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ROIO: audio and/or video recording of a performance that was not officially released by the artist, or under other legal authority. Soundboards, Quality Audience Recordings, FM Broadcasts, Concert Videos and Out of Print Recordings.

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Doug Kershaw / Live From Gilley's show #LG-87-18


Doug KershawLive From Gilley's show #LG-87-18for broadcast the week of April 27, 1987includes 300 dpi scan of the cue sheet and a disc labelrun out groove etching Side A: LG 87-18-1, unknown cursive character, mechanical stamp of "KM"run out groove etching Side B: LG 87-18-2, unknown cursive character, mechanical stamp of "KM"01. Live From Gilley's LG-87-18 Intro (Jim Duncan) Cajun Baby02. Natural Man03. Jole Blon (Peewee Kershaw, vocals)04. Live From Gilley's LG-87-18 Break - Jim Duncan05. Commercial - Therapeutic Mineral Ice06. Commercial - Rolaids (Davey Johnson, New York Mets Manager)07. Live From Gilley's LG-87-18 Break - Jim Duncan08. The Battle of New Orleans09. Live From Gilley's LG-87-18 Break - Jim Duncan10. Commercial - Alka Seltzer11. Commercial - Sun Country Wine Cooler (Ringo Starr)12. Judds Tour Update - Jim Duncan & the Judds13. Louisiana Saturday Night14. Live From Gilley's LG-87-18 Break - Jim Duncan15. Commercial - Flintstones Vitamins16. Commercial - Peter Pan Peanut Butter17. Commercial - Rolaids (Davey Johnson, New York Mets Manager)18. Live From Gilley's LG-87-18 Break - Jim Duncan19. Mama's Got The Know How20. Jambalaya21. Live From Gilley's LG-87-18 Break - Jim Duncan22. Commercial - Alka Seltzer23. Commercial - Peter Pan Peanut Butter24. Commercial - Rolaids (Davey Johnson, New York Mets Manager)25. Sing Along26. Louisiana Man27. Live From Gilley's LG-87-18 Break - Jim DuncanAnyway...this one turned out okay, the vinyl was in good condition. Usually, I try and break outeach syndicated radio announcment as a separate track, but on this one, the announceroverlapped Doug Kershaw's music, so I left the DJ annoucement track as part of Kershaw's music.Hey!  Stop and look the commercials!  On a country show! It's RINGO STARR, from the Beatles!  Ringo!  I love this guy!Also...I feel like a rat-bastard, as my post is overlapping the one by SilentWay!  One of the interesting things about this blog is that we have multiple authors....currently, there's three of us posting, all with different visions and ideas of what music interests us!  I think that's really cool!  We don't have any idea who we are in real life, but SilentWay, Jobe, and DRaftervoi manage to make this joint work!!SABCGCZI!cu-hWOMgrBrm-nAJg_Zc4w7GO-RNkb8_RsL1ZaF5RKE!SABCGCZI!cu-hWOMgrBrm-nAJg_Zc4w7GO-RNkb8_RsL1ZaF5RKE[...]

Dr. Feelgood - Live Victoria Hall 1977


From the original FBS archives...

Dr. Feelgood - Victoria Hall 
Hanley, UK. 
October 4, 1977
Probable FM Source @256

Set List:
01.Looking Back
02.Going Back Home
04.You'll Be Mine
05.My Buddy Buddy Friends
06.Ninety-Nine And A Half [Won't Do]
07. You Upset Me Baby
09.Baby Jane
10.Lucky 7
11.She's A Wind Up
12.Back In The Night
13.Sneakin' Suspicion
14.That's It, I Quit
15.Checkin' Up On My Baby
16.Lights Out
17.Oh Carol
18.[Medley] The Blues Had A Baby And They Named It Rock 'n' Roll /
Great Balls Of Fire

The Black Keys - Live Paris 2010


From the original FBS archives...

The Black Keys - Live Canal +
Paris, France
June 22, 2010
Excellent Broadcast Source @320

Set List:

01 Breaks
02 Girl Is On My Mind
03 10 A.M. Automatic
04 Tighten Up
05 Next Girl
06 I'm Not The One
07 Howlin' For You
08 Sinister Kid
09 Everlasting Light
10 She's Long Gone
11 Ten Cent Pistol
12 Too Afraid To Love You
13 Your Touch
14 I Got Mine


