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☼ Haare ‎– Rautapilvi LP [single-sided]

Fri, 05 Oct 2012 08:34:00 +0000

Here's the latest rarity from Haare, the Finnish occult sound-smasher, presenting a new 20 minute work of ritualistic terror! A very eerie and atmospheric droney ambient piece conjuring ghostly sirens, hazey cloudy hallways and knives being sharpened. Sounds were taken from Circle “Forest” (Ektro Records; used with kind permission from the artist and label.) Call it a "collaboration," a "remix," call it “Rautapilvi.”Limited to 100 pieces.Release Year(s): 2012Artist(s) Country: FinlandLabel(s): Prison Tatt RecordsТrack Listing:01. Rautapilvi (20:00)Скачать:320K (MF) -or-(DF)FLAC (MF) -or-(DF) [...]

☼ Sons Of Otis/Queen Elephantine - Split

Tue, 24 Jul 2012 03:43:00 +0000

Doom heavyweights Sons Of Otis, notoriously famous for producing some of the heaviest space-rock humans have ever experienced, have teamed up with young psychonauts Queen Elephantine to release a split album that is deathly slow, with meditative psychedelic vibes driving through the entire breadth. By the end of it, the listener can expect to have lost all grasp on real time and space. The Sons Of Otis tracks are terrifyingly bare, with piercing other-wordly sounds attacking from the glow of a distant planet.Queen Elephantine contributes a single paralysis-inducing epic track which slowly leads through several phases of droning mantra, opening portals and doorways down to the core of the Earth.Год: 2007Страна: USA / CanadaЛейбл: Concrete Lo-FiСодержание:01. Sons Of Otis: Tales Of Otis (7:53)02. Sons Of Otis: Oxazejam (9:58)03. Queen Elephantine : The Battle Of Massacoit [The Weapon Of The King Of Gods] (25:51)Скачать [w/scans]:320K  (MF) -or-  (DF)FLAC PT.1 ┼ PT.2  (MF) -or-  (DF) [...]

☼ Richard Ramirez/Flatline Construct/Prurient ‎– Collaboration

Mon, 23 Jul 2012 03:53:00 +0000

A sick collaboration (by mail) project, which was previously released on cassette by Let It Rot, in an edition of 40 pieces. This disc re-release is a 3-label joint venture, and limited to 500 pieces.Год: 2001Страна: USA / CanadaЛейбл: Hospital Productions / Peel Back The Sky / Monorail TrespassingСодержание:01. Untitled (29:50)02. Untitled (31:45)Скачать [w/scans]:320K  (MF) -or-  (DF)FLAC PT.1 ┼ PT.2 ┼ PT.3  (MF) -or-  (DF) [...]

☼ Kalimayat - 60 Minutes Of Harassment

Mon, 23 Jul 2012 03:12:00 +0000

Kalimayat is an Indonesian experimental noise project operated by Danif Pradana. Kalimayat started as a guerrilla noise recording where Danif interpreted his idea about noise music by messing around with limited audio equipments. i found a little Q&A that i thought covered the facts needed for an introduction to this release:  • Why this name?The name Kalimayat is a parody of one of my favorite warrior in Mahabharata Epic called Yudistira a.k.a Prabu Karimata. In Indonesian languange, Kalimayat can also mean river of corpse. • Do you play live?I've done a couple of guerrilla performance. We usually have a party where instead of having a DJ, we decided to have a noise performance. • Your influences?Wolf Eyes, Nautical Almanac, Oren Ambarchi, Solmania, Merzbow, Masonna , KK Null , Guilty Connector, Melt Banana, Hijokaidan, Keiji Haino, Throbbing Gristle, Naked City, Sigur Ros, Depeche Mode, Massive Attact, Anaal Nathrakh, Nasum, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Anal Cunt, Whitehouse, Nurse With Wound, Sunn 0))). • Equipment used:Stompboxes, Contact Microphone, Electric Guitar, Bowed Instruments, Laptop.Год: 2007Страна: IndonesiaЛейбл: Symbolic Prod.Содержание:01. Harassment Ⅰ (8:31)02. Harassment Ⅱ (10:56)03. Harassment Ⅲ (4:41)04. Harassment Ⅳ (0:14)05. Harassment Ⅴ (7:48)06. Harassment Ⅵ (4:38)07. Harassment Ⅶ (17:30)Скачать [w/scans]:320K  (MF) -or-  (DF)FLAC PT.1 ┼ PT.2 ┼ PT.3  (MF) -or-  (DF)want more? you'll find more at the artist's SoundClick page: HERE [...]

☼ SantAAgostino - Operazione Paura

Wed, 18 Jul 2012 00:27:00 +0000

by request...santAAgostino was born in the torrid hot summer of 2005, from three sharp but fractured minds. Since the beginning, they got their inspiration from the violent and unruly strength of holy man Saint Augustine -- but they choose to take from him the moniker alone, in order to put into music a story about “k soil”.“Operazione Paura” is a tribute to music and cosmic energy: the same energy that santAAgostino was permeated with during the opus and the execution of these gloomy soundscapes.“Operazione Paura” is a total turning not just for the band but for dark, ambient music and noise, generally speaking. That’s because santAAgostino is like a meteor that has crashed into the Earth, destroying all balances, rhythmes and cycles. “Operazione Paura” speaks of the filmic and horrorific fear, mind trap “to kill” atavistic thoughts and all those mental factors that trapped the man into a selfmade cage in his own mind, through the mind itself. “Operazione Paura” is an awl that, slowly but inexorably, drives the listener to a dimension where there is no thought, no images, no more conceptualizing, nothing still exhists: there is just a huge solitary desert now, where sounds spontaneously flow creating new monster beyond space and time. It’s a place where new divine dynasties born, spreading their seed, in order to bear a brand new reign far from the borders that we can’t even imagine.whew... that was heavy!Год: 2010Страна: ItaliaЛейбл: GreytoneСодержание:01. Operazione Paura (7:36)02. Zombi:La Città Verrà Distrutta All’Alba (5:52)03. Necrofilia Su Barbara Steele:L’Orribile Segreto (7:01)04. Virus:La Danza Nell’Inferno Dei Morti Dementi (8:59)05. Terrore Nello Spazio Infinito:Culti Morbosi (5:32)06. L’Abominevole Dott. Phibes Uccide Ancora (4:28)07. L’Occhio Nel Triangolo:Zombi White Power (7:52)Скачать [w/scans]:320K  (MF) -or-  (DF)FLAC PT.1 ┼ PT.2  (MF) -or-  (DF) [...]

