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[1981] – ‘Amplifier’ Mix (2005)Soundslike

Sat, 08 Jan 2011 18:13:58 +0000

¶ ¶ This is the fourth posted mix from the 10-disc, 400+ band ‘1981’ Box Set I put together in 2004-2005.  (For more information regarding the set as a whole and the impetus behind it, check the first mix, ‘Feet’.)  1981 probably wasn’t the peak year for any sort of “pure” cultural or musical strain […]

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[Singer-Songwriter] – ‘Her Heart Had Six Strings’ – Vol. 2 (1965-1977)Soundslike

Thu, 23 Dec 2010 23:13:12 +0000

¶ ¶ Update August, 2017: All of the ‘Their Hearts Had Six Strings’ mixes have been collected, along with two new volumes, and can be downloaded here.  Hope you’ll enjoy! Finally following up ‘His Heart Had Six Strings,’ here’s the second volume in Musicophilia’s singer-songwriter series, representing the women of the movement as it expanded through […]

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[Singer-Songwriter] – ‘His Heart Had Six Strings,’ Vol. 1 (1968-1977)Soundslike

Sun, 11 Apr 2010 19:37:07 +0000

¶ ¶ Update August, 2017: All of the ‘Their Hearts Had Six Strings’ mixes have been collected, along with two new volumes, and can be downloaded here.  Hope you’ll enjoy! Say the words “singer-songwriter” to some music geeks, and you may induce a Pavlovian cringe.  It’s a much-abused term, no doubt, often applied to every M.O.R. […]

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[Decade-End] – ‘A Decade in the Dark’ (2000-2009)Soundslike

Tue, 22 Dec 2009 12:15:45 +0000

¶ ¶ Ten years out from 2019, it’s pretty clear ‘Blade Runner‘ was a little off the mark in terms of flying cars, bio-engineered supermen, a resurgent retro-Deco architecture (alas), and attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.  But as this first decade of the new millennium comes to a close, I can’t […]

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[Musique du Monde] – ‘Le Mystère de la Musique,’ Volume Three (1972-1977)Soundslike

Tue, 06 Oct 2009 11:29:26 +0000

¶ ¶ Finishing up the ‘Le Mystère de la Musique‘ trilogy (for now) after ‘Volume Un‘ and ‘Volume Deux,’ I’m happy to present ‘Volume Trois,’ which visits a darker, moodier, but no less catchy territory.  As with previous volumes, the focus here is the mid-70s, and the music which links the ‘Le Tour du Monde‘ […]

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[Musique du Monde] – ‘Le Mystère de la Musique,’ Volume Two (1974-1977)Soundslike

Mon, 21 Sep 2009 10:00:05 +0000

¶ ¶ Following the first volume of the ‘Le Mystère de la Musique‘ series, here’s ‘Volume Deux,’ which continues to explore the music that links the seemingly disparate sonic strands on which Musicophilia mixes have focused–especially early 70s funk- and art-rooted music and late 70s/early 80s post-punk.  This mix retains the off-center, mysterious quality of […]

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[Musique du Monde] – ‘Le Mystère de la Musique,’ Volume One (1973-1977)Soundslike

Tue, 15 Sep 2009 12:28:03 +0000

¶ ¶ The ‘Le Mystère de la Musique‘ series progresses the Musique du Monde label into the under-appreciated mid-70s, bridging the gap between the late-60s/early-70s ‘Le Tour du Monde‘ and ‘Les Miniatures‘ mixes and Musicophilia’s post-punk mixes.  Appropriately for a time that sits in the shadow of the more well-loved musical “peaks” before and after, […]

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[Guest-Mix] – ‘Somniloquies’ (1931-2009) [By Love, Execution Style]Soundslike

Mon, 20 Jul 2009 08:10:44 +0000

¶ ¶ Today I’m very happy to present ‘Somniloquies,’ mixed by our fourth guest contributor, the sound-obsessed mind behind the truly uncategorisable Love, Execution Style (described on one website as making “”Music” for those who love sounds just as much as songs,” which is almost exactly how I’ve classified myself).  L,ES is, in the best […]

