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Preview: Ambiance Congo

Ambiance Congo

Ambiance Congo broadcasts every other Sunday on WRIR 97.3 FM Richmond Virginia, USA from 3:00-5:00 PM. Listen live here: Each radio program posted on this page is available on this page for only two weeks, but ALL programs are ALWAYS availabl

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Ambiance Congo: March 4, 2018


WELCOME!I have played a few of your requests for you this time and I thank you for those. I've spun a couple of them before, but your requests always make for a better program and I always try my best to honor those requests even if I cannot fit them all in.We have more songs from new albums by Bozi Boziana and by Gloria Tukhadio. Both of these albums are getting a lot of play in my house these days! I've also included my favorite track from Roga Roga & Extra Musica's new CD for you listening pleasure.If you do not see an album cover for one of your requests, that usually means I've posted those covers before. All you have to do to type the name of the artist or a word from the title of the disc or song into the "SEARCH" bar on this page and scroll around until you find them.Listen here: here: for today:PART A1)King Kester Emeneya & Victoria Eleison Dream Team Dream Band   sebene from DORIS ILOKO (program theme song)   from the CD PAS DE CONTACT   Black Music2)King Kester Emeneya   MAMIE   from the CD LONGUE HISTOIRE, VOL. 2   Calbass Productions3)Dream Team   UTEZI   from the CD CONTRE ATTAQUE   JMC Productions4)Wenge Musica B.C. B.G   C’EST TROP TARD DJENGA *   from the CD KALA - Yi - BOEING   Ngoyarto6)Gloria Tukhadio & Cour des Grands   ZALA EKENGE NA LA VIE   from the CD I.P = IDENTITE PROTEGEE   DEBs Music/Jimmy’s Production7)Bozi Boziana   CELIO DECLARANT   from the CD TOUT UNE HISTOIRE   Boziro8)Ferre Gola   INSULINE *   from the CD QUI EST DERRIERE TOI?   Kiki Productions10)Wenge Musica el Paris    DECEPTA    from the CD EN LIVE ZING-ZONG MOISE *    Yoshad Production/Flash Diffusion BusinessPART B11)Roga Roga & Extra Musica    MM INTERNATIONAL    form the CD 242    Ibrok’s Production12)Delta Force de Pepe Kalle    LA RECONNAISSANCE AMISI *    from the CD CONFIRMATION “BUT YA TSHOBO”    Rigo Makengo Production/Clarys Music13)Pepe Kalle    ZONGA AIME *    from the LP GERANT    Syllart Records14)Bumba Massa    MBANDA AKOMA TELEVISION *    from the LP L’ARGENT ET LA FEMME (MASS-MEDIA)    Star Musique15)Tabu Ley Rochereau & l’Orchestre Afrisa International     MAETAVI     from the LP HAFFI DEO “L’EAU DE DIEU”     Genidia17)Lita Bembo & Stukas     MUASI     from the LP LITA BEMBO LIBEKI & STUKAS BA KOLO KUANGA     Rythmes et Musique18)Benz Petrole     GODE APULA     from the CD L’HEURE DE VERITE     Sun Records  *=by request[...]

Ambiance Congo: February 18, 2018


WELCOME!Today we start with a live track by Franco & le T.P. O.K Jazz. There's more OK Jazz and related music in Part B of this program, songs by Mayaoula Mayoni and from Celi Bitshu & TP OK Jazz (post Franco).Some of my favorite songs this time are from wonderful new CDs by Bozi Boziana, Bumba Massa and Le Karmapa and from older LPs by Orchestre Le Peuple and Carlito & Debaba of Choc Stars. A few years back, I bought that Carlito & Debaba album used and the cover has some flaws, so I went looking on line for a better find that the only decent one was an image of my very same album!I have filled an anonymous request for a song from Pepe Kalle's PON MOUN PAKA BOUGE LP and paired it with a song by Nyboma & Les Kamale Dynamiques du Zaire from the same period for you.Enjoy!Listen here: here: songs:PART A1)King Kester Emeneya & Victoria Eleison Dream Team Dream Band   sebene from DORIS ILOKO (program theme song)   PAS DE CONTACT   Black Music2)Franco & T.P. O.K. Jazz   NA KISOKA   LE FOLKLORE DE CHEZ NOUS   Editions Populaires3)Tshala Muana   BULUNDA   MAMU NATIONALE, VOL. 2   Sonima Music4)”Grand Pere” Bozi Boziana   LIKINGO LIMBOKA   TOUTE UNE HISTOIRE   Boziro6)Le Karmapa   VIRUS   CALIGULA, VOL. 2   Le Karmapa7)Bumba Massa   ELEKI TROP   V70   Cantos Music8)Nyboma et Les Kamale Dynamiques du Zaire   ASSO M’BELE   DOUBLE DOUBLE   Rounder Records10)Pepe Kalle    MARCHE COMMUN *    PON MOUN PAKA BOUGE    Afro Rythmes11)CarlitoLassa & Debs Debaba    MOTEMA JUGE    CARLITO ET DEBABA DE (CHOC STARS)    Gina Kiaku ProductionPART B12)Orchestre Le Peuple    MORUMANA KOSSI    TCHIATCHIBI    Grand Zeer      (Thanks to Moos for this rip, it sounds better than my LP)13)Orchestre Bella-Mambo    MWANA NA NGAI    HOMMAGE A EMILE SOKI DIANZENZA, VOL. 1    Le Monde des Aristes14)Mayaoula Mayoni    HA KU MBUNDU    MAYAOULA MAYONI LE GRAND    Ets. Discorient15)T.P. OK Jazz     NINJA     KO MEKA TE     APL Diffusion17)Zaiko Langa-Langa     KIBOLA BOLA     KAY-KAY     Voix d’Afrique18)Fafa de Molokai     POT POURRI (excerpt)     MAESTRO     Flash Diffusion Business *=by request[...]

Ambiance Congo: February 8, 2018


Welcome!Today I have a couple of new songs from albums and singles, including soethng from Le Karmapa, MJ 30, Letis Madilu & Bana Systeme and also a song from Werrason.The real treats here are the two songs by T.P. OK Jazz led by Celi Bitshou recorded after the passing of Le Grand Maitre Franco.I hope that you will enjoy and send me a request for something you'd like to hear next time around.Listen here: here: songs:PART A1)King Kester Emeneya & Victoria Eleison Dream Team Dream Band   sebene from DORIS ILOKO (program theme song)   PAS DE CONTACT   Black Music2)Modogo Gian Franco Ferre   FASHIONISTA   FESTIVAL DE CANNES CENTO PER CENTO MODA - single   iM Modogo Gian Franco Ferre3)Djo Nolo   ANICET PEDRO   JOLIE MEDINA   Production Mayala4)Winan Mignon   LOHUNKA   FEELING   Ngoyarto6)David Tochino Biniakounou   BONI ELAKA   BINIAKOUNOU   Safari Sound7)Celi Bitshou   PARDON CHERIE   SOUCI YA BOLINGO   Cyraique Bassoka Productions8)T.P. OK Jazz   MFUMU MANANGOU   KO MEKA TE   APL Diffusion10)Letis Madilu & Bana System    PITIE MON AMOUR    AU NOM DU PERE ET DU FILS (HISTOIRE CONTINUE)    Jimmy’s ProductionPart B11)Fally Ipupa    DOUBLE CLIC    POWER KOSA LEKA    Obouo Music/Because Music12)MJ 30    KUGATALOVE - feat. Celio Scram    single    MJ 3013)Le Karmapa    BEBE GOURMAND    CALIGULA VOL. 1    Karmapa14)Werrason    ALI MAYIMONA    7 JOURS DE LA SEMAINE    Werrason World15)Lassa L’Acolyte     JUSTE MILIEU BBL     INFLUENCE     Diego Music17)King Kester Emenya & Victoria Eleison     CONFIANCE AVEUGLE     MOKOSA     Ets. VeVe International18)Franck Issekya     JOUR D’ANNIVERSAIRE     MOKILI COMPILQUE     Sonodisc19)Titina Alcapone     FLEUR DE LA VIE     NO COMMENT      Air B.Production[...]