☼ Jarl - Parallel/Collapsing / Out Of Balance / Sealed Void / Akatisi/Somnolens / Fragile Confrontation / Intensive Fracture MC / Breaking Point Syndrome / Vertigo Emission / Minus One – Neutral

Fri, 13 Jul 2012 17:32:00 +0000

Erik Jarl hails from Norrköping, Sweden, and since 1999 he has produced several releases as Jarl, in addition to being a member of IRM (with Martin Bladh) and Skin Area. Jarl's ear for sonority is acute, and his sense of pace is excellent. The music draws the listener in and retains their attention effectively with dark ambient, death industrial and drone soundscapes.☼ Jarl - Parallel/CollapsingГод: 2003Страна: SwedenЛейбл: SegerhuvaСодержание:01. Parallel/Collapsing Part 1 (9:24)02. Parallel/Collapsing Part 2 (4:56)03. Parallel/Collapsing Part 3 (5:33)04. Parallel/Collapsing Part 4 (6:06)05. Parallel/Collapsing Part 5 (9:3)06. Parallel/Collapsing Part 6 (4:42)07. Parallel/Collapsing Part 7 (14:09)Скачать [w/scans]:320K (MF) -or-(DF)FLAC PT.1 ┼ PT.2 (MF) -or-(DF)☼ Jarl - Out Of BalanceГод: 2003Лейбл: Malignant RecordsСодержание:01. Out Of Balance Part Ⅰ (4:05)02. Out Of Balance Part Ⅱ (5:02)03. Out Of Balance Part Ⅲ (3:10)04. Out Of Balance Part Ⅳ (4:03)05. Out Of Balance Part Ⅴ (5:21)06. Out Of Balance Part Ⅵ (2:23)07. Out Of Balance Part Ⅶ (4:41)08. Out Of Balance Part Ⅷ (4:36)09. Out Of Balance Part Ⅸ (2:35)10. Out Of Balance Part Ⅹ (3:14)11. Out Of Balance Part Ⅺ (6:42)12. Out Of Balance Part Ⅻ (3:26)13. Out Of Balance Part ⅩⅢ (4:32)14. Out Of Balance Part ⅩⅣ (4:06)15. Out Of Balance Part ⅩⅤ (5:47)16. Out Of Balance Part ⅩⅥ (4:07)17. Out Of Balance Part ⅩⅦ (5:29)Скачать [w/scans]:320K (MF) -or-(DF)FLAC PT.1 ┼ PT.2 (MF) -or-(DF)☼ Jarl - Sealed VoidГод: 2003Лейбл: Force Of Nature Productions/AnnihilvsСодержание:01. Untitled (1:58)02. Untitled (6:32)03. Untitled (4:43)04. Untitled (7:03)05. Untitled (7:11)06. Untitled (5:33)07. Untitled (6:28)08. Untitled (6:09)09. Untitled (6:07)10. Untitled (6:46)11. Untitled (4:02)12. Untitled (5:55)Скачать [w/scans]:320K (MF) -or-(DF)FLAC PT.1 ┼ PT.2 (MF) -or-(DF)☼ Jarl - Akatisi/SomnolensГод: 2004Лейбл: Tantric HarmoniesСодержание:01. Akatisi/Somnolens Ⅰ (8:49)02. Akatisi/Somnolens Ⅱ (7:48)03. Akatisi/Somnolens Ⅲ (7:37)04. Akatisi/Somnolens Ⅳ (5:21)05. Akatisi/Somnolens Ⅴ (7:52)06. Akatisi/Somnolens Ⅵ (8:21)Скачать:320K (MF) -or-(DF)FLAC (MF) -or-(DF)☼ Jarl - Fragile ConfrontationГод: 2005Лейбл: AnnihilvsСодержание:01. Fragile Confrontation Ⅰ (13:47)02. Fragile Confrontation Ⅱ (11:09)03. Fragile Confrontation Ⅲ (9:12)04. Fragile Confrontation Ⅳ (8:22)05. Fragile Confrontation Ⅴ (8:34)06. Fragile Confrontation Ⅵ (7:09)Скачать [w/scans]:320K(MF) -or-(DF)FLAC PT.1 ┼ PT.2 (MF) -or-(DF)☼ Jarl - Intensive Fracture MCГод: 2005Лейбл: AbiskoСодержание:01. Intensive Fracture Part 1 (3:14)02. Intensive Fracture Part 2 (7:24)03. Intensive Fracture Part 3 (9:42)04. Intensive Fracture Part 4 (15:26)05. Intensive Fracture Part 5 (5:02)Скачать [w/scan]:320K (MF) -or-(DF)FLAC PT.1 ┼ PT.2 (MF) -or-(DF)☼ Jarl - Breaking Point SyndromeГод: 2007Лейбл: AutarkeiaСодержание:01. Breaking Point Syndrome Part 1 (11:39)02. Breaking Point Syndrome Part 2 (7:36)03. Breaking Point Syndrome Part 3 (8:19)04. Breaking Point Syndrome Part 4 (8:22)05. Breaking Point Syndrome Part 5 (10:39)Скачать:320K (MF) -or-(DF)FLAC PT.1 ┼ PT.2 (MF) -or-(DF)☼ Jarl - Vertigo EmissionГод: 2009Лейбл: AutarkeiaСодержание:01. Vertigo Emission Part 1 (5:20)02. Vertigo Emission Part 2 (7:44)03. Vertigo Emission Part 3 (11:05)04. Vertigo Emission Part 4 (7:09)05. Vertigo Emission Part 5 (3:59)06. Vertigo Emission Part 6 (7:23)07. Vertigo Emission Part 7 (9:32)08. Vertigo Emission Part 8 (5:45)09. Vertigo Emission Part 9 (8:19)10. Vertigo Emission Part 10 (7:49)Скачать [w/scans]:320K (MF) -or-(DF)FLAC PT.1 ┼ PT.2 ┼ PT.3 (MF) -or-(DF)☼ Jarl - Minus One – NeutralГ[...]

