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Preview: Soup & Crackers

Soup & Crackers

"Sonic soup for your soul and a cracker to keep your dancefloor snappin'"

Updated: 2014-10-04T20:18:11.833-07:00


Dubstep Music in London UK Garage Scene


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This is a clip from a documentary on dubstep music in London. Being a music fan to the Nth degree and a fan of reggae, house, and techno music - I am really digging the dubstep movement. Take a listen. I hope you also enjoy it.

Droppin' Chicken Nuggets of Knowledge - Part 1



"Can you sing me a Technotronic song?" - quote from The Venture Brothers cartoon

Just to let everyone know...I'm a house music nerd. Apparently, Girls don't like house music nerds...they just like Star Wars type nerds.

I came across "Let It Drop" by DJ Delicious a couple weeks ago on the Fluokids blog. My first thought was excitement and then a little bit of disgust and then excitement again. I got mad because it samples the vocal from "Let this housebeat Drop" by Ya Kid K (member of Technotronic) and I don't think that he even gives any credit to Ya Kid K. Then I listen to the track fully...and its really fuckin' good. I think it does the original justice.

DJ Delicious - Let It Drop

Then I found another DJ Delicious track. This time he collaborated with Till West to make "Same Man". Once again find DJ Delicious sampling another house classic (actually this one is Electro-Funk), "For the Same Man" by B Beat Girls. The new version is so good that I really can't hate on it.

Till West and DJ Delicious - Same Man

I'll give these guys the benefit of the doubt and say that they were just tryin' to make something for the dancefloor and something that trainspottin' house nerds would like. I just wish that they would have called it a remix and not an original track. I'll post the original tracks next week.

Honkie Slack vol. 3 and 4


Fuck you, I love Lily Allen. And to be honest with you folks, I haven't heard a voice and style this unique come about since Sade, and we don't even want to get me started on my deep, adoring, mind-blowing adoration for Sade. Can I compare Lily Allen to Sade, in all reality, no, I can't do that, Sade is a league of her own.. Soooo, uhhhh, I can see this turning into a honorary Sade post already, Fuck it, I'm gonna go with that. you need Sade in your life, no, really, get in touch with your feminine side. Now to get you to the good stuff.Lily Allen "Cheryl Tweedy"buy her music on her site hereSade "Lovers Rock"Sade "Sweetest Taboo"Sade "No Ordinary Love"buy Sade on Amazon hereAnd why in the fuck is nobody talking BOUT Kompis? tHE ONLY INTRO THIS TUNE NEEDS IS LISTEN. WAI T i'M WATED AT 7:15 AM, WAIT WASTED. yOU KNOW WHAT i'M COMMING UP WITH A WHOLE NEED FORM OF GRAMMER, CALLED WASTED. WAIT, WATED. yEAH THAT. tHE BASIC PRINCILE IS THAT YOU WRITE A WHOLE PARAGRAHP TO WASTED TO CARE ABOUT GRAMMER OR even caps. Ok, so now I care. welcome to the strange reality that is soup and crackers.Kompis "Rider"Love it, hate it, I don't care, but you can buy it here. Don't sleep on Sunday Best, we here at soup and crackers love the label. With talent like Max Sedgley, Subway, and Kompis we will be checking in with them regularly. Not for my "Hey, lets get sumptin to keep my dancefloor Crackin." Always a hard decision to make, first I got to sort through what I'm super duper feelin. Then I got to see if anybody's already posted it through Hype Machine. Oh the pain and torment of running an mp3 blog. I'm gonna go with Dino Lenny, with TV Rock on the remix. download it, take a listen, then be a peach and go over to Beatport and buy it!!!! if you like it!Dino Lenny "Call Me" (TV Rock Remix)and for my second cut, I'm gonna go with Headman off of the German Label Gomma. As far as I'm concerned Gomma is Germany's answer to DFA. And A damned good answer at that.Headman "Upstart"Headmans new album "It Rough"(listen/purchase on Beatport) came out four months ago and it features Guest vocals by Matt Safer (The Rapture), Stephan Dweale (Soulwax), Erol Alkan and others. You can add Gomma on your myspace here, and then check out the fucking rad video for Headmans new single "moisture" on their page. And you can add Headman on your myspace here, without a doubt check his killer remix of The Gossip, tops the ATOC (A Touch of Class) remix, and that is not an easy thing to accomplish.[...]