Allman Brothers Band / Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers


"Live From Central Park" TBS-CP-17Produced by TBS Syndications - Toronto(none of the tracks were recorded in Central Park!)Allman Brothers BandTom Petty & the Heartbreakersrun out groove side A etching:  TBS-CP-17-Arun out groove side D etching:  TBS-CP-17-BNo cue sheet included. Scans of the disc labels at 300 dpi are included.Side 1:01.  Live From Central Park Intro - Pat St. John02.  I Got A Right To Be Wrong - Allman Brothers Band03.  Angeline - Allman Brothers Band04.  Live From Central Park Break - Pat St. John05.  One Way Out - Allman Brothers Band06.  Jessica - Allman Brother's Band07.  Live From Central Park Intro - Pat St. JohnSide 2:01.  Anything That's Rock 'n' Roll - Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers02.  I Need To Know  - Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers03.  Don't Do Me Like That - Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers04.  Live From Central Park Break - Pat St. John05.  Refugee  - Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers06.  American Girl - Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers07.  Breakdown  - Tom Petty & the HeartbreakerAll of the Tom Petty tracks were recorded at London's Hammersmith Odeon."Anything That's Rock 'n' Roll" is from March 6, 1980.The rest of the Tom Petty tracks are from March 7, 1980.The first thing to know about this Canadian syndicated radio show is the name of the show is not true.  "Live From Central Park" was not recorded in "Central Park," but was an edited rebroadcast of King Biscuit Flower Hour tapes, rebroadcast in Canadian radio markets.While I don't know the source of the Allman Brothers Band tracks, the Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers songs are sourced from the 1980 King Biscuit Flower Hour program recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon on March 6th and 7th, 1980.  There was also a King Biscuit Allman Brothers show in 1980, and all of these "Central Park" tracks are on that KBFH that's POSSIBLE as a source.A show recorded in England presented a problem for a concert supposedly from "Central Park," as the introduction on "Anything That's Rock 'n' Roll" says, "Ladies and gentlemen, would you please welcome from the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers!"The show doesn't define where "Central Park" is located, but the most famous American "Central Park" is in New York City.  A native speaker of the English language in North America would never welcome an American band to New York City by calling out that the band is from "the United States of America." So TBS Syndications - Toronto edited out the words "United States of America."  It's the same intro as on the Hammersmith show and the edit is obvious when you compare the two shows, and it maintained the fiction that the show was from "Central Park."The original broadcast included a second LP of the band Triumph, which I don't have..TBS Syndications also rebroadcast some of the Supergroups shows. The "Live From Central Park" series ran in the early 1980s.  Our old pal, Pat St. John, turns up as the announcer (once again!)!fYoT3Qhb!pUj79w9GGy953nWcEqVBubvWvqFUVurkZn79X4EtmQI!fYoT3Qhb! make it clear as possible:"Live From Central Park" is NOT "Live From Central Park!""Live From Central Park" n'est pas "Live From Central Park!""Live From Central Park" NO es "Live From Central Park!""Live From Central Park" ist NICHT "Live vom Central Park!""Live vanuit Central Park" is NIET "Live from Central Park!""Live From Central Park" NON è "Live From Central Park!""Live From Central Park" NIE jest "Live From Central Park!"«Live From Central Park» НЕ «Живите из Центрального парка!»"Live From Central Park" não é "Live From Central Park!"Το "Live From Central Park" δεν είναι "Live From Central Park!""Otse Keskpargist" EI EI "Live Keskpargist!""Phila Ku-Central Park" AKUKHO "Phila Ku-Central Park!""Live[...]

Dave Alvin and The Guilty Ones - Live Asheville, NC. 1998


From the FBS archives...

Dave Alvin & The Guilty Ones
Live at Be Here Now
June 22, 1998
Asheville, NC.
Soundboard @320

Set List:

9. MR. LEE

Ashville '98


Emmylou Harris / Live From Gilley's LG 84-04


Emmylou HarrisLive From Gilley's syndicated radio show 84-04Aired wknd of 1/21-22/84Disc label: LG 84-04Run out groove: WW1 LG 84-04-A (cursive R, followed by RM mechancial stamp)Run out groove: WW1 LG 84-04-B (cursive R, followed by RM mechancial stamp)01. Live From Gilley's LG 84-04 Intro - Jim Duncan02. Bad Moon Rising03. (Lost His Love) On Our Last Date04. Restless05. Commercial - Rolaids (Roger Staubach and Tommy Lasorda)06. Commercial - Dentyne Sugarless Gum07. Commercial - Spam08. Born To Run09. Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down10. Leaving Louisiana In The Broad Daylight11. Commercial - Rolaids (Roger Staubach and Tommy Lasorda)12. Commercial - Dentyne Sugarless Gum13. Live From Gilley's LG 84-04 Break - Jim Duncan14. Tennessee Rose15. If I Needed You16. Commercial - Trident Sugarless Gum17. Commercial - Rolaids (Roger Staubach and Tommy Lasorda)18. Commercial - Dentyne Sugarless Gum19. Live From Gilley's LG 84-04 Break - Jim Duncan20. How High The Moon21. Band Introductions22. The Boxer23. Commercial - Trident24. Commercial- Spam25. Live From Gilley's LG 84-04 Break - Jim Duncan26. Amarillo27. Luxury Liner28. Live From Gilley's LG 84-04 Outro - Jim Duncan17. Commercial - Rolaids (Roger Staubach and Tommy Lasorda)18. Commercial - Dentyne Sugarless Gum19. Live From Gilley's LG 84-04 Break - Jim Duncan!nZI2lIAS!wmGTifFV4HsC9p-004t77I9sSBfKPbyWZeN4EEiPiVk!nZI2lIAS!wmGTifFV4HsC9p-004t77I9sSBfKPbyWZeN4EEiPiVkThis version has some surface noise issues on several tracks.  Specifically, Tennessee Rose, If I Needed You, How High The Moon, and The Boxer have audible surface noise.  It's not bad, but it's not perfect, and usually my digitizations are better than this one.  In this case, the vinyl had more noise than I could remove without spending a year cleaning it up.  Eventually I'll find a better until then, this is the best that we've got of this show.  It's not bad... it's just not PERFECT and I always try and give you PERFECT digitizations.  As the great sage SilentWay once put it, "We suck."Let's see...what else?  Oh, yeah, we've got a commercial with football legend Roger Staubach and Dodgers coach Tommy Lasorda!  (Note: here in the Bay Area, Lasorda was a much hated figure...)Live From Gilley’s was a single LP syndicated radio show featuring country and country-rock acts that ran from 1981 until 1989 featuring live performances recorded at Gilley’s Club in Pasadena, Texas.  In 1986, performances recorded at venues other than Gilley’s were occasionally included, and as it is ridiculous to say “Live From Gilley’s presents the Judds recorded live in Holland!,” announcer Jim Duncan would call out the show as “Westwood One Presents” instead of “Live From Gilley’s.”At the same time, they continued to use the “Live At Gilley’s” record labels on these shows, but began identifying the non-Gilley’s recordings on the cue sheet as “Westwood One Presents.”In 1989, the disc labels were switched to “Westwood One Presents” until the end of the "Westwood One Presents" show in 1990.Emmylou Harris had broadcasts on "Live From Gilley's" in 1983 as show #83-14, on this show #84-04, and on "Best of Gilley's" compilation shows #83-44, 85-35, and 86-44.[...]