☼ Dødsdømd - The Creation Of A God Full Of Hate / Ever-Burning Evil Fire / Animal Blood & Semen / A Slayer's Diary / Split w/Dödsdömd / Love Songs

Wed, 02 May 2012 11:45:00 +0000

Here's a nice one for my lovely noise-fiends... cold evilish grinding noise industrialism from cold Skandinavia by Patrik Jonsson.☼ Dødsdømd - The Creation Of A God Full Of HateLimited to 100 pieces.Release Year(s): 1998 Artist(s) Country: Sweden Label(s): SolipsismTrack Listing:01. Final Adjustments Of Cyber Satan (8:14)02. Into The Abyss (5:14)03. As Darkness Breaks The Horizon (5:18)04. The Creation Of A God Full Of Hate (6:20)05. Nocturnal Storm (8:49)06. Whispers From The Dark Angels (8:24)Скачать:320K (MF) -or- (DF)FLAC PT.1 +PT.2 (MF) -or- (DF)☼ Dødsdømd - Ever-Burning Evil Fire 7''Limited to 300 pieces.Release Year(s): 2000 Label(s) : L.S.D. Organisation Track Listing:01. Ever-Burning Evil Fire (3:59)02. Fleshgrinder (4:37)Скачать:320K (MF) -or- (DF)FLAC (MF) -or- (DF)☼ Dødsdømd - Animal Blood & SemenRelease Year(s): 2001 Label(s) : SSSM Track Listing:01. Horse Dick Up The Ass (4:47)02. Animal Blood & Semen (8:42)03. Anal Pig Penetration (6:07)04. Sodomized & Slaughtered (4:56)05. Gang Raped By Pittbulls (10:59)06. Necrophilian Bestiality (5:35)Скачать:320K (MF) -or- (DF)FLAC PT.1 +PT.2 (MF) -or- (DF)☼ Dødsdømd - A Slayer's Diary LPLimited to 250 pieces, 50 of which came packed between two thick plastic plates.Release Year(s): 2002 Label(s) : Blade Records / Spatter Track Listing:01. Abusing Offals For Masturbation (3:52)02. Pleasure, Pain And Butchery (5:02)03. Man/Animal Rectal Intercourse (5:30)04. Blood Smeared Genitals (5:10)05. Abattoir Fuck Feast (5:40)06. Kill ! Fuck ! Eat ! (7:09)07. Heifer 69 (6:53)Скачать [w/scans]:320K (MF) -or- (DF)FLAC PT.1 +PT.2 (MF) -or- (DF)- A N D -just because i'm a goofy goof who likes to do this with some vinyl rips, i present you…the 45-rpm version:320K (MF) -or- (DF)FLAC PT.1 +PT.2 (MF) -or- (DF)☼ Dødsdømd / Dödsdömd - Split 7''EPA unique split EP with Swedish d-beat/käng/punk act Dödsdömd.Release Year(s): 2006 Label(s) : Cage Match Federation / New Noise Records Track Listing:01. Dødsdømd: Crust-Ass Fuck (3:54)02. Dödsdömd: De Hängdas Visa (1:47)03. Dödsdömd: Den Sista Nattvarden (1:11)04. Dödsdömd: Vriden Tillvaro (0:53)Скачать [w/scans]:320K (MF) -or- (DF)FLAC (MF) -or- (DF)☼ Dødsdømd - Love SongsLimited to 300 pieces.Release Year(s): 2010 Label(s) : L.White Records Track Listing:01. Never Gonna Leave You (4:26)02. Sweet Darling (4:24)03. Let's Make Love (5:59)04. You're My Everything (5:43)05. Hold Me Tight (5:11)06. Kiss & Touch (6:08)07. Love You So (6:03)08. Oh, Baby! (5:00)09. Stay Close To Me (6:30)10. You And I Forever (5:22)11. Sweet Darling [Honeymoon remix] (8:10)12. Hold Me Tight [Tender remix] (5:00)Скачать [w/scan]:320K (MF) -or- (DF)FLAC PT.1 +PT.2 +PT.3 (MF) -or- (DF) [...]

☼ The Moon Mistress - Silent Voice Inside / Obsessed By Cursed Wastelands (with Snakerider)

Sat, 28 Apr 2012 09:21:00 +0000

The Moon Mistress from Russia, and Snakerider from Ukraine, both borrow heavily from their bleak industrial landscapes and ancient orgiastic rituals to yield the rotten fruit of raw and twisted doom metal. Yet, with different approaches. The Moon Mistress are more on the droning side of doom, combining faint vocals with creeping snail speed grooves with droning riffs overlaid with copious amounts of reverb, brooding guitar leads that are more likely supposed to shake your mind loose than represent some actual melody. While Snakerider are more gritty and raw in the traditional stoner-doom metal realm.Mixing influences from Electric Wizard, Sleep and Weedeater, both bands bring heavy like a ton of bricks!☼ The Moon Mistress - Silent Voice InsideRelease Year(s): 2012Artist(s) Country: Russian FederationLabel(s): Pestis InsaniaeTrack Listing:01. Gate One (1:03)02. Cremation Meditation (4:09)03. The Wicker Man (10:30)04. Cease To Exist (7:01)05. Invocation To Hecate (11:43)06. Gate Two (0:37)07. Samsara (5:30)08. Silent Voice Inside (16:37)09. The Moon Mistress (6:18)Скачать [w/scans]:320K  (MF) -or-  (DF)FLAC PT.1 + PT.2 + PT.3  (MF) -or-  (DF)☼ The Moon Mistress / Snakerider - Obsessed By Cursed WastelandsRelease Year(s): 2011Artist(s) Country: Russian Federation / UkraineLabel(s): Pestis InsaniaeTrack Listing:01. The Moon Mistress: VVitches (5:36)02. The Moon Mistress: Metropolis (10:33)03. Snakerider: Us, Who Saw The Reason (5:21)04. Snakerider: In Her Eyes (2:46)05. Snakerider: Cold Seas (9:03)06. Snakerider: Four Twenty (4:55)Скачать [w/scans]:320K  (MF) -or-  (DF)FLAC PT.1  + PT.2  (MF) -or-  (DF)if you like these releases as much as i did, you can order both here:   [...]

