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Preview: Malika's Fashion Diary

Malika's Fashion Diary

Updated: 2018-03-05T18:47:33.836-06:00


Sugar, how'd you get so fly?


To make Atomic Plastik Kookie's The Most Important Ingredient is a Sugarcube.Yes, I totally just made up a cheesy line to describe what yummy goodness I have in store for you guys today.This hair is a upcoming release from Atomic. 'Josie' is the newest creation by hair designer Ellie Celt. And I was given the honor to give you your first look at this truly adorable release. 'Josie' is one of two of the hairs that will be released next Friday for the new month. I got a two weeks notice, and i'm already in love with it!Another exciting release is Plastik's new line of skins 'Bael'! Did you see those lips? Flawless right? They have some adorable makeups on them as well! If you haven't checked out the new skins, head down to Plastik and try them out! I loves them ^^Kookie is also having a 50% off Stock clearence sale on 3 shoes for a limited time. Sale lasts until Sunday the 30th at 5pm slt and after that they are gone forever! So be sure to grab your goodies before they *Poof*! :OLast but not least, I had to blog about Sugarcube. Sugarcube has long been one of my favorite stores. It was one of the very first stores I fell in love with. Hand drawn, Bright colors, Cute designs.. Sugarcube has been destined for success since the opening.So if you every stopped to wonder 'Sugar, how'd you get so fly?" Now you know ^^Hair: Josie in Golden Blonde by Atomic (Not yet released)Skin: Bael HueSun in Spring Drops Freck by PlastikEyelashes: Natural Lashes by AtomicDress: Not square dress in peanut butter'n Cocolate by SugarcubeSocks: Open heel socks white by SPICAShoes: Kat platforms by Kookie(I love this song, btw!)[...]

Aqua & !SSUS


Aqua is having a grand opening of there new store. With it comes a bunch of new releases. There will be dollarbies, and cheap raffles so everyone can get in on the action. Saturday is the re opening party @ 3am SLT - 5am SLT with DJ Kaii Kiranov and @ 3pm SLT - 5pm SLT with DJ Kizza James to fit your time zone. So you can grab a hot outfit from Aqua, then dance in it! There's lots of great new stuff coming from Aqua, so if you haven't been there head down on the re opening and check out the new store.
I'm also wearing some shoes from !SSUS whom i've mentioned in my posts before. Owner Rowan Carroll has really unique, funny, and cute shoes. One of my new favorites is.. erm.. these.. penis pumps.. I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves. ;D

Yeah, you should be jealous of my penis pumps *Mean face*
Wearing: Kaii of the wild P/G Zebra
Rhubarb Penis Pumps

(image) I'm red hot, yo.
Wearing: Sun Godess in Red
Black/White Tri Rose T-straps MM Special

Tp to: Aqua & !SSUS



Your going to have to excuse the following post, seems I have temporarily gone colorblind, therefore none of the following outfits will make any sense and leave you saying 'WTF'. But to me, I look just as glamorous as ever. But how could I not? Have you seen some of the new stuff at the blackmarket? F a b u l o u s .Take for instance these beautiful skins from *!t. This was my first time ever seeing the owner December Larkham's fabulous skins. I'm a big sucker for unique makeup and December has a awesome selection of unique eyeshadows to choose from. Her skins are $L800 usually, but at the blackmarket you can get her super unique, super cute skins for a bargin at only $L150! It's almost unheard of! You can take a direct tp to her stall at the blackmarket: here.What else can you find at blackmarket? Well, how does adorable exclusive blackmarket tattoos from Duboo* for a meer $L80 sound? Owner Newreem Waffle is not only one of the sweetest people you will ever meet, but is also one of the most talanted. Her store Duboo* also has some of the best cute shirts you can find, and very cheap! All her items are very resonably priced, and your sure to find something you'll like. (She even has male shirts!)Another new store to me was beetlebones but boy am I glad I found it! beetlebones has some of the cutest clothing i've seen, and her exclusive blackmarket stuff is no exception. You'll have to check it out and see for yourself, but I did feature a bunch of owner suetabulous Yootz's stuff today.Last but not least, the widely blogged about !O freebie hair for blackmarket. Owner Anya Ohmai is seriously climbing up her way the sl fashion scene. Not only is she one of the most amazing bloggers, cutest avie cupcake, funny gumdrup, but she also makes clothes now?What can this girl not do?! (Btw, Anya.. I'm sorry for quoting everything you say. Your just so darn cute *pinches your cheeks*)Another cosmo tip for you guys today, enjoy! :)Deebo* Tattoos @ Blackmarket! :DCosmo Tip 3: Don't match your shoes and belt...but keep them in the same color family.Hair: Emma Blone by Atomic Skin: Alli underwater forest in medium by *!t ($L150 @ Blackmarket!) Tattoo: Skull love tattoo by Duboo* (Exclusive @ Blackmarket!) Shirt: Laboheme in Monochrome grey by beetlebones Belt: Wide waist belt in sour apple by (Free!)Purse: i skinned an ostrich in cherry pop by beetlebones Skirt: Vintage skirt salmon by TIAF (free @ Blackmarket!)Shoes: i skinned an ostrich pumps in menthe breeze by beetlebonesLook at that makeup! Ahhh! So Pretty/Perfect/Unique!Hair: Soah in Sushi by !O (Free @ Blackmarket!)Skin: Alli Abra in medium by *!t ($L150 @ Blackmarket!) Shirt: Jailbird sweater in sailors haven by beetlebones Pants: Skinny lowriser jeans in red dates by beetlebonesShoes: i skinned an ostrich pumps in morning glory and barbie pink by beetlebones[...]