Spoon Fed - Vol. 4 1/4


(image) Daft Punk released a movie called 'Electroma' at the Cannes film festival and according to the press release it's "...a psychedelic musical and visual odyssey that revolves around two robots and their quest to become human." To the left is a still from the movie. I'm not sure when it will be available for public consumption but I can't wait. Also Cassius is back on the scene but I'll save that for a later post. The new Cassius album should be droppin' some time this year.

Today two of my favorite tracks were made by the same guy and I never knew. That guy being the multi-talented Justin Warfield of She Wants Revenge. Its crazy to hear how different his voice has changed over the past decade.

She Wants Revenge - Tear You Apart (Ladytron Remix)

Buy it at Amazon

Bomb the Bass feat. Justin Warfield - Bug Powder Dust (La Funk Mob Remix)
Buy it at Amazon

Also, La Funk Mob is the Downtempo/Trip-Hop alias of Cassius if you didn't already know.

Honkie Fed - Vol. 2.02



With all the heat being directed toward the likes of MSTRKRFT, Digitalism, and to a certain extent Vitalic, I'm surprised at the lack of blog shine being put on Spain's Ascii Disko. I first heard Ascii on the
electric pop 3 compilation
with the pleasant remix of The Robocop Kraus "fake boys". What can I say about the "Fake Boys" remix, electric bass driven, angry, punk influenced song about punching fake people, delicious. But I'd like to draw some attention to Ascii's new album "alias." It's fucking good, really good. Ladomat 2000 picked up the album, and let me tell you, a better decision could not have been made by this German label, also check the free MSTRKRFT remix of metric, and the Le Tigre remix of Gossip in their mp3 section. This is what nasty, grimy, dirty 4/4 electro should sound like, fucking abusive.

Ascii Disco "Baphomet"

You can get more singles, or the whole album, from Beatport


For your mind I have the yet to be released My Toys Like Me with their tune "Gold Lace." You can check them on their myspace here. don't let the tribal intro fool ya. I could say a lot about this cut, but my energy is dwindling, I have friends in from out of town, and I have yet to take a shower.

My Toys Like Me "Gold Lace"

Spoon Fed - Vol. 3


Ain't that shit the truth, The state of Colorado seems to think so. Starting Today, July 1st, you can no longer smoke in public places (Bars, Clubs, ect.) in Colorado. Good news for me because I don't smoke. Bad news for all you cancer stick holders. I have nothing against you just the smoke that you blow in my general direction.

SebastiAn from the Ed Banger crew brings some serious heat with this dirty, choppy electro banger.


SebastiAn - Smoking Kills (?)

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Superthriller is a fun, funky band that gets a lot of inspiration from Prince and Beck. Go to their website and sign up for the newsletter to receive a free mp3.


Superthriller - Smoking Kills

Buy @ itunes

Spoon Fed - Vol. 2


Today's visual art comes to you from the mind of Paul Robertson. Check out his Journal and his short animation film, 'Pirate Baby's Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006' (Part 1 & Part 2). Above is just a taste of what you'll see.

I've always liked 80's music mainly because I grew up in the 80's and there is just something about synths that have always appealed to me. 'Obsession' by Animotion came out in '84 so naturally I don't know much about the song because I was only 1 year old at the time. Then along comes Kissy Sell Out, 22 years later, to rejuvenate the song, extend it and give it more beef.

Eat up:

Animotion - Obsession (Kissy Sell Out Remix) /// 128 Bpm /// Time - 6:41

Buy Kissy Sell Out @ Rough Trade

Onto another obsession of mine, John Tejada's amazing remixes. John's signature sound is hard to explain because it doesn't sound like anything else that is out right now. Layer after layer, the music just pulls you into another world away from everything else that is going on in your life. Everybody probably remembers Télépopmusik cause they were the ones that told us all to just 'Breathe' 4 years ago. Now they are back telling us to not to look back and they came with a little help from John and Tim Paris. Tim's remix is the more dancefloor friendly of the two but I'm obsessed with every track that John touches. This is the kind of music that I live for.

