the top and right hand side of the pages. Every time the specific key word is entered your ad presents itself but you will just pay when someone clicks. The cost per click is dependent on numerous factors such as average CPC, quality score, ad's relevancy to the keyword, headline etc.


Main Differences


However, regardless of these distinctions SEO and PPC can be combined for the optimum impact. All Search engine optimization activities ought to be tested via PPC prior to the SEO development commences.

This is frequently ignored by many SEO firms. Most SEO strategies are flying blind in the hope of obtaining more site visitors or converting those site visitors to the customers. The testing using PPC can highlight any big or small roadblock by testing components such as demographics, keywords, Return on investment etc.

Another benefit of combining Search engine optimization as well as PPC is that on site optimisation performed for Search engine optimization functions can help to increase the quality score for PPC campaign. What that means is that typical click per cost would decrease and your ad would acquire more favourable placement.

Probably, the most essential feature is the piece of mind that comes with the fact that your Search engine optimization campaign cannot fall short as you have already tried out using Pay-per-click. SEO, Pay per click as well as SM (Social Media) should be part of total internet marketing strategy.

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