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Preview: Virtual Freebies

Virtual Freebies

HoneyBear Lilliehook and friends explore Second Life™, telling of various free items they found, and the locations they were found in.

Updated: 2018-03-07T15:26:34.392-08:00




I rezzed on June 16, 2007. After being helped out of my newbie state, I began exploring Second Life™ and quickly fell in love with it. I quickly discovered that people actually gave away things, and just knew I had to share this news, so I began this blog.

At first, I included some of the business in a box freebies, since I didn't know any better, but quickly learned the difference between quality store freebies and business in a box freebies. My freebie collection journey continued alone until I was joined by Lorri (now showing as Sarah) more than a year later. We were joined by Claire, then Savvy. Claire returned to school and Havi joined us for several months, and there have been a few others along the way, but Savvy carried the bulk of the blog for most of this year, while I got busy with my inworld modeling career and agency management.

Hunting freebies on the grid these days can be a full-time job, and there are many other blogs doing a far better job of it than Virtual Freebies has been lately, as Savvy and I both became increasingly busy, and it's been difficult to find people to join us and carry on what was started 2-1/2 years ago.

Virtual Freebies has 43 loyal followers on blogspot, some on BlogCatalog, and even more on Bloglines. We've had 168,264 page views as of today, and there are 609 posts on this blog. It's been a fabulous run, and I've met some incredible people, designers and hunters alike, for which I'll be forever grateful.

But, with a great deal of sadness, I must announce that we've come to the end of the road. I'm allowing the domain lapse in January. I'm going to leave Virtual Freebies open at its blogspot address ( for historical purposes, and for whatever use people can get from it. Our sister blog, Virtual Fashionista, will remain open, although my posting to it will be sporadic, I'm sure.

Savvy and I want to thank all of you who have followed us. It's meant a lot, and your faithfulness kept us going at times when we just were't sure we could continue. Big hugs to all of you.

I could ramble more, but I'll close with - see you on the grid! Happy lives to all of you :)

Honey & Savvy

MUA by Djinn & Tonic


MUA by Djinn & Tonic is being released TODAY at .44 Caliber's mainstore.As part of the release, there is a free skin in the store as well as ways to win more free stuff! Feeling Lucky? There are 11 different prizes to be won, including some fat packs. 5 winners will be chosen from the in-world Djinn & Tonic group. Search "Djinn & Tonic" if you have a group slot left. (There is a one-time membership fee of 250L).5 winners will be chosen from the subscribo group. Click the kiosk here.1 skin set will be given to one of Glance Magazine's members as well! (To qualify you have to not only be in Glance's group but you also have to be in the Djinn & Tonic group in world.) The skins are absolutely gorgeous. Makeup colors include, Apple, Pomegranate, Deadly Nightshade, Hazel, Pumpkin, Fern, Broom, Sage, Mandrake & Mint. All these "ingredients" are used in Wiccan rituals, giving the skins a dark, mysterious feel. Skins come in 3 tones, pale, natural & sun-kissed. The highlights and shading on the skin are very natural, and not over done. Bravo!Skin packs generously include 20 skins! Each skin is sold by brow/shadow color and comes with (5) amazing lipstick shades, a freckle, and no pubic hair variation for a mere 1500L giving you value for your hard earned money. My personality allows me to wear the more, dare I say, outrageous make up, so for me, the heavy shadow & the prominent lips are win! Let me know what you think! Shown above I am wearing the Brunette Brown option. From left to right, shadow colors are as follows: Apple [Sun-kissed], Broom [Sun-kissed] & the gift skin [Natural]. There are 1500 skins with this release when you consider all the options available. This has been quite an undertaking! Congratulations & kudos to Babyhoney Bailey her first skin release. I am officially hooked! Be sure to stop by the store and try on these demos! They are wonderful, and I am confident that you will love how they "fit" on you too! Hugs,Sav[...]




*Linc* has some great freebies set out for everyone. The boxers come in black or white and the cute dollar for your mouth is free! Love the finger tape, they come with or without nails for only 1L.

Winterstock Fun!