Relax and let your mind be free:

Télépopmusik - Don't Look Back (John Tejada Mix) /// 127 Bpm /// Time - 5:25

Buy @ Phonica

Honkie Fed - Vol. 1


How to start with my first post on our new blog? Shall I talk about how much the dude that opened up for Mixmaster Mike pissed me off royally when he dropped "call on me" by Eric Prydz last week. No my new friends o' the internet, I decide to cut strait to the point, these beautiful mp3 I have for you's all right herr. Our format is one for the mind, one for the body. This ditty won my heart for first "for your mind" cut.

Bobby Birdman "Victory at Sea (e*rock remix)

I myspaced the helpful e*rock, the bossman over at Frykbeat (myspace) (website) about this jem of a music file a week ago, and he was more than helpful in hookin' it up. Boy am I proud to start with a tune with such lovely intricate percussion and the dreamy croonings of Bobby Birdman. If Bobby is the cracker goodness in this tune, then e*rock is the soup to warm my tummy. Or is it the other way around? Regardless, this is heat, SO DOWNLOAD IT NOW, play it for your friends, and watch them awe at your fine taste in music, you hip bastards. While I have seen a few of the fine gents out here in blog land post some of the sonic beauty coming out of Portland, I hadn't seen anyone highlight these two music makers in our cloudy city of the northwest. I also scooped the Audio Dregs audio sampler by e*rock FOR FREE over here. Apparently its a german podcast site, it's in English(thank god), but it's a .de website, I dunno batman. I personally guarantee if you like "victory at sea" more free mp3 fire awaits you here, so go, and quit bitching about not having any good new music. The global goon cut on this sampler kills me, simply kills me, and I'm sure will find its way in to my slower sets. You can purchase "Victory at Sea" EP on 12" on the Frykbeat website for a affordable $7, and I highly suggest doing so.

For your body, a.k.a "shake your ass to this":

Kim "Wet and Wild"

Kim (a.k.a. one half of The Presets(myspace) (website)) lays down this electro house chugger off of Cut Copy's (mysapce)
(website) new label Cutters . Four words for you "its time to party."
Buy it on 12" here
In an attempt to keep our visual element up to par with our music selection I choose the freakin awesome work of Banksy. Go to his website here and enjoy some intelligent subversive art. I'm sure many of you have heard of him but no matter how much you hear, the point must be carried to those that have not.

Spoon Fed - Vol. 1


(image) First up is Ty Tek & Little Mike, you may know them from their record 'Party Ride' that came out on Sondos (a division of Subliminal) in 2004. Ty and Mike have been a huge part in putting Denver on the electronic music (Tech House/Electro House) map. They currently run their own indie record label called Phrunky. I've known Ty for a couple months now and one day he handed me a promo disc and on it was a unofficial remix of Snoop Dogg. Also I did get permission from Ty himself to post this track. Just in case you were wondering.

For your body:

Soup & Crackers EXCLUSIVE!

Snoop Dogg - Drop It Like It's Hot (Ty Tek & Little Mike's Dub Mix)

Ty Tek & Little Mike Tracks @ Beatport!

You can buy 'Party Ride' and other Phrunky Recordings on Beatport. By the way, Beatport is also local to the Mile High.

Next on my hit list is Max Sedgley who is also 1/3 of the big beat group Organic Audio. I first heard about him when Fatboy Slim remixed his 'Happy' track two years ago on the Sunday's Best label. Then he produced an awesome remix for the Verve Remixed 3 Compilation, Henry Mancini feat. Sarah Vaughan - Peter Gunn. Now he's back with a really nice slow burner entitled 'Slowly'. My favorite remix on the Slowly EP is the crazy space-aged synth beats of Hot Chip. Great for a Sunday afternoon BBQ! Also Available on Beatport.

For your mind:

Max Sedgley - Slowly (Hot Chip Mix)

BUY 'Slowly' @ Beatport!

Enjoy the music, support the artists, and never stop dancing (because if you stop, that means the terrorists have won).

Soup signing off...