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Preview: The Nuns Are On The Sea Wall

The Nuns Are On The Sea Wall

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Most of my recordings incl. Art you can find on other sits in MP3Uploaders do what they want, even when you tell them not toupload in MP3:However, this is the original site created in 2009. I stopped, causeof VVMO, selling these recordings for money.2017I open my site again for downloading always in lossless flac. All Download-Links are permanent, no hidden commercials and spamsand so it's the easiest way to get what you're looking for.What I bring you is my whole collection of not released Velvet Underground Concerts, Outtakes, Acetates and More.All of cover-arts (except them from the industrial Bootleggers) I did by myself and you can find tehm over the whole internet. If you you my work, you also know my style! IMPORTANTThis is merely a Blog for audio and video recordings of Velvet Underground (ROIO) which have not been officially released. No audio or video content is hosted here. I only provide meta information files for the ROIOs. If you're an artist (or a legal representative of an artist or its estate) and you don't want your ROIOs shared on this Blog for free among your fans, you may opt out any time by sending an e-mail to me ( I will then put you in my list of not allowed artists, known as the NAB list. This will halt all sharing of your ROIOs using this Blog within minutes. BTW, the ROIOs exist, you can't make them vanish. So, why not let your fans get them for free from one another instead of having to purchase them from commercial bootleggers on auction sites?If you download a concertdo not sell anywhere!!!Share it for free and always in flac or other lossless formatesThank you very muchEvery concert contains art-work in PNG 360 lossless. Some are X-Large, others fits exactly in a jewel-caseMy most important contacts in the past wereMike Kostek of VUASLouis F. SchürmannHias SchaschkoGordon (lurid)Michael (mjg196)&MOSTGuido Piccinetti from Italy (he died in a car accident in 1994)This was the last letter I received. From his wife IsabellaGuido was "the" european Fan from the first hour and I'm very proud, that I was albe to get in touch with him. Most of my records and tapes of Lou Reed And of the Velvet Underground are from him. I don't know if he was a founder, but he was involved in the famous lable "Aulica Records" which released the fantastic "End Col Ave" of Velvet Underground.Last Point:You love Lou Reed and you're a true Rock'N' Roller? So please share your rarities. I know, you don't get money and even no 'Thank you' for what you're sharing. What do you have, when you're the only person who has a tape nobody can hear, only you? Why not sharing with other fans? You will have more satisfy to give than to take.[...]

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Afterhours Tape 51

Moe Tucker & Sterling Morrison
Live March 1992

Moe Tucker Sterling Morrison Salzburg 05 March 1992 audience recording - Sterling Morrison interviews 1992

Szene, Salzburg
05 March 1992

01: Spam Again 6.16
02: Hey Mersh 3.33
03: Talk So Mean 8.35
04: Lazy 4.06
05: I'm Sticking With You 3.44
06: Baby 3.41
08: I'm Not 6.26
09: Here Comes The Train (cut) 6.01

01: SOS 4.03
02: Andy 6.14
03: Fired Up (cut) 3.44
04: Bo Diddley 12.15
05: I'm Waiting For the Man 6.15

06 March 1992

06: Blue All The Way To Canada 4.57
07: Pale Blue Eyes 6.27
08: Interview with Sterling Morrison, Radio Bavaria, 05 March 1992 5.22

Personnel on tracks 1 - 14:
Moe Tucker: guitar(?), vocals
Sterling Morrison: guitar, vocals
John Sluggett: drums
Sonny Vincent: guitar
(did anyone play bass?)!p3AQ2abY!3FZZLinkDSA-_oIsPb_zNZ9f1K-00PAWbdqWRTDvIy8