First things first, if you are a member of Stiletto Moody's group, there is a lovely 2nd anniversary gift waiting for you. TP in to the store, and pick up your FREE pair of shoes!If you're not already a member, the group is currently closed until the anniversary celebration is over. The hunt on the new Cupcake Sim ends tomorrow, so be sure to check that out, there are clothes & skins to be found. Some of the vendors participated in the hunt as well, so look everywhere!I explored the Winterstock Sim today. What a great build. The imagination, and talent in SL never ceases to amaze me.Here's what I found: Sn@tch has 5 fabulous freebies under the Christmas Tree.Rebel Hope also has awesomeness!Here is one of the gifts from Sn@tch, along with the Rudolph gifts from Rebel Hope. Stellar has a gift as well. Also included in the pack are a pair of plaid pants if the short skirt isn't your style.BlackLace gives this gorgeous, lingerie set, complete with bra, panties, corset & gloves.Wrap yourself under the tree in this deliciousness, and Santa won't be able to help himself!Musashi-Do has a fabulous dress, perfect for any occasion.Take your man with you, there is a gift for him too!SySy's has 2 delightful dresses. The first is called Autumn Roses, in Blue which is embellished with gorgeous prim roses.The red Christmas mini, is perfect for holiday parties, and clubbing.Kess Creations spoils us with holiday jewelry. This Festivus set is just part of the generous gift.Dawny has gifts to decorate your home for the holidays.Spork is offering this fun, striped socks, with the over the knee look, or sloppy, as shown below.StinkEye has some holiday silliness. Check out this candy cane.There is also one you can hold in your hand, if this doesn't do anything for you.Dreams has an adorable belted collar, adorned with a cloud charm.Vengeance has a 1L Media Centre for you to decorate, your SLhome. Cynful has the November outfit for you.This is guaranteed to turn heads!We'll be back soon with more!Hugs,Sav[...]

Skins Galore!


[the oBscene] has freebie chairs with last year's popular Thanksgiving skins. Be sure to pop over & try your luck on the chairs.You can also pick up a freebie at the skin fair booth, which contains a gorgeous Vamp skin toneThe skin comes with several options for you to choose from, such as a wet look, neck cut, and a bloody neck cut.The Dominion Fashion District has Vintage Bow BootsThe Dominion Festish also has freebie goodess.Tuli group members received a fabulous gift today! Meet Bella. The newest in Tuli's beautiful array of skins.This is FREE to Group Members, however the Group is not free to join.The Vanity Universe Skin Fair has lots of freebies. Check out the collage for the wonderful skin gifts provided by these generous designers!I have included links to the stores that offered gifts, however there is likely a main TP point, so you'll need to look for the beacon to find the store you're looking for.A Piece of Candy - Gina skin, 1LBody By Eve - Gifts for Ladies & Men each gift pack includes a 300L gift certificate.GeEs Design - has a skin gift shown above[ Ayumi ] free gift has a skin gift as well.NB_LOOK - gift of a shape & eyes...::MAI::.. has several gifts, including a tank & panties.Pulse Skin has gifts too.Imagen - guys & Girls dollarbie skins.Rosy Mood has this cool gift for us.Shapes by Kira has freebies as wellSymphony Skins has awesome eyelashes, lipgloss & a manicure.!XTC! Designs - free nails & eyesApparence - subscribo gift & freebie at the skin fairChic Inc - ten dollarbieDulce Secrets dollarbie skins, as shown above.There are so many awesome, and amazing new skins displayed at the Skin Fair. Take the time to have a look around, and be sure to show your appreciation to the Designers who take the time to offer freebies for our enjoyment! It only takes a minute to send a note of thanks, and a few short words of praise really do go a long way.Have a great weekend.We'll be back with more soon!Hugs,Sav[...]



I quickly did the Trick-or Treating at the Caribbean City sim, and was surprised at the goodies I came away with!Above, you will see the goodies from Second Spaces Furniture. The "Price is Right" pose from Pulling Strings (lots of fun poses here), a ghost t-shirt from Kunstkammer, along with 1 of 4 hair styles from Bryce & eyes from Eponym. Ova Hauled is offering Limited Edition pieces for your Halloween.This outfit can be picked up for 0L. Suitable for humans & neko's alike. Upstairs you will find ears & a scull & spider decorated tail.Cilian'gel has some Halloween goodness with the Got Spiders? Collection. This adorable set, is a group gift! Wear your tag, and pick it up from the store.The MM board also hosts a Got Spiders gift. This pretty, lacy, webby goodness!You can purchase the entire 5 pc set of Got Spiders? for just 200L. Imagine the possibilities!HAPPY HALLOWEEN!Hugs, Sav[...]

