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Initial Burst of Activity

Updated: 2018-01-22T16:24:07.695-08:00


Jonathan Richman - Not So Much To Be Loved as to Love



Kirsty MacColl - Galore



Sebadoh - III



Howard Devoto - Jerky Versions of the Dream



Material Issue - The Best of



To answer your question, that band that did the song "Valerie Loves Me." The Onion A.V. Club had an article about how cool one of their albums was. Here it is: The album itself I couldn't find, in fact, I couldn't find any proper album by them so instead here's a greatest hits, we're not posuer though because we were forced by necessity.

Sebadoh - The Freed Man



The Replacements - Nothing for All



The second disc from the two disc set "All for Nothing/Nothing for All." The first was a collection of singles from the Sire years, you should listen to those as part of their albums as the artists intended! These here are rarities. All Shook Down sounds exactly the same except no John Cale viola, a recorder instead. Recorders sound sad as hell, I can't tell if I feel that way because they actually are or because of the bird funeral on that episode of The Office. Anyway, download this.

Sparks - Sparks (Halfnelson)



This blog is fucking awesome!

Tales of Terror - Tales of Terror




Necros - lots of different shit (not a real album title)


So I was talking to this lovely fellow who put up YouTube videos for each of Kurt Cobain's 50 favorite albums, a picture of the album cover and a song on each video. Needless to say, this guy is awesome:

He gave me half of Tales of Terror's self-titled album, which I will post as soon as I get the rest, and in return he asked me if I had the song Blizzard of Glass by the Necros. I responded by uploading all the Necros I had. Unfortunately that didn't include Blizzard of Glass so he didn't want it but maybe some of you bitches will! I got all of this material from other blogs but I think one of them was deleted so I think I'm justified in putting it out there.

Epic Soundtracks - Sleeping Star



This actually just sounds like a regular old indie/folk album.

Phil Manzanera - 50 Minutes Later



Phil Manzanera is the greatest guitarist ever but this kinda sucks. If you like Global a Go-Go by Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros, you'll probably like it though.

The Fugs - The Fugs Final CD (Part 1)



I'm going to post a bunch of shit I don't particularly like but would feel bad just deleting totally from my computer. This way I can re-download it if need be, you know?

45 Grave - Only the Good Die Young



Another 45 Grave album. The copy of this that origionated on PunchDrunk is missing a track.

Jonathan Richman - Her Mystery Not of High Heels and Eye Shadow



Jonathan Richman makes the kind of music I would normally dismiss as "pussy," the opening act on his current tour is Vic Chesnutt who is personal friends with the dude from Neutral Milk Hotel (*shits all over self in disgust*). Despite that terrible, terrible fact I went to see him live because his old band The Modern Lovers' first album was produced by John Cale. In the past, concerts have fallen into two categories for me, ones where when they were over I went "Finally!" or ones where I went "Well, that was indeed fine set, I enjoyed it very much." When Jonathan Richman finished though I actually let out a delicate little "awwww..." This is another one I stole from the library. It's a fine album and I insist you download it, you'll enjoy it very much.

Sun City Girls - Bright Surroundings Dark Beginnings



Double fuck! I forgot to update again and in my absence, a bunch of other people put up Big Lizard in My Backyard. I wouldn't have anything unique to post except that during this time I've discovered the wonders of the Minnesota Public Library. I wish I had waited longer to start this blog, because having it just be shit I ripped from the library would be an awesome concept. Okay, so the first thing from that joyous place that I am posting is Bright Surroundings Dark Beginnings by the Sun City Girls. This is the only album by them they had but it's also the only album by them I've ever seen anywhere. Mark Prindle likes this shit so I guess it's cool. It's more background music than anything else.

Gang of Four - Return the Gift



Oh man, the name almost became true. Well, not even since 3 posts over like a month isn't really a "burst." I'm really going to try to keep updating though. I'm going to try and write more personal shit to like I planned on too. My next update is going to be another Dead Milkmen album (don't think I cream my jeans over the Dead Milkmen though) and I'll tell a fine anecodte about how I got into that band. I don't know why I didn't with the last one. In the meantime, here's the last Gang of Four album. I kinda admire them for saying "fuck it, we can't write good songs anymore!" In re-doing these old songs I think they actually improve on some of them as well, particularly "What We All Want" which is one of my favorite songs of all time.

The Dead Milkmen - Beelzebubba



This is another one of the few things in my CD collection that I think there's a small chance it might not have already been put on the internet. After I get done with those type things I'll just start re-posting stuff from other blogs where the links have gone dead. For now, here's Beelzebubba. It includes Punk Rock Girl but other than that it's actually good. RC's Mom and Sri Lanka Sex Hotel are my favorites. Then there's Stuart (you probably know it as "What the Queers Are Doing to the Soil), one of the band's few songs that's both well known and decent.

The Psychedelic Furs - The Psychedelic Furs



I haven't seen this one on any other blogs. Maybe that's just because it's hard to search for self titled albums though. Still, this upload is all nice and shit, 192 kps with some crappy Martin Hannett produced bonus tracks and everything. The whole album is very PiL, both in sound and in anti-religious lyrics. I'm more of fan of their later stuff but this is a fairly good album.

I'm posting the link in a comment because I think that makes it less likely to get deleted. Does it?

45 Grave - Autopsy



I've had this blog for a couple of months but I just yesterday figured out how to update it. Hopefully the name will become ironic but it will probably just come to ring true like it does with most blogs. I'm a big fan of the Commercial Zone, Punk Not Profit, Only In It For the Music, Hangover Heart Attack, PunchDrunk, etc. but most of those sites just use descriptions from All Music Guide and such. I'm going to be a bit more personal. My first post is 45 Grave's posthumous hardcore compilation Autopsy. This is ripped from the actual CD so it's different than the version that's been floating around on other blogs. For one, the track order is way different. More importantly, it has the studio version of Dream Hits as opposed to live version from Only the Good Die Young that was for some reason substituted on those other uploads. Also, it has a really shitty soundscape version of Party Time. The single version (a bonus track from Sleep in Safety) that was incorrectly substituted is actually better in this case but this is the way the artists wanted you to hear it!