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Preview: The Thrifty Goth

The Thrifty Goth

The Linden- Conscious Avi's Guide to all things Goth, Vamp and otherwise Dark in the Fashion soaked world of SL.

Updated: 2018-03-05T22:19:02.170-05:00


It's insanity!!


haha yeah I know, my titles suck, lol. Oh well, least what I have to show you is good :) So its Friday, which means comfy casuals for me. Here I'm wearing Sakides' shredded leggings and bloody perv dress/ top, which are currently available on their Midnight Manias, if you can lock them down :) It's difficult to see from my photo, but the dress/ top has bloody handprints over the bewbs, hehe. I have accessorised this urban look with the beautiful 'The Oracle' choker from Virtual/Insanity. The Heavy Cross belt and Heavy Cross rings are also new from VI.


Go slap that MM!!


Twisted Fae!


So unless you are living under a rock, you will know that the 6th installment of the legendary Twisted Hunt is upon us! This time the theme is unseelie and the boxes you are hunting for are blurple. Old-timers will know, this is the hardest hunt on the grid, with many decoys and craftily hidden boxes which move around a lot, lol. If you have never done this hunt before I advise you to join the Twisted Hunters group for hints in your quest! That being said, there are some awesome gifties and I highly recommend everyone doing it! lol Unfortunately I don't have time to post everything I have found, so here is one of my favourite looks made up from hunt gifties. If I have time I will add more later :D



Dress with wings: The Delectable Doll ~ Unseelie dress (Twisted Hunt gift, available til 30th September),
Shoes: The Delectable Doll ~ Unseelie Pumps (not free, special sale item while the hunt is ongoing),
Tiara: Demotik ~ Dark Fae Crown (Twisted Hunt gift, available til 30th September),
Thigh dagger: Secrets of Gaia ~ Unseelie Twisted Dagger (Twisted Hunt gift, available til 30th September),
Branching Fae bracelet: Dead Bunneh (Twisted Hunt gift, available til 30th September),
Ear plugs: Virtual Insanity ~ Ear plugs collection (Twisted Hunt gift, available til 30th September),
Eyes: Indigo Oddities ~ Unseelie Satyr Eyes (Twisted Hunt gift, available til 30th September),
Skin: Belle Morte ~ Tuesday Skin - fae rune,
Make-up: Sn@tch ~ Thorns (Twisted Hunt gift, available til 30th September),
Tattoo: Collisions ~ Mab's apprentice (Twisted Hunt gift, available til 30th September),

Happy hunting, try not to gouge your eyes out from all the blurple!!! *wicked laugh*

Millie xox

Sooo delectable


For those of you who are not too hunted out, one hunt you need to check out is The Delectable Dolls' mini cupcake hunt. The wonderful Sherri Zeurra has placed out 6 mini cupcakes around her store, each containing a gorgeous cupcake dress. Each cupcake costs L$5 to buy, so for L$30 you can buy the whole set!!

Pink and Black:


Orange and Grey:


Teal and Green:


The Delectable Doll is also in this months' Twisted Hunt, so while you are hunting round for the little cupcakes, you may as well look for the twisted box too! This time you are looking for a small blurple box! And, here's a peekie at Sherri's twisted gift!


Absolutely gorgeous I'm sure you'll agree! Oh, if you like the socks I'm wearing in some of these photos, these are out of one of Sherri's gatchas at the store and are L$10 each time!!

~ [VoiD] Tiny - Bare - Natural, worn with [V] freckles/blush/gloss make-up,
Eyes ~ [VoiD] Echo - Pink,
Hair ~ Truth @ Collaber88 (L$88 for whole fatpack of colours!!).

Happy hunting gothlies!!

Millie xx



OK, so I've been meaning to post here for the past few days and wasn't sure what to show you, so here's a couple of looks I've made with gifts from the Depraved Urban Wreckage Hunt which is on til August 31st.



Pic 1:
Skin: Nikita Fride (Depraved Urban Wreckage Hunt, ends Aug 31st),
Elf Ears: Gauged (Depraved Urban Wreckage hunt),
Glasses: beatnik (Depraved Urban Wreckage hunt),
T-shirt: LikeA ~ blood and skeleton tee (Depraved Urban Wreckage hunt),
Capri's: Insanya (Depraved Urban Wreckage hunt),
Sneakers: Epic (Depraved Urban Wreckage hunt),
Hair: ploom (not free).

