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Preview: MelTheBells Rare Shit!

MelTheBells Rare Shit!

Where you can find stuff not easily available on the blog scene. All rips ripped at a bitrate of 320 (unless stated)and all vinyl ripped using Gemini PT 2000 III Direct drive decks, Acoustic solutions amp, sony cd recorder and mission speakers.

Updated: 2018-03-05T23:17:22.985-08:00


Reuploading old links


Right, i've been neglecting this blog a wee bit, mainly due to having issues with divshare, so i've started reuploading any links that are down to an old 4shared account.

Ones reuploaded to 4shared now include, all new links added to download link in post body apart from those mentioned below next to the album name.

Cantebury FIN tape
Angletrax - Angletrax (new link in comments)
Reluctant Stereotypes - The label
The Taverners - seldom sober
Time to melt
Siegfreid Wendel
Sic boy federation - exploding baby
Against the wall - better days
The Pigs - 1977

The Taverners - Seldom Sober (1970)


Just found this 1970 folk album in a charity shop for 69p and its in my rare record price guide for £18.
Its on the Saga Eros label (quite collectable in folk circles i believe hence the price)
I had a scoot round google and couldnt find a download of it so thought i'd up it to my blog


1. The Taverners - Byker Hill [01:53]
2. The Taverners - Sweet nightingale [02:55]
3. The Taverners - The bailiff's daughter of Islington [03:01]
4. The Taverners - A fine hunting day [03:16]
5. The Taverners - Three score and ten [03:33]
6. The Taverners - Farewell to fiunary [03:28]
7. The Taverners - Four drunken maidens [02:09]
8. The Taverners - Leezie Lyndsay [03:09]
9. The Taverners - The queen of hearts [02:39]
10. The Taverners - Fie man fie [02:08]
11. The Taverners - Off to sea once more [04:45]
12. The Taverners - I'm a rover (seldom sober) [03:20]

Playing Time.........: 36:21
Total Size...........: 83.28 MB

Download here

Siegfried Wendel - oldtime music - Vintage mechanical instrument devices lp (SMM03)


I bought this album the other week from a charity shop for 49p purely because i found the cover interesting lol, it looked weird and strange and the black and white sleeve reminded me of a family album i have.
Musically its very strange its old music from the 1700s / 1800s etc played on automatic instruments such as music boxes and flutes etc, the missus and kids didnt like it :P
the only online presence i found really was an oxfam page where it had been sold for £8.99, not one download site came "enjoy"

heres the tracklisting

"Oldtime Music Aus Siegfrieds Mechanischem Musikkabinett -Rudesheim" LP by Siegfried Wendel
Siegfrieds Mechanischem Musikkabinett SMM 03

1 Flute Table c.1790 -Ferdinando Paer
2 Serinette (Bird Organ) c.1790 -"We Bind For Thee Thy Bridal Wreath"
3 Black Forest Flute Clock c.1830 -2 Dance Airs
4 Vosges Mountains Barrel Organ c.1840 -2 Dances
5 Nicol Freres Pianoforte Musical Box c.1850
6 Flute Musical Box c.1860 -2 Pieces
7 Frati & Co Orchestrion c.1880 -"Thats The Berlin Air"
8 Symphonium With Bell Chime c.1900 -The Loreley ("I Know Not For What I Am Yearning")
9 Polyphone Musical Box c.1890 -"Vienna Blood"
10 Colchi Bacigalupo Grafigna Barrel Organ c.1890 -"Old Comrades"
11 Loesche Orchestrion c.1905 -Popular Song Medley

1 Bacigalupo Barrel Organ -"Roses from The South"
2 Philipps Violin Orchestrion With Accordion 1923 -Faust "Intermezzo Foxtrot" & Luchesis Love Waltz
3 Hupfeld Symphony Jazz Orchestra c.1926 -"Sag Du Zu Mir"
4 Philipps-Paganini Orchestrion c.1921 -Schuberts "Ave Maria"
5 Bechstein-Welte Reproduction Grand Piano 1930 -Chopins Ballade In A Flat Major, Op.47, played by Paderewski

Download here

Against the wall - Better days (1997)



A while ago an american guy on a punk site i frequent asked if anybody had anything by these guys, we couldnt find anything by em online at all, apart from this cd on amazon so i bought it lol
Think these are quite a local US band and didnt press that many copies of their 2? albums (sure i heard 1500 somewhere?), this albums on Accident prone / Common cause records.