*Squeels* No, that's not a balloon i'm holding, that's a giant lollipop! and while that makes me happy, so does these skins I discovered today while visiting the happy shop which is full of cheap knick knacks and cutesy jewlery. Connected to this adorable store, was I dare to say one of my new favorite skin stores. May is a adorable shop with the cutest skins i've seen in a long time. After getting several fat packs I imed my friend Beanie of 'Beanie loves Japan' and was shocked to find out even she didn't know of this store. I had thought this store to be japanese, but after Beanie tped in and was stunned to find such cute skins that she herself had never heard about.. did some snooping around and found out that owner fay magic is actually chinese. Apparently, this was a very rare find. Chinese creators are very rare in SL, as the goverment has blocked internet acess over there. So there's only a handful of these creators online and expecially in SL. Fay has a good handful of skins, and all of them are adorable. I really love the kissable, juicy lips on them! It seems not a lot of people know of May, and i'm telling you all now.. you are missing out! I don't get excited over stores much, but this store really tickled my cute bone. Skins come in 3 makeup packs, and include a shape for only $2,000!I paired these cute skins with this adorable summer dress from Shiki. Who happends to be a japanese designer with lots of great designs as well.Take a look at the newest release 'Amy' that was released today, and whatever you do.. Take a trip to may! Trust me, it's so worth it!Amy 'C' (Look at those lips!!)Skin: Amy C by MayHair: Lovely Girl Normal by JunwaveEyelashes: Rendezvous by RGDress: Summer Dress Sunshine by ShikiSocks: Square Madness Socks in orange (free) by DjunkShoes: Dare pumps in lime by STBackground Goodies: Magic candy & Baby sweets ($L10!) by Happy shopTp to: May[...]

Do you wanna date my avatar?


So what is it guys find hot? Do they really like the dolled up, perfect makeup, flawless outfit, fake nails and the plumping lip gloss? or do guys prefer the girl who can look awesome in a pair of sweats, there oversized t-shirts, and a 'I just got out of bed' hairstyle? Do guys prefer the smell of some overpowering chanel perfume, or the scent of the girl he loves shampoo when he hugs her? In SL, you don't have to try hard to make your avatar look flawless and glamorous at any given notice. She nevers gets bloated, always fits into her skinny jeans, her hair is never out of place, and her makeup lasts for days. Yet, even in sl.. we can find ways to be lazy, to make it look like we don't really care, even if we spend hours putting together an outfit to make it look that way. What's honestly sexy to men? The girl who can throw on a pair of jeans and a tank top and look goregous, or a girl who takes triple the amount of time to get ready and looks just as good as the other girl.. Meh, i'm not good at this whole dating thing. But sometimes I find it sexier to just be yourself then putting on a show, even in sl.. Perfection, at least in my eyes will never exist. That includes your sl avie. There will always be that prim that isn't exactly the way it should be, always be that eyelash that can never look good at all angels.. what's really beautiful, is the person behind the avatar.. the person who made the avatar look like that. I was asked what I incorperate into my sl fashion from my rl fashion.. the answer? Everything. Everytime I make a purchase, everytime i wear something. It reflects something about me, how I want to be represented, how I feel, how I want to look at this moment in time. Yes, i'm the first one to want to be dolled up, but I love dressing down, to dress myself up as well. Such little efforts, make such big differences. In sl, you can be anyone you want to be.. only.. I choose to be me.So, I don't know boys, do you wanna date my avatar?Do you wanna date my avatar?Theme: Dressing Down/Cosmo tip 2Rule 2: Flaunt one stretch of skin at a time.Skin: Mary Skin ($L1!) by Mother GooseHair: A in Brown A by MagikaTop: Sheer ribon tank (Navy) by ArmidiJacket: Plaid Winter Sweater by GCShorts: Shorts white by DCShoes: Unisex classic Moccas [Lt Brown] by Armidi(Watch this video. Seriously)[...]