Ambiance Congo: January 21, 2018


Welcome!Today we have the second CALIGULA song from Le Karmapa's wonderful new 2 CD set, another song from Bozi Boziana's TOUTE UNE HISTOIRE set of new versions of Anti-Choc classics and the only songs from Lutumba Simaro's ENCORE & TOUJOURS and JB M'Piana's KIPE YA YO that I haven't spun for you before. Plus more!I always love to spin tracks by Pamelo Mounk'a and by Youlou Mabiala...they have both recorded so much music that we never run out of different songs to play from them!I hope you will enjoy and leave your requests for future shows.Listen here: here: songs:PART A1)King Kester Emeneya & Victoria Eleison Dream Team Dream Band   sebene from DORIS ILOKO (program theme song)    PAS DE CONTACT   Black Music2)Titina Alcapone   HYMNE NATIONALE   AFFAIRE A SUIVRE   Sound Africa3)Le Karmapa   CALIGULA 2 (MBUTA MUNTU)   CALIGULA, VOL. 2   KARMAPA4)Grand Pere Bozi Boziana   EVELYNE   TOUTE UNE HISTOIRE   Boziro6)Shumanchie Drigo-Drigola   FLEUVE DE MON COUER   DANS BIDODA DODA   Sonodisc7)Z1 International   BIJOU LEKI   ERE DE VERITE   Simon Music-SIPE8)J.B. M’Piana & Wenge BCBG   ALINO KIZAZA   KIPE YA YO   Ets. N’Diaye10)Doudou Copa *    BOUILLON    MENU    Letiok Production11)Serge Kiambukuta    MEKA OSUKA    TEMPETE DU DESERT    Glenn Music12)Jean Valise Mububulu, Tonton Mayala & Madilu System    TROP C’EST TROP    MEDITATION    Ets. Kaluila13)Pamelo Mounk’a    LAISSE TOI VIVRE MAMOUNI    PROPULSION!    Disques SONICS14)Le Prince Youlou Mabiala & Kamikaze Loningisa    POUPEE FRAGILE    CHAMIONNAT ET SOTEXCO    IAD15)Le Duc Leni-Lenga Man & Zaiko Langa-Langa Familia Dei     FAFA (PAPY DADY)     CESSEZ LE FEU     Sans Frontieres17)O.K. International     HIROSHIMA     SATAN *     Jacko Productions18)Lutumba Simaro     BITSHILUX     ENCORE & TOUJOURS     Diego Music19)Zizi N’Zanga de Los Nickelos     DESESPOIR     LENGELA CONGO      Solfge Universel Production*=by request[...]

Ambiance Congo: January 7, 2018


Welcome!I'm happy to start this new year with a selection of new songs and classics.2017 ended, as most years do, with a flurry of new releases. My favorites are by older artists such as Bozi Boziana and Sam Mangwana revisiting some of their historic repetoire, but my favorite new album has been, so far, the two CD set CALIGULA 1 & 2  by Le Karmapa.There have also been new releases by Gloria Tukhadio and Letis Madilu as well a few notable reissues of older albums.I'd like to thank my good friend and colleague "DJ Graybeard" Charles Williams for covering the program on Christmas Eve with this fine show: are invited to listen to the latest program here: find it here: songs:PART A1)King Kester Emeneya & Victoria Eleison Dream Team Dream Band   sebene from DORIS ILOKO (program theme song)   PAS DE CONTACT   Black Music2)Bumba Massa   L’ESPOIR ME RASSURE   V70   Cantos Music3)Sam Mangwana   LOKOSSO YA NZOMBO   LUBAMBA   Grounded Music4)Grand Pere Bozi Boziana   MAITRE COSTA   TOUTE UBE HISTOIRE   Boziro6)Le General Defao   CHAKITO BAKOU   AMOUR SCOLAIRE   Sterns7)Letis Madilu & Bana System   MA MOLANGI   AU NOM DU PERE ET DU FILS (HISTOIRE CONTINUE)   Jimmy’s Production8)Malage – Adamo - Baroza   TCHA TCHO   MALANGE – ADAMO – BAROZA DE ZAIKO LANGA LANGA NKOLO MBOKA   Bondowe/Le Monde des Artistes10)Gloria Tukhadio & Cour des Grands    ZAPATA ZEBRIS    I.P = IDENTITE PROTEGEE    DEBS Music/Jimmy’s Production11)Le Karmapa    CALIGULA 1 (BONDOWE)    CALIGULA VOL. 1    KarmapaPart B12)Franco et le T.P. OK Jazz    MOMI    SOUVENIRS DE UN DEUX TROIS    Sonodisc13)Emile Soki & Kanda Bongo man    ZIZI    BELLA MAMBO    Ets. Jambo Jambo/Gillette d’Or Internationale14)Pepe Jean Kalle & l’Orchestre Empire Bakuba    LIBAKU MABE    LA NAISSANCE DE L’EMPIRE BAKUBA    Ngoyarto15)Zaiko Langa-Langa     DECEPTION LIKINGA     SENTIMENT AWA / ESSESSE     Ngoyarto17)N’Zaya & l’African Nova     LOUSSA TETE     NOSTALGIE     Production Discorama18)Alphonse N’Toulolou     LONGONIA PAPA     ALPHONSO “DES BANTOUS DE LA CAPITALE     Ets. Tchi-Thi19)Flebo (?)     MANDOLINA STAR     RADIO MUNDENGE / BROUSSE ROCK UIT ZAIRE      VPRO[...]

Ambiance Congo: December 10, 2017


Welcome!I have new albums by Gloria Tukhadio and Sam Mangwana to sample today along with a number of great older music, some of it recently reissued. I am thoroughly enjoying Gloria Tukhadio's album as it is mostly full of new songs in the classic Viva la Musica style with Alexis Azulino on guitar and additional vocals by Santa Nyanga. In the category of older records, I found in my stacks a couple of LPs I'd forgotten about. One by Bouddha Enyula Mayino that features singers Abby Surya, Joly Mubiala and Djeffard Lokombo. Another one, from Geramin Aimen, I bought years ago though I did not know his name at the time because it features Kanda Bongo Man and guitars by Denis Lobassou "La Cloche".This will be my last program for 2017. I hope that you will enjoy it!I will have a guest hosting this program for me on Christmas Eve, but I will do what I can to post his program on these pages.Listen here: here: songs:PART A1)King Kester Emeneya & Victoria Eleison Dream Team Dream Band   sebene from DORIS ILOKO (program theme song)   from the CD PAS DE CONTACT   Black Music2)Bouddha Enyuka Mayino   SYLVIA MONGOLE   from the LP DIOULEE / PAPA LONGINDO   EMB Production3)Tex Mambote et le Stargate   TLOI YA MAMAN   from the CD COUP DE FOUDRE   Freddy Mputu Production/Sonima Music4)Malage – Adamo -Baroza   AMBIANCE KIN (VERSION 1)   from the CD MALANGE-ADAMO-BAROZA DE ZAIKO LANGA LANGA NKOLO  MBOKA   Bondowe/Le Monde des Artistes6)Gloria Tukhadio & Cour des Grands   MASSAKILA   from the CD I.P = IDENTITIE PROTEGEE   DEBS Music/Jimmy’s Production7)Letis Madilu & Bana System   LA VIE MISE EN SCENE (ELEVATION)   from the CD AU NOM DU PERE ET DU FILS (HISTOIRE CONTINUE)   Jimmy’s Production8)Jonas Balela   NALINGI YO   from the CD OFFRE SPECIALE   LGJB10)Choc Stars    BELLE DE JADIS    from the LP OKA POLISSON CHAUFFE    Espera11)Bozi Boziana et le Anti-Chox    RAYON SOLEIL    from the CD PERE NOEL CONFIANCE    Rigo Makengo ProductionsPart B12)Jean Valise Mububulu, Tonton Mayala & Madilu System    NBONGWANA    from the CD MEDITATION    Ets. Kaluila13)Germain Aimen “Bise Payee”    TUKU M’PELE    from the LP BOMBE ECLATEE    Productions Dekoum14)Ange Linaud    PASOLA MOLANGUI    from the LP ANGE LINAUD    Musi-Club15)Sam Mangwana    FELICITE    from the CD LUBAMBA    Grounded Music16)Les Bantous de la Capitale     MBONGUANA     from the LP LES BANTOUS DE LA CAPITALE     Sonafric17)Le Prince Youlou Mabiala & l’Orchestre Kamikaze Loningisa     YOYOWE     from the LP MARIE BIMA (MON AVOCAT A VOYAGE 2e EPISODE)     Capitale18)Pepe Kalle & l’Orchestre Empire Bakuba     YA YONGO     from the CD VAVA     Les 3 Pyramides19)Reddy Amisi     ERES MIA     from the CD THE BEST OF REDDY AMISI     Sonodisc[...]

