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Preview: That Striped Sunlight Sound

That Striped Sunlight Sound

A Blog to share the sometimes rare, sometimes unusual, but always sublime music from Australia, from the 70s to now. With a particular interest in Brisbane Music

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Brisbane - Prod & the Moonbaby/Ash in October


A bit of Brisbane electronic music history has madeit to vinyl in this Prod & the Moonbaby/Ash in Octobersplit album releaseLee Ingram has done a great job in getting this out,it sounds cool and sound quality on the wav files iveheard are great, the vinyl must be fantasticSo Ill hand over to Lee to fill you in on the historyof this part of Brisbane musicI have made a lot of music over the years but these were some of the first songsI ever worked on. Robert Draycott and Iwere just 15 when we both bought cheapCasio keyboards and started writing songstogether under the name Prod and the Moonbaby.Within a matter of months we had recorded analbum in my bedroom on a 4-track cassette recorder.The sound was primitive and bad qualitybut was full of adventure and spirit.Local radio 4zzz started playing our songsso we self released a couple of cassettes.Once we finished school we formed a real bandwith Richard Fenney and Paislie Hadleycalled Ash in October. We had access to a proper(but dodgy) recording studio and spend manyweekends recording. We played live gigs as often as possiblebut venues in Brisbane in those days were scarce,especially for bands using synthesizersand a drum machine.We plodded on and again found that 4zzz radiowere very supportive.We released several cassettes as wellas a vinyl single.This album has some of those Prod and the Moonbabysongs recorded in my bedroom in 1984as well as songs by Ash in Octoberwhich were recorded I think 86 and 87.In Brisbane it is available at Phase 4 Records in the Valley. It is also available in Melbourneand is also available through lots ofonline stores in the EU.Soundclip here -[...]

Peter Milton Walsh - Junk Bar 3-2-18 Brisbane


It was a beautiful and intimate evening of songfrom one of the greatest songwriters everat the Junk bar last night.Peter accompanied on a few songs played and sungfrom the back catalog of his band the Apartmentstaking us back some 30 years interspersedwith more than a few shorterned versions of storiesthat those songs brought up.His story telling, his beautiful often sad melodiesand his spellbinding songs all made for a specialevening, but then it always is I've included a few shots and a video of one of those special songsMr Somewhere allowfullscreen="" class="YOUTUBE-iframe-video" data-thumbnail-src="" frameborder="0" height="266" src="" width="320">[...]

Jimmy Little - Messenger


Well its that day again when many celebrate the nation ofAustralia and many don't instead celebrating survivaland remembering the begining of a series of crimesagainst their people.And many of us stand in solidarity with the first nationpeople of this great southern landFor myself I'm one of those, no waving the british flag for meIt is also the day this blog began, 10 years ago today I mademy first post and I still do every 26th of jan mark this timewith a post and a great Aboriginal artistJimmy Little was a pioneer, a trailblazer whos long and amazingcareer was the inspiration for many indigenous artists afterFrom 1960 until 2012 he release over 30 albums, this albumMessenger is from 1999 and is him definitive collection ofAustralian songs of the 1980'sThere are many of this blogs fav artists in thereSo download and put this on what ever your doingand remember this ancient land has a proud and strongpast that stretchers back over 40 000 yearsTrack listing01 Down Below (Cruel Sea)02 Under the Milky Way (The Church)03 The Way I Made You Feel  (Ed Kuepper)04 Randwick Bells (Paul Kelly)05 Quasimodo's Dream (Reels)06 Into Temptation (Crowded House)   07 Cattle and Cane (Go-Betweens)08 (Are You) The One I've Been Waiting For (Nick Cave)09 Black Fella / White Fella (Warumpi Band)10 Alone With You (Sunnyboys)11 Bring Yourself Home to Me (The Jackson Code)  Download Here[...]

John Kennedy's 68 Comeback Special, Junk Bar 16-12-17


 A few photos from last nights gig,Support from Brisbanes The Gatekeepers whoplayed a great setJohn and the band put on an excellent show,the band were on fire.Its always a pleasure to see one of Brisbane'sfinest come back to bris vegas and sing some songsfrom his vast career even if theres a few about leaving Brisbane,just kidding I love them too[...]

