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Preview: The last Pop Song

The last Pop Song

Updated: 2018-03-05T16:34:36.007+01:00


Tür geschlossen, Füße wieder auf dem Boden...



So, das war es dann wohl. Jetzt kann ich nur noch zum Abschied meine Hose runterlassen, und damit allen Sympathisanten, Bands, Lesern und Bloggern auf dem Wege des Pop Songs recht herzlich danken. Ab jetzt wieder in Deutsch und mit deutlich weniger Pathos im Abschied. Wir sehen uns dann demnächst und in Farbe gelegentlich auf dem grenzenlos ambitionierten Schallgrenzen!

PS: Die Emailadresse bleibt bestehen! Über Promos für die Schallgrenzen freue ich selbstverständlich immer noch.

Silently closing the door...


(image) (image)

... turning the key, mumbling something incomprehensible, he stood there turning his head to the right, to the left and for a short moment seemed to hesitate. Unsure of what he should do, a familiar feeling grows within his chest. He had been here before. More than once. There is nor there will be no coming back this time. Insufficiancy leaves a bitter taste. It' s of no use, every further attempt would be failing and nothing but a well intentioned but nostalgic and therefore avoidable waste of time. There it was, undoubtely, the end of something. Dried dust got in his eyes. He somehow felt ridiculous while the anticipation of a tear appeared and simultaneously dissolved. The key slips in his pocket.
This something behind the door will remain there like a dinosaur's footstep in the ancient mud of the web's graveyard, like a undefined space debris orbiting endlessly our small, blue planet, floating and never arriving anywhere.
Taking a deep breath, he glanced enchanted in the bright and clear summer sky and felt the fresh breeze coming. He pressed the invisible button, spread his arms, felt the upcoming wind in his hairs, slowly lifting his feet and then taking him somewhere else, far beyond...

Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you all.

Arvo Pärt - Spiegel im Spiegel MP3
Samuel Barber -Adagio for Strings (via lostinyourbox) MP3

Yours sincerely,


Still out of office...


Sorry, still out of the pop office. Blogging bores me currently. Just back from buzzing dirty old New York now heading south, climbing mountains, hiking the valleys, breathing the summer... Coming back in a short while. Until then something recommended :

The Big Pink - Velvet MP3
The Black Heart Procession - Rats MP3
Kites with Lights - Dream Attack (New Order Cover) MP3
Mew - Repeaterbeater MP3

Photograph: Benedikt

Out of office


Sorry for the currently speechless blog. Got a busy week and I'm just heading NYC for a few days... Till my return (problably totally swineflued) enjoy the new summeresc and lighthearted sounding Evan Voytas single and the nice cover of the Cure's A few hours after this.

Evan Voytas - A few hours after this (Cure Cover) MP3
Evan Voytas - Getting higher MP3

Photograph: Benedikt

Signal Hill



Bands who are friends and companions of Beware of Safety, Empty Rooms and Tristeza can't be bad. Shall I proof? Try the songs from the debut of Signal Hill here and feel comfortable. Instrumental melodic postrocking soundscapes and songs lacking of aggressive moments and behaviour. Well done.

Signal Hill - The dead Vineyard MP3
Signal Hill - Men before us MP3

Ides of Space



Thank you very much! I appreciate the posthumus publication of the second album from australian dreampop/shoegaze influenced Ides of Space on Betterlooking Records. The 2001 album was only published in Japan and than more or less lost. Until now. Despite that this fact is worth to be mentioned, it is necessary to proclaim that the members of Ides of Space are now playing under the name of Line Drawings again.

Ides of Space - Past Midnight MP3
Ides of Space - I Promise Not To Notice If You Promise To Pretend MP3




Pale - Extras (ZIP)

It's time to say goodbye! After 15 years of living indierock Pale quits and says goodbye to all their fans. Naturally with good manners and a big thank you to the fans: A CD full of extras is downloadable on their website! A big thank you andbest wishes from the Last Pop Song!



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New Album Tertia to come..

New Numbers


Get the well done (and free) EP "Islands" from the New Numbers. Brooklyn based indierock without the somtimes slightly overdriven NYC attidude, playing with a bit of late 70's and postpunkish elements, melodic guitar based indierock and therefore worth being heard beneath the NYC borders.