Ambiance Congo: November 26, 2017


Welcome!In honor of Pascal Tabu, Tabu Ley, Le Seigneur Rochereau. He passed at age 76 in Brussels on November 30, 2013 after an illustrious musical career spanning about 50 years.Today we'll hear his music and music of others such as Docteur Nico, Franco & OK Jazz, Les Grands Maquisards, Les Bantous de la Capitale...all from the golden 1960s and 1970s when real rumba was king.What was he doing? Who did he influence? Who were his competitors? What was that scene like?Of course, the sheer number of songs, artists and groups of the era could never be covered in a short two hours, but I've tried to give you a sample. I hope that you will enjoy the selections offered here.Listen here for two weeks: in the show archive here: songs:PART A1)King Kester Emeneya & Victoria Eleison Dream Team Dream Band   sebene from DORIS ILOKO (program theme song)   from the CD PAS DE CONTACT   Black Music2)African Jazz   NBONGISA KALA   from the CD LE GRAND KALLE: HIS LIFE, HIS MUSIC VOL. 1   Sterns3)Tabu Ley Rochereau & African Fiesta   SELI KUTU   from the LP AUTHENTICITE VOL. 1   African4)Docteur Nico & Orchestre African Fiesta   SUZARININE   from the CD MERVEILLES DU PASSE: ETERNEL DOCTEUR NICO ET LE AFRICAN FIESTA   African/Sonodisc6)Les Bantous de la Capitale   CELIA   from the CD LES BANTOUS DE LA CAPITALE (1963-1969)   Sonodisc7)Le Seigneur Rochereau et l’African Fiesta National   GIPSY   from the LP ROGER IZEIDI-MOKOY A PARIS PRESENTE LE SEIGNEUR ROCHEREAU ET L’AFRICAN FIESTA NATIONAL “LE PEUPLE”   Ngoma8)Docteur Nico & l’Orchestre African Fiesta Sukisa   BOLINGO YA SENS UNIQUE   from the LP L’AFRIQUE DANSE NO.10: SUKISA   African10)Franco & L’OK Jazz    Celita (feat. Kwamy)    from the CD MINO YA LUAMBO DIAMANT    Editions Populaires 11)Festival des Maquisards    CHERIE VICKY    from the CD ZELA NGAI NASALA    Sonodisc12)Orchestre Negro Succes    LITEYA YA NTONGO    from the CD COMPILATION MUSIQUE CONGOLO-ZAIROISE VOLUME III    African/Sonodisc13)Le Seigneur Rochereau et l’Afrisa International    PAULINA    from the CD A L’OLYMPIA (PARIS, 1970) LIVE    African/SonodiscPART B14)Le Seigneur Rochereau et l’Afrisa International    ASSAMBELA    from the LP LE SEIGNEUR ROCHEREAU    ISA15)Les Grands Maquisards    SANTU PETELO    from the CD THE VERY BEST OF NTESA DALIENST:    LES GRANDS MAQUISARDS 1969, 1971, 1972 LEGEND COLLECTION    Ngoyarto16)Orchestre Veve     LINGI NAKUFA 1 & 2     from the LP EDITION VEVE     African17)Trio Madjesi     COUP ERANC     from the CD COMPILATIONS CONGOLO-ZAIROIS 1967/1968/1970/1974     Sonodisc18)Tabu Ley Rochereau & l’Afrisa International     KIMAKANGO MPE LIBALA     from the CD THE VOICE OF LIGHTNESS     Sterns19)Franco & le TP OK Jazz     CEDOU feat. Sam Mangwana     from the CD FRANCO, SIMARO ET LE TP OK JAZZ 197320)Les Bantous de la Capitale     TCHEKO     from the LP L ES BANTOUS DE LA CAPITALE     Sonafric     21)Rochereau feat. M’Bilia Bel &nbs[...]

Ambiance Congo: November 12, 2017


WELCOME!More vinyl than not today.Great music from the 70s to around 2000.Starting off with a wonderful track from Grand Zaiko, a request for one of O.K. Jazz's wonderful songs and a couple of "different versions" of classics by Les Bantous del la Capitale and by Afrisa International that I haven't played for you before and maybe a song or two that you may have never heard until today.Listen here: here: songs:PART A1)King Kester Emeneya & Victoria Eleison Dream Team Dream Band   sebene from DORIS ILOKO (program theme song)   from the CD PAS DE CONTACT   Black Music2)Grand Zaiko   TANTINE BELLOTA   from the LP KRISHNA   Syllart3)Ikomo Jojo   MOSEKA 1&2   from the LP JOJO IKOMO   ASL4)Franco & le T.P. O.K. Jazz   TOSAMBI BAPEJI YO RAISON NA QUARTIER *   from the CD 20eme ANNIVERSAIRE 6 JUIN 1956 – 6 JUIN 1976 VOL. 2   Saku5)Orchestre Kara de Kinshasa   BOPENDO   from the LP ORCHESTRE KARA DE KINSHASA   Sonafric6)Le Seigneur Rochereau & Afrisa International   MBANDA MONUMENT   from the LP MAZE   Ets. VEVE International7)Les Bantous de la Capitale   BADETTY   from the LP DE BRAZZAVILLE A LA HAVANE AVEC...LES BANTOUS DE LA   CAPITALE   Socodi  Thanks to MoosPART B8)Choc Stars   ENA   from the LP LES EDITIONS BOBET PRESENTENT CHOC STARS   Afro-Rythmes9)Dindo Yogo & Klay Mawungu   LISALISI NIONGOTE (feat.Makolin & Klay)   from the LP DINDO YOGO & KLAY   Ets. Mayala10)General Defao & Big Stars    DJEM’S    from the CD BIG – STARS DE GENERAL DEFAO    Babi Production11)Abeba Lipordo    LILOBA    from the CD VENDREDI 13    JPS Production12)Empire Bakuba    MUINTO OBRIGADO    from the CD MAMIE MUSIC CLARIFICATION    Ets. Kaluila13)Kintaki B.    NELLA SANDA    from the 12” single JOLIE POUPEE    Kintaki B. & Co Essien R. Production14)Anti-Choc de Bozi Boziana    LUVIEN MALINGA    from the CD POSITION EYEBANI    Sonima Music15)J.D.T Molopwe    MOLEKI NZELA 2    from the CD MOLEKI NZELA    Production DRTV*= by request[...]

Ambiance Congo: October 29, 2017


Welcome!I have an interesting mix up for you this time including a few songs from a few rare or little-known albums. Three of your requests honored. Thanks for those.Does anyone know if the Sam Mangwana song was on recorded with the Djadjes Band of Gnonnas Pedro of Benin? The track list is the same on both albums.Listen here: here: songs:PART A1)King Kester Emeneya & Victoria Eleison Dream Team Dream Band   sebene from DORIS ILOKO (program theme song)   from the CD PAS DE CONTACT   Black Music2)Ladins Montana & Maison Mere de Werrason   CELE LE SAOUDIENNE   from the FINI LA RECREATION *   Sonima Music3)Chancelier Desi Mbwese   LES MAMANS D’ABORD   from the CD LES MAMANS D’ABORD   GV Worldwide4)Koffi Olomide   MOKUWA *   from the CD LOI   Sonodisc5)Lyns Marie & Generation Zangul   EXAUCEE   from the CD PREMIUM   Cyriaque Bassoka Productions6)Djo Nolo   ANTO MUHAMED   from the CD NAZARET ARIGATO   Production Grand Samurai7)Emeneya & Le Victoria Eleison   PRESSER TE   from the LP JAMAIKA   Rythmes et Musique8)Mako l’Ambassadeur & l’Orchestre Play Foux   MALOU   from CD L’AMOUR ETRANGER   Sonima Music9)Santana Mongoley   ROBERTINO   from the cassette SAVE YOUR LIFE/ROBERTINO   Mongo Mongo ProductionsPART B10) Bendoson & Nouvelle Ecriture    VIE NA NGAI    from the CD FACE B: VIVE LES ARTISTES    Manu Luvaka Production11)Staff Benda Bilili    MWANA    from the CD TRES TRES FORT    Crammed Discs12)Sam Mangwana    EST CE QUE TU MOYENS?    from the LP EST CE QUE TU MOYENS?    Star Musique13)Benz Petrole    SOUFFRANCE D’AMOUR (REMIX)    from the CD BYE BYE    JPS Production14)JB M’Piana & Wenge BCBG    VICKY NSONGI    from the CD ANTI-TERRO    Badive Music14)Wenge Musica B.C.B.G    VOYAGE MBOSO *    from the CD KALA YI BOEING    Ngoyarto16)Felix Wazekwa    SE SOUVENIR NA NGAI    from the CD QUE DEMANDE LE PEUPLE?    Fondation Wazekwa17)Orchestre Cercul Jazz      CANAILLON     from the LP ALLIAS MAMADOU ET LE CERCUL JAZZ “1967”     EMI/Pathe*= by request[...]