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[One-Off] – ‘Still’ (1630-1999)Soundslike

Tue, 30 Jun 2009 14:32:22 +0000

¶ ¶ A majority of the music I share here at Musicophilia could be described as oriented around movement: the kinetic, sometimes frantic energy of post-punk; the rhythmic fluidity of the Musique du Monde-style blends of funk, jazz, Krautrock, sound library music, etc.; the space-disco march of the ‘Rhythmes du Monde‘ mixes; or the narrative […]

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[One-Off] – Can – ‘The Church of Latter-Day Can, Book Two’ (Beyond Can, 1977-1984)SoundslikeFolder

Tue, 16 Jun 2009 16:48:22 +0000

¶ ¶ Following the mix of later-era Can from a few days ago, this new collection of post- and extra-Can tracks, ‘The Church of Latter-Day Can, Book Two‘ should be perhaps an even bigger surprise for those who’ve bought the hype that Can was all downhill after ‘Future Days’.  Putting together this collection, it even […]

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[One-off] – Can – ‘The Church of Latter-Day Can, Book One’ (1975-1979)SoundslikeFolder

Sun, 14 Jun 2009 14:38:14 +0000

¶ ¶ If you’re listening here at Musicophilia, odds are you’re a devotee of Can’s early records.  But the ‘received wisdom’ says that the later Can is vastly inferior, perhaps not even worth listening to, and so many people have never looked past the first few albums.  I know it took me years before I […]

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[Post-Punk Covers Classics] – Various – ‘No Heroes’ (1982)SoundslikeFolder00_Various_-_No-Heroes_2xLP_(1982)_SLEEVE-02_small

Wed, 03 Jun 2009 00:40:13 +0000

¶ ¶ Update February 2016: A remastered and expanded edition of ‘No Heroes’ has been created, and is available here to download or stream.  This post will remain up for posterity. For a bunch of supposed futurist Marxist Modernist post-historical art-weirdos, the post-punk/New pop set were actually remarkably affectionate toward the music they grew up […]

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[Miniatures Series] – ‘Les Miniatures, Volume 14’ (1972-1975)Soundslikeles-miniatures-volume-1400_various_-_les-miniatures_volume-14_10-inch_1972-1975_cover-side-b

Tue, 14 Apr 2009 17:52:22 +0000

¶ ¶ After an unintended hiatus, Musicophilia’s “reissues” of the Musique du Monde label are back, with the first of three more “10-inch LPs” from the ‘Les Miniatures‘ series following Volumes 3 and 12: ‘Volume 14,’ drawing from the years 1972-1975.  As with all the mixes in the broader Miniatures Series, the aim is to […]

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[1981] – ‘Fire’ Mix (2005)Soundslike1981-fire

Tue, 31 Mar 2009 15:06:51 +0000

¶ ¶ One element of post-punk that’s generally overlooked in the prevailing narratives (grey overcoats, “art school,” edgy guitars, politics) is that it directly countered the lockstep of punk by vastly expanding, if not exploding, the rhythmic possibilities of “rock” music.  Gone was the polka-like punk stomp, gone was the prog 20-piece-kit pomp; and in […]

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[Blog Swap] – ‘Human Heads’ (Mixed by Ettiem)Soundslike00_various_-_human-heads_ettiem-mix_2009_cover

Thu, 26 Feb 2009 17:54:14 +0000

¶ ¶ Following my contribution from last week, ‘Tall Stories of Evil Gris-Gris,’ I’m proud to bring you the second part of Musicophilia’s (first) “blog swap” from my friend and mix-making hero Ettiem of the Gris Gris On Your Doorstep blog: ‘Human Heads‘.  Ettiem has said he mixes “with a mind toward soundtrackiness,” and his […]

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[Sensory Replication No. 1] – ‘Adrift’ (1969-2001)Soundslikesensory-replication-series-no-1

Tue, 24 Feb 2009 20:08:30 +0000

¶ ¶ I think I’ve been a non-practicing producer since I got my first pair of headphones: I’ve always been  pulled in by the staging of sound, the dryness or wetness of it, the sense of music pulling or pushing one forward, spinning you around, the mysteriouss relationship between timbre and emotion.   Eventually, I began […]