Trick or Treat


I am about to start the trick or treating at
Caribbean City, and thought you'd like to join me. I'll post my findings later.

Hope to see you there!


I think she's lost her mind!


Rachel at In Her Shoes and Hair @ Vignette sent out a notice stating that after years of loving SL, she had decided to give back, and that all of the shoes and hair were currently free. I don't know how long this will last, and as you might imagine, it's lag city over there.

Before I post the slurls, I'm going to state....there is a tip jar in one of the corners of the hair store....remember what hair and shoes cost you and you're getting an entire store for free. GIVE TO THE TIP JAR GENEROUSLY!!




Yay, it Thursday!!


Together Inc. has a cool dollarbie in the discount section. The LM should drop you right in front of it. If not, take the teleporter to the Discount section, and its up on the wall.Khush has a FREE as well! Take a look at these jeans! They come plain, or pumpkin adorned just in time for Halloween.These jeans are low cut, and sexy, with great prim legs!Orage Creations is having a Pumpkin Hunt which started on the 20th & runs til the 31st. 8 pumpkins hidden around the store. If you've been following the blog for a while, you know I love this store!Here is a peek at the goodness!The "Little Horror Wall" is a great gift. It adds ambiance, as well its a great prop for your festive pics.Here is a closer look at the cute witch outfit, which I absolutely LOVE!!The adorable boots are also a prize, as well as the copper bracelet.There is also, a skin! Its a pretty one.Also available, is the Halloween skin, which is just 50L.The fabulous eyelashes are also from *OC* not free, but worth the 150L in my opinion.Don't forget to check on the upper floors there are freebies & cheapies to be had as well. This is really good stuff girls! Definitely worth the trip!I also heard (from Honeybear) that CodeBastard is giving all of the eyes she created 2 years ago as a ten-dollarbie, all 77 colors!We'll be back soon with more!Hugs,Sav[...]

Halloween dollarbie


La Petite Morte is offering the above background for 1L! It's not just a background, it's also got the broom and sit pose...Very cute and if you're a photobug like me, you'll have a blast with it! Look for the Subscribe-O-Matic while you're there, there's another gift in it! ;)



FOR TODAY ONLY!! This outfit can be yours for just 10L at Ooh La LaThis Style is a new release, and appropriately colored for Halloween. Everything you see here is included!Convoitise by By Toume Yao & Ondeline Pera has a gorgeous Halloween gown for just 10L.You can also pick up the Lea Purple for 5L.The shoes I am wearing are free and available at The Dominion. Here's a closer look.They come in a 4-pack. In addition to the black, as shown above, you also get red, gold & white. Available for a limited time only, so hurry over. ~ Tea Lane ~ has 2L novelty skins, inspired by the Rocky Horror picture show. The fat pack of 9 skins, is available for just 10L!Relentless Couture has seasonable dollarbies for the neko in all of us! These tails are so cutely decorated with pumpkins, as are the ears, with adorable tufts of fur pointing outward. You don't have to decided which set you're going to buy, at 1L each, you can get both!!Surreal Style Tattoos has an awesome tat on the MM board for the ladies!Be sure to spank that MM board. I am # 8 LOL! Belle Morte is having a Halloween mini hunt. You are searching for orange hearts. The prize? Four themed tanks, for just 5L each. (Hint: You'll need to take the teleporter to find heart # 3 & 4)These tanks are currently retailing for 150L for the fat pack, and come on several layers and include an undershirt in a different color. Take some time, explore the sim, and save yourself some serious cash!Have fun!We'll be back soon with more.Hugs,Sav[...]