Ambiance Congo: October 15, 2017


Welcome!Jumping around in the first hour. Hour two starts off with a tribute to Franco.Listen here: here: songs:PART A1)King Kester Emeneya & Victoria Eleison Dream Team Dream Band   sebene from DORIS ILOKO (program theme song)   from the CD PAS DE CONTACT   Black Music2)Seskain Molenga   NAZOKI   from the CD EMPIRE BAKUBA LEGENDE   Debs Music3)Bopol Mansiamina & Syran M’Benza   SAMBELA   from the LP BOPOL MANSIAMINA / SYRAN MBENZA   Sodidisc4)Nyboma et les Kamale Dynamiques du Zaire   KABANGA   from the LP DOUBLE DOUBLE   Rounder Records5)Tentation feat. Pompon Kuleta   MADOKA   from the CD TRAHISON VOL.1   Flocan Productions6)Bipoli   BOSEY   from the CD NZETE YA MBONGO   Esselta7)Benz Petrole   HUGUETTE ELIA   from the CD BYE BYE VOL. 2   Jimmy’s Production8)Boom des As   SICLO   from CD ETAT D’URGENCE   Ets. N’Diaye9)Shimita et le Grand Zaiko   Paty Rose   from the LP MUNTU KU TINA VE!   Paty Music RecordsPART B10) Lutumba Simaro & T.P. O.K. Jazz    HOMMAGE A LUAMBO MAKIADI    from the CD HERITAGE DE LUAMBO FRANCO    Tamaris11)Syran M’Benza & Ensemble Rumba Congo    INFIDELITE MADO    from the CD IMMORTAL FRANCO: AFRICA’S UNRIVALLED GUITAR LEGEND    Riverboat Records12)Franco et le T.P. O.K. Jazz    PEUCH DEL SOL    from the LP EN COLERE VOL. 2, ON ENTRE O.K., ON SORT K.O.    V.I.S.A. 198013)Orchestre Canon du Zaire    MONOTONIE    from the LP MONOTONIE    Shakara Music14)Moziki la Juventus    DJENEDA    from the LP MUSI CLUB PRESENTE MOZIKI LA JUVENTUS    Musi Club15)Zaiko Langa-Langa    BOLINGO AVEUGLE    from the CD/DVD concert LIVE 38e ANNIVERSAIRE    Prozal[...]

Ambiance Congo: October 1, 2017


WELCOME!Thanks for your requests! Your requests always make for a more interesting program and I enjoy working with them to keep the music going with my selections.Today we have a number of your requests from OK Jazz to Koffi Olomide and lots of great tunes in between from Wenge el Paris to Choc Stars and some wonderful tracks from a few rare LPs.Gotta love the diversity and sound of Congolese music! I hope that you will enjoy!Your comments and requests for future shows are always welcome!Listen here: here: songs:PART A1)King Kester Emeneya & Victoria Eleison Dream Team Dream Band   sebene from DORIS ILOKO (program theme song)   from the CD PAS DE CONTACT   Black Music2)Tshala Muana   ELAKO   from the CD THE FLYING STARS   Black Stars/Glenn Music3)Wenge el Paris   MON COEUR   from the CD YEBELA VISION   Sonima Music4)Shumanchie Drigo-Drigola   ELANGA   from the CD BIDODA-DODA *   Sonodisc5)Luciana Demingongo   TRANSIT   from the CD DANG BLEU “AZIZA”   Ngoyarto6)Orchestre Ka. Ma. Sol   AFFAIRE COMPREHENSION   from the LP ORCHESTRE KA.MA.SOL DE BRAZZAVILLE   Disques Esperance/Sonodisc7)Pambou Tchico Tchicaya & Lolo Lolitta   NALEMBI   from the LP TAM-TAM D’AFRIQUE   Africana Star8)Nguashi N’Timbo   SAVA-SAVA PT.1 & 2   from the LP NGUASHI N’TIMBO PRESENTS PRCHESTRES SENTIMA ET FESTIVAL DU  ZAIRE   ASLPART B9)Franco & T.P. O.K. Jazz   MASSU *   from the LP LE GRAND MAITRE FRANCO ET SON TOUT PUISSANT O.K. JAZZ ET JOLIE DETTA   Disques Esperance/African Sun Music10)M’Bemba Bouesso & Les Rumbayas    TO SALLA ALLIANCE    from the LP MBEMBA BOUESSO CHANTE AVEC LES RUMBAYAS DE LOKO-MASSENGO ET DE MICHEL BOYIBANDA    Ets. Tchi-Tchi11)L’Orchestre Afrisa International    KARIBOU YA BINTOU *    from the CD MELANIE    Colomotion12)Orchestre Super Tembessa    CALENDRIER 1&2    from the LP ORCHESTRE SUPER TEMBESSA    EMI/Pathe13)L’Orchestre Shama-Shama    BANGAMBO YA MOTO 1&2    from the LP L’AFRIQUE DANSE AVEC L’ORCHESTRE SHAMA-SHAMA    African14)Choc Stars    KEMBELA    from the LP CHOC STARS    Ryhmes et Musique15)Koffi Olomide & Quartier Latin    LIKOMBE    from the CD DROIT DE VETO *    Sonodisc*= by request[...]

Ambiance Congo: September 17, 2017


Welcome!This program is is a presentation of songs from albums by Congolese saxophonists or from singles, LPs and CDs by bands that feature the sax with some wonderful and sometimes unique riffs. This is, of course, a program that could easily be continued or extended. Only the surface has been scratched!Thanks for your requests, especially for the songs by Jean-Serge Essous and by Negro Succes with Moro Maurice Beya. The songs by Sax Matalanza, Empompo Loway, OK Jazz, Le Peuple and Le Canon du Zaire have some of my favorite extended saxophone / guitar interplay.Listen here: here: songs:PART A1)King Kester Emeneya & Victoria Eleison Dream Team Dream Band   sebene from DORIS ILOKO (program theme song)   from the CD PAS DE CONTACT   Black Music2)Jean-Serge Essous   SALISA NGAI   from the LP SALISA NGAI *   Black and White Music3)Verckys et l’Orchestre VEVE   ANNA   from the LP VERCKYS A PARIS   African4)Le Negro Succes   NELLY NA PLACE NA NGAI *   from the CD LE “NEGRO SUCCES: BHOLEN & BAVON MARIE-MARIE   Sonodisc5)Orchestre Super International Band   FECHAL ELISA   from the 45 RPM single   Fiesta6)Orchestre Le Peuple   ZALA SERIEUX   from the LP LE PEUPLE   Production Le Vaudou7)Sax Matalanza   NGAI MAKILA MABE   from the LP LE MBULA MATARI   Sans Frontieres8)Le Canon du Zaire   AZALAKA OCCUPE   from the LP AZALAKA OCCUPE   Ets. Don DassPART B9)Empompo Loway & Tiers Monde Cooperation Formule   BELMONDO   from the LP 84 EMPOMPO LOWAY   I.A.D.10)Franco & le T.P. O.K. Jazz *    NGANGA LOPANGO BATEKISA    from the CD TRES FACHE    Sonodisc11)Orchestre Conga de la Capitale    NGAI MPE BALEKI MINGI    from the 45 RPM single    African12)Orchestre Bantous de la Capitale    SOLAMA    from the LP SPECIAL 20eme ANNIVERSAIRE    Production Musi-Club13)Youlou Mabiala & l’Orchestre Kamikaze Loningisa    CONNAISANCE *    from the LP L’INTERNATIONAL YOULOU MABIALA ET L’ORCHESTRE KAMIKAZE    Production Publi-Congo/Voxigrave14)Les Tontons    UNION FAIT LA FORCE    from the LP BUFFALO PRESENTENT LES TONTONS    Diffusion Afric’Music SARL*= by request[...]