01. (00:03:27) Against The Wall - Think Again
02. (00:03:00) Against The Wall - Better Days
03. (00:03:00) Against The Wall - Arent I Optimistic?
04. (00:01:59) Against The Wall - Refuse
05. (00:03:12) Against The Wall - Lifes Little Surprises (and the trials and tribulations thereof)
06. (00:02:57) Against The Wall - Lois Lane
07. (00:03:09) Against The Wall - Simplistic Superior Views Run Your Life Because You Cant
08. (00:02:28) Against The Wall - Hollow
09. (00:02:13) Against The Wall - Gone
10. (00:03:30) Against The Wall - Summer Daze
11. (00:02:16) Against The Wall - No Way Out
12. (00:08:39) Against The Wall - Falling Down

Download here

The Pigs - 1977 (2010)



Heres the only album from the most underrated 1977 era uk punk bands ever, Bristols The Pigs, they only released one great 7" in their time, this album over 30 years on brings together the 4 tracks from that 7" and all the other tracks recorded at that session finally released for the first time, this album is only available on vinyl in a run of 500 i believe.

01. (00:02:43) The Pigs - Psychopath
02. (00:02:49) The Pigs - Youthanasia
03. (00:01:49) The Pigs - Ran Me In
04. (00:02:50) The Pigs - National Front
05. (00:01:47) The Pigs - They Say
06. (00:01:53) The Pigs - Exploitation
07. (00:01:44) The Pigs - General Election
08. (00:02:08) The Pigs - Nuclear Disarmament
09. (00:02:19) The Pigs - Personality Change
10. (00:02:06) The Pigs - Give It Ball
11. (00:01:27) The Pigs - They Shoot Horses Don't They

Playing Time.........: 00:23:35
Total Size...........: 54.01 MB

Download here

Cantebury FIN : - just the job tape



01. (00:05:40) Head on a stick - gerroff moi land
02. (00:03:04) machine gun etiquette - hypocrisy
03. (00:04:04) king prawn - holy war
04. (00:02:38) dog on a rope - giro day
05. (00:03:18) bus station loonies - rupert the bear
06. (00:05:08) medulla nocte - problem to the solution
07. (00:04:16) inner terrestrials - free the land
08. (00:05:57) squanderbug - f.s.g
09. (00:03:47) suicidal flowers - giger acid nightmare
10. (00:03:06) citizen fish - blue suede shoes
11. (00:08:09) sons of selina - on a promise
12. (00:07:17) dr brown - torpedo town
13. (00:03:59) blyth power - pastor skull
14. (00:03:41) dog on a rope - yob culture
15. (00:04:24) ex cathedra - needles
16. (00:03:48) inner terrestrials - kill the bill
17. (00:04:11) inner terrestrials - criminals
18. (00:03:36) podsdarapomuk - how can you say im not
19. (00:06:02) sleepy people - soporific life

Download here

The Streets - Original Pirate Material album sampler


I got sent two copies of this cd when i ordered a streets 12" from the pure groove shop.
Its just the normal versions of a few of their songs off the album in a plain white with black writing sleeve.

Let's Push Things Forward
Too Much Brandy
Stay Positive

Download here

Sic Boy Federation - Exploding baby (1990)



My mate used to have this punk album back in the early 90's, but he got rid because it had a couple of racially questionable remarks on it, but it played on my mind for years and i couldnt find it online at all so ended up buying it on vinyl, cost me about £8.
The nearest i can describe them is a more basic Anti nowhere league.

01.Sic boys
02.Big windows in Tokyo
03.Exploding baby
04.10 rillington place
05.British troops in Cyprus
06.World disasters
07.Hanging out of the windows on heroin
08.Desperate to survive
09.Lorry drivers song

Download here

Gerard Langley & Ian Kearey - Siamese Boyfriends (1986)



Another weirder one, heres members of the Blue aeroplanes gone all folk, blues and americana.
It's quite rare on vinyl too, just seen on ebay it's going for £45 from one certain "trusted" shop.

Guitar [Fender Jaguar, 12-string, 6-string], Acoustic Guitar [Tiple], Psaltery [Bowed], Piano, Percussion [Chime Bars], Dulcimer [Epinette De Vosges, Banjimer], Melodica, Piano [Toy], Producer - Ian Kearey

Vocals, Performer [Walkman], Producer, Artwork By [Design] - Gerard Langley

Drums [Snare], Producer, Engineer - Charlie Llewellin

Recorded at Cold Storage.