New Numbers - Islands EP (ZIP)

Bird Automatic


Well done, Bird Automatic! The new EP from the sympathic band from down under reflects their notable qualities in songwriting. A sound not far away from easily associated Death Cab for Cutie. Nice, well played melodic indiepop at it's best. One track from the really good EP here and don't forget: Watch out, they are recommended!

Bird Automatic - Drew A Line MP3

Aidan Baker, Nadja and Thisquietarmy



What a concert! Just visited the performance of the canadian ambientdroner of Nadja and Thisquietarmy. What a show! In a industrial ruin landscape of the former Bahnausbesserungswerk in Leverkusen in company of about 30 strange, wierd visitors and freaks problably living deep down under the surface we had the pleasure to listen and therefore being captured by the ambient guitar drones of congenial and unbelievable productive Aidan Baker, his two piece Nadjaand Thisquietarmy , which is nothing but the solo project of the great Destroyalldreamers guitarist Eric Quach. Don't hesitate or be afraid to buy the new Nadja album which is almost pop music! A bunch of great droned cover versions of Aidans companions of musical socialisation. Caution, the rest is art...

Nadja - Base Fluid MP3

Aidan Baker - Live at the Katapult 08 MP3

Thisquietarmy - Battlefield Arkestrah & Dronewars EP
Thisquietarmy - Hi, my quiet Tsar EP

Not to forget them...

Destroyalldreamers - Wish I was all flames MP3
Destroyalldreamers - Automne MP3

The Raveonettes


The Raveonettes give away a demo track from their upcoming album. If interested in more, try this link via Vice Records.

The Raveonettes - Last Dance Demo MP3




Yeah! Finally here comes one of the most awaited albums of 2009! One of my favourites present their (new) second album and offer a free track via the link below. This is real hectical behaviour: All the songs have already been completed in 2007! But what the f***, they are adorable!

Engineers - Brighter as we fall (here)

Zoot Woman


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Good news from THE FIRST POP BAND of the fresh and new millenium. After six years of silence there will be a new album out in september! Watch out, they won't break...




Safeashome - Hateful Town MP3
Safeashome - A Second replayed Murder MP3

Nugazetime again: After the great debut here 7" news from shoegazing and dreaming french Safeashome! Etheral and of course from Safranin.

Darker my Love



Although a few years to late, check out the debut album from the dark, fuzzed and psychotic sounding Darker my Love. Best described as shoegazing BRMC mixed with a portion of Dandy Warhols. Comparisons just to get imagination of these great psychrock band. I'm impressed and convinced! Get there second album in a way you should: Pay for it! These appetizing one is free.

Darker my Love - ST Album (ZIP)

Darker my love - Helium Heels MP3
Darker my love - What's a Man's Paris MP3

Black Moth Super Rainbow


Black Moth Super Rainbow - Born on a Day the Sun didn't rise MP3

Black Moth Super Rainbow - Forever Heavy MP3
Black Moth Super Rainbow - Sun Lips MP3

A song from the new and 4th album (Eating us) of BMSR . Again wierd, psychoactive, vocooder-infected, experimental etheral pop. Just on tour with the School of Seven Bells which is a fine combination indeed.

The Radio Dept.


The Radio Dept. - David MP3

Ups, new sounds from the Radio Dept. David sounds more lazy, less etheral and appears to have more pop appeal.

The Twilight Sad


The Twilight Sad - Reflection of the Television MP3

Something new from the SCOTTISH speaking, singing, sounding and therefore glourious band... Hits the bottom of my heart! New album is coming before summer. Thanks again for the great gig with Mogwai in Cologne.

Inna Breeze


Inna Breeze - Stairway to Heaven Symphony MP3

This is something you won't expect on a indie blog. A symphony! Found on Free Albums Galore, this one is noteworthy. Inna Breeze, a young russian composer: "In my youth I, of course, heard the beautiful Led Zeppelin's song of the same name. But «Stairway to Heaven» is dedicated not to this song nor my youth. I'm implying the different, almost literal meaning to this words nowadays: it's an ascension. The ascension of a whole life. We are all moving «there», one way or another...