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Miss Virtual World Academy


This week I am taking classes at the Miss Virtual World Academy. The two classes I have taken have been very interesting, the 1st with Mui Mukerji on having a Supermodel Shape and the 2nd with Mimmi Boa on how to conduct yourself to be a supermodel! Mimmi talked for over 2 hours and the time just flew, what a wonderful class this was. Mimmi set us homework we had to find a photo of a model on the web and then recreate the look in sl. Here is what I done.....

Photo from JEAN PAUL GAULTIER Haute Couture Spring 2010 collection at New York Fashion Week

This is what I come up with.

My last class is with Frolic Mills, and we will be informed if we graduate or if we have to do the class again, so fingers crossed for me.

Sexy Clubbing dress with added wow factor


This supa sexy dress is from House of Beningborough.  I love it for clubbing it has the extra wow factor to get you noticed! Comes complet with earrings and gem shoulder strap detail.

Dress:- House of Beningborough - Chain Mail in gold (also in Silver) -
Hair:- Truth - Jasmin -
Shoes:- N-Core - Soul -
Bangles with nails - Mandala - Takara in Gold -

Face of Beningborough Final


The final come to the conclusion! The winner was Keira, 2nd was Ana and third was Blackliquid.  Sorry I do not have any photos here but it was way to laggy for me to take any and no one has given me any to look at :(.



Well day 7 of the Face of Beningborough contest seen all the models having to leave the runway do to the fact someone had reported House of Beningborough had been reported for having bots! Now these that they are calling bots happen to be the models in the contest!!!!! Yes I guess at times they are not at the keyboard, I myself use this time for doing this blog but surely knowing the all seeing Lindens can see straight off that the models are not bots! I myself have over 40,000 items in my inventory with out the amount of money I spend in world and I know my friend Leesa Donner is the same plus has a business at the Truthball Cafe! Until this live modeling issue is clarified we are not allowed to do more than an hour a day at the store but the contest is still on and the final is tonight with the grand runway show so come along and support us and show the sore loser who had to report us models for being bots how much we care for House of Beningborough.
The above outfit is the photo I had done by Julie Hastings to enter the contest its the Dallas outfit :)

Day 7 Face of Beningborough


As final week comes to an end we are on day 7 and today it is A Step Back in Time. Here is my take on an era.


Dress:- House of Beningbrough - Deandra in Black -
Hair:- Sonatta Morales - Lotte Vintage Hair -
Stole:- Sonatta Morales - Fur Stole in black - as above
Shoes:- Stiletto Moody - Bare Lauren -
Cig & Holder:- Mika -
Jewellery:- CCD - Jenifer -

Day 6 Face of Beningborough


Face of Beningborough Day 6 took us to A Night at the Opera or High Society Ball.
This is the look I went for.  Everyone has really stepped it up and there are some fantastic looks on the runway.

Dress:- House of Beningbrough - Lois in Black -
Shoes:- N-Core - Stylus in black -
Earrings & Braclet :- CCD - Ashley -
Hair:- Tukinowaguma - Empress in White -

Day 5 - High Fashion Courture


This is a new outfit from House of Beningborough and I thought it suited the theme very well.

Dress - House of Beningborough - Paris in Purple -
Shoes - Stiletto Moody - Ava Bare in Aubergine -
Bangles C/W Nails - Mandals - Takara in Purple Fur -
Sunglasses - JCNY - Maxxdonna Spiked Sunglasses (colour change) -
Hair - Lelutka - Hera in Blonde -
Earrings - Alienbear - Eostre -

Day 4 Fantasy


On day 4 it was fantasy theme. I went for a Woodnymph!
Some comments I had where that I had fallen over in the wood and come out with all the bits stuck on me lol

Dress - House of Beningborough - Butterfly Dress -
Boots - Courtisane - Allumeuse Red -
Hair - Violator - Berry Bush Red -
Wings - Fallnangel Creations - Fallnrosevine Wings Red -
Tattoo - Fallen Angel - Fairy Green -

Day 3 - Shopping trip to Rodeo Drive


Day 3 saw us all on a shopping trip, great when someone else is paying!

Outfit - House of Beningborough - Manhattan -
Boots, Bag & Bangle - DD Style -
Sunglasses - Kalnins -
Braclet - Pacadi Jasha -



Well day 2 in the Face of Beningborough is AVANTE GARDE here is what I done for it. It is getting harder as everyone is stepping it up Bliss Beningborough is going to have a real tough job marking us everyday.