Vive9 = <3


This is the new logo for Vive9's new upcoming skins.
'Unnatural beauty' really fits vive9 in my opinion. I've been a v9 addict for quite some time now as you can tell by the amount of posts where i'm wearing vive9 skins. I could go on and on about how much I love vive9, but I have a exciting release to talk about! A long with the logo, V9 has announced a new skin coming out '
Maya'. Being the vive9aholic I am, I was thrilled at the news of a new release. Here's a sneak peak at the skin!

* Warning - Nudity Below *

(image) (image) This is the upcoming new skin, Maya 'Sweety' in Light. You can grab your own in stores september 1st!

Tp to: Vive9

Sweet Dreams


My SL has been having a lot of issues lately.. Just got my studio back up, should be posting what I have promised to post in the next coming posts.. I wanted to share my current outfit, however.
I was feeling a bit down, and wanted to create something emotional.. I put together this outfit featuring this jacket from Ohmai.. We all know her and love her, and now she's making clothing too. She put out four preview colors of this jacket, and all are equally beautiful. I can't wait to see her final store, lots of good stuff coming our way. Haven't done a 30 days of summer post for a while, so here it is.

Sweet Dreams
Theme: Emotional

Hair: Cherry in Coffee by Exile
Skin: Raine Intoxicate in Cream by PF
Eyelashes: Natural by Atomic
Jacket: Hamilton Military in Basic Blank by !O
Top: Summers End top in Navy by Pididdle
Bangles: Sol Multi Bangels by Miel
Skirt: High Mini Skirt in Autumn Sunset by T.Z
Shoes: LE Yuki Sock Supreme Heels in Tart by

(object) (embed)

That Rocks!


(image) *Click picture to enlarge*

That Rocks! is a brand new store featuring unique, excellent tattoos. I'm not much of a tattoo wearer myself, but when I took a look at the colorful cute tats, I couldn't resist but wearing them. The tattoos themselves are of good quality.. and the designs are unique, and stunning. My favorite tattoos are the three featured above. 'Doodles' 'Geisha's Revenge' and 'Angels and Demons' tattoos. That Rocks also has a variety of clothing and neko items and owner Angeliq Littlething even does custom tattoo requests. How cool is that? All and all, if you take a trip to That Rocks it will be easy to see why it's called that.. It Rocks! ^^

Tp to: That Rocks!

Atomic Sim Opening!


Yay! It's official! The new Atomic store is open, and with it came TONS of new releases! Atomic REALLY stepped up it's game.. They included brand new clothing, superb tattoos, beautiful hair, and incredible skins. Atomic does it all! I was given a exclusive invite to the pre-opening party.. and I was literally blown away. I couldn't believe how many new things they had managed to deliver.. and the quality! I wanted to buy the whole store, and what with having the different levels and excellent selection of items.. I spent all 2 hours of the pre-opening party shopping before tping out as to not get trampled by the lag I was sure would be coming when everyone else was allowed in.. Honestly, people have said I sound like I work for atomic because I keep emphasizing how amazing the new stuff is.. But I really can't help it! It's breathtaking, really. The VIP Pre-Party was awesome. Atomic really went out of there way, and I was honored to have gotten that invite. They were really generous with the gifts, there was two whole stands of free goodies.. Even some exclusive VIP gifts including the Roxxie hair i'm wearing above, and a exclusive grace skin makeup. Here's a look at the free vip gifts that were handed out, which are now being sold in the atomic sim! You have to check it out, trust me you won't be disappointed.Hair: Roxxie VIP by Atomic (VIP Only)Skin: Raine Classic in Cream by PFEyelashes: Glamour by RGNecklace: Wing heart necklace orange by ArtilleriDress: AuSoliel Red by CouvetureShoes: Back Ribbon Short Boots Red by Aoharu(Left to right)Bryan Hair - Grace Skins - Roxxie Hair(Left to right)Shredded tanks -Stupid Tees - Lucky Basterd Tattoos - Bridge Work Piercings - Neko Ears Pierced - Neko Basic SetLoves it! The skins have 'Pubic hair' layers, which is a new option I haven't seen in other skins before. Tattoos also come in layers of 'New, Fresh, and Worn' in all layers, available in color and black and white versions. I also fell in love with the new 'Crush' bags available in a variety of colors. They are so friggin' adorable! The brand new dresses are also to die for. I don't think I couldn't say enough to tell you how thrilled I am with the new Atomic items, SERIOUSLY.. Go Check it Out!*Click to enlarge*Hair: Roxxie in Dirty Blonde by AtomicSkin: Grace VIP Pink in Honey by Atomic (VIP Only)Eyelashes: Seduction by GlowPiercings: Bridge Work by AtomicTattoo: Lucky Basterd Color New by AtomicDress: 80s Party Fushia by AtomicPurse: Crush bag Black by AtomicShoes: Amour Heels Black by Atomic[...]