Pic 2:
Tube top: bubble (Depraved Urban Wreckage hunt),
Trousers: Sn@tch~Fangerbanger velvet pants, (Depraved Urban Wreckage hunt),
Hair: {silenced} Blair (was L$75 for Lazy Sunday),
Boots: RatzCatz~ Skulls Rainboots, (Depraved Urban Wreckage hunt),
Eyes: birth (Depraved Urban Wreckage Hunt),
Mech scorpion tail: BunnyStar (Depraved Urban Wreckage hunt),
Skin: [VoiD] Faun - Detox - Light (which is available on the group lucky board, free to join!!).

Good luck gothlings!!

Millie xx

Purple Rain


So I was hanging out at Snatch the other day, trying to mob the riot-vend with a bunch of other crazy people, and got lucky on their lucky chair while I was there, bonus! I got this gorgeous dollie-dress which I just had to show you.


Also worn is one of the latest free hair styles from Curious Kitties, and free skin from Heartsick, this lovely dolly skin is free instore for everyone, no group needed! Here's a close-up:



Skin: Heartsick ~ HS Haiku: Aura: Dolly Dreadful(Free in store),
Hair: Curious Kitties ~ Nyanotech 09-B Series Hair - Enilva V2 (Free in store),
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard ~ Bullseye in Purple (July gift free on marketplace here),
Dress: Sn@tch ~ Funeral Flowers (in 4 different colours, free on lucky chair),

Enjoy gothlings!!

Millie xx

Independance Day Dollie


To all my American friends I would like to wish a very Happy, and safe, Independance Day. And for those of you who want to celebrate in world, the ever-lovely Ghanima of Blue Blood has released a beautiful Independance Day Dollie dress, and for today ONLY you can get it for the super-reduced price of L$99!!! Tomorrow it goes up to its' regular retail price of L$300.


Also worn:

Skin: Rotten Toe (old group giftie),
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard (June giftie, may no longer be available),
Hair: House of Munster (not free/ reduced but awesome!),
Holiday Mary Janes: Katat0nik (old gift)

Happy Independance Day!!

Millie xx

Violent Seduction Giftie


Whoots!! Violent Seduction has a new group giftie out. It's appropriately called 'exposed' and it is smexy!! Take a look:

The whole outfit you see here, including the boots and prim boobies are included in the gift. The group does have a small entry fee of L$50, but the boots here are more than worth that alone, lol! Close-up of boots:

I apologise if my photo doesn't do the boots justice, I think the alpha mask is a bit big for my legs and I dunno how to change that o.o

Also worn:
Lamb - Teased up (freebie at store),
Skin: Edge of Sanity - Remorse - Marta3 (limited edition for L$50, hurry if you want it!!),
Finger tape: Nomine (lucky chair giftie).

Millie xx



Hair- Bishwear Hair (free) {click demo board for Hair in Raven}

A Kinder Thrifty Goth- New Mission Statement


So, Its Me, your friendly C.E.O./ "Queen" of all that is Thrifty and Goth, Oriana. I have been making allot of changes to T.T.G. and I hope you will embrace them as I have done them to make sure our group stays the #1 Gothic themed Freebie Group in SL.  Our New joiners are now below, Look for them in all ur all fave stores and hopefully some new up and comers soon! Our group is Now Open Join again so feel free to come and Join us at our HQ ! Also, we have updated our rules to include Gothic-Neko, steampunk, as well as Pure gothic, punk, vamp and all other Gothic/Dark(Lolita, neo-goth, etc) themed Freebies for Men and Women. Our only Requirements is High Quality for the Items to be called and VIP sponsors Must have full stock and a Freebie system (Chairs,boards, MM,etc) to be allowed to post notices in group. For Full rules, join us and read.  I love all the Goths of SL, and for them I have created this Group so that we can bond, shop and be merry! O.P. [...]

