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Model Citizen...Zero Discipline

All The Stuff Mom Warned You About: An MP3 Blog. (Unless Otherwise Noted, Click On The Album Covers and Images To Download The Songs)

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Dude...Six Months???!!! Where Ya Been???!!!


Sorry, folks.  I know I haven't updated The Citizen in half-a-year.  Been busy...priorities changed.

But in the interim, much has taken place:

On February 28, 2011 I set aside my antidepressants, in the knowledge that I had completely shed the shackles of a crippling depression which paralyzed me for 15 years.

At 9:42 pm on Saturday May 8, 2011 I had a breakthrough.  Now I'm thinking clearer and back to being confident again. 

Give me a few more days and I promise to have something up here.  I'll have to go through my collection to figure out what's still left to post. 

I thank you for your patience and your patronage.  I love the fact that you love the music you see here. 

Have An Extraordinary Day,

Son of Spam. 

(VA) Punk History Canada Presents: Only In Canada, Eh 77-81; Vol. 1


I wanted to post this for a long time, but seeing as I was a member of the now-seemingly orphaned Punk History website, I was reluctant to do so.  A lot of people put a lot of effort in putting out this excellent overview of Punk Rock and New Wave music between the aforementioned years.  It's now been 5 years since this was first released; despite my entreaties to the moderators of said site, I received no reply.  Therefore I'm taking license to post it here.  In this collection you'll find artists from one end of Canada to the other (even Thunder Bay!).  It's been about two months since I posted anything of value, so I'm hoping this will sate your thirsty ears until I get back up and running on a (semi) regular schedule of updating this blog.  Enjoy.  (VA) Punk History Canada Presents: Only In Canada, Eh 77-81; Vol. 1:  1House Of CommonsWay Down South2:352UnknownsTeenage Terrorist3:113D.O.A.Royal Police2:154Da SlymeCrazy Glue1:555WarsawDo Like The Natives3:336The ActionTV's On The Blink1:437Teenage HeadYou're Tearin' Me Apart2:418BureaucratsShe's An American2:359Zro4Gimme Attention1:431063 MonroeMedia Junkie3:1511SlanderPetticoat Junction2:1812The NegativesEchos4:0113LowlifeThinking Naturally2:1814SinnersNo Brains Required2:3315ChromosomesPark1:2616Animal KingdonTension1:4717Stark Naked And The FleshtonesI Broke Her Heart, She Broke My Arm3:0618ExtrovertsLiving In Poverty3:3119222'sHold Up2:1420DiefenbakersColor TV2:2121Gentlemen of HorrorOverhead Projector2:3722NostrilsI'm Vile2:1923Hot NastiesGet Away From Me2:14[...]

Busted Hard Drive.........



Good news...I got my new hard drive.  Been a crazy week, though.  I'll be back uploading as soon as I can. 

Hi Folks.....

Well, it finally had to happen.  My computer's internal hard drive is kaput.

The good news is, I've kept all my media files on my external hard drive.

The bad news is, I need my C: drive to access it.

So until I get it fixed (hopefully within a week), I won't be able to re-up anything or fix bad links or post anymore music. 

Thanks again for your patience.


(VA) A Touch Of Fringe: The Compilation


As regular visitors to my blog will attest, I try not to be a one-trick pony.  That is to say, that while I have posted a helluva lot of Canadian punk rock from the 70s, I try to keep things diverse.  As you'll also recognize, I try to post items that are no longer available.  Case in point, this extremely rare release by the now-defunct, Fringe Records ("Fringe Product"):A Touch Of Fringe brings together some of Canada's finest proponents of aggressive music.  You've got yer Dayglo Abortions, your Bunchoffuckingoofs, Razor, Slaughter, Sacrifice and so much more.  The genres on this disk run the gamut from Industrial, to Speed/Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Punk, Techno and Crossover.Fringe Product was the brainchild of one Ben Hoffman, who also used to be the man behind The Record Peddler store and Record Peddler Distribution.  From the late 70s to 2000, Fringe was one of Canada's most important punk rock and heavy metal labels, if not THE most.  (If you were of a certain age in 1988, you may remember that Fringe and Record Peddler were brought up on obscenity charges: a police officer from Nepean, Ontario instigated a criminal investigation of the Dayglo Abortions, after his daughter brought home a copy of Here Today, Guano Tomorrow.  The cover shows a picture of a hamster eating from a box of chocolates on nice satin sheets, along with a glass of wine. A gun points at the hamster.  The back cover, on the other hand, shows a depiction of the resultant carnage.  For the record -- if you'll excuse the pun -- a jury cleared the companies of all charges in 1990.)   Anyway, click on the album cover to download a copy of 1993's extremely rare A Touch Of Fringe. (VA) A Touch Of Fringe - The Compilation (1993):1Death and Horror Inc.Pain and Courage3:442SacrificeStorm In The Silence4:093Disciples Of PowerNature's Fury5:314Dayglo AbortionsHere Today Guano Tomorrow4:555RazorSucker For Punishment4:036SplatterpunkInner Sanctum3:457Dogs With JobsStone Cold Killer5:058BunchofuckingoofsCoke The Real Thing For Real Assholes2:269Northern VulturesClean Up Verdun4:1910SlaughterF.O.D.3:5611MadSpecial Olympics1:4412SacrificeRe-Animation3:5113Death and Horror Inc.Climbing4:4314Disciples Of PowerCrisis3:5515RazorShotgun Justice3:1616Dogs With JobsDogs With Jobs2:5217SacrificeSacrifice3:09[...]