Cosmo knows best


I will be posting a outfit for the next few posts based on a style tip by cosmo. I am a huge fashion magazine reader, which inspires both of my real life and second life fashion style. You're welcome to make a outfit based on the tip as well and show me what you made! It could be fun ^^

Rule 1: Soften a structured look with lingerie-inspired elements.

One day we're going to live in Paris
Theme: Cosmo Rule 1

(image) *Click picture to enlarge*

Hair: Julianne Golden Platinum by SLink
Skin: Fluke Pale.F.Casual - Pink by -SD-
Eyelashes: Long eyelashes botanical by NF
Necklace: Stone necklace by Fairy Tale
Top: Lily purple satin corset by Insolence
Skirt: Highwaist skirt black by SMS
Shoes: Viviani heels black w/gold by Armidi

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Life in Plastik


is fantastic! Plastik just released the new 'Turtle' dress and it is fabulous! All of Plastiks' clothings are stunning, here's a sample of some of the amazing releases at Plastik. (Please click the picture to see it full screen and in better detail!)
Outfit 1
Skin: Raine cream Pinkey by PF
Hair: Audrey ain't having dat by Posh
Dress: Turtle dress Guarana by Plastik (New!)
Leggings: Dotted leggings black by Atomic
Shoes: Wonderbird Grey by SG

Outfit 2
Skin: Raine cream untamed by PF
Dress: Infinity dress omg by Plastik
Ring: Constellation black ring by SS (Not yet released)
Shoes: London black by RG

Outfit 3
Skin: Raine cream astronaut by PF
Dress: Boudoir Lilium by Plastik
Ring: Constellation black ring by SS (Not yet released)
Shoes: O wedge tie black by SM

Panty Party!


(image) Panties! I was both eagerly thrilled and utterly anxious to start the Panty Hunt! If you haven't heard of the panty hunt where have you been?! The hunt is for panty/panty related items. You will be looking all over any of the starlust sims. And when I say 'All Over' I mean ALL OVER! Underwater, Stores, Elephants bums, the skys the limit! You will be searching for sculptie clam shells. This is one of the funnest hunts to do because theres simply no pressure.. You're searching and you don't know when it will end. There is a variety of stores participating in the hunt. And Boys - Don't count yourself out yet. While the majority might be frilly panties, there is also a awesome selection of unisex boxers and even a few man panties in the mix! Ladies, be sure to TP in your guy when you see one! I'm wearing gifts from the hunt, including this hair and panty fryer! How adorable!

(image) You can find the hunt at any of the starlust locations below. Happy Hunting! ^^

Herman Melville
Harold -- Anchor City/Area 408
Harold -- Catty Campground

Murder on the Dancefloor


(image) Apologies. Sl has been giving me problems lately, also real life has been interfering with my blogging. However, I will be trying to catch up today. I have been *trying* to work with photoshop Cs3, so if I have new editing my on my pictures in the next coming posts.. you know why. A classic style in fashion: The little black dress. I was on a hunt to find the perfect one and I personally think I succeeded. Classic, timeless, sexy.. it's a certain kind of appeal you can't really explain. Simple elegance in the form of a very simple style.

Murder on the dancefloor
Theme: Little black dress

(image) Skin: Modelesque Ivy Light by LoveDOT (v9)
Hair: Babys on fire kit kat by lamb
Eyelashes: Greendot by glow
Dress: Satin Nights by Madison Avenue
Shoes: Amour Heels Black by Atomic

(object) (embed)

Gone Fishing!


Owner of Exodi, Ryker Beck has recently just put up a 7 seas fishing spot. If your not familiar with the game, it's a fishing game where you have your pole and bait and literally fish for adorable pet fish that can swim around you. There is a new feature that allows you to fish for items set up the place owner. Ryker has put in 5 exclusive fishing spot items for you to catch! They are all adorable! I dragged in multiple of my friends from fashion emergency for a whole night of fishing. It was a blast! The sim has been packed at all hours that i've been there. Do be prepared, you have to be able to catch a UltraRare fish, that means no demo poles here! So, grab your bestie and head down to Exodis new fishing spot! Here are some of the items you can win:My Skills weren't awesome enough to catch what I really wanted.. a lolcat(fish) but a girl named Inclinations who was a level 25 7 Seas Fisher gave me my very own UltraSuperRare lolcat! I was so happy! :))) I named him fluffy and he's just one of many cool things you can win!Tp to: Exodi Fishing Hole[...]