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[Blog Swap] – ‘Tall Stories of Evil Gris-Gris’ (1915-2007)Soundslikesensory-replication-series-no-6

Thu, 19 Feb 2009 17:46:11 +0000

¶ ¶ Musicophilia is happy to announce a first with this mix: a blog-swap of custom-made mixes (and hopefully not the last).  I’ve created this mix, ‘Tall Stories of Evil Gris-Gris,’ specially for my friend and musical role-model Ettiem and his ‘Gris-Gris On Your Doorstep‘ blog–and following shortly, he’ll be presenting Musicophilia with a special […]

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[1981] – ‘Computer’ Mix (2005)Soundslike1981-computer1

Tue, 10 Feb 2009 15:46:22 +0000

¶ ¶ As exciting as it must have felt if you were in the right place with the right people in 1981, my guess is that within a couple years it was evident that 1981 was a high-water mark for arty weirdo fusion un-rock rock music, and things had moved on.  Most of the music […]

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[Women of Post-Punk] ‘The Young Lady’s Post-Punk Handbook, Vol. 3′Soundslikethe-young-ladys-post-punk-handbook-volume-3

Sat, 07 Feb 2009 08:30:25 +0000

¶ ¶ Update April 2017: The complete ‘Handbook’ series is now available for download–with a brand-new fourth mix–as a collection here: Completing a triology (for now) of mixes focusing on leading female artists of the post-punk milieu, here is ‘The Young Lady’s Post-Punk Handbook, Volume Three’.  Taken with volumes One and Two, the mix […]

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[Women of Post-Punk] ‘The Young Lady’s Post-Punk Handbook, Vol. 2′Soundslikethe-young-ladys-post-punk-handbook-volume-2

Mon, 02 Feb 2009 13:16:42 +0000

¶ ¶ Update April 2017: The complete ‘Handbook’ series is now available for download–with a brand-new fourth mix–as a collection here: Volume Two of ‘The Young Lady’s Post-Punk Handbook’ continues an exploration of some of the contributions of women to post-punk sounds and culture begun with Volume One, and which will be continued in […]

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[Women of Post-Punk] ‘The Young Lady’s Post-Punk Handbook, Vol. 1’Soundslikethe-young-ladys-post-punk-handbook-volume-1

Tue, 27 Jan 2009 14:49:01 +0000

¶ ¶ Update April 2017: The complete ‘Handbook’ series is now available for download–with a brand-new fourth mix–as a collection here: The first mix of a three-part series, Volume 1 of ‘The Young Lady’s Post-Punk Handbook’ is Musicophilia’s first mix-by-request, based on a 2-disc set I put together several years ago [here are ‘Volume […]

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[Mega-mix] The Best of ‘Les Rythmes du Monde’ (1977-1981)Soundslikesmall_vol00composite_vol1-4_small

Mon, 12 Jan 2009 22:03:37 +0000

¶ ¶ Note: Volume 4 has been down, and has been replaced with a new upload and a new download link. ‘Le Meilleur de Les Rythmes du Monde” represents the natural progression in the compilations of the Musique du Monde label from the late 60s/early 70s to the late 70s/early 80s.  Funk bass, latin percussion, […]

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[1981] – ‘Cassette’ Mix (2005)Soundslike1981_individual-mixes_cassettesmall

Mon, 22 Dec 2008 19:17:05 +0000

¶ ¶ ‘Cassette’ is the sixth of nine mixes from the ‘1981’ box set to be posted here at Musicophilia (the first five can be found here, with detailed information about the project at the first mix, ‘Feet‘).  The mix began with a focus on the lo-fi and twee strains of post-punk in the box’s […]

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[Sensory Replication No. 5] – ‘The Somnambulist’ (1908-2007)Soundslike00_various_-_the-somnambulist_1908-2007_coversmall

Wed, 17 Dec 2008 14:34:53 +0000

¶¶ I’ve never really understood the practical reality of sleepwalking, but the idea has undeniable mystique.  Mainly what I’ve wondered is how the body’s action and interaction with its environment fails to jar the somnambulist into a conscious state.  I guess the case isn’t that one is actually asleep, but simply that the conscious, memory-forming […]