☼ Black Mayonnaise - Ttssattsr / Ⅶ / Unseen Collaborator / Dissipative Structure

Sat, 14 Apr 2012 17:09:00 +0000

Black Mayonnaise is a one-man 'bedroom' project by Akron, Ohio's Mike Duncan. Each release contains extremely disturbing music, featuring dying 'Elephant Man'-like gurgles as vocals mixed with detuned sludge with an overall cough-syrup spacey feeling. Industrial noise drone doom… it's a blessing of beautiful bleakness!☼ Black Mayonnaise - TtssattsrRelease Year(s): 2004Artist(s) Country: USALabel(s): Emperor JonesTrack Listing:01. Ttssattsr (6:06)02. Delirium (3:58)03. Narcotic Fog (7:19)04. Floating Body Ⅰ (6:40 )05. Spherics (9:02)06. Floating Body Ⅱ (2:40)07. Struck By Lightning (4:53)08. Graveyard [Butthole Surfers cover] (4:41)09. Ttssattsr (12:51)Скачать [w/scans]:320K (MF) -or- (DF)FLAC PT.1 + PT.2 (MF) -or- (DF)☼ Black Mayonnaise - ⅦRelease Year(s): 2005Label(s): Alarming Echo BeatsTrack Listing:01. Canto Ⅱ 1-47 (5:11)02. Canto Ⅲ 1-45 (4:51)03. Canto Ⅳ 15-53 (4:23)04. Canto Ⅳ 58-103 (1:25)05. Canto Ⅶ 1-47 (2:50)06. Waves (16:39)07. Live 8/09/2002 The Live Bait Dark Electronics Festival Ⅱ (7:18)Скачать:320K (MF) -or- (DF)FLAC PT.1 + PT.2 (MF) -or- (DF)☼ Black Mayonnaise - Unseen CollaboratorRelease Year(s): 2008Label(s): ResipiscentTrack Listing:01. Low Twelve (7:30)02. Threshold (6:27)03. Flight (7:14)04. Descent/Impact (6:06)05. Facedown (6:20)06. Pilot Can At The Queer Of God [Flaming Lips cover] (7:26)07. Love Canal [Flipper cover] (7:33)08. Guernsey County (12:54)Скачать [w/scans]:320K (MF) -or- (DF)FLAC PT.1 + PT.2 + PT.3 (MF) -or- (DF)☼ Black Mayonnaise - Dissipative Structure LPRelease Year(s): 2009Label(s): Fedora CorpseTrack Listing:01. Radiation (17:56)02. The Drunken Stupor Of The Waking World (10:14)03. Our Senses Are Mysteries To Us, And We Are Mysteries To Ourselves (7:14)Скачать [w/scans]:320K (MF) -or- (DF)FLAC PT.1 + PT.2 (MF) -or- (DF) [...]

☼ Gruntsplatter / Slowvent - Split Release [re-post request]

Wed, 28 Mar 2012 16:36:00 +0000

Gruntsplatter (Scott E. Candey) has always been a maleable creature that hovers in the gray area between abrasive noise and dark ambient. Imagine huge, roaring bonfires with shadowy figures skulking about carrying dead things. A bit of tasteful synth work adds that extra brooding touch, confirming that mood and depth of composition have continually been of the first importance for Gruntsplatter.Slowvent (Jonathan Lang) provides abrasive death industrial that's not so much harsh as it is brutal. Shifting distorted textures give way to odd drones, feedback, and the occasional looped rhythm. The sluggish soundscapes and low end distortions move like the grinding of tectonic plates... like boiling pitch, Slowvent generates thick, viscous, malleable visions of the obscure that gurgle and lick at something far deeper than your eardrums. Unfortunately, after this release Slowvent was terminated.Limited to 500 pieces.Год: 1998Страна: USAЛейбл: Crionic MindСодержание:01. Gruntsplatter: The Flagellant (4:23)02. Gruntsplatter: Ascending Marrow (4:40)03. Gruntsplatter: Bloodsoil (6:15)04. Gruntsplatter: Gravemound (8:37)05. Gruntsplatter: The Prophetic Maw (5:32)06. Slowvent: Slowvent (6:03)07. Slowvent: Spectral Violence (4:19)08. Slowvent: Untitled (6:17)09. Slowvent: The Cold Slugs (6:28)10. Slowvent: Rust Resurrection (3:06)11. Slowvent: Impaired Descent (4:27)Скачать: 256K(MF) -or-(DF) -or-(WUP) [...]

☼ THE★STALIN【ザ・スターリン 】― AVI 吐き気がするほどロマンチックだぜ!! [RE-POST REQUEST]

Wed, 28 Mar 2012 13:02:00 +0000

Here's the "Hakike ga Suruhodo Romantic daze!!" video, which is a live reunion at Shibuya On-Air East, Tokyo, Japan 2/28/2001.It's a “One Night Dream…” :)Год: 27-04-2007Страна: JapanЛейбл: ペルメージレコードСодержание:01. ワルシャワの幻想02. 36503. バキューム04. STOP GIRL05. 天ぷら06. 溺愛07. ロマンチスト08. STOP JAP09. 先天性労働者10. 解剖室11. 虫12. 下水道のペテン師13. 仰げば尊しСкачать [AVI]: PT.1 +PT.2 +PT.3 +PT.4  (MF) [...]

☼ Wold - Badb / L.O.T.M.P. / Screech Owl / Stratification / Social Pressure / Imperator