Cilian'gel and [hate this] proudly present the "Happy Halloween Hunt" which takes place at Valefar, the main location of Cilian'gel.You will also find a minion store of [hate this] deep in the cellar!There are 4 original outfits, designed exclusively for this hunt, in some of the pumpkins around the store. They are FREE - if you can find them. Two of the outfits are for ladies, the other two look great on guys AND gals!Here is a sneak peek of what's available! Below, is the "Fallen Leaves" male outfit from [hate this].The dark brown denim style jeans look great on Justice, and I love how they hug my butt!The female gift is just as fabulous. It comes with a leafy necklace, form fitting top, patterned leggings & skirt.I think we need to check out more of what [hate this] has to offer. So far, I am loving it!Below are the "Got Pumpkin" outfits from Cilian'gel.Look closely at the stockings ladies, they are adorned with the cutest pumpkin, and ribbon!You can remove the jacket, that Justice is wearing, and you have an outfit that looks something like this. (cool cap, also included!).It had been a while since I had stopped by Cilian'gel, so I had a look around. You are still able to camp for goodies, pick up freebie t-shirts, and there is also an outfit for the "Making Strides" fundraiser.Check out the goodness on the MM board!Only 10 people are needed to get the gift. Help me out on this, won't you please?!The hunt items will be out until Halloween ... maybe even November 1st. Be sure to check it out, along with the other incredibly detailed costumes in the store.We'll be back with more soon.Hugs,Sav[...]

The 80's



One of my personal favorite eras of fashion has got to be the 80's. Who does not love the bright colors and the big chunky jewelry. Intrigue co. has 3 awesome dollarbies in their new store, 2 are hoodies and one is a cute shirt. Oh and can't forget about the pop rings but they are 5L each!

(image) (image)



Its that time of year when all the wonderful fall colors are in full bloom and who can forget about the great Halloween treats.

Bliss Couture has put out their Halloween freebie. Great to wear for all the parties we have this time of year.

Seasonal Goodness


I started this blog post earlier this week, as far as I know, the items are still available. Let me know if you discover differently.G-Field has some seasonal goodness for you. Stop by to pick up your [FREE] *GF* Long Sweater Halloween Set.The incredibly awesome boots are not included in the outfit, but can be purchased separately, for just 30L!This is the buckled option, there is a pair with bows as well, for the same price. What a steal!Don't forget to check the the dollar section as well, where you will find more yum yums for your wallet.Barbie Princess has a Halloween Freebie top, with more than 1 way to wear it.As well as a 1L witch outfit.Two awesome reasons to check out this store!Plastik. has a 1L Halloween gift. A huge box full of goodness!Inga Wind has the gorgeous Autumn Fae costume. It comes complete with hair & shoes!The detail, is as amazing as always.Poetic Colors has a set of Blue Autumn Eyes Zeery Neck tie, tank & stockings gift for just 4L. There is a His & Her Gift as well.We'll be back soon with more!Hugs,Sav[...]



Hi Everyone!Oh my goodness what a weekend! We took my son to the hospital on Friday night, and he is finally coming home today. I bet you thought I jumped ship again, huh?Thank you so much to Honey & chey for posting in my absence. Remember last week, I mentioned Fishy Strawberry. I neglected to mention that they have a discount section upstairs? Oh yes they do! I saw many of the items I own, are now fantastically reduced 50-70% off the regular price. Be sure to check that out!Nymphetamine has free custom pumpkins, and something sexy for you.[ILAYA] has some dollarbie goodness for us. This shop is new to me, and has loads of things for you to check out!Here is a glimpse of the Halloween gift - also the Tiesa skin, from Dulce secrets. (see below for more info.)Check out these items, also available in the goody section at the back of the store.I had the chance to speak with Ilaya herself, and she is gorgeous, and even greeted me when I teleported in. I was very impressed with the hospitality I received while browsing the store. It makes me WANT to shop there!Sorella's Fashion has an awesome Group Gift. This gorgeous gown retails in the store for 300L! Don't forget to slap the MM boards while you are at it. There is one upstairs, and one downstairs as well.Dernier Cri has Halloween goodies. Last's year, sexy & very popular bumblebee costume is back out if you missed it.As well, new Zombie avatar, with 3 different stages of "zombie" skins included.Have a closer look of the stage 3 Zombie skin.Fashionity has a fantastic deal on a Halloween outfit for just 10L!Until Oct 13th, you can pick up Carnisa Cognac and Carnisa Vodka skins from Dulce Secrets for just 1L.Lizelle & Kayti skins are also 1L on the customer service desk.The Tiesa skin & can be picked up here as well as some purple eyes. They are also participating in the Pumpkin Prints hunt, so don't forget to look around for that gift.!Morbid Mausoleum Designs has several outfits for 29L.You can also find more goodness in the Attic, such as theC'est Moi Boutique is a brand new store & has a lucky cupcake gift! Check out his beauty!Have fun!We'll be back soon with more.Hugs,Sav[...]