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Moe Tucker On VARULVENRARE FLEXI DISCGreat Moments In Flexi-Disc HistoryBy Pete BilderbackWhile searching for the Kendra Smith flexi-disc, I came across this one, given away with a different issue of The BOB magazine. I had totally forgotten I had this, but it's a good one.The A-side "I'll Meet You Halfway" by Redd Kross is an outtake from 1993's Phaseshifter. It sounds to me like the boys were going for a kind of Neil Diamond vibe here (quite sucessfully, I might add). This also appeared on the B-side of "The Lady In The Front Row" 7" single (but not on the 10" EP that I own, go figure).Side two has a then 48 year-old Moe Tucker performing "Teenager In Love" accompanied by her daughter Kate on violin and sax. Like everything else Moe touches, the results are completely charming.The other B-side track, "So So Sick" appeared in a slightly different version (titled "So Sick") on Unrest's fantastic 1992 album Perfect Teeth. I believe this version also appeared on a limited edition Teenbeat 7" box set of the album. It's criminal that Perfect Teeth, one of the best albums of the 90s, has fallen out-of-print. It's not even available as a download, although a compilation of some of the better tracks and rarities from the same period, B.P.M. (1991-1994), is available at iTunes. "So So Sick" (possibly the same version as this one) is also available there, presumably sans flexi-disc induced distortion. Once again, I've done my best to clean up the sound without negatively impacting the music, I hope you enjoy the results.01 Redd Kross - I Meet You Halfway02 Maureen Tucker - Teenager In Love03 Unrest - So So SickBONUSMoe Tucker & Jonathan Richman04 I'm Sticking with YouMoe Tucker and Jonathan RichmanThis guy in Boston called me. Somehow he'd gotten a hold of a tape of Jonathan Richman and I doing I'm Sticking With You (from 1974). We'd known Jonathan since he was 14. He used to come to Velvets shows so we knew him forever. So we just recorded the song and never released it- it was just done for fun. This guy had the tapes and wanted to release it on his own little label.Moe and JoJo's version of I'm Sticking With You was eventually released in 1980 on Boston's Varulven label. Cute, huh?Posted by Fire Escapeat 5:48 PM3 comments:John said...I have two beat up old college radio copies of this...there's a really nice insert that came with it too (a repro of a show flyer, recording info). It was recorded with the line-up that would do the non-Lou LP Squeeze, and Willie Alexander (another Boston legend) sings a verse on it. I swear to christ I once saw a 12" version of this as well, but that was almost 20 years ago. Maybe I'm imagining I saw it. OK, after seeing Joe Viglione's Varulen eBay store, it seems it ended up getting fleshed out as a Moe Tucker 12" EP called "Another View".8:16 PMJohn said...Sorry for the misspelling. That's Varulven...if you're willing to part with $50 USD for one song, you're a better man than I am.8:24 PMFireEscape said...Thanks for the info, John. If I were a richer man, I'd pay $50 for a Jonathan Richman song, but maybe not a Moe Tucker 7" doesn't have that flyer you mention, but I've seen copies of it in the past...8:39 PMPost a Comment!UmYFQaqY!RpLPZKXDcgYl8AOT-eaM7yswkJCJSmUC1_VnlLDvfh0[...]

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Ayers-Cale-Eno-Nico"The June 1, 1974 Outtakes"Kevin Ayers, John Cale, Eno, NicoJune 1, 1974 - The OuttakesRemastered versionWhat I did : remove an awful lot of hiss / equalization / transition between tracks to make it a seamless show / design the cover art. This is by far the best version available (if you except the extracts that were officially released and that I have removed here."Baby's on fire" was played twice during this show : in the beginning and as the last encore. The encore has been officially released, but without its extra percussive introduction. Here I have kept the introduction and made it followed by the song as it was played in the beginning of the show.*******************************************************Kevin Ayers vocals, guitarJohn Cale vocals, piano, violaBrian Eno vocals, synthesizerNico vocals, harmoniumand THE  SOPORIFICSOllie Halsall guitarJohn 'Rabbit' Bundrick organArchie Leggett bassEddie Sparrow drums, percussionwith special guestsMike Oldfield guitarRobert Wyatt percussion, backing vocalsand three nice lady singersIrene Chanter, Doreen Chanter, Liza Strike backing vocals1 - Introduction by Ian Tilbury (0.54)2 - J. CALE - Buffalo ballet (3.43)3 - J. CALE - Gun (4.13)4 - NICO - Das Lied der Deutschen (5.42)5 - K. AYERS - DidnÕt feel lonely till I thought of you (4.39)6 - K. AYERS - Whatevershebringswesing (9.06)7 - K. AYERS - Interview (7.55)8 - K. AYERS - See you later (0.51)9 - K. AYERS - It begins with a blessing /          Once I awakened /          But it ends with a curse (11.04)10 - K. AYERS - Dr Dream theme (8.26)11 - K. AYERS - IÕve got a hard on for you baby (5.05)12 - ENO - BabyÕs on fire (4.24)total time : 66.00!B2RVXQwK!KBiD0sLCZNzU0kQd1D1RDPLbzcR0mICst67-U-SxKTM[...]