Let's take some E!


I stopped into starbucks today for a cup of joe. I felt very artsy, in fact my whole outfit made me want to paint a mini mona lisa. I'm wearing clothes by E! - Eclectic Apparel and Accessories. Owner Eclectic Wingtips has some really cute, inexpenisve clothing and acceroies. I'm also wearing another hair by atomic, Bryan, a male hair that is just as adorable on females! Bryan will be in Atomic stores soon. Also from Atomic, is this gorgeous art tote that I have to say is a staple in everyones inventory. It's simple too cute for words.This is my third '30 days of summer' outfit. Enjoy :))Starbucks SummerTheme: ArtsyI like to go to Starbucks but the menu should be shorter,Too many choices clog my brain till it's not worth a quarter,So to solve this problem I am now a big supporterOf using this one simple phrase each time that I order:Super grande mocha coca frappa lattee cino,Say it loud and you'll sound like you know just what you mean-o,They will understand it in Atlanta or in Reno,Super grande mocha coca frappa lattee cino.Hair: Bryan in Platinum by AtomicSkin: Faith Porcelain Smudge Redhot Freckles by AtomicShirt: Layable Tank Black by E!Bracelet: Woody Skull Lily by Sugar SkullBag: Canvas Art Tote by AtomicSkirt: Tartan Skirt by E!Leggings: Fishnet Leggings Black by E!Shoes: Jupiter Black by Swallowtail[...]

Review Copys


I've had a few questions about review copys. YES, I happily accept review copys from all stores.
Please contact me in world for my blogger note card.
Speaking of review copys, I am wearing another exclusive hair from Atomic! This hair is named 'Roxxie' and I'm completely in love with it! It will be sold after the new Atomic skin opens.
Also, this is an exclusive shape by lazolli partner, Chio. This shape is named 'Elle' and should be in stores soon!
You can get a free shape from Chio in the Lazolli stone for the skipping stones hunt!
Chio is also having a premiere sale so be sure to check them out!


Shape - Elle by Chio (Coming Soon!)
Hair - Roxxie in Platinum by Atomic (Coming Soon!)
Skin - Summer Cream Vanilla by v9
Shirt - Drama Queen 'Paid to Blog' by Exodi
Skirt - Fray cut denim skirt teal by Tart
Shoes - Slinky Stilettos White by Maitreya

Comparing Shapes


When it comes to shapes, I am extremely picky. I have issues with lots of shapes for reasons other people might think stupid. (I.e. Shoulders are my biggest pet peeve!) Due to this fact, I always end up coming back to my main shape. (Plus, I love the face!) I own different shapes, lots actually.. But I haven't found any that I wished to replace my normal one. But, I recently came across a shape that might compare.. They are VERY similar, in fact I could change shapes and no one would really notice unless they look closer. So here's my test to you. There are three comparisons for the shapes below: Face, Body, and Hips. I want you guys to tell me which you think is better (Looks wise) A or B. Also, let me know if you can tell which one is my main shape from my posts! (Note: You can click the picture to full screen)

Please leave a comment with your thoughts, critiques would be much appreciated.

Girl next door


(image) I've long had a love for all things Miel. This store has some of the cutest must haves ever. Miel was included on the 'Skipping Stones' hunt mentioned in my previous post, where they gave away these adorable socks! I'm also wearing Miels newest releases, and was inspired to go more 'Average girl next door' rather then glam it up as everyone knows it can be done.
This is my second 30 days of summer outfit. Hope you like ;)

Girl next door
Theme: Nerdy


But she wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts

She wears high heels, I wear sneakers
She's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers
Dreaming bout the day when you'll wake up and find
That what you're lookin for has been here the whole time

Hair: Emma in Dirty Blonde by Atomic
Skin: Phoebe light by Lazolli
Glasses - Rectangle framed by HOC
Shirt - Mo Tube Top by Miel
Bottoms - Mo Pocket Pants Coal by Miel
Socks - Mi Knee Highs Navy SS # 34 by Miel
Sneakers - Hocs Sneakers by HOC
Bracelets - Woody Bracelets lily By Sugar Skull

Skipping Stone Hints!