Halloween freebies


I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot of these in the next couple of weeks, but here's one that was specially passed to me.

Badoura Design has a cute little dress as a dollarbie. This dress is filled with cobwebby goodness and has a cute little web hat with a lurking spider to match! You'll find it under the stairs with the other freebies.

Its me again!


Hey everyone the weekend is here and its time to party! Juicy Sim is having a Birthday and some of the stores on the sim is giving away some awesome gifts. Most of them are freebies but there is a few that are 1L. Everything from furniture, clothes to poses. Hope you all enjoy!!

Making Strides Fund Raiser


Today, I don't have any fabulous freebie offers for you right now, this is more of a public service announcement.

I received a note card that stated the following:

Many designers have come together in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month to raise money for the charity Making Strides, which will put the funds towards breast cancer research. A cause close to the hearts of many, we hope you will come take a look! This fundraiser will go on for the entire month of October.

Bryce Designs, Forbidden Thorn Interiors and Fashion, and many more have set out designs at the Bryce Designs main store in Tully. 100% of the proceeds from these items will go to Making Strides at the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Thank you!

My good friend, Elle Kirshner - owner of Pulling Strings poses & animations is involved with this fund raiser. She made this cute & comical pose set. Yes, that's me as the dark haired model.

The gorgeous red head is Elle, tweaking my boobie, and looking quite pleased with herself, wouldn't you say?

The shirt we are wearing is also one of the fundraiser items, as well as LOTS of pink hair for 50L. Short styles which can be worn by guys or girls.

Its for a good cause, so check out the goods at the Bryce Main store, on the Tully sim.



Vinyl Cafe Halloween Hunt has some amazing gifts. This is about as easy as hunts get. Most vendors have visibly displayed the bowl of candy you're hunting for.

I did the entire hunt in about 40 mins.

Participating shops are located at Vinyl Cafe, The Dominion Fashion District, Dominion Fetish, and THE Halloween sim!

Here is a glimpse of what awaits you!

Have fun!


Hey everyone!


Just want to start by saying I am so happy to be apart of Virtual Freebies. Thanks to Honey and Savy_D for letting me be apart of your fashion family. Well now, lets get down to business. One of my favorite stores, Butterfly EffectZ has a back wall of great markdown clothing. The outfit I'm wearing is only 1L!

Tuesday Goodness!


DYN has a Halloween dollabie.

(image) This cute outfit is available at the main store, and perfect in time for Halloween.

KO Poses is an extension of DYN, they also have a Halloween dollarbie.

This adorable Jack-o-lantern has 6 poses and perfect for pics!

Fishy Strawberry has released the Fall line of clothes & oh my goodness there are lots of wonderful items.

(image) This gorgeous blue, jeweled cashmere sweater can be yours for just 1L!

That's all I have for now, but look for a post from our newest blogger, Chey!




Cynful has an awesome dollarbie. The bottoms are the newly released "orange bottom" jeans, along with the Dance-a-licious top. The top comes with white or black lace options for underneath, or if you are daring, you can wear it without.[the.oBscene] group members received a real treat today. "Xena" is a beautiful, natural skin, with glossy pink lips, and your choice of brow colors.Sugary Designs also has a Halloween prezzies. Click on the witches hat to get these nifty gifts.[LCKY] is a Japanese store, with some, awesome freebie hair.The first style is called Remy, and the second is called Paige. Both styles come in a fat pack, so lots of color choices for you!* * * * * * * *I got some samples dropped on me by Supreme Clothing Casual Chic. The skirt & leggings combo is the group gift for the store, for October.This gold sequence outfit, makes me think of the Disco era, and is perfect for "shaking your booty!"This can be picked up at the store for just 5L. Also, there is this cute, "homemade jacket", which can be picked up for 1L.This is located just inside the door.We'll be back soon with more.Hugs,Sav[...]

Hi Again!