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Edi Sedgewick
"Edi Girl On Fire"

Video Clip: 27:10min

A Retrospective of the Darling of
Andy Warhols Factory, New York!03oGBJTS!qugNc5vVCFnbEDq6rBadfa7MHvKbjtk7VUStMgQ62dU

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Velvet Underground"Afternoon Sound Alternative" Radio ShowKGNU Denver Radio StationJune 26, 2012, 1:00 PMVelvet Underground"Afternoon Sound Alternative" Radio ShowDenver Radio StationJune 26, 2012, 1:00 PM01 Show #1 (55:02)02 Show #2 (1:18:33)03 Show #3 (45:24)A 3 Hour Radio Show about the Stora ofthe Velvet Underground and a lot of alternate Versions of them;Live and Studio!RrJzkRCC!mMBnDwQsGWclbJT_NdT4rOB6Nkc3yrFLUM1wPcy-fsU[...]

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Velvet Underground

Max's 1970-08
The Freeman recording samples

Velvet Underground
Max's 1970-08 Freeman recording samples

Up To Lexington 0.33
Make Me Go Blind 0.37
Rolling On The Ground 0.54
Rodeo 0.32
If You Broke My Heart 0.47
Heavenly Wine And Roses 0.51
Over The Hill 1.05
C Blues 0.52
Lou Reed You Know You Won't Get Far 0.37
By The Sea 0.58
Twisted And Unkind 0.47
It'll Be All Right 1.05
Always Disfigured 0.49
Out On The Street 0.58
On The Carpet 0.46

The Joseph Freeman tape

Joseph Freeman: "I recorded an entire set at Max's (around the same time as Polk's).
The tape was recorded on a Sony TCS-124 a portable stereo cassette recorder with an
external single stereo mic. The quality of the tape is very good and has never been bootlegged.
I may be interested in having this tape surface as a legitimate release".

[source: message posted in the Velvet Underground Discussion Forum on March 2, 1999]!NzxGDDAK!Stq9z_QRhCVZ9OntiX9VuDzU9dbvM-Z8U0QJNozfV9s


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Velvet Underground
"Fallin In Love With The Falling Spikes"

Velvet Underground
Screen Test: Falling In Love With The Falling Spikes

Lineage: vinyl rip > soundstudio to aiff> itunes 7 to wav> flac 8

1. Hedy soundtrack excerpt 1 (1965)
2. Hedy soundtrack excerpt 2 (1965)
3. Chelsea Girls soundtrack excerpt 1 (1966)
4. Chelsea Girls soundtrack excerpt 12 (1966)
5. Women In Revolt soundtrack excerpt (1968)
6. Interview 1
7. Interview 2
8. Interview 3
9. Interview 4
(interviews originally from Music Factory promo lp

Tracks 1, 3, 5 – 9: from first playing of sealed mint vinyl copy of Screen Test, properly tracked and minus material available elsewhere. (most) hiss removed ion soundstudio

Tracks 2, 4: bonus traclks form 1996 Jap silver CD Screen Test. (some) hiss removed in soundstudio!gjQ3FZQD!-nhJ1bf4D0vdI0DGHjXWk8Q46V_mWhGDClNMJEDDrkI

