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Preview: '80s greek post punk-new wave

'80s greek post punk-new wave

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Venus In Furs


For a long period of time, was believed to be the lost binding bond between post-punk and new wave music of Greece. Despite however, their exceptional appearances and their 3 demos, recorded from summer 1985 until their final split in 1993, their only musical inheritance was the extremely rare album “New Horizon”, in 10 copies!! The limited number of copies resulted due to numerous technical sound problems that lead to the discontinuance of the album’s production.
More infos here
Venus In Furs official web page

Λευκή Συμφωνία


Greek new wave/rock group formed in Athens in 1984. Band MembersThodoris Dimitriou - Vocals Takis Mparmpagalas - Guitar Diogenis Xatzistefanidis - Bass Mixalis Vasiliou - Keyboards Spiros Xarisis - Drums Giannis Venardis - Drums Sotiris Kastanis - Guitar

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(image) The band SYNTHETIKI was created in 1985, in Piraeus (Greece), consisting of 3 members - Apostolis Loverdos (lyrics, music, guitar) Dionysis Avgerinos (lyrics, music, keyboards) Dimosthenis Tsanetoglou ( technician) Their LP "SYNTHETIKI" was recorded in 1990 and only 500 copies of this album were circulated at the time. In 1993 the band broke up.
Official myspace page

Chapter 24


A minimal/synth wave experimental band formed in 1982. In 1988 released their first album "Tin Invaders". The band is still active. From Chapter 24 myspace page "Co-established in 1982 by Antonis Livieratos (keyboards) and Vagelis Boulouhtsis (bass) in Ioannina, Greece, the nowadays highly respected yet still unclassifiable "Chapter 24", ("Kefalaio 24" in Greek), were named after Syd Barrett’s song. Their first album (following a short series of independent home-produced cassettes), "Tin Invaders" in 1988 features lyrics in English and despite the avant-garde reputation of the band, is definitely pop- oriented."
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Alice in a Nightmare


The band formed at late 80s. Members of the band participated also at Magic de spell. The band released the lp "Alice in nightmare" (1989)

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 "Alice in nightmare" LP

Hands of Cain



The Hands of Cain” were formed in 1983 in Athens, Greece, by the ex-members of the teenage punk-rock band (and one of the first of the Greek punk-rock scene), “Ausschwitss”. More info and music at band's official my space page




a post punk band formed in athens in 1981. Read complete discography, listen and download some songs at band's official my space page. Ausschwitz official myspace page



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This band is actually the new wave side project of genia tou xaous (chaos generation) a punk/hc band. For a lot of people maybe one of the best punk bands in greece.

Rodondo Rocks


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Formed in 1982 in thessaloniki (northern greece). They released "standard deviation" lp (1983) and land of nod (1988)
you can read some more infos at the back cover of their first lp





Formed in early 80s in thessaloniki. Their name doesn't mean anything. In 1983 the label "music box" released their only Lp. The band disbanded when their members went to army

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Formed in 1980 in Thesaloniki. They released 2 Lp. "Grooving over beirut" in 1983 and "eastern side of love" in 1984.
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Statues in Motion


Statues in Motion formed in early 80s. In 1983 released their only Lp "Statues in Motion"
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Split Image


(image) formed in late 1981 in Corfu, Greece. The first line up was consisted from George Scordilis (guitar, voice), Alex Mesimeris (drums), Kostas Veronikis (bass). In 1983 they moved to Athens, performing many live shows. Listen some songs in their official site



Parthenogenesis formed in lates '70s in athens, greece. Started as a rock band but very soon were directed to new wave. Actually they were the first new wave band in greece. They disbanted in 1983. Their members continued in other post punk / new wave bands like "Reporters", "Villa 21", "Forwand Music Quintet", "Scoria", "Slow Motion". Their only release is a tape which is quite impossible to find it. Kostas Pothoulakis (guitar), George Makridis (bass), Alberto Levis (drums), Takis Polihronopoulos (vocals)

The Lesbians


Formed in 1985 in Athens. They released only a 12" single called "the lesbians" in 1986. After that their luck remains unknown

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Yell 'O' Yell


They formed in 1982 in Athens, Greece. One of the darkest band of the greek post punk scene . Later the bassist of Headleaders (and also member of Rehearsed Dreams) participated at the band. They made a lot of appearances along with Headleaders and Villa 21. They were the first group that signed at the legendary Creep Records. Between 1982 and 1983 they released the 7" "Shoot The Truth" with three tracks and a mini lp titled "Funtime". In 1984 they released the lp "Hello Hell" again on Creep Records, and in ' 86 the lp ΧΙΙ-13 from Smash Records. The drummer of the band on lp ΧΙΙ-13 was andreas ferdianakis. Ex member of punk band ex humans and later member of south of no north and be bop jungle (The other greek post punk label which released only 3 Lp's). Unfortunately the singer / guitarist Fill Scars died in early 90's from drugs overdose. The birthday party's influenced is obvious in this band. Get this widget | Share | Track details [...]