Short Suit :- House of Beningborough - Pink Sensation -
Boots :- Ordinary - Aciononyx colour change -
Hair:- Vanity Hair - Babilone in Soil with colour changing bows -
Jewellery - Gems & Kisses - Victoria in silver -
Tattoos - Dream Ink -

Face of Beningborough 2010


I made it to the Face of Beningborough 2010 Final!!! There are 20 in the final which is a week long final that we have to style an outfit a day in the theme set by Bliss Beningborough, and ending with a show where the winner will be announced. Today it was red carpet, this was not my 1st choice of outfit as when I arrived another model had the dress on that I had prepared, and the rules either change to a different colour or change it which is only fair. Here is my outfit for today.This outfit is in a few colours its very sexy being low in the front and low in the back.Dress - House of Beningborough - Hearts Desire in cream - - Icing - Glam Stole - - Truth - Evie - - CCD - Ambrosia - with Ring - CCD - Sky in sliver -[...]

The Model Workshop Challenge - Make outfit with ARC under 900


This week I managed to stay awake and make the 1st part of the Model Workshop. I would love to make it to the seminar every week but with it being at 5pm slt its late for us in the UK and Europe its 1am/2am here. Well this week they had a challenge to style an outfit so that the ARC is under 900. I have previously spoke about ARC on this blog, well trying to keep an outfit down is a very big challenge, but i had one already prepared from when i wanted to go the Miss Virtual World Show, My ARC was 852, here is the outfit I wore.Dress:- House of Beningborough - Red Carpet - - Yeon Hee in Gold - (Necklace & Earrings):- Donna Flora -Giulia - Ribbon Slingbacks in black - G Fields - where over 20 ladies on the runway for various prizes - gift cards from Tres Beau, Ora Trei Designs ,and an outfit from DMG Creations. I would like to thank all the judges, and those who donated prizes. Here are the results:- First Place: Viola Rookswood - With ARC of 306 - Kimmera said that Viola was chosen because she had a clean, sophisticated look... great colors, consistent style, and a low ARC. Second Place: Heyah Oh - With ARC of 280 - Kimmera told us Heyah was chosen for her simplicity. "She looks high fashion, yet her ARC is 280!" Runner Up: (Drum roll plese lol ) Naiya Kazyanenko - With an ARC of 852 - Kimmera explained why I was chosen 'because she looks like she should be on the runway, instead of just watching'. )Runner Up: SABY Sweetwater - With an ARC of 888  - Kimmera told us it was her overall look and presence.Runner Up: Cinna Button - With an ARC of  890 - Kimmera explaied she was chosen for her complete theme and look.[...]

Free Hair at Magika


Found this box of free hair at  Magika

When you land its to the left on the floor with the information's. I took some photos of some of the hair there is a lot more in there than just these.
So runnnnnnnnn not sure how long they are free for!

Lovely Ladybird for spring


I Thought this outfit is great for spring to stand out from the crowd!

Outfit (Pants,top & hat) - Lelutka -Guile in red
Boots - Bax Prestige in red -
Hair - LollipopZ - Acid Night  in black -
Jewellery (necklace & right braclet) - Zaara -Anaya in Onyx -
Jewellery (left braclet) - Pacadi Jasha - Tahta in black -

I AM BACK :) Happy New Year


Hiya Guys, sorry I not posted for awhile it sort of got busy with all my modelling and winning House of Beningborough 2 months in a row :) So I have made a New Year Resolution to blog at least once a week... So here goes for the 1st one of the year

Biker Chick

(I done this look for the final of Calendar Model of SL 2010... I did not place in the top 3 but was in the top 10 lol they probably thought I looked to violent :)


To Get THE Look

Pants - N-Core -Denim Jeans Open Belt in black -

Jacket - Hermony -Leather Jacket (short) in black -

Boots - Pixelfashion -Russ Boots in black -

Hair -Mirai - Jule -

Tattoo - Dream Ink -

Face piercing - Devient Kitties -

Necklace - Milady's -Priestess Necklace in platinum -

The ARC of Evil - Avoid being an ARC Bully


Here is a copy of a notice that has been put out by the lindens for your information.