Ishan People: A Little Jamaica By Way Of Toronto


LINKS REMOVED BY REQUESTThe development and acceptance of reggae in Canada followed the same pattern as that in Britain and United States: when Jamaicans settled into this country in the 50s and 60s, they brought the music of their homeland with them.  Eventually, they began to promote and record their own releases here.Pioneers in the 60s included Toronto's first ska and rock-steady groups, The Rivals, The Sheiks, The Cougars, and The Cavaliers.  In fact, the city became of hotbed of North American reggae, what with several reggae venues opening up: The West Indian Federation Club, Club Jamaica, Tiger's Den and The Blue Angel.  Jackie Mitoo became the first reggae artist to record a disc in Canada.  He was soon followed by Stranger Cole, Tony Eden, Audley Williams, the Webber Sisters, Leroy Brown, and Joe Issacs.The First RecordIn 1976, Toronto's Ishan People -- featuring vocalist Errol "Johnny" Osbourne (a.k.a. Bumpy Jones), Larry Silvera on bass, drummer Karl Parris Jr., keyboardist David Jones, Glen Daley on percussion and guitarists Michael Murray and Anthony Campbell -- recorded their first album, Roots, for GRT Records.  While Roots was a mélange of Jamaican rhythms, it also reflected the band's Canadian home; in other words, it was nice. The FollowupBut where Roots lacked in production values and ferocity, the followup a year later was an improvement.  While, still not as biting as their brethren back home in Jamaica, the production is better on this one.  And clubs around Toronto took notice: Ishan People performed on many of the same bills as the city's notorious punks of the era.By 1979, however, Ishan People went their separate ways.  But their influence was immeasurable: the following 15 years would spawn a plethora of Canadian reggae bands such as (in no particular order) Messenjah, Fujahtive, Sattalites, Truths & Rights, 20th Century Rebels, Sonia Colleymore and others.After the band's demise, Johnny Osbourne returned to Jamaica, where he began a prolific recording careers, where he would record a stunning 18 albums in the space of just 12 years.Ishan People - Roots (1976):1Ishan PeopleTough Tight & Dread4:312Ishan PeopleI Shall Be Released4:313Ishan PeopleOne Way Ticket3:484Ishan PeopleLies4:075Ishan PeopleYour Money Or Your Life5:296Ishan PeopleTalkin' Blues4:407Ishan PeopleSituation Vacant2:518Ishan PeopleNo Ganja3:21Ishan People - Ishan People (a.k.a. Reggae Sun) (1977):1Ishan PeopleCome To The Music4:132Ishan PeopleHold On3:453Ishan PeopleInflation3:324Ishan PeopleSweet Chariot4:335Ishan PeopleLet The Rhythm Roll3:186Ishan PeopleMighty Warrior3:487Ishan PeopleRainbow3:138Ishan PeopleTrenchtown5:35[...]

The 'B' Girls: Fun You! Not Fuck You.