Carnival Sinister


Its that time of year again when the Guild of Gloom rolls their carnival into town in support of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. Many of your favourite dark 'n' twisted designers, such as beauty killer, dilly dolls, violet voltaire, pinkmares house, razorblade jacket, immateria, have lent their support to this worthwhile cause by creating new and, sometimes, exclusive items for sale at the carnival. Each designer has made at least one item specifically as a donation item for the cause. There's only a couple days left til the Carnival leaves town again, so today I went shopping at Carnival Sinster, and here is what I came away with:

And heres' the obligatory close-up:

Sophie Lancaster, off course, was the young UK goth girl who was attacked, along with her boyfriend Rob Maltby, for being dressed as a goth. Sophie bravely shielded Rob to protect him from the brutal attack. Rob survived the attack, but Sophie lost her fight for life in the hospital. The Sophie Lancaster Foundation aims to create more awareness of these kinds of hate-crime and to stamp out intolerance towards people from alternative subcultures, and to have the UK Hate Crime legislation extended to include people from “alternative subcultures” or “Lifestyle and Dress".


Magika, Skin: Dilly Dolls - (currently on the lucky boards), Eyes: Repulse (Carnival Sinister), Dress: Beauty Killer (Carnival Sinister), Umbrella: Beauty Killer (Carnival Sinister), Saw-blade: Razorblade Jacket (Carnival Sinister), Necklace: Violet Voltaire (Carnival Sinister), Boots: Favole (Lament, Zombie Killers Hunt, available til 28th May).

Happy shopping freaks!
Millie xx (taken from my own personal blog and reposted here to share with you guys).

My look of the day


OK, so I've been busy in RL and not really found anything in SL to inspire me to blog the past few weeks, however, I figured I'd show you a few things I've grabbed over the last few days which you might be interested in.

This cute lil dress Im wearing is a recent lucky board score from Belle Morte. I'm wearing it with absolutely awesome sculpted Lament boots from Favole. These are Themis Enzo's gift for the Zombie Killers Hunt, which runs til 28th May. These boots have awesome sculpted skull-hands on the back, and a lil spider sits on top of these, and actually *moves*. Heres' a close-up of them:

Another good find on the ZKH is this skin I'm wearing here. This is the hunt gift from Furore, and heres' a close-up:

The adorable sugar skull tatoo shown here isn't free, but at only L$10 I couldn't resist them. They are from La Malvada Mujer which is another store in the ZKH. Poses are from still life and estetica. All photos were taken at the Guild of Glooms' Carnival Sinister, which is a fundraising event to support the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. More info will follow on this in my next post.
Millie xx


Meh, I suck at thinking up titles, but since everything in this post is black and white, Cruella de Ville sprung to mind, lol. Anyways, last night Ghanima put a hot NEW dress into the riotvend @ Blue Blood, Adele in white-goth. As versatile as ever, this dress comes with a lolita skirt or a gown, and also can be worn with a jacket or without. I'm wearing the lolita skirt because its my favourite style! This will only be in the riotvend for a day, so grab a bunch of dolls/ goths and riot that vendor! It goes down to 50L if ya get enough bodies in there!!

The simply breathakingly beautiful skin I'm wearing is from Edge of Sanity and is currently available in the No Strings Attached 2 Hunt, you do NOT want to miss getting your hands on this!! It comes in four tones and includes doll joints ON the skin. The lace mask is also ON the skin, but it is also included seperately as a layerable tattoo so you can wear it on any skin you have, bonus!
Here's the obligatory close-up:

The hair I'm wearing is currently FREE at Curious Kitties, along with a bunch of other hair, dunno how much longer these are gonna be free for. The hat is Violet Voltaires' No Strings Attached 2 Hunt gift, and comes with a matching dollkey:

Also worn:
Earrings - Virtual Insanity - Morbid Extravaganza (not free), Shoes - Favole - Lillith (new release, not free),
Poses by slash me poses and [doll.]

So, go get to rioting and get on the No Strings Attached 2 Hunt!!

Millie de Ville xx

Time to get Twisted!!!