Ambiance Congo: September 3, 2017


WELCOME!Welcome to another Sunday afternoon of Congolese music from WRIR 97.3 FM Richmond Virginia USA. It's another afternoon of pulling LPs and CDs out of a crate, giving a quick listen of line and spinning them one after another! Sometimes being unprepared pays off and I did enjoy the presentation. I hope that you will, too.Requests and comments are always welcome!Listen here: here: songs:PART A1)King Kester Emeneya & Victoria Eleison Dream Team Dream Band   sebene from DORIS ILOKO (program theme song)   from the CD PAS DE CONTACT   Black Music2)Papa Wemba & Viva la Musica Nouvelle Ecriture   ERREUR   from the CD DANS L’   Sonodisc3)”Le Champion du Pole Nord” Modogo Gian Franco F. & Viva la Musica Cour des Grands   RADJA   from the CD INTEGRATION   MG Production4)Delta Force de Pepe Kalle   CHARLY LA SUISSE   from the CD CONFIRMATION   Rigo makengo Production/Clarys Music5)Empire Bakuba   TSHI-TSHI   from the LP EMPIRE BAKUBA   Sacodis6)Vadio Mambenga   MOSEKA   from the CD TAMBULA MALEMBE VOL. 1   Ngoyarto7)Lita Bembo & Orchestre Stukas   DOUDOU   from the LP LITA BEMBO LIBEKI & STUKAS BA KOLO KUANGA   Rythmes et Musique8) Gina-wa Gina, Evoloko Lay-Lay,Mavuela Somo, Nkuru-Yaka, Pepe Manuaku   MALIMPA MELISO   from the LP LES SURDOUES DU CLAN LANGA-LANGA   Production J.P. Tsamala Moonwalker/SonodiscPART B9)Guy Guy Fall & Extra Musica   KIRIPO KIRI   from the CD COTE OEST   Denide Production10)Tyty Levallois    MYSTERE DE LA VIE    from the CD PAPARAZZI    Sonima Music11)Le General Defao    MAIN DANS LE MAIN    from the CD LE GUERRE DE 100 ANS    SIPE-Simon Music12)Bozi Boziana & l’Anti-Choc    BISSALOU    from the LP REPONSE YA LIPAPA YA WARA    Anytha-Ngapy/Production Mayala13)Zaiko Langa-Langa     ALOLA     from the LP ZEKETE ZEKETE     P-Vine Presentation Pili-Pili14)Kester Emeneya & Victoria Eleison     LIVRE D’OR     from the CD LA NAISSANCE DE L’ORCHESTRE VICTORIA ELEISON 1982: NAYA     Ets. VEVE International/Ngoyarto15)Orchestre Lomeka     EMI     from the LP ORCHESTRE LOMEKA     EMI/Pathe16)Orchestre Symba     RENDEZVOUS MANQUE     from the LP CUIVRE NAWESI ET L’ORCHESTRE SYMBA     APIA[...]

Ambiance Congo: August 20, 2017


Welcome!Last time, I played a song from the first TERRE SACCRE CD. That CD has a song by Casimir Zoba (aka ZAO) that really like. I was going to spin that this time, but recalled how much I enjoyed his 2012 CD called L'AIGUILLE. So I started with a favorite from that instead. The ZAO song reminded me of a song by Fidele Zizi, so that follows and I ended up spinning all songs by artists from Congo Brazzaville and it ened up being a pretty good collection of songs. Alert: there's also a song from Dizzy Mandjekou's SAILA album, by request, in honor of his birthday.Listen here: here: songs:PART A1)King Kester Emeneya & Victoria Eleison Dream Team Dream Band   sebene from DORIS ILOKO (program theme song)   from the CD PAS DE CONTACT   Black Music2)ZAO   MAMA NA BANA   from the CD L’AIGUILLE   Duex Rives Production/Lusafrica3)Fidele Zizi   TIKA NA YEMBA   from the LP Au REVOIR CHERIE…   Vadou Music4)Kosmos Moutouari   ANNIE TEYE   from the LP LES GRANDS SUCCES AFRICAINS VOL. 7: SPECIAL MOUTOUARI-COME-KOSMOS   EMI/Pathe5)Jean-Serge Essous   B.D.E.A.C   from the LP PHILOSOPHIE   Production Publi-Congo6)Bitshoumanou et l’Orchestre Celi-Bitsu   JOSE   from the LP EDDY’SON PRESENTE CELI BITSHU AVEC L’INFATIGABLE MACHINE A TUBES  K‘Dance7)Michel Boyibanda   TUBA-TUBA   from the LP EBUKA SYSTEM’S   Ets. VeVe International8) Maitre Dizzy Mandjekou   QUI A CREE L’ARGENT???   from the LP SAILA *   Ets. Papa DiscoPART B9)Bana Poto Poto   MATUTU MABE (LA MAUVAISE HERBE)   from the CD MATITI MABE   Sonodisc10)Doudou Copa    EYINDI    from the CD EVOLUTION    Regis Production11)Patrouille des Stars “Champions du Monde”    SISSI L’INTREPIDE    from the CD EMBARGO    Denide Production12)Extra Musica    FREDDY ON    from the CD LES NOUVEAUX MISSILES    Denide Production13)Jean Baron     PATY BIPALE     from the LP SPECIAL AMBIANCE: TOURNEZ…MANEGE     Sacodisc International14)Ballou Canta     MALIMBE OH     from the LP SAMBA-LA     Disques SONICS15)Mando Negro Kwala-Kwa     BABY     from the CD SOUVENIR D’UNE EPOPEE, VOL.3     Glenn Music[...]

Ambiance Congo: August 6, 2017


Welcome!An interesting mix and music in differing styles from different generations today.We start with something by JB M'Piana followed by a long live track from Ferre Gola's CONCERT LIPANDA disc. Then we have a couple of tracks from the TERRE SACREE CDs featuring Papa Wemba and Sam Mangwana respectively.There's also a strong new song by Olivier Tshimanga and a song from an LP by Memba Bouesso with Les Rumbayas of Loko Massengo & Michel Boyibanda, a single by Pamelo Mounk'a and more.Enjoy listening! Comments and requests are always welcome.Listen here: here: songs:PART A1)King Kester Emeneya & Victoria Eleison Dream Team Dream Band   sebene from DORIS ILOKO (program theme song)   from the CD PAS DE CONTACT   Black Music2)JB M’Piana & Wenge BCBG   MBETU   from the CD SOYONS SERIEUX   Obouo Music3)Ferre Gola   JAENPY/KAMASUTRA   from the CD 50 ANS DE LA MUSIQUE CONGOLAISE: CONCERT LIPANDA   Pikas Mbayabo & Hermene Kaba Production4)Santa Nyanga & Viva la Musica Cour des Grands   LIBUMU YA NZALA   from the CD OURAGAN   Sonodisc 5)Papa Wemba   PAPA JOACHIM   from the CD TERRE SACREE   Les Lumieres d’Afriques6)Sam Mangwana   FERLY   from the CD TERRE SACREE ACT 4   Les Lumieres d’Afriques7)Olivier Tshimanga Tshimangologie   TO LEMBI (SICK AND TIRED)   from the single   self-released8) Franco & le TP OK Jazz   LOBI NA NGAI RIEN   from the LP LE GRAND MAITRE FRANCO AVEC NTESA DALIENST ET LE T.P. O.K. JAZZ   ASM9)Pamelo Mounk’a   CONCIENCE   from the 45 RPM single PAMELO ET SON ORCHESTRE   EMI/PathePART B10)Mbemba Bouesso & Les Rumbayas    MA KELLE    from the LP MBEMBA BOUESSO AVEC LES RUMBAYAS DE LOKO-MASSENGO ET DE MICHEL BOYIBANDA    Ets. Tch-Tchi11) Bitshouamnou et l’Orchestre Celi-Bitshu    NATANGI BA PLAFOND 1&2    from the 45 RPM single    Kunga12)Les Super Stars    LE STRATEGE ATALE B    from the CD MARIE MOZEGE    Stern’s    13)Aimedo Star-Nyura    AMIE MAYAMBA    from the CD COUP D’ECLAT    Cascade Production15)Academia     VAGUES     from the CD VIAGRA     secteur a16)Adolphe Dominguez & Wenge Tonya Tonya     IRENE MOKABILA     from the CD AFFAIRE TONYA TONYA     Jacko Productions17)Gina Efonge with Zaiko Langa-Langa     BEPE YA MUNU     from the CD BEST OF GINA EFONGE     Esselta[...]