I have to say, I'm not sure what the "B" in 'B' Girls implies.  But some cursory internet research leads me to believe that the definition leads me to believe they are referring to women employed by bars, nightclubs, what have you, to act as a companion to male customers and induce them to buy drinks.  Nevertheless, this is not your primordial Riot Girrrl Dishrags or Curse.  Presumably, these were a bunch of fun-loving gals who reportedly decided to start a band in the washroom of a 1977 Thin Lizzy concert in Toronto.(That is to say, I believe the decision to start a band was made in the washroom, not to play there, lol.)Anyhoo...Of course, by all accounts, they had no songwriting or musical experience.  What they had, however, was attitude and panache.  They had met that summer at Toronto's do-it-yourself punk rock club, The Crash 'n' Burn.  Later, they play their first gig at back-alley gay bar, Club Davids, joining the Viletones on stage.  They play two sets of the only six songs they know.  Their sound is in direct contrast to the the noisy, sweaty punk rock of contemporaries The Curse, Viletones or The Ugly:  good, clean fun dressed up in matching striped sweaters.While many Toronto punk bands played at legendary New York City clubs CBGB and Max's Kansas City, The 'B' Girls actually moved to the Big Apple. They were supposed to play their first gig at Max's, sharing the bill with The Romantics.  But a huge blizzard led to the show being cancelled.  But they're determined to stay and play a make-up date: later that week, Hilly Krystal of CBGB puts them on the same bill with The Poles, also from Toronto.  The Poles, are reportedly not amused.  The Romantics, meanwhile, leave town without playing.However, The Clash happen to be in the crowd that night.  The two groups strike up a friendly alliance.  Mick Jones and company ask The 'B' Girls to open for them on their upcoming North American tour.  They're slotted to open for The Clash for their first Toronto appearance.  But vocalist Lucasta Ross reportedly quits the night before the show.So rhythm guitarist Xenia Splawinski takes over on lead vocals.  Renee Chetsky takes over lead guitar while Marcy Saddy (late of London, Ontario's Demics) replaces Rhonda Ross on drums.  The Clash return to Toronto a year later, with the Girls opening once more at the prestigious O'Keefe Centre.  Promoters are quickly dismayed when fans go nuts and start ripping apart one of Canada's finest concert halls.  The two bands would also tour the Western parts of North America.  Mick Jones even produces three studio recordings for the girls.But it wasn't just Mick Jones.  Debbie Harry would play a role in the development of The 'B' Girls:They ask the Blondie lead singer to produce a late-night session at New York's The Power Station recording studio.  She produces a demo version of Eddie Schwartz's "Two Hearts".  In return, the girls open for Blondie on stage and sing backup live and on the Autoamerican LP.  Cynthia Ross, who reportedly has been acting as group manager, gets sisterly advice from Debbie, continuously warning her of the men in the recording biz, who would try to change the girls, and take away their artistic freedom. But the record company managers would keep trying, attempting to impose their their own vision of the band.  But the girls resist every attempt: they turn down choreographers, the suggestion of session musicians and every other recommendation that was contrary to the spirit of the band and the times.  The 'B' Girls persevered for the sake of their own artistic freedom, sleeping on floors and opening for Johnny Thunders in NYC's shit-hole bars. Still, it seemed to be paying off, with the result being that the girls had a hell of a time.  They became darlings of the[...]

Stay Tuned...More Posts Coming Soon


Once again, it's been crazy busy on my end.  I appreciate the daily visits and I respect that you're still yearning for more music. 

Have patience, little one...I'll be posting more stuff soon. 


(VA) Time Machine: The History Of Canadian 60s Garage Punk and Surf (1985-95) Reupped In Zip Format!


Back by popular demand.  Sorry to the folks who had earlier requested it and I never got around to reupping it.  IT IS NOW IN ZIP FORMAT!

Here it is in all its garage-sloppy splendour.

The Diodes


In the interests of full disclosure, I have to say that the following photos are taken from various sources around the internet.  Nonetheless, I'm posting their first two albums from Epic Records.  The songs here were included in their entirety on Tired Of Waking Up Tired: The Best of The Diodes - The Original Recordings, 1977-1979 along with outtakes from their subsequent 1980 album Action/Reaction.  You're gonna get Action/Reaction as well as their hard to find outtakes album, Survivors.  Cheers.  Photo By Ralph Alfonso  The Diodes formed in late 1976 with an amalgam of influences from The Who, Marc Bolan, Iggy Pop and MC5.  They began touring that year in Canada and the United States.  In 1977, the band and their manager Ralph Alfonso ran Canada's first punk club, The Crash 'n' Burn.  The building that housed the club was owned by CEAC, the Centre for Experimental Art and Communication.  CEAC recruited The Diodes and Mickey Skin from The Curse, to record a double-sided single, "Raw/War" (IF ANYONE HAS A RECORDING OF THE DIODES SIDE THAT THEY'D BE WILLING TO MP3, PLEASE CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY), which was a propaganda newsletter for CEAC issued under the guise of Crash And Burn Records. That summer, The Diodes played CBGB's in New York City and had been written up in Melody Maker, NME, Creem, etc.  The group signed to CBS Records in August of 1977, making it one of the first Punk Rock/New Wave albums of the era.  When members of the Diodes read Paul Simon saying he hated punk rock, they decided to record a punked-up version of the 60s hit he had written for The Cyrkle, "Red Rubber Ball".  "RRB" was the first New Wave single on Canadian charts (peaking at a modest Number 96 on the RPM Singles Chart).  It reached Number 5 on U.S. Record Week's New Wave Top 20 Countdown in February, 1978.  Photo By Ralph AlfonsoNovember, 1977 saw The Diodes headlining New York City's notorious Max's Kansas City, with Wendy O. Williams (later of The Plasmatics) introducing them on stage.  The Diodes LP was released in France, Sweden, Germany and Holland.  It would also be a top selling CBS import in the USA and UK.  Photo By Ralph AlfonsoIt was during a 1978 U.S. tour that the group introduced the song, "Tired Of Waking Up Tired".  It created an instant sensation so strong that it was rush-released and rocketed onto US radio stations, where it climbed into the Top 20 and, in some cases, the Top 5 in many markets.  It reached No. 36 in Sounds magazine's Best of 1978 chart.  A number of years ago it was voted No. 17 on Chart magazine's Top 50 Canadian Songs Of All Time.  The Diodes were active on the Canadian and American music scene: they toured with the likes of U2, The Ramones, Dead Boys, Talking Heads, Ultravox, Split Enz, The Cramps and Gary Numan.  Photo By Steve JossiterBy 1981 the group had split, with singer Paul Robinson and  guitarist John Catto moving to London, England.  The band has since reformed for occasional gigs.  They are now back on tour.  There's more to The Continuing Story of The Diodes, but I just can't think right now.  I guess I'm just tired of waking up tired.  (Aw, c' KNOW I was gonna put something corny in there!)FYI: Download Link To Action/Reaction Has Been Removed By Request.  The Album Is Now Legally Available Through Manager Ralph Alphonso's Bongo Beat Label. Diodes (1978):1DiodesRed Rubber Ball2:352DiodesChild Star1:563DiodesTennis (Again)3:184DiodesBlonde Fever3:045DiodesPlastic Girls3:406DiodesDeath In The Suburbs3:057DiodesBehind Those Eyes2:328DiodesMidnight Movie Star2:199DiodesWe're Ripped2:1610DiodesChina Doll2:4011DiodesShap[...]