"Brought to you by the colour purple..." (The older Brits should get that reference, lol). OK, so ya'll probably already know about the Twisted hunt, and if you didn't, where the heck have you been hiding??? lol Anyways, its not called Twisted for nothing, it is the hardest hunt on the grid, and they are proud of that, so this is not a hunt for the faint of heart. That being said, I SURVIVED!!! Whoot!!! So heres' some things I grabbed along the way. Also worn: Outfit - Adele by Blue Blood (new release, not free) Gloves & Bracelets - Loulou & co (Twisted Hunt Gift) Full body tattoo - Collisions (Twisted Hunt Gift) Wings, Boots & Skin - Favole (all new releases, not free). Pose by Everglow. This absolutely stunning outfit includes wings and comes courtesy of Dark Fairy Tales, you just have to find the lil red box ;). And this hot lil number is Bad Juju's Twisted giftie. She has a mini hunt/ quest in her store where you need to follow the clues to find the prize. Also worn: Bracelets - Mia's Gems (Twisted Hunt) Purple nails & knife - Virtual Insanity (Twisted Hunt) Finally, here's the giftie from Nightshade Also worn: Hair - Rotten Toe (previous hunt gift maybe no longer available) Choker/ Necklace - Virtual Insanity (Twisted Hunt gift) Boots (completely texture change/ resizable via hud) - Dilly Dolls (Twisted Hunt giftie) There are 218 stores in this hunt, as well as the endgame bonus area,so far too many for me to show you them all, I've just shown you some of my favourites :D Hunt ends March 31st, so get cracking :D The starting location is at DV8. Milly xx[...]

Dolly Dashing!!


So its the last week of the month, which means its time for another Dolly Dash hunt. In case you didn't know, this is a fun mini hunt organised by the Dolly Dash Group, which undertakes a different theme each time. This months' theme is bunnies, and the participating vendors have outdone themselves with original, high quality gifts.
Take a look at this amazing "Bunny Ritual" dress from Pinkmares House, which comes with the huggable bunneh also shown.

The detail in the skirt is absolutely stunning, heres a closer look:

I think you'll agree this is one not to miss out on! I'm also loving this skin from Nightshade, which is another gift in the hunt. Heres a closer look at the skin:

Other stuff:
Boots - Favole - Refined(new release!!)
Hair - Ray Skin - (previously blogged here)

Theres just 5 stores in this hunt, so a nice lil one to warm you up for Twisted which starts today, lol!

Happy Hunting,
Milly xx

Big Sale at Frick!


Oh my goodness, gothlings! Are you short on cash but dying for some gorgeous clothes and skins? Well, if you haven't heard, Frick is having a massive sale on *everything* in the store. Yes, some of it is very colorful, but I'm going to show you some of the very gothiest things I could find there. This is the Frick's Morta in Black. It also comes in many more colors, but this one is the gothiest. It's only L$30. The boots are from Malfean Visions, which always has some kind of boots in the lucky chair, MM, or on sale. Nice boots! I'm also wearing Frick's Vengeance skin which I picked up for only L$15. It comes with the version shown here, plus another version with larger lips. As I was shopping, I found another version of the Vengeance skin, this time on the tattoo layer for only L$45. The tattoo layer version has many more options, so I bought that one, too! You can see the tattoo version of Vengeance on the left below. Here, I’m wearing the Vengeance Tattoo makeup with skin from Style by Kira. The underlying skin and makeup are on sale at Kira’s shop (I think until Skin Fair is over). If you want a beautiful goth skin, you should really keep an eye on her shop because she often releases goth and fantasy skins, and she always has specials. The other skin shown above is the awesome Fear tattoo layer makeup, which I’m wearing again over the Style by Kira skin. I tried it on over other skins and they look great on many of them, especially skins that are “nude” or “bare” of makeup. This Fear set comes in many combinations – the cracks on your face and body or just upper or lower, etc., etc. They also come on clothing layers as well. How much for all this? Only L$45! While I was at Frick shopping like a crazy person, the Lucky Board called my letter, and I won these Caged in Blood tattoo layer makeups, too. They come with and without eye makeup. I’m wearing them over a Heartsick fairly bare skin here. Ok. Want to see some cute clothes at fantastic prices? This one is called “Love, Oh!” and it comes in Lust (red) and also Sweet (pink - not shown). It comes with two skirts and the option to wear the top without the red part and without the jeweled bodice. In other words, it comes with lots of options for so little money. How little? How about L$37? Whoot! I’m wearing hair from Tacky Star – that’s right Aura tried her hand at hair. Since it’s her first attempt and she was a little nervous, she named the hair “Don’t Laugh.” The textures are so shiny! I didn’t laugh. It comes in about a bazillion colors, too. The dolly key I’m wearing is fairly new from Malfean Visions. The whole fatpack was on the Riotvendor recently. It comes in several metal options. Oh, the skin on the left is also from Style by Kira – one of those goth skins that were/are on sale. Frick has several Lolly dresses for only L$20 each. This one is the Blood Lolly. The Lolly dresses come with two skirt options and the system pieces are on all layers so you can mix and match ‘em. I didn’t take the time to do that for this post though. You’re on your own to try out different looks with them, k? The dress comes with a ribbon choker with the bow in the back. Look how cute this skin is! I love it! This is Rotten Toe’s group gift skin for Valentine’s. It comes with the etched heart over your eye on the left, shown above, or on the right (below). This version also has more blood and a darker lipstick in a heart pattern. Elsa really should do more skins coz they are adorable *and* creepy in such an awesome combination. The Lolly dresses also come in purple, pink, and a shocking yellow. Don't [...]