Ambiance Congo: July 23, 2017


Welcome!Unabashed self-indulgence rules today. I've assembled songs from albums and compilations on my turntable and CD player since last time. Although all of these are not necessarily my favorite all-time songs, I enjoy these recordings a lot and I'm hoping that you will listen and understand why! As an added treat there are a few "live" recordings in the mix.If you hear a song that you really like and want to hear more from a particular album, if you'd like to request a song from a favorite album of your own, please let me know! If I have it, I will play it.Listen here: here: songs:PART A1)King Kester Emeneya & Victoria Eleison Dream Team Dream Band   sebene from DORIS ILOKO (program theme song)   from the CD PAS DE CONTACT   Black Music2)Orchestre Super-Boboto de Brazzaville   LUNTADILA   from the CD COMPILATION MUSIQUE CONGOLO ZAIROISE 1970 1976   Sonodsic3)Orchestre Sinza   MOBALI YA MBONGO   from the LP ORCHESTRE SINZA   EMI/Pathe4)Tabu Ley Rochereau & Orchestre Afrisa International   KIYEDI   from the LP SEIGNEUR LEY ON TOUR   African5)Djoboke & Tabou National   KILIMBITI   from the LP DJOBOKE   Production Mualaba Boul6)Orchestre Lipua-Lipua   NONO   from the LP VERCKYS PRESENTE LES DERNIERS SUCCES DE LIPUA-LIPUA   Editions VeVe International7)Orchestre Negro Succes   PALADO-PALADO   from the CD COMPILATION MUSIQUE CONGOLO ZAIROISE VOLUME II   African/SonodiscPART B8) Verckys & Le VeVe   PINJOLI YA LOLANGO   from the LP VERCKYS ET L’IMMORTEL VEVE VOL. 2   Editions VeVe International9)Le Grand Maitre Franco et Ses Stars du T.P. OK Jazz   MASSIKINI ( special for for my friend Professor Oduor)   from the LP A NAIROBI   Edipop Production10)Andre Kinzonzi “Du-Soleil” et les S.B.B.    BELINDA    from the LP BAYIDIKILA    KVIR Production11) MAMAKI    Papy    from the CD MA + MA + KI =    Babi Productions12)Sam Mangwana    MBANDA KAZAKA    from the LP SAM MANGWANA    Disques SONICS13)Lita Bembo & Orchestre Stukas    GUELORD – 4 SAISONS    from the LP AFRO RYTHMES PRESENTE ORCHESTRE STUKAS LITA BEMBO    Afro Rythmes15)Thu-Zaina     NANI ATINDI YO GABY     from the CD COMPLIATION MUSIQUE CONGOLO-ZAIROISE (1972 /1973)     Sonodisc[...]

Ambiance Congo: July 9, 2017


Welcome!No special themes this time, just a selection of various artists and groups from the 70s to today.Minzoto Wella Wella to Werrason and a lot of jumping around in between including your request for some Wenge Aile Paris and a killer song from a Choc Stars LP.  There are live tracks from Franco & TP OK Jazz and from Reddy Amisi & Casa do Canto as well. Maybe you'll discover something you have not heard before! In any case, please enjoy the music.Listen here: here: songs:PART A1)King Kester Emeneya & Victoria Eleison Dream Team Dream Band   sebene from DORIS ILOKO (program theme song)   from the CD PAS DE CONTACT   Black Music2)Fafa de Molokai et l’Orchestre Nouvelle Generation de la Republique Democratique   LANDRY   from the CD SPECULATION   Ets. Kaluila3)General Defao “Gene-Gene”   JIGAL NZAU   from the CD ANY TIME   Awatoza   5)Werrason & Wenge Musica Maison Mere   TELEPHONE (remix)   from the CD SANS POTEAU   Werrason6)Joss Diena   CAFE   from the CD VITRINE   Sonima Music7)Bill Clinton Kalonji   CONDITION   from the CD KULUMBIMBI   MBK La Paix Production8) Ferre Gola   BOSS   from the single BOSS   Jeericho/ Banger Studio9)L’Orchestre Minzoto Wella Wella   BA SOUCIS *   from the 45 RPM Single   Ets. VeVe International10)Franco & T.P. O.K. Jazz    KASAI    from the CD ZAIRE 74: THE AFRICAN ARTISTS    Wrasse RecordsPART B11) Reddy Amisi & Casa do Canto    VERITE KINUANINGEBI (LIVE)    Manu Luvaka Production12)Wenge Musica Aile Paris    FIDELITE SENS UNIQUE    from the LP NGANGA NZAMBE *    Flash Diffusion Business13)Choc Stars    KOREINE    from the LP CHOC STARS    Rythmes et Musique14)Empire Bakuba    MAGUY Na NGAI    from the LP EMPIRE BAKUBA    Syllart Production       15)Orchestre Yanga-Yanga     MAYELA 1&2     from the LP ORCHESTRE YANGA-YANGA     Pathe Marconi/EMI16) Zaiko Langa Langa      NONO      from the LP JETEZ L’EPONGE      Carrere17)Bozi Boziana     JEANETTA     EPANZA     Sonima Music[...]

Ambiance Congo: June 25, 2017


Welcome!Last time, I presented albums and requested songs by Congolese guitarists. Your response was so inspiring that this week I've added a few more. I've done this before (search these pages for "guitarist"to find more) and again the response has always been wonderful. In this age where a lot of new music puts the guitars and other instrumentation in a secondary position to vocalizations and synthetic sounds, I am always happy that so many still appreciate the guitar stylizations that have made Congolese music so great for so many decades.I've honored a few requests that I did not cover last time and added song by Papa Noel that I accidentally omitted last time.I hope that you will enjoy!Listen here: here: A1)King Kester Emeneya & Victoria Eleison Dream Team Dream Band   sebene from DORIS ILOKO (program theme song)   from the CD PAS DE CONTACT   Black Music2)Kiland & Orchestre Mabatalai   MA VAVA   from the LP ZAIRE PROMOTION 2000 VOL. 9   Zaire Promotion3)Simaro Lutumba *   KIWELEWELE   from the LP SHAKO   Production Alamoule   5)Bopol Mansiamina   BECAUSE NO MONEY   from the LP BOPOL & BESISIMOU (MAILLOT JAUNE)   Editions Tina6)Dino Vangu alias “Don King” et son Ensemble   KALO   from the LP ZONGA NA NDAKO   Music Club7)Edi Mabungu   MOBALI A GAZE   from the LP EDI MABUNGU   KP Production8) Gerard Kimbolo   AMOUR DONANT DONANT   from the LP GERARD KIMBOLO   Disques SONICS9)Loubassou Denis “La Cloche”   SAKA SAKA SHOW   from the LP SAKA SAKA SHOW   YAM ProductionPART B10)Diblo Dibala * & Matchatcha    MERCI PAPA    from the CD DIBLO DIBALA PRESENTE MACHATCA: LAISSER PASSER11)”High Priest” Safro Manzangi Elima    FAREWELL TO ELLY    from the CD WISEMAN    El’Man Records12)Docteur Nico *    NAKOMI BOYE    from the LP ADIEU    African Music Gallery13)Mayoula Mayoni    BIKINI    from the CD BIKINI    Ets. N’Diaye14)Roga Roga & Extra Musica    VRAI PDG    from the CD SORCELLIERE (KINDOKI)    Letiok                         15) Shiko Mawatu      DANI MAMANI      from the CD KIMBANDA NZILA      Tabilulu Productions/iMak Entertainment16) Papa Noel *      AIME TON PROCHAIN      from the LP YA NONO      Rythmes et Musique*=by request[...]