Sun, 18 Mar 2012 01:50:00 +0000

An experimental black metal(ish) noise project from Saskatchewan, Canada, Wold are the brainchild of founder Fortress Crookedjaw, and emerged after the demise of his previous outfit, Static Eyesore (an "electro-noise project"), in 1999. Wold got going a year later, and while the project would enlist a number of other players over time -- eventually settling on Crookedjaw and Obey -- the group would remain under the direction of its founder. The “Wold Demo” was released in 2001, and the band continued to work on more material. That material would eventually surface on the “Badb” tape in 2003, but it would be the “L.O.T.M.P.” tape release that would help gain Wold a record deal in 2005 with Profound Lore.Up to 2009, I'd really dug what these freakazoids were up to... 2010/2011 releases are just a little too challenging for even me! ')☼ Wold - Badb Release Year(s): 2003/2004 (2011)Artist(s) Country: CanadaLabel(s): Regimental Records (Crucial Blast)Track Listing:01. Her Voice Ⅰ (0:40)02. Badb (2:20)03. Nine Virgins Of Badb (2:44)04. The Cold Wind's Grasp (3:29)05. The Wind Shall Carry Her Message (4:39)06. Evocation Of Badb (2:55)07. We Kill For Her (4:44)08. Final Offering (7:07)09. Her Voice Ⅱ (0:38)Скачать [w/scans]:320K(MF) -or-(DF) -or-(FF) -or-(WUP)FLAC(MF) -or-(DF) -or-(FF) -or-(WUP)☼ Wold - L.O.T.M.P.Release Year(s): 2005Label(s): Profound LoreTrack Listing:01. Invocation Of Fire (3:46)02. Invocation Of Water (2:45)03. Invocation Of Earth (3:41)04. Invocation Of Air (5:05)05. Tending Thy Grounds (3:15)06. L.O.T.M.P. (6:53)07. Be It On Be It Within (4:16)08. The Lost Speech (4:30)09. Lug-Dunum (5:06)10. Invocation Of The Eye (3:14)11. Children Of The Proud Fields (9:57)12. Irminons (11:12)13. Weeping Goddess (3:12)Скачать [w/scans]:320K(MF) -or-(DF) -or-(FF) -or-(WUP)FLAC(DF) -or-(FF) -or-(WUP)☼ Wold - Screech OwlRelease Year(s): 2007Label(s): Profound LoreTrack Listing:01. An Habitation Of Dragons And A Court For Owls (4:25)02. Ray Of Gold (6:30)03. So That No Sword May Strike Him Down (2:42)04. The Field Hag (5:05)05. Nervosa (3:46)06. Windmill (1:51)07. December Eve (6:50)08. This Is How I Know (4:20)09. Gather Under Her Shadow (8:06)10. A Sword Becomes Red With Fury (5:21)11. Screech Owl (5:28)12. I'm The Chisel (5:38)13. Undying Fire Of Urian (12:54)Скачать [w/scans]:320K(MF) -or-(DF) -or-(FF) -or-(WUP)FLAC(DF) -or-(FF) -or-(WUP)☼ Wold - StratificationRelease Year(s): 2008Label(s): Profound LoreTrack Listing:01. Stratification (3:55)02. Sleigh Ride (7:15)03. White Winter Wanderer (5:33)04. Frost Crystal Symmetry (5:14)05. Nine Paths (7:05)06. Nine Creeks (6:12)07. Wintertime (6:49)08. The Frozen Field (2:21)09. Auld Tree (4:51)Скачать [w/scans]:320K(MF) -or-(DF) -or-(FF) -or-(WUP)FLAC(DF) -or-(FF) -or-(WUP)☼ Wold - Social Pressure 7''EPLimited to 300 pieces.Release Year(s): 2009Label(s): Rotting ChapelTrack Listing:01. Social Pressure (1:02)02. Social Pressure 2 (2:37)03. Horrorizons (1:23)04. The Wainwright (2:24)Скачать:320K(MF) -or-(DF) -or-(FF) -or-(WUP)FLAC(MF) -or-(DF) -or-(FF) -or-(WUP)☼ Wold - Imperator MCLimited to 300 pieces.Release Year(s): 2009Label(s): Rotting ChapelTrack Listing:01. Imperator [previously unreleased 1999] (4:07)02. Wartower [from “Wold Demo” 2001] (2:06)03. Nine Virgins Of Badb [alternate mix / originally found on “Badb” MC 2004] (2:45)04. Cold Wind's Grasp [alternate mix / originally found on “Badb” MC 2004] (3:28)05. Evocation Of Badb [alternate mix / originally found on “Badb” MC 2004] (2:56)06. Invocation Of Fire [alternate mix / originally found on “L.O.T.M.P.” 2005] (3:43)07. Invocation Of Water [alternate mix / originally found on “L.O.T.M.P.” 2005] (2:44)08. Tending Thy Grounds [alternate mix /[...]

☼ Cloama - Nausea Of Humanity [+ Grunt] / Revisionist Knowledge / The Duellists [+ Gelsomina] / Lernaean Catacomb Complex MC

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In existence since 1997, Cloama (Jasse Tuukki) specializes in crafting surreal industrial, power electronics, and ambient psychoacoustic noise soundscapes. Cloama's style(s) sometimes differ from release to release, never staying the same for too long.☼ Grunt/Cloama - Nausea Of HumanityExtreme Power Electronics from the two Finnish masters! Includes both acts together in studio sessions from 1999, mail collaborations, live collaborations from 2001 and also includes solo tracks from both acts. Includes a live collaboration from London 2004 with Gaya (Antichildleague) and Peter (Sektion-B) on guest vocals.Release Year(s): 2005Artist(s) Country: FinlandLabel(s): Freak Animal RecordsTrack Listing:01. Grunt & Cloama: Nausea Of Humanity (4:17)02. Grunt & Cloama: 220187 (6:46)03. Grunt & Cloama: Dangerous Entertainment (5:49)04. Grunt & Cloama: Marssi (5:17)05. Grunt & Cloama: 220187 [Live in Mäntsälä 2001] (5:40)06. Grunt & Cloama: Reflections Of Pain [Live in Mäntsälä 2001] (5:03)07. Grunt: Confession Of The Degeneration Fetishist (7:02)08. Cloama: Konspiraattori (4:55)09. Grunt & Cloama: And Then There Were Humiliation [Live in London 2004] (7:26)Скачать [w/scans]:320K (MF) -or- (DF)FLAC (MF) -or- (DF)☼ Cloama - Revisionist KnowledgeThis release marks the return of the more cruel and vicious side of Cloama! This release includes two different kinds of directions: The 1st 4 tracks are live (without an audience) recordings, recorded with amplifiers and a couple of good microphones. Painful and straight forward power electronics with vocals. The 2nd part is studio recordings with analogue synthesizers and other tools.Release Year(s): 2005Label(s): Freak Animal RecordsTrack Listing:01. Disease Eradication (5:11)02. Parasite Scanner (4:15)03. Beloved Caesar (5:24)04. Execution Irritation (4:23)05. Revisionist Knowledge (8:33)06. Degraded Thought Steganography [Part Ⅰ] (6:46)07. Degraded Thought Steganography [Part Ⅱ] (3:58)08. Irritation Execution (3:46)Скачать [w/scans]:320K (MF) -or- (DF)FLAC (MF) -or- (DF)☼ Cloama + Gelsomina - The DuellistsA sick collaboration of unhealthy doses of extreme frequencies! Combining noise blasting & oppressive ambient…Limited to 300 pieces.Release Year(s): 2006Label(s): New Old Sentinel / Musically Incorrect RecordsTrack Listing:01. Part Ⅰ (11:54)02. Part Ⅱ (7:35)03. Part Ⅲ (10:07)04. Part Ⅳ (16:55)Скачать:320K (MF) -or- (DF)FLAC (MF) -or- (DF)☼ Cloama - Lernaean Catacomb Complex MC55 minutes of Cloama at its best! This release simply has everything you can wish from a highly detailed rhythmic power electonics/industrial release. There are rhythmic loops, analog sequenzes, oriental style droning synth melodies, metal rhythms, melancholic electric guitar, speech samples and rough in-your-face vocals!Hand-numbered and limited to 199 pieces.Release Year(s): 2008Label(s): Erratic Sporadicism TapesTrack Listing:01. From Twilight's Hands (4:11)02. Slow Death (4:38)03. Towards The Unseen Sun (5:43)04. Voices Transformed Into Oblivion (2:30)05. AWM (4:02)06. Lingering Loyalty (3:47)07. Live In Oulu, 21st of August 2007 (20:38)Скачать [w/scans]:320K (MF) -or- (DF)FLAC (MF) -or- (DF) [...]