(VA) England's Dreaming


I know, I know...I haven't been updating at all, lately.  But I still appreciate the daily visits.But in order to placate your greedy little hearts, I'm posting a collection of punk rock from classic punk bands, as compiled by musical journalist Jon Savage.   This was a companion piece to his book, England's Dreaming: The Sex Pistols and Punk Rock.  The song selection is good: nothing that you'll find on the countless punk rock comps that have come out in recent years, ie. nothing obvious.  Enjoy. (VA) England's Dreaming:1Iggy & The StoogesSearch And Destroy3:302Electric EelsAccident3:233Patti SmithMy Generation3:184RamonesGimme Gimme Shock Treatment1:425The SaintsThis Perfect Day2:116PenetrationNever Never2:347The AdvertsThe Great British Mistake3:498DevoGut Feeling-Sloopy (Live)8:229BuzzcocksOrgasm Addict2:0210WireMr. Suit1:2511The ResidentsBeyond The Valley Of A Day In The Life3:5312The GermsForming3:0513The DilsI Hate The Rich1:4114The AvengersCar Crash4:2015The DiodesTime Damage2:2016The WeirdosWe Got The Neutron Bomb3:0017The ZerosWild Weekend1:3118Brian Eno & SnatchRAF3:0219The NormalTVOD2:5320Cabaret VoltaireThe Set Up4:4821The UrinalsI'm A Bug1:1422BizarrosYoung Girls At Market2:5523Metal UrbainHysterie Connective3:0724X-Ray-SpexIdentity2:2425Sioxsie & The BansheesNicotine Stain2:5826The AdvertsThe Great British Mistake3:48[...]