A new store opened in the H&S Village, and you have to come check it out! The store is called Eponym, and they have some of the best eyes i have seen in SL!There are 2 freebie sets in the back corner, one called Sunset, the other called Love Letter. Regular prices on the eyes are just 50L, so very affordable all round.Also in the H&S Village, Pulling Strings has a new group freebie/subscribo gift.It's an animated pose - jump on the pose ball and eerily beckon everyone to join you on "the other side." A great addition to your haunted house or spooky forest!Rawscientist GossipGirl of Boutique Giada/QSD dropped some more goodness on me this afternoon. They have an awesome dollarbie, and are also doing their part for Breast Cancer Awareness.Stop by to pick up the 4 pairs of jeans, with the Ribbon of Hope emblem on them.When I was in the store, I also notice these eyes for the weekly group gift.The next bit of goodness, is not free, but still a good deal!The Admire me pose set, just 45L! Sweet!^^Tasty^^ has fat packs of assorted tanks for 5L! Check out the different styles.The red tank shown here is from the Thin strap collection, and the orange is the Strappy Top fat pack.The green tank below is from the Tasty tank box, and the purple is from the "unimpressed" box.Tanks are an essential part of my wardrobe in SL & RL. You can never have too many in my opinion.Shocktoberfest is an Halloween hunt event also going on at Tasty this month, its a haunted house, with intense sights & sounds. Lots of dollarbies available to be found, so be sure to check that out while you're there.Be sure to check out the MM Board too! Goodness for you & your guy!!Touche - recently added bangles to their freebie/dollarbie section in the main store. As well, they have a presence at the Glamour Expo, where you will also find another dollarbie.Treble is also donating half of the proceeds of the purchase of these 2 items to the charity Care International.Stop by to check it out, and if you're able, please support this great cause.Decoy Main Store is celebrating their 2nd anniversary & has a fabulous 50% off sale, with tons of freebies too! Freebie fat-packs on select items! You can find jeans, tops, blazers, boots & hair!Go lean on the prim attachments folks, there are lots of peeps looking for great deals, and the lag monster is lurking!Here is what I picked up:Hair, jeans, blazer & boots .. all free! Good deal on awesome stuff!Take a closer look at the hair:The hair comes in a fat pack, and the head band is color changeable!We'll be back soon with more.Hugs,Sav[...]

Sunday Fun!


I started this post a couple of days ago, but just got around to taking pics today. Fingers crossed, I hope the items are still available.Eva on in the Dominion Fashion District has Cream boots for freebies.I adore Eva's boots! While you're there, check out the previous giveaway's on the right side of the shop, which are now available for 99L.Also on the Dominion sim, you can Romance Gowns for free, here. Activate your Vinyl Cafe group tag, and pick up the V-neck Sequin Mini Dresses too.Over on the Vinyl Cafe Sim, there are freebies a-plenty! Activate your group tag, and you can get the Paris themed skybox.This is the view from the window in your skybox! Absolutely stunning! This low-prim, 2-room sky-box is decorated with rich textures, perfect for a love nest, or everyday living.Schoen (Schön) also on the Vinyl Cafe gives us striped camisole's.The pants shown here are the tie dye denim jeans ,which are the Mix n Mingle gift prize at, Gigi Couture.Earth Stones has free bangles, also on the Vinyl Cafe sim!Callie Cline has a pair of her Kick Shickers as the Mix & Mingle hunt gift, which are nicely decorated and perfect for any upcoming Halloween Festivities.I own several pairs of these boots, and absolutely adore them!Blacklace on the ICON sim, has a sexy, Cincher available for you, which is guaranteed to make any man crazy with desire.I absolutely love how vibrant the fabric is in this piece.Maverick Design has 2 shapes set out as freebies for the ladies.Zaara is offering this delicious out fit as a freebie.*Sheer* - has released knee highs and is offering a freebie pair. These can be found on the wall as well as other tights/stockings.If you aren't familiar with this store, these are some of the best tights/stockings on the grid!FA has free hair for girls here, and guy hair on the other side of the store.Switch Souvenir shop, on the Switch (Creators Pavillion) sim, has some freebies, such as a turntable, color change candle, a pair of jeans, and other stuff. I love this sim! Check it out.S.Loves has a great deal on random poses.They are 2L each, or buy all 21 of them for a total of 40L!GiGi Couture has a gift of tank, slit tights, & the earth bag tote, which is wearable.Danika main store has a cute outfit on the MM board.Get your friends to slap the MM board, to get in on this awesome give-away!We'll be back soon with more.Hugs,Sav[...]