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MEB Fashion

Updated: 2018-03-06T02:16:16.472-08:00


New from MEB: Valentin evening dress!


Let's introduce Valentin, MEB latest summer dress.
A classic silk evening dress, with spaghetti top, renewed by an asymmetric skirt and embellished by shining gloves. The color is red: passion, love and happiness!

New MEB tops!


 Did you love MEB new jeans and vests?

Now we released 4 new tops for a wider choise in your mix and match game!

MEB main store

MEB new outfits


What about a funny trip in the 60s, this Summer?

New MEB skinny jeans in 4 colors and 5 cute fresh vests showing your favorite icons from those happy times, from Audrey to Marylin!

Acid colors vests, simply and sexy jeans in matching colors: mix and match your own outfit and be
ready for being admired at any casual event in this SL Summer!
MEB loves you!

MEB main store

MEB at Mimi's Breakfast show


Mimi Juneau's Breakfast shows are an outstanding opportunity to get an updated overwiew of SL best fashion, being Mimi's boutique a sort of big catalogue of the best fashion brands, selected by the long-experienced skill and taste of its owner.
Yesterday, in a very lovely environment sitting on a fresh lawn surrounded by mountains and trees, Penumbra fashion agency presented the event where models like Wicca Merlin, Desireme Fallen, Landa Crystal, Serenity, Veronika Kresner, Widelmina, Boniefacio, Bosco Jonson, Silvano Korobase have shown some of the most lovely Summer dresses from the many brands that you can find at Mimi's Choice store.

Among them, MEB has been represented by the CARMEN dress, a full-colored, fresh dress belonging to MEB Spring-Summer 2014 collection. Landa Crystal walked on the runway showing its floating skirt, its bright and originally mixed colors, its sexy top.

Thanks to our old friend Mimi and to Penumbra for having shown this gorgeous dress MEB has made for your happy Summer!

(better views of the ohotos on MEB blog:

New MEB outfit ANTONIA!


Tired of wearing gowns at warm Summer evenings' parties and events?
Try the new MEB Antonia outfit, that boldly mixes up elegant black look and long gloves with a sexy miniskirt and a fresh chemise! Jewels included in the outfit.

MEB at BOSL Designers' Fashion show - July 26th 2 pm slt


On July 26th, 2pm SLT, 
MEB Fashion clothes will be on the BOSL runway 
at the BOSL Designers' show.

MEB takes part in the Summer Fashion Festival. Exclusive Antonia outfit!


MEB takes part in the Summer Fashion Festival (June 20-July 6) with an exclusive outfit called Antonia and with a selection from its latest collection.

Moreover, MEB offers a special gift to visitors.
Come at the beach and enjoy the MEB gift.

Art in Hat is open. New MEB hats!


MEB takes part in a very special event!
Art in Hats 2014, managed by Quan Lavender and running June 14-July 31, is an exhibit of art fashion and photographs: teams of designers and photographers show hats created for the event and photographs of them.
MEB created two new hats, I love Paris, inspired to the fascinating French capital and Eaton Hat, a British old style one. Melusina Parkin shot them in her special style.
A pink version of Eaton Hat has been also offered to the auction for Feed a Smile.
Hats are for sale at the exhibit, as well as photographs, and they will be shown on the runway at the fashion show on June 21st at 2 pm.

MEB at Fashion for Life - Opens June 7th


The 2014 edition of Fashion for Life is going to start.
From June 7th to June 20th, 150 designers in 10 wonderful SIMs built on different themes by the best SL builders will offer their clothes for a good cause. A certain percentage of the revenues from each sale will go to American Cancer Society, the worldwide association supporting the big challenge of research and cares against cancer.

As in the past years, MEB will take part in the event with a shop where you'll find the brand's latest releases, along with two new exclusive outfits designed for FFL, whose sale's price will go entirely to ACS. A 25% of all the other sales will go to ACS as well.

The Journey SIM's theme, where the MEB store is placed, is Steampunk: we made a simple shop decorated like an old factory, with pipes and rivet metal plates.

The two new outfit we offer to FFL are Sixty and Miu Miu.
The first one is a special FFL extension of  the recently released Sixty series: a minidress inspired to 1960s Optical Art.