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[1981] – ‘Heart’ Mix (2005)Soundslike00_1981-heart_1981_coversmall

Mon, 15 Dec 2008 14:41:31 +0000

¶ ¶ ‘Heart’ is the fifth compilation from the ‘1981′ box set, originally compiled and released 2004-2005 (the previous four can be found here, and more information about the project and as a whole and photos of the box are here).  Most of the time, “post-punk” has a spiky connotation, and an artsy reputation; words […]

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[Musique du Monde] – ‘Le Tour du Monde, Volume 4′ (1968-1971)Soundslike00_various_-_le-tour-du-monde-volume-05_2xlp_1971_cover-small

Tue, 09 Dec 2008 18:20:31 +0000

¶ ¶ Back again with the third “reissued” release in the ‘Le Tour du Monde‘ series: ‘Volume 4,’ covering 1968 to 1971.  The mood here is a little spookier, a little funkier, a little rawer, the beats are more to the fore.  But if you’ve heard any of the previous volumes, you can probably anticipate […]

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[Miniatures Series] – ‘Les Miniatures, Volume 3′ (1967-1971)Soundslikeles-miniatures_volume03_front_small

Thu, 27 Nov 2008 22:00:01 +0000

¶ ¶ ‘Les Miniatures, Volume 3’ is the second mix in the ‘Les Miniatures‘ series, fifth in the ‘Miniatures‘ method. For more information and the first download, check here. In short (appropriately) these are mixes in the musical style of the globe-spanning, late-60s-to-mid-1970s sound-collecting ‘Le Tour du Monde’ series—but with every track coming in at […]

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[Miniatures Series] – ‘Les Miniatures, Volume 12’ (1971-1975)Soundslikeles-miniatures_volume12_front_small

Mon, 24 Nov 2008 21:22:18 +0000

¶ ¶ ‘Les Miniatures’ is a new series of mixes combining the methodology of the ‘Miniatures’ series— sub-two-minute track lengths and sub-thirty-minute mix lengths—with the aesthetic and musical forte of the ‘Le Tour du Monde’ series. So you’ll hear sound library tunes, krautrock, psychedelia (especially in the Canterbury mold), proto-punk, a little singer-songwriter, funk (and […]

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[One-off] – ‘Post Post-Punk’ (1983-1994)Soundslike

Mon, 17 Nov 2008 15:16:33 +0000

¶ ¶ As I’ve said before, I find “post-punk” to be a term of minimal descriptive accuracy, in terms of the character of the music to which the label is attributed, nor even in terms of any meaningful timeline. The types of music we call “post-punk” have less to do with “punk” to my ears […]

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[1981] – ‘Brain’ Mix (2005)Soundslike

Mon, 10 Nov 2008 12:45:47 +0000

¶ ¶ ‘Brain’ is the third Musicophilia-posted mix from the ‘1981′ box set, and pretty much the precise inverse of the poppy, breezy, songwriter-oriented sound and feeling of the last mix posted, ‘Convertible‘. And I’d concede it’s probably a little less accessible than the first mix posted, the beat-oriented ‘Feet‘ mix. These tracks are the […]

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[1981] – ‘Convertible’ Mix (2005)Soundslike

Fri, 31 Oct 2008 15:55:11 +0000

¶ ¶ The second posted mix from the ‘1981′ box set, the ‘Convertible’ compilation showcases a side of the post-punk sound that usually gets the least attention: its poppy, melody-oriented, hummable, playful persona. Some of this gets lumped under “New Wave,” but for many that term connotes a synth-based sound that ascended later in the […]

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[Sensory Replication No. 2] – ‘Gloaming’ (1731-2005)Soundslike00_various_-_gloaming_1731-2005_cover-small

Mon, 27 Oct 2008 15:40:53 +0000

¶ ¶ Though it’s not the denotative meaning of the word, for me, “gloaming” connotes ambiguity, a tension between the waning day and encroaching night, a feeling that is beautiful yet tinged with some regret or trepidation—there’s more complexity and mystery to it than a simple synonym to “twilight”. And that beautiful tension is the […]