Ed Kuepper Celebrating The Saints, 9/12/17 Lefty's old time music hall, Brisbane


Some pics from last nights fantastic gig with Ed Kuepperand an electric trio, with the Nonsemble stringsarranged by Robert Davidson.Lefty's is like this mountain lodge for eccentric weirdos,yep like rocky horror, great atmosphere,the band were on fire and Ed was in fine formThere was songs from across the 3 albums,instrumental versions of song,blistering renditions of old favoritesThe instrumental version of All times through paradisewith the strings was amazingThis was the last of a heap of gigs Ed has done thisyear celebrating the 40th anniversary of the releaseof "Im Stranded"And what a great venue for taking photos![...]

Louis Tillett playing Brisbane and Nambour



Some exceptionally exciting news, the legendary Louis Tillet is
heading up here and has put together 2 gigs which are the
Bison Bar (Nambour) Saturday 11 November and
The Junk Bar (Ashgrove) Friday 17 November.
Thanks to everyone who has been pulling to get
me some gigs up North at such short notice.
The following is from Louis from a facebook post
he made today
If it's not too much to ask could you please advise
whether you are likely to be able to make the following dates/venues?
I just found out one of them conflicts with Paul Kelly AND Steve Earle
(11/11/17)...whom I would probably go and see over my gig too!
But I'm sure people have other plans made well in advance...
so it would be good to get an idea of whether the folliowing
dates are going to work for everybody that would normally come!
So if your interested let Louis know on facebook

Songs from the vault - Donna Dyson and Friends. Queensland Theater 14-10-17


  A wonderful evening of celebration by long time friendand APRA-ASA Australian Songwriter of the year Donna Dysonwith the help of many friends and collaborators she has met alongthe way on this remarkable journey she has been on.Among those incredibly talented people who helped on the eveningthere was Tyrone Noonan, Tony Dee, David Willersdorf,Sophie and Bek, Kat and Kirk Bryant and the choirs of Brisbane Sounds,Friends in voice, the Hillbrook Chorale and the Vox QLD show choir.[...]

Louis Tillett Music



The legendary Louis Tillett has launched a new website
and it looks wonderful, so have a look
It has a treasure trove of all things Louis
Im going to add it to the blog roll

Hi Bob
Louis Tillett here. I have always appreciated the spirit of this Blog. 
And now that I have just launched a new website, 
I have put up a link to it. I thought your readers may also like to 
know the new website link...where my entire catalog, memorabilia, 
etc will be up FREE to play, peruse, or download at will! 
Thanks for all your support.
 Pass on my regards to all! Cheers. Louis

The Models , Up Late GOMA 25-08-17


The Models were one of my favorite bands of theAustralian 1980's indy scene. I saw them a few timesback in the day, they supported David Bowie on theseroius moonlight tour but didnt became really popularuntil after James joined.I preferred the early Models which isnt to say I wasnt aJames Freud fan cause I was, but theres something  aboutSean Kelly's vocal I love.Anyway it was a fab gig, right up the front at the feet ofthe great Mark Ferry I was able to get some great shotsBut I was fairly deaf after it allThese guys still have it!And what a fabulous venue is the gallery of model art,holding its Marvel exhibition, for this band[...]

16 Lovers Lane - Queensland Performing Arts Centre 14-7-17


30 years after the release of their seminal album 3 members of theGo-betweens line up that created it return to the stage to performit in full along with a few other Gobs songs.Lindy Morrison Amanda Brown and John Willsteed joined on stagewith Dan Kelly, Danny Widdicombe and Luke Daniel Peacock anda fantastic array of artists taking on the vocal roles(Steve Kilbey (The Church), Mark Callaghan ( GANGgajang ),Ron S Peno (Died Pretty), Katie and Tyrone Noonan (george),Montaigne, Sam Cromack and Jen Boyce (Ball Park Music),Tim Nelson and Zoe Davis (Cub Sport),Sahara Beck and Kirin J Callinan.)And what a night it was, brilliant in the musical departmentof course along with amazing vocal performancesIt was a moving, emotional heart felt performanceSteve Kilbys anecdotes were very cool, but the greatest joywas to see the 3 band members receive the appreciation theydeserve.One of the highlights was Amanda singing the song the devils eyeBut there was many great performancesThe show paid tribute to the 2 great songwriters Grant and Robertconstantly and shows how very loved this band is in their home townI regret not taking my camera but being in the 2nd row Imanaged to get some shots on my phone [...]

John Kennedy, JFK & the Mid Life Crisis album launch, Phase 4 Brisbane 04- 06-17


John Kennedy played a wonderful 3 set in store appearancewith Murray Cook and Paul Scot this afternoon atPhase 4 records as part of their album launch weekendup here in BrisbaneThe new album titled JFK and the Midlife Crisis, references John'sfirst band as well as quite a lot of his own story in what isdescribed as a concept album following a loose narrative based on thelife of a middle aged musician looking back at his life lived toa indie music soundtrack.Its a wonderful album and well worth getting hold of.Its really good to see John is still going strong after all this timeand still putting out fine material and what a great bunch ofmusicians they are working with him[...]

ED KUEPPER RESTRUNG with Queensland Symphony Orchestra 25-03-17 Tivoli, Brisbane


It was a very happy and restained Ed that took to the stagewith the Queensland Symphony Orchestra last night toput on one of the most memorable Ed shows Ive seenand Ive seen a lot.From the opening rendition of Ghost Gum from the last cab toDarwin, to the entire Lost Cites album, to the small selectionof older Ed tunes it was beautiful and moving experienceThis should be recorded properly it was fantastic, the arrangments,the 40 members of the orchestra and the very animated conductorRichard Davis made for a unconventional but unforgetable eveningHeres the setlist from the nightGhost Gum [from Last Cab to Darwin soundtrack]PavaneFriends with the LeaderFree passage to Mars[It's ] Never too lateWhat can I leave youThe RuinsFever DreamSome said...Queen of the Vale [as in V.A.L.E]Honey Steel's GoldCollapse BoardThe way I made feelHorse under waterElectrical Storm[...]

The Rough Guide to Australian Aboriginal Music - Various Artists


Well its been 8 years now since this blog beganand its that time of year I post my annual invasion day postThis year Ive notice the movement for changing the date hastransitioned to the mainstream and gaining momentum perhapswe will change this incredibly bad taste day for a more inclusiveone. In the meantime heres some tracks to play and remember whatJanuary is really about.  Track ListDusty Legune & Campbell Allenbar: Saltwater (2:17)ListenRuby Hunter: Kurongk Boy, Kurongk Girl (3:33)ListenArchie Roach: Native Born (3:59)ListenTjapukai Dancers: Tjapukai Sunset (2:09)ListenRimijmara: Wonga Initiation Song (1:41)ListenMark Atkins: Bullima (4:31)ListenWaak Waak Jungi: Kava Song (5:49)ListenJimmy Murray: Drag Net (1:17)ListenTjupukai Dancers: Heart Of My People (6:05)ListenChristine Anu: Sik O (3:11)ListenArnhem Land: Nyindi-Yindi (3:44)ListenGapu: Celebration (4:44)ListenAlan Maralung: Bushfire (3:30)ListenDavid Page: Black (11:54)Download here[...]

Tex Perkins, Far from Folsom,Brisbane 19-11-16 — at Boggo Road Gaol.


Featuring Tex Perkins and The Tennessee Four with Rachael Tiddthis show was the last of the tour which saw tex and co perform acrossthe country in some of Australia's best known prisons.And what a show it was of course Tex has done a number of theseJohnny Cash shows and he's pretty good at it,This was pure theater and the outlaw prison themeran through the night with much special referencing to both Cashand the only prison in Australia in which he played not only once but twice[...]

Tex Perkins, Far from Folsom,Brisbane 19-11-16 — at Boggo Road Gaol.


Featuring Tex Perkins and The Tennessee Four with Rachael Tidd this show was the last of the tour which saw tex and co perform across the country in some of Australia's best known prisons. And what a show it was of course Tex has done a number of these Johnny Cash shows and he's pretty good at it, This was pure theater and the outlaw prison theme ran through the night with much special referencing to both Cash and the only prison in Australia in which he played not only once but twice[...]