The skipping stones hunt is on! This was my first hunt I ever completed.. (I give up easily) but I'm happy to say due to wonderful comments on the hunt, I have successfully completed it, not just once - but twice! There are some pretty great prizes, so I recommenced doing it yourself!The second time I went through was to write down hints.. So here's my list! Hope you all participate and have lots of fun with this hunt as much as I did!1 (Kunstkammer) - Find Treasure behind the Chest.2 (This is a Fawn) - Some things are hidden right under your feet..3 (Sisters on Floyd) - Travel up the ramp4 (Paper Street Soap Co.) - Passed the lag, and on the right, You will see a poster, with a backpack full of delights.5 (Frop!) - Frop has very nice flippy fops.6 (HOH) - Not Hidden. In front of Skipping Stones ad.7 (Second Spaces) - The white sewing armoire might be a little heavier then usual..8 (I love 13) - Don't trip on your way up staring at the stairs.9 (Tryanny Designs) - That red circus cart could be your ride.10 (Loser) - Losers Love Midnight Mania11 (Bellissima) Feed the ducks by the pond12 (NachtMusik) Men Really like those Argyle Shirts!13 (Inorite) Take some time to stop and sit for a haircut.14 (Duh) The Stairs have a nice view.15 (Piddle) Have a seat on the deck boxes.16 (Chanimations) When is the last time you red a book?17 (Lazolli) The Lucy skin looks oddly familiar..18 (MaiTai) I'm Papsolutely Prazy about Polka Dot Pumps!19 (RC) 'The Where Is? I can't find?' sign, brings you closer to the packing peanuts on the other side.20 (Epoque) Have a look at those timeless shades, then go ahead and do as the letters in red says.21 (Mix and Match) Grab a gift near the flowers.22 (SMS) Join the group at the entrance23 (Wot) Have a looksey on the balcony. In the drawer, there's much much more.24 (Young Urban) Need a extra step to see out the window?25 (Sand Surf Shack) Ouch! I think something hit my head when I walked in..26 (Shiki) Go upstairs and let the men shop while you take a rest on the leather chairs.27 (The Deck) You have to climb stairs and search the corners to find the good stuff.28 (Balaclava) I tripped over something trying to go up the stairs!29 (Penny Dreadful) What's your high score?30 (Clawtooth) Have you ever gone horseback riding?31 (Split Pea) Are you on top of it? What hunt is this?32 (M.Fox) TP to M.Fox then look around to find things you'd find inside a box.33 (Sari) Find the Patchwork Pants under the ramp next to the palm tree plants.34 (Miel) Take some time to check out the denim shorts before heading upstairs.35 (Pig Shop) Ladies like flowers, pigs, and stones36 (Atomic Owl) Free Squid!37 (Republica) If your parched, look for the green parx sofa.38 (Reek) Give the Tiger a hug!39 (Addict) Look both ways before walking stairs.40 (DooDads) The rugs upstairs are so cute!41 (Sea Hole) Find the Pink Dragon up High42 (Ducknipple) Take a hike across the store, then have a seat.43 (Turnip Homes) Please wipe your feet before entering.44 (Boom) Rhapsody is full of Gluttony45 (Shade Thrown) Check out the Aviator Glasses in a Ballchair46 (Pink Fuel) Upstairs, Mochi was nice enough to have a red arrow show you the way.47 (Artilleri) Need a refund?48 (Fishy Strawberry) Check out the view, someone smell fish?49 (Ticky Tacky) All the way up the swirl, try not to hurl.50 (Imagen) Have a picnic by the tree51 (Stringer) Sorry for that wretched fall, want to climb back up? How about those curtains?52 (Doppelganger) You have to be at the top step of your game.53 (Currently Not Available)54 (Smersh) Use that bike to ride circles around the [...]

Lights.. Cameras.. Action!