En Plw


(image) well in free translation it meens "οn sea". formed in athens in 1985. They released their first demo in 1987. The next year recorded their selftitled Lp which released in 1989. The track "dream" from this record is dedicated to Mixalis Prekas.
A radical murdered by the police. Soon later the band recorded a 12" ep with 5 songs but never released for public. Realesed only 10 copies and a 7" ep with the fanzine " At the shadows of B-23". Their sound is a mixture of post punk (joy division were their major influenced), guitar rock and greek traditional music (rebetika) and that's makes the band unique !!! (also used some greek traditional instruments)
Members of the band were Ntinos Sadikis(vocals), Dimos Zamanos (guitars and vocals), Kostas kalogirou (drums). Also mebers of the band were Hristos Politis - drums (1985-1987), Dimitris Kafousias - drums (1985-1987) and Stratos Alimonos - keybords (1987). Unfortunately Dimos Zamanos suicided few years ago

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Stained Veil


(image) were a post punk band formed in thessaloniki in 1985. They released "livin on leavin" Lp in 1986 by smash records. Members: D.Stephanopoulos (drums), Sotiris Zisis (guitars and bacground vocals), Nick Modiotis (lead vocals), and George Pattas (guitars,bass), C. Kaisoudis (acoustic piano), George Pendjos (keybords)


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Villa 21


Αt the end of 1981 Kostas Pothoulakis (former member of parthenogenesis) and Anta Labara at keybords formed Villa 21. The punk and the new wave experience of pothoulakis in "parthenogenesis" and "the reporters" along with the music influences of the rest of band's members created the final sound of Villa 21.. Their first appearrance was at "sofita" club in 1982. In 1984 supported Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and in 1987 "Membranes" and "Wipers". At Creep Records released their first single (1982) called "villa 21", also the single "move" (1983) and on the same year the Lp "A Ghost On The Move". Also participated in "World Class Punk" tape compilation of "Roir records" They released some more records but they changed gradually their music style to garage punk. The band disbanted in 1991. In 1993 Kostas Pothoulakis was killed in a car accident Get this widget | Share | Track details [...]

Film Noir


(image) formed in 1985. Members of the band were : Kostas Sokialis(vocals, guitar, keybords), Kiriakos Coti (vocals, bass), Vassilis Nakis (keybords), S. Adams (drums).
They released "never ending dream" in 1986 and one more in 1990

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Yellow Pages



Well the only info i have for this band is at the back cover of the only 7" single they released. Click on it

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Metro Decay


Formed in 1982. A band influenced maybe by the cure but much better from this miserable band and i mean the cure. Yes that's right. They supported Birthday Party's athens concert (1982). The band released the Lp "Ypervasi" in 1984 and an 7". Members were: Antonis Maniatis (vocals, guitar), Kostas Mastoris (keyboards, synth bass), Giannis Maniatis (drums, percussion)

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(image) TVC or Tender violent chords formed in 1981 in athens greece. They were from the first new wave bands in greek rock scene. They released 2 records. The selfitled TVC (1982) and make me up ll (1983), all on polygram records. They made a tour along with forward music quintet and a tour for three months in Toronto Canada. After they returned, the band disbanded. Some members continued in other bands like "magic de spell" and the legendary punk band "panx romana".


You can download their two records from
Hidden Diaries

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TVC on youtube

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TVC on youtube video 2

Viridian Green


(image) Viridian Green were a band somewhere between new wave and experimental electro pop. Maybe remind you Human League from their early experimental period. I am not very certain but i think they formed in 1980 or a year before. They released a record called 'HΩ" in 1988. Actually the band is Glaufx Garland who runs now the cult label CAPP and still makes music. Some months ago Capp released a cd-r demo with Viridian Green 1st lp plus some unreleased recordings from early-'mid 80s. (some infos at the back side of cd-r: music, vocals, and words glaufx garland, music: g. christou, g alexandris,g nouvakis)
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Sharp Ties



Sharp Ties formed in 1980. A band musically somewhere between new wave and the Specials (see the video below Sharp Ties - "get that beat"). they released 2 records Get that beat (1981) and Safari boys (1982)

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Sharp Ties on youtube