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The ineffable Sophia told me to post & even gave me a theme (weekends, because kinky sex would take too long). Nothing special, just a few fun tunes to get you through:

Retards Hiss Past My Window (1993)
Freaky Friday Tits
It is supposed to sound that bad. They have funnier tunes, I suppose, like "Tittyfuck a Coal Miner," but this one fits the theme.

Merle Travis
Walkin' the Strings (1960)
Saturday Night Shuffle
I've made out to this. [hahahha! -ed.]

Honey Cone
Sweet Replies (1971)
Sunday Morning People
A dear friend sold me on this lovely music, & it caps off the little theme here just fine.
[honey cone! -ed.]

A real post will be forth coming. Might even be about kinky sex. [what -ed.]

Now, the rest of you should post. [no -ed.]

Cory Daye, Sister Sledge, Rainbow Brown, Prince



Cory Daye
Cory & Me (1979)
Green Light
Cory = the vocalist from Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band.

Sister Sledge
The Best of Sister Sledge 1973-1985 (1992)
Mama Never Told Me
The best song ever -- I mean that. Released in 1973 and penned by Thom Bell and Phil Hurtt.

Rainbow Brown
Rainbow Brown (1981)
Til You Surrender
Songs written/arranged/produced by Patrick Adams. Fonda Rae ("Over Like a Fat Rat") does lead vocals.

Parade (Under the Cherry Moon) (1986)
Parade is my favorite Prince album, easily, and one of my favorite albums in general. Words cannot express the passionate love I have for this man.

1-2-3 & Night Nurse


The Speedies
Yellow Pills Prefill No. 4 (V/A), Mid 1970s
Awesome Jordan Oakes assembled compilation, fun poppy song by a band who adorably met while working on a research project in high school. They were so young during the peak of their fame that they were often seen doing homework backstage

Gregory Isaacs
Night Nurse, 1982
Night Nurse
This song is probably old news to a lot of you, but this song gets better for me each time I listen to it. "Night Nurse- only you alone can quench this Jah thirst"

feedback in the way of comments appreciated

Hyphy Remix & The Advisory


The Federation
KMEL Radio Cut, 2003
Hyphy (Remix)
Federation members Doonie Baby, Stres, Goldie Gold, and the guesting Keak Da Sneak, Quinn, E-40, & Turf Talk do what they do best in a Rick Rock produced arena. A lot of people dislike or don't get hyphy, but if you don't like this then something is probably wrong with you.

Knot Pinebox
Suspended Particulation, 2003
The Advisory
Knot Pinebox (aka Karen Hancock) sings a very, very, very, beautiful song.

I just realized I was starting a pattern of rap and female singer posts



The first is a tune I have played on almost every radio show I have ever done (once, the record was misplaced, & we could not find it one week. The next week, when we found it, we played it twice in a row). The second is what I think drowning slowly sounds like.

Ian Dury
Lord Upminster (1981)
Spasticus Autisticus
There is not a single song I am more familiar with than this one. Rumor has it, Dury wrote this at the request of the Special Olympics, only to have it rejected as too offensive. On the record in the radio station, the review says "NOT FOR MORNINGS!" & "offensive in Britian, so perfect for the US!" I played it on every early morning show I had (as well as all the afternoon ones).

Rainbow Electric Sabbath (2005)
The date of release might be inaccurate, but I could find no conflicting information. It's droning indulgence.

Jo Ann Campbell, Jackie Dee, Brenda Lee, Nedra Price...


I promised a post of upbeat rockabilly ages ago. When I promise something, I do (usually) carry through eventually. This will be a long one; hold tight.

Jo Ann Campbell
I'm Nobody's Baby (1959)
Wassa Matter With You Baby?
Self-penned 1958 awesome. Campbell is a hero.

Jackie Dee
Best Of...1958-1980: Come and Get Me (2000)
a.k.a. Jackie DeShannon. She recorded this in 1959 when she was fifteen and wore gold pants. Later, she'd be responsible for "When You Walk Into the Room," which is pretty much the pinnacle.

Brenda Lee
Anthology (1956-1980) (1991)
Bigelow 6-200
This song is penned by Don Woody, who is a pretty great singer in his own right.

Nedra Price
Sugar Doll (2005)
Let's Have a Party
I want to meet this girl.

Lou & Ginny
Sugar Doll (2005)
Do I Do Right?
yeah, I like Sugar Doll...

Penny Candy
The Rockin' Lady (1959)
The Rockin' Lady
Discovered this in a big bag of my dad's 45s a while ago. Became obsessed.




King Tee & Ice Cube
St. Ides Promos (Unreleased Compilation) (1989?)
Get Ya Girl In The Mood Quicker
Most of the King Tee and Dj Pooh fronted St. Ides commercials from the late 80s were amazing, but this one pretty much sums up why they were too awesome to not be banned

Linda Perhacs
Parallelograms (1970)
All of Linda Perhac's Parallelograms sounds to me like what you would sing to the giant oak in the woods so that it would assume the form of a wise elder. The title song is a beautiful exercise in acid+folk.

Polka Polka Polka


Okay, stop laughing. Seriously, this post is about polkas. A "polka" is a dance in 2/4 time of Czech origin. The music that accompanies it is (obviously) in the same time, but is not limited to sound like "The Chicken Dance". Now, I'm not so talented an ear that I can pick out a polka when I hear it without reading the word "polka" in the title of the song, but after a while, I am sure keener ears could do it. I know they exist (the songs & the ears). Below are some fine polkas from various sources, many recent tunes, & one scratchy pearl from way back when.

Vesely Muzyky
Music From the Ukraine (1998)
Vesilna Polka
Most of my favorite polkas are from Eastern Europe somewhere, generally Ukraine, but not always. Oddly, for being a Czech style, I've heard no Czech polkas that I know of.

Al Duvall
The Butler's Revenge (2001)
Flophouse Polka
A little bit novelty, a little bit dark, this reminds me in spirit of Tom Waits' "Cemetary Polka" (not posted because I assumed most of you would already know it). Duvall is apparently pretty out-there & unknown. I posted this as a prime example of a non-folk, non-traditional polka.

Guido Deiro
Vaudeville Accordion Classics: The Complete Works of Guido Deiro (2003)
I Don't Care Polka
Originally released in 1913, this novel little ditty is being performed by the Italian musician who first popularized the piano accordion.

Haugaard & Høirup
Duo for Violin & Guitar (2000)
Arnes Polka
I actually don't think I am posting any low tempo polkas, but that's because I like the lively stuff better. This is from a Dutch pair who've been acclaimed & touted from the mountain tops in recent years amongst the Dutch press, apparently.

The Warsaw Village Band
People's Spring (2002)
Traditional Rural Polka
Not to be confused with the Polish style of music/dance "polska," this is a Polish group performing polka. Probably my favorite of this bunch.

Let me know if I am posting far too soon after other folk have posted.

Back Like Cooked Crack


Block Movement (2005)
Guess Who's Back (feat. E-40)
One of the Bay Area's finest. This was one of the catchiest tracks of 2005.

Kyu Sakamoto
Sukiyaki and Other Japanese Hits (1963)
Ashita Ga Aru Sa
Sakamoto became famous worldwide with his hit "Sukiyaki," which became the most popular song in Japanese history. His music was some of the first Japanese music to get major Billboard attention in the U.S., and "Sukiyaki" actually topped the charts for a short time.

The Brown Dots
For Sentimental Reasons: The Brown Dots Collection (2000)
The Brown Dots was formed by former Ink Spots member Deek Watson. He originally simply called the group the Ink Spots, but was forced to change the name to the Brown Dots. Stylistically, however, the Dots were almost identical to the Spots. The group became famous for with "Sentimental Reasons," which would be covered a countless number of times in later decades.

cat's got the measles, dog's got the whooping cough


A few weeks ago I Say to my friend, hey, I wish I were sick, so easy, stress-free & now finally it's got me on the wrong week. I haven't dealt w/ fevers & fog like this for a long, long time. W/ no voice or legs the internet seems like much more of a viable time-option than it normally does, so here I am.

The Memphis Jug Band were one of the most popular & prolific jug bands around in the 20's and 30's, led by Will Shade on guitar/bullfiddle. They were rad. Wish I had Cocaine Habit Blues handy to put up here.

So much packed & tiny energy in "The Spasm," damn. Can't say much except that it gets me every time -- it's not clear to me if that low horn's a stovepipe (Daddy got his name from his hat, not his instrumentation) but it sounds like one anyway. Old Hat releases some serious stuff.

Memphis Jug Band
Flashbacks Vol 2: Novelty Songs 1916-46, Crazy & Obscure (2000)
Insane Crazy Blues
hear the "jump in line" in that fiddle line?

Daddy Stovepipe & Mississippi Sarah // Tommie Bradley
Good For What Ails You: Music of the Medicine Shows 1926-37 (2005)
The Spasm // Nobody's Business If I Do
daddy stovepipe info



Ma-On (2005)
Ma-On & Red Flower
written by mako hasegawa (maher's bassoon player); played w/ tori kudo & some of mshb -- order from the amazing das gemeine

Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments
No Old Guy Lo-Fi Cry (2000)
big words & thanks to ally at satan is real again for getting me into t.j. slave apartments & for being unspeakably rad

The Pussywillows


Elinor Blake --> Pussywillows w/ Mike Chandler from the Raunch Hands --> Shitbirds --> (Theme song to "Cow & Chicken" cartoon...) --> April March

The Pussywillows
Rutles Highway Revisited (1990)
Hold My Hand



Arrh! I be returnin'! Hopefully, much to your overwhelmin' joy, or at the very lest of it, your utmost terror! Here be swarthy, seasome tunes of my dear, dear home port, from the well loved inhabitants thereof, me 'earties. Avast!

Uptown 4 Life (1996)
Uptown 4 Life
I live in a much higher part of the U-P-T, & I fear some of the streets dropped in these songs didn't fare as well as mine. Still, much of it survived, especially on the riverside.

B. G.
Chopper City in the Ghetto (1999)
Trigga Play
I'm sure you've heard this, or something off this album. If not, you owe it to yourself to give it a listen.

I'll be back with more sooner rather than later, unless I get eaten by owls. Yarr!



Welcome to the new year; it's about to get even better, so let's earn it.

Mountain Goats
Live at Yoyo-a-Gogo 7/16 (1997)
Black Molly



(image) -- SO WHATS NEW
(image) -- Not Much

The Gordons
1st Album [self-titled] (1981)
Laughing Now

vinicius cantuaria, snapper



Vinicius Cantuaria
Sol Na Cara (1997)
Ludo Real
i love you, vinicius cantuaria

Snapper EP (1988)
i love you, peter gutteridge

Fugs, Magnet



& as life gets ridiculous, more more & more, it is increasingly difficult to say what is good & what is bad. these songs probably won't be news.

The Fugs
First Album ("The Village Fugs") (1965)
Carpe Diem

Paul Giovanni / Magnet
Wicker Man OST (1973)
Summer Is A Coming In

Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus


I Sincerely Hope you are having a good day.

Nyahbinghi is an African word that means "Sons Of Thunder." Ras Michael plays Nyahbinghi.

Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus
(image) & (image)
Rastafari Dub / Rastafari (1972 [rec.])
None A Jah Jah Children No Cry Dub & It Is No Secret

Furry Lewis


I ain't good lookin but I take my time

Furry Lewis was amazing. Beyond being hands down my favorite slide player, there's something powerfully human about him that, for me, nobody else's got. Not to overstate the dude's talent -- there've been loads of better players, but I haven't heard any who touch his style. All his songs are appropriate for me at one time or another, & here's one of the more polished versions of a favorite.

Furry Lewis
In His Prime (Comp) (1927-28)
I Will Turn Your Money Green
"woman I hate, I see her every day; but the woman I love, she's so far away."

Jean Cohen-Solal


Got alerted about this rad NWW-listed business a few months ago. Flutes, flutes, flutes flutefluteflute

Jean-Cohen Solal
Captain Tarthopom (1971)
Fossette Surprise

Maher Shalal Hash Baz


SOMETIMES you just have to listen to this.

These Songs
These Boots

Mick Farren


Hi! Yeah, still around. I'm working on something good -- details when there's reason for em.

Mick Farren
Vampires Stole My Lunch Money (1978)
Half-Priced Drinks
from the man who brought you the Deviants

Margaret Lewis, Coon Creek Girls, Betty Foley, Skeeter Davis


Well, it's been a while since this has been updated.First, I'd like to encourage everyone (!) to download the Harold Ray mp3s that Alternative Tentacles has put up. This band is ridiculously fun. If you ever have the opportunity to see them "live in concert," leap on it.I have an intense love of old rockabilly/country with female vocals. Although there's much more to learn and so many recordings I'm dying to get my hands on (check out this site for a hint), I've managed to hoard a decent amount. I'll probably have several posts with this theme--but here's one to start things off. These are all sort of slow; the fiery ones to come.Margaret LewisLonesome Bluebird (1995)Reconsider MeAw, so pretty... Lewis was born in TX and was inspired early-on by the sounds of gospel and R&B (cites Ruth Brown, LaVern Baker, and Sister Rosetta Tharpe). Later, she got involved in the rockabilly scene, going to shows and befriending people like Buddy Holly. Um... I'm trying to summarize these liner notes, but basically she knew and performed with a lot of famous people. Margaret Lewis penned "Reconsider Me" with Mira Smith (who's playing guitar here), and it became a hit for Narvel Felts. I like Margaret's version a lot better.Full Grown ManAnother song penned by Margaret Lewis. This one was obviously intended to be picked up by a male singer, but gender-bending's fun, so here you are. Again, Mira Smith is on guitar.Coon Creek GirlsEarly Radio Favorites (1982)Pretty PollyThis is from a collection of the songs Lily May, Rosie, Daisy, and Violet recorded in the '30s. I wish people still had names like that. Betty FoleySugar Doll (2005)Old MoonIn the '50s, Betty Foley recorded a number of charting songs with her famous father Red. Like Margaret Lewis, she performed at the Shreveport, Louisiana Hayride. Sugar Doll is a fun compilation put out this year by Buffalo Bop. I might up more songs from it another time. Pretty cover art, huh?Skeeter DavisThe Essential Skeeter Davis (1995)Silver Threads & Golden NeedlesYeah, so "Silver Threads & Golden Needles" is one of my favorite songs, actually. It was a toss-up between this version and Wanda Jackson's--both are amazing.God, there are all these songs I'm dying to put up that I only have on vinyl. I will learn how to rip one day, promise.[...]