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Velvet Underground"EPISODE 17"Pre - Re - CoverversionsVelvet Underground"Episode 17"Pre - Re - CoverversionsDisc One01 Lou Reed-John Cale: Waiting For My Man02 Lou Reed-John Cale: Berlin03 Lou Reed: Perfect Day04 Unknown: RunRunRun ?? (Piano-Version)05 Unknown: Unknown Classical Version06 Unknown: Unknown Classical Version07 Nico: The End (Live Version)08 Unknown: Candy Says (Piano Version)09 Unknown: Candy Says (Piano Classical Version)10 Velvet Underground: Candy Says11 Velvet Underground: I'll Be Your Mirror12 Nico: Unkonwn Song13 Nico: Unknown Song (she sings in france)14 Nico: Unknown Song15 Unknown: Sunday Morning>Unknown Song>I'm Set Free16 Unknown: Sweet Jane17 Unknown: Heroin (Punk-Version with Guitar Sound like Lou)Disc Two01 Unknown: Here She Comes (Stoner Rock Version)02 Why Don't You Smile03 Sneaky Pete04 Drivin' Me Insane05 Cycle Annie06 I Got A Tiger In My Tank07 So Blue08 So In Love09 Moe Tucker: Unknown Track10 Moe Tucker: Unknown Track11 Moe Tucker: Unknown TrackIf somebody can help me with the tracks I don't know, I would be very gladthank you very much!FjoA3TrB!e5Amum2qrw5QB9cjOdEKo1KJnvUvYDKEKPcRd421vgo[...]

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Pre-Velvet Underground

 La Monte Young
John Cale & Angus McLise
The Theatre Of Eternal Music

Side A
01. B. Dorian Blues
     Drums [Hand] - Angus Maclise
02. Pre-Tortoise Dream Music

Side B
01. The Tortoise, His Dreams And Journeys
      Electronics [Sine Waves] - La Monte Young , Marian Zazeela
Saxophone [Sopranino] - La Monte Young (tracks: A: 01, 02)
Saxophone [Soprano] - Terry Jennings (tracks: A: 01, 02)
Viola - John Cale
Violin - Tony Conrad
Voice - Marian Zazeela!xjxh2RZR!cJORxwwCZzfNjzvmS4MW3EAY5pSOcmiITgDznAVmmF4

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Lou Reed, John Cale, Nico
"The Bataclan Movie 1972"

The legendary show recorded at the Bataclan Club in Paris, on January 29th, 1972
Lou Reed is accompanied by John Cale & Nico, on stage for the first time since the break up of the Velvet Underground.
Broadcast on June 10, 1972, Pop 2, Antenne 2, France.
The show is presented by Patrice Blanc Francard and includes reports about Robert Wyatt's Matching Mole,Lewis Caroll and 23 minutes devoted to the Reed, Cale & Nico concert at Le Bataclan in Paris, on January 29, 1972.
It offers 5 songs filmed by Claude Ventura (Berlin, I'm Waiting For The Man, Heroin, Ghost Story, Femme Fatale) intersected with French journalists discussing.
The Pop 2 show has been re-broadcasted on Canal Jimmy cable TV on October 29, 1999.

Notes: Fairly good video quality, good sound quality. Black & white picture.

Torrent History:

Originally uploaded to PureLiveGigs by Borzage on  6-08-2005
Uploaded to MWPby rossy on July 25, 2006

Since it is an invaluable recording of a unique show, I thought it worth another upload, to give new members the opportunity to add this precious document to their collection.!RuplDBAb!NNvTZ8lzF-Q6KU1y6RK0zFhVwRyLl9SjkB2e7T9ahBE

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Velvet Underground
"Screen Test: Falling In Love With The Falling Spikes'