Miu Miu is a glamorous bright silk minimal dress in dark red tones, thought for the Summer casual events, when you can wear something more than a kini and something less than a cocktail dress :)

Cancer is around us, last year it took one of the best SL italian designer, Squinternet Larnia of Donna Flora. We take part in FFL thinking of her and all of the bold people who're fighting that cruel enemy. Come visiting our store and help them in their fight!

LM to MEB shop at FFL, active from June 7th (click twice)

NEW releases! Summer Silk outfits (mix&match) !


For the early Summer, MEB presents a series of separates that can be composed in and fresh pretty outfits.
Seven silk blouses with classic and modern patterns and five monochrome miniskirts.

Look at the poster to check some of the endless possibilities to create your own outfit:

New items are in the main store yet!
Enjoy your Summer with MEB!

MEB Summer Sixty series!


MEB Summer Sixty series!
Aftter the Spring-Summer Collection, MEB releases now a little series of minidresses for your Summer.

The four mesh outfits are inspired to the swinging 1960s, recalling both bright colors of that time, and the famous black and white Optical designs :))

They have been presented yesterday at the Summer Color Show by SoloEvane and they are avalaible at that location and at MEB main store

Summer Color
MEB main store

But the true surprise is the price: each dress is sold for only 150 l$ !

Enjoy them!

MEB Summer clothes on the runway! May 10th 4pm - Summer Color Show


MEB is glad to invite you to the
managed by SoloEvane Agency

Saturday May 10th, at 4pm slt MEB will present there a selection of its newest Summer clothes

NEW! Spring-Summer Collection is out!


UPDATE!See also MEB bloggers' blogposts of some outfits from the collection! Fashion proposal for the happy seasons is a colorful collection where the fascination of the silk meets a very original color palette.  Three outfits - Ramona, Nathalie and Blanca - want to match the first bright days of Spring, when the cold winds still require jackets and trousers; Magda announces the bright days of late Spring playing with the evergreen black&white mix and with flower patterns; Dahlia, Carmen, Earth and Rossella are thought for the early Summer, with short skirts, mostly wide-shaped, nude shoulders, fresh fabrics and happy colors.Old rose, mustard yellow, light green, white and bright blue-green give the collection's outfits a definite taste of sunny days, while the classic mix of black and white features the most glamorous dresses of the collection, like Ramona or Dahlia. Wear Magda or Blanca in daily life, Rossella, Earth or Dahlia for a special event. Go shopping wearing Ramona or dancing with Carmen. MEB collection aims for covering all your needs in the usual MEB classy way. All outfits come with matching accessories: jewels, purses, shoes and sandals to complete them according to the well known MEB style.MEB main store at Klio[...]

New outfit: EDIN !


We are in the last week of this hard Winter, and MEB releases its last Winter outfit!
The first Spring outfit will be out very soon, as a preview of the forthcoming Spring-Summer Collection.

For now, EDIN outfit (from the Scottish Capital's name) help us to afford the latest cold days, with a blue version of the famous MEB Chiodo leather jacket and pretty knickerbockers in soft wool. Light low-hells boots and a cute handbag complete the whole :)

See it also on:
Tanaya Baxton's blog (MEB blogger)
Tempest Rosca (MEB blogger)
Treycee Melody (MEB blogger)
Jene Bekkers (MEB blogger)

News from MEB: new items at Gypset market and new bloggers!


MEB news!

MEB is glad to present its new  items sold at Gypset market (Best of Italian SIM):

At Gypset Gold, the Contrast outfit, a sexy and classy outfit with white flared pants and black leather jacket worn on a nice lingerie piece.
(exclusive, at 300 l$)

At Gypset Silver, the Leo version of the successful Chiodo jacket, at only 99 l$


Furthermore, MEB is proud to announce that we selected a new pool of bloggers, whose beautiful blogs will show our new releases :))
Check their pages and enjoy their pretty pics and reviews of MEB clothes!

Dearra Silbersztein

Jene Bekkers

Violetcrush Bravin

Treycee Melody

Tanaya Baxton


Their reviews will pair to the ones made by our older bloggers like Genevieve Kamala ( or Laura18 Streeter ( and to the also new Tempest Rosca, who posts on the blog SL Registry (

MEB new!! Monster outfit and jeans miniskirt!