☼ Cloama - Neuroscan Organization LP / Decay. Decline. Destruction [+ Omei & Valence] / Valkoinen Kuolema/Belyi Smertz [+ Grunt]

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Conceptually, Cloama is a dark and provocative vision of human life with the paradoxes of the mind brought out to the front. Cloama also co-operates the label which hosts, among others.☼ Cloama – Neuroscan Organization LPCold sinister death industrial, banging & distorting muzak from Finland.Limited to 250 pieces.Release Year(s): 2002Label(s): Blade Records / SpatterTrack Listing:01. Tuhkajumala (4:50)02. Neuroscan Organization (13:37)03. Kunnes Kaikki Tuntuu Turhalta // Säälimätön Valhe (13:33)04. Final Monument (3:35)Скачать:320K (MF) -or- (DF)FLAC (MF) -or- (DF)☼ Omei/Cloama/Valence - Decay. Decline. Destruction.A three way split of dark ambient, power electronics, and death industrial sounds. Omei (USA: Chris Goudreau, aka. Sickness) releases “The Desperation Sessions”; three minimalist compositions all sharing a common link in sample material and utilizing sub-bass frequencies with periodic outbursts of dialog and noise. Cloama (Finland: Jasse Tuukki from continues where past releases left off, further exploring diversity with harsh electronics, environmental industrial sounds, rhythms and distorted vocals. Valence (Canada) is reliant on vocal manipulation. Compositions focus largely on boiling low frequencies contrasting with outbursts of harsh noise and controlled feedback.Limited to 300 pieces.Release Year(s): 2002Artist(s) Country: USA / Finland / CanadaLabel(s): Primitive Air RaidTrack Listing:01. Omei: The Deepest Scars [Understand Me remix] (7:00)02. Omei: Sleaze (9:36)03. Omei: Last Gasp (10:10)04. Cloama: Kontrolloitu Heikkous (5:14)05. Cloama: Dissemination (4:05)06. Cloama: Tomorrow Icon (9:11)07. Cloama: Fanaattisuus Ennenkaikkea (4:00)08. Valence: Gravesights Are They Sightings (5:21)09. Valence: Resolution Dissolve (2:38)10. Valence: Extinguished Lives With Burning Lust (6:55)11. Valence: An Explanation Of Birds (9:22)Скачать:320K (MF) -or- (DF)FLAC (MF) -or- (DF)☼ Grunt/Cloama –Valkoinen Kuolema/Belyi SmertzNot much to say: 'Essential release of Finnish power electronics!' ~ Someone.Limited to 500 pieces.Release Year(s): 2002Artist(s) Country: FinlandLabel(s): Freak Animal RecordsTrack Listing:»Belyi Smertz« 01. Grunt: Belyi Smertz (5:21)02. Grunt: Mannerheim (5:29)03. Grunt: Valheen Jäljet (4:35)04. Grunt: Propagandan Uhrit (5:38)»Valkoinen Kuolema« 05. Cloama: Provokaattori (5:28)06. Cloama: Ⅲ Artikla (3:41)07. Cloama: Sopimus (5:14)08. Cloama: Valkoinen Kuolema (4:21)09. Cloama: Salama (6:01)»Live Collaboration« 10. Cloama & Grunt: Punainen Lumi (7:31)Скачать:320K (MF) -or- (DF)FLAC (MF) -or- (DF) [...]

☼ Brighter Death Now - Necrose Evangelicum [re-re-post] & Pain in Progress/Slaughterhause Invitation/The Slaughterhouse/Inner War

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I'd like to give credit where credit is due, but this was offered to the blog from 'Anonymous' so whoever you are, we Thank You! In addition to giving us the original D/L for this post, Anonymous has also included 4 others. (see links below) Here is the original post write-up: Part 1 is a digitally restored, re-mastered and re-mix of the original version.Part 2 contains live recordings from a rehearsal for a concert in Vaasa, Finland, which ultimately got canceled.Год: 1995-1996 (2008)Страна: SwedenЛейбл: CMIСодержание:〜 Part 1: Recorded at the Soulgrave in 1995 〜01. Willful (7:04)02. Soul In Flames (7:41)03. Impasse (9:46)04. Rain, Red Rain (8:56)05. Deathgrant (9:16)06. Necrose Evangelicum [feat. Mortiis] (6:01)〜 Part 2: Unlive in Finland 1996 〜01. Open The Gates (7:20)02. Impasse (8:07)03. Soul In Flames (7:09)04. Rain, Red Rain (8:09)05. No Pain (5:23)Скачать: (MF)+plus+:“Pain in Progress”(MF)“The Slaughterhause Invitation”(MF)“The Slaughterhouse”(MF)“Inner War”(MF) [...]


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i have tons of stuff to offer, but D/L hosting sites are going down left and right, so finding a reliable one has gotten difficult. i'm now asking if anyone has any of my original .rar files to please re-upload them to ANY file-hosting site you can, then post a comment with the URLs so the material can be re-posted here faster. in the meantime, i won't be able to re-post as much as i was hoping to do, but i will be concentrating on offering material new to the blog.thanks for any help, and sorry for this mega-fail.\m/ [...]