Velvet Underground
Screen Test: Falling In Love With The Falling Spikes

1. Interview >
Hedy film sountrack (excerpt) >
Interview (14:28)
2. Interview >
Oh! Sweet Nuthin' >
Women In Revolt film soundtrack (excerpt) >
The Chelsea Girls film soundtrack (excerpt) >
Vamp >
Interview (17:49)
3. Chelsea Girls (21:40)
4. Hedy (18:30)

1: Interview: Music Factory promo LP / film soundtrack, 1965 /
2: Second Fret, Philadelphia PA, May 1970 / film soundtrack, 1968 / film soundtrack, summer 1966 / Woodrose Ballroom, Springfield MA, 17/4/70 /
3: film soundtrack, summer 1966 / 4: film soundtrack, 1965.!06IxCLzJ!tLFFYGFDoY5R7Aeb4G72CSd2Od1sRKK40tm8bWVfa2c

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"The Eternal Legacy - Live 68-92"

Blue Knight BKR 06, Alemania, 1992

1.Heroin (10:09)
2.Rock And Roll (4:35)
3.Waiting For My Man (3:56)
4.All Tomorrow's Parties (4:51)
5.Femme Fatale (3:05)
6.Waiting For My Man (6:34)
7.I'll Be Your Mirror (3:58)
8.Sweet Jane (4:16)
9.Sister Ray (7:54)
10.White Light/White Heat (3:54)
11.Pale Blue Eyes (6:02)
12.I'm Set Free (4:30)
13.I'm Sticking With You (2:44)
14.The Story Of My Life (2:06)
15.Walk On The Wild Side (4:10)

1 : Fondation Cartier, Jouy-en-Josas, June 15, 1990 / 2 : Lou Reed, Milan, 1992 / 3 : John Cale, Europe, 1991 / 4-6 : Nico, Bologna, 1982 / 7 : Lou Reed, Europe, 1979 / 8 : Lou Reed, Los Angeles, 1976 / 9 : Lou Reed, Stockholm, 1974 / 10 : Lou Reed, New York, 1972 / 11-13 : End Of Cole Ave, October 19, 1969 / 14 : Boston Tea Party, early October 1968 / 15 : cover by Holly + Little Jo.
Interesting compilation of various tracks all available elsewhere!M6AHURia!bVwYzwFmtB8dQDx7PqWEYyF2XKtSURsfZPlIaf-Mki8

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The Velvet Underground"All Tomorrow's Parties"The Velvet Underground"All Tomorrow's Parties"Lineage:  Master Warhol Museum CD -> CD(gen1) -> .wav -> CD(gen2) -> .aiff -> .flac (level 8)01. Walk Alone02. Venus In Furs/Crackin' Up03. Rythm & Blues Instrumental04. Run Run Run into Miss Joanie Lee05. Day Tripper into Boom Boom Boom06. Rockabilly Instrumental07. Blues Instrumental08. Heroin09. There She Goes Again10. Green Onions11. There She Goes Again12. Heroin13. I'll Keep It With Mine14. European Son/Suzie Q15. Get It On Time16. I'll Be Your Mirror01-11: rehearsals, The Factory, January 3, 196612-14: Up-tight, The Cinematheque, New York City, February 6, 196615-16: rehearsals, The Factory, March 7, 1966This is the unedited, unfiltered, full-file All Tomorrows Parties bootleg.  Here is the story...Back in the prehistoric days, before torrents and FTP, was this thing called "trading CD's thru the mail."  One of the guys who I traded with said he had something very special if I'd like to hear it, on the condition that I never trade it until he said it was OK to.  He sent me this!  Someone who had access to the CD recorded it and made a copy for himself and a friend.  That friend made me a copy, which is where these files were extracted from.  Now, I dated this really strange chick for a while after meeting her one night after a gig in Luxembourg.  Many of you know her as Rosie Lee.  She was in a band called the Fluffernutter Devices and was a HUGE fan of the VU.  She asked if she could have a copy of this disc, so I converted it so she could play it on her portable player on her band's van.  It was this lossy copy that made it onto the site a while back and it was from these lossy tracks that Nothing Songs put out one of their bullshite compilations.(I'd like to point out that quite some time ago, just before I met Rosie actually, the person who provided me this disk stated that it was OK to circulate it.)So, anyone who purchased the Nothing Songs set containing these tracks is actually listening to MP3's converted to MP4's.  I saw some idiot paid over $100 on ePay for a bootleg of these tracks.  What an idiot!Anyways, here ya go.  As far as my VU "vaults" are concerned, this is it.  I have nothing else to give the community.  For anyone who is hiding recordings deep in their basement, why not share the wealth?  What good is a recording if you are the only person who can enjoy it?  Why not share it and let hundreds of other people hum along with you?!  UPLOAD by MG196(Cover Art Included)!8qIwza4A!1ccABx2z08GA0TwcB2qyhG771kGilE7SLjrc4UTwvoM[...]