PJ Harvey - Pukkelpop Festival, Belgium 2017


PJ Harvey - Pukkelpop Festival
August 17, 2017
Hasselt, Belgium
Broadcast Source @320

1 unchaptered file at 45:46

Set List:
1. Chain of Keys
2. The Ministry of Defence
3. The Community of Hope
4. Let England Shake
5. The Words That Maketh Murder
6. The Glorious Land
7. Dear Darkness
8. In the Dark Places
9. The Wheel
10. The Ministry of Social Affairs
11. 50ft Queenie
12. Down by the Water
13. To Bring You My Love
14. River Anacostia

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Cowboy Junkies - Live at KCRW


Cowboy Junkies - Live KCRW
February 19, 1990
Santa Monica, CA.
FM Source @flac

Disc one:

1. Cause Cheap Is How I Feel
2. Me And The Devil Blues
3. Interview
4. Black Eyed Man
5. Margo's song intro
6. Five Room Love Story
7. Interview
8. Powderfinger
9. Shining Moon
10. Where Are You Tonight?...

Disc two:

1. I Don't Get It
2. Blue Moon Revisited (A Song For Elvis)
3. Sweet Jane
4. Interview
5. Mariner's Song
6. Sun Comes Up, It's Tuesday Morning
7. Interview
8. Walking After Midnight 

Deirdre O'Donoghue - Show Host

* cuts, fade in/out

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Lou Reed - Live WLIR, NY. -1972


Lou Reed - Ultrasonic Recording Studio
December 26, 1972
Hempstead, NY.
WLIR FM @320

Set list:
01. White Light White Heat
02. Vicious
03. I'm Waiting For The Man
04. Walk It Talk It
05. Sweet Jane
06. Heroin
07. Satellite of Love
08. Walk On the Wild Side
09. I'm So Free
10. Berlin
11. Rock "n" Roll

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Pink Floyd - KQED Studios - 1970


Pink Floyd - KQED
Broadcast source @320

San Francisco-based Public Broadcasting Station KQED filmed Pink Floyd performing live in 1970 for a special that would air at a later date. Previously unreleased footage from the legendary band’s session was recently discovered and has been shared by the local television outlet.
Pink Floyd set up for a performance on April 30, 1970 at the Fillmore Auditorium. The popular venue was not in use for rock concerts at that time and was empty for the taping. The group featuring bassist Roger Waters, guitarist David Gilmore drummer Nick Mason and keyboardist Richard Wright was in town to play a concert at the nearby Fillmore West.
The hour-long live session was simulcast on KQED radio, but the video special wouldn’t air on the independent station until January 26, 1971.

Set List:
01. Atom Heart Mother
02. Cymbaline
03. Grantchester Meadows
04. Green is the Colour
05. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
06. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
07. Here Comes Santa

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Jason & The Scorchers/Howard Jones - Westwood One In Concert 85-12


Jason & the Scorchers / Howard JonesWestwood One In Concert 85-12airs 5/24 - 5/26Sides 1 and 2:Jason & The ScorchersUptown Theater, Kansas City, Missouri01. Westwood One Promo and In Concert 85-12 Intro - Dave Edmunds and Steve Downes02. Commercial - Durasoft Contact Lenses03. Commercial - Starburst Fruit Chews04. Westwood One In Concert 85-12 Intro 2 - Steve Downes05. Lost Highway06. Change The Tune07. Are You Ready For The Country08. I Can't Help Myself09. Commercial - Budweiser (B.B. King)10. Commercial - Levi 501 Jeans11. Westwood One In Concert 85-12 Break - Steve Downes12. Broken Whiskey Glass13. Shop It Around14. Last Time Around15. Hot Nights In Georgia16. Commercial - Levi 501 Jeans17. Commercial - U.S. Army18. Westwood One In Concert 85-12 Break - Steve Downes19. Poke Salad Annie20. Why Baby Why21. I Really Don't Want To Know22. White Lies23. Commercial - Starburst Fruit Chews (in the style of Cyndi Lauper)24. Commercial - Budweiser (Ronnie James Dio)25. Westwood One In Concert 85-12 Break - Steve DownesSides 3 and 4:Howard JonesApollo Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland, U.K.01. Hunt The Self02. Pearl In The Shell03. Change The Man04. Commercial - Budweiser (Icicle Works)05. Commercial - Durasoft Contact Lenses07. Always Asking Questions08. What Is Love09. Equality10. Commercial - Budweiser (Bus Boys)11. Westwood One In Concert 85-12 Break - Steve Downes12. Westwood One Promo - Gil Moore (Triumph)13. Dreams Of A Better Place14. New Song15. Westwood One In Concert 85-12 Outro - Steve DownesHoward Jones played the Apollo Theatre in Glasgow on March 19, 1984 and December 20, 1984. Jason & The Scorchers played the Uptown Theater in Kansas City on March 23, 1984.I do not know if this show was sourced from those concerts.  As the broadcast window was May 24th to 26th, 1985, it's possible there were later shows by both performers...although the Apollo Theatre, as a "legendary" venue, has been extensively documented so it is not likely there was a 1985 Howard Jones concert.So...both of these shows are possibly from 1984, but I don't know for sure.Note that "Pearl In The Shell" is listed as "Fool In The Shower" on the cue sheet.  WHAT?!Budweiser commercials include B.B. King and Ronnie James Dio. says the Dio commercial is "pretty much a straight cover of Holy Diver‘s “Rainbow in the Dark.”  And B.B. King!  The man was a guitar god!  Even a Budweiser commercial sounds great when he plays it!There's also a Cyndi Lauper "sound-alike" commercial imitating the burbling synth-swirl sound of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," along with Lauper's Long Island accent.As is often the case, we have a SCOOBY DOO rock n' roll mystery to solve:  The third Budweiser commercial (Track 4 on "Sides 3 and 4") sounds familiar, but I can't figure out the name of the group!  It's got pounding drums and a touch of the West African "highlife" guitars that showed up in groups like the (English) Beat (but it's not them!).   Does anyone have an idea who does this commercial?  I don't ask much of our Beloved Audience, but "Please, Please Please" (as James Brown put it...),  if ANY of you recognize the group, could you please give us their name in the comments?MYSTERY SOLVED!  It's the ICICLE WORKS!Flac files of wavs; feel free to convert to MP3 or to  play backwards to search for backward masking Satanic messages!  Includes a 300 dpi scan of the cue sheet, and a disc label!!SARGjQ4I!4dHTvJhZrgXny3TQzTztVlHD2ChbbXkI_sqTgF_VTi4Run out groove Side 1: IC 85-12-1 JS KMRun out groove Side 2: IC 85-12-2 JS KMRun out groove Side 3:  IC 85-12-3 JS KMRun out groove Side 4: IC 85-12-4 JS KMNote: the "KM" looks like a mechanical stamp; the other text is hand etched.[...]

Colosseum - Ruisrock Festival -1970


Colosseum- Ruisrock Festival 
Turku, Finland 
August 22, 1970
FM Source @flac

FM > DAT > Audio CD > SHN > wav > flac

Dick Heckstall Smith: sax
John Hiseman: drums
Dave " Clem" Clempson: guitar
Dave Greenslade. keyboards, vibes
Tony Reeves : bass (??)
Chris Farlowe  : vocals

Track List:
01 - Rope Ladder To The Moon (10:28)
02 - The Machine Demands A Sacrifice > Drum Solo (cuts) (10:54)
03 - Downhill And Shadows (12:11)
04 - Lost Angeles  (11:29)
05 - Walking in the Park (6:12)

Thanks to the original source!

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Ryan Adams - Orion - 2010


Major props to wacocrimatty for finding this gem!! Ryan Adams - Orion (2010)Studio recordings @flac*Very Rare* Orion is the 11th studio album by singer-songwriter Ryan Adams, released on May 18, 2010, on Adams' own record label PAX AM. Described as Adams' first "fully-realized sci-fi metal concept album," Orion was released on a limited vinyl run, and could only be purchased from the PAX AM online store. There are no plans for a wide release, but as of November 4, 2010, Adams' new site is offering a standard edition viny that will also include the download card of the entire album. Those who purchased the album in its limited run also received a bonus 7" single.The album was recorded in 2006, while working on Easy Tiger with producer Jamie Candiloro, and is Adams' first full-length album release since splitting from The Cardinals in March 2009.Orion's artwork was designed by Michel Langevin of Voivod.~WikiTrack List:1-Signal Fade     2-Immient Galactic War     3-Disappyramid     4-Fire Away     5-Defenders Of The Galaxy     6-Fire And Ice     7-By Force     8-Ghorgon, Master Of War     9-Ariel     10-Electro Snake     11-Victims Of The Ice Brigade     12-2.000 Ships     13-End Of Days Review at Consequences of Soundpass= fbsvw allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560"><*>[...]

David Bowie Rehearsing Sound And Vision


Here's another one I will be re-upping in two or three years.


Ted Nugent - Cape Cod Coliseum March 28, 1981 A Night On The Road 281


Ted NugentA Night On The Road 281Hosted by Pat St. JohnBroadcast date of May 23, 1981Recorded March 28, 1981 Cape Cod Coliseum, South Yarmouth, MA01. A Night On The Road Intro 1 - Pat St. John02. Commercial - Coca Cola03. A Night On The Road Intro 2 - Pat St. John04. Land Of 1,000 Dances05. Scream Dream06. Wang Dang Sweet Poontang07. A Night On The Road Break - Pat St. John08. Commercial - We Can Work It Out Coca Cola - Chaka Khan09. A Night On The Road Break - Pat St. John10. Paralyzed11. My Love Is Like A Tire Iron12. Heads Will Roll13. A Night On The Road Break - Pat St. John14. Commercial - We Can Work It Out Coca Cola - Chaka Khan15. A Night On The Road Break - Pat St. John16. Jailbait17. Stranglehold18. A Night On The Road Break - Pat St. John19. Commercial - Coca Cola20. A Night On The Road Break - Pat St. John21. Great White Buffalo22. A Night On The Road Break - Pat St. John23. Commercial - We Can Work It Out Coca Cola - Chaka Khan24. A Night On The Road Break - Pat St. John25. Wango Tango26. Motor City Madness27. A Night On The Road Break - Pat St. John28. Commercial - We Can Work It Out Coca Cola - Chaka Khan29. A Night On The Road Break - Pat St. John30. Free For All31. Cat Scratch Fever32. Flesh And Blood33. A Night On The Road Outro - Pat St. John34. Commercial - Coca Cola35. A Night On The Road Outro 2 - Pat St. John36. A Night On The Road Promo 1 - Pat St. John37. A Night On The Road Promo 2 - Pat St. John38. A Night On The Road Promo 3 - Pat St. JohnIncludes:  the four page cue sheet booklet, the commercial format page, the affidavit, and a scan of a disc label.This show has also been "gray-marketed" as "Cape Cod 1981" subtitled "The New England Broadcast."  From the sound samples on Amazon UK, I'm sure it's also sourced from the A Night On The Road LPs.Ted is in fine form on this live set.  Lots of guitar gonzo soloing and Ted yells a lot.  I highly recommend "Stranglehold."The "A Night On The Road" series ran on about 300 ABC Radio Network affiliates in 1981 and 1982.  The shows ran for the "spring-summer-fall" advertising period, going "dark" in the winter. Our old pal Pat St. John is back; you may recall him from SuperGroups, the House of Blues, and Live From Electric Ladyland shows that we've got here in the Voodoo Lounge archives.!WQRgiTCJ!y0slItdKfmlzfGR91MmTTQJPbfkdbR1L7mLs-ates6M[...]

David Bowie - Ziggy Missing Links @224kbps


*NOW WITH NEW LINKFirst off I have to be more thorough. When I posted that Ziggy last week I did not bother to see if we had posted it before.  Of course we had The Boss beat me by three years in putting it up. So with all the tributes out there I'm searching my hard drives to find something that I have not seen on other sites.  Now my introduction to David Bowie. Way back in 1972 a young Jobester went into one of the local department stores. Looking at the records that they had on display. I noticed a real weird looking guy with orange messed up air looking very forlorn and staring down. I thought  well..this may be psychedelic, and if nothing else just weird enough to appeal to me. They must have had ten copies of "Space Oddity" but one was mistakenly priced at a $1.99 so with my limited funds that's the one I bought, all others were $3.99. I took it home and as of this time the FM radio stations in my little town would not even touch this guy. So I hadn't even heard "Space Oddity" but the songs I determined that needed to be paid more attention too were "Unwashed and Slightly Dazed" "Cygnet Committee"and "Memory of a Free Festival" Imagine my surprise when after deciding these are some great songs I then find out he's got  three other RCA albums out. So the next one I buy is "Hunky Dory" Ok now I'm hooked. "Ziggy" was next then "The Man Who Sold The World" but still no FM play in my city. Here is the guy that seems to feel what I'm thinking,feeling and trying to say (not that anyone would listen) He is my hero. Now I devour everything I can find by this guy. Read anything I can find on him. At this time I have expounded to my mother and friends the genius of David Bowie. Of course they all call into question my sexuality and think David is a weirdo, doesn't change my mind though. So now I find out he's produced an album by some guy named "Lou Reed" and another band named "Mott The Hoople" who had gotten a bit of FM airplay with their song "Whiskey Women" so them, I had heard a bit of. I bought both of these, they had David Bowie's name on them. I remember going to the record store (by this time we now had "underground" head shops and record stores in my town) the day of release of "Aladdin Sane" also at this time our local college radio station was playing "Panic in Detroit" I bought everything I could find by David, bootlegs, 45's, magazines anything. As a side note I still have every one of those records. David was the first guy whom everything he put out I bought. Then in 1973 I buy a record by some band called Iggy and the Stooges once again David Bowie association. That was it. I now started to hear music different. When I bought "Raw Power" I no longer had time to listen to FM rock. Don't get me wrong there is a lot of that shit (FM rock from the time period) that I still like but it never seemed right to me that so much BULLSHIT music was being played and David and his ilk could not even be heard. So all these people that jump on the DB band wagon I hope you know who Dana Gillespie,Nelson Slater,(I know he's a Lou Reed Associate) Tony DeFries, Amanda Lear Angie, Zowie (Joe) are right? This is way long and I'm sorry. I didn't even get to talk about the 1980 floor show or how disappointed I was when I found out he had gotten rid of Mick Ronson and released the pedestrian(in my opinion) "Diamond Dogs" Listen to 1984/DODO from the 1980 Floor Show and think how much greater that album would have been with input from Mick Ronson. For some reason we can't receive comments right now so if you wanna say something please be patient. And finally I have a friend who states that it takes talent to hear[...]

Buzzcocks - Live Coachella 2012


Buzzcocks - Coachella Music Festival
Empire Polo Grounds, Indio, CA.
April 14, 2012
Unknown broadcast source @256

Track List:
01. Fast Cars
02. Autonomy
03. You Say You Don’t Love Me
04. E.S.P.
05. Homosapien [Pete Shelley]
06. Telephone Operator
07. Hey Maria
08. Sick City Sometimes
09. Something’s Gone Wrong Again
10. What Do I Get
11. Promises
12. Orgasom Addict
13. Harmony In My Head
14. Ever Fallen In Love
15. I Believe

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David Bowie - The Lost Beeb Tapes


Back From the Dead...Originally posted by Mitch May 11, 2011David BowieThe Lost Beeb TapesVarious BBC SessionsRadio broadcast @flac{Liberated Bootleg} New Updated Link!Original Notes:From the earliest recordings made in 1967 to the sixteenth session in 2002 Bowie has contributed some fascinating live sets to the BBC archives. The early recordings of Bowie at the BBC particularly hold great interest and document an artist still trying to find his way in the world with apparent giant leaps in style although if you really study them it’s more of a rapid evolution. Most of the unofficial recordings have variable sound quality and generally attribute the wrong dates to the various sets Bowie performed up to the early '70s. Pick and mix bootlegs confuse matters still further as do the often repetitive set lists. The official Bowie at the BBC release is by far the best available but is far from complete so this is where this new release from Godfather steps in as in contains many of the important tracks missing from the original release and all in excellent quality. Okay, the four volumes of ‘The Rise and Rise of Ziggy Stardust’ are more complete still, but have poor quality on some sessions. So if you have the official release then the ‘Lost Beeb Tapes’ makes a sensible purchase filling in most of the gaps in great quality. The first session documents all the tracks from the Top Gear session of 1967. This vaudevillian period is often derided by Bowie fans but in truth the songs reproduced here live are worthy of re-evaluation and Bowie’s juvenilia is much more refined and developed than many would have us believe. These are clever songs for those with open minds and beautifully played. ‘When I’m Five’ is a sentimental monologue from the 1968 Top Gear Session and is the only full studio recording of the song (A rough demo also exists). The Dave Lee Travis Show of 1969 brings us a great version of ‘unwashed and somewhat slightly dazed’ delivered quite ferociously that in some way could be attributed to the then recent death of Bowie’s father. The 1970 show offers us ‘Waiting for the man’ and ‘The Width of a Circle’ backed by Bowie’s then band ‘The Hype’. Both songs are guitar heavy workouts almost progressive in delivery. The John Peel show of 1971 is quite an oddity and unique in sound and structure with various guest vocalists and friends helping Bowie fulfil his Warhol-come-Svengali aspirations. The pick of the sessions is the 1971 Bob Harris show featuring just Mick Ronson and Bowie in a stripped down acoustic set of ‘Hunky Dory’ songs. All the songs are played quite superbly and it’s surprising the whole set didn’t feature on the official release. The 1972 Bob Harris session completes the disc with a full on Ziggy version of the Velvet’s ‘White Light/ White Heat’. So it’s a 10/10 for Godfather so far. Bonus tracks feature three tracks wrongly attributed to ‘Arnold Corns’ with the exception of ‘Moonage Daydream’. Unfortunately more complete and better quality versions of these three bonus tracks are available elsewhere.Track List: 01 - Love You Till Tuesday02 - In The Heat Of The Morning03 - Silly Boy Blue04 - When I Live My Dream05 - Little Bombardier06 - When I'm Five07 - Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed08 - Waiting For The Man09 - The Width Of A Circle10 - Queen Bitch11 - The Supermen12 - Song For Bob Dylan13 - Andy Warhol14 - Oh! You Pretty Things15 - Kooks16 - Fill Your Heart17 - Amsterdam18 - Andy Warhol19 - White Light, White Heat20 - Lady Stardust21 - Right On MOther22 - Moonage Daydream Track[...]

The Beatles - From Kinfauns To Chaos


The Beatles - From Kinfauns To Chaos
Studio sessions soundboard @flac

Assembled from the finest quality master tapes available, "From Kinfauns To Chaos" documents an ending and a beginning, the end of the Beatles as a cohesive assemblage, and the beginning of John and Yoko as a collective unit. This two - CD set features the most complete, best sounding version to date of the May, 1968 "White Album" demos recorded at George's "Kinfauns" Bungalow on disc one. Disc Two highlights a June, 1968 mixing session for the "slow" version of "Revolution", "Revolution #1".

Porcupine Tree - Maida Vale Studios 2007


Porcupine Tree - BBC Maida Vale Studios
FM Source @320
Recorded April 13, 2007
First Broadcast April 17, 2007

Porcupine Tree - BBC Radio Session (Maida Vale Studios) - April 13th 2007
This was the first radio session P Tree recorded with the BBC since 1996, and their long awaited return allowed them to showcase some of their new material after the disappointment of the Deadwing period. 

Track List:
1.Steven Wilson interview
2.The Pills I'm Taking
3.Gavin Harrison interview
5.Steven Wilson interview
6.Fear of a Blank Planet
7.Outro Daniel P Carter
8.Sleep Together (not broadcast)

Julian Lennon / Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre 1986, Westwood One Pop Concert PC 87-21


Julian LennonIrvine Meadows AmphitheatreLaguna Hills, CArecorded July 25, 1986Westwood One Pop Concert PC 87-21for broadcast the week of May 18, 198701. Westwood One Pop Concert PC 87-21 Intro - Phil Hendrie02. Commercial - Moments Teledisc03. Say You're Wrong04. O.K. For You05. On The Phone06. Commercial - Caltrate07. Commercial - Honda Motorcycles08. Commercial - Caffedrine09. Westwood One Pop Concert PC 87-21 Break - Phil Hendrie10. Heart Tour Update11. Valotte12. Let Me Tell You13. Jesse14. Commercial - Caffedrine15. Commercial - Trident Sugarless Gum16. Commercial - Country Time Drink Mix17. Westwood One Pop Concert PC 87-21 Break - Phil Hendrie18. REO Speedwagon Tour Update19. Stick Around20. Big Mama21. Stand By Me22. Commercial - Honda Motorcycles23. Commercial - Listermint24. Commercial - Country Time Drink Mix25. Westwood One Pop Concert PC 87-21 Break - Phil Hendrie26. Too Late For Goodbyes27. It Won't Be Long28. Day Tripper29. Westwood One Pop Concert PC 87-21 Outro - Phil Hendrie30. Westwood One Pop Concert PC 87-21 Promo - Phil HendrieThe band:Justin Clayton (guitar)Doug Worthington (guitar)Carmine Rojas (bass guitar)Chuck Kentis (keyboards)Frank Elmo (saxophone)Alan Childs (drums)This show was bootlegged as "Stand By Me"The Internet says this was 1 LP, 200 copies, with the first 100 copies on red vinyl.issued in 1988 on the Diamond Sound label as DS001, out of West Germany.That bootleg called it a "Live Concert - Somewhere in US 1986."Take that all with a grain of salt (English idiom meaning it may not be true.)Here's what I've observed:The Westwood One Pop Concert series ran from about 1983 to 1988.  At the time, Westwood Onehad several "concert" shows:  "Superstars In Concert," "In Concert," "Pop Concert" and "Live At Gilley's" (which evolved into "Westwood One Presents.")  The first three featured rock and pop acts, while Gilley's/Presents was Country.The "Pop Concert" series is the most confusing, as it looks like the shows varied between "live concerts" and "artist profiles" (which featured studio tracks).  The "Superstars In Concert" and "In Concert" shows usually featured harder rock acts, while the Pop Concerts were a bit lighter. However, there's a lot of overlap.  Elton John, Robert Palmer, Jefferson Starship, Bruce Hornsby, Moody Blues, Stevie Nicks show up on all three of these "rock" shows, while Melissa Manchester, Julian Lennon,Sade, and Spandau Ballet turn up only on the Pop Concerts.  Greg Kihn turns up on "In Concert" and "Pop Concert."As for the show... it's pretty good. Julian suffers by comparison to his father, but hell, so do most groups and singers.  If his name was Gordon Potrzebie we would probably consider this a triumph!Of interest is the end of the concert, where Julian tackles his father John Lennon's legacywith a run through Lennon's cover of "Stand By Me," (to my ears, not as good as his father's version of the song, but a pretty good shot at it), the Beatles "It Won't Be Long," (a solid rendition of an underappreciated Fab Four track), and "Day Tripper," done in a synth-pop arrangement that doesn't work for me.  It's not just painfully begs a comparison with the Beatles hard-charging original and comes up short, in my opinion.Anyway...FLAC FILES OF WAVS, people!  With a 300 dpi scan of the record label and cue sheet!!mAYlwLRC!EP9Hd7nH1XOjeR1ixdKQmPafva37VE4Z_QEEMqlrGOM[...]

Roxy Music - The Avalon Tapes


*Thanks to the original poster

There are pretty much two era's of the old Jobester's life. The period's I call DW (During Weed) and AW (After Weed) I do not think lesser anyone who smokes, as a matter of fact I think it should be legal everywhere, I choose to no longer smoke it. Seems to me I remember that DW if I had had a particularly shitty day it always took the edge off.  If something sucked after a couple of hits it didn't suck as much or at all. May I add that DW my day would consist of getting high before work, getting high during lunch, and getting high after work so basically I was high all the time. So during the holidays the opportunity presented itself for me to revisit my past. Well my results are in....after obtaining some high grade, I noticed that whatever (I thought) sucked still sucked. Outside of getting a little dizzy that was all I felt. I guess life has finally beat me down now that I'm an old man and situations didn't change after I exhaled. So be it. This CD is best listen to high.  See scans


Gang of Four /Hofstra University, NY Penthouse/Omni Magazine College Rock Concert CC 1015


(image) Gang of Four
Hofstra University
Hempstead, NY
The Penthouse/Omni Magazine College Rock Concert CC 1015
recorded October 23, 1983
London Wavelength's Broadcast Week of January 15, 1984

01 Penthouse Omni College Rock Concert CC 1015 Intro - Pete Larkin
02 We Live As We Dream, Alone
03 I Love a Man In A Uniform 
04 A Man With A Good Car 
05 I Will Be A Good Boy 
06 The History Of The World
07 Silver Lining 
(image) 08 Penthouse Omni College Rock Concert CC 1015 Break - Pete Larkin
09 Call Me Up 
10 Is It Love 
11 Paralysed 
12 What We All Want
13 Woman Town 
14 I Fled 
15 Penthouse Omni College Rock Concert CC 1015 Outro - Pete Larkin

Flac files of wavs, includes 300 dpi scan of cue sheets and a disc label.

