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Preview: Bubblegum Boutique

Bubblegum Boutique

Updated: 2018-03-05T23:42:32.395-08:00


Ona sings "Hold on... It keeps getting better!"


Can't help but sing a little Christina Aguilera. When Elita told me she had made a new skin I had to log on and take a looks see at it. That line in the song is what popped in my head. So this time around, she has done a pretty skin with and without freckles. Three different shades with 10 makeups each. So if you rush out and purchase it you could be sitting on 60 different skins when you count the freckle and non freckle. Elita is on fire! Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see what you are going to send our way next!

A Face without Freckles is like a sky without stars.



Elita has created these new skins in 3 shades (from left to right) Pale, Medium and Dark. Each skin has 10 different makeups including one really cute one with stars tattooed just below the eye. The freckles make this skin very fresh and wholesome looking! It comes with 2 shapes as well, the one I am wearing is petite and also a plus size which is proportioned perfectly for those that like a more natural shape. Hair "Southern Miss" by Exile in Ash Blond.

Is that Santa's Deer or Santa's DEAR?


This is my favorite time of year. It almost always brings out that cheer in even the crankiest of souls. When you wear this adorable outfit with the antlers, you are sure to bring a grin to even the most pessimistic avi's face! Elita has certainly come up with a cute and festive outfit this time. The red and green stripes remind you of an elf. This outfit is just too cute. So rush right over to Bubblegum Boutique and pick up yours today!

While there be sure to pick up your gift on the advent calendar starting on December 1. A new prize every day to count down till CHRISTMAS!

MissJ Coba



I am from Australia. In RL I am a 24 y/o model. I live for fashion. I just love it. That's why I think I like being a model in SL too. Clothes... clothes... clothes... HAHA! I am a funny and easy going girl. I love meeting people and helping to make people happy. I'm like a clown really.... always got a smile and on the go. I Love working at Bubblegum Boutique. The clothes are great.

Skylar Jovinavic



So much to discover! I participate in expanding my mental capacity through intriguing conversation with others. I love to model for Bubblegum Boutique as the self-proclaimed "Store-wide Sexiest Neko". When I am not modeling, I spend time with my friends--usually expanding my native language--SARCASM! I change my look quiet often, therefore, people don't always meet the same-looking avi everyday! Sometimes, I find this to cause confusion among others. But, I say--"Hey, it keeps them guessing!!"
❤ ✭;:+*'`'*+:;✭❤ NEVER A DULL MOMENT ❤ ✭;:+*'`'*+:;✭❤

MaevaBraveheart Guardian


Hi everyone! I'm Maeva, one of the Bubblegum Boutique models. I like to party , have fun , dance , explore , meet people and make new friends and of course i love shopping and fashion. If you need to know more about me come at the shop I would be delighted to welcome you :-)

Onatopp Monday


I have been with Elita as a model for what seems like forever now. Since sometime in June I believe. It has been a great time for me. I now have 2 roles in the store- BB Model and Elita's punching bag... I mean Assistant.

Maron Karillion


My name's Maron Karillion and I love shopping, sports and of course modeling. I am a chatty and friendly person who is always up for a laugh! Bye!

Snow Bunny Crossing


It is that time of year ladies! Snow is falling and the lifts are moving. Grab this outfit, some skis and a hot ski instructor and hit those slopes. For those bunnies that don't want to be in the cold, just get all cozy with that special someone in the ski lodge. Either way, you will look amazing! Available in Pink, Purple, Red and Blue.



Ready for a night out at the club? How about a rock concert? This is the perfect outfit for the Rocker/Neko in you. Available in Red, Pink, Black and Blue

Beautiful New Formal Winter Dress!


Perfect for winter and Christmas festivities...Joy is a beautifully detailed formal dress. It comes in Red and Green.

Movin' On Up



Movin' on up, to the top to a deluxe boutique on a new sim!! Well, she finally did it! She picked up and moved to a fabulous new sim. Bubblegum Boutique has a fabulous new look and lots of room for great new designs.

With Christmas coming up, I have her locked away in her studio designing new skins and outfits for you to put on your wish list! we have gift cards for purchase for your friends and loved ones. If you would like to send a gift to someone please IM Onatopp Monday or Elita Easterwood and we will take care of it for you.

Starting December 1 we have an Advent Calendar counting down the days till Santa comes to town!

More Fabulous Costumes!


Are you all that? Let everybody know that you are God's Gift to men with this super cute costume. It includes the top, bottoms, gloves, stockings, and sculpted gift box with a gift tag that says"God's Gift to men".

This Sexy witch costume comes with sculpted hat and a sexy witch skin.It comes in pink and orange.
The sexy referee costume comes with modifiable sculpted hat and sculpted whistle with sound on touch.



From Demons to Angels, we have everything you need for a Sexy Halloween. The pink Angel is available in our Midnight Mania Board Today only. Hurry before the board is locked!


Fabulous Fall Fashions!


Jenna is a super cute, cozy sweater dress. It comes with a sculpted knit cap.
Cora is a Fun knit dress with a shrug and knit hat.

(image) The thermal top is a simple fall basic.It is super cute paired with a. pair of jeans of a mini skirt
Stacey is a simple fall sweater. You could pair it with just about anything.
Shelly is a Long Cardigan paired with a tank top and Gingham pants with prim cuffs.
The Vested Shirt is a buttoned shirt with a plaid vest. A great fall must-have.

We have Beautiful New Skins!


Spellbound skins are beautiful, classy, and best of all very affordable at a price of 6ooL. They come in pale, Medium, and Dark Shades. The shape is also available at the store. It is modifiable and also fabulously priced at 400L. come Grab your Demos today!

Fun and Fabulous New Release!


Ellie is a sexy cowgirl/country girl mini skirt outfit. The sculpted straw cowboy hat is included.
Milia is a fun, sexy casual dress with sculpted sleeves.

Bubblegum Boutique now has Shoes!


Beth shoes:
Tina Shoes:

Linda Shoes:

Fabulous Newness!


Thalia is a fun, flirty vintage dress that can be worn alone or with the fabulous Fur Bolero.
The shredded top comes with a heart, kitty paw, bitch, and star logo in each color.
The Nela Jeans come with 10 bandanas in great, fun colors.

Contest Winner-Nyx Frak


(image) I like the photo realistic quality of the clothing. Bubblegum Boutique creates outstanding designs for a fraction of the cost.

yummy newness!


Roxy is a fun, flirty, babydoll top with and animal print. The leggings are slightly sheer.


Mandy is a pullover sweater dress that is perfect for the fall or the cool summer nights.
Sin City is a Limited Editiond Dress. Only 10 will ever be made. It is a fun, sequined babydoll.



Fabulous Newness at Fabulous Prices!



New Fabulousness!


Trixie is a super sexy outfit with a grungy, ripped top and barely there shorts.

Shannon is a versatile outfit that you can wear for business or take off the tank top if you're feeling a little daring.


July Partner of the Month: Kaley Karu


Kaley topped the charts with 20 sales this month. Congrats Kaley!

Kaley's charming shop is directly outside of Blues Lightning, a lively, busy Blues club.

August Contest Winner:amyjade Wirefly



Sasha pink jacket
This jacket can be worn on its own as a jacket or a sexy casual top that gos beautifully with jeans.

I love bubblegum boutique it not only has casual outfits but smart formal and sexy. The stuff is really girly i love that about it. When you wear their clothes you dont need any fancy makeup and hair on you look good enough without it and thats something when a woman can say that. what else can i say i just love their stuff!