Tah-Dah! I'm here! Oh, please, please, no pictures! Today (August 10th!) is the first official day of '30 Days of Summer'! I've had some questions as far as the contest goes that i'd like to clear up.1) You do not have to post every day. Bloggers will post entrys as frequent and as far apart as they would like.2) Please join the in-world group. Everyone can join and this will help spreading news, updates, etc.. I might even have some designers ligned up for freebies EXCLUSIVE to 30 Days of Summer.. *Winks* Join: here3) Bloggers: Please join the Flickr group: hereEnough Business, let's get to the good stuff.. Atomic is opening there brand new sim this month! And I have been personally invited to get a exclusive spot in the grand opening. (As in, I'll be the only blogger there and be able to showcase items in the next coming posts that will be kicking off the new sim) I'm really excited about it, it makes me feel SLamous! (Shameless self promotion) In honor of these two major events (The atomic opening, and the start date of 30 days of summer) I've done my first outfit based off of a sneak peak "Atomic" Hair!This outfit is kind of ironic, because it's also based off of 3 major celebrities.1) Gwen Stefani Hair2) Lady Gaga Shades3) Britney Spears DressUm hello, call me the queen of pop and put me in box! This outfit screams glamorous!Queen of PopTheme: Celebrity'sWalk in, the placeThey know, my faceBig mouth, applauseOh please, one moreLove me hate meSay what you want about meBut all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to If You Seek AmyI am, I'm too fabulousI'm so fierce that it's so nutsI live, to be model thinDress me, I'm your mannequinI need, some new stilettosCan't walk, down the street in thoseYou are, who you wear it's trueA girl's just as hot as the shoes she chooseHair - Gwen in Platinum by Atomic (Not yet Released!)Skin - Belle Red (Light) by v9Shades: Fame Shades - Diamonds on Jet by VWDress - Superstar by Ash's TrashLeggings - Border leggings Black by CreamshopShoes - Spangles Stilettos Silver by CocoOh, but what's this? more to the post? ah well, in hollywood you have to expect the unexpected.With a few small changes I went from "The Queen of Pop" to "Moulin Rouge"If you've never seen the movie "Moulin Rouge" First, you should see it! It's excellent! and Second, you might be slightly confused.. So I'll give you a run down. Moulin Rouge is based off the real life Mouglin Rouge in Paris, France (Which Btw, I've been too.. and it's gorgeous) Mouglin Rouge is french for "Red mill" which is the signiture outside landscape in Paris. The movie is about the lead dancer, Satine who is supposed to charm a rich duke into helping pay for productions inside the Mouglin Rouge. But, she mistakes the rich duke for a simple man who just moved to paris and was visiting in hopes of pitching a play he litterally fell into (If you watch the movie you'll understand my lame puns) Anyways, they end up falling in love with eachother, but Satine is not allowed to date, also the rich duke wants Satine all to himself so all the while they she fools him into thinking she loves him. Oh yes, but this is hollywood so a love trinagle isn't juicy enough, let's also add in the fact that Satine is deadly sick, and on the brink of death. Ah, the movie is very good. It's one of my favorites actually. The first time you meet Satine she sings "Diamonds are a girls best friend" which is a remarkable scene (Shown on the left in the movie cover) It's breathtaking, really. Anyways, I have a point to explaining this all.. in the pictur[...]



Bonjour! I'd like to first apologize for not posting.. I have been exhausted, and spent all of yesterday painting my sisters house for her move.. ( I didn't remember how difficult it was before I started! ) Regardless, I'm thrilled to see such positive feedback on "30 Days of Summer" - Which starts in just two more days! I hope everyone is as pumped as I am. What ideas do you guys have so far for themes? I know i've been rattling with tons of cute theme ideas, and I can't wait to see how they will play out. Also bloggers, and blog readers.. Promote it! We want lots of people to participate and lots of readers to know and read all the blogs every day. Thanks to everyone who's already been spreading the word. I need to hire some sort of managers to find bloggers for me hehe.. Anyways, Today was Absolut Modeling Agencys fashion show for "AL'OL Shapes" I was sadly not on the runway today, but I did stay to watch. After the show, Mayra (The owner) spotted me and called me backstage where I was wearing this fancy "french" inspired yellow number. "Malika is so pretty!"I hope you like ^^Neopolitan DreamsTheme: FrenchYou'll go and I'll be okay,I can dream the rest away.Its just a little touch of fate, it will be okay.It sure takes its precious time, but it's got rights and so have I.I turn my head up to the skyI focus one thought at a timeI do not let the little thieves under my tightly buttoned sleevesYou couldn't be alone, the time I feel like I am walking blindI have nowhere, I'll have timeYou wait your turn in the queue,You say your sorry's and thank you's.I don't think you're everA hundred percent in the roomDeepest, of the dark nightshere lies, the highest of highsNeopolitan Dreams, stretching out to the seaSkin: Jolt NB Belle Light by v9Hair: Fishbone 02 - Light brown by 69 (No longer available)Bracelets: Bangles brown wooden by FSNecklace: Promo big cheese necklace by BFTop: Ruffles Long Tank - White by *CupcakesSkirt: Hound skirt marigold - TIFShoes: Coquette by Kalnins[...]