The Secrets


             PSSST!                      IT'S A SECRETTHE NEWEST BAND TO HIT THE STREETS OF TORONTO HAS BEEN AROUND SINCE THE BEGINNING.COMPOSED OF THREE EX-VILETONES AND ONE EX-DIODE THE SECRETS ARE -- FREDDIE POMPEII (LEAD VOCAL), CHRIS HAIGHT (GUITAR), MIKE ANDERSON (DRUMS) AND BUDDY SEVEN NEE JOHN HAMILTON (BASS).POMPEII, HAIGHT AND ANDERSON RELEASED TWO E.P.'S AS THE VILETONES WHICH SOLD WELL AND RECEIVED FAVOURABLE REVIEWS IN PUBLICATIONS AS DIVERSE AS ANDY WARHOL'S INTERVIEW AND MELODY MAKER.HAMILTON WROTE AND ARRANGED ON TWO CBS ALBUMS FOR THE DIODES AS WELL AS PLAYING DRUMS, SAX, KEYBOARDS AND DOING BACKING VOCALS.THE SECRETS PLAN A SERIES OF LOCAL DATES TO TIGHTEN UP AND KEEP BODY AND SOUL TOGETHER.  NEGOTIATIONS HAVE BEGUN WITH A LOCAL LABEL AND AN ALBUM IS DUE IN THE SPRING.  AN AMERICAN EAST COAST TOUR IS PLANNEDTHIS FALL WITH A POSSIBLE ENGLISH OR WEST COAST VISIT ALSO IN THEWORKS.  FOR MORE INFORMATIONCONTACT MARGARITA PASSION368-0325(From the original Secrets press release.)After about a year spilling blood and leaving broken beer bottles on the various stages of Toronto's punkiest clubs, the original Viletones imploded in 1978.According to an uncited newspaper clipping from the time, it wasn't the prettiest sight when the backstage standoff took place at the city's Hotel Isabella: Haight, Pompeii and Anderson (along with "Screamin'" Sam Ferrara from The Ugly -- who, presumably, had been on stage with them that evening) on one side; Steven "Nazi Dog" Leckie on the other.  Evidently, they decided to fire Leckie from the Viletones.  Despite reported emotional protestations from the former Nazi Dog, the other members just stood in stone silence.  Reportedly, Leckie returned fifteen minutes later more defiant than ever:"Fuck ya!  Fuck each and every one youse!  I AM The Viletones! You guys are nothin' but my backup band!  Fuck you!  You can't fire me -- I QUIT!!!"(The preceding quote was reported in an (unnamed and seemingly biased) entertainment publication, which was  reproduced in the liner notes of the now-out of print Secrets retrospective, Teenage Rampage.  I'm further reproducing it here from a scan.  I don't know Steven Leckie, so I cannot attest to the veracity of said quote.)Subsequently Chris Haight, "Motor X" Mike Anderson and Philadelphia-born Freddie Pompeii join up with John "Buddy Seven" Hamilton, formerly of The Diodes, to form The Secrets.  In the process, they shed their stiff Punk ethos to adopt a more Rockabilly and Doo-Wop sound.In 1979 The Secrets play the infamous Last Pogo festival, to formally close the Punk Rock chapter of Toronto's musical history.In 1980 the band release their 12" EP Success Without College and leave behind a smattering of rehearsal tapes and demos that wouldn't see the light of day until 1997.  In 1980 Pompeii is busted for drug possession and flees the country...The band splits.  The Secrets' approach to music came at a time when many bands were tiring of the whole "Punk Rock thing", at least in Toronto; much like the titular club in that city, the movement had Crashed and Burned.  Subsequently, many bands were returning to a (then) retro sound of the late 50s/early 60s. Success Without College (1980):1SecretsSuzie Peroxide2:162SecretsTeenage Rampage1:513SecretsPretty Woman2:494SecretsAll The Girls2:265SecretsZoom2:206SecretsTattoo City4:207SecretsRock Music1:518SecretsCough Syrup1:479SecretsNew Blood2:0210SecretsTake Another Look3:14Teenage Rampage (1997):1SecretsLittle Sister2:332SecretsMarie2:423SecretsShout3:034SecretsI'll Cry Tomor[...]

(VA) Punk: F.U.B.A.R.!


RELAX, DUDES!!!It was an April Fools' Day Joke. Okay, onwards and upwards...The third in the series of 3 discs that I made a few years ago.  This one gets back on track and dispenses of the filler material I used on Snafu'd Again.Anyway, I hope you like it.(VA) Punk: F.U.B.A.R.!1The CrampsHuman Fly2:152Talking HeadsPsycho Killer4:213BlondieRip Her To Shreds3:204Adam & The AntsDeutscher Girls2:265The GermsLexicon Devil2:056DevoJocko Homo (original single version)3:187Elvis CostelloPump it Up3:158Nick LoweHeart Of The City2:019The DictatorsTwo Tub Man3:3310The MisfitsCough Cool2:1411Pere UbuFinal Solution5:0012Black FlagNervous Breakdown2:0413Rich KidsGhosts Of Princes In Towers3:3414XDevil Doll3:1115The DishesGhidra4:3216The CureKilling An Arab2:2317Subway SectAmbition3:0618The FallBingo Master2:2419The RunawaysCherry Bomb2:1920Wire12XU1:5621SqueezeTake Me I'm Yours2:4822MagazineShot By Both Sides4:0123The Boomtown RatsRat Trap4:5224The Soft BoysI Wanna Destroy You2:5325Tuff DartsShe's Dead2:3226Martha & The MuffinsEcho Beach3:30[...]

So Long...And Thanks For The Visits.


After I don't know how long, The Model Citizen is waving goodbye. I've been getting a number of complaints from people and threatened with "legal action" regarding my site.  I really don't have the wherewithal to fight it, so I'm gonna shut her down. 

Effective midnight tomorrow (Friday) MCZD will be no more. 

Thanks for all your kind messages and all your support. 


(VA) Snafu'd Again!