Pretty in Pink


Sometimes, very rarely, but sometimes I like to wear pink.

Don't I look just adorable?? The absolutely gorgeous dress I'm wearing is from Wretched Dollies, and was available for half its usual retail price yesterday (Saturday 26th February 2011) as part of the weekly Dolly Dash sale, if you are lucky, it might still be half price! It was also available in red and blue if you aren't such a big fan of pink. The boots I'm wearing are also from Wretched Dollies, these are available on the lucky chair for a limited time!

The skin I'm in was a group giftie from Edge of Sanity to The Thrifty Goth group, I totally love this skin, its just soooo pretty! The doll joints are included ON the skin.

Finally the gorgeous hair is available on the lucky boards over at Ray Skin. The boards are group only, but its free to join.

So go, do some shopping then stalk those boards/ chairs!

Milly xx

Tainted Love


This hunt is the perfect alternative valentines hunt for all us gothlings. Its simply packed full of dark, gothy gifties. Here's some of what you can grab along the way. First is the giftie from Bellissima. Gift includes complete outfit with boots, AND skin shown. Ewww, what have I stepped in?? Next up is a sexy lil number from ducknipple, worn with shoes from A-Bomb. Next shot shows a few different gifties at once. Jacket is from Deviant Designs. Dress and boots are from A&S Visions. Tattoo is by Whether or Not? Next up is a gorgeous blood-splattered ballet dress from The Delectable Doll. Also worn with this is the beating heart tattoo from Coca & Wolf. Finally, I simply love this 'Evil Cupids Dress' from Netherfield. It comes with horns and wings shown, and also fangs, collar, bow and arrow (not shown). Other items worn here include: My Beating Heart necklace - troubled rebel (actually beats!) 'heart you' gag - bubble Tainted heart armband - LaFrayeur Eyes - Lacerated - Repulse. And heres' a close-up: There are TONS more awesome finds I haven't shown you, so what are you waiting for? Get on that hunt! It starts at Yellow Jester, and runs til February 28th. Oh, and don't forget the special hidden bonuses at the end!! For all participating stores and hints check out the Tainted Love blog. Milly xx[...]

Gothly valentines hunt stuff


Yea, Valentines, there I said it. Its that time of the year again where the grid goes all crazy over things that are red, white and pink. Which, admittedly, aren't usually popular colour choices among us gothlings, however I have managed to find some valentines gothliness that you don't wanna miss out on.

Dress & Pumps - Vicarious Vitae - Mobster (Valentines Day Massacre Hunt)
Hair - Adoness - Jazzy in blood (comes in 3 different colours -Valentines Diva Hunt)
Skin - Tacky Star - Iki Misery (Tacky Star group giftie!)
Necklace - Favole - Certitude (new release)
Pose by Adore & Abhor.

This beautiful dress is so versatile, it comes in all layers in black and red versions, so you can mix & match and wear it anyway you please. It even includes pasties!
Dress - Sassy Kitty Designs (Valentines Diva Hunt)
Boots - Favole - Refined

This gorgeous dolly dress is the Valentines Diva Hunt gift from Virus.
And finally (for now, lol). This dress includes all accessories shown except for the rosary!

Dress - The Unholy - Pinkmares (Dark Katz Hunt 3)

Happy Hunting Gothlings!!

Milly xx

Mobvends and Lucky Chairs - A Purple Palooza!


This past Saturday, a group of about 15 Thrifty Gothlings went on a mobvend binge, scoring some lucky chair items along the way. A fun time was had by all and most of us vowed to make this a weekly party. Tonight I'll show you some of the items we scored, plus another item I scored the day before at Nightshade. I had to include the Nightshade item because it's purple, and funny enough, many of the items I nabbed Saturday are purple. It's a purple palooza, I tell ya! First up, on Friday evening or so, I ran over to Nightshade to pick up the sale item and scored this little cutie in the lucky chair. Actually, Nightshade really loves D's, so I scored three times (!) within about 15 minutes. Very nice! Thanks, Bella, you know we love you! But back to the mobvends, our first stop was actually The Delectable Doll because Sherri had recently changed out the mobvend to Bad Dharma in Plaid Purple. Look how hot this dress is... I love those rips that show the fishnet underneath - hot! And it's a bargain coz it comes with two skirts. Thanks, Sherri! While we were there, waiting for the mobvendor's price to drop, we bided our time hitting the Mini Mania. Wouldn't you know that I won the violet version of Lil Miss Gothy? Oh, by the way, the jewelry set I'm wearing in the above two pictures is from Needful Things, which has this set on sale for only L$50 as part of the Happy New Year Event going on through the end of the month. Back to the Mobvend party! The last item I'll show you, although not the last item I scored, is also purple, and was our second stop on the "tour." It's the sexy, all-prim, Death Rose outfit from Bad Juju. The hair I'm wearing in this post is mostly from a new-to-me store called Dura, a Japanese shop that sells hair for both boys and girls. The hairstyle worn with Death Rose is fairly new release from Exile, however. Non of these hairstyles were free or even on sale, sorry. I hope we can all get together next Saturday and do it all again. Maybe you'll join us? Keep it gothy, darlin's! Details:Dress - Nightshade - Charmant - Lucky Chair item Hair - Dura - Boy - 05 - Black Skin - LAQ - Mima 02 (Pale) Glow Skin (hairbase) Lipstick - Gothica - SS Lipstick Set - Plum Shoes - Dilly Dolls - Stella Dollies - Dark Pack (new!) Nails - Virtual/Insanity - Essential Nails - Purple Lashes by Amacci Eyes by House of Ruin Dress - The Delectable Doll - Bad Dharma - Plaid Purple - Mobvend edition Hair - Dura - Girl - 16 - Black Jewelry - Needful Things - Ancient Love Set (Happy New Year Festival - L$50) Dress - The Delectable Doll - Lil Miss Gothy - Violet - Mini ManiaShoes - Dilly Dolls - Stella Dollies II - Light Pack (new!) Outfit - Bad Juju - Death Rose - Mobvend edition Hair - Exile - Oceane - Marble [...]

Newness from Favole!!!


Everybodys favourite lil daemon store, Favole have some new releases out, which I wanted to show you; Revlot and Recalcitrance. Revolt is the group gift and is a cute lil facial piercing which features hoops on both nostrils, three rings on the bottom lip and two bridge piercings! Recalcitrance is a beautiful blindfold, delicately detailed with a crucifix on a chain, perfect for all your apocalypse doomsday rp! Here's a piccie: (image) Btw it is FREE to join the favole group, so go for it!!
And while I'm at it, I might as well show you the rest of the outfit I'm wearing, hehe. (image)
Dress is Gehenna's giftie for the Side Show Freaks hunt I blogged previously :D

Milly xx

Side Show Freaksssss


There is a new hunt that started a couple of days ago, its the Side Show Freaks hunt. Its only a small hunt with about 50 or so stores involved, but it is deliciously dark themed and some of our own TTG stores are taking part including; rotten defiance, dark dolls, bad juju, grim bros, tacky star, souzou eien, and whatevr. Heres' some pictures I took of the gifties, unfortunately I have not photographed everything cus that would take far too long, if you like what you see, get on the hunt! Baby doll dress from Whatevr: This comes with the gloves and socks you see here. The over-size clown shoes worn with it are one of the gifties from Bad Juju. Harlequin outfit from Dark Dolls: I absolutely adore this outfit, its brilliantly textured and all the prims are resizeable! Bearded lady outfit from Rotten Defiance: This even includes the beard on the v2 tattoo layer!! w00t! There's also a male giftie included (not pictured). And last but not least, the awesome 'Aftershow' skin from Tacky Star: and if that hasn't got you drooling, just check out the detailing on the back. Undies worn in the last two photo's are from the lucky chair at Wretched Dollies. All skins worn are available from different stores in the hunt. Poses are from glitterati, juxtapose and slash me poses. The hunt starts at Ol Dirty B@stards and runs til Feburary 13th. Happy hunting gothlings!! Milly xx[...]

New Blue Blood luckies!!!


Thats right, the ever amazing Ghanima of Blue Blood has updated the prize in the lucky boards, with this ever so cute Marly dress:

It comes in the usual 8 colours and there are 2 boards you can try your luck at!
Other items worn:

Hair - Dilly Dolls - Melany,
Skin - Glam Affair (think this was a hunt skin, but cant remember which hunt now),
Boots - Malfean Creations - Carnivale in gothika red (current MM prize),
Pose by City. of. Dis.

Good luck gothlings!!

Milly xx

Oh My Goth!


I just found this store, RAWR and found the Oh My Goth store as well. There I found this nifty outfit called Reindeer Games, on sale for 50L! (image) It's awesome, and there are other ones too. The entire outfit includes the stockings, the nose and the antlers. Also worn is a skin from +Bounce+ that was under 100L months ago, but is not now. The hair is Free from Curious Kitties. Happy Gothmas Everyone! Vyxsin

Here comes Gothmas!!


I wish I could write poetry, but unfortunately that is not my forte otherwise there'd be a few lines about the beauty of Christmas here. However, Christmas is on its way, snow is falling both in rl and in sl, and in the latter there are some dark delights to enjoy. (image)
This beautiful red Doll Keeper gown is amongst a selection of holiday-themed reduced items at Pinkmares. The original Doll Keeper dress is one of my favourite outfits by Pinkmares, and this one is no less beautiful! It comes complete with pocket dollies, fur trimmings, gloves and the warm winter hat!! As always in SL there are many hunts going on right now, quite a few of which are dark/ goth themed. The next outfit I want to show is the Gothmas by Gaslight giftie from our old favourite; Malfean Visions. This is a stunning black gown which comes complete with gloves (essential to keep those dollie hands warm during the winter!!). (image)
Worn in both photos is the zombie popcorn 3 giftie from Miasnow (this hunt is now offically over I'm afraid, but if you hurry you might still be able to grab this one ;) ). Heres' a closer look:
Other items shown; Hair - Magika, Shape by Virtual Insanity, Pose by [pom.pom] at the FTLO Ice fest. Happy Holidays gothlings!!! Milly xx

Outta this world!!


And you can be too with this amazing outfit from Blue Blood, only available on the GROUP ONLY lucky board instore, it costs just L$50 to join the BB group and I would say its definately worth it. Ive been meaning to join for a while now but just not got round to it til now. Another good reason to sign up is that you get a free gift just for signing up (not shown)!!

I teamed this amazing outfit with hair from Red Queen and boots from favole. The super-cute skin is by Mango, Mango and is available in three tones (vamp, pale and cocoa) for just L$69 right now for humpday happiness (Sileny often leaves these out at a reduced price for a couple of days but go grab it for L$69 while you still can!!!). Here's a closer shot of the skin (I'm wearing the pale tone):

Oh, and, Happy Thanksgiving to all our American gothlings!!
Milly xx

Demented Dollie