ARC - Avatar Rendering Cost = FAULTY ------------------------------------------
Pastrami Linden blogged that ARC was designed as a "experimental feature ... [to] educating Residents about how 3D art should be made". Pastrami Linden also noted that "... these weightings, and their resultant totals, are not a *perfect* measure of your cost(1)"
Pastrami Linden suggested that showing the ARC value to other people will "Let social and group dynamics take effect(1)". However it seems the effect is people are being bullied based on their ARC, by people who missed the fact that ARC is "experimental" and "not perfect".
People are not bothering to check if their Frames Per Second (FPS) is REALLY being impacted by people with a high ARC. This has resulted in a culture of harassing people with a high ARC. They are being blamed for all types of LAG in the region, even script lag which is totaly unrelated to the ARC number. (2)
We need to educate people that the ARC number is a builders tool, and not some new way of detecting griefers. I have included this notecard so you can hand it to anyone who is being hostile towards you based on your ARC rating.
You can use the ctrl-alt-1 statistics window to see that putting on and taking off some high ARC items has no effect on viewer lag. FPS (Frames per second) is the measure of how well your viewer is running. The higher the FPS number, the better. Many high ARC items do not effect your FPS because their high ARC value is an error.
Test it and you will see the ARC number you get when wearing the Quantum Core has zero effect on your viewer's speed.

Appendix A - What is ARC----------------------------ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost) is a function you can turn on that will show a number over the heads of other people.
This number is designed as a guide to how hard your graphics card has to work to draw those people. The number is not perfect, and in practice is often wrong.
ARC is currently a function of the RC viewer and as such is deemed to be in testing. (Function that are still in testing often have mistakes in them)

Appendix B - ARC facts----------------------------* ARC does not caculate how much script lag an avatar is making.* ARC does not represent how much load an avatar is putting on a region.* ARC is not a griefer detecter.* ARC should not be used as an excuse to ban, abuse, or bully someone.* ARC should not be an excuse to tell someone to take off their clothing or change their appearance.* ARC will only show a "guess" at how hard the graphics card in your own computer "might" be working to display that person.* ARC is a builders tool to help creaters make attachments that will render (draw) faster.* ARC is a tool to help you choose which attachments you want to use.



During the month of September House of Beningborough Model of the Month theme was Fashion through the ages, I am lucky enough to of been selected as a pre-finalist, so here are a few of the looks that I put together for my time there and hope it gives you some inspiration to put a look together for a theme party. Hope you have fun putting a look together as much as I did this week.First is 1980's Punk Look Suit: House of Beningborough - Pink Sensation Tukinowaguma -Luzdel B&G - Sendra Twisted & Spoiled -Rubber Rings DreamInk - we have 18th Century LookDress: House of Beningborough - Red Admiral Violator - L'age d'or N-Core -Prelude Gems & Kisses Necklace - Eros, Braclet - Snake (with Tails) 70's Look was so much fun to do!Dress: House of Beningborough - Lola Cudaboy Lockjaw - CCS Boots only on XStreetSL.comHair: Booperfunk -Freaky Fro Trixxy's Shop - Peace necklace Victorian Look is so sweet!Dress: House of Beningborough - Ascot Baiastice - Lace parasol Rozoregalia Bax -Black Patent[...]

How to Edit Prim Lashes


Well we all have problems editing eyelashes so here are a few tips in how to do.
1. Hop on your pose stand it makes it much easier for you!
2. Get you lashes in edit (right click the lashes, then in the pie menu click edit).
3. Alt click (Right click the mouse & click alt) so you zoom in closer. To get even closer click ctrl & 0 to get up close and personal to cancel this it is ctrl & 9
4. In the edit tab check the edit link parts. Now you click one of the lashes top bottom left or right and move up down or rotate.
5 Check the side angle as well so you can get a flush fit.and that is all there is to it (insert laugh here)

Look lovely with Leezu


(image) Wanna look up to date straight off the catwalk, then try this outfit from Leezu.
Coat: Leezu - Au revoir de Sade Jacket in Red
Pants: Leezu -NOIR Efraims Daughter Black
Boots: Courtisane - Allmueuse Black
Hair: Lollipopz - Brave Black

1940's Look



To get this 1940's look, that is cute and sexy :-Dress: House of Beningborough - Deandra it comes with the cute hat and belt.

Jewelery: Gems & Kisses - Femme in white

Shoes (sorry cant be seen) : Stilletto Moody - Pinup in black

Hair: Sonnat Morales -Lotte Vintage Hiar Black

Welcome to Naiya's Page


Welcome to my blog, here I hope to fetch you the hot looks from Secondlife. If any designers wish me to review any items please contact me inworld and I will be glad to help out. Naiya Kazyanenko