Monster outfit is for a chic bad girl! :))
The Chiodo leather jacket is paired to a wornout jeans miniskirt, for a prefect urban look!
Don't miss this little gem from MEB :)

MEB main store

Blogged also by:
Treycee Melody, MEB blogger:
Jene Bekkers & Linda Bergdorf, MEB blogger: (#11)
Tanaya Baxton, MEB blogger:
Shaedynlee Marquis, MEB blogger:
Tempest Rosca, MEB blogger, for SL Registry:

New shirts from MEB!


Denim, vintage, classic black or white...
The new MEB mesh shirts are thought to match any of your style.

Come to MEB main store and check the pretty details of these fresh released shirts.

MEB is looking for official bloggers


Since MEB Fashion will release new clothes twice or three times per month, we need to rely on a pool of professional bloggers who can show them on their blog pages.
We will select 10 bloggers to invite to our group as "MEB blogger", according to the quality of their blog and to the commitment of blogging the clothes they'll receive at least once per month. MEB official bloggers will receive samples of MEB new releases and complete infos about them.

To apply, send a notecard with full SL name, blog's URL and agreement about these blogging conditions to Melusina Parkin, MEB Fashion CEO.
Deadline for applying is January 30th, 2014

MEB first 2014 release!


The first MEB oufit in 2014!

The first MEB 2014 release is Masha, a lovely outfit made by a shirt in vintage 1960s pattern, decorated by a pretty ruche and worn with a color matching skirt.
The two parts are sold also as separates.

Come to the renewed MEB main store, enjoy the new clothes display, take a look also to the latest new releases.


Blogged by:
Treycee Melody, MEB blogger:
Jene Bekkers & Linda Bergdorf, MEB blogger: (#11)
Tanaya Baxton, MEB blogger:
Shaedynlee Marquis, MEB blogger:  
Dearra Silbersztein, MEB blogger:

MEB main store

A new MEB for the New Year!


MEB starts 2014 with a renewed store!A new display to enhance your shopping experience.The wide open space at the ground floor shows new releases, MEB classic clothes, shoes and accessories on racks and shelves.At the first floor, the past MEB collections' clothes are sold at reduced prices (from 100 L$ for separates, to 200 for outfits; just a few ones at 300, when including boots).Moreover, a special Outlet room offers oldest clothes at 50 l$!!Come visiting our (and your) new place, enjoy the latest releases, take your Christmas gift (until January 6th), join the group or the mailing list!MEB loves you!MEB main store SLURL: Some of MEB latest releases:      [...]

Happy Holidays!


MEB says goodbye to 2013 releasing a gorgeous outfit and a line of new leather boots


Lady Snake is a perfect outfit for your Holidays shopping and fun:
A python pattern jacket is worn on a simple black silk shirt and brown leather pants. A surprising mauve color decorates jacket's cuffs!
Light brown leather boots bordered by a python band, a matching belt and pretty jewels complete the whole!

Lady Boots are released and sold also as a separate line: 8 colors from light blue to red, to classic double brown or python and even more!

Close to the new release stand, our Christmas tree offers you our Christmas gift!
Grab it from the red box, along with MEB's best wishes of a merry Christmas and happy New Year!

MEB main store

MEB new, gorgeous outfit Hermes!


MEB adds a new entry to its Winter clothes' collection: HERMES is composed by the Zebra Miuccia Chiodo jacket and by new leather black pants. But it isn't all: a pretty berret and a classy foulard make it opulent and a bit whimsical. A perfect outfit for elegant shopping days in the Christmas holidays!

Along with the outfits, leather pants are avalaible in 4 colors as separates.

MEB loves you!

MEB main store at Klio

MEB new outfit DAKAR (and separates!)


MEB is creating fast! After the Miuccia mesh jacket, we're now releasing a gorgeous outfit, DAKAR made by camo flared pants and a lovely loose sweater; it's completed by the gorgeous Melu purse. It's Africa in MEB style!

But it isn't all: sweater and purse are sold also separately, 7 colors the sweater, 4 colors the purse!

Come to MEB store and don't miss our latest release!

MEB main store

MIUCCIA mesh jacket is out!


Miuccia leather jacket has been a MEB best seller for a long time.. Now, we release a brand new MESH version:

It comes in 12 different textures, that make it match every kind of look: from the casual biker's one, to the sophisticated zebra fur... You'll find also shiny or natural leather, in a lot of colors.
Come to MEB main store to check this new, exciting new MEB creation!

MEB main store: