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Things & Stuff & Music

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Olle Bäver - Castor Fiber


Great free jazz with a spiritual touch, with cover versions of Walk with Thee (Eddie Gale) and New Africa (Grachan Moncur). Released on Amigo in 1977.

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Faruq Z Bey - Infa'a


Limited vinyl release from 2006 on Qbico. Faruq died recently but remained active on the scene 'til his death. This record contains some very moody modal music with avant-garde and afrocentric leanings.


Michael White - Spirit Dance


great jazz-violin record from Michael White (Fourth Way, Build an Ark) on Impulse. If you think you'd like Coltrane on violin you should check this out.

Spirit Dance

Prince Lawsha - Firebirds Live at Berkeley Jazz Festival


A great record. Swings hard, with plenty of space for the soloists (mainly Lasha himself) to move around. Ron Carter plays bass, Kenneth Nash on percussion, Hubert Eaves on piano, Ron McCurdy drums and Lasha/Lawsha plays alto, baritone and flute. Released in 75 on Birdseye (private label).
  1. Mayflower
  2. For The Child
  3. Tracking Train

The new band


I dont know if anyone is still reading this blog (it has been a while since my last post). I've still got som rips made and rips to be made but cant ever seem to get around to posting them.
Anyway, just thought I'd drop a link to music me and some friends have been making lately. Kind of in the avantjazzgrooveinstrumentalhiphop category. None of us are proffesional musicians or anything, we just make music the only way we know how... because it's hella fun!


Geater Davis - Sweet Woman's Love


Here's some obscure deep-soul, funky and bluesy. Released in 1971 for House of Orange.

Here's a youtube preview:
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Walter Hawkins - Selah


Yo. I haven't been posting much (at all) lately (for about seven or so months). But I have come to life and started re-upping some dead links (Universal Jones, Freddie Mccoy, Carolyn Franklin, Chuck Bridges and Isao Suzuki). Should you find more dead links just drop me a line in the comments and it'll be on my to do list.

I do have some new unblogged treasures waiting to get ripped but I don't have my turntable hooked up the right way as of now.
I did however find this rip just laying around on my hard drive and I realized it had not been posted yet. Look at the backcover and you'll know everything I know about it.

Some youtube-previews:
title="YouTube video player" src="" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="390" width="480">

title="YouTube video player" src="" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="390" width="480">


Bengt-Arne Wallin - Varmluft


Swedish big-band record with Clark Terry, Sabu Martinez and an A-list of swedish jazz musicians. Clavinet laden blues numbers, scenic big band jazz with some funk and epic folk-jazz with nice rhodes. Released on Sonet in 1971.

The N.A.T.O. Song
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Herr Töreses Döttrar I Vänge
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  1. Prologue And Chorale
  2. The Song About A Hole, Somewhere...
  3. The Song About The Usual Thing
  4. The N.A.T.O. Song
  5. Epilogue
  6. Sånger Till Min Kvinna Att Se
  7. Sånger Till Min Kvinna Att Höra
  8. Herr Töreses Döttrar I Vänge

Wayne Davis - A View From Another Place


Spritual soul, or something like that. I like this record. It manages to be varied while keeping it together, blending a lot of different styles into a whole. I found some youtube clips for your previewing pleasure.

I Like The Things About Me That I Once Despised
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Sweet Bird Of Youth
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The sound is stripped down for the most part, Wayne on piano, Bernard Purdie on drums and Jerry Jemmott on bass. Richard Tee, Richard Davis, Roberta Flack, Eugene McDaniels and Carrie Cole also participates. If your musical taste is anything like mine you won't want to not hear the 11 minute funk freak-out that is Joel 2:28. 1973, Atlantic Records.
  1. Sweet Bird Of Youth
  2. Mixed Up Guy
  3. How's Mama's Baby
  4. I Like The Things About Me That I Once Despised
  5. Somebody's Watching You
  6. I Love You So
  7. Joel 2:28

Jazz On The Road - 12 Special Arrangements For Jazz Dancing


A rare piece of instrumental funk that I picked up the other day at a flea market. I picked it up because I noticed Super Fly and Cisco Kid on the back cover. Turns out the whole album is mostly made up of raw breakbeat-funk with some fuzzy guitar, organ and horns. There's a definite library-funk vibe in here. I'm not sure what the story is with this record, there is no mention of musicians or producers/arrangers.

Moving World
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Cisco Kid
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  1. Moving World
  2. Love Theme
  3. Super Fly
  4. Honky Cat
  5. Do It Again
  6. Cisco Kid
  7. Corazon
  8. Sweet Mary
  9. Hot Mud
  10. Beautiful Sunday
  11. Grand Central Shuttle
  12. Get It On

Montego Joe - Wild & Warm


Latin jazz on Prestige. Released 1965 (that's when the liner notes was written anyway). I don't know much about latin music but this sounds pretty good to me. Maybe not that wild but definitely warm. Aside from sunny jazz, there's a fun soul tune here aswell in Ouch with some not-meant-to-be-taken-seriously vocals. Check out the back cover for further information.Haitian LadyOuchSame Old Same Old Haitian LadyCapriciousHappy JoeNo TearsOuch Give It UpEweBata BluesConcumbaLexington Avenue Linerapidlinkfirelink[...]

Abdo & Solar Plexus - Ah Ya Zen (excerpt)


Only six minutes, or so, of music this time around. I didn't really feel the need to rip the rest of this album, but if someone wants it, give me a shout and I'll see if I can get around to it some time. Though unless you're into traditional arab music, you're not missing out. This track, however, is something fans of this blogs musical direction should check out. It's the swedish band Solar Plexus (Monica Dominique on organ, Carl-Axel Dominique on elec. piano, Bosse Häggström on bass and Tommy Slim Borgudd on drums) laying down a funk-rock-arab instrumental. Peep it!
Oh yeah, Bahi Barakat is on Tablah and Abdo is playing the Lute (I think). There's something you haven't heard before; funk with lute.

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Bob Azzam - Garden Of Love


Here's a rare swedish record that I found for virtually nothing at a flea market. Personally I don't like it that much. Too much cheese for my taste. But since there is people willing to pay 400 dollars for it, I ripped it anyway. Because I'm just that nice.Let's CelebrateThe Birds Are HappyPunch And JudyThe most famous track from this album is Let's Celebrate but I like the other examples posted above better. Let's CelebrateThe Birds Are HappyPeople Just Like YouHere Comes The DawnGarden Of LovePunch And JudyI'm Coming Home To YouMy Love For YouDon't Do It AloneI Could Seelink [...]

El Klan - Love Is A Swedish Thing


This record looks like it could be really lame but I don't think it is. Late 60's soul/funk, most of it uptempo, recorded in Sweden by a group of Mexicans. A cool cover of Cold Sweat with a nice break and a funky rendition of Knock On Wood are my favourites but there are some other nice tracks aswell.Cold SweatKnock on WoodWhen Love Goes WrongHigher And HigherCold SweatKnock On WoodOne Mint JulepLove Is A Swedish ThingWhen Love Goes WrongIt's Got To Be MellowShow MeShe's Looking GoodPoison IvySweet Soul MusicOlimpiada Mexicanalinklink[...]

Stu Gardner and the Sanctified Sound


Don't call it a comeback. But yeah, it's been a while. Anyway, here's a funk and soul album from singer-organ/piano/clavinet player Stu Gardner. Released on Volt (Stax) in 1974. For some backstory on Stu, check out this or that. This album has a couple of players in common with the Charles Wright LP I posted some time ago, namely Charles Wright himself, who contributes with some guitar and drummer James Gadson.
I found one of the tracks up on youtube.
  1. Devil In A Man
  2. Added To A Broken Heart
  3. Funky Neighborhood
  4. Home On The Range
  5. Mathilda (Instrumental)
  6. Sanctified Sound
  7. Sister Matilda
  8. Leave Him Alone
  9. The Sweetest Song
  10. The Sweetest Song (Part II)

Sam Taylor Jr - The Tunnels Of My Mind


Soulful, bluesy and groovy. Realeased on GRT records in 1969. You can find some info on Sam and preview tracks from this album over at In Dangerous Rhythm.



Junie - When We Do


Junie, at this time former Ohio Player, soon to be Funkadelic, released this, his first solo effort onWestbound in 1975. The music is varied, some all-out funk tracks and some tracks that reach for a pop-rock feel, but always some kind of funk lurking in the back.

Loving Arms
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Tight Rope
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There's no mention of other players which leads one to believe Junie is playing a lot of the instruments himself. Strings is provided by The Detroit Symphony who, when they're playing with Junie, is playing funky.
  1. Junie.
  2. Loving Arms
  3. Johnny Carson Samba
  4. The Place
  5. Anna
  6. Tight Rope
  7. You and You
  8. When We Do
  9. Married Him
  10. Walt's Third Trip

The Rance Allen Group - Truth Is Where It's At


Rance Allen and group released this soulful album in 1972 on The Gospel Truth, a Stax Records subsidiary label. Thomas Allen on drums and vocals, Steve Allen on bass and vocals and Rance Allen on guitar, piano, electric piano and vocals.There's Gonna Be A ShowdownSee What You Have DoneLovely LP. I love the small group sound. However, since I'm not at all religious the lyrics can somtimes be a little hard for me to relate to, but it doesn't really matter when the music's so good.There's Gonna Be A ShowdownThat Will Be Good Enough For MeGod Is WonderfulSee What You Have DoneLook AroundGod Is Where It's AtIf I Could Make The World BetterMamaTo The Other ManHeartacheslink[...]