Ambiance Congo: June 11, 2017


WELCOME!Today I present another program featuring the albums and works by Congolese guitarists.Most of the artists, albums and or songs were requested by YOU!Thanks for those requests. Your input always makes for a better program. I didn't have time (only two hours!) to present everything you asked for, so please add your comment to ask again and I'll be sure to get your song, album or artist a track list soon.To listen: for two weeks, track list includedor at Radio4all.netThe songs:PART A1)King Kester Emeneya & Victoria Eleison Dream Team Dream Band   sebene from DORIS ILOKO (program theme song)   from the CD PAS DE CONTACT   Black Music2)Vata Mombasa   SUPER M’BONDO   from the LP EN COLERE   Afro Rythmes3)Lokassa ya M’Bongo *   M’BANDA MONGUNGU   from the LP LOKASSA YA M’BONGO   AICD4)Dally Kimoko   ADIEU CELIE *   from the LP ADIEU CELIE   IBO Productions5)Rigo Star *   BON PAYEUR   from the LP JOSKY CHANTE JOTONGO DE RIGO STAR   T. Mayala & G. Kiaba production6)Syran M’Benza *   SAMBA SAMBA   from the LP KOUAME   Afro Rythmes7)Franco & le T.P. O.K. Jazz *   ILLOUSE   from the LP LE QUART DU SIECLE DE FRANCO DE MI AMOR ET LE T.P. O.K. JAZZ   Edipop  ProductionPART B8) Papa Noel *   FIDELITE   from the cassette ZA MOKE   Rythmes et Musique9)Samba Mascott   PETE NA MOSAPI   from the LP SAMBA MASCOTT ET LES BANTOUS DE LA CAPITALE   Production Le Vadou10)Orchestre Lipwa-Lipwa    NKOTELA feat. Kizunga Ricos *    from the CD COMPILATION    ORCHESTRES DE LA GENERATION “BELLA-BELLA” 1970/1972    Sonodsic11)Orchestre Ryco Jazz    BASI NA ANGOLA feat Jerry Malekini *    from the LP FANTASTIQUE RYCO-JAZZ    Parade12)Docteur Nico * & African  Sukisa    BANDAKE MBOKA    from the LP LES PLUS GRANDS SUCCES ZAIROIS VOL. 1    Sonafric13)Dizzy Mandjekou    MADY MOTEMA    from the LP MAITRE DIZZY MANDJEKOU    Ets. Papa Dsico14)Master Mwana Congo *    GOUTER LAISSER    from the LP NEW-STYLE    Disques SONICS16)Huit Kilos    BOLINGO YO NA NGAI *    from the CD HUIT KILOS IN AMERICA    Timeless Records*=by request[...]

Ambiance Congo: May 28, 2017


WELCOME!Welcome to another edition of Ambiance Congo.I have noticed over the years that the word "CHOC", French for "SHOCK", has been used by many groups and individual artists. Choc is used as a part of a band's name such as Choc Stars or Tout Choc-Anti Choc Zaiko Langa-Langa, an album name such as Choc Choc 85 or Pare-Chocs, or a song name such as Liteya Choc. Franco also called one of his record labels by the name of CHOC CHOC CHOC.So to explore this, I have compiled a few songs, records, and groups that include CHOC in the name.Regardless of the reasons for or actual details of the history of the use of this word, this compilation includes some excellent music. hopefully, you will hear something that is new and wonderful to you or just recognize an old familiar song that you're happy to hear once again.If you know the actual origins or history of the use of CHOC, please add a comment to share.Thank you!Listen here: here: A1)King Kester Emeneya & Victoria Eleison Dream Team Dream Band   sebene from DORIS ILOKO (program theme song)   from the CD PAS DE CONTACT   Black Music2)Choc Langa Langa   MEDISANCE   from the CD TOSENGOLI BANGO (LIVE)   Jimmy’s Production3)Bozi Boziana & Anti-Choc   MYRA   from the CD AVENIR   Rigo Makengo Production4)Choc Stars   SADIKO   from the CD LA NAISSANCE DE CHOC STARS   Anytha-Ngapy Productions5)Djo Nolo   YEBO   from the LP CHOC MUSIC   Rythmes et Musique6)Jean Sylvain Goma “Ya Pergaud” et le Tout Choc Tchessa National Awala-Wala   HONO PONTON   from the LP JUENESSE MONTANTE   Safrai Ambiance7)Roy Langa avec Yenga Yenga et l’Orchestre Zaichoc   MALICE   from the LP SADRAK   Albert Yossheff & Bavek Bazabe Production8)”Le Vertiable” Super Choc   MOFITI   from the CD MOKILI MOBIMBA   Sonima MusicPART B9)Le Grand Maître Franco – Nana – Baniel et son T.P.O.K. Jazz   FLORA, UNE FEMME DIFFICILE   from the LP LES “ON DIT”   Choc Choc Choc10)Le Seigneur Tabu Ley et l’Afrisa International    CHIC CHOC CHEQUE    from the LP TROP C’EST TROP    Ets. Kaluila11)Theo Blaise Kounkou    LITEYA CHOC    from the CD LES PLUS GRANDS SUCCES DE THEO BLAISE VOL. 2    Sonodisc12)Vonga Aye    NAZALE OCCUPEE    from the LP PARE-CHOCS    ETs. VeVe International13)Le Choc-Choc 85    CHACUN POUR SOI    from the LP LE CHOC-CHOC 85 AVEC SES VEDETTES DU MOMENT    Don Dass14)Tout Choc – Anti Choc Zaiko Langa-Langa    BIZITA    from the LP SOKITEMBE BOMEKA TATA NZAMBE SALISABETO    Gillette d’Or16)Ameido Star-Nyura    ETAT DE CHOC    from the CD GEORGIA    Peter Pan Records/Compose Industries[...]

Ambiance Congo: May14, 2017


Welcome!Today I start with some Zaiko Langa-Langa and songs from albums by some of the band's members like Dindo Yogo (with a song that I now discover I have played before), Evoloko Joker and Papa Wemba.The first song is a killer by rhythm guitarist Teddy Sukami along with lead guitar by Rigo Star and drums by Ringo Moya.Later in the progam we have some more modern music and we end up with a wonderful classic from the late Ndombe Opetum and Afrizam.You may listen to the program at either site below. download also contains the previous program. I am sorry that I was unable to create a post for that one.) A1)King Kester Emeneya & Victoria Eleison Dream Team Dream Band   sebene from DORIS ILOKO (program theme song)   from the CD PAS DE CONTACT   Black Music2)Teddy Sukami   TANGO NA TANGO   from the LP TEDDY SUKAMI DE ZAIKO LANGA-LANGA   Production Tonton Mayala et Gary Kiaba3)Zaiko Langa-Langa   MOPAYA ZOBA   from the CD LE BEAU TEMPS   Jacko Production4)Grand Zaiko Wawa   ROSALIBA   from the CD BEST OF GRAND ZAIKO WAWA VOL.1: GINA   Esselta5)Evoloko Jocker   NOTRE DAME MARIE MADO   from the CD SOIT YOU, SOIT ME   Sonima Music6)Papa Wemba & l’Orchestre Viva la Musica   OLDIES ARE GOODIES   from the CD FORIDOLES 94-49   Sonodisc7)Dindo Yogo   TRAVILLONS   from the CD SOO-WA   New House Production/Blue Silver8)Abby Surya   TANT PIS POUR TOI   from the LP TANT PIS POUR TOI   SonodiscPART B9)Bozi Boziana et l’Anti-Choc   MABE YA MOKILI   from the CD BA MERE YA CIRCUIT   JBNS Mate Productions10)Guy Guy Fall    L’ARMEE DE TERRE    from the CD LE 3e JOUR    Denide Editions & Productions11)Awilo Longomba    AMOUR PERDU    from the CD KAFOU KAFOU    JIP Productions12)Christian Lema    LE SWAGGER    from the CD IL EST TEMPS    DEBs Music13)Roga Roga & Extra Musica    KINDOKI    from the CD SORCELLERIE (KINDOKI)    Letiok14)Ricoco Bulambemba & Wenge Aile Paris    ALAYI    from the 4 SAISONS BOULE DE NEIGE    Blanberyca Production15)Lubumbashi Stars    BOIPUSO    from the CD S.O.S PASSE PARTOUT    Sonodisc16)Pepe Ndombe & l’Orchestre Afrizam    LOSAMBO    from the CD LES PLUS GRANDS SUCCES DE L’ORCHESTRE AFRIZAM, VOL.3    Ngoyarto[...]