The Penthouse/Omni Magazine College Rock Concert series was produced by London Wavelength, who also produced the BBC Rock Hour, and the very similar BBC College Concert. 

Besides his work as a d.j in Baltimore, Washington, and New York City, Pete Larkin was the public address announcer for the New York Mets from 1988 to 1993.!yYpDFarb!dezBBtlkFcnRnDmOvYZ2kQ9l3msLIX_H9MoUc2jJgM8

Tool - Live Denver, CO. 2002


Tool - Live at the Pepsi Arena
Denver, CO.
July 21, 2002

Total time: 2:09:18
 The best Tool soundboard out there...

Track List:
Disc 1

01. Intro I (4:56)
02. Intro II (2:35)
03. Band Emerges (2:18)
04. Sober (5:12)
05. 4° (7:01)
06. The Grudge (8:28)
07. (-) Ions (0:57)
08. Stinkfist (6:18)
09. Forty Six & Two(6:34)
10. Schism Intro (1:01)
11. Schism (8:06)
12. Parabol Intro (1:28)
13. Parabol (2:58)
14. Parabola (6:40)
15. Eon Blue Apocalypse (1:20)
16. The Patient (7:32)
17. Ænema (6:37)

Disc 2

01. Intermission (8:26)
02. Disposition (5:30)
03. Reflection (12:31)
04. Triad (9:37)
05. Maynard's Speech (1:49)
06. Lateralus (11:23)

Thanks to Dime and the people that share!!

128 sample...
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Paul Rodgers/Troubadour, Westwood One In Concert #94-34


Paul RodgersTroubadour, West Hollywood, CAWestwood One In Concert #94-34for broadcast the week of August 15, 199401. Westwood One In Concert 94-34 Intro - Doug Podell02. Louisiana Blues03. She's Alright04. Westwood One In Concert 94-34 Break - Doug Podell05. Good Morning Little School Girl 06. Wishing Well07. Westwood One In Concert 94-34 Break - Doug Podell08. Fire And Water09. Mr. Big10. Shooting Star11. Westwood One In Concert 94-34 Break - Doug Podell12. Bad Company13. The Hunter14. Can't Get Enough Of Your Love15. Westwood One In Concert 94-34 Break - Doug Podell16. Purple Haze17. Fire18. Little Wing19. Westwood One In Concert 94-34 Break - Doug Podell20. Stone Free/I Feel Free21. Foxy Lady22. All Right Now23. Westwood One In Concert 94-34 Outro - Doug Podell24. Westwood One In Concert 94-34 Promo - Doug Podell!PBQGTAzB!sMMxz7ZrEm8mTC86zDNCUcm3CnJ82fIUqA1vnkCddQgFlac files of .wavs, includes 300 dpi scan of the cue sheet and discs.There's an early 90's bootleg named "Paul Rodgers Company Live In Hollywood 1994," sourced from the same original concert as this "In Concert" show, but with the songs in a different order.  As compared to In Concert 94-34, the bootleg is missing "She's Alright" and "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl," but includes "Muddy Water Blues.  Guitars 101 has a show dated 11-23-1993 recorded off-air from WXRT-FM and attributed to "WW1 Superstars In Concert," with the songs in the same order as the bootleg, and also missing "She's Alright" and "Good Morning Little School Girl." This is most likely sourced from Westwood One Superstars In Concert #94-05...which has exactly the same set list as the Guitars 101 show and the bootleg.Note that the Internet says Slash from Guns n' Roses plays on "The Hunter..." and that Slash's website give the date of this show as November 12, 1993...not November 23rd. As the two dates don't match, I'm not listing either as a possible date...but it's likely recorded in November of 1993.(Note: the BROADCAST date listed is definitely NOT the date of the recording, it's the date the syndicated show aired).It's LIKELY the silver CD bootlegs were sourced from the "Superstars In Concert" show, which didn't include "She's Alright."  I don't have the W1 Superstars show for comparison, but it is likely to be from the same concert as this Westwood One In Concert show.  Westwood One often edited shows into different song orders than the original concert, and added and dropped songs to suit the constraints of a syndicated broadcast with national commercials.My guess is that this is the same show, with a two additional tracks, as compared to the bootleg and currently circulating Superstars In Concert version.So...even if you have the other versions, you need this to get "She's Alright" and "Good Morning Little School Girl."UPDATED!  A sharp-eyed reader kindly pointed out an error; I'd incorrectly labeled "Good Morning Little School Girl" as "Muddy Waters Blues."  I deleted the original upload and replaced it with a corrected version.[...]