☼ Christ On Parade – Insanity Is A Sane Reaction / Sounds Of Nature [re-issue] / Cheap, Deformed, Cassette EP

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Christ On Parade was a mid-to-late '80s San Francisco East Bay political hardcore punk band, formed in 1985 by ex-members of Teenage Warning and peace-punks Treason. Their debut, "Sounds of Nature" was issued on Pusmort Records. The group featured vocalist Barrie Evans, guitarists Mike Scott and Noah Landis, bassist Malcolm Sherwood, and drummer Todd Kramer. Some members lived in the East Bay's legendary New Method Warehouse and they played shows with the Subhumans, Agnostic Front, Circle Jerks and Conflict.They were an explicitly political band and their song "America the Myth" questioned the United States' foreign policy at the time, while they dedicated "Landlord Song" to the owner of the New Method Warehouse. With three of the members deep into skateboarding, their music was included on a compilation cassette issued by Thrasher magazine, "Thrasher Skate Rock Vol. 3". Mike Scott left the band in 1986 and was replaced by guitarist Doug Kearney, and in late 1987 bassist Ron Nichols replaced the departing Sherwood. The group officially disbanded in 1989 after touring Europe. Landis would later form Blister (also with Kearney) before joining Neurosis in the mid 1990s. Evans formed psychobilly group The Hellbillys. Mike Scott joined Arkansas ex-pats Econochrist. Nichols formed Grinch after Christ On Parade broke up. The band has recently reunited for tours in both Canada and the United States.These guys were one of my favorites at the time! :)☼ Christ On Parade – Sounds Of Nature (Best of/Compilation) Release Year(s): 2007Artist(s) Country: USALabel(s): Neurot RecordingsTrack Listing:01. Drop Out (2:22)02. The Plague - Mirror Image (2:43)03. Thoughts Of War [Teenage Warning cover] (0:59)04. Flash [Teenage Warning cover] (1:31)05. Chaos Breeder (1:32)06. Another Country (1:33)07. No Truth (1:24)08. Landlord Song (2:07)09. For Your Viewing Pleasure (1:01)10. America The Myth (1:55)11. Human Laboratory (2:19)12. My Life [Teenage Warning cover] (1:52)13. Don't Draft Me [Teenage Warning cover] (1:10)14. Things Are Turning A Different Color)15. Something To Live For (1:33)16. Let Me Explain (2:10)17. What's Love (2:32)18. Words (2:03)19. The American In Me [Avengers cover] (1:58)※ Tracks 1-11 from "Sounds Of Nature" 12''EP (1985).※ Tracks 12-13 from "Thrasher Skate Rock Vol. 3" comp. MC (1985).※ Tracks 14-19 from "Isn't Life A Dream" 7"EP (1986).Скачать [w/scans]:320K(MEGA↑) -or-(DF)FLAC(MEGA↑) -or-(DF)☼ Christ On Parade – Insanity Is A Sane Reaction (Best of/Compilation)Release Year(s): 1999Label(s): FOAD RecordsTrack Listing:01. Teach Your Children Well (2:37)02. Joshua Brown (1:15)03. Pressure To Succeed (2:47)04. TV Media Mass Murder Celebrity (2:40)05. Nothing To Live For (2:01)06. Rock 'N Roll Armageddon (2:58)07. Twenty Years (3:03)08. Everyone's Crazy (5:37)09. Riding The Flatlands (3:07)10. Kill Your Landlord (1:39)11. Stupid Questions [Not To Ask] (1:55)12. Self-Serving (1:12)13. Doctors (2:18)14. Dead Meat (1:22)15. Lifesucker (2:01)16. Power (3:21)17. Old MacDonalds Farm (3:11)18. Final Solution (1:21)19. Capitalist Manifesto (1:35)20. Psychosomatics (1:25)21. SSS (2:32)22. Just Pretend (3:02)23. Things Are Turning A Different Color (2:49)24. Something To Live For (1:31)25. Let Me Explain (2:07)26. What's Love (2:30)27. Words (2:02)28. Rust (1:24)29. The Day I Dread (1:53)30. Leviathan State (2:58)31. Cesspool (3:20)※ Tracks 1-17 from "A Mind Is A Terrible Thing" LP (1987).※ Tracks 18-22 from "Avarice" 7"EP (1988).※ Tracks 23-27 from "Isn't Life A Dream" 7"EP (1986).※ Tracks 28-31 from "The Final Demo" of unreleased tracks (1989).Скачать [w/scans]:3[...]

☼ Killing Joke - Requiem: Live At Lokerse Festival 2003 [October 2009 re-post]

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Heavy and slow, Killing Joke (at least early in their career, and then now l8r ;) was a quasi-metal band dancing to a tune of doom and gloom. They eventually became less heavy and more arty (more danceable even) but early on they made some urgent slabs of molten dynamite that oozed with the power of thick guitars, thudding drums, and over-the-top singing.This release features recordings captured live on stage at the Lokerse Festival in the Summer of 2003.Год: 2009Страна: UKЛейбл: CharlyCодержание:01. Requiem (4:14)02. Total Invasion (5:17)03. Wardance (3:22)04. Blood On Your Hands (7:06)05. Change (4:08)06. Seeing Red (6:27)07. The Fall Of Because (4:59)08. The Death & Resurrection Show (7:45)09. The Wait (3:32)10. Whiteout (3:13)11. Frenzy (4:22)12. Psyche (4:56)13. Pandemonium (5:13)Скачать: 320K [...]

☼ Kevin Drumm - Sheer Hellish Miasma [RE-POST REQUEST]

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Avant-garde tabletop guitarist Kevin Drumm played in a handful of rock bands before relocating to Chicago in 1991. He soon began experiments with prepared guitar, applying objects including magnets, binder clips, chains, a violin bow, even toenail clippers to distort the instrument's sound. In time Drumm befriended a number of members of Chicago's growing improv community. His chameleon-like presence has been documented on a number of projects, each revealing new facets of his wide-ranging and unique talents on both guitar and electronics. He's recorded and performed with Phill Niblock, Tony Conrad, Jim O'Rourke, MIMEO, Mats Gustafsson, John Butcher, Thomas Ankersmit, Taku Sugimoto and many others. Drumm seamlessly melds the worlds of acoustic and electronic sound, occasionally teetering on the edge of silence, yet always remaining impeccably musical.Год: 2002 (2007)Страна: USAЛейбл: MegoСодержание:01. Impotent Hummer [bonus track] (13:01)02. Turning Point (3:33)03. Hitting The Pavement (19:57)04. The Inferno (24:37)05. Cloudy (5:19)Скачать: [...]