Home Groan Music Festival


Posting this one for my friend Paul who is covering the night media wise, sounds like a great time!¬if_id=1477624794198104


Has it been 10 years!


allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="400" src="" width="400">

Has it really been 10 years since Grant left us?
I try imagine what he would have achieved,
the music he would have made, such a loss.
I can remember when I heard, the conversations
I had with friends, the sadness.

But like love, life goes on and on
and like that beautiful song he penned
How I miss your quiet , quiet heart.

Quiet Heart - Grant McClennan

The heater's on
The windows are thin
I'm trying hard to keep this warmth in

I turn to her, she's sound asleep
Someplace I don't know
Doesn't matter how far you've come
You've always got further to go

I tried to tell you, yeah
I can only say it when we're apart
About this storm inside of me
And how I miss your quiet, quiet, quiet heart

Two hours on
My eyes are open
There's bad blood between us

And what did I say that made you cry?
Our dream won't die
Doesn't matter how far you come
You've always got further to go

I tried to tell you, yeah
I can only say it when we're apart
About this storm inside of me
And how I miss your quiet, quiet, quiet heart

What is that light? That small red light
Scorpio rising
Doesn't matter how far you come
You've always got further to go

I tried to tell you, yeah
I can only say it when we're apart
About this storm inside of me
And how I miss your heart

I, I tried to tell her, yeah
I can only say it when we're apart
About this storm inside of me
And how I miss her quiet, quiet, quiet heart

Record Store Day 16-04-16 Vital Juices Redcliffe


World Record Store day was celebrated in style here in Brisbane'sNorthern suburbs.Vital Juices is my local record store and itsfabulous that we have one here, there's not to many around anymoreIt was Brisbane all the way with local legend Jeremy Neale,from Velociraptor fame and his amazing solo work.A big fav with my 3 boys so we were all on hand for a rareall ages performance. He was also selling vinyl and cdsand doing signings, lovely fellow!He played quiet a bit of  Velociraptor stuff and his solo stuff. After Jeremy, Ben Ely took to the corridor, Ben is better know for hiswork with Brisbane super band Regurgitator, he has in recent timesembarked on a solo career and his brilliant new album is worthgetting hold of. I got a copy on the day and Ben signed it for meso that was cool.He played a heap of his solo material and a few eclectic coversfrom Jonathan Richman to Black Sabbath to Elvis CostelloBrilliant time! I missed the last performance of the day which was West Ends fabulousFloyd Family Breakdown but I'm sure that was great too [...]

Kutcha Edwards - Hope



Well its that time of the year we here in Australia
very strangely celebrate the birth of a nation
of the day a bunch of british land thieves landed
or as Kev Carmody put it "the first boat people land"
And the destruction of the oldest continuing society  
on earth began.
The incredible bad taste I view this with is almost
as big as the contempt I feel for Nationalism and
its inevitable displays of contempt for those who
have suffered as a result of this evil
Kutcha Edwards isn't as well known as some of the
amazing murri koori artists but he should be.
His story is inspirational, his songs so very moving
and this album is a landmark album in that regard
His song " Is that what we deserve is" is a song that
should be played around the country tomorrow,
Cause we all know that's the message this country
needs to hear, maybe then you can all pick a nicer
date for your flag waving.
So download this brilliant work and play it loud
Tomorrow also is the day this blog celebrates its
birthday and in 2016 the SSS blog turns 8 years old.

allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="420"> Download Here

Late Century Modern Recordings


Hello SSS readers,

Long time no post!

This week, I officially launched my label out of a Valley laneway, a tiny hole in the wall record and cassette bar Phase 4.The label's name is LCMR. The plan was and is to release Brisbane music that has never appeared on record before - whether that be the Outpatients, the Bex Crystals or some other band you may have only read about.