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[Miniatures Series] – ‘Post-Punk No. 3′ (1976-1983)Soundslikevarious_-_miniatures_post-punk-no-3_small

Fri, 24 Oct 2008 15:23:15 +0000

¶ ¶ Here’s the third and final (for now) mix in the ‘Post-Punk’ subset of the ‘Miniatures’ series–another very short mix (<35 min.) of very short tracks (<2:00). And this one is the best yet, in my opinion. It’s a rocket-fueled midget submarine race, featuring more of the Big Names–Wire, ESG, Devo, Pere Ubu, Suicide, […]

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[Miniatures Series] – ‘Post-Punk No. 2′ (1975-1983)Soundslikevarious_-_miniatures_post-punk-no-2_small

Mon, 20 Oct 2008 13:00:11 +0000

¶ ¶ This is the second in a series of “miniature” mixes, and the second in the post-punk-oriented subset. The ‘Miniatures’ series feature all songs less than two minutes in duration, and mixes under forty minutes. ‘Post-Punk No. 2’ stretches slightly, back to 1975/76/77 and well outside the bounds of what is normally considered strictly […]

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[Miniatures Series] – ‘Post-Punk No.1’ (1977-1983)Soundslikevarious_-_miniatures_post-punk-no-1

Wed, 15 Oct 2008 15:39:06 +0000

¶ ¶ Designed for those days when your messageboard- and text-message- and blog-addled attention span is particularly hyperactive, the ‘Miniatures’ series feature all songs less than two minutes in duration, and mixes under forty minutes. Despite their brevity, every track tells a full-scale musical story-no mere interstitials here. Above all, fun is the name of […]

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[Musique du Monde] – ‘Le Tour du Monde, Volume 7’ (1967-1973)Soundslikele-tour-vol-07_01-front_smallle-tour-vol-07_04-back_small

Tue, 14 Oct 2008 06:16:46 +0000

¶ ¶ The second release in the ongoing ‘Le Tour du Monde‘ series, ‘Volume 7’ features more of the jaw-drop breakbeats, spinning bass lines, post-Psychedelic production flourishes, tape-manipulation and music concrete techniques, early electronic instrumentation, copious strings, harps, Hammonds, Rhodes, brass arrangements, matured post-folk singer-songwriter tunes, and illustrations of mutating funk as it made its […]

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[1981] – ‘Feet’ Mix (2005)Soundslike00_1981-feet_1981_cover-small

Thu, 09 Oct 2008 08:07:19 +0000

¶ ¶ [Note: All nine mixes from the ‘1981’ box set are now available to download here.] From the ‘1981’ box set, the ‘Feet’ compilation is a rhythm-oriented collection that makes a nice introduction to the set and to the period. Featuring some well-known heavyweights of the post-punk milieu–Gang of Four, Kraftwerk, OMD, Public Image […]

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[Sensory Replication No. 3] – ‘Collide\Coalesce’ (1950-2004)Soundslikevarious_-_collide-coalesce_1950-2004_cover1

Mon, 06 Oct 2008 16:32:57 +0000

¶ ¶ ‘CollideCoallesce’ is the third mix in an ongoing series of heavily edited and crafted mixes wherein many elements are layered, combined, remixed/dubbed, or otherwise altered into (hopefully) a singular whole. It’s not quite easy listening, but it’s more accessible than the unwieldy tracklist might suggest. Featuring mostly giants in areas of experimental, electronic, […]

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[Musique du Monde] – ‘Le Tour du Monde, Volume 5’ (1967-1971)SoundslikeLe Tour du Monde, Volume 5 - Front CoverLe Tour du Monde, Volume 5 - Back Cover

Sat, 04 Oct 2008 16:24:04 +0000

¶   ¶ A two-LP set of international beats, breaks, sophisticate funk, sweet organs, harpsichords, heavy bass lines, late psychedelia, bits of playful experimentation and musique concrete, squelching analogue synths, harps, strings, flutes, and a dash of autumnal musing as only the early 1970s could produce. A ‘found’ mix from the ‘legendary’ French Musique du […]

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