This is the second CD I made of Punk Rock.  This one's not as obvious a collection as Punk-n-Pie was and there's actually a bit of dreck here with Johnny Moped, Radio Stars and The Motors.  Still, you'll find some classics and some shoulda-beens.  (VA) Snafu'd Again!1The StoogesT.V. Eye4:172MC5Kick Out The Jams3:013Dead BoysSonic Reducer3:094Generation XYour Generation3:145Department SIs Vic There3:046Patti Smith GroupRock & Roll Nigger3:207Velvet UndergroundWhite Light, White Heat2:508Forgotten RebelsReich 'N' Roll3:099Jonathan RichmanPablo Picasso4:1910Teenage HeadLucy Potato3:3611Radio StarsDirty Pictures2:4812ModsYou Use Me2:4113The MotorsDancing The Night Away3:1214RutsBabylon's Burning2:3415TelevisionMarqee Moon4:2916Pointed SticksThe Witch2:4017The SlitsVindictive (Peel Session)2:1318New York DollsJet Boy4:3919The HeartbreakersChinese Rocks2:5520Johnny MopedNo One2:4421Wayne County And The Back Street BoysMax's Kansas City 19765:3722X-Ray SpexOh Bondage Up Yours!2:5023Sid ViciousMy Way4:03[...]

(VA) Punk-n-Pie


Okay...So as you've figured out by now, I haven't had any time to upload band histories and music in the last little while.  I do plan on doing it, I just gotta make sure I have the time/energy/wherewithal to do so.  In the meantime, to satiate your musical little hearts, I'll be uploading a series of CDs I made a few years ago: they're sort of a history of the U.S./British/Canadian Punk Rock movement, from The Velvet Underground, MC5 and The Stooges; to the Clash/Ramones/Sex Pistols, Viletones/Teenage Head/Subhumans/DOA axis; to such latter-day fare as The Cramps and The Misfits.This one was the first in the series.  (NB: I've taken some creative license with the album covers.)(VA) Punk-n-Pie1Sex PistolsGod Save The Queen3:192RamonesBlitzkrieg Bop2:113The ClashWhite Riot1:594The JamNews Of The World3:265BuzzcocksEver Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've)2:406AdvertsGary Gilmore's Eyes2:177Bad ReligionFuck Armageddon2:118ViletonesScreamin' Fist2:039Joe JacksonIs She Really Going Out With Him?3:3210The DamnedNew Rose2:4411Dead KennedysCalifornia Uber Alles3:2512Ian Dury & The BlockheadsHit Me With Your Rhythm Stick3:4313Killing JokeEighties3:4814Slaughter & The DogsTwist And Turn2:1215DOABurn It Down2:3216Split EnzI Got You3:2917Eddie & The Hot RodsDo Anything You Wanna Do4:0118DiodesTennis (Again)3:1819Joy DivisionWarsaw2:2620Siouxsie & The BansheesChristine2:5821Psychedelic FursPretty In Pink4:0022Richard Hell And The VoidoidsBlank Generation2:4123SubhumansFuck You2:0624The PoliceFallout2:0225The UndertonesTeenage Kicks2:2526The StranglersPeaches4:0727Public Image Ltd.Public Image2:58[...]

The Government: Electric Eye Reupped.


Sorry for the delay, folks...

Been crazy busy, lately!


The Government - Electric Eye

Yes...I Know.


Not me.

It's been a while since I last posted.  Been damn busy lately and quite frankly, when I do have the time, I can't get arsed to post as much.  But fear not: The Model Citizen is still up and running; just running on fumes.  When my energy is back up I'll be posting more stuff. 

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The Dishrags


Three teenage girls: ages 15-16.Hometown: Victoria, British Columbia.The Dishrags featured two incarnations that managed to produce some killer slabs of Punk Rock and Pop that even got features on the fledgling MuchMusic video station at the time.Jade BladeJade Blade (whose real name I once saw on TV during an interview about Canadian Punk Rock but now forget) was the cousin of Chris Arnett, of Vancouver's first punk band, the Furies.  She hooked up with Dale Powers and a drummer named Scout.  Since they were unable to make the Ramones debut gig in Van City in 1977 (being underage, and all), they made their Vancouver debut that year by backing up Arnett's Furies. Referring to their favorite Ramone brudder, the girls called themselves, Dee Dee and The Dishrags for that inaugural performance.                     June, 1978: Battle Of The Bands at The Body Shop.  Sandwiched between the Hardcore of DOA and the New Wave of Tim Ray and The AV were The Dishrags (having by now jettisoned the "Dee Dee" prefix).  They weren't part of the "official" lineup, not having contestant status.  Didn't matter.  They proved themselves that night that they belonged on the stage.Shortly after that, the band laid down their first studio track, which was a contribution to the Vancouver Complication compilation: a document of that city's New Music scene.  "I Don't Love You" and "Bullshit" were the Dishrags songs.  "Bullshit" was the first original song the girls wrote.  However, they eventually moved away from the short, sharp blasts of fury to write more complex tunes.Still, they became something of a sensation, in Punk Rock circles; The Clash specifically asked for them to be their openers for their Vancouver show.  Of course, the girls made the most of the situation, by playing "London's Burning" for their encore.  Joe Strummer et al were reportedly so taken aback, that they dedicated their own original to "Madames Dishrags".    Apparently, even Bo Diddley was a fan: he's reported to have invited The Dishrags down to his Miami home for "some recordin' and some partyin'."  However, the girls never took up ol' Ellas Bates on his offer, so we may never know how the Dishrags may have sounded with that Bo Diddley beat.  Triangle Studios, Summer of '79While the girls never made it down to Florida, they did manage to record their next disc, in the United States.  They entered Seattle, Washington's Triangle Studios in the summer of 1979 (where, years later, another trio named Nirvana also recorded their first EP).  Seattle had taken The Dishrags to heart: the girls opened for The Avengers and The Clash once more.  They started headlining gigs in their own right and eventually releasing their Past Is Past EP.                          Dishrags 1977-1979The record did well, quickly quickly selling out its initial pressing.  Constant gigging also did them some good: Scout and Dale became a crack rhythm section in the process. But all things must pass, and Dale Powers left the band.  Enter bassist Kim Henriksen and Sue MacGillivray on guitar.                                       [...]