Dedicated to Ann Sheldon, Rivka Zoob-Kearey, Shirely Collins, Joe Taylor and Ruth Cochrane without whom. Also to The Blue Aeroplanes and The Oyster Band.

Download here

In Embrace - Passion fruit Pastels (1982)



Heres a weird one, to me it sounds like indie, post punk with a hint of jazz and folk in there, theres even what sounds like monk chanting style influences.

Download here

Kevin Coyne - Politicz (1982)



Not sure how rare this is, BUT i've just downloaded nearly 6gb of Kevin Coyne stuff and not once did this album pop up, so i thought i'd rip it off my vinyl.

Your Holiness
Fun Flesh
Flashing Back
Tell The Truth
Poisoning You
Magnolia Street
I've Got The Photographs

Download here

Pibolar Disorder ( Automata U.K)



Heres another computer game rarity.
This is a brand new record which features the music that used to come on old zx spectrum game cassettes released by Automata U.K software house. Made by Mel Croucher himself.
Musically theres bits of pyschedelic rock, frank zappa and bonzo dog doo dah band influences.

i've put this up on here for those that dont own a record deck and would miss out BUT if you like it and can play it please buy it if Feeding tube records want me to remove this album please leave a comment or contact me, i know its a brand new album and your a great independent record label, i just want to share this album with as many people that dont have a record deck as possible

01. The piland international anthem
02. Pi-balled
03. Crummy song
04. Pimania
05. Some people
06. Pompey rock
07. Leader of the pac
08. Video nasty / Bit of a cult!
09. Ally pally wally

track 8 is actually 2 songs but i couldnt find a suitable spot to stop the cd recording without destroying the vibe.

Link removed after request from label

Ras Mandal Reggae - Dasanudasa



Heres a strange lp, the best i can describe it is Hari krishna reggae, although reggae lite.

Bass, vocal, percussion : Kevin Douglas
Vocals : Claudio Rocchi
Guitars : Paolo Tofani
Keyboards : Alberto Crescitelli
Flute : Robert Amyot
Drums : Beppe Sciuto
Timbales : Mauro Spina
Armonium : Antonio Orlandi
Chorus : Paola Orlandi, Eloisa Francia

Doctor of the Soul
Come and join the Congregation
The Vile Society
Whenewer and wherewer
Who Du You Turn To
No Place Like Home

made in France

I did see this on a multiply blog when i did a quick search before ripping it but it was only 128kbps, this is 320kbps

Download here

Time to melt


Heres a weird thing, an old metteler mate created this for me and a mate when he knew we'd be dropping some acid, back in the very early 90's
He created it on his Commodore Amiga, and i've listened to this loads while tripping, it really works

Download here

G.G.F - as you curl up and die (demotape, 1987)



Somebody from my home city wanted this uploading so thought i'd post it here aswell.
G.G.F were one of the best punk bands to come out of Sheffield during the mid - late 80's
They sounded very american and melodic and had a sense of humour as witnessed on the song Bon Europe and the last song Niall was a fat git lol.

Download here

Zanti Misfits - Heroes are go 12"



This is a band ive always liked for some strange reason, they havent released much, just this 12" and a few 7"s and i've been struggling to find em online for download so resorted to buying the original vinyl and ripping myself (i'm still waiting to aquire 1 single)
They sound like a mix of punk, indie, post punk, experimental and a blast of saxophones.
The were on jettisoundz music label and were also on clay records same as GBH and Discharge

Download here

Operation Solstice (Battle of the beanfield) 1985


now for a change, heres a video i upped for another site so thought id stick it on here too

a brief history of the events

now watch 10 minutes here, most of it is unbroadcast news footage, even the newsmen couldnt believe what they were seeing, men, women and children being beaten and their homes smashed to bits and burnt.

warning this footage brings me to tears EVERYTIME i see it, and fills me with rage, you have been warned, its shocking.

and heres the classic levellers (folk punk) song of the events
which also makes the hairs on my body stand on end and tears to my eyes with sadness

link 1
link 2
link 3

its about 250mb altogether, about an hour long

Subhumans - Live Sheffield Leadmill 17.2.85 (tape)


I've posted this on a torrent site, may as well post it here aswell, heres what i said............

Heres a rarity, i've been told even the guy who taped it, and released it, and Dick from the band dont even have a copy of this...yet
I've left it as is, i dont go in for altering the audio, i'd just fuck it up, there is a clicky noise near the beginning but i think it disappears about 1 minute in or so, its not bad played on the puter but on my hifi it was loud as fuck.
I've ripped it to flac as the original sound qualitys ok but not amazing so wanted to preserve as much of the sound as i could.