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Angus Mac Lise
with Ron Rice

"Chumlum Boot-LP"

Angus Mac Lise
with Ron Rice

1. Chumlum (short version) 4:43
2. Chumlum (long version) 22:24

These two tracks are not taken from the Untitled Bootleg
Angus McLise - Angus McLise but the also were recorded in 1964.

They were transfered from LP to CDR!l2pyDDxR!PvLdkUlDaRJAYSjSObOjVMI5FQG22QvdE_WsvRt1N7Q

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Angus Mac Lise
with Ron Rice

The Chumlum Film 1964

Ron Rice


Produced By
Howard Everngam

Beverly Grant
Jack Smith
Frances Francine
Mario Montez
Joel Markman
Guy Henson
Barbara Rubin
Frances Stillman

Musical Director
Anthony Conrad
Music comosed and played by
Angus Mac Lise
Recording Engineers
Howard Everngam
Robert Adler
Special Equipment
Joseph Fishman
Special Assistant
Stanley Album
Yellow Locomotion
Charles Ross

Amy Pi!IiAC2K5Z!LXt2zYZx46GI_sTVAPdPc6ZBF74UK7iVjabNQhVxf8o

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Angus McLise
Untitled - Bootleg

Angus McLise
Untitled - Bootleg

1. Trance (2:52)       
2. The Joyous Lake (6:31)        
3. Invasion Of The Thunderbolt Pagoda (11:27)        
4. Chumlum (22:46)

The record was released in 1997, but the music comes froma around 1964!gj5hhKJa!nlSbE95vv5DtfLe7hyrKJD4hpA-PxVVfEvyOy31uHFM

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PRE - Velvet Underground"Afterhours Tape 29"Theater Of Eternal Music1960; 1963PRE - Velvet Underground"Afterhours Tape 29"Theater Of Eternal Music1960; 196301. Early Tuesday Morning Blues02. BB Dorian Blues03. The Over Day04. Voices05. The Fire Is A Mirror06. Intro-Two Sounds07. 13-7308. Drift StudySources:Most of these recording are unknownVelvet Roots in this rare radio broadcast of 8 La Monte Young pieces:"Two Sounds" (1960), and these 1963 compositions: "Early TuesdayMorning Blues", "BB Dorian Blues (5th Day of the Hammer)", "The Over Day","The fire Is A Mirror" and experts from three later pieces. 1963 Personal: LaMonte Young, Marion Zazeela, John Cale, Angus MacLise, Tony Conrad,Terry Jennings. This is a fine place to hear some of the rare music thatplayed a great part in John's contribution to the Velvet Underground.!R7JWUCJK!g41wgoMIrYFNpHbWldcM-Et4fz94l9CRYnrSEQPeDyo[...]