Existing during the Second Wave of the Toronto punk rock scene, Tyranna (female for "Tyrant", although it sounds close enough to "Torranna", which , aparently was the Hogtown pronunciation for Toronto) lasted for about 19 months, between June of 1978 to January, 1980.  Vera Skye (a.k.a. Rabies) gathered all the musicians and wrote all the lyrics.  Through a rotating cast of musicians, Vera Rabies was the one constant.  Other members included John Ziegler and Dave Porter on guitars and drums, respectively in 1978; guitarist Ron Partridge, Gerry "Johnny Bubblegum" Smith on bass, and drummer Cleave Anderson who had just left the Battered Wives.  Because two members went by the "Johnny" moniker, it's thought that Rabies might have been singing about them.  Naturally, it created some friction/paranoia among the band. Unfortunately, that's all I know. By the way, the song "Back Off Baby" appeared on a compilation called "No Pedestrians", a contemporary history of the Toronto punk rock scene.  IF ANYONE HAS THIS, PLEASE MP3 IT FOR ME AND I'LL POST IT UP HERE! Thanks! Tyranna - Back Off Baby (1980):1TyrannaBack Off Baby2:232TyrannaShock Face0:403TyrannaJohnny2:444TyrannaRevenge3:195TyrannaNeighbour2:32 [...]

Crash Kills Five


First there was a Calgary band by the name of Buick McKane (evidently taking their moniker from a common misspelling of the Marc Bolan song, Buick Mackane), featuring Brian Connelly on rhythm guitar and vocals and Reid Diamond on bass.  They were joined by drummer Rob Wynne and lead guitarist Bob Keast.  Keast eventually left, with Connelly taking over full guitar duty and Scott Reed taking over vocals.  Bob Wynne was eventually replaced by Alex Koch, whose brother, Steve, was the one-time guitarist for both the Demics and the Viletones. 

After Buick McKane, Alex, Brian and Reid left for Toronto.  They hooked up with Donald Pyle on vocals and formed Crash Kills Five. But shortly before recording their EP, Brian Connelly left the band, to be replaced by Mohammed "Eddy" Nagdee (seen on the far-right in the photo below) from Toronto Punk band, The Dents (SOMEBODY PLEASE SEND ME RECORDINGS, IF ANY, OF THE DENTS!!!). 

(Photo courtesy of The Shadowy Site On A Shadowy Web)

Four years after this EP was released, Don Pyle and Reid Diamond hooked up once more with Brian Connelly, to form Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet.  Reid Diamond died of cancer, on February 17, 2001. 

Crash Kills Five: What Do You Do At Night?

1Crash Kills FiveWhat Do You Do At Night?1:57

2Crash Kills FiveIt's Always There1:40

3Crash Kills FiveSpecial School1:54

Test Patterns For Living


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So I won't have much to say about this EP today, other than it was Toronto underground band Blue Peter's first EP, released on Ready Records in 1979. 

When I get more time, I'll upload more information. 


Blue Peter - Test Patterns For Living: (1979)

1Blue PeterSame Old Place3:10

2Blue PeterOut With The Boys3:06

3Blue PeterLiving In The Eighties2:15

4Blue PeterTime & Money2:08

5Blue PeterDo The Robot3:27

6Blue PeterCloak & Dagger3:44

7Blue PeterFactory Living2:46

Battered Wives' Cigarettes Reupped.


Thanks to Brian James who pointed out that my original post of this rare LP was down. 

I've re-upped it. 