This isnt actually a bluurg release either, it was released on a small Sheffield distro called "epileptic chainsaw tapes" and this was the 2nd release (epic 2), the guy who taped / released it was in a band called protest too.

The set is 43minutes and 43 seconds long, this includes some interviewing and crowd noise due to a fight that occurred that night...i left the whole tape as is.

All gone dead
From the cradle to the grave
Not me
Joe Public
Human error
Subvert city


Link 1
Link 2

The Hate Colony - Promo EP



Heres a promo from a new...ish metal band from Norway that i received off a friend on a torrent community i frequent.
He's mates with the band and is trying to give them exposure so they can gain a record deal.
If you like the likes of sepultura youll like these.

check em out on the following
Myspace link:

Internet site that is still being built but will come soon:

Download here

Brian Brain - Unexpected noises (1980)



Heres another undervalued classic weirdy record. I saw this for download on a blog AFTER i'd ripped it, but as its still pretty hard to find and good i thought i'd still upload it.

Brian Brain was Martin Atkins (PIL, Ministry, Pigface, NIN, killing Joke etc) they released this lp and a few singles.
Strangely this is the only Secret Records record i've seen that has a BLACK label, Normally they have a YELLOW label (Twisted Sister, Exploited etc) if anybody knows why, or what other ones are black labels let me know.

This is Brain 1 (on Secret records) from 1980

Another million miles
Our man in Hong Kong
I get pain
The hots for you
The asthma game
Unexpected noises
Theyve got me in the bottle
Dirty dealing in the lone star state
Turn it into noise
I'm suffocating
Jet boats up the ganges

Download here

Phaser - Indian Summer cd single



Heres a local (Redcar) indie band i knew a member of, i've no idea if theyre still going. I bought this cdr off the gutarist Luke when i was on an IT course with him in the late 90's.
Listening back to it now, there sounds like a Stone Roses influence, download it and let me know if you agree :)

Tommorows news again
Looks like rain again
I read the message
Split second (live 98)

Download here

Feeder - Red room sessions (promo cd single)



I got this from Coca Cola years ago, you had to collect so many ring pulls (if i remember rightly)
I always class feeder as a metal band, but tbh i think theyre  abit lighter (maybe indie rock?)

Catalogue Number : Coke06
Record Label : Echo
Country : UK
Type : Promo Sampler
Format : CD
Sleeve : Album Jewel Case
Additional Packaging : Inserts
Release Date : March 2003
Highest Chart Position : N/A
Estimated Value : £5 - £8

Comfort In Sound
Can't Dance To Disco
Piece By Piece

Download here

Orphic Soop - Nadir (Promo cd single)



Label: ALMO Sounds
Release Country: UK
Release Date: 1997
Progressive Metal

i got this free from the band via mail order back in about 1997 / 98
ive scanned and included an A4 sheet of info i got with it
I'd do a tracklisting, but one tracks called Nadir...and the other 2 are untitled, lol

Download here

louise - Soft & Gentle (Promo cd)



EMI records - LOUPREM 101


1 One Kiss From Louise (Pop Megamix)
Megamix Tracklisting
1a: One Kiss From Heaven
1b: The Best That You Bring
1c: Undivided Love
1d: In Walked Love
1e: Naked

2 Naked (Tony De Vit Mix)
3 Real Love

includes a great remix by the late great hard house hero Tony De Vit

If anybody wants an actual real life UNPLAYED copy of this cd let me know, i have a few lying about (the real deal) last time i saw they were worth £12

Download here

Angletrax - Angletrax (1979)



from their wiki page
"Angletrax was a British new wave-punk group that existed in the late 1970s, who were signed to Germany's Hansa Records label.[1]

The members were: Martin Heath (Bass), Wendy Herman (Vocals), Lin Jammet (Guitar), Jerry Minge (Keyboards), Dan Who (Drums).

In 1979, the band released an EP entitled "Things To Make And Do" and the LP "Angletrax"

Silent Majority (3:26)
Things To Make And Do (3:35)
Why No (1:48)
Shepherds Bush (1:50)
Bad Mood (2:30)
Mental Block (4:15)
Monica (3:25)
Private Life (3:40)
God And Chips (2:32)
Propaganda Man (4:50)
I To I (6:00)
Preconceptions (3:00)

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