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Velvet Underground

Valleydale Ballroom, Columbus OH
November 4, 1966

1966 LP

01 Melody Laughter
02 The Nothing Song

This is a transfer from the original "1966" bootleg LP, released in 1981

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LA MONTE YOUNG"The Reconstruction VUAS Tapes"Tapes 39 - 48.La Monte YoungThe Reconstruction VUAS TapesTapes 39-48Disc One01. Early Tuesday Morning Blues (41) (12:55)02. The Fire Is A Mirror (NYC 12 63 Evening) (14:58)03. Two Sounds (April 1960, with Terry Riley) (15:53)04. Composition 1960 #7 expert 1 (7:31)05. Poem For Chairs Tables and Benche (15:39)Disc Two01. Volga Delta 23 expert 1959 (21:38)02. five small pieces for string quartet - A Gnarl (1:19)03. five small pieces for string quartet - A Leaf (1:12)04. five small pieces for string quartet - T Tooth (1:33)05. five small pieces for string quartet - A Twig (1:15)06. five small pieces for string quartet - A Wisp (1:06)07. Sunday Morning Blues (12 I 64 1st 12) (14:05)08. Expert From Map Of 49's Dream The Two System (4:55)09. Ellen Fullman Harmonic Cross Sweep - Overtone Series Of C-hord Progession (5:04)10. Dreamhouse (3:46)Disc Three01. Henry Flynt with La Monte Young - New American Ethic Music 1 (42:37)02. Ohm - The Early Gurus Of Electronic Music - Expert... (7:00)03. Expert '31 - 69 c.12-17-33-12-25-33 PM NYC (7:01)!BupCzSqT!5-cHDJ7ZkmkEHtxubDf9_SBh_JGJmWTKl1EvZjJn7Rw[...]

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LA MONTE YOUNG"The Stompin' Blues Tape"La Monte Young - The Stompin’ Blues TapeKitchen, NYC, New YorkJanuary 1993This one is not from the 2CD official version, it's from an AMPEX tape I got many years ago. it's the complete version without any fading or cut. This outstanding piece of music is more than 2 hours long and an absolute psychedelic journey through what you want.I know, it has nothing to do with the VU, but try to picture to oneself, that this is not the band of La Monte Young.Instead:John Cale - PIANOSterling Morrison - GUITAR Moe Tucker - DRUMSDoug Yule - BASS1. Dorian Blues In G ( 2:01:26 )La Monte Young - KeyboardsJon Catler - GuitarBrad Catler - BassJonathan Kane - DrumsBob Bielecki - EngineerChris Muth - Mastering!xiwkTQiR!8p2YwPCC2tzWCYSwx_DMgeu660AfrtmJH5XKTCFfjCQ[...]

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Velvet Underground

"Jamming At The Dom"

01. Heroin (6:38)
02. Diares, Notes & Sketches #1 (3:49)
03. The Over Day (6:06)
04. The Fire Is A Mirror (4:35)
05. Sweet Sister Ray (28:13)
06. Diares, Notes & Sketches #2 (6:14)

1: MP3-sourced - Live at the Toronto Pop Festival, June 21, 1969 / 2+6: Jamming at the Dome 1966 / 3+4: La Monte Young, Jon Cale, Angus MacLise 1963 / 5: Philadelphia 1970

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Velvet Underground

"Afterhours Tape 22"
Velvet Underground 1990

Side A
01. Style It Takes
02. Nobody But You
03. Slip Away
04. Forever Changed
05. Hello It's Me

Side B
01. Heroin
02. Interviews


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Velvet Underground

"Afterhours Tape 28"
The Best Of The Post-Lou VU" 

Side A
01. Chapel Of Love
02. Some Kinda Love/Turn On Your Lovelight
03. Sister Ray/Train Round The Bend
04. Rock 'N' Roll
05. Waiting For The Man

Side B
01. White Light/White Heat
02. Caroline Says
03. Sweet Jane
04. Who's That Man
05. Run Run Run
06. What Goes On
07. Sister Ray/Never Going Back To Georgia
08. Oh! Sweet Nothin'

Side A: 1-2: 5.11.1971 London / 3-5: 1971 Wales / Side B: 1-4: 27.4.73 Boston / 5-6: 1971 Wales / 7: 5.11.71 London / 8: Amsterdam 71