Ambiance Congo: April 16, 2017


Welcome!Starting off easter Sunday with a few appropriate songs.Then...MORE!!!Enjoy! here: A1) King Kester Emeneya & Victoria Eleison Dream Team Dream Bandsebene from DORIS ILOKO (this program’s theme song)from the CD PAS DE CONTACTBlack Music2) Frere Carlyto LassaBOLINGOfrom the CD LA RECONNAISSANCEBabi Kwayo Production3) Pamelo et son OrchestreALLELUIAfrom the 45 RPM singleEMI/Pathe Marconi4) Ndome Joseph Benoit TintinCHEF DES FOIRES feat. Kosmos Moutaourifrom the 45 RPM singleEMI/Pathe Marconi5) Orchestre Le Peuple Trio Ce. Pa. KosEVY NANAfrom the LP Orchestre Le Peuple Trio Ce. Pa. KosEMI/Pathe Marconi6) Sam MangwanaEKOMI NGALA NA BISSOfrom the CD TERRE SACREE ACTE 4: 5/7 ALLEZ Y COMPRENDRELumieres d’Afriques7) OK International20eme SIECLE PROBLEMEfrom the CD 20eme SIECLE PROBLEMEMengue Productions8) Michelino & FrancoVA ET VIENTfrom the LP LISANGA YA BANGANGAMichita Production9) Bumba MassaMAKELAfrom the CD APOSTOLOBumba Massa productionPART B10) L’Orchestre Afrisa InternationalMA FILLE (TACOMA)from the CD MELANIEColomotion11) Djo Mpoyi & l’Orchestre Saka Yonsa de Mbole TambweLIBALA EZANGA BOLINGO PT. 1 & 2 feat. Feza Shamambafrom the CD CHERIE KAZADINgoyarto12) Bozi Boziana & l’Anti-ChocPARMIS LES ROSESfrom the CD BOZI BOZIANA FEATURING JOLLY DETTA & DEESSE VOLUME 1Ngoyarto13) Dona MobetiNDINGAfrom the LP CHERIE KADETTIEts. Mualaba Lukusa14) Le Prophete Congolais Franck-Day et l’Orchestre International Viva-StarHOMAGEfrom the CD DIFFERENCE / NVILLI TCHYMBAMBASonima Music15) Rento Vena “Le Seigneur Toranaga”MIRINDAfrom the CD NON VIOLENCESignore Production16)Werrason & Wenge Musica Maison MereFAIR-PLAYfrom the CD KIBUISA MPIMPA / OPERATION DRAGONJPS Production[...]

Ambiance Congo: April 2, 2016


Welcome to Ambiance Congo!Back around the turn of the year 2000, youth bands were in high gear. Albums were coming out one after another in a new ndombolo style, mostly influenced by the wild popularity of Wenge Musica in Kinshasa and Extra Musica in Brazzaville.Today we spend the first hour with a lot of that music.In the second hour, we go to the more mature sound of 2000 and then go back in time, ending up with a couple of rare singles from the mid-70s.I hope that you will listen and enjoy!Listen here: here: A1) King Kester Emeneya & Victoria Eleison Dream Team Dream Bandsebene from DORIS ILOKO (this program’s theme song)from the CD PAS DE CONTACTBlack Music2) Nouvelle EcritureCAFEfrom the CD A LA UNEClarys Music3) Wenge Musica B.C.B.GTCATCHO MBALAfrom the CD PLEINS FEUX!!!SaGa Production4) Extra MusicaMELANGEfrom the CD OURAGANDeclic/Tropic Production5) Ruffin Nkoy LoolaNIKITAfrom the CD URSULASonodisc6) Felix WazekwaBOMBA NGAIfrom the CD BONJOUR MONSIEURJPS Productions7) Suzuki 4X4VELOURSfrom the CD DECOMPTE FINALSimon Music-SIPE8) AcademiaSOMUNKIRIYEfrom the CD VIAGRAsecteur a9) Z1 InternationalRECREATION D’AMOURfrom the CD ERE DE VERITESimon Music-SIPEPART B10) Bana OKINTERPELLATIONfrom the CD INTERPELLATIONCompil’s Productions11) Empire BakubaBOMOYI YA MOTOfrom the CD FLASH!Solfege Universel Production12) Dindo YogoCONTRAINTE D’AFFAIRESfrom the LP DINDO YOGO CHANTE PISCOSRythmes et Musique Evoloko Joker & Langa-Langa StarsDONEfrom the LP LA BELLE DE BANGUIRythmes et Musique14) Le Prince Youlou Mabiala & l’Orchestre Kamikaze LoningisaToutoufrom the LP COUPER SOUCISDisco Mabele15) Orchestre SinzaJUSTINEfrom the 45 RPM singleEMI/Pathe Marconi16)Orchestre Les RebellesQUATRE BOUGIESfrom the 45 RPM singlePathe Marconi/EMI[...]

Ambiance Congo: March 19, 2017


WELCOME!Starting off today with some Victoria Eleison and Bozi Boziana. We've got a couple of Viva la Musica tracks (sans Papa Wemba), something from Ya Ntesa Dalienst and a song for Lutumba's birthday. Plus MORE.Listen here here songs and some album sleeves:PART A1) King Kester Emeneya & Victoria Eleison Dream Team Dream Bandsebene from DORIS ILOKO (this program’s theme song)from the CD PAS DE CONTACTBlack Music2) Victoria EleisonANGELAfrom the LP KWASA KWASAEts. Kaluila3) Bozi BozianaBAZA KUTALAfrom the CD LES YEUX DANS LES YEUXMusicanova4) Viva la MusicaCHERIE ALPHAfrom the LP 13e ANNIVERSAIREGina Kiaku Production5) Maika Munan & Orchestre MalaikaMWANAUMEfrom the LP SEBEN A GOGOVoz Di Povo Production6) Nianzi Gaulard “l’Amiral Cheri-Gau” & Les Officiers of African MusicTUNGUfrom the LP CHERI-GAUSavas7) AbetiMEANAMUKE WA MISSfrom the LP BEBE MATOKOJIP8) Rigo Star & Koffi OlomideEMINEfrom the LP AI AI AI LA BOMBE ECLATEFlash Diffusion Business9) Jolly Baki Emen Mubiala & Viva la Musica *FIDELE DE TON OMBREfrom the CD L’AMOUR DU CIELJimmy’s ProductionPART B10) Ferre GolaECHEBIfrom the CD BOITE NOIRE (JESUS DE NUANCES VOL 2Obouo Productions/Because Music11) Ballou Canta & Luciana DemingongoLISANOfrom the CD POOL MALEBODeux Rives Production12) N’Zaya & l’African NovaNOSTALGIEfrom the LP NOSTALGIEProduction Discorama13) Ya Ntesa Dalienst & Le MaquisardDIPELAfrom the CD BELALOSango Disc14) Simaro Massiya LutumbaMAYAfrom the CD MAYA: L’ALBUM DES ALBUMSNgoyarto15) Les Bantous de la CapitaleNA YOKI TROPfrom the CD BAKOLO MBOKASonima Music16)Les NoirsOSILISI NGAI BISENGO YA MOKILIfrom the LP LES NOIRSPathe Marconi/EMI*=by request[...]

Ambiance Congo: March 5, 2017


Welcome!On Ambiance Congo, I offer a variety of great Congolese music. Because Congolese music is great.Listen here: from the archives here: A1) King Kester Emeneya & Victoria Eleison Dream Team Dream Bandsebene from DORIS ILOKO (this program’s theme song)from the CD PAS DE CONTACTBlack Music2) Bumba MassaCONFESSIONfrom the LP MASS-MEDIAStar Musique3) Verckys et le VeVeFAMI ZOBAfrom the LP VERCKYS A PARISAfrican4) Abbe Imana avec l’Afrisa InternationalESENGOfrom the LP MOBUTU ALONGIGenidiaMOUR NALAfrom the CD MELANIEColomotion Records6) Youlou Mabiala et son Orchestre Kamikaze-LoningisaMOTEMA NA NGAI TELEVISIONfrom the LP FRANCO PRESENTE YOULOU MABIALAEdipop7) Ensemble Ryco-JazzIVECIAfrom the LP FANTASTIQUE RYCO-JAZZHit Parade8) Rock A MamboYOUYOUSfrom the LP AFRICAN RETRO VOL.5 ROCK A MAMBOPathe Marconi/EMIPART B9) Loko MassengoBEAUTE NOIREfrom the LP MILLE KILOS DE “BLOQUE ZINGUE”Safari Ambiance10) Le Poete Lutumba SimaroCABINET SUITEfrom the CD 36 ANS DE CVEC BANA OK DANS TRAHISONEts. Kaluila11) Yondo SisterAVE MARIAfrom the CD AGENDAAir B. Mas Production12) The Revival OkapiKAKA YOfrom the CD  LONGOPPP Productions13) Quartier Latin IntegralPLAY BOYfrom the CD VOODOOLa Grand Classe14) Patrouille des StarsDOSE PRESCRITEfrom the CD KANGA NZOTO: FERME TON CORPSDenide Productions15) Chancelier Desi MbweseCHERI KAYEMBEfrom the CD LES MAMANS D’ABORDGV Worldwide Production16)Nouvelle Generation de la Republique DemocratiqueVIGILANCEfrom the CD STATION RADAREsselta[...]