In the first instance, I went for an album that was never released on LP. The historian in me had to fill that void. And in that (vast) Kuepper catalogue, you'll notice that 1992's Black Ticket Day came out through the three major format options at the time: CD, LP, and cassette; and 1994's Character Assassination was much the same. However, the album in the middle (Serene Machine) did not - it was only a digipak CD and cassette release despite the fact it was recorded at Electric Avenue as an under forty minute, twelve track LP with half shared over sides one and two.
Serene Machine was made in an edition of 300 copies from MPO in France with Don Bartley's  master, the record cut by SST Brüggemann in Germany. Judi Kuepper's original photograph was sourced after a bit of detective work, and the cover was restored to its proper ratio.

At the time of writing, it's available via the Phase 4 Record and Cassette Bar in Bakery Lane, 680B Ann St, Fortitude Valley and via LCMR's online store

Is there something LCMR should release? Drop a line in the comments section.

Have a lovely December!


Robert Forster "Songs To Play" Album Launch 21-11-15 The Triffid Brisbane


 Well Its been 7 years since Roberts last solo album and itsa remarkable record, so it was fitting the album launch wasa remarkable gig. Ive seen Robert play so many times overthe years and this was one of the best.He remarked a few songs in how the band was on fireand indeed it was.Joined on stage by his wife Karin Baumler, Luke McDonaldand Scott Bromiley from the John Steel Singers andChris ONeill on drums, they played loads of songs fromthe new album, a few Go-Between Classics and a fewearlier solo songs. Robert was in fine form, getting loudcheers  from the audience as he sung those classic Robertlines like,"I'm not the joker I'm the sheriff of this town "And so much hilarity when he sang "I love Myself"So many highlights, the beautiful "Clouds", the angst of "Cleaningthe pool for you"  or the pop brilliance of "Head full of Steam"and of course the totally hammed up "Danger in the Past"But the real highlights were the new songs from Songs To PlayEspecially the opening track "Learn to burn", these songs aresome of the best Robert has ever written.A Brilliant gig and even better was my position front and centerso I could take some of the best gig shots I've ever taken[...]

Halfway 21-11-15 the Triffid, Brisbane


 Opening for Robert Forster Halfway had the crowd eating out of theirhand. Starting will some of the gems from their Robert Forster producedalbum Any Old Love and sounding brilliant.They did a very unshowbiz thing and ended ended with a heap of newsongs from the next and yet to be released albumOne time Go-Between John Wilsteed was hiding back in the shadowsbut his guitar work constantly reminding you of what an incredibleguitarist he is, but the rest of his band are just as good.The sound they create is something to be experienced[...]

Peter Milton Walsh - Junk Bar Brisbane 11-10-15


Its hard to put my finger on what it is that draws me to the songsof Peter Milton Walsh in the way that they do.He sings of life, its failures its triumphs, its magic and itssadness and he does it in a way that makes it all so poetic,This concert was always going to be very special to me and to thepeople who came who like me connect with Peter and his songs.And it shows when you look around during the show, at differenttimes you see faces of joy or you see grins, or you see tears.It was a special occasion too as Peter once he left Brisbane some30 years ago he has played only 5 shows including thisand this the first solo.He told many stories as he does, all around the songs drawingyou into his memories. That's something you don't always seein a songwriter and something I appreciate greatly.Adding to the sense of occasion of this small and intimate performancewe had two of Peters greatest fellow Brisbane musical supportersalong for the ride, in Ed Kuepper and Robert Forster and Petergave them his gratitude for being there for him when he needed it.But in the end I'd sum it up with all the comments I heard after thegig about a wonderful and very special night from people who werethere.If he comes back with a band do yourself a favor and don'tmiss it.[...]

The Apartments Peter Walsh Returns to Brisbane


Just after I found out about Robert Forsters album launch
I heard about the gig of the year.
Peter returns to Brisbane to play one solo show were it all began.
On the back of a French tour and his first album in 15 years released
this year it will a gig not to miss

Sunday 11 October 2015 (opening 7:00pm)

at The Junk Bar's Skukum Lounge ( venue info )
215 Waterworks Rd, Ashgrove

Get your tickets here

Robert Forster Album launch with special guestsHalfway 21 Nov


Im very excited to post this gig Robert Forster has a new album
his first in 7 years and supporting him is the brilliant halfway.
I have got my tickets seein Im out of the country next month.
Cant wait for the new album!