☼ C.O. Caspar - Helix Of Exist/ From The Secrecy [RE-POST REQUEST]

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C.O. Caspar (*1936) lives in Berlin and in Sweden. He is a datoist, (living 'today'), author, performer, tone-worker, photocopyist, and actor. He works as a soloist, workshop organizer, actionist, and musician with sound tools as installations, with projections, and with light-art. His medium is the processing of concrete tones and noises by means of digital equipment. Sound is planned as scenaric tone and speech acts, and is spontaneously developed from the original impulses of the sounding body - also in cooperation with other players. In the first period of his artistic work, he concentrated on the verbal and visual form of his performances. In recent years, he has increasingly devoted himself to aural concepts. In addition to solo appearances, he also produces music for theater, films, exhibitions, and readings. The sounding bodies consist of industrial material such as pipes, hoses, turbines, and constructions of metal, plastic, and latex. They hang on chains and, independently and by means of manual influencing, develop vibrating and sometimes chance dynamics in accordance with the qualities of the materials. Turbines made of plastics, metal, and latex and, put under pressure by blowers, develop a vibrating dynamic of their own, varying in accordance with the characteristics of their material. Feedback systems effect acoustic loops; microphone articulation is the human component. Enjoy!☼ C.O. Caspar - Helix Of Exist 7''Limited to 131 piecesГод: 1999Лейбл: Hau Ruck!Содержание:01. XY (7:31)02. YX (7:39) ▬▬▬▬ P L U S ▬▬▬▬ ☼ C.O.C.aspar - From The Secrecy LPLimited to 300 piecesГод: 2000 Лейбл: Epileptic RecordingsСодержание:01. FDS 1 (11:48)02. FDS 2 (7:12)03. FDS 3 (12:57)04.FDS 4 (6:29)Скачать: BOTH 320K(RS) [...]

☼ March 15 – Our Love Becomes A Funeral Pyre EP

Wed, 09 Nov 2011 14:55:00 +0000

March 15 was a noise project with Sami Hynninen (Reverend Bizarre, Spiritus Mortis, Lohja SS, The Puritan, KLV, Armanenschaft, Azrael Rising, The Candles Burning Blue) and Vesa Karppinen (Fall of the Idols, Black Christ, Blodsoffer). “Our Love Becomes A Funeral Pyre” was recorded in 2004 and released in 2008.According to Sami, March 15 has been retired ever since these recordings were completed, but he will return to 'noise' someday, under the name Opium Warlords.Release Year(s): 2008Artist(s) Country: FinlandLabel(s): Emissary RecordsTrack Listing:01. Our Love Becomes A Funeral Pyre (8:45)02. No Love Lost (8:38)Скачать [w/scans]:320K(MEGA↑) -or-(DF)FLAC(MEGA↑) -or-(DF) [...]

☼ Maim - Notch

Mon, 07 Nov 2011 16:45:00 +0000

Here's some crushing Swedish power noise from Jonas Lindgren Lindberg. This is nice dense, abrasive noise that is harsh but controlled and crafted, while paying attention to atmosphere and dynamics. This title was originally supposed to be released by MSBR, who sadly passed away before he could.Limited to 45 pieces.Release Year(s): 2006Artist(s) Country: SwedenLabel(s): Ghost KingTrack Listing:01. Lip (6:21)02. Sift (9:02)03. Mop (4:36)04. Boil (6:29)05. Husk (6:52)Скачать [w/scans]:320K(MEGA↑) -or-(DF)FLAC(MEGA↑) -or-(DF) [...]

☼ 88MM – Motions Of The Spinning Black Sun

Mon, 07 Nov 2011 16:37:00 +0000

(by request)88MM is an original combination of cosmic, mythological and national socialistic themes, mixed and served to listener through experiments and manipulations with analog synthesizer. The result sounds as if Tangerine Dream collaborated with MZ.412.Limited to 250 pieces.Release Year(s): 2008Artist(s) Country: USALabel(s): Audial Decimation RecordsTrack Listing:01. Sequence Manipulation I [Motions Of The Spinning Black Sun] (4:54)02. Behold… For The Universe Is Ours (5:57)03. M104 (5:33)04. Sequence Manipulation II [Radio Waves Wave Goodbye] (2:54)88. 14 Showerheads, 1 Gas-Tight Door (5:56)Скачать [w/scans]:320K(MEGA↑) -or-(DF)FLAC(MEGA↑) -or-(DF) [...]

☼ Deathkey - Totenkopf EP [re-issue]

Mon, 07 Nov 2011 15:36:00 +0000

(by request)Deathkey is one of these names whose releases or outputs are always followed by a wave of comments, criticism, vaunts and outrage. This person, representing radically right-wing attitude, offers no compromises by aggressively displaying "offensive" symbolism, hate-filled sounds and inhuman declarations, raising unsatisfactory feedback with every move.Generally, if you are interested in politicized power-electronics, maybe this will do it for you...?Always remember…#1 Deathkey is NOT "music".#2 Deathkey is beyond the realms of "music".#3 I leave music for musicians.#4 Deathkey is a plague.#5 May this world suffer from its infection………Release Year(s): 2006/2009Artist(s) Country: USALabel(s): Freak Animal RecordsTrack Listing:01. Schwarze Sonne (7:24)02. Totenkopf (6:39)03. Ermördung (4:45)Скачать [w/scans]:320K(MEGA↑) -or-(DF)FLAC(MEGA↑) -or-(DF) [...]

☼ Holokaust Nachtigall - In The Ashes Of The Promised Land (Reissue)

Mon, 07 Nov 2011 15:32:00 +0000

(by request)An anonymous side-project of two well-known black metal bands from Berlin. The sound was influenced by Polish bands like Graveland and Veles. War paint pure misanthropy and hate.Limited to 500 pieces.Release Year(s): 2001/2008Artist(s) Country: GermanyLabel(s): Galgenstrang ProduktionenTrack Listing:01. Intro / In The Name Of Black Metal (2:11)02. Mziaduij Iörtzed (5:30)03. In The Ashes Of The Promised Land (5:33)04. Zyklon B ~ The Breath Of Satan (5:02)05. 28 (6:17)Скачать [w/scans]:320K(MEGA↑) -or-(DF)FLAC(MEGA↑) -or-(DF) [...]