Charles Wright - Doing What Comes Naturally


Charles Wright, who most people recnognize better when you add the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band after his name, recorded this two record set in 1973 for Dunhill records. The fellas playing with him here is Horace Jones, Werner Schuchner, Yusef Rahman, Bobby Knight, Carlos Mercado, Joel Peskin, Joe Banks and others.Doin' What Cums NaturallyA Mothers LoveThe tracks are nice and long for the most part, the longest being the closer, Nonsense which is a nearly 17 minute long funk jam.Doin' What Cums NaturallyOne Two Three Four Five SixThat's All That Matters BabyYou Threw It All AwaySilly 'Lil GirlYou Are The One For MeYou And MeA Mothers LoveThe Weight Of Hate1, 2, 3, You & MeNonsensepart 1part 2[...]

Peddlers - Three In A Cell


The Peddlers have already been introduced on this blog with this post. Here's a track from Three In A Cell, released in 1968 on CBS.

On A Clear Day
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This record is a bit different from the other one I posted. For example there's some strings present here, which isn't really consistent with The Peddlers and their small-group style. But it works sometimes. However, I like them best when they leave the strings alone. For a good example, listen to Still Of The Night which is a rock hard jazz-rock tune (not a fusion tune, mind you, but jazz-rock).
  1. Comin' Home Baby
  2. On A Clear Day
  3. Basin Street Blues
  4. Nobody Likes Me
  5. I'm A Boy In Love
  6. People
  7. Still Of The Night
  8. Ebb Tide
  9. Just A Pretty Song
  10. Lost Continent
  11. Prime Of My Life


Tequila - Power


Nice funk-jazz-latin music with some rock influences, released on Toniton (in Sweden only, I think) in 1974. Four mexicans, one swede and one englishman.Someone To LoveSorayaI'm digging this record very much, hope you will to.Someone To LoveGotta Find A WaySorayaAmigo MioWe're Still HotSmog CityLove SongCommunicationCozumelForeignerslink removed because of complaints[...]

Freddie McCoy - Soul Yogi


Soul-jazz from vibist Freddie McCoy, released in 1968 on Prestige. Players are Freddie McCoy on vibes and drums, Joanne Brackeen on piano and organ, Wally Richardson on guitar, Steve Wolfe on sitar, Lawrence Evans on bass, Ray Appleton on drums and Emanuel Green, Joseph Malignaggi and Peter Dimitriades on violins. Dave Blume arranged and conducted the set.Salem Soul SongSorry 'bout ThatI Am A WalrusThe sound is upbeat and happy for most of the record. The version of The Beatles I Am The Walrus is nice as it brings the tempo down for a bit.Soul YogiSalem Soul Song Sorry 'bout ThatI Am A Walrus Pet SoundsWhat Now My LoveMysteriosoRide OnAutumn Leaveslink[...]

Mel Brown - Big Foot Country Girl


Another Mel Brown record for your asses. This one from 1973, might be his last, I don't know. This, like all other Mel B records I own, was released on Impulse.Need LoveStinging BeaMusically, it's what you usually get from a Mel Brown album, meaning a bluesy, funky and soulful mix, with a very down-home kind of sound.Need LoveHome FolksRed Cross StoreLittle Girl, Don't You KnowBig Foot Country GirlGoin' Down SlowStinging Bealink[...]

The Nite-Liters - The Nite-Liters


The first album from Harvey Fuquas The Nite-Liters. Need I say funky? Released on RCA in 1970.Stuff-n-ItEleanor RigbyEasily the funkiest version of Eleanor Rigby I have heard. The whole album is archetype funk.Get Back BuddyStuff-n-ItCon-Funk-ShunThe HecklerCherish Every Precious MomentPretty Words Don't Mean a ThingDown and DirtyNothingItchy BrotherHorny ManSnap Your TwigEleanor Rigbylink[...]

Gary Burton - Throb


Good, sometimes funky album by vibes player Gary Burton. Relaeased on the Atlantic label in 1969. Players are Jerry Hahn, Richard Greene, Steve Swallow and Bill Goodwin.

Some Echoes
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There's some pretty nice rhodes (played by Gary himself) on some tracks. Listen to above track for an example. Prime Time is another good one.
  1. Henniger Flats
  2. Turn Of The Century
  3. Chickens
  4. Arise, Her Eyes
  5. Prime Time
  6. Throb
  7. Doin The Pig
  8. Triple Portrait
  9. Some Echoes