Circle C (a.k.a. ©)


This one's for Patrick Fiset. Following the demise of the short-lived but highly controversial Slow after a trouser-dropping incident, vocalist Tom Anselmi and guitarist Christrian Thorvaldson teamed up with new bassist Eric Marxsen and drummer Pete Bourne. The four-piece were initially known by several monikers: Flour, Mo and Christian Thor Valdson's Freeze-Dried Dog (yeah!). Eventually, though, they settled on the copyright symbol. Thus they were known as ©. After much fanfare, David Geffen's DGC signed the group, and off to Wales they headed, to record their debut album with a big name producer (John Porter) and special guests. Apparently realizing that such a name would be unpronounceable, the band opted to call themselves, "Circle C". (However, the copyright symbol -- the "©" as it were -- was retained as part of the band's self-titled debut.)Anyway, after Geffen gave the band a six-figure advance, Anselmi et. al frittered it away in a haze of drug and drink. And when the album was released in 1991, it was met with critical acclaim and commercial apathy. Geffen dropped them. Musically, the album is all over the place: showing glimmers of the past furious rock and roll and subtler, more beautiful pieces. The experience so disillusioned the band, that it took them six years to record another album (by which time they tried to further disassociate themselves from the debacle by changing their name to Copyright). To Be Continued... Circle C - © (1990): 1 Circle C The Climb 5:37 2 Circle C Epiphone Song 2:59 3 Circle C Dust 2:57 4 Circle C Odette 3:38 5 Circle C ? 3:58 6 Circle C Mission 6:40 7 Circle C State To State 3:52 8 Circle C R.S.V.P. 3:47 9 Circle C Vacation Song 2:30 10 Circle C The Wash 3:56[...]

Updated Posts...


Thanks to two dedicated followers of this blog, I now have the missing song from the John Paul Young LP The Life Of Ermie Scub from my Cardboard Brains post.   

Also, I have the Battered Wives second LP when they bowed to public pressure and renamed themselves The Wives, called Cigarettes

Many Thanks To Tone&Wave and Shane!



The World's Oldest Disease


Does punk rock breed VD? (L to R): Patsy Poison, Mickey Skin, Dr. Bourque, Trixie DangerThat's what one promo poster notoriously asked, 'round about '77/'78.  Frequently referred to as "North America's first all-female punk rock band", The Curse slithered out from Toronto's underground: the same scene that would spawn The Diodes, Viletones, Battered Wives, etc.  Thing is, they didn't even bother to learn their instruments or learn how to write songs when they were challenged to start a band.  Much like a certain athletic footwear company, they Just Did It.  You see, Mickey Skin had a dance instructor.  The dance instructor had a band.  Said dance instructor (reportedly named "Roland" -- I have no surname of reference) had a challenge for Mickey: form a band to open for his own group, The Tools -- which was performing its first gig on May 27th, 1977-- then write some songs and rehearse.  And You Have Three Weeks To Do It.So Mickey enlists her best friend, one Dr. Bourque -- who may or may not have had a medical degree -- to play bass.  The pair are joined by Trixie Danger and Patsy Poison, who reportedly worked downtown Toronto's sin strip, before banging on the skins for Mickey's "band". The erstwhile musicians practiced in Mickey's mom's basement -- until Mickey's mom, Loet Voss returned from summer vacation and reclaimed it.  Freddy Pompeii of the infamous Viletones brings along his bandmates to The Curse's second basement rehearsal.  But the Viletones had, by this time, garnered an -- erm -- "reputation" for inciting violence.  So Roland and the Tools canceled their gig.  (L To R): Unknown, Mickey, Mickey's Mom, Steve Leckie of The ViletonesNot to worry.  Freddy Pompeii insisted the girls open for the Viletones at Toronto's Summer '77 do-it-yourself club, The Crash 'N Burn. The C 'N B was run by the revolutionary Centre For Experimental Art & Communication.  They played eight songs.  But the set reportedly left the audience stunned.  A month later, CBGB's beckoned.  Playing on a bill touting the  "...outrageous punk bands from Toronto, Canada" New York's audience got their first taste of what The Curse had in store.  (By the way: The Diodes, Teenage Head and The Viletones were also on that bill, along with The Cramps).  Apparently, Mickey Skin sprayed the audience repeatedly with whipped cream. Nonetheless, The Curse returned to Toronto, playing local clubs such as David's, The Horseshoe Tavern, The Turning Point, etc. They were usually remunerated with beer, but on occasion they were given $50 (which, in 1977/78, was big money for a gig, I suppose).  Meanwhile, they also played out of town shows, such as London, Ontario's Forest City Gallery at the invitation of performance artist Gerard Pas on November 25th, 1977.  By now, word of The Curse's stage antics prompt local punks to hurl rotting steaks and other assorted food on stage.  The Ugly was also supposed to play the bill, but they didn't show.  So The Curse were forced to play their 8-song set three times, in different order. In December of that year, The Curse accompany a group of members from CEAC to a Detroit art gallery, as guest performers.  In a bizarre post-show piece, the girls are asked to line up against a wall while being shot at with a pistol by a performance artist, whil[...]