30 Days of Summer Ad!


(image) My 'Fashion Emergency' friend Jessica Pennent made me this lovely ad for 30 days of summer.
As everyone knows I am incapable of making any ads myself.
If anyone else would like to offer their photo shopping skills and make a ad, feel free to send me them. I am also looking for someone to make my blog header, as I suck too much to do it myself.
But for now, I really like this ad so bloggers participating in 30 days of summer are welcome to use it to post on their blogs to advertise the challenge.
I urge bloggers to post about it, and get people excited, even tell other blogger buddies about it.
And if you're a reader, ask your favorite bloggers about it! This will be a fun way to find creative new outfits and find some fun new blogs in the process..
It's 4 am here, and I have to go paint my sisters house in the AM before she moves, hehe.
So I better take off! I hope to see all of you on August 10th to kick off 30 days of summer!

oh and you can see more pictures of 30 Days of Summer ads, as well as join the flickr "30 days of summer" group here

Spinnin' back the tracks


30 days of summer is off to a great start, I've had some good feedback, It's just a matter of me getting my lazy butt up to let people know about it. Regardless, I did have time to sneak in one outfit today and get some pictures in. I initially based the theme off of "Aqua" and constructed what I thought was a really cute outfit.. I even changed out of my vive9 skins for once in a great while! The look ended up looking every "Rich shopping on a beach resort" to me, and I looked for a place with a beach boardwalk.. What I found though it what I can venture to say is the cutest "Old fashioned" Ice cream parlor i've ever been too.. I've always been a huge hippie child, So I loved the retro 80's feel.. and go figure! The walls actually matched my outfit. I instantly grabbed a few shots, and even decided to do some shameless "30 Days of Summer" Self promotion.LollipopTheme: AquaI wish that I were a Bubble Gum, chewing on me, baby, all day long I will be begging for sweet delight, until you say I'm yours tonightI wish that you were my Lollipop Sweet things, I will never get enough If you show me to the sugar tree, will you give me a sodapop for free?Skin: Sundust Frex Light June-Daylily 2 by CurioHair: Sehra - Chestnut by TruthCardi: Sleveless Cardi Aqua by SCShorts: Kimori Shorts - Signiture pink by POIce cream/Location - Vainalla Ice cream at OFISShoes: Aqua Wrap bow Peeptoe Pumps by !SSUS![...]

30 days of summer blogger challenge!


That is my thinking face. and do you know what i'm thinking? Summer is almost over!and there hasn't been any really good blogger challenges lately.. so, i'm doing a bold step and making my own!My blogger challenge is called "30 Days of Summer" (Yes, like the brand new movie '500 days of summer', just shorter!)The task is simple.. every day starting on August 10th for 30 straight days, bloggers will be urged to blog a single outfit based on a theme. This theme can be a color, a animal, a place, anything and everything. Every day you post a picture (and the outfit) you will give a poem, story, quote, or song lyric to synchronize the two. However, the poems/story/quote/song lyrics DONT have to relate to the theme itself, just the mood of the picture. Sounds easy enough, yes?Please if you're a blogger, participate and spread the word as the starting date is approaching quickly. Also, please send a IM or notecard to Malika Marville in world if you will be participating and I will link you to my blog as well as have a "Master list" of everyone.Without further blabbering heres my look and a example of what "30 days of summer" will be about.My Lips Like SugarTheme: PinkMy lips like sugar This candy got you sprungSo call me your sugarYou love you someI’m sweet likeDa double dee double diI’m sweet likeDa double dee double diSugarSkin - Summer Cotton Candy NB Glow by Vive9Eyelashes - Gemstones by [Glow]Blackdarling by RedgraveHair - Lollipop Light Pink by MagikaNecklace - smile heart necklace by fairy taleWatch - Oyster lady watch pink by JPBRing - Bandit princess ring pink by JPBTop - Innocent top white by Sn@tchShorts - Pink dot jean shorts by SugarcubeShoes - Strawberry Sundae Pumps by !SSUS![...]

Gone to Retorville!


Phew! I've been gone for so long! I miss blogging! D;
I'm like a blogaholic, i've been having withdraws.
Anyways, I haven't been on because my laptop charger broke and it took 2 weeks of mistakes and hastle to get it back.
I've had a lot of things to catch up on, so expect a huge swarm of posts within the next day or so.

But, I will start off with a
So wheres the perfect date spot on SL? DecRetropia a really cute 50s inspired retroville.

It has rollerskating, a killer diner, a tattoo shop, home decor, a brothel, *takes breath* and much much more. It's a really neat sim, and I managed to pick up some really cute knick knacks while I was there. Everything is 50s inspired, so go change into your wear, grab a partner and head down to experience a really fun place as well as perfect picture spot for old souls. You can even buy a antique race car like the one pictured!

However, if you do stop by the tattoo shop like me.. go prepared! They have a booth all set and ready to ink your skin! It was my first.. but hey! I stuck through the pain